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  1. Tracking down a good, complete listing for the Muaka and Kane-Ra was tough, but I finally got it after ages of looking. Getting a complete, affordable Exo-Toa set has also been troublesome for me. I ordered one off of eBay once and had to return it because some parts were missing. There was also the yellow Jetrax T6, which wasn't necessarily elusive, but it was a pretty dank limited edition set.
  2. This is probably the best one I've seen so far.
  3. Aside from Umarak the Hunter, who seems to be unanimously well-received, I have to go with Onua. I still don't like how he has all that golden armor, but the gold works better than it did on his Master form. The purple and black combination looks really good; I actually prefer the trans-purple shells to the solid purple from last year. The drill-hammer (drillmer?) is a fun weapon to play with, although I think the handle is too long. Still, Uniter Onua is a great set overall.
  4. I've been playing Arkham Knight almost exclusively lately. It plays just like the previous Arkham games, which is a plus, because I absolutely love gameplay in the series. The Batmobile is fun to drive, but the controls were really hard for me to get used to.
  5. I don't think the CCBS style of sets is going anywhere. Lego has invested way too much time and money to just throw it away with Bionicle. There may not be a premier CCBS theme for a while, but I highly doubt that we've reached the end of primarily constraction figures in already existing themes (like Star Wars).
  6. I feel no sadness or despair. I just feel emptiness and would like some answers as to why it's cancelled. I guess the bright side in this is that I only have to worry about 2 years worth of sets when finishing my G2 collection.
  7. Bionicle is ending again? Are you kidding me Lego? G2 wasn't perfect, but it started off pretty strong in my opinion. I thought it did a great job combining Technic and classic functions with CCBS, and I thought the story was headed for some interesting directions. I knew it probably wouldn't last as long as G1, but I feel that Lego barely even gave it a chance. I really hope Lego has another idea for a premier CCBS line to replace Bionicle.
  8. Last minute entry for anniversary week, I know. But this is something that's been bugging me for a while. I looked at my Kraahkan from my 2003 Makuta set sometime last year and wondered about the holes in the chin. I know how there are four-hole and six-hole variants, but mine isn't either variant. Instead, it has five holes. Link to the Brickshelf gallery on my old account (when public) Does anyone know if this is a misprint, and if it is one, is it worth anything?
  9. I've never seen this multi-set box before. I must say, though, that I like the packaging design. It represents 2001's aesthetic much better than the shiny, smooth silver bordering on the standard packaging from back then.
  10. I'm not a fan of Hahli Mahri's lime green and blue color scheme. They just clash too much, especially for a toa of water. Lego could have re-used her 2006 colors, or just use other shades of blue or even translucent limb pieces, but they had to go with lime green.
  11. 15 years.. I remember going to a McDonald's 15 years ago and getting Maku/Macku as my happy meal toy. It was literally love at first sight with Bionicle for me. Bionicle is the one thing that has had more of an impact on me than Halo. I can't even imagine who I would be without it.
  12. One set that I had wanted for years was the Muaka and Kane-Ra. To my parents, it was pretty expensive in 2001, so I didn't get it then. However, in 2009, I found the complete set with instructions and the box intact for $20 on eBay, so I saved up the money for the set and got it. It was the first step I took in years to complete my 2001 collection. Now I have all the sets from that year except for the Manas, but I'm not willing to spend $150+ for it. There was also the time when I found Kiina for $5 at Target in summer 2010. To me, that deal was a no-brainer.
  13. It's hard to believe that this canister design is actually made of paper. I mean, these are just pictures, but the sturdiness looks comparable to that of plastic canisters. The way that the parts are separated is also a really good idea as a step up from the traditional separation by only small plastic bags. This canister idea definitely blows the weird hexagonal prisms we have now out of the water.
  14. The fact that you only used pieces from five sets and still managed to make it look like a Tahtorak is outstanding. I would have tried to make the front claws look more like the original, but I imagine you would have to use pieces that weren't from the sets you used. Still, the hands/claws don't detract from the overall quality of the model. Very impressive.
  15. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this. pls help
  16. The closest Lego store to me is all the way in NYC, which is at least a two hour drive for me. I wasn't even aware of the summer wave stock "issue", but the reasoning Aanchir provided sounds solid. OT: I really like the G2 sets, and the story is interesting, but I think there are a few things that could increase G2's chances of lasting into 2018. I like to think that G1 started off extremely strong because of the amount of immersion of the theme. In addition to the sets, there were lots novels, animations, and games, and a "collectibility" factor (which were the hundreds of different masks, krana, and kraata to collect). G2 only has novels and animations, and while they are high in quality, I feel that they don't provide as much immersion as G2 initially did. Also, I don't think G1 was dark or "edgy" at all. It was definitely complex, but it was far from dark.
  17. Marathon, the first one. I've been meaning to play it for a while and now that I am, I can't stop. There are lots of similarities to the first Halo, and so far it feels like one big puzzle.
  18. 2015: Pohatu's mask for sure. The Kakama has always been one of my favorite kanohi, and its G2 counterpart is no exception. 2016: Lewa's mask. It's the best "evolution" of the G2 masks. His mask is sleek and the primary-silver color combination seems to work the best out of the Uniters.
  19. 10. Ultimate Dume. Horrendous build and doesn't even remotely resemble Teridax's movie form. 9. Kongu Mahri. Because let's just give Kongu two gigantic blasters, give him a boring color scheme, stick some transparent dome on the back of his head, and give him insanely wide arms. 8. All of the Toa Hordika. Butt-ugly clones with only one elbow each. 7. Kiina. Ridiculously small torso + long limbs = bad combo. 6-4. All three of the Toa Mistika. I don't think I need to explain myself here. 3. All of the Stars, except maybe the Rahkshi. 2. All of the Rahaga. Tiny, unpose-able, and generally useless. 1. Klakk. At least it was just a Brickmaster promo.
  20. I plan to actually start a hand-drawn comic I've had in mind for a while. Odds are that won't happen, though.
  21. I have that label on all three of the smaller sets from the masters wave, but I didn't notice it until I read this thread. And if it isn't on all small sets, the label must have something to do with the actual build of the sets and not just the size.
  22. I'm going with the kraata, as I don't consider zamor spheres or squids collectibles as much as I do ammunition. There is a ridiculous number of kraata to collect, and while they can look cool, they don't do much. If you want to use them, you won't even see them in rahkshi shells, unlike krana or kanohi. Plus, some of the color combinations are...questionable.
  23. Scratch that. I think I may have a misprint Kraahkan.
  24. Impressive reincarnation of Krekka. You did a really good job of making his body smooth to bring movie Krekka's body to life, and while green isn't his color, it mixes surprisingly well with the other colors.
  25. I've never intentionally gotten multiples of sets, but I do believe I have quite a few duplicates from the Metru Nui years.
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