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#161 Offline Nebula 2.0

Nebula 2.0
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Posted Jul 23 2014 - 01:52 AM

Name: Nameless


Species: Toa - Parakuka Bonded


Phyiscal Description: This nameless young Toa is clad in rags. In particular, dirty brown shreds of leather are wrapped around his forearms and legs. The host wears a hooded cloak that seems to have been created from the tattered remains of some sail. His natural armor is a dull slate gray and looks worn. Scratches and small dents litter his body and a large scar runs from one corner of his mask to the corner of his mouth. He has a lithe build that the cloak obscures most of the time.Despite his haggard appearance this vagabond's bright eyes still retain a certain youthful brightness and innocence that's been lost in many others.


With Ta active, the nameless Toa becomes more rahkshi-like. His natural armor twists and folds and becomes more chitinous. He seems to develop a light hunch and his mask becomes more angular. The eye slits become sharper and more narrow. The Toa's slender fingers naturally curl as if they're grasping something and the tips become sharper.


Gender: Male


Powers/Skills: The Toa's own elemental powers and Kanohi Iden are sealed off by the Parakuka's presence. In exchange, however, the Toa can empower his own physical attributes for 10 minutes before succumbing to extreme fatigue.


Weaknesses:  Aimless and naive, the young Toa is easy to manipulate and fool. His lack of combat training makes it hard for him to stand up against more experience foes even in his enhanced state. Ta also serves as his weakspot like all other hosts.


Alignment: True Neutral


History: It was amongst the shifting sands of the Motara Desert that the Toa awoke. He was draped in a makeshift cloak and could see nothing in the sandstorm that ravaged the desert. Ta, the Parakuka attached to his back, activated out of instinct. Although he was still confused the power that surged through his body allowed him to narrowly survive an attack from a Nui-Jaga. The beast's venom poisoned the young Toa and he passed out on the outskirts of Pa-Koro.


Personality/Traits: The nameless Toa is a curious individual. Simple things that Mata-Nui's natives take for granted can often leave him in awe and dumbstruck. His curiousity extends to literature. If one were to observe him they'd 9 times out of 10 find him voraciously reading some sort of book whether it be a history book to a manual. The nameless Toa is rather shy and it seems that he occassionally stutters and avoids eye contact.




Name: Ta


Species: Parakuka


Physical Description: The parakuka is very young and is bonded to the nameless Toa's spine. Ta is still rather squishy and lacks the carapace of an older slug. His flesh is a creamy white.


Gender: Male


Weaknesses: Like all Parakuka Ta relies on his host for all things and is defenseless on his own.


Alignment: True Neutral


History: Ta hatched following the exile of Makuta from Mata-Nui. Without his guiding influence he barely survived on his own instincts. For the first few weeks the Parakuka fed on small rahi. He hid amongst the small and damp crevices of ships before finding himself hidden in a crate of fruit. The slug can't remember the rest of his life after that point and only truly became aware after he bonded to the nameless Toa purely out of survival.


Personality: Ta has very little knowledge and seems to influence his host's own natural curiosity. He relies on him for information. His images are crude right now; they're blurs of colors arranged to very slightly resemble certain things.




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#162 Offline Jamescax

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Posted Jul 24 2014 - 11:23 AM

Name: Mahluk 


Species: Matoran


Physical Description: Mahluk is physically the average size of a Matoran with some differences here and there. He walks with a slight hunch and slopes his arms forward to the ground, much like a patrolling Gorilla. Instead of making normal Matoran sounds he grunts and makes animalistic sounds, similar, but not the same, as Nuju's way of communication. He runs also like a beast, instead of waving his arms side-to-side like a normal Matoran. There are some similarities in his movement to that of the Toa Hordika. His pitch-black armour is cut and scratched in multiple places, and he wears a small silk cloth over his back as it is mostly exposed to the elements.


Mahluk's eyes are a bright green, and resemble that of a cats'. He wears what did resemble a Pakari but now, thanks to most of it chipping away, resembles no other mask.


Gender: Male


Powers/Skills: Since Mahluk is a Matoran, he has no elemental powers. However, he possesses stamina much higher than the average Matoran, thanks to him spending a lot more time scavenging and hunting. He is no stronger, however. 


Weaknesses: Mahluk is a Matoran without proper social exposure, or at least for the past few years. His eyes have become accustomed to the darkness of the tunnels underneath Mata-Nui, so bright lights will definitely frighten and hurt the Matoran. He is also very easy to deceive, given he doesn't know Matorans that well.


Alignment: Neutral Good (?)


History: Mahluk was like any other Matoran in Mata Nui. He was a skilled inventor and got along well with the rest of the Onu-Matorans. He was creating an amazing contraption; the part he needed to finish it was somewhere in the mountains of Ko-Wahi. Travelling there only accompanied by himself, he was looking for the key component when he was swallowed alive by a sink hole. Locked inside the depths of Mata Nui, his only refuge was the homes of nestling Rahi, which in time he came to know well. Over time he became more and more like the creatures which he lived with and now, after a disastrous event in the caves, he has escaped to the surface in search of a new home and his family.


Personality: Mahluk is a smart Matoran, or was, and now has forgotten much about his time in Onu-Koro. He is an adventurous spirit who enjoys the company of others and enjoys exploring. The Onu-Matoran has an overall innocence in his actions, like a child.

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#163 Offline Silo

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Posted Jul 28 2014 - 03:08 PM

Full Name: Toa Silo Mahara

Species: Toa

Element: Gravity

Gender: Male


  • Kanohi Matatu, mask of telekinisis.
  • A metal broadsword, can also be used to channel and direct more accurately his elemental power
  • Two daggers and a knife.


  • Elemental power of gravity: can increase gravity around an opponent to crush them, change direction of gravity for short periods of time, erase gravity under him to cause him to levitate and even cause small black holes for very small periods of time.
  • Mask power of telekinisis: gives him the ability to move objects with his mind - heavier objects take more willpower and are mentally tiring. This power, in conjunction with his elemental power, allows him to move objects and beings (including himself) with ease.


Silo is tall even for a toa but skinny with a fairly average mechanical:organic ratio in his body.

His armour is dark purple, very dark purple and black with the occasional highlight of bright purple. It's style is geometric and industrial-looking with not much in the way of fancy decoration. Some of the plating is rusted orange and all of it is battle-worn with dents and cuts.

His one working eye and heartlight  are burning white.


Little is known about Silo's early life other than the fact that he lived as a ba-matoran on an unknown island and that at some point he became a toa of gravity. Due to an unknown even, Silo lost faith in the great spirit and stopped being a toa.

From that point on, Silo and his group of renegades became freelance bounty-hunters, launchers-for-hire and political assassins.

