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Name: Tekmo

Species: Toa of Plantlife

Description: Short, plump, and obnoxiously adorable, adorned in green and blue armour with yellow-green eyes with dark circles around them. A bit of his Shelek has been broken off in a previous ‘accident’, though no serious damage was inflicted and the mask’s function is not impaired. He carries a satchel with him at all times, slung over his right shoulder and resting on his left hip.

Gender: Male

Mask: Great Kanohi Shelek, Mask of Silence

Powers and Abilities: Elemental plantlife control - particularly fond of sprouting vines and sharp branches from his skin. He also has knowledge of engineering and mechanics and the ability to put that knowledge to use, as well as his people’s ancestral understanding of plants and poisons.

Weapons and Technology: A razor-edged rectangular metal shield, with the symbol of the Three Virtues emblazoned on it. He also carries various engineering tools kept in a satchel.

Weaknesses: Arrogance and physical fragility. Tekmo is just a little bit too confident in his abilities. He doesn’t mean to belittle or demean anyone else, nor does he believe anyone to be beneath him, but his ego may rub others the wrong ways, cause him to say the wrong thing, think he’s right when he isn’t, or get into situations he can’t get out of by himself. Speaking of which - Tekmo isn’t the toughest Toa around, relying on his elemental powers too much to the point that his physical abilities have atrophied.

History: Formerly an engineer working in Le-Koro, Tekmo was at one point blessed with Toa Power... power that he has a tendency to misuse. Although he has good intentions, he has become more concerned with his own image and ego.

Personality: Brash and unsubtle, Tekmo doesn’t hide his opinions well. If he doesn’t like something, he will let you know. Loudly. While a strong believer in truth, justice and the Mata Nuian way, he is also a strong believer in himself... at least, he wants to give that impression. In reality, he seriously doubts if he is up to the challenges that being a Toa poses.


Name: Enra

Species: Skakdi of Lightning

Description: Stocky and heavily-built with bright blue armour, unkempt spine spikes, yellowed teeth, and multiple piercings.

Gender: Female

Powers and Abilities: Elemental lightning control in conjunction with other Skakdi. She also possesses telescopic vision, as well as considerable strength and endurance.

Weapons and Technology: Enra makes use of shock gauntlets - metal gloves that draw upon her innate elemental power to add extra shock to her punches. For ranged battles, she uses a zamor sphere launcher that fires kinetic zamors - they don’t do much damage, but they apply considerable force to the target. She also has one of those bootleg sonic cycles, with accompanying motorcycle helmet. (Approved by Krayzikk)

Weaknesses: Wrath and sluggishness. It does not take a lot to set Enra off, particularly cracks about her weight and questions pertaining to her heritage, many insults get under her skin simply because she believes them to be true. She is also slow, lumbering, and possesses no real combat strategy beyond punching really really hard.

History: The daughter of an ambitious warlord, her family’s dangerous lifestyle cost them both their lives and their style. Thinking that the Zakazian obsession with open warfare is stupid, Enra instead dedicated her life to a more refined level of violence - gladiatorial combat, specifically, at a place called... the Place, run by a wanderer called... the Wanderer.

Personality: 100% Crass, 0% Class. A self-styled lout and ruffian, Enra doesn’t have a high opinion of herself - she beats people up for money and that’s it, though anyone who dares insult her is jumping for a thumping regardless. Despite this, Enra is usually friendly, playful and open to others, unless they’ve done something to anger her, upon which the reaction will likely be barely suppressed rage, and a desire to resort to more traditional Zakazian violence.

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Our glorious leader




  • Name: Onepu
  • Species: Matoran of Earth
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Ussalry chief and right hand of the Akiri
  • Appearance: An Onu-Matoran of average height, with a muscular build, yet thin enough to be rather agile. Usually decked out in his Ussalry armor, decorated with his honors. Wears a purple Pakari and black armor with purple highlights.
  • Powers: Onu-Matoran night vision and strength, as well as sensitivity to vibrations. Politically, he is the Ussalry's commanding Captain.
  • Strengths: Tough as a brick, and strong from his time in the Ussalry. Truly in peak physical condition. Think Batman, but less agile. Skilled with all sorts of weapons, and in unarmed combat. 
  • Weapons:
    • Never goes anywhere without a throwing disk on hand. His favorite make is the simple metal Protodermis model, with sharpened sections around the edge. Bears Onua's Pakari upon them.
    • Uses a dolabra slightly shorter than he is tall, with a Protosteel head and hard wood staff. Makes excellent use of it both while mounted or on foot, using the versatility of its length and weight to its full extent to both attack and defend.
    • Carries a black crystal dagger at his hip, though he rarely uses it in combat and more for practical purposes. It has sentimental value to him, as the last thing Whenua had given him. The blade is around six inches in length, made of sturdy and sharp crystal, the handle being Rock Lion bone.
    • Keeps a concealed Protosteel combat knife in his armor, always easily at hand should the need arise.
  • Weaknesses: Relies on his Ussal when there is a need for speed. Very proud. Being a Matoran hampers his physical capabilities and potential.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Personality: Dedicated and dutiful. Tries his best to lead by example and to be a father to his men, a figure to be respected and looked up to, but not to the point of being inaccessible. Uncharacteristically flashy for an Onu-Matoran, outside of battle, and quite proud and concerned for his public image. Enjoys his commanding position, but hates leading from behind, preferring to lead charges rather than direct them from behind a desk.
    • His dedication to the Great Spirit still exists, but is very diminished. In his mind, Onu-Koro comes first, then the island, then the Great Spirit. He rarely offers prayers to Mata Nui.
  • History: (For pre-RPG events, look on Biosector01.) The news of the Toa Mata's failure hit Onepu hard, and for the longest time, hatred for Makuta was what drove him. He did his best to drive Makuta's influence from the village, but over time, was worn down from the endless barrage. He, like the rest of the island, learned to cope with Makuta's presence, but never relinquished his hatred.
    • Taipu's death dwarfed Onua's in Onepu. For two weeks, it was all he could do to function at all, and he kept himself penned up in Onu-Koro. It wasn't until others began to challenge his leadership that he set his feelings aside and truly put the village first and foremost, ignoring his own feelings if they conflicted with the village's wellbeing.
    • Whenua's death impacted him deeply, but he succeeded at hiding his feelings enough to continue to lead in a leaderless situation. In the brief time of chaos, the Ussalry became the most reliable body within Onu-Koro. Nonetheless, the Turaga's death shook Onepu's faith in the Great Spirit.
    • It came as little surprise that Onepu took control of the whole village when the Rahkshi arrived at the village's doorstep. Driven by memories of the lost, Onepu quickly directed the village's defenses and the organization of an escape route. In the end, the effort proved fruitless as Makuta's defeat rendered the Rahkshi feral, ignoring the village completely.
    • Onepu, seeing Sulov return victorious, a successor to Onua, offered him a full pardon and an offer to return to the Ussalry, which Sulov promply turned down. Despite his best attempts, Le-Koro still outdid Onepu's plans for Onu-Koro's celebration of the Makuta's defeat.
    • As things settled in the following week, Onepu ceded his unwanted position to Nuparu, returning to lead solely the Ussarly, due to his hatred of desk jobs. He'll still brag about having held the position sometimes, though. Nuparu quickly appointed him Right Hand of the Akiri, to which Nuparu readily accepted.
  • Steed: Ruwe, his Ussal crab.
    • Ruwe is equipped in sturdy lightweight protosteel and hardened leather armor, designed to protect while not hampering his speed. His underside is the most weakly defended area, to accommodate leg movement. His pincers are occasionally decked with small blades to add to his smashing power. While not the fasted Ussal in the Wahi, his speed is something to be reckoned with. 


The paladin




  • Name: Kehuri
  • Species: Toa of Earth
  • Gender: Male
  • Occuptaion: Ussalry Toa
  • Appearance: Originally pretty plain and lazy-looking, but his time as an active Toa has turned him into a more imposing figure. Standing notably above average Toa height, and virtually towering over the average Onu-Toa, with a broad-shouldered and strong build, he cuts a more imposing figure than his personality would warrant. 
    • Wears a purple Hau. Black and dark gray all over, with purple shoulders and shins, and dark green eyes. Here's a picture.
  • Powers: Kehuri possesses standard Toa of Earth powers. Wears a Hau.
  • Strengths: He specializes in defense and impairment, preferring to defend and to lend aid rather than to attack or heal. He can move quickly underground and provide help from below, create defensive earth barriers, off-balance enemies when on earth, and create dust smokescreens by compressing and releasing balls of earth rapidly. While a very poor designer or inventor, he has a knack for figuring out how things work, and is a quick learner (things like tools or instruments). He's also powerfully built, able to dish out quick bursts of great strength, though not for sustained periods.
  • Weapons: His Toa Tool is a drill-tipped spear with the ability to focus his energy specifically to create tunnels, whether by manipulating or absorbing earth. The butt of the shaft has a small hollow compartment full of earth that allows Kehuri to elementally call it back to his hand.
    • He also carries a round shield, which he uses in tandem with his drill. The inner rim of the shield is lined by a hollow tube full of earth, similarly to his spear, that allows him to both call it back as well as move it freely when thrown like a disk. 
    • He had a secondary kite-shield made for him after his return to Onu-Koro after Makuta's defeat. He usually keeps this one on his back. This one has an earth compartment on the inside of the center of it. 
  • Weaknesses: His speed and stamina aren't that good, making him good for short, powerful fights, or support roles, but generally exposed when alone. He's also got the standard Onu-Matoran/Toa's sensitivity to sunlight, and doesn't handle heat too well. His elemental energy reserves are somewhat below average. Despite his intelligence, he's a slow thinker, needing time to think things through, making planning on the spot difficult. He's developed strong morals, and as a result, tries to adhere to the Toa Code, which could be turned against him if he doesn't hate his enemy enough to just kill them. See more under 'personality'.
    • Gets vertigo when he looks up at open sky, unless he's lying on the ground.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Personality: An incorrigible idealist. He  believes in the Three Virtues and the Toa Code to the point of evangelism. Something of a paladin. Has a chronic bleeding heart that can't resist helping those in need. 
    • Being a Toa, and exposed to politics more than he used to be, he's taken on some harder edges, though. He can be blunt when it comes to matters he is opinionated about, and among those things is the general current state of Mata Nui- modernization and independence between Koros being foremost.
    • But the person he's most critical of is always himself. His greatest desire is to find his destiny, and to be a tool in the hands of the Great Spirit, and when he feels he fails at these, he tends to beat himself up. 
  • History: Kehuri was a miner in Onu-Koro . He was never anything special, never strove to be the best at anything he ever did, simply content with being perfectly average. His days primarily consisted of mining, talking with his friends, and shutting himself in his hut to busy himself with his various interests. When he had more money than he needed, he would often lend it to those lacking. Shortly before the end of the Makuta war, he became a Toa.
    • During the Makuta war, he strove to be as useful as possible, but ultimately accomplished nothing. His failure to be of use did a number on his self-esteem and optimism. He left the ILF a while after the Rahkshi attack, to accompany Naru in her search for Zauk, and then returned to Onu-Koro for a short while.
    • During the island's time of peace after the inter-Koro war was averted, Kehuri returned to Onu-Koro with the intent to stay, and joined the Ussalry.


The recluse




  • Name: forgotten, currently named "Lapu" by an ally.
  • Species: Toa of Plantlife
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Hermit
  • Appearance: Medium and lime green with brown limbs. Covered in armor made of tough tree bark. Wears a medium green mask that resembles this, though covered in- not actually made of- bark. Extremely tall, standing more than a head over the average male Toa, with a lithe and flexible build, adapted to the harsh life of a jungle hermit.
  • Powers: Standard Toa of Plantlife powers. Mask of Elasticity (custom mask with permission from Nuju), allows his body to deform, compress, and stretch, albeit not at will. He stretches himself by using his elemental powers on his plant-matter armor. Note, however, that the mask itself does not become elastic.
  • Strengths: Extremely strong, fast, agile and sturdy, very at one with nature, and knows how to calm and treat Rahi. Has extensive knowledge on medicinal herbs and edible fruits. Mask makes him immune to blunt force.
  • Weapons: No permanent ones. Uses plants and wood.
  • Weaknesses: Can't speak. Weak language skills. Bladed weapons.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Personality: Not social at all, though he enjoys the company of tame Rahi. Inherently mysterious due to his inability to speak. Aggressive and dislikes the company of other sentient beings unless they are as nature-friendly as he is. 
  • History: He washed up on the beach of Le-Wahi, where he went unnoticed for months, living alone in the forest. His past is a mystery to all but him, although it is clear that at some point he lost his voice, due to a neck injury. The scar is still visible. He helped defend Kini-Nui from the Rahi attacks, and turned the grass of the field red afterwards as a commemoration to the battle. Seeing the modernization of Le-Koro scares him, causing him to fear for the sake of the jungle, and the island as a whole.
  • Anything else deemed necessary: His Matoran is rusty, and he has trouble reading and writing it, although he can understand it just fine. I am Groot.


The soldier




  • Name: Aar
  • Species: Onu-Matoran
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Ussalman, Exo pilot
  • Appearance: black body and feet with grey arms and a purple Komau-shaped mask.
  • Powers: Just Onu-Matoran night vision.
  • Strengths: An excellent survivor, knows how to survive well alone. Great physical strength and Stamina, moderate speed. Fairly good at using his mining equipment as weapons. Now trained in standard Ussalry combat techniques.
  • Weapons: Disks, spears and a power drill.
  • Weaknesses: Bright light, heights, he isn't outstandingly fast, and isn't agile. Throws all his power into offense and doesn't worry about defense.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Personality: Cynical and pessimistic, but hopeful. He believes that things will progressively keep getting worse before they become good again. He doesn't keep his feelings bottled up and is honest and blunt. Not particularly generous, but not selfish either, he'll help out when asked, but don't expect him to offer help on his own. Devout, though privately so.
  • History: Born and raised in Onu-Koro. He has little interest in anything beyond the caves, although he cares for the island as a whole, and the virtue of Unity.
  • Anything else deemed necessary: He's friends with Kehuri and has borrowed money from him in the past. He learned to fight by fighting off Rahi in the tunnels. Shortly before the end of the Makuta war, he joined the Ussalry.

The Exo-Armor




  • SIC: 503E
  • Nickname: Howler
  • Pilot: Aar. See above.
  • Weapons:
    • Hammer-spike striking heads: Reversible metal attachments at the end of the arms than can be rotated into blunt striking hammers or piercing spikes.
    • Disk Launcher: Attached to the back and flips into launching position at the top at the pull of a lever.
    • Photothermic bombs: A well-insulated compartment on either side of the cockpit contains 3 packets of the stuff. They can be released one at a time on either side, and flung by a small catapult-like mechanism, at about the throwing strength of the rider.
  • Customization:
    • Colors: Black and dark silver with yellow lengthwise stripes at the top and on the arms.
    • Wheels: The feet are lined with wheels, though not with a motor. When engaged, the arms of the suit can be used to drive it forward at far greater speeds than it can reach normally. This is mainly intended for getting to places, and is of little use in combat. It does, however, pair well with the next customization...
    • Volo Lutu grappers: Each of its shoulders is capped with a small launcher than can be repositioned manually over a little more than 180 degrees. These are not strong enough to lift the suit off the ground, but it can provide stability and a little help for climbing, or can stick to the ground far behind and rapidly yank the suit away from danger when it is on wheels, for example.


The workaholic




  • Name: Priicu
  • Species: Ko-Matoran
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Librarian
  • Appearance: A slightly older Ko-Matoran, bearing a black Ruru, with a white body and arms, and black feet.
  • Strengths: Little need for sleep. Tireless need for work to keep him busy. 
  • Weapons: The pen
  • Weaknesses: Gullible, never goes back on his word, not a fighter.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Personality: Often seems tired, and weary of life, but hides great vitality. Loves spreading knowledge to others. Rather selfless, and enjoys the simple pleasures of life. Humble and honest to a fault. Often rather gullible and easily manipulated. Prefers to follow than to lead.
  • History: In east Mata Nui, born and raised. In the library was where he spent most of his days. Chillin' out maxin', relaxin' all cool and all readin' some books in and out o' school. He loved knowledge and spreading it, so he eventually worked to get himself a library. He was never completely happy just owning the place though, and so when a wealthy Toa of Sonics purchased it from him, he was quite pleased. He sous-managed the Ko branch of The Wise Man's Archive for a time, until the Ak'rei'an takeover, during which he escaped to Onu-Koro. His sponsor went missing around the time of Makuta's demise, leaving the shop in his possession. He has now returned to Ko-Koro, after selling his Onu-Koro shop to pay to repair and restock his old one. 


The veteran




  • Name: Kimala
  • Species: Toa of Crystal
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Teacher
  • Appearance: Thickly built and fairly tall, visibly used to fight for a living. Primarily teal, with purple accents, wears a Great Matatu (without visor)
  • Strengths: In peak physical condition, strong, fast, agile, and tough.
  • Weapons: A pair of crystal tomahawks. Not a Toa tool, but she has been using them for so long, she could detect their unique composition a mile away, and knows how to manipulate them with her element like the back of her hand.
  • Weaknesses: An absolute sweetheart that hates causing pain. Her violent past haunts her. She fights defensively until it is absolutely necessary. Prioritizes the wellbeing of others over her own.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Personality: She's going to mother you and there's nothing you're going to be able to do about it. Always has a batch or cookies or a pie in the oven. Fiercely protective of others, particularly the innocent. You definitely want to meet her when she is mother hen, and not when she is mama bear.
  • History: Her past is a closely guarded secret, but it's clear she used to live by the sword, and has blood on her hands. All she does now is in the effort of undoing what she once did. Her life is devoted to enriching others, especially the innocent, and contributing to society in as widespread a way as possible- hence being a teacher. She moves between Ko and Ga-Koro periodically to teach.


The Matron




  • Name: Shaknah, Skak:Dii for "Matron". Whether this is her true name or not is unknown.
  • Species: Skakdi of Ice
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: Old, hunched more than most Skakdi by age, but still full of vitality. Her spine is long and sharp, with long soft fronds falling down her arms and back, almost like a fur cloak. Her eyes are a piercing gray-blue, and always seem to be squinting.
  • Vision Power: Hypnotic Vision- Holding her eyes in your field of view while this power is active will cause you to gradually grow drowsy, and eventually will cause you to fall asleep. An average, well-resteed individual will take 8 minutes of sustained eye contact to fall asleep completely. This can be shortened by already being tired, and can be longer in individuals with greater willpower. Looking away will cause the drowsiness to fade at the same rate that it progresses, though not to a lesser level than you were drowsy to begin with.
  • Strengths: Wisdom come with age. Silver-tongued, charismatic, and intimidating in her own way. Stronger and faster than she looks. You don't live to this age on Zakaz by being weak.
  • Weapons:
    • A staff tipped with a Rock Lion skull. The skull belies the weapon underneath, however. It adds a magnetic element she can use her ice powers in tandem with, allowing her to blast others with sharp shards of magnetized ice that will stick to any metal they strike with a deathly and clinging chill.
    • The bracelet on her left arm is a deceptive trinket that, when the beads are rattled, combines elemental air with the Matron's elemental Ice to suck the heat out of the air around her, plunging any room she is in to a deathly chill that only the ice-aligned can tolerate.
  • Weaknesses: She is not as young as she used to be, and gets by mainly through the aid of her allies now.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Personality: Cunning and selfish, yet prudent at the same time. She knows that the key to obtaining what she wants is often best laced with patience and guile.
  • History: That is not for you to know. She is old, and therefore has much blood on her hands. Such is the way on Zakaz.


The Blade



  • Name: Gashril
  • Species: Skakdi of Sonics
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: Taller but lankier than the average Skakdi, albeit not to the point of appearing weak. Her spines curve back, and are thin like short scimitars. Her spine and head are black, as are the accents on her armor, with gunmetal blue being her primary color.
  • Vision Power: Theft Vision - She is able to steal the vision of others, that is, she can see through their eyes. For this to work, she needs to know where the individual is (within a ~5 feet radius), and which individual it is. She does not have to know who they are, only to be aware of their existence. An individual under this effect will have a strong feeling they are being watched. (Approved by Tyler!)
  • Strengths: Cunning and wily in battle, preferring to fight smarter over fighting stronger. A well-balanced set of powers and tools that makes her a force to be reckoned with one-on-one.
  • Weapons:
    • Sonic amplifiers: A device implanted on either side of her head and reaching into her throat. Able to unleash her latent sonic energy into powerful screams that can literally shake things apart. Not a Fus Ro Dah, it does not have concussive force.
    • Mirror Blade: A razor-sharp falchion with an usual luster. It can redirect energy when used defensively, parrying- and when well placed, throwing back- energy attacks. Similar to https://biosector01.com/wiki/Repellers.
    • Shield gauntlet: A simple defensive bracer on her right arm, to be used to guard her off-side while her blade does the rest. More like a metal sleeve, running from her shoulder to her knuckles.
  • Weaknesses: Her sonic scream can only be used in short bursts and has to recharge proportionally.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Personality: Not one to mince words, Gashril is a woman of action. Her ambition, like those of many Skakdi, is the restoration of the power of the species to its former glory. Restless and impatient, she is not satisfied with waiting for the warlords of the past to come make things better. She wants to figure out how to fix her kind, by any means necessary. She does, however, appreciate the need for guile and subtlety, and so her method, while proactive, is not one of bluster and war, but more of surgical precision.
  • History: If she wanted you to know, she would have told you.


Priestess of Shadow





  • Name: Ushadra
  • Species: Toa of Sonics
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Spy, double agent, assassin, priestess of Makuta
  • Appearance: Unassuming in terms of stature, black with silver armor. Bears an infected Mahiki, modified with sound dampeners over her ears. But you can never be sure what you're looking at is her true form, can you?
  • Strengths: A master of deception, specializing in deceiving the senses.
  • Weapons: A long, slim dirk she carries on her right thigh, which channels her elemental energy into a zone of silence when stabbed into someone. A staff of black stone tipped with the emblem of Makuta.
  • Weaknesses: Being exposed. Her strengths are in deception, not in combat, so she chooses to run and hide when caught.
  • Personality: A fanatic of Makuta, controlled by the mask. Reckless but cunning, generally making plans on the fly rather than carefully premeditating her actions.
  • History: Once a priestess of Mata-Nui in Ga-Koro, devoted to the Great Spirit, she one day, in a burst of foolhardy faith, stepped into the Dark Walk, believing that Mata-Nui would protect her. The evidence would indicate that he did not, as she never returned... until now.


The Trapper



  • Names: Lumune
  • Species: Po-Matoran
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Trapper
  • Appearance: Ordinary stature, brown and tan with a black Kaukau
  • Strengths: An expert on desert survival. Quick and clever, much better suited to escape than combat. Can rig up just about any kind of trap, and can figure out simpler technology with just a little tinkering. Sharp senses. Possesses the innate strength and durability of a Po-Matoran.
  • Weapons: Long spear and shortsword
  • Weaknesses: Not suited to fighting, less familiar with non-native species of Mata-nui
  • Personality:  Somewhat gruff, but not to what most would consider the point of unpleasantness. Down to earth and practical. A bit jaded by life under the threat of Makuta, but still loyal to Mata-nui.
  • History:  A native to the island of Mata-Nui, she's been around as long as anyone else on the island, and remembers the days of the original Toa Mata. She's always been one of Po-Koro's Rahi trappers, and helped build up the Koro's Mahi herds by capturing the first wild ones. She never stood out in any particular way until one day she found a Rahi she had never seen before caught in one of her traps- a Rock Lion. More under Idas's entry below.


The Lion



  • Name: Idas
  • Species: Rock Lion
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Primarily black and silver, with brown accents. About as long from nose to tail as a Vortixx is tall. Extremely spiky, touch with caution.
  • Strengths: Stronger than any Toa naturally is, and about as strong as a Skakdi in terms of pure physical power. The tips of its semi-prehensile mane can glow red hot when it wishes, becoming dozens of burning whips at will. No fear.
  • Weaknesses: An unintelligent Rahi, he is not able to out-think sapient opponents. Has no concept of society and laws. Relies on Lumune as the brains.
  • Personality: Wild, and essentially what you would expect of a lion. Lazy when he can afford to be, but fearless and tireless when needed. Does not like civilization, where he has to keep his instincts in check.
  • History: Not native to Mata-Nui, no one can say for sure when Idas first arrived on the island. His tracks have been spotted going back to before the Toa Maru, and sightings of him have been reported around Po-Koro for a while. Lacking a pride to hunt for him, he hunted alone in the rocky crags of the desert, until he wandered into a trap set by a Po-Matoran: Lumune. When she came across the trapped Rahi, she saw it wasn't a native species, looked alone and starved, and didn't seem like good eating anyways, so she let it out. The confused Rahi thought she had just saved his life, and so stalked her from a distance, protecting her for a few days. The two were just as confused about one another, and interacted awkwardly as they grew accustomed to one another's presence. The gap began to close when one day Lumune caught a wild Dikapi and left it unattended for a moment. Thinking it was a gift, the lion ate it. When Lumune returned, she found the Lion sitting and waiting for her patiently. Since then, they have hunted together, the still wild Rahi coming to think of Lumune as his pride, and learning to trust her wits and she learned to trust his instincts.


The Sisters Discontinued




  • Species: Dasaka
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Ronin, former Eiyu Menti
  • Appearance: Athletically built, and clad in silver armor reinforced with crystals. Base color is dark blue, like her mask, a Kanohi Iden, with silver highlights. Her eyes and heartlight are a vivid magenta.
  • Strengths: Mastery of Mindarm technique, middling skill in Soulsword- unable to manifest weapons but able to create concussive psychic strikes.
  • Weapons: Crystal blades kept on a belt at her waist, used with her Mindarm techniques to attack from a distance.
  • Weaknesses: Not quite adjusted to working with Yoka, not particularly skilled with her glaive. Only able to use her powers while inside her body.
  • Personality: Disciplined to a fault. After the accident with Yoka and losing everything, she's thrown herself into the one thing she has left- training- to the exclusion of most other things.
  • History: Originally a Menti of the Eiyu clan, Ikyazu was a promising warrior, showing mastery over Mindarm techniques, and beginning to work her way toward mastering her second style- Soulsword. But that all changed when one day, during meditation, she left her body using her Iden, and found it missing when she returned. When she found out where it had gone, she learned it had a new inhabitant now- a rattled and disoriented Menti named Yoka. The two quarreled as Ikyazu tried to get her life back, Yoka unwilling to risk her soul being destroyed without a host...


  • Species: Dasaka
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Ronin, former Taajar Menti
  • Appearance: See Ikya
  • Strengths: Master of the Willhammer discipline, middling skill in Mindarm- able to manipulate her own body well, but struggles to accurately move smaller objects.
  • Weapons: A crystal glaive.
  • Weaknesses: Not quite adjusted to working with Yoka, not skilled with her blades. Only able to use her powers while inside her body.
  • Personality: Resourceful, and shrewd to some extent. Lacking a clan, her loyalty now belongs to only herself and Ikyazu. Still, she feels hollow without a higher purpose, and wanders now in search of belonging.
  • History: Originally a Menti among the Taajar. She worked as a bodyguard with some training in subterfuge that made use of her Willhammer skill. One day, the convoy she was accompanying was attacked by Rahkshi. A moment before her death at the hands of a Power Scream Rahkshi, she leaped from her body using her Kanohi Iden. The next few days were a blur as her spirit began to fray, lacking its original form, until she stumbled upon a seemingly empty body. Ikyazu's. She took it for herself, only to eventually learn it still had an owner. The two squabbled as Yoka was determined to regain some semblance of her old life. Yoka took to the wilds, making her way to her old clan's home on foot, while Ikyazu screamed tirelessly into her mind. The mentally and physically strenuous experience proved to be for nothing, as nobody at home would accept her return. Giving up, Yoka returned to the wilds, where she was forced to give the body back to Ikyazu to fend off a Rahi she was unable to deal with. The two were able to finally speak more calmly, each more sympathetic to one another. Unable to return to either clan now, they took to the wilds in search of a new start, learning to share one body and use one another's strengths to survive effectively. Relying on one another so completely has quickly forged a deep bond, all resentment forced down by their symbiotic relationship.


The Mask Maker



  • Name:  Balian
  • Species: Ta-Turaga
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Mask Maker
  • Appearance: Old and hunched, like most Turaga. Wears a yellow noble Akaku. Well-muscled by Turaga standards, but not athletic.
  • Strengths: The best there is at his craft, though he sticks to the old ways, and does not benefit from some of the "newfangled" techniques of young mask makers. Quite physically strong from working the forge. Turaga-level fire powers. The power of a Noble Mask of Vision.
  • Weapons: His Fire Staff, which lets him channel flame very precisely, like a blowtorch.
  • Weaknesses: Not athletic, just strong. Combat ability is rusty.
  • Personality: His trademark Turaga wisdom is ironically shortsighted and blunt, at odds with the all-seeing mask he wears. He acknowledges that life is complicated, but often finds that people feel happier when they see things more simply. He is gruff, but amiable, enjoying banter that leans on the crass side. Loves his pints, and loves a good game of cards.
  • History: One of the earlier arrivals on the island, Balian has had a long time to make himself comfortable and welcome on Mata-Nui. Although he washed up on the shore of Ga-Koro, he found his home in the sweltering heat of Ta-Koro, where his foreign skill at mask making earned him a partnership, that eventually became his own enterprise after his partner acknowledged he was more of an apprentice at that point.