When Makuta Teridax sent the signal from Mata-Nui he felt like he simply had to go and so joined the various other mercenaries and killers on the Island.

For the period until Makuta's banishment, he was partially under Teridax's control but his strength of willpower stopped him totally  being controlled.

He now works as a freelance bounty-hunter on the island.

In-Game history:

  • Silo was hired to assassinate a toa called Casanuva, part of the Toa Kalta.
  • Silo tracked Casanuva and his companion - an onu-matoran named Nunonu - from Onu-Koro into Le-wahi, while, unknown to him, he himself was being followed by Damek, an Ussalmatoran.
  • After a branch underneath him snapped, Silo was plunged into a battle between him and Casanuva, where he was defeated due to the aid of Damek.
  • After recovering from the battle in a hoapital, Silo was sent to the Onu-Koro prison where he met a lesterin named Danaku and planned to escape.
  • However, their plans were overheard by a guard with a mask of sensory aptitude. 


Silo is cool and calculating, using words to mess with his opponent's mind. He is usually calm and reserved, but can turn angry very quickly. He trusts almost nobody, but those he does trust, he trusts fully. People who think they have him under their control are often surprised to find him stabbing them in the back. On his agenda, his personal motives come as a priority over everything else. Silo is intelligent and a good planner.


Himself, whoever pays the most.


He can sometimes be arrogant, his tendency to follow personal motives can cause him to go off track in search of profit, power or revenge.


He is a skilled swordsman and knife-fighter, he has good control over his element and mask power, he can plan far ahead and calculate and opponent's next move. 


Full Name: Mura Ta-Koro

Species: Matoran

Element: Plasma

Gender: Male


  • Powerless Kanohi Hau
  • Fireknife - his own invention, a knife with a heating system built into the hilt which, with the press of a button, can heat the blade until it s almost white-hot.


  • No elemental powers other than a resistance to heat, even at incredible temperatures, a trait common to Su-Matoran.


Mura is an average height matoran with mainly orange armour and mask (about the same shade as this text), a white frame and orange-tinted-white flesh. The armour has a smooth, streamlined appearance, with no straight lines or sharp angles. His eyes and heartlight are yellow.


A few years before Makuta's defeat, Mura arrived on the island inside what looked to be a toa canister, but with odd runes on the outside. He remembered only a few things of his past, which came often as flashbacks or sudden remembering of a certain image or smell. Since his arrival, he was accepted into Ta-Koro and is often referred to as a Ta-Matoran although he is not one. Mura put to use his natural inventiveness and skill as a designer and began working as a freelance engineer, repairing machinery and creating inventions to make life easier (not all of which quite work)

In-Game history:

  • Mura traveled from Ta-Koro to Po-Koro to buy and trade some tech.
  • He visited Farzan's Workshop to try to sell a new launcher he was working on and then visited Lenat's Technological Emporium to buy some parts for a new invention.
  • ​While on the way to Lenat's, he was followed by a mysterious being.
  •  While at Lenat's, a huge sandstorm hit Po-Koro but he and Lenat were sheltered inside the shop.
  • He thought he could hear people shouting outside and so ventured out with Lenat, following a burst of orange light.


Mura is very inventive and imaginative and can sometimes get carried away with his inventions. As a result, what starts off as a machine for creating hot drinks one morning may be a new kind of jetpack by the afternoon. He can be shy around others and has a somewhat preoccupied air about him due to him constantly thinking up new ideas for inventions. He is not normally aggressive, but can be if he thinks someone is stealing his ideas, in which case he can become quite paranoid. 

Mura is not the most sociable person, but is quite likable. He is very intelligent.

​Allegiance: The law, Ta-Koro, interesting people.

Weaknesses: He is not a good fighter, although his inventions help him defend himself. He can become unfocused on the task in hand and is easily sidetracked.

Strengths: He is very inventive, creative and imaginative and is a very good planner and designer.


Full Name: Mortem (Nickname: Reaper)

Species: Vortixx

Gender: Male

Element: None


  • Stealth Cloak - a cloak which, when wrapped around Mortem, gives him powers similar to that of the Kanohi Volitak. 
  • Energy Staff - a staff whose razor-edged head can also fire bolts of energy with deadly force.

*Both peices of tech have been approved by Nuju Metru*

Powers: None


Like most Vortixx, Mortem is very tall and slender. His armour is black with highlights of crimson and grey, and is smooth. He wears a tattered cloak (his stealth cloak) on his back and carries his staff on his back when not using it. His eyes and heartlight are blood red.


Little is known about the history of this dark reaper, but at some time during the war against the Makuta (possibly as a summons by the Makuta) he arrived on the Island. He fought for Makuta, dedicating his life to this dark god: teaching his ways and obliterating anyone who stood in his way. At some point, he joined Echelon's army of The Legacy, as a preacher of the dark god's ways, and became obsessed with Makuta and the destruction of anyone who didn't follow him.

In-Game history:


Mortem is dark, sadistic and, quite possibly, insane. He will do anything for his god, including murder, mass-murder and mass-mass murder. He enjoys the pain of others to satisfy his god, but is also willing to give people lectures on why his god is the best. He sees himself as a bringer of justice and enlightenment, and also of order: after all, the world would be a much neater place if all the unbelievers were dead.

Allegiance: The Makuta, the Legacy.

Weaknesses: Like all Vortixx, he has no elemental powers. He has complete and utter faith in his god, meaning that he will often go into danger in his name.

Strengths: He has access to advanced tech and

Edited by Silo, Sep 12 2014 - 09:47 AM.

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#164 Offline Makuta of Metru Nui

Makuta of Metru Nui
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Posted Jul 28 2014 - 11:56 PM

      Name - Nunonu

  • Appearance - A Pre-Rebuilding Matoran with a powerless orange great Pakari, black torso / arms, and orange feet.
  • Gender - Male
  • Equipment - A screwdriver set, small welding torch, wirecutters, and a soldering iron. All of which he keeps in a backpack
  • Technological items - None
  • Weakness(es)  Weak as far as physical might goes, even for Matoran standards. and his naive and curious personality could often lead him into trouble. Little to no combat skill
  • Alignment - Neutral, could be swayed depending on how persuasive one is.
  • History - The story of Nunonu is not a interesting one. A simple Onu-Matoran who is trying to make it as a inventor. He's no Nuparu however despite the resemblance, and instead works as a local repairman, with a drop box outside his hut. He doesn't charge much for the services, saying people who need things repaired should pay however much they think it is worth.
  • Personality - Naive, curious but not one for putting his foot down, he will back down from conflict more times then not, unless he is personally invested in one side or another. Nunonu means well though, even dropping the charge on some of his repairs if the individual can't afford it.
  • Traits & things to note - Young for a Matoran. Favors his left hand

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#165 Online Keeper of Kraata

Keeper of Kraata
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Posted Jul 30 2014 - 07:34 PM

  • Name: Casanuva
  • Species: Toa of Magnetism

Casanuva, unusually for a toa of magnetism, is primarily blue and gunmetal.