The Ronin



  • Name:  Suran
  • Species: Ga-Lesterin
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Sword for hire
  • Appearance: Dark and sand blue natural armor, with dark orange highlights. Very lithe in build. Bears a Calix. Wears lightweight steel plating as additional armor.
  • Strengths: Extremely keen eyesight, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination. A master of both the single-edged blade, and the Kanohi Calix. Capable of splitting a fired arrow in two.
  • Weapons: A single-edged blade that can be wielded either one or two-handed.
  • Weaknesses: Possesses no elemental attacks. Has few options against energy-based attacks.
  • Personality: Aloof yet helpful. Will take on tasks from the mundane to the outrageous for money, from law-enforcing to legally questionable, but will turn down any job that involves bringing harm to innocents.
  • History: Arrived on the island with the first waves of Lesterin, and made his home in Ga-Koro. He lives outside the town proper, usually in a tent he pitches somewhere along the beach. His recent memories of home have driven him out of his adopted home, in search of answers.


The Dragon (literally)



  • Name: Tavo'ssa
  • Species: Ta-Draconic Mystix
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Stands well above Toa height when reared up onto his back legs, and about chest height when on all fours. Covered in metallic and black scales, with orange and red highlights. His armor is mostly plated, but blades and spikes stick out in many spots, including the regal Tahtorak-like crests at the back of his head, and the tip of his tail. His massive wings are tipped with claws on the end of each "finger".
  • Strengths: Tremendous strength, aerial maneuverability and speed, though significantly less of a threat when on the ground. Wields the element of fire, albeit with much less precision than a Toa can use. Between his jaws, wings, tail, and claws, he can attack in just about any direction. Superior sensory aptitude to most other sapient species.
  • Weaknesses: Does not have precise control over his element. Cannot use masks. Knows nothing about Mata-Nui, or most other sapient species.
  • Personality: Once one of Aclaraung's mightiest warriors, he is concerned that the ages they have spent underground may have dulled his skills. A little too eager to prove his mettle. Ill-adjusted for the modern way of life on Mata-nui.
  • History: A part of Aclaraung's retinue for their ancient negotiatory visit to Mata-nui. He was trapped underground on Ko-Wahi like the rest of his kind until the modern day.


The Turncoat

  • Name: Mandokk
  • Species: Skakdi of Gravity
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Tall, and lankier than average. Armored in black and purple, with white highlights. The fronds of his spine are very short, giving him a barer appearance than most.
  • Vision Power: Impact
  • Strengths: A skilled combattant, particularly skilled at indirect combat and using the environment to win fights, rather than winning through simple superior strength.
  • Weapons:
    • Zero G-auntlet: Zeros out gravity on an object he touches his palm to, up to something twice his mass. The effect lasts after he removes his hand, until canceled.
    • Gravity gun: Extends a gravitational beam that can pull an object up to half his weight, while nullifying gravity on the object. When the trigger is released, it fires the object away at high speed. Larger objects will have this apply to sections, rather than the whole. The gun can be adjusted to either pull the object right up to the barrel, or held in place up to three bio in front of it.
  • Weaknesses: A follower, not a leader or a thinker.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Personality: Not much one for words, Mandokk is content following orders, and believes in working for the greater good, to serve a purpose greater than himself. Very stoic for a Skakdi.
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Name: Ahuum
Breed: Ba-Skakdi
Brief Description: Though their origins are shrouded and clouded, whether by the depths of time or their own failing and maddened memory, Ahuum claims to have once been a mighty and truly phenomenal example of the Skakdi species, a great and terrible warlod. But now, it is clear to anyone that mournfully held the displeasure of witnessing the meek, meager, and wretched thing of a Skak that they are as descibed. Standing in a hunched posture of over 7’, the scrawny, wretched, and wire-framed figure somehow persists in all of their decrepit glory as they stumble and linger throughout life. Truly, they would be a Skakdi who would only be noticed for the apparent ease of being bullied or abused; and yet, they do still somehow bear strength in the shockingly sharp and keen look in their optics and the slight, sharp curve of their tight-lipped grin that sat hauntingly on their stiff, gaunt face.

Wearing a shadowy black cloak that masks much of their form, an innumerable number of ritualistic etchings and tattoos covers Ahuum’s frame, each one written in the ancient Skakdi tongue, bearing countless tales and legends that have now become nigh-indiscernible from the effects of age that have been wrought upon them. These markings and the various trinkets and baubles they carry clearly mark them apart from simply being some old scrooge of a Skak.

Personality: Quiet and thoughtful, Ahuum prefers to lurk back behind into either the shadows or crowds wherever he goes. They are a subtle entity, more designed for scheming and slinking about with a vague insidiousness rather than brawling or boasting; though at times, it can be noticed there is an occasional slip in their silent veneer, letting loose the madness that lurks behind their haunted optics.
Though whatever wider goal Ahuum seeks is uncertain to anyone, perhaps even to themself, one thing is clear; they seek to serve. Either as an advisor, scholar, or spiritual seer, Ahuum will gladly and loyally serve any warlord until their death.

Background: Though Ahuum’s past is unknown, as any attempts to pry into it will only lead to the Skak going onto a different retelling of the same tale each time or simply winding off onto whatever tangent catches their fancy, a few consistencies have been noticed. Though whether any of these should be believed is still another question. The Skak claims that they were once a great powerful Skakdi warlord, one known, feared, and respected all across Zakaz. That is, till in a tragic event, they were left for dead within the Rift, with them barely escaping, scarred and deformed. 

Wandering the island as a mad vagrant, Ahuum eventually found themself at the fortress of the Nakihl, where they joined the mad congregation. It was there at the fort that Ahuum grew their mind into unfathomable depths of otherworldly knowledge, that which they vehemently refuse to share to any who may wish to know it. Ahuum has even gone on record to claim that they were there when the fort was sacked and that Ahk’rei:Nii was slain, even claiming to have a piece of their head, which they keeps preserved in a jar on their person.

Somehow escaping the sacking unscathed, the Skak continued to wander across the Spineless Bay, passing from the employ of one warlord to another, till they at last settled amongst the warband of Zanakra, now seeking to offer their council to the newly made warlord.

Powers - 
   Vision Power of X-Ray: Ahuum' has the vision power of x-ray. This allows Ahuum to see beyond the ordinary, allowing them to see through solid objects to look behind or inside them.

   Elemental Power of Magnetism: Ahuum, like all Skakdi, has a latent elemental power, theirs being the elemental power of magnetism. Ahuum is only able to access their elemental power when in physical contact with another Skakdi. In addition, Ahuum’s element grants them an innate sense of direction, allowing them to always know where north is.

Equipment - (Items approved by Haman Karn)
Touch of Mercy: A plain and simple glove worn over Ahuum’s right hand, it is a surprisingly potent and useful tool. When the glove is in contact with organic protodermic flesh, the wearer of the glove may channel their elemental energy through it into whoever they are in contact with, accelerating the natural healing rate of the subject as well as purging their body of any toxins or poisons. This healing though isn’t a cure-all, as it only accelerates the natural healing rate, meaning bones could reset improperly, wounds could close into nasty scars, and more extreme injuries may simply be too much for the body to recover from. Diseases are also not something this glove could cure.

   Touch of Malice: Though this singular glove is a seemingly innocuous item, worn over Ahuum’s left hand, it is in reality a deceptively dangerous tool. Across the palm and fingers of the glove are a layer of conductors that are capable of, upon contact with organic protodermic flesh, causing intense flares of pain to surge across the point of contact. With a singular finger, a subject may be inclined to flinch away from the touch or simply cry out, while with a full touch of the palm, a target could be left completely and momentarily paralyzed by the blindingly intense pain.

Flaws -
Twisting of Mind and Body: Due to Ahuum’s continual practice and seeking of dark knowledge and powers with the occult, horrific effects have blighted the Skakdi with their twisting mad magics. Across their left side, from part-way down their leg, up to their arm, and creeping up their neck, Ahuum's flesh and frame have twisted and melded together in a horrific manner, now black and looking like it was made from a twisting mass of worms. These deformities have made Ahuum weak in their constitution and the fine motor dexterity of their left side is limited compared to their right.

This twisting effect though has also affected Ahuum's mind, with their conscious desires being filled with a veiled insidiousness, one that lusts for pain and misery to be spread amongst those around them, even those close or loyal to Ahuum and vice versa.


Name: Ir’rask
Breed: De-Skakdi
Brief Description: Large and brutish in appearance, this beast of a Skakdi, known as Ir’rask, stands a solid two heads taller than the average Toa with an arm span even wider than that, with the Skakdi’s large palms hanging around their knees. With a fierce, Rahi-like visage, marked bone white, the Skakdi’s face is a frightening one that starkly contrasts the mottled pale grey and faint blacks of the rest of their form. The previous traits coupled with their boney crest, antler-like horns, and hair-like barbed frills that are collared around their neck, truly gives them a unique and animalistic appearance.

Wearing the pelt of a polar Muaka over their broad shoulders, the warm, crude cloak veils most of the Skakdi’s torso, with beneath it being several simple leather straps and belts that crisscross their chest and wrap around their waist, with several pouches and satchels hanging from them fit for storing various miscellaneous items. 

Personality: A hunter in heart and simple in nature, Ir’rask isn’t an ambitious nor overtly cruel Skakdi, simply wishing to live the way they want too and to fulfill their heartlight’s desire. It is just that their desire is the thrill of the hunt, gaining great delight in the hunting and felling of superior prey. It is just that Rahi are not the only subjects exclusive to his hunts. Toa, Vortixx, even other Skakdi; if they look like they would be a good hunt, then they may draw the hunter’s optic upon them.

But for those who aren’t deemed to be worthy prey by the Skakdi, then they will simply be met with an impassioned, if not a bored looking Skak. Ir’rask is not really someone for conversation, preferring to keep things brief and to the point, even growing annoyed when being treated by those who use honeyed words or superfluous metaphors. But violence isn’t completely in their nature and they’ll rarely get agitated enough to attack someone outright, so long as their strength of skill isn’t challenged or mocked. Willing to offer assistance if given compensation, or in the occasional situation where they might feel some pity, Ir’rask simply lives as a wanderer and hunter, simply wishing to live in peace.

Background: It was under the chill of a fierce blizzard that the Skakdi awoke within the alps of Ko-Wahi. Freezing, disorientated, and lacking any memory of their past and little information on their present, all they knew was that they needed to survive and find shelter. And their shelter was found within an ice cave, warding them from the fierce wind and cold. But fleeing one threat, they met another, as the cave already harbored an occupant; a polar Muaka. 

But the next morning, when the blizzard finally passed, only one figure stepped out of the cave. Clad in white, stood the Skakdi, with the thrill of the kill now fresh in his veins, embraced the new and strange world presented to him, ready to face whatever there may be.

Powers - 
   Vision Power of Thermal Imaging: Ir’rask has the vision power of thermal imaging. This allows Ir’rask to perceive by more than just light, but by heat also. Making his hunting grounds Ko-Wahi, this ability to detect sources of heat aids his hunts greatly, with his warm bodied prey being easily distinguished with the frozen snow and ice.

   Elemental Power of Sonics: Ir’rask, like all Skakdi, has a latent elemental power, his being the elemental power of sonics. Ir’rask is only able to access his elemental power when in physical contact with another Skakdi. In addition, Ir’rask’s element also grants him a greatly enhanced sense of hearing, but one that can become a detriment when exposed to great or excessive noise.

Equipment - (Item approved by Haman Karn)
   Skakdi War Bow:
Clearly less a weapon meant for hunting and more for war, this massive, oversized bow is a monstrous tool for any being less than a Skakdi or something similar. Hardened and reinforced, this weapon is sturdy enough to be used as a makeshift bludgeon if need be, but its real purpose is to fire the javelin-like arrows explicitly designed to go with this weapon, launching the projectiles to incredible distances impossible to reach by traditional means.

Having used this bow extensively, Ir’rask is capable of accurately loosing arrows at significant distances, though generally prefers to close the gap before firing. But still, the Skakdi is capable of firing several arrows within the same amount of seconds as arrows fired, allowing them to lose a deadly volley if pressed. It is just that, due to the great strength and effort it takes to use this bow, it is difficult, if not impossible, to use this bow effectively while on the move.

   Jawbone Cleaver: A cleaver-like tool made from the jawbone of a polar Muaka, this machete style weapon is kept sharpened and is used for both general utility and in aggressive combat when needed.

   Devastator Arrows: Arrows with a design similar to the Devastator pikes used by Skakdi on Zakaz, these javelin-like arrows are designed to detonate in a destructive explosion upon making impact, devastating a target upon impact. Unfortunately, due to the necessary alterations in design, the arrows are incapable of embedding into a target before detonating, with the explosion itself also being less destructive than the usual payload.

Ir’rask only has a dozen of these arrows with him and lacks the necessary tools or skills to produce more.

Flaws - 
   Wild and Brutish: The last place Ir’rask is meant for is modern civilization. Both in a mental and physical sense, the Skakdi is not well adapted for such life, growing irritable and restless with needless talk and general stagnation into comfort. But in addition to that, their sensitive senses make them easily overwhelmed by excessive noise or blinding sights.

   The Abominable Skakdi: Well suited for the chilled climate of Ko-Wahi, it is the only environment Ir’rask has learned and grown to understand across the island of Mata-Nui. With this limited knowledge and exposure, it has led to them choosing to remain within the frosted region, as they are unsure on how best to travel through other regions and are most certainly unused to warmer climates.

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Name: Zimixes

Species: Toa of The Green/ Plantlife

Description: Top half- torso arms and shoulders- is teal and his bottom half- thighs and legs- is light blue while his mask is a black Kaukau




Not entirely accurate I just wanted to use this old MNOG character creator lol it gives a rough idea of what I'm going for here I guess (unless I goofed it up because I'm colorblind xd)

Powers and/or weapons: As a Toa of The Green‚ Zimixes has control over plantlife‚ can control surrounding plants‚ draws energy from plantlife‚ and can accelerate the growth cycle of plants. Zimixes also posseses an innate understanding of photosynthetic lifeforms and natural toxins as do all Bo-Toa.
For a Toa tool‚ Zimixes wields a harpoon-like spear‚ or a spear-like harpoon. It's a long staff with a pointy end that he usually throws at or jabs towards his desired target. The bottom‚ non-pointy end of this weapon has a loop where a chain can be attached.
His mask allows him to breathe underwater indefinitely.

Technological items: Zimixes has a fishing boat with some nets to catch fish in‚ space enough on deck for captured fish‚ and probably a few crates‚ some chains‚ a fishing pole‚ miscellaneous boat items one would normally expect a boat to posses like a flare gun for distress and a life preserver for saving people‚ etc. Nothing crazy here just a normal Mata-Nui fishing boat like what Macku used in MNOG.

Weaknesses: large crowds and social settings:wired::wacko: Zimixes is fairly shy and fairly awkward and does his best to avoid having to talk to or be around people in non-business settings... aside from that‚ he's also a bit of a country boy and feels out of his element (literally?) when not in the "country/wilderness." As a Toa‚ he also shares common weaknesses such as the need to wear Kanohi and having a limited supply of Toa and elemental energy that must be maintained and at times recharged.

Alignment: Neutral Good. He's a good guy but spends most of his time outside of society so‚ while he isn't unlawful‚ he follows his own code of ethics more often than an established set of laws just from a practicality stand point.

History/Personality: Zimixes has spent the vast majority of his life as a simple fisherman. While many Toa adventure throughout Mata-Nui and elsewhere‚ fighting evil and championing great causes‚ Zimixes practices the belief that the battle between good and evil is fought inside oneself on an individual basis. That‚ and Zimixes has social anxiety‚ so he was never one to join a Toa team and do battle with the forces of Makuta. Zimixes has patiently worked his way up in life through diligence‚ perseverence‚ and the sweat of his brow. Having spent years working in some of the largest fishing companies in Ga-Koro‚ Zimixes now pilots his own small fishing boat‚ the Lily‚ which he sometimes calls the Silly Lily when the boat has technical difficulties‚ or the Sweet Lily when the boat is operating smoothly. (I picture this as being like the boat Macku pilots in MNOG but whatever is most canon for "small fishing boat" in BZPRPG works).
Zimixes owns a small apartment in a more affordable district within Ga-Koro‚ though he spends as much of his time fishing far off the coast. After he catches enough fish‚ he returns to Ga-Koro to sell his catch to the merchants‚ who then resell the fish throughout the island.
Zimixes has a very noticeable country accent and vocabulary‚ which further makes him notice how much he doesn't belong inside big cities or large crowds‚ furthering his social anxiety...
While he isn't a slob and keeps himself clean‚ like many Toa of The Green Zimixes keeps a certain amount of plantlife on and within his armor at all times. Due to his lifestyle‚ this takes the form of a certain degree of grime and moss and other mucky ocean plantlife hiding within the cracks and crevices of his armor.

Edited by Azibo

In a world where heroes and villains battle for the fate of the universe‚ some people have normal lives and work normal jobs... Zimixes

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Name: Timak (pronounced timm-ack)

Species: Toa of Sonics

Visual description:



Primary colour: Dark Gray with Black accents
Armor: Silver/Pearl-Dark-Gray
Eyes: Yellow
Build (non-illusioned): Lithe, androgynous, built for stealth, slightly above average Toa height.

Gender: Male (uses he/him or they/them)

Powers and/or weapons:

  • Sonics abilities: Can use any sonics abilities known to most Toa of Sonics, but specifically has honed their ability to
    • Acoustic Levitation - can hover up to 3 bio above a solid surface using concentrated sound waves, requires concentration
    • Shattering - Trained their intuition to know the right frequency to shatter most common materials. New materials require some investigation time first.
    • Dampening - With a low level of concentration (think maintaining good posture), Timak can passively filter out painful noises that would otherwise cause stress.
  • Kanohi Mahiki: Only loosely attuned to their mask power so far. Knows how to create minor illusions (to use the DnD term). Major illusions require significant concentration. Can change their own visual appearance to look more intimidating, or for stealth purposes. Adopting a completely different visual form (e.g. Matau -> Nidhiki (but only in a visual sense as the rules state)) is incredibly difficult for them so far.
  • Tuning Sword: They carry a sword which doubles as a tuning fork, amplifying their sonic powers greatly. Hitting this against an enemy immediately gives Timak knowledge of the most effective frequencies to use.

Technological items: none, Timak is fresh out of canister currently


  • Incredibly loud noises, or persistent clamour, cause them physical pain (headaches).
  • Not confident/intuitive: Timak often needs to be told what to do in specific terms, otherwise their lack of confidence will prevent them from progressing.

Alignment: Neutral good. Tries to play by the rules but often makes rash decisions to get the job done.

A "forced Toa" who, through Mata Nui's will, entered a canister in De-Koro as a Matoran, transforming inside and losing their memory while the canister floated to sea. Their canister developed a fault and has floated aimlessly in the sea instead of propelling towards the island, eventually washing ashore on Mata Nui by chance, shortly after the arrival of the Dasakan Fleet. They have no memory of their previous location/life, so will be looking for help.

Personality and traits:
Generally kind and well-intentioned. Quiet unless spoken to, but when they do talk, they usually have something important to say and get frustrated if ignored. When comfortable with present company, Timak is more relaxed and easy-going, often quipping and passing humorous remarks to lighten the mood. On the other hand, they can be known to complain when situations get tough.


Name: Siika 

Species: Skakdi 

Element: Ice

Visual description:

Colours: White/Teal
Eyes: Purple
Build: Tall, thick-muscled but also pudgy on top.



Gender: Female (she/her)

Powers and/or weapons:

  • Standard Ice powers (when collaborating with another Skakdi)
  • Impact Vision
  • Tower shield and Spear
  • Skakdi fitness: Siika is in the upper 80% of skakdi strength. She can lift 2.5x her body weight.

Technological items: none yet


  • Not very agile. Would slip on ice and probably fall through it. Can't win at dodgeball.
  • Rash. Makes decisions without considering all consequences.
  • Weak points: Neck, Under arms (basically all joints where skin is thinnest)
  • Large battle wound from Ko-Koro on her left shoulder, scar is sensitive/painful when hit.

Alignment: Neutral good. Doing her own thing, but wants to help make Mata Nui a better place.

Siika washed up on the shores of Ko-Wahi a while back, previously living her life fairly solitarily, ice fishing and generally attempting to stay out of trouble. When Ko-Koro was overthrown, however, this moved her valiant spirit and she joined forces with the resistance to take the city back. Since then she has been nursing her wounds and trying to go back to a normal life.

Personality and traits:
Siika is proud and steadfast. If she makes a promise she will always hold to her word. She is often loud and unsubtle, but cares for her friends and won't intentionally offend them. Her main goal is to blow up and act like she knows everyone. She won't turn down a request for help, and has a strong sense of justice.


Name: Zassani (za-SAH-nee) #999966

Species: Lesterin of Iron

Deceptively average height and build, hiding strong muscles on a thin frame. Primarily light-tan-brown, with teal/light-grey accents and head-crest. Orange skull/faceplate. His shoulder armor is formed into two light-grey ingot shapes, denoting his elemental heritage.



Gender: Male (he/him)

Powers: Iron passive: skin resistant to being cut or pierced, heightened endurance

He carries three sharp iron barbed throwing-disks, usually strapped to his thighs and back.
Jet boots (slower than a Kadin, can hover)

A plasma launcher, which fires a powerful energy shot that explodes on impact. Takes around 10 seconds to recharge after each shot.

Zassani is grumpy most of the time unless someone has earned his respect. He speaks with a gruff, southern british accent, using as few words as possible, unless they're swear words.

Having grown up on Zakaz, Zassani learned that survival meant being tough as nails. He kept himself fit, working his way up through the rough life of the streets of Zarrava, and started taking work as a mercenary as soon as he was able.

Zassani's lack of filter often gets him in trouble with the local Skakdi. 
In battle, he is arrogant, known to taunt, which can leave an opening for others to attack.
Has an irrational fear of fire. He keeps this a closely-guarded secret, as it could be used against him.

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Species: Skakdi

Gender: Male

Appearance: Athletic build, Sonics-grey armour bearing a few battle scars, lacking a Spine Slug.


  • Suppressed Elemental Power of Sonics
  • Thermal Imaging vision power 
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant.


  • Sluggers: A powered exoskeletal harness supporting two colossal Protosteel mech-gauntlets designed to punch and crush with devastating force. Foreign tech approved by @Haman Karn: A Magical Girl.
  • Two metal vambraces for blocking melee weapons, currently unused.

History: Sohmak made a name for himself as an exceptional Sarke fighter who forsook all advantage, infamous for using no weapons, no vision powers and even refusing to bond with a spine slug for its berserker rage; the latter of which earned him the moniker of the "Spineless Slugger". With only his cunning, brutality and bare fists, Sohmak came to dominate the sport.

Approached one day by a rare Skakdi whose technical ingenuity far outweighed his capacity for violence, Sohmak became the first and only test subject for the inventor's latest creation; the Sluggers, named in honour of the bare-knuckle brawler. Quickly it became apparent that the clamps that secured its harness and great gauntlets to Sohmak's body were secure beyond reason, and quite impregnable; he was trapped inside the device.

The cowardly engineer promised to find a way to release Sohmak from the Sluggers before fleeing for his life in the dead of night. Now in self-exile from Irnakk's Tooth to preserve his reputation, the Spineless Slugger seeks a warrior strong enough to break his shackles and return him to his former glory, before the exoskeleton inevitably breaks down from lack of maintenance and imprisons Sohmak in its cold, heavy clutches.


  • Big Meaty Claws: While the Sluggers make the already fearsome Sohmak an absolute nightmare in hand-to-hand combat, outside these circumstances they prove quite the burden; the great metal claws provide no fine motor control whatsoever, crushing anything Sohmak might care to grab. This makes basic tasks, including eating, far more difficult than usual.
  • Pride Before The Fall: Due to his insistence on fighting in unarmed melee, he is utterly unskilled in the use of melee or ranged weaponry (a moot point as the Sluggers do not allow him to wield any kind of weaponry). Furthermore, due to the one-on-one nature of his Sarke bouts, he may find himself overwhelmed by more than one opponent.
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Also I now have BZPRPG Wiki pages for some of my characters and have included links to them. Worth visiting for they have some info not included on here
Syvra,BZPRPG Wiki Page
Name: Syvra
Species: Toa
Element: Jungle/Plant-Life
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral evil, Allegiance to The Legacy, or what remains of it
Powers: Toa-level control of plantlife. 
Kanohi:  An Anxilia Tryna 
Weapons: A tri-bladed Staff. He has often used the staff like a spear attaching a vine to it so he can reel it back in.
A Katana Style sword, dubbed Akrei's Thorn, which can deliver poison into a target much like a snake's fang. (Approved by Nuju Metru) Official picture of Akrei's Thorn
Full details of the sword and its mechanisms can be found here. To simplify the mechanisms of the sword; the poison is delivered through the blade from a canister kept in the handle of the sword which via a button on the side, activates a spring that pushes the poison through the blade at high speeds. The curved tip of the blade is pushed into the target and the poison is delivered.  
Appearance: Syvra's official form (Minus the mist around the eyes)
Despite the wooden appearance of his armor the colors take away from the illusion, for his armor is in alternating shades of a dark emerald almost like the color of decaying plant matter, and a navy blue so dark it appears black. Unlike his armor his eyes and heartlight are a vibrant crimson color adding quite the contrast. Left foot has been replaced by an Onu-koro made prosthetic foot from the ankle down
Personality: He tries to be as prepared as possible and almost always has a trick up his sleeve. When it comes to allies Syvra sees them as valuable assets, though he would never give his life for them. While conniving, Syvra knows his place and respects those above him, though those of similar placement as him are seen as competition.
History: Syvra originated on Mata-nui, but at somepoint he became a toa under circumstances he himself does not remember. He's always been a tich on the evil side but clever enough to disguise this behind a 'somewhat friendly, if serious' traveling bo-toa. At somepoint he was unwilling participant in an experiment that gave birth to his Anxilia. Since then the two have traveled the island, gaining various 'allies' and settling various debts. See wiki page for full history.
Weakness: Given he is a Bo-toa, fire does put a bit of a hamper on his element. Syvra has a difficulty dealing with long-range combat.
Notes: His left arm has been completely replaced by a plant-based lookalike granted to him by the effects of Antidermis. The fact the arm is made of plant matter is not immediately noticeable, though the texture and slight discoloration would be signs of it's nature. He can control it like he would his normal arm, and also manipulate it's form via his elemental abilities. (Approved by Nuju Metru)
Personal Effects: 1x Hip Satchel, 1x Black hooded cloak, Various Vials and Syringes, 1x Tri-bladed Staff, 1x Akrei's Thorn,
Anxilia: Venixa
Venixa is Syvra's Anxilia or living Tryna. She is described as caring, at least for syvra she could care less about others, yet a bit full of herself. While in the beginning they were forced to work together, their relationship has grown into an almost brother and sister like one. This relationship allows for their minds to be better linked meaning faster reaction times in tense situation. Syvra knows that without him, Venixa would be all alone, stuck forever inside a mask in which she could not interact with the rest of the world, and feels pity for her predicament. He has promised her that one day he would find a way to give her her own body, yet both know this is ultimately unlikely. She would do anything within her power to protect syvra. While her moral alignment leans more on the same side of syvra's she does show compassion and sometimes regret for actions she and syvra have done, yet knows they had to be done.
She does have a bit of a sense of humor and will often times mess with those that are aware of her existence. She is also highly curious about the world around her and has been known to possess small insects without syvra knowing. She is capable of seeing, hearing, and feeling through a single corpse that she animates through the use of the tryna, though at that point she can not animate any other corpses and will always return to the tryna. (Think of the corpse as merely a medium, with her using the corpse as a temporary body) 

Tivanu, The Muscle BZPRPG Wiki Page
Name: Tivanu
Species: Skakdi
Gender: Male
Element: Gravity (only when in conjunction with another skakdi)
Skakdi Vision power: Impact vision
Alignment: He serves whoever pays the most.
Appearance: Tivanu Moc Form. While Skakdi are already muscular, most of his muscle is located in his legs. He stands about 8.5 feet tall or about 1.9 bio which is tall even for a skakdi.
Technological item: A staff that can fire bolts of gravity from the tip. These Bolts Increase or decrease the gravity of what ever they hit. The effect lasts 2 minutes. (Weapon Approved by Nuju Metru.)
Personality: Tivanu can come off cold, but is rather jovial for a skakdi when around friends. Even though he is a skakdi he tries not to let his emotions get the best of him.
History: See wiki page
Weakness: His weakness is a simple one. Due to his large frame he moves a bit slower. He also has a problem with his eyesight. He can not see very far infront of him, at about 30 feet his eyesight is blurry.
Inventory: A plundered Rahkshi staff.
A gold watch (From Junyaus, was payment for a job Tivanu took.)
Corrective Goggles: A pair of Goggles with lenses to correct Tivanu's nearsightedness. The lenses also have a flip feature that allows Tivanu's impact vision to be used without harm to the lenses. Given to him by Akiri Hahli for a completed bounty. Approved by Nuju Metru
Tivanu's Pet
Name: Kive-phu (Skakdi for Vicious bird )
Gender: Female
Species: Lava Hawk
Appearance: This lava hawk is a bit larger than the average one due to age. It is 3 feet from head to end of tail feathers. Her wingspan is 8 feet with each wing being 4 feet. Her armored feathers are a dark greenish red.
Natural weapons: Sharp talons and equally sharp beak.