  • Gender: Male. Very, very male.
  • Powers: Casanuva's elemental powers have been fine-tuned. His easy-going attitude hides a keen knowledge of ferromagnetic materials, and how to exploit them. His elemental repetoire ranges from simply polarizing someones armor so debris will stick to them and wiping traditional computers by proximity (watch your iStones, people), to more advanced techniques, such as polarizing his sword to an opponent and throwing it at him before arcing it back to his had, limited flight, and an experimental technique creating a minature railgun.
  • Weaknesses: If you ask him, he'll say pretty ladies. When not finding a flashy use for his powers, he tends to fight very defensively, almost to his detriment. He isn't the most nimble of toa in his armor, either. Due to his near-constant use of his powers, he tends to drain his energy fairly fast, and must recharge around rare veins of ferromagnetic ore.
  • Alignment: Unprincipled
  • Equipment: Casanuva wears a Pakari, though he does not use it as much as his elemental powers. In addition, he wields a (relatively dull) arming sword, and wears heavier armor than normal. In his pack, he carries a few days worth of currency, and a polymer bag full of ball bearings.
  • History: Casanuva does not truly remember where he came from; only that he woke up on a rock getting sprayed with sea spray and pecked by gulls. He spent several weeks there on the surface coast of Onu-Wahi, huddled on the rocks getting sea salt in every joint he had. Once he figured out he wasn't a crazy amnesiac on an empty island, he managed to use what little elemental power he had left to fly himself to the mainland, where he followed some signs under the earth, into Onu-Wahi. There, he met a simple courier traveling with naught but an ussal crab; the courier offered wages and a map for Casanuva's service as a guard. On the way, the courier taught Casanuva about the island of Mata Nui, and gave him a crash course on politics. A very crash course.
  • Personality and traits: Casanuva is arrogant, flirtatious, and seems to suffer an inability to take anything seriously. He wanders the land in search of passion, whether it be an emotionally charged evening, a glass of fine wine, or pursuing outlandish stunts.
  • Theme: Get Lucky by Daft Punk



  • Name: Vakua
  • Species: Toa of Sonics
  • Appearance: As standard for a toa, Vakua is fairly tall. He is somewhat lanky, with streamlined armor. He is colored silvery grey and black, with yellow eyes (though he wears a tinted visor to block out the bright sun). He also wears a pair of large headphones. Wears a black Suletu, whatever that looks like when it isn't mutated.
  • Gender: Male. We think, he's pretty quiet and mellow when we ask.
  • Powers: As a toa of Sonics, he has the standard powerset: phenomenal hearing, sonar, limited echolocation, and the ability to create sonic barriers, piercing wails, and making things blow up by unleashing just the right frequency. In addition, his Suletu gives him telepathy: he can actively listen in on other's thoughts, and passively picks up on others when they think of him (Note: This plays out with me taking a different approach to posting; he can hear just fine, but I'll say if he's actively eavesdropping. Otherwise, anytime a nearby character thinks about him, the mask tries to pick it up.). He can also use it to project white noise into an opponent's mind. In addition, he uses it to communicate his thoughts, using it as his only form of communication. Also knows a bit of sign language common among the sound-sensitive de-matoran, though meeting others with it is rare. He is also an amazing DJ.
  • Weaknesses: Like all De-Toa, he is sensitive to loud sounds besides his own, which is why he wears headphones. In addition, Vakua has sensitive eyes, hence why he wears a tinted visor. He is very cautious in a fight, and sometimes slow to react. Also, despite being a toa of sonics, Vakua is mute; he can make non-vocal noises and can even approximate voices good enough to mimic them with his Sonics, he himself cannot talk vocalize. His mask power, his primary way of communicating with others, can also be blocked out by a target projecting mental 'white noise'.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Equipment: A kanohi Suletu (approved by Nuju Metru), which is always on at a subliminal level. In addition, he carries a collapsible spear with a tuning fork for a blade; Vakua can use it to concentrate his powers through it.
  • History: From the same place as Casanuva. If they meet, they will remember each other, but will not remember why. When he first transformed into a Toa, his mask power made him very self-conscious and nervous; he has since learned to cope by relaxing and being perpetually calm when it comes to others.
  • Personality and traits: Vakua seems very passive and mellow, always going with the flow. He prefers to to let others come to conclusions before he does, since people tend to think he stole their idea. He is very patient. He always seems to be listening to music, because that is much of what goes on in his mind; he tries to drown out negative thoughts that way, so they don't reach others.
  • Theme: Seeya by deadmau5



  • Name: Kalyss
  • Species: Toa of Plasma
  • Appearance: Kalyss is armored white and orange, with a orange Kakama. For a toa, she is moderately tall, and very muscular. Her legs are particularly well-muscled, suggesting the build of a professional athlete or bodybuilder more than a warrior. Her armor is shaped less for taking blows, and more for defending her against impact, allowing her to channel her element more efficiently. In addition, she has spherical capacitators on the back of her head, somewhat like hair buns.
  • Gender: Female
  • Powers: Kalyss is a very physical combatant, compared to the rest of her team. Since plasma is less common in natural settings, her powers are mostly limited to generating superheated plasma herself, though she has been known to use supercooled plasma in a pinch. Her fighting style relies on her speed, and assisting her unarmed combat with plasma bursts, thrusters, blasts. She is just as likely to tackle an opponent as she is to rocket a plasma-propelled kick into them. She can also use her powers to burrow, burning holes through the earth. If pressed, she can fire a longer-range blast of plasma, but this is draining and inaccurate.
  • Weaknesses: Kalyss's fighting style relies on overpowering her opponent, or wearing them down with hit-and-run until they can be directly attacked. If faced with a similar opponent, an enemy that can physically overpower her and see through her tactics, her combat effectiveness will break down. In addition, like the rest of the Toa Kalta, Kalyss has very little real experience. She likes to believe she can make the right decisions, and will be very bull-headed in defending those choices. She is also unsure of herself when put in a leadership position.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good; her brothers in the Toa Kalta (see above), and those who cannot defend themselves
  • Equipment: She wears a Kakama, but wields no other weapons: her body has been honed instead. Her armor is more advanced that others, featuring impact armor and channels for her plasma; its practically power armor in its own right, fueled by her plasma. Additionally, her armor features retractable wheels in the feet, allowing her easier fast travel with her Kakama, in addition to allowing her new options in a fight.
  • History: Like the rest of the Toa Kalta, she doesn't remember much from before her time on Mata Nui; she remembers brief, vague flashes of her matoran life as an athlete, and extensive training. She woke up on a Po-Wahi beach, spitting out saltwater; Kalyss knew two things. She needed to gather the rest of her team, and they were on Mata Nui for a reason. What reason was unknown to her, however.
  • Personality and traits: Competitive to the core, Kalyss is one of the Toa Kalta's most aggressive members. Despite that, she feels a fierce need to defend those who cannot defend themselves; she embraces her role as protector, unlike some other members of her team. Vakua she gets along with, and understands the toa's sensitivity lends itself to other uses. Casanuva, however, she bickers with, for his slacking off and hedonism, when she feels he could be putting his abilities to better use.
  • Theme: Die by Jeff Williams (Pitched Battle), All Men are Pigs by Studio Killers (Battle Banter, Hit and Run)