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Banner made by Onaku



If you interact with one of my characters and I don't respond or acknowledge the interaction within a day, send me a PM. Odds are I missed or did not see the post.

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The Main Six

Viima (More information)
Species: Le-Matoran
Description: Light blue body with green feet and a green Akaku
Gender: Male
Powers and/or weapons: Bamboo disk with metallic spikes on the edges
Technological items: None yet
Weaknesses: Tends to overestimate himself. As an opponent he's tough but not a very good strategist. Lets emotions control him and is easy to manipulate.
Alignment: Mostly cares about himself
Personality and traits: Viima combines the lifestyle of Le-Matoran with that of the Ta-Matoran. His priority is always finishing what he is doing, but he enjoys freetime as well. Although a skilled hunter, Viima is known to lack basic analytical skills. He tends to act based on his feelings and is poor at planning ahead or making strategies. He is also easy to manipulate.

Lai Lai (More information)
Species: Ga-Matoran
Description: Blue body, dark blue feet and Kanohi Pakari (shaped like a Komau)
Gender: Female
Powers and/or weapons: Disk launcher
Technological items: None
Weaknesses: Not very powerful
Alignment: Ga-Koro
Personality and traits: Yet to be discovered.

 Kirgan (More information)
Species: Onu-Matoran
Description: Black body with purple feet and a purple Kaukau
Gender: Male
Powers and/or weapons: Due to being an Onu-Matoran, Kirgan has the natural ability to see well in the dark and is talented at digging. He carries a standard pickaxe.
Technological items: None yet
Weaknesses: Kirgan's greatest weakness is his blind trust. He tends to be naïve and will rarely suspect that someone he trusts may be lying. He also gives up easily and does not like arguing with others. He can sometimes be socially akward and takes his time to get to know others before opening up to them. Bright light is especially hard on his eyes.
Alignment: Good, wishes for all Koro to be at peace but is ultimately on Onu-Koro's side if things go wrong
Personality and traits: Kirgan is peaceful by nature, but not ignorant to the reality of violence in his world. He is ready to fight for Onu-Koro at any time if the call comes, but until then remains tolerant to others, because he thinks it will make a change for the better. Kirgan is not a very adventurous person, but is still curious at heart and yearns for knowledge.

 Jarkale (More information)
Species: Po-Matoran
Description: Black body with orange feet and an orange Ruru
Gender: Male
Powers and/or weapons: Feet Additions, Matoran-version ones of those of the late Pohatu
Technological items: None
Weaknesses: What he gains in strength he loses in accruracy. Without his feet additions he would also be very slow
Alignment: Good, Po-Koro
Personality and traits: Jarkale is very friendly but has a constantly changing temperament. He can sometimes be very aggressive for no reason, but has control over his outbursts to some point. He is known to get carried away by his own imagination and making hasty conclusions on very little basis. After travelling with Rerus for some time, Jarkale was appointed the Chronicler of his Toa team. He takes this job very seriously and with great passion.
 Hile (More information)
Species: Ko-Matoran
Description: Sandblue body with gray feet and a gray Arthron
Gender: Male
Powers and/or weapons: Nothing specific, but carries some flags with him
Technological items: Volo Lutu launcher
Weaknesses: Extremely weak in hot conditions
Alignment: Neutral
Personality and traits: Very untypical Ko-Matoran. Enthusiastic and curious.
Tuli (More information)
Species: Ta-Matoran
Description: Yellow body with black feet and a black Rau
Gender: Female
Powers and/or weapons: Guard spear
Technological items: None
Weaknesses: Weak in cold conditions, not a very persistent opponent
Alignment: Ta-Koro
Personality and traits: Very loyal to Ta-Koro. Likes making new friends, but is not always easy to get along with. Has a hot temperament like most Ta-Matoran. She has a lot of faith in her village and is willing to take extreme measures to protect security there. Tuli easily becomes playful with men, however, and loves flirting with men. She is known among the guard as having the ability to get any man she wants. Despite this, Tuli could not fully seduce a Matoran named Khervos. He remains a pain in her record and Tuli has set a goal for herself to someday get her way with him. Tuli found out she actually had some real feelings for Khervos, not just the physical kind. She was disappointed when Khervos said he didn't want a romantic relationship with her. Despite this Tuli still carries a soft spot for Khervos in her mindand cares enough about him to save him from danger.
Other Characters
Kavala (More information)
Species: Onu-Toa
Description: Black body and armor with lots of wear.
Gender: Male
Powers and/or weapons: Sword of Makuta
Technological items: None yet
Weaknesses: Although quite athletic and skilled, Kavala does not specialize in hand to hand combat, instead resoirting to surprise and trickery. He is quite easy to beat in a swordfight if the opponent is skilled.
Alignment: Makuta
Personality and traits: Kavala is a dark Toa who lived in the ruins of Xa-Koro until they were seized by the Ga-Koro marines. Kavala now seeks
revenge against Ga-Koro for that. He is highly manipulative and expects others to respect him. He is very courteous and a typical "gentleman villain". Recent events have eroded that part of him somewhat, though.


Khervos (More information)
Note: Originally a character of Geardirector, but given to me by him.
Species: Ba-Matoran
Description: Black body with a purple Pakari
Gender: Male
Powers and/or weapons: Disk launcher
Technological items: None yet
Weaknesses: Lack of strength and agility
Alignment: Justice
Personality and traits: Khervos is an intuitive and clever Ba-Matoran who runs a personal Detective agency. He has taken it upon himself to snuff out criminals wherever he can find them, primarily working through Onu- and Ta-Koro. Khervos may carry the air of a cliched gritty crime detective, but is actually rather kind and always willing to help those in need, just in his own way. He is also clever and good at reading people, as well as swift and agile. He's a decent shot with Bamboo Disks.


Thira (More information)
Species: Ta-Matoran
Description: Yellow body with purple legs and Huna mask. Very attractive.
Gender: Female
Powers and/or weapons: None
Technological items: None
Weaknesses: Naive and inexperienced at pretty much everything, seeing as she has just been born
Alignment: Good
Personality and traits: Being the daughter of Tuli and Khervos, Thira shares many of their traits. While she is beautiful like Tuli, she is also an analytical thinker, courtesy of her father, Khervos. She is still somewhat naive and inexperienced, but learns quickly. Her goal is to find her place in this world, and she believes firmly in destiny.

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Mata Nui:


Name: Aeragot (AIR-uh-got)

Species: Onu-Toa

Gender: Masculine presentation, he/him pronouns

Mask: Kanohi Kualsi, Great Mask of Quick Travel (shaped like a noble Mahiki)

Appearance: Aeragot is of average height for a Toa but small and lean of build, not unathletic but clearly unable to match some other Toa in strength. His armour is close-fitting plates of dull, greenish grey, and deep black; it’s light and movable, but it lends little further bulk to his slight frame. His mask is a flare of bright orange, seeming even brighter by standing against the rest of his ensemble.

His slightly large and round eyes are a pale seafoam green, in stark contrast with the mask around them. He is quick to smile, and his eyes are always flitting about. He walks quickly, with a steady and even gait, and has a tendency to pace when in thought.


  • Aeragot’s primary weapon is a one-handed smallsword, flexible, durable, and primarily intended for parrying. He wears it slung across the back of his waste.

  • The belt on which he has his sheath also has a series of pouches across the front. In one of these pouches Aeragot carries a notebook, which has a carefully constructed and waterproof-sealed metal exterior.

Powers and Abilities: 

  • Aeragot has Toa-level control of earth, and while he is not a grizzled veteran, neither is he new to his capabilities: he wields his element comfortably.

  • Aeragot is an adequate fighter, evidencing practice more than any natural skill, with a close-ranged and strongly defensive style. He might be able to buy time against a more skilled combatant in a duel, but his offenses are dependent on reactions and ripostes.

Personality and Traits: Aeragot is good-natured and affable, albeit with a tendency to be stuck in his head. This, however, can be overpowered by a curiosity and drive to investigate which at times borders on monomania. When the opportunity is given he can do no other than plunge into the unknown. Though this can easily lead him into trouble, it lends him much good as well. Aeragot has bravery in his seeking, and it gives him the confidence to follow knowledge as far as he can. He is confident as well in danger, so long as he is on the trail of something interesting, and this confidence allows him to keep his head about him. His mind is sharp and analytic, and thus far it has kept him alive.

History: As a Matoran Aeragot served as a prospector in the Great Mine in Onu-Koro, but a chance discovery of some minor archeological relics buried in Onu-Wahi led him to Ta-Koro and the Wall of History. Aeragot spent several months studying the recorded history of the Island, and the academic interest instilled in him during this period led him further and further afield. He spent some time with the astrologers of Ga-Koro, and at the Wall of Prophecy in Ko-Koro, but mysteries still called to him more than prophecies. At some point during these wanderings Aeragot became a Toa, and put his new powers to the same pursuits. Aeragot made only minor, though well-intentioned contributions to the effort to free the Island from Makuta. He has yet to forgive himself for not solving the riddle on the wall of the vault.


  • Terra Firma: Aeragot, raised on the unmoving earth, is afflicted by motion sickness. In any motion felt but not seen, be it on the pitched deck of a ship or the back of a Gukko or Ussal, he develops headaches and, after sufficient exposure, nausea. This can be overcome, but it is enough to noticeably decrease his ability to focus or fight.

  • Parry and Riposte: Aeragot is a firmly defensive fighter, relying on reactions for his offenses. Against better fighters, of which there are many, his defenses are strong but his stamina is not limitless.

  • Timetur Lux: While he is more used to the light of day than many of his brethren, Aeragot can still be stunned momentarily by especially bright light.

  • In Search of the Unknown: When on the trail of knowledge or mystery, Aeragot will not be denied. This can easily overrule common sense and practical wisdom, and a trap set with the right bait would be irresistible to him.


Name: Dolbren (DOLE-bren)

Species: Ba-Toa

Gender: Masculine presentation, he/him pronouns

Mask: Kanohi Calix, Great Mask of Fate (shaped like a Miru)

Appearance: Not especially tall, but broad shouldered, Dolbren has evidently honed his physical capabilities. His physique is not overly muscular, but rather lean and endurant. Even in repose there is a sense about him of the compressed spring: tension always ready to be unleashed into movement. He is wreathed in thick armour plates, coloured in a slightly garish scheme of warm purple and teal. His mask is the latter hue, and is uniquely carved with wider openings than usual for his eyes.

In movement Dolbren occasionally exhibits a curious habit of gesturing in one direction, then moving or speaking in the other. These seemingly extraneous movements broadly do not hinder him.

Dolbren has an expressive face, changing quickly and unwilling to conceal emotion.


  • Dolbren favours a long and curved single-edged kriegsmesser. Its hilt is long enough to enable one-handed or two-handed wielding, though the total length of the sword means wielding it in one hand demands ample strength. This weapon is most often sheathed in a baldric worn at the shoulder.

  • Because of the size of his preferred weapon, Dolbren also carries a thin-bladed dagger. It serves easily as a weapon, but is otherwise used as an eating utensil. He has it constantly at hand, in a sheath on his belt.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Dolbren uses his Toa-level control of gravity with the practised skill and familiarity of a longtime soldier. Because it requires significant concentration to sustain the gravity-changes it enables, he tends to use it in brief spurts to augment his fighting abilities. A particular favourite is giving his weapon more weight suddenly on a well-timed downswing.

  • Athletic in his youth, Dolbren’s talent has only been augmented by years playing hired muscle for ventures both legitimate and illegitimate. His idiosyncratic way of moving shows itself in the heat of combat to be a canny defensive decision; a lightness on his feet and unpredictability of movement which makes him hard to pin down in a melee. This skill is helpfully augmented by his Kanohi Calix, which with concentration allows him to continually operate at the top of his physical capabilities. This defensive style does, however, leave him with no way to lessen a blow he can’t dodge, and is less well adapted to dealing with a ranged combatant. So far at least, he’s been tough enough to get back up from anything that managed to hit him.

Personality and Traits: Dolbren makes no bones about it; he’s a mercenary, condottiero, hired sword, whatever you want to call it, and most often the work he does is not strictly legal, nor is it really a nice thing to do. But he insists, typically with a downward flick of his gaze and an apologetic smile, that he really isn’t such a bad guy. And his self-assessment mostly bears out: Dolbren is pleasant and affable, perhaps not proactive at avoiding conflict, but not fomenting it either. It isn’t that he changes in moments of combat, either; Dolbren is willing to do what needs to be done, and he clearly enjoys combat, but he isn’t out to cause pain.

Dolbren reconciles these things in a couple of ways. The first is that Dolbren is just good at fighting, with natural athletic talents well-suited to the sport of combat. The second is that Dolbren has belief. His personal philosophy, which he thinks of in terms approaching religion, is centred around the inherent value of revelation. This intersects most boldly with his life in his belief that war is essentially good. In its life-or-death severity war insists that those who participate hold nothing back if they wish to survive. For this reason he also mostly eschews sanctioned arena-style combat: an opponent who isn’t fighting to survive neither reveals as much about themselves nor forces Dolbren to be so open about himself.

Dolbren is not much of an evangelist of this creed, though he is convinced he has discovered the true principle by which the universe operates.

History: Dolbren is open about his unremarkable early life. He built his strength as a youth farming in Po-Wahi, a time which is still evident in his respect and fondness for the ornery forthrightness of the Mahi. Farming and shepherding being both highly solitary (and to Dolbren highly unsatisfying) he developed a taste for inward contemplation, seeking meaning in his life. This philosophical orientation led to him finding what he believed to be a greater purpose, upon becoming one of the scores of forced Toa created following the First Toa’s failure.

Thereafter, Dolbren sought to propagate the same kind of revealing of inner truth which he himself underwent when he was shown to be greater than an ordinary Matoran. This has mostly taken the form of working as a hired sword, as Dolbren is perfectly happy to combine his talents with his beliefs.

In recent days he ended up in the Legacy-controlled Ko-Koro, but he opted not to go down with that particular ship. Nothing much would have been revealed by him fighting an impossible battle and likely being captured or dying in the attempt, he reasoned. Instead, he slipped out among the refugees. He has since continued around the island no differently than before.


  • Sword to a Gunfight: Dolbren uses melee weapons exclusively, and his power over gravity does not effectively cover this deficiency. Unlike many elements, gravity does not give him access to ranged bolts of elemental power, and the focus over time required to make best use of its capabilities at range leaves him only more vulnerable to an effective ranged fighter. His style of defence, focusing on dodging and playing with melee range, does him no favours in this area either.

  • Bellicose: It isn't hard to draw Dolbren into a fight. He likes fighting, and he has a philosophical interest in testing himself and others. Directed in the right way, he can be manipulated. If his opponent was planning on this, he would easily walk into a trap.


Name: Gonrae (GONE-ray)

Species: Le-Matoran

Gender: Male presentation, he/him pronouns

Mask: Powerless, shaped like a Kanohi Kakama, Great Mask of Speed

Appearance: Gonrae is taller than the average Le-Matoran, a fact both made apparent and accentuated by his habitually straight-backed posture. He combines this with a more sedentary lifestyle than many of his fellows, resulting in a build that approaches portly. Atop his natural armour, a blend of light greens and deep emeralds, Gonrae wears a pocket-lined bandolier of thick brown cloth. His mask is of the standard form for a Kakama, but he often attaches a pair of concave glass lenses to it with small magnets. These lenses go some way towards ameliorating his nearsightedness.


  • The pockets of Gonrae’s bandolier are filled with drafting tools, pencils, and notebooks. These materials are necessary to his preferred methods of working; at all times, and often outdoors. He also places his corrective lenses in a pocket when they are not required.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Gonrae is an accomplished technician and engineer. He can visualize in his mind’s eye how machines work with ease, and in great detail. He has a fairly intuitive sense of how various machines might be improved.
  • He is capable of making his designs real, tinkering and building, though he prefers to leave that part to other people.

Personality and Traits: Gonrae is at once both feckless dreamer and compulsive worker. This contradiction in his nature resolves to drive him to toil tirelessly on one project, then just as soon flit on to the next thing. This has not compromised his career as an engineer, though it is easy to get the impression that his lack of focus may keep him from reaching his potential. Nevertheless, Gonrae is a shrewd and creative designer. His intelligence serves him well in other areas of his life, though his flightiness remains always. He is not much of a big picture thinker, and can be easily talked around to largely accept another’s perspective while still remaining sufficiently unconvinced that the next perspective will sway him just as well. Gonrae is stubborn on his position only in questions of design, otherwise sharing a version of the easygoing mien stereotypically associated with his Le-Matoran brethren.

History: Gonrae’s first dream was a dream of flight. Like many a youth in Le-Koro, he looked with wonder to the pilots of the Gukko Force as they flew above the treetops. However, despite his starry-eyed admiration of them, Gonrae was categorically ill-suited to the life of a soldier. Both his eyesight and his temperment made him a poor fit for aerial combat and regimented living. Dimly aware that such a path was beyond his capabilities, Gonrae instead took easily to a life of indolent leisure. He persisted in this pursuit for some time, until as a lark he designed some improvements to a well-traveled bridge in the treetop Koro. Though his design seemed quite obvious to Gonrae, a more senior engineer to whom he showed it deemed it rather innovative. Thus Gonrae began to work as one of Le-Koro’s corps of civic engineers, and thus he remains. He insists that engineering is just something to do to stave off boredom, but his experience and skill is by now evident.


  • You just can’t do / things your body wasn’t meant to: Not only does he have the physical limits of a Matoran, his capabilities are decidedly below average. He is not a fighter, and it is hard to imagine that he ever could be.




Name: Shind Qorl Larin

Species: Fa-Lesterin

Gender: Male presentation, he/him pronouns

Appearance: Typically Lesterin in size and build, Qorl is thin and weather-worn. However, his condition is not due to being used to hardship: his clothing was obviously once fashionable and expensive, and similarly his physique is that of one who has recently been forced to give up a life of some luxury. Qorl is athletic, though more by necessity than natural inclination. He habitually stares into the middle distance, but is quick to give both a raised eyebrow and a quizzical squint.


  • Qorl carries what he needs to survive, as he has spent his time on Zakaz-proper travelling with bands of his fellow Lesterin, be they merchants or bandits. With this in mind, he wears a worn rucksack. Among other items, the rucksack carries a waterskin, a coil of rope 10 bio in length, and a collapsible metal pole which measures two bio at full extension.
  • Qorl wears a finely-wrought sabre at his hip, of the typical Lesterin naval style.

Technological items (and, if Foreign Tech, which staff member approved the item):

  • A Najin-powered revolver, weathered but kept in fine working order. (standard stuff)
  • Tero-Podos or Demon’s Feet: A pair of sandals with hobnailed soles, composed of antique and unrecognizable hides. Ancient Lesterin sorcery was used in their making, and it can be activated by tracing a certain rune across the side of the sandal. Once activated, the sandals cause the wearer to sink into solid matter they come in contact with, as if it were a slow-flowing fluid. No other properties of that matter are altered. If the wearer stands still, they will begin to sink into the ground. By moving they are able to stay on the surface. The malleability of matter under this power allows the wearer to climb sheer surfaces or push through walls. Matter displaced in this way returns to its original shape immediately when the wearer of the sandals is no longer in direct contact with it. As the sandals do not otherwise change the properties of matter, the wearer cannot breathe if fully immersed. When the wearer deactivates the sandals, any matter they are in direct contact with remains affected until they are no longer in direct contact with it. (approved by Tyler)

Powers and Abilities:

  • Like all Lesterin, Qorl’s elemental powers manifest only passively. He has a strong internal compass, and is unusually resistant to magnetic pulls.

Personality and Traits: A manner typically associated with high breeding on Seprilli, recently faced with substantially changed material conditions. Such is not an inaccurate assessment of Shind Qorl. However, he is not simply that. Zakaz has awakened the drive in him, not long ago sleeping under the persona of a sybarite. If what the Skakdi creation myth says is true, then much of his people’s lost knowledge lies sleeping on Zakaz. Qorl wonders if he might be the one to discover it.

These are his dreams, but he is also faced with necessities. It is not easy to survive on Zakaz, especially not as a free Lesterin. And Qorl has retained the pride ingrained in him by his upbringing; he does not prefer enslavement to death. He is amenable to certain other compromises, however. In his relatively short time on Zakaz he has been both merchant and bandit, and found his scruples could adapt to either.

History: Qorl is an exile from an outcast people, but it was not always so.

Qorl was once a disappointing younger son to a councillor in the Assembly. His family counted many wildly successful merchants among their ancestors, and remained wealthy in the present era of Seprillian social marginalization. Despite this, Qorl was entirely uninterested in perpetuating his family’s way of life. Instead, he passed his time in idle pleasure-seeking. His days were spent in playing games and practical jokes and spending his ample wealth, and his nights were spent in the beds of other wealthy merchants’ scions. This made him a disappointment.

And then, something happened that made him an exile. Perhaps it was a jape gone too far, or perhaps it was revenge for a perceived insult. Qorl does not speak of it, and his countenance grows dark if he thinks of it at all. Whatever happened, someone ended up dead. Qorl would do anything to not face the judgement of his family and his people. Even go to Zakaz.

He snuck aboard a merchant vessel bound for Zarrava, and slipped out at the destination. There, he became anonymous. Though remaining a free Lesterin on Zakaz was not easy, he made do. He plied his trade as a hired hand on merchant caravans. He worked the route between Zarrava and Khy;Barr, because at least both ends were places where he did not fear enslavement. When times were hard, his adequate skill with blade and pistol found him working on the occasional bandit raid or pirate crew. He had left Seprilli so as not to face up to the law, and he would do whatever he had to do on Zakaz to remain unfettered.


  • Dog among wolves: Qorl can handle himself well enough. He has been forced to learn how to do so very quickly. And yet, he is no natural-born fighter. He cannot count himself among the best warriors of his own people, not to mention his Skakdi neighbours with whom he now lives in relatively close quarters.
  • Pride goeth: Qorl is proud. Though this can manifest as motivating magnanimity, it is also a hubris that leads him beyond his capabilities. Furthermore, it can be taken advantage of. To him, insults ought to be answered in kind and challenges met.
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Name: Yasurek

Species: Ko-matoran

Mask: blue powerless kakama

Gender: Male

Appearance: Yasurek looks like most other matoran, besides being of above average height. He is white, with grey hands and light blue feet. He wears a leather belt with scabbards for his weapons and often wears a blue cloak complete with hood. On his back is a large sheathe for holding a multitude of spears securely.

Alignment: Practical Good

Powers and weapons: 2 long guard spears (MNOLG style with curved double prongs at the tip), a small knife and cutlass, and a multitude of spears of various makes and materials in his possession.

During the expedition to the Temple of the Blood Kanohi, Yasurek obtained a pair of non-metallic spears with translucent blue handles and black tips. These spears are somewhat similar to rahkshi armor in that they are unable to be affected by non-solid-matter based abilities (e.g. their position cannot be altered by powers such as telekinesis, gravity, and air). The user is still able to be affected, but the weapons themselves are immune. [Approved by Ghosthands]

Being a matoran, he does not possess explicit powers aside from an increased cold tolerance as a Ko-matoran. He has excellent agility, being able to perform various acrobatic feats even while carrying all of his weapons. His primary weapon focus is with his spears, as he has trained extensively with each individual weapon, learning the ins and outs of each. He is not as skilled with his cutlass, and the knife is more of a backup weapon.

Personality: Yasurek is a moral individual, despite his occupation as a pirate. He maintains a sense of justice and good from his days as a guard, but does not let that get in the way too often when it comes to obtaining results. He prefers for things to go peacefully, but due to the nature of his fellow crew that is rarely an option though sometimes things work out. After coming out of a period of depression that had spanned the last several months he has managed to regain some amount of optimism and is able to look at the world in a brighter way despite the oncoming tensions between villages. He always tries to see the good in people and takes care of his friends, though he is also willing to voice his concerns if things seem off to him. While Yasurek appreciates their existence, he dislikes the idea of relying on chosen groups of toa to save the population as it encourages people to not solve their own problems and instead feel powerless in the face of adversity.

History: Yasurek was a guard in the Ko-Koro guard force. For many years he spent his time protecting important areas of the city from harm and apprehending criminals. With how the original prophecy of the toa turned out he felt that the role of bringing justice and peace to the island fell onto the shoulders of its current inhabitants, rather than outsiders. Over time though, things continued to worsen. It seemed to him that his current role as a guard was doing nothing to actually help the island, and so he left the force and journeyed out to try to make things better.

Sadly, it was not something he would succeed at. Wandering aimlessly, he moved from area to area, trying to makes things better, but no solution came to him. Eventually, despite his firm feelings of good, he lost track of the driving force of his mission. It was shortly after that time when he made his way to Ga-Koro where he noticed an advertisement to try out for the crew of the pirate ship Infernavika. With nothing else to do, he followed the ad and was chosen as one of the crewman with no specific role (Though he insisted that he was not a cabin matoran). On the ship he had plenty of adventures going up against and sometimes working alongside the law. Their latest trip took them to the occupied village of Ko-Koro, which Yasurek assisted in retaking. For their latest aid provided to the populace, the crew of the Infernavika received another set of pardons for crimes committed since the last time they received a set of pardons.

Weaknesses: He's a matoran, so he is not very strong compared to most individuals on the island. Also, he can't really handle ranged combat unless he is able to hide behind cover and sneak closer, aside from the occasional spear throw. Without his spears he can't fight as well. He avoids PvP because pokemonlover360 doesn’t like writing it.

I am pokemonlover360, master of hardly ever posting. You might know me from the many posts that I haven't made.
I'm around. If you really need me and I haven't responded quickly, send me a pm.

BZPRPG 2021 Profiles Six Kingdoms Profiles: Kilo-M9 NUVA, Ysocla Naenoic

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The Boydem



Ela Latos

Species: Lesterin of Air

A detailed description or image (MOC courtesy of Grav): Ela is very tall, but also less gangly than most Lesterin, her build actually starting to resemble a Toa in bulk. Most of Ela's armour (and her Kanohi) is a sacramento green, with her armour's shoulders jutting out 6 inches, engraved in elemental markings. Her armour accents, and limbs, are red, with her eyes being more of a fiery orange. Her crest consists of two small upright blade-like pieces on either side of her head, pointed slightly backward, resembling pointy ears. Her sword sheath is affixed to her via a harness around her chest and shoulders. She is notably missing the tip of her left thumb, luckily not her dominant hand. She has a very awkward smile.

Gender: Female

Powers and/or weapons: Great Pakari, albeit one shaped like a Great Mahiki, allowing her intense strength. Has the innate Lesterin of Air abilities such as enhanced speed and capability of holding her breath for extended periods of time. She's physically fit in addition to the strength already granted by her Kanohi, and is a fierce hand-to-hand fighter. She also has a well built longsword on her back, which she is skilled in using but doesn't tend to rely on.

Weakness(es): Easy to goad, and has a complete lack of understanding as to when she's out of her depth. Has a chip on her shoulder when it comes to Toa, and wants to challenge one, regardless of the circumstances. Her dexterity is slightly hindered by her missing left thumb, although due to training this is rarely more than an inconvenience.

Alignment: Neutral Good

History: A traveling warrior, Ela is said to have left Seprilli, after becoming bored of the same old sights and finding Zakaz a fruitless endeavour due to the species' disinterest in self improvement, to put it lightly. Instead, the Lesterin traveled to Mata Nui, hoping to find new challenges and experiences on the mysterious island. This was a good while ago, however, and only as of late has Ela begun to remember where she originated from. Regardless, her origin changes nothing of her pursuit, and she continues her journey unfazed.

Personality and traits: Ela as a person is sometimes difficult to know. She's sometimes quite blunt, not really understanding the need to dress truths up or sugarcoat things, but more importantly her strive to be the best martial artist can consume all other social pursuits. She's also a struggler outside of combat, finding it difficult to make meaningful connections outside her discipline, leaving her largely solitary when confronted with insecurities or any other incident. 

All this might frame Ela in a worse way than she actually is. She does have her own sense of humour and is a good natured person, her set of morals usually overpowering her addiction to combat when it matters. She, perhaps oddly, also enjoys poetry, and offers short poems to opponents or friends occasionally.



Jalal Ira

Species: Toa of Stone

A detailed description or image: Stocky, broad shouldered and large with a slight hinge in his posture, in some ways resembling Pohatu’s stature. His hands are calloused and covered in light scars, and his red eyes seem to be permanently narrowed, with some slight bags from lack of sleep. His armour and mask are a burnt-orange (think ‘01) with dark grey accents, feet and hands. The armour itself is well kept, with some neat carvings for his name and rank in the Sentinels. He doesn’t wear his dirty bronze Sentinel badge on his armour, and instead keeps it stored next to his ledger in his bookbag. Doesn’t have the look of a cop one bit.

Gender: Male

Powers and/or weapons: His original profession was as a stonemason, and as such has a rich level of understanding of the use of stone in buildings and sculptures, with a precise eye for details and measurements that made them an asset for his firm. He was an extremely promising mason but these skills were taken into a new context when he was given the powers of a Toa, allowing him unprecedented and strong control of his abilities, his understanding allowing even more elaborate expression of his elemental powers. As a Sentinel these abilities did not dwindle in spite of no obvious formal practice, and Jalal became a strong fighter in his own right, his hard labor conditioning allowing him stamina and strength and his sharpened mind allowing him the ability to learn a fighting discipline that was practical, very quickly. He wears a Great Kanohi Kiril which gives him the power to regenerate inorganic matter, something he uses often to maintain his weapons, one of the last real dregs of his creative outlet. His Toa Tool is a short sledge-style hammer held in one hand, not too dissimilar from the hammer he used to chisel with as a Matoran. It was designed specifically for Jalal, and whilst still suitable for stonework it works even more effectively at subduing violent criminals with his swinging arm. He also carries a large Khopesh sheathed on his back for instances where blunt force is unlikely to cut it (no pun intended). For ranged instances he carries a sling that he can produce shaped stone for to throw at an enemy, though he tends to produce ammunition in advance that he keeps in a sack by his hip. For his duties he carries a ledger in a bookbag slung over his torso, which also serves as a sketchbook. He writes meticulously but unless pertinent to an investigation he refuses to show others.

Weakness(es): Whilst possessing great muscular strength Ira is not what you’d call fast in combat, tending to plan ahead to circumvent this. Not particularly a people person and has been known to rub roughly against some of the other Sentinels as a result, leaving him with functionally few allies. He has mild hearing loss from working from a young age, although not severe.

Alignment: Cop

History: Born and raised in Po-Koro, Jalal was brought up in a family of masons, and was a prodigy. His early sketches and designs, even as a teenager, were works of art, and his dream was one day to redesign the Turaga’s home exterior into something that would be the island’s envy. Unfortunately, years later, before he could finally propose this idea, thoroughly planned and conceptualised, he was “blessed” with discovering a Toa stone buried in the foundations of a building his firm was working on. He was instantly transformed, his height and size increasing, and a new power awakening inside of him. This was initially hailed as a blessing - the prodigy being gifted with a new wellspring of power to achieve his dreams. But for Jalal, this was an unnerving process. To use his abilities for his creative aspirations, this felt perverse, wrong. His role in the universe had been altered, and he became so depressed that he actually fell ill, being tended to by his family. For a month, Jalal stressed over this shift in the cogs, and he began to notice things about the structure of his home city that unnerved and caused disquiet in his heart - things and people very very out of place. As a young man, with a sure focus in his future, these things had never occurred to him, but now spinning out of place they never left his mind. 

Weeks later he made a letter of inquiry to the now Akiri - Hewkii, to enlist as a member of the Sentinels, to which Hewkii responded with confusion but approval if that was to be Jalal’s wish - having known his excellent mind would be an asset on the force. The solemn Toa began his career afterward, making great success despite not becoming too popular with his fellow Sentinels, and eventually being “entrusted” with the duties of an investigator after Hewkii stepped down, in truth something of a punishment as this was the job most of the Sentinels dreaded. He made acquaintanceship with Muir shortly before his and Hewkii’s departure. Jalal’s time on the force made him even more reserved and his true feelings and thoughts remain only known by himself. 

One could make the judgement, however, that this job was his self imposed duty, not done out of any wish or enjoyment.

Personality and traits: Curt and reserved. He articulates himself very well when he feels the need but does not abide small talk or conversation - he tends to shut himself in an office and work long hours. Extremely sensitive to details and stimuli, and can recognise patterns despite not always wanting to. From childhood has had an irrational fear of the cold, and to this day has recurring nightmares about freezing to death, although the fear has lessened as he has grown. Excellent analytical and problem solving skills and has a photographic memory. He finds weapon maintenance, as well as working with tools, therapeutic. He tends to remain still more than fidget or pace.



Karmine Madoc 

Species: Toa of Gravity

A detailed description or image: Slimmer end of average in build, slightly taller than your average Toa. His most notable feature is his cloudy blue right eye, marked with scarring around the socket. His other eye is grey in colour. His armour is matte black with violet highlights, trim, hands and feet. 

Gender: Male

Powers and/or weapons: The Toa possesses normal control of gravity as any other Ba-Toa, along with his favoured Kanohi, a Great Mask of Scavenging disguised as a Great Elda. This mask essentially means that, whenever anyone close to Karmine dies, he’s able to absorb their power and grow stronger. Having done this a few times in the past, Karmine’s natural strength and power is higher than most, though not to an absurd degree, perhaps only 1.25x the average. To not arouse suspicion, he tends to keep this power advantage under wraps when possible. Although he’s been tempted to exchange the mask for something less close to his bad habits, something subconsciously keeps him from doing so every time. He carries a short bullpup diskette rifle slung over his shoulder that fires sharpened metal discs, with a few spare mags in his belt. As for other weapons, he has a pair of butterfly swords he keeps sheathed on thigh straps, the handles of which can also be used as knuckle dusters if blunt trauma is so required.

Weakness(es): Karmine only really has one eye, the other is virtually useless, the vision in the eye being blurry. Although the Toa has trained so that the lack of depth perception isn't as much of a bother, he still has a blind spot that can be taken advantage of. He suffers from bloodlust and can be overcome by an uncontrollable urge to hurt others when in intense situations, and this can be manipulated against him.

Alignment: Reformed Good

History: Karmine seems to have been part of the Toa Madoc, a small team somewhere else that went missing in action mysteriously, with only him returning. After arriving on Mata Nui he began to enlist himself with the shadier crowd in places like Ta-Koro and Le-Koro, making something of a name for himself as a general crook and mercenary, and ALLEGEDLY as a hitman, although he refuses to speak on this until he has legal representation. Apparently, he’s on the straight and narrow now, having found solace in religion and deciding to hire himself out as a well and proper bodyguard, in an attempt to steer himself away from the pursuit of blood he once participated in. But now a new job is on the horizon, from an old friend that perhaps knows him a bit too well, and only time will tell if Karmine can keep himself steady.

Personality and traits: Whilst a reliable combatant and a somewhat friendly, if quirky, individual, Karmine has a natural lust for blood and violence that he has to keep under control and this can surface in something close to an alternate personality, although it’s really just his urges taking over. Aside from this, he is allegedly quite religious and frequently prays to Mata Nui for his apparent many sins. He has a soft spot for Muaka and Shallows Cats as he used to have a Shallows Cat named Stuffy who died years before.



Solan Iudex

Species: Toa of Plasma 

A detailed description or image: Solan looks like if a Kaiakan copulated with a Toa and had a homeless Lesterin raise the baby. Which, for all anyone knows, could be true. That’s to say he’s wider and scruffier than his peers, perhaps a little out of shape but with assured strong definition that tends to show itself even more in combat, and scruffy black stubble with grey spotted periodically. His mask, the Kadin, is unusual in appearance due to the pair of curved blade-like horns on either side of his head, the tips pointed upward. Cleanliness wise, he’s pretty awful. Nobody’s really been able to pin down what he smells of but it’s nothing good, and the dirt and grime especially stains his natural orange and white armour, turning it into more of a burnt orange and grey colouration. His natural eye colour is a dark azure, which tends to glimmer into a surprising bright sky blue when he activates his powers. He generally wears a dirty white poncho covering unseen clothing underneath, and a similarly filthy white pair of padded fabric trousers below.

Gender: Male

Powers and/or weapons: Solan has all of the elemental abilities that a Toa of Plasma would, with an aptitude for ranged attacks and understanding of how to use said abilities to augment his martial arts style. He possesses a Kadin, Mask of Flight, which he uses in his unique blend of strike and throw based fighting to become an exceedingly dangerous foe even in his somewhat dilapidated state, able to both close the distance and keep it closed until he has his way. He really doesn’t seem to carry much else, besides a seemingly endless pack of smokes he brings out from his poncho occasionally.

Weakness(es): Without mincing words, Solan’s brain is not in the best state. Years of beatings and impacts have made him forgetful and somewhat rash, and piled in with his undebatable sad state from his departed wife and unfulfilled life, he is not particularly disposed to making any of the right decisions. On top of that he is a bit past his prime, being at his middle age with poor health choices.

Alignment: Good(?)

History: Once a revered Toa warrior and hero, the changings of time and subsequent injuries have left Solan’s life an utter mess. Having lost his wife due to his immense issues and financial problems, Solan has found himself a wanderer, unsure of what purpose to fulfil and unable to keep a steady job. He aimlessly searches for a new spot for himself, and perhaps a paying job.

Personality and traits: As mentioned, Solan’s mind is quite beaten thanks to his previous injuries, and as a result he’s very forgetful and sometimes even easy to anger. He has a good heart, arguably, although his morals of late have shifted to fit the situation he’s in, perhaps due to desperation. He loves smoking. 



Ozkkar Seprillian 

Species: Skakdi of Earth (Zakazian)

A detailed description or image: Ozkkar, compared to his Skakdi brethren, is quite short, much to his chagrin, maybe even half a foot below his peers. This means Lesterin especially tower over him. He is built average, with particularly protruding spines going from his head to his back and even down to his elbows making him look like some sort of angry porcupine with glowing white eyes. He looks perpetually aggravated and his reliance on imported caffeine goods makes ever the more twitchy. He has a few small white scars around the palm of his right hand and one by his temple, and he sometimes wears a pair of protective square protective goggles in combat to shield his eyes from his weapons.

Gender: Male

Powers and/or weapons: Ozkkar possesses the same powers of Earth that all Skakdi do, requiring another Skakdi to use it in tandem with or needing to channel it through his weapon. Ozkkar also has heat vision, although he has to take his aforementioned protective goggles off if he wants to use it. His primary Skakdi tech of choice is a pair of seismic claws, (similar to Nuparu Inika’s claws in G1) that attach to his fists and when the prongs sink or slam into the ground, can be used to create tiny tremors beneath his opponents which can send them off their feet, and with more focus Ozkkar can create stronger tremors, although nothing close to something a Toa of Earth could (Foreign tech approved by Krayz). His other technologically advanced weapon was a hand down from his mother, a hand-and-a-half sword most notable for the button by the hilt that activates an electric current through the blade, with the handle made of rubber to insulate against shocking him. The weapon is quite big for Ozkkar but he carries it all the same on his back when out adventuring (Foreign tech approved by Krayz). As is common for Skakdi, Ozkkar also carries a large revolving najin powder pistol (double action) that he keeps strapped on a shoulder holster, with extra rounds on a belt around his waist. He also has a vacuum flask that he tends to keep hot coffee in, in a special compartment in his belt. 

Weakness(es): The most obvious one is the height and reach disparity between him and most other beings in and around mainland Zakaz and Seprilli. This makes hand to hand combat not his strong suit, although he's not unlikely to try. He's also hyperactive and quite easy to set off what can get him into bad situations with people much bigger and stronger than him, and his caffeine dependence makes this problem worse.

Alignment: Chaotic (???)

History: As any Skakdi bearing the name Seprillian would tell you, being born on Seprilli has a lot of drawbacks. Ozkkar was born the only child of a lowly female mercenary and a male dock worker, though he was mostly raised by his father. His mother and father met when his dad saw her fighting one of the Lesterin on an oncoming boat for unpaid wages, having to be held back by three other Lesterin. She, of course, left out the part where she'd failed to stop one of the shipments from being stolen whilst they were at another port because she was so inebriated. 

Ozkkar's mother's side of the family was in fact mainland Zakazian in heritage, although they'd settled in Seprilli a few generations ago. Her choice of job and weapon, the hand-and-a-half sword that Ozkkar himself would use, was somewhat celebratory of this. His father was a tinkerer, however, and something of an insomniac, so when Ozkkar's mother wasn't around he'd often show the young skaklet the devious tools he'd been working on as of late.

Eventually his mother passed on, apparently killed by pirates at sea, although the surviving Lesterin crew said she'd felled a good dozen of them before they got her. The only thing written in the will was "give the kid the sword". Ozkkar's dad took the news hard, and for the rest of his life retired to his workshop and away from the dock working. Ozkkar took up the trade of a mechanic, although his mother's exploits still intrigued him and he began to become prone to many of the more impulsive and erratic behaviors that she was, his small size making him a magnet for people wanting to start trouble - to which he easily obliged!

He still works as a mechanic to this day, although semi formed fantasies of travelling to the mainland and making a name for himself drift in and out of his head. 

Personality and traits: Very much both his mother and his father's son. Quite easily agitated and almost constantly hopped up on caffeine, with the added bonus of temper issues make him somewhat easy to goad and taunt. Ozkkar also has an interest in contraptions and tech, and often tinkers without asking. Because of his mother's death, he has a very strong fear of the ocean. 



Kenji Kono

Species: Dasaka (Menti)

A detailed description or image: Worryingly thin, his body hidden beneath his dark azure tattered robes, the cyan accents once present completely faded. The usual shining crystal armour the Dasaka is most known for is also hidden below, and he doesn't appear to wear much of it in the first place. One of his bottom teeth appears to have been knocked out, and others may be on the way to follow. His eyes are a sickly, mustard yellow, with his armour having faded to a purpleish-grey from the dark violet it used to be. He usually wears a straw hat when he has to be in public places.