  • Name: Skorm
  • Species: Toa of Gravity (Affected by Antidermis)
  • Appearance: Skorm is both tall and heavily built. However, his armor is not overly large; the most obviously defensive pieces being layered shell-like shoulder plates. He wears a deep purple Great Huna, and a hooded cloak. He wears black armor over purple, and his cloak is dark gray.
  • Gender: Masculine
  • Powers: Skorm was one of the best fighters among the Toa Kalta; he is fast, he is stealthy, and when the time calls for it, pound for pound his elemental control hits harder than the rest of his team. He has two primary fighting styles: up close, and at range. In melee range he uses his control of gravity to make every blow he makes stronger, and to reduce those dealt to him. At range, his power is ever greater; compression, lifting opponents into the air, increasing the gravity beneath their feet. With concentration, he can also make them a small center of gravity via creation of a tiny singularity; given enough time and power, Skorm can create a small black hole. Outside of combat, he can temporarily manipulate gravity to achieve limited flight.
  • Weaknesses: Skorm has trouble switching from melee to ranged combat. Also, most of his powers require concentration, at least to start off with. While most of his abilities can be used on multiple opponents at the same time, he has trouble when each tries different tactics; keeping one anchored to the ground out of reach, for example, might leave him vulnerable enough to get hit by another opponent.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Equipment: Skorm wears a Kanohi Huna, mask of Concealment. He also carries reinforced sabre, strong enough for Skorm to enhance its weight for blows.
  • History: Skorm is a member of the Toa Kalta. He does not remember his past life, but he does remember the important aspects of his training;
  • Personality and traits: Most Toa teams seem to have their anti-social loner; Skorm is this to the Toa Kalta. This is not because of any desire for inner peace; his team is a constant annoyance, yes, but that is not all; Kalyss is a competitive holier-than-thou hothead, Vakua is a weakhearted fool that everyone else coddled, and Casanuva was an arrogant prick who never deserved his power. Only Aelied earned his respect. Skorm is very goal-oriented; he takes the direct way, if possible, and will plow his way through anyone stupid enough to stand in his way, though he has been known to have a dark sense of humor when he knows he can overpower foes. Since getting exposed to Antidermis, Skorm feels an overwhelming need to destroy his team. He is sadistic and ruthless; Skorm is convinced nothing can stop him. However, he still values a tactical retreat.
  • Theme: Nui Harime's Theme from Kill La Kill OST, Mental Meta Metal by Jeff Williams


  • Name: Denrika
  • Species: Ta-Matoran
  • Appearance: Primarily a deep red, with orange limbs. She wears a crimson powerless great Miru.
  • Gender: Feminine
  • Powers:  As a ta-matoran, she possesses heat resistance. In addition, she is extraordinarily organized, and not easily rattled.
  • Weaknesses: As a matoran, she possesses no additional power.
  • Alignment: Herself, Order
  • Equipment: She has a small apartment, with normal amenities; otherwise, she carries no weapons.
  • History: Denrika has been an inhabitant of Ta-Koro for as long as she can remember; she is currently the receptionist at a Ta-Koro inn.
  • Personality and traits: Denrika does not tolerate foolishness. She is very professional in her life. She does entertain many friends, and her hut is an ongoing battle of cleanliness versus the ash that is so common.
  • Theme: COMING SOON

Edited by Keeper of Kraata, Sep 19 2014 - 11:39 AM.

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#166 Offline TheMegazordman1

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Posted Jul 31 2014 - 12:19 AM

Name- Ry


Species- Po-Matoran


14587556417_9506ed26bd_n.jpgReturn of the Toa mocs by The MegazordMan, on Flickr


gender- Male


Weapons- Ry owns a Bow forged from Protosteel making it have a extremely strong draw strength and when used with different arrows that he has can puncture different things like armor flesh or even walls .He also carries a protosteel knife for close up combat .


Weaknesses- Besides the normal weaknesses of being a Matoren Ry also has a wound on his right shoulder that acts up from time to time and causes him severe pain if hit by anything even if armor is protecting it . Ry can be rather dense at times and dose not know when to quit this some times making him end up on the losing end of a fight.


Alignment - Good


History- Ry Washed up on the shores of Ga-Wahi most likely after a boating incident off shore  but during the ordeal he some how lost his memory and no longer remembers where he came from but he does remember his skills .


Personality and traits- Ry is very loyal to his friends and will do his best to protect them when ever possible .He is brilliant with machinery and can fix most things that are broken if he has the parts and the tools . He is a tactical fighter and will look for a weakness in a enemy before he attacks .



Name- Asa


Species- Ga-Matoran


14773668722_3bcef5652a_n.jpgReturn of the Toa mocs by The MegazordMan, on Flickr


gender- Female


Weapons-Asa is not much of a fighter but when she does fight she relies on a form of martial arts that she learned from a Ta-Matoran friend of hers .


Weaknesses- Like all Matoran Asa is not very powerful physically but she also has a tendency to rely on othersand there for is not used to situations where she is depended on . She also is very trusting in people some times to trusting .




 History- Asa is a rather normal Ga-matoran nothing to much to say but she is a amazing doctor having many ways to heal people whether it be herbs, medicine or surgery she knows what to do . She is best friends with Ry  and met him when he saved her from a rahi attack in the desert . She now makes rounds of Mata-Nui doing what she can to help people . at the moment she is in Po-Koro doing some studies of the native rahi .


Personality- Asa is a very curious Matoran and is all ways looking for ways to improve medical services on the island including studying plants Rahi and even stones mined from Onu-Koro to use as new medicines . She is trusting of most of the people she meets unless they are out right evil and even then she believes that there is good in everyone if you look deep enough . 