Gender: Male

Powers and/or weapons: Experienced most in the Soulsword Discipline, allowing Kenji to manifest a physical blade in his hands, modeled roughly after a typical Menti tachi. His Kanohi is a Great Jutlin, a cursed mask he does not see fit to remove, and also giving him the ability to rust and decompose inorganic materials within his sight. In addition to his soulsword ability he carries a broken shortsword still in its scabbard, and a handful of metal darts hidden within his tattered robes, as well as a metal canister to fill with water. He wears little armour, and is very flexible and acrobatic in spite of his physical condition.

Weakness(es): Despite being an excellent warrior Kenji is exceedingly open to mental attacks, having disregarded mental preparation in his early years and leaving his mind inadvertently open for assault. In addition, whilst his agility is excellent his lack of armour means he is easy to maim or kill if hit. He's also not a talker, making his vagabond status ever the more dangerous.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

History: Kenji Kono was originally born to Akane, Toroshu of minor clan, Kono, as its second born male after his older brother, Kane. Kane and Kenji were actually twins, an unbelievably rare occurance in Dasaka clans, but Kane was the older brother by a few minutes or two, so he was named First Son and trained extensively as a Sighteye and a Soulsword. Kane immediately gained recognition for his incredible tactical skills and cunning, and as both Kane and Kenji were sent off together, they were forced to train with each other and became fierce warriors in the process. Kenji was less popular than his brother, lacking his natural head for tactics and leadership skills, but Kane had always asserted that his younger brother was the more talented swordsman, and Kenji was also a natural survivalist and woodsman, often being reprimanded for being distracted by nature during training.

Clan Kono was a minor one, and a vassal clan for the Umbralines, so Kenji's lower status meant he was relegated to serving as a bodyguard for their high ranking warriors whilst Kane was allowed special privileges as a First Son, earning valour as a general, out across the Archipelago, and seeing the sights that Kenji never could.

Over the years, this jealousy, and Kenji's deep rooted belief that as a better warrior he should be in Kane's position, bore fruit to an unforgivable plot. During a feast at their ancestral home, Kenji had attempted to poison Kane's sake, attempting to put enough in not to kill the First Son but make him seriously ill. However, having been worried for his younger brother leaving suddenly, Kane discovered Kenji's plot and was so shocked, he was unable to speak. In a panic, Kenji activated his Jutlin, rusting his brother's armour to the point he was unable to properly move. 

Only intending to flee the house, Kenji was caught by his mother and Toroshu, Akane Kono, who was disgusted by his vicious and dishonourable actions. Intending to have him arrested, Kenji miraculously struck first in a panic, killing his own mother in a single strike, and several of her retainers in quick succession, breaking his shortblade in the process. Now feverish and hazed, Kenji sought to erase all of his mistakes, setting the home alight, along with every member of his clan.

As most had long been drunk from the alcohol, it didn't seem anybody escaped the fire, though Kenji never stuck around to check the ashes.

Now the Kono clan is all but extinct, and Kenji continues to survive regardless, though even he is unsure why.

Personality and traits: Not many have seen Kenji Kono in the flesh, not since the Kono clan's tragedy years ago. However, those rare few who have met him report him to be a shell of the young man he once was, comparing him to a ragged Kavinika. He finds no solace in anyone's company, and even those he has no conflict with, he is restless around. It's hard to say if he is bitter or simply guilty for what happened in the past, and those who ask do not get anything close to a satisfying answer. The one thing that he still retains is his love of rahi and nature, and that love seems to be a key motivator in his life, keeping him breathing. Eats ravenously.


Extinct Clan: House Kono (Approved by Krayz)

House Kono was a warrior clan loyal to the Umbralines, originally headed by Akane Kono who served as Toroshu until the clan's genocide, suspected to be caused by the jilted second son of Akane, Kenji. They held only minor lands in territory proximal to Umbraline turf, and said lands had largely been liquidated so to speak in the years after. The First Son of the clan before its extinction was Kane Kono, who along with his mother was responsible for making something of a name for the small clan in the several battles and skirmishes he led troops in. Kenji Kono is currently assumed DEAD, and the Umbralines had operated as such ever since the burning of the Konos' ancestral home.

Edited by Morgan Yu
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“No. Sorry, kid, that’s the one thing you can never do.”

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An attempt will be made

Name: Kultax

Species: Toa of Air

Gender: Male

Description: Average height for a Toa, with an athletic build hindered by somewhat bulky armor. An aura of confused misery radiates from the man. Shambles along in scarred and pitted armor that was once a bright green, but has in turn been bleached by the sun and covered in a veneer of soot and dirt and grime, now somewhere between the shades of dying grass and the pale yellow that marks some dawns. Dark rings are a permanent fixture around his watery and glazed blue eyes. His Arthron is missing one of its fins and a section of the "mouth", exposing part of his own tired frown. Notably, while it is a much deeper shade of green than his armor ever was, it is visibly colorful and likely not as old as the rest of his equipment.

Powers & weapons: Control over air and the winds. Wears a Kanohi Arthron and carries a broadsword. It once glowed a fierce blue when in use, but has lost its luster.

Weaknesses: Paranoid, distrustful, insomniac, borderline delusional. A poor fighter who has come to rely too heavily on his mask and elemental abilities.

Alignment: True neutral.

History: Kultax was once one of those rare souls who drew pleasure from simply being alive. He made friends everywhere he went and was always willing to give anyone a chance. He nursed not-so-private dreams of being a great hero and was perhaps far too willing to put his life on the line to help others. Being a heedless fool, even a well-intentioned one, rarely ends well, though. Kultax's nearsightedness meant that he inevitably brought a few wolves in with the sheep, and even created some enemies out of genuine allies. The enthusiasm started to become an act of denial more than anything real, and he only grew more stubborn as the persona slipped. After turning away many long-time friends, his self-destructive behavior culminated spectacularly in an incident where he deliberately trusted a very dangerous individual to spite the instincts and wishes of a team he'd found work with. When this person inevitably turned on him, so too did his team, leaving him for dead after the explosive battle he had to fight alone. Broken physically and mentally, and no longer able to lie to himself about what he or the world were like, he became an aimless wanderer, just waiting for something to happen to him.

Personality and traits: Paranoid, distrustful, insomniac, borderline delusional. Kultax treats most situations as one who is aware they're in a dream but can do nothing to affect it would. While not overtly hostile, he has a very hard time taking anyone at their word and will react with suspicion and a cold disposition. At the same time, he is an open book; everyone else is just as aware of his intentions and desires as he is, which is to say, not at all. Perhaps buried somewhere is a glimmer of the bright-eyed optimist he once was, but in what ways this manifests remain a mystery.

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Name: Azusai

Gender: Female

Species: Dashi

Caste and Clan: Taajar Ringti

Powers: None

Description: Azusai's body is a soft azure color with some slight brassy accents. She's usually bundled up in a traditional brownish Hanten, a sort of kimono of thick cloth worn in colder climes. A powerless Mask of Rebounding protrudes from her collar, her amber eyes wide behind it. She wields a beautifully hewn but scarred bo staff and a crystal hatchet for defense. By her side is a rough bag where she keeps her prized possessions she was able to leave home with, chief among them being her telescope and navigation tools.

Personality: Azusai was never the most outgoing sort, but she got along well enough when she knew everyone around her by name. Suddenly finding herself plucked up by the roots has done little for her quiet disposition, and she struggles to make herself heard. Her family has a long history of stargazing, what was initially a passive interest becoming a marketable skill in navigation and lens crafting. Azusai can always find her way back home with the sky to guide her, even in this strange land. It is with the starry sky that she feels connected to those she has lost, and she can almost imagine the twinkling of the stars is the beats of their heartlights as they watch over her.

Biography: Azusai was born into a Taajar village organized by merchants and craftspeople escaping the politics and poor treatment of major Dasaka civilization. They lived a simple life, producing everything they needed and rarely coming into contact with the clans. However, their isolation proved to be their downfall when metallic hissing creatures with strange powers swarmed the Archipelago. Her home was razed to the ground, most of the people she knew killed, and the few survivors scattered to the winds, and Azusai barely escaped with her life by fleeing to a fishing boat. 

For once, the stars held no comfort for her, only guiding her back to and reminding her of the fires of her home. She drifted around the archipelago for hours or days until finally catching sight of a glorious fleet setting out into the unknown. Figuring they had safety in mind, she turned her course to follow, but she was no sailor. At times the wind and waves would buffet her aside, and she would lose sight of that lone trace of familiarity in an uncaring ocean. And it was at those times that she would turn to Her Crimson Light as her mother taught her, the Star that wandered through the heavens and could see exactly how to reach your destination, if you knew how to heed Her. And through Her guidance, Azusai found her way to this new land.

Weaknesses: Being a Dashi, Azusai has little in the way of offensive or defensive capabilities and relies heavily on those around her to keep her safe. Her isolated upbringing has made even modern Dasaka culture, let alone Mata Nui culture, completely foreign and strange to her, and she's still struggling to wrap her head around how her life has changed so quickly. She tends to be a little overly trusting, being used to the idea that everyone around her knows better and wants the best for her.



Name: Mitsuri

Gender: Female

Species: Dasaka

Caste and Clan: Vilda Menti

Powers: Mitsuri wears a Kanohi Calix, allowing her to perform physical feats that others might think impossible, though it is clear she is unpracticed with it. Willhammer training has given Mitsuri the ability to see and enter into the minds of others, as well as project her thoughts to them. She is incredibly practiced with sharing senses with her Sakl bird, Shinku, seeing her almost as an extension of her being.

Description: Mitsuri is tall, shapely, and like many Vilda, gorgeous. Her emerald armor swirls elegantly around her willowy limbs, intertwined with golden ribbons and punctuated by frills of pale crystal. However, the Rahkshi attack has left her horrifically scarred across her head and shoulders, pulling her face into a permanent snarl which can be seen through her incongruously translucent deep blue Calix and closing one of her lavender eyes. She wields a pair of beautifully curved crystalline bladed tonfa.

Her Sakl bird, Shinku, is a shimmering maroon color with golden plumage that could easily be mistaken for flickering flames when it catches the light. Her beak is solid bluish crystal and eerily translucent to anyone who gets a close look. Shinku is never found far from Mitsuri, and the two have quite a bond through their training together.

Personality: Mitsuri is deeply passionate and determined, believing any problem has a solution she can find with enough willpower. It was with this attitude that she fought for the near-extinct wilds of the Kentoku Archipelago, never allowing red tape to keep her down for long. Her brazenness has caused problems for her in the past with the other clans and it is only through the efforts of other Vilda that she was able to avoid severe punishments. However, watching the Rahkshi devastate her home after everything she had done to preserve it has left her feeling lost, to say nothing of the physical scarring she received from the attack.

Biography: Beginning her training as a Menti, Mitsuri quickly made a name for herself as a determined scholar, absorbing Willhammer knowledge and attempting to breach into other disciplines in her voracious studies. She was thought by some to be on the path to becoming a great warrior, but over time it became clear that the Vilda teachings had an even stronger root in her mind and she carried little respect for the Empire, seeing them as the reason the natural world had been thrown into imbalance and more of a hinderance than a help to her studies. She was outspoken and unwilling to listen to authority, and as such constrained to her initial Willhammer discipline and kept under careful watch.

It was as she was completing her studies that she met the Fursic Sighteye Heiya, one who shared her disdain and determination, but had learned more subtle ways to exercise it. Heiya tempered the hot fire that was Mitsuri, and in return, Mitsuri imparted her love of flora and fauna to Heiya. The two became close, inseparable, as they completed their studies and moved on separate paths, but still found themselves living together. And they were together still when the Rahkshi attacked Oki. Mitsuri could only watch as Heiya was felled, and then a split second later, blazing pain of shards of her Hau digging into her face pushed her into unconsciousness. 

Weaknesses: Mitsuri is prone to an act first, think later mentality, and is quick to assume the worst in others, especially when the Empire is concerned. She tends to meet most problems head on, relying in her strength and her Hau to fortify her, but with her Hau gone, she has yet to make sense of the Calix's very different powerset. Most of her practice in her Willhammer discipline has come through speaking with animals, she has little practice entering stronger minds or making convincing arguments to sentient beings.

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Name: Akie

Species: Toa of Gravity

Gender: F

Description: Slender of build, but fairly short by Toa standards; Akie still stands taller than a Matoran, but only comes to a little above the shoulder of your average Toa. Much of her armour is black, with sleek silver highlights; it's only her lower layer of armour, around her joints and such, that shows off the distinctive purple of her element's colour scheme. She wears a scarf, also in purple, wound tightly around her neck; and her mask is a silver-streaked black Great Huna.

Powers: The ability to manipulate gravity; of particular note, Akie can reorient a subject's gravity, "causing [them] to fall up, sideways, and the ever popular - if mundane - down", as well as increasing their gravity to make them too heavy to walk, or negating it to make them float away. In addition, her mask allows her to vanish from normal sight - although she still casts a shadow, and can still be seen by those looking with enhanced vision powers.

Weapons: Several throwing daggers. She's a pretty good shot with these; aided, of course, by the fact that she can manipulate their gravity to adjust their trajectories in mid-flight.

Technological items: None.

Personality and traits: A good hearted girl, but easily convinced into things that aren't in her best interests. This isn't to say that Akie is naive, because she isn't; but standing up to others, outside of battle, is not a particular strength of hers, so her better judgement can be easily overridden by someone persuasive. Light-hearted, just kinda chill and laid-back... it may seem a little strange, therefore, that Akie was blessed with Toa powers at all, given that she doesn't seem like the wisest or most responsible person to hand them to. Still, when battle does call her, Akie sheds her laid-back attitude, becoming someone who seems less a single warrior and more a force of nature for a cause that she truly believes in.

Weakness(es): Easily persuadable, not the most strong-willed in an argument. Often too casual with her powers, liable to unintentionally get herself into trouble. Reluctance to face her past. Becomes weary after using her powers overmuch.

Alignment: TBD

History: Akie has to admit, she isn't really sure where she came from. She had a life before, out there somewhere, she's sure of it; but all she remembers is washing ashore on the beach of Mata Nui in a row-boat with no recollection of what she was doing there, or where she had come from. She has the vague impression that something bad had happened in her past, maybe even something involving skakdi pirates, but this so far is just a lurking shadow... and it's partially in an attempt to quash this shadow that Akie has embraced her current carefree nature. Nothing in her past can harm her if she just continues to ignore it, right?

Since arriving on Mata Nui, she hasn't done much besides wander a little. She goes wherever the wind takes her for now, with no specific destination in mind. Maybe somewhere, she might find a purpose to pursue... but she isn't holding her breath for this.


"New legends awake, but old lessons must be remembered.
For that is the way
of the BIONICLE."

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