Species- Le-Matoran


14805564895_3db3b48e22_n.jpgreturn of the toa mocs by The MegazordMan, on Flickr




Weapons- Otana only has two main weapons and they are blades attached to his arms that he uses for hit and run tactics when in conjunction with his other tool.his wingpack is a glider built by Ry to allow him to glide for short times  if he jumps off of a tall building  he also could fly if a toa of air was able to use their powers to keep him up .The wing pack only really allows him to fall with stile it is not true flight unless powered by a outside force .


 Weaknesses- Otana is very vulnerable in flight  due to  having no brakes. Otana is aso very reckless and will charge in to a fight with out thinking it though  that added to him being a matoran makes him rather weak .




History- Otana is one of Ry`s older friends and would help him test small stuff he would make  a long time ago . He now spends his free time flying through Le-Koro with his wing pack and climbing the trees with the blades on his arms . When not flying he is in his hut practicing music on his flute .


Personality- Otana is a quick thinker and some times thinks before he speaks he has a tendency to make people mad from what he says but he really dosnt mean it and is a loyal friend till the end. He speaks the tree-speech dialect like most Le-Matoran .




Species - Ta-Matoran


14770900421_d9bb326c43_n.jpgReturn of the Toa mocs by The MegazordMan, on Flickr




weapons- Tor has a few weapons he forged two swords a few throwing knives and along with the hammer he uses to make weapon. He also is a trained fighter  and can out match some toa in fighting skill .


Weaknesses- Even with Tor`s skills he is still a matoran and there for very weak when it comes to strength so to make up for that he usually relies on quick and evasive movements . He also can not swim so he tries his best to stay away from water .




History-Tor is a professional blacksmith and can make numeras types of weapons he built a forge that can quickly be picked up and moved from place to place .He met Ry and Asa in Po-Koro  and they formed a small team to fight a deranged kini-ra. After that they parted ways and Tor moved his forge back to Ta-Koro  where he now takes orders for fixing weapons as well as making new ones .


Personality - Tor is a born leader but can have a hot head at times . He would rather be at his forge making a new sword but  if he is needed for a battle he will not hold back . He hates water and has only been in Ga-koro once or twice because of that fact.




Species-Toa of sonics.


15146055091_4ac4ee67ac_n.jpgKedamor by The MegazordMan, on Flickr




Appearance-While Kedamor may look very machenical He only looks this way because he uses spare parts of machines he finds and attaches them to his armor . He has one blue Eye and one Yellow eye  no one not even Kedamor himself knows exactly why.


Kanohi Mask-  Kedemore wears the Kanohi Tryna in  a custom shape he made .


Powers- Kedamor Is a master of the Element of Sound if he has had the time to study  materiel he can learn the exact frequency  at witch to make a sound that could shatter it but this ability normally takes years or even decaded to properly learn  a materiels make up for such  a use. He can use most of the powers of other toa of Sonics and has learned to tone some sounds completely  out   except the voices in his head , He cant do anything about them .


Weapons- Kedamore Mainly uses a Blade on his left arm that he has in place of his hand that he lost long ago . The blade is razor sharp and can be used like other toa tools to focus his elemental energy.


Weaknesses- Due to the way his armor is designed He is extremely valnurable to Magnetic attacks . He is also like all Toa of sonic  weak to loud noises due to  his heightened since of hearing .


Alignment-Depends on how  he is feeling that day.


History-No one knows hi exact history Every time he is asked his story changes  but his most recent history is that he was discovered in a abandoned mine shaft blocked off from Onu-Wahi in a strange Container  berried in the wall.


Personality- Kedamor suffers from split personality disorder and seems to also have a extreme case of  post traumatic stress and has on occasion stated that he hears voices  .This makes him a rather unstable Toa to be around and on many occasions has turned from helping a group to being the most dangerous person around . It is best to try not to tick him off.

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Posted Aug 01 2014 - 05:31 PM

Name: Leiro


Species: Toa of Air


Appearance: [1] [2]


Gender: Male

Kanohi: Matatu(Mask of Telekinesis)

Powers: None(outside of Toa Powers pushed to their limits)

Weapons: Sword, Shield, Knife


Technological Items: None


Weaknesses: Frequently challenges foes more powerful than he is and pays the price for it physically.  Always feels a need to prove himself after his near deadly early encounter as a Toa.  Takes too many dangerous risks that could easily result in death.  Easy to bait into a dangerous fight.


Alignment: Good


History: After nearly losing a battle soon after he became a Toa, he retreated to a secluded for repairs.  He repaired and armored himself under the nose of Karzahni from scraps he found on the island.  Before he left, he trained with his Toa power, and set out as a drifter Toa outside of a team, frequently taking on Dark Hunters and other enemies like them.  In a recent encounter, he was knocked unconcious , tied up in a Toa canister, and pushed out to sea with his Kanohi and weapons removed in a sack on the canister with him.  This was the last thing that happened to him before he arrived on the island.

Personality: Dutiful, especially to the defense of Matoran.  May come off as a slave driver to most people, but will occasionally soften.  Frequently takes on enemies that are more powerful than him at personal expense.

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Posted Aug 02 2014 - 03:35 PM

Name: Izzun


Species: Toa(ice)


Appearance: Izzun stands out as a being of improper size, but more than makes up for it with his beastly additude. The sharp claws on his toes and fingers only add to his ferocity, making him an obviously dangerous foe to deal with.


Description: Izzun was created as a toa by accident, from an illegal mutation process with the protodermis extract, unium. He has incredible strength, easily lifting more than 5 tons. His speed and agility, plus his ice power allow him to tear through an opponent while leaving their body filled with spikes of ice. He has infra-red vision, and can detect 12,000 types of poison and mutation in the air, including unium. He has single-handedly diverted an entire dark hunter armada, and made his name hated among their ranks. He has his own toa team, including a special someone, but only him will I speak of now.


Weaknesses: As powerful as he is, Izzun has fallen on several occasion. His harsh additude will sometimes overpower his advanced intelligence, and make him reckless and dangerous, sometimes even hurting allies. He can be whipped around like a top, because he is extremely light. He also has a special affection for matoran, allowing him to go out of his way to defend them, even getting impaled. Despite all of this, he has walked away even better than before, and is sure, someone will find a good way to kill him.





And that's about it! I'll be seeing you in the forums!

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Posted Aug 09 2014 - 09:56 PM

Name: Rylak

Gender: Male

Species: Toa

Alignment: Self-serving adventurer, but prefers to work neutral.

Kanohi: Kanohi Matatu, Great Mask of Telekinesis. (Shaped like the 2008 Miru Nuva Phantoka)

Tools/Weapons: A sizable black hammer, the head of it being just smaller than Rylak's own head. It's very sleek and clean, as he cleans it often. There are several large cracks on it due to years of battle. When he holds the hammer there appears to be a strange, unnatural purple glow emitting from the cracks. (That last part is for appearance only. Look, it sounded like a cool idea in my head okay?)

Powers/Abilities: Electricity. Rylak has spent little time honing his element, and is able to do little more than cast lightning thrown his way away from him, as well as blast lightning bolts in the general direction of his enemies. He rarely uses his powers in combat.

Rylak's strength comes from his amazing endurance and resilience. He could boast about being able to run the length of Mata-Nui without breaking a sweat, and he wouldn't be lying. In a fight, Rylak can take serious punishment before going down, years of experience helping him walk off or avoid most elemental attacks. Due to his fitness, he takes hard hits and delivers harder blows in return with his hammer, a weapon he's gotten experienced enough with to throw with outstanding aim.

Appearance: Rylak is quite tall, standing about a whole head length taller than the average Toa. He is quite fit, but not overly muscular. He's not that thin and not that muscular. His armor is a deep, midnight black. It is often shining as he takes care of it in his free time. Rylak's armor is very thick, sleek, and aerodynamic. It has almost no sharp or straight edges, fitting quite nicely to his form. His armor is accented by a rich, vibrant purple, which is very striking up against the heavy black.

Background/Personality: Rylak is very tight-lipped about his past. Whenever it is brought up he gets quiet and cagey, switching the topic as quickly as he can. He'll open up to those he trusts as friends, but never if asked. In his past he suffered serious trauma, specifically concerning the fight that took the lives of his former team.

Rylak wants adventure, and a challenge, in life. He longs for battle, to earn victory, glory, and fame amongst new-found comrades. Above all, he really wants friends. People to trust, to fight beside, to share the victory with. He's been alone for so long following the death of his team. Having been alone for so long, he has trouble with working with others. Rylak takes his relationships very seriously. Betraying him is the worst thing you could do to him. When he doesn't know people that well he acts tough, and is generally quiet and professional. When he gets to know someone, he opens up and does his best to drop the tough guy facade and be that person's best friend. Rylak thinks with his emotions, and they drive him in about everything he does.

Weakness(es): As he doesn't use his powers that often against people that aren't flying, Rylak's only ranged attack is throwing his hammer. He thinks with his heart, often leading him to pick fights that he shouldn't have, and to never surrender. He rarely backs down from fights on his own, and is easily baited into fighting just about anyone.


Name: Ehkann

Gender: Male

Species: Skakdi

Alignment: Self-serving mercenary

Kanohi: None

Tools/Weapons: Ehkann carries a large, silver broadsword. It is highly detailed in design, and has a noticeable curve to it's blade. It is clean and new, with almost no battle damage.

Powers/Abilities: Ehkann is a Skakdi of Sonics, meaning he can wield the element when in conjunction with another Skakdi. He also possess Laser Vision, and is very adept at using it.

Ehkann is a highly skilled swordsman, using it as his main source of attack. He has years of experience with his weapon. Ehkann's skill with a sword comes from how quick the Skakdi is. He is quite fast and agile, able to dodge and weave his way through the battlefield.

Appearance: Ehkann is about the average height of a Skakdi. He has a thin frame with wiry and lanky limbs. His armor is most gunmetal, with a vibrant sky blue as it's secondary color. His armor is very scarred and a bit dirty around the hands and feet to due a lack of maintenance. He has a deep scar running alongside the left side of his face. His spine is jagged and asymmetrical, the spikes seemingly having a mind of their own and going in any direction that they please.

Background/Personality: Ehkann's goal in life is to get himself noticed. He's a total glory hound, wanting villages to chant his name on the mere sight of him. He'll tackle anything as long as it means he's the hero everyone's talking about in the end. If it doesn't help his image, he doesn't bother with it, because that's what's most important to him. When it comes to others, Ehkann tries to be the best friend that they have, one they can rely on. As long as he's the one everyone's look to for guidance, help, or a friend, everything's all good.

Weakness(es): Ehkann is not physically strong, his most powerful attacks coming from his Laser Vision and the momentum behind certain blows. Ehkann never fights anyone due to having a personal vendetta, so if the reason he fights for is removed from the battle he'll stop fighting. Ehkann cannot swim, and freaks out if hit by too much water.

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Posted Aug 12 2014 - 09:50 AM

  • Name: Flynn

  • Gender: Male

  • Species: Toa

  • Alignment: Money

  • Kanohi: N/A

  • Tools/Weapons: 1 Lightstone

  • Widget Balance: 0 Widgets

  • Powers/Abilities: Plasma. Flynn has put a fair amount of study into his elemental abilities, being able to turn regular swords into electroblades similar to that seen in Mahri Nui by shunting excess electrons out of the air into the blade. This requires active concentration to maintain the charge, and otherwise, Flynn usually just throws jets of hot plasma at other people.

  • Appearance: Flynn is a dwarf. By his own volition, mind you. He used plasma to reshape his body into that of a matoran for stealth purposes, and looks absolutely nothing like a Su-Matoran, with a black body with green accents and eyes, just because he thought it looked cool.

  • Background/Personality: Flynn is a wannabe memetic awesome dude. He's a merc for hire, traveling all the way from his homeland at the outer shell of Mata Nui's core, to Nynrah where he killed a dude for bumping into him at a bar, back to the Southern Continent where he punched a Mana in the face and made it apologize, to Odina where he met The Shadowed One and beat him in an armwrestling competition, then to Stelt to do a job the Dark Hunters outsourced to him because they were too scared to do it themselves, then to Xia where he climbed that mountain everybody was talking about for some reason with no issue and then decided to blast a crater into the peak just because, then the Matoran Universe booted him out for causing too much destruction. At least, that's what he says, and he's probably going to tell you a completely different backstory in just a moment.

  • Weaknesses: He's cocky and his electroblade requires recharging after every single strike, also he's matoran-sized so he needs a step ladder to reach some stuff. He's also certifiably insane and whether that's an ability or a weakness is still up for debate

In-Game History

Flynn lands at the shore of Naho Bay. He enters Ga-Koro, commits mass sabotage and attempts to scam a Ga-Koro Marine by the name of Tyrus Archer with so-called "protosteel", then runs away to his new cave-hole on Mura-Hafa River. He killed a fish then ate the fish. A traveler sailed by and Flynn knocked him into a coma and stole his boat. He thought it was a trader, but instead it was just a Ko-Matoran visiting a friend, and he sailed into Ko-Koro after stealing his 20 widgets. He offloaded the boat to another Ko-Matoran at the docks for 5000 widgets, then ran. He got to a bookstore and traded information about the island of Stelt for an iStone.


Flynn planned to take the cable car to Ta-Koro, but the Librarian notified him that the cable car and the monorail were currently non-operational. For the moment, Flynn was stuck in Ko-Koro, a waiting target.


Or was he? Flynn woke up on the boat he thought he had abandoned at the Ko-Koro harbor. He had actually been hit with a weakening Kanoka disk by the Ko-Matoran who's boat he had stolen, and had imagined everything since docking at Ko-Koro. While he has been asleep, his pursuers had taken to the skies, searching for him. And they found him. Tyrus Archer, his pursuer, challenged him to a duel for his freedom. While initially, Flynn appeared to have the upper hand, repeated head injuries jostled his mask free. He was defeated and taken captive, his mask and weapons confiscated, and is currently in a Ga-Koro holding cell awaiting trial.

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Posted Aug 12 2014 - 11:53 AM

Name: Tamurai
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Kanohi: Kadin
Tools/Weapons: A long, sharp katana
Powers/Abilities: Fire. Primarily uses small fireballs.
Description: Tamurai is an assassin. He is black but has dark grey arms and legs. He wears a black cloak that has a red hood, so you can't really see his face. Normally he has an evil smile, if you can manage to see it under the cloak. He likes battling but normally isn't quite evil enough to randomly kill people. Often when he battles he takes the hood of his cloak off.
Weaknesses: His katana isn't extremely sharp so he uses his fireballs a lot. He can only shoot them every 15 seconds. His fireballs are also small and sort of easy to dodge.

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Posted Aug 16 2014 - 06:14 PM

Name: Grievhu


Species: Once a Ta-Matoran, now Toa


Appearance: Quote from Grievhu, "I'm lanky, what else can I say? My arms and legs are red, and my torso is maroon. My face was singed in a fierce battle against a nemesis and getting knocked in lava. One of my eyes is dark red and bloodshot from injuries, while the other is clear. My legs have weak bones, and my head is very sturdy. My hands are very big, but not humongous. Since I'm very tall, I'm very easy to knock down, but don't underestimate me while i'm down, as I can get back up in a flash. I wear a grey and gold chestplate, as my torso is very weak. You might be asking, *ahem*, "How did you get a singed face if your power is fire?" That was when I was still getting used to the whole Toa thing. I didn't even know how to use my weapon! I had to cross WATER to get out."


Gender: Male


Powers and Weapon: Grievhu has the power fire, and wields a blade of lava and magma. He also has a knife of burns, just in case some things go awry.


Weaknesses: Legs and neck, and also water and ice. He's sometimes a little too cocky, and that goes to his head. A LOT.


Alignment: Grievhu fights for good and money, and is a well known guy around Ga-Koro. He has connections with other toa and bounty hunters, but he doesn't keep in touch with most.


History: Quote from Grievhu, "I know not much of my history, all I know is that I woke up in a fragile pod underwater. The water was rushing in from all sides, and I was only a little matoran. I found an exit and swam out, my skin rippling. Once I had gotten out of the water, I was near a mountain and a beach. Stranded, I didn't know what to do. I had stumbled upon a mask. I had realized that if i put it on, it could be good, or it could be dangerous. I put it on anyway. I had felt myself transforming, and in a second, I became a toa. The rest is just a blur, as I went unconscious on the soft sand. Matoran carried me to their village of Ga-Koro, and I resided there for many years. It is where I am now, and I am thinking about going on an adventure to Po-Wahi. Sometime in the near future, I will begin my travels, eager to explore the vast world I live in."


Traits:  Quote from Grievhu, "Let's get this straight, okay guy? I'm a hothead, don't make me mad, what will happen is not for the faint of heart. I can be sorrowful at points, but my feelings aren't that diverse. I'm an excellent swordsman, don't forget it. Your little pebbles and punches won't do anything as my blade pierces through your weapons and hands. You can't sneak past me. It's a well known fact that I have keen senses. What, you thought I would be the "intellectual smart guy" from the descriptions I gave? Yeah, you thought wrong. WAY wrong. I'm not a very good people person, not well around crowds, you know? Nervous is a word not far from me. It's not like I'm a preacher or something. The way I see it, I have a mouth, I use it in certain ways. I tell people off, and I can crack jokes, but I'm not a 'formal' speaker. Never been one, never will be. It's not that I hate talking, I love that I was given some freaking vocal chords, but using them in a formal way never boded well with me. I'm good with friends, but I can't make them easily. I don't have that many, though, except for some of the Ga-Matoran, and one special Ta-Matoran. Well, I guess I did kill that waiter that spilled my drink at a bar, but that's not the point. That guy deserved it anyway, spilling my drink, what a piece o-." Later he said some more, "I can be stupid at times, and the bounties on my head are high, but that's not because I'm weak or strong. It's because I never had anybody support me, making me kill without morals. I mean, some of the Ga-Matoran supported me with food and drink, but that wasn't really that much of support. It was measly supplies."


Mask: The Kanohi Sanok, the Mask of Accuracy

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Posted Aug 22 2014 - 02:34 PM

Name: Ahkulii

Species: Ga-Matoran

Appearance: Blue legs, dark blue arms and torso, blue noble huna with Akaku scope attached and brown robes. Yellow-Green eyes.


Gender: Male

Powers/Weapons: Usually doesn't carry any weapons except a small dagger and/or a bamboo disk. He has no powers. His mask attachment allows him to magnify what he's looking at. Like most Ga-Matoran, he is good at swimming, though he doesn't do it often.

Technological Items: Mask attachment.

Weaknesses: Like most other matoran he is not extremely strong or acrobatic. He is somewhat self-centered (though he has good intentions) and can unintentionally anger others with his strange personality.

Alignment: Good

History: He's lived in Ga-Koro for his whole life and generally been small/unimportant in the bigger picture. He once angered Turaga Nokama so badly she almost exiled him from the village. He used to always work at a Ga-Koro hospital but has somewhat recently left to work for himself. He went and opened up a shop in Ga-Koro where he sells herbs, potions, medicines, ointments, creams, etc. and specializes in alchemy and brewery. It is somewhat dark and isolated, and he is typically alone and happy to work on creating new potions and medicines from day to day. He has made some trips outside of the village, though he never goes far due to his fear of being attacked.

Personality and Traits: As mentioned, Akhulii is somewhat self-centered and lives in his own little world. He is good and likes company but doesn't pay too close attention to how he treats them. This inconsideration tends to sometimes anger others, but he doesn't mind because he is more focused on his objectives at the moment. He wishes to explore more of the island largely for the cause of discovering new herbs and plants to experiment with. He is very proud but is not a good fighter and isn't very strong and can sometimes lose his confidence when threatened (though he usually doesn't believe anyone would dare hurt him; he believes he is too important). He is very quick, perky and kind of mentally isolated. He is always on the move doing something and mixing things together and is casually caught in a fast streams of thought. He expects others to keep up with him but feels it to be a bother when he has to wait on others. He speaks intelligently and confidently (imagine a British accent) but complains about how the world is so "maddening". He cares more for his work than he does for his relationships with other. Whenever he travels he wears brown robes and carries a sea-weed bag. He keeps a dagger but rarely uses it. He is very proud of his shop though he wishes he could have more customers. He hates feeling uncomfortable and unprepared. Is critical of others but rarely himself. He is somewhat skinny. When he is brewing/working he wear an apron.

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Name: Natharius

Species: Skakdi

Element: Ice

A detailed description or image: Strangely for a Skakdi of ice, he is almost entirely black, with dark crimson markings on his back and shoulder spines that suspiciously resemble streaks of dried blood. His eyes glow with a cold blue-white light. He is much taller and thinner than the average Skakdi, and because of how lanky he is, isn't as strong but is surprisingly fast and incredibly agile. He is clad in a lightweight plate-and-mail armour, and he wears a thick, ragged black cloak over the top, which he throws off when in combat so as not to slow him down. He carries a brown leather pack which he wears over his back, under the cloak, and also carries a matching satchel which holds his day-to-day items such as food and widgets. Because his cloak fits over his spines and pack, he appears to have a hunchback, which often leads to potential enemies underestimating him, until they get up close and realise that despite his "hunch" he's still taller than they are. 

Gender: Male

Powers: As a Skakdi of ice, he can control ice, but only in conjunction with another Skakdi. Since he mostly keeps to himself, he rarely, if ever, uses this power. He also possesses Laser Vision, which he has trained himself to use in a very precise, directed manner, to incapacitate or eliminate enemies before they get too close. He also uses this power in his favourite hobby, metalworking, to finely cut small pieces of protosteel and other materials.

Weapons: A steely-silver protosteel javelin with a collapsible shaft that he sometimes uses as a sword. It hangs in a sword sheath from his hip in its collapsed state when not in use. 

Technological items: His left arm was lost from the elbow down in a battle long ago, in another time and place entirely, and was replaced with a purely robotic one forged of metallic protodermis. It has curved metal talons for close-quarters fighting, and because of what it's made from, it also serves as an impromptu shield against attacks.

Fighting Style: He tries to avoid getting into direct, confrontational fights, generally because any opponents he faces are usually much stronger or more powerful than he is. He will try to fend off opponents with his laser vision before they get close. If they manage to close the gap, he opts for his javelin, the longer reach of the weapon giving him more room to stab and slice. His speed and agility make this an especially effective strategy. If he's in an enclosed area where this strategy won't work, he instead uses the javelin in its collapsed state, as a sword. In very close quarters, or if his sword is lost, he'll also use his robotic arm to inflict damage, either by using his claws or simply bludgeoning his foe with the heavy metal limb. He also uses his robot arm as a shield to deflect or block attacks, deliberately moving it into the way of enemy strikes to tank damage, since even if it is damaged, he won't feel the pain, and he can always use his metalworking skills to repair it at a later time, with the right materials. 

Weakness(es): Natharius isn't as physically strong as most other Skakdi, but has learnt to cope with this. There are also gaps in his armour over his joints, covered in chain-mail instead of protosteel plate so he still has full mobility. If caught by surprise, these areas are more open and vulnerable to a well-placed attack. He doesn't wear a helmet or any other kind of head protection, so this is another area of vulnerability in combat. When using his robot arm in close-quarters combat, he tends to underestimate its weight, which often throws him off balance. His laser vision also takes about thirty seconds to fully recharge after each shot. 

Alignment: Himself. He offers himself to whoever is paying. If no one is paying, he'll side with whichever party he feels will prove most rewarding to him in the long run. His own survival has always been his top priority, which makes it hard for him to maintain lasting friendships. 

History: He's kept to himself, and out of the warring Koros, for a long while. After the peace summit, when relations between villages began to settle somewhat, he took to wandering the island, and has ultimately settled in Ta-Wahi, at least for now, with plans for starting a business in Ta-Koro.

Personality and traits: He is far less warlike, and much more controlled than most Skakdi. That said, he is fully capable of defending himself if needs be, and is still a brutal opponent, especially if provoked, which is when his Skakdi anger does take over. Despite his fearsome reputation and appearance, he has a soft spot for the Matoran and other peaceful folk. As mentioned earlier, he is an experienced metalworker, and also dabbles in clockwork. He has a lot of self-doubt, and is often ostracized or abused by other Skakdi because of how different he is. He has plans for starting a forge and weapons producing business in Ta-Koro. He is quiet and reserved, and is generally suspicious of strangers, but willing to work with those who have earned his trust. He also knows that taking the occasional risk or gamble can often pay off.

In-Game History: He arrived in Ta-Koro after wandering Ta-Wahi for many weeks, only to discover that the Piraka had recently attacked, and that Skakdi in general weren't the most popular folk around. He spoke with a friendly guard, who seemed sympathetic, but told him it would be best to keep his head down and not draw attention to himself for the time being. Natharius then found himself confronted by the mercenary Grokk, who, after some discussion, roped Natharius into a plot to conduct the "biggest prank in recent history". The two Skakdi broke into the house of Dorian Shaddix, the intended victim, and, at Grokk's request, Natharius set out to locate a Toa of Air to aid them in their endeavour. By happy coincidence, Natharius soon crossed paths with Skyra Daring, who had recently arrived in Ta-Koro, also searching for Dorian. After returning to Grokk, Skyra agreed to help them, although she was clearly suspicious of their intentions, recognising that they were hiding something from her. After helping them, Skyra left to go find Dorian while Grokk dispatched Natharius to go and find supplies for the prank. After a few hours of shopping and stealing the supplies he needed, Natharius headed back to find Grokk, only to discover that Dorian and Skyra had already arrived, and that Dorian had blundered into some impromptu traps Grokk had engineered. Dorian immediately opened fire on Grokk, and Natharius drew his spear on Dorian, only to be clubbed upside the head by the surprised Skyra, who then threatened him with his own dropped spear. Grokk managed to avoid being shot, and trapped Dorian with a containment sphere. Dorian responded by trying to make out that he and Skyra were dating, a joke which Skyra joined in on (while waiting for the sphere to come down so she could shoot Dorian herself). During the initial moment of confusion, Natharius got up and retrieved his weapon, but put it away when a group of newcomers – Zaara, Casanuva, Naishe, Nunonu and Marda – arrived on the scene. The group soon left, upon recognising that the excitement was already over, leaving Natharius scratching his head over what to do next. Dorian and Grokk then began arguing, and Dorian sent Natharius and Skyra upstairs to find him a new shirt. Unsure of which one to give Dorian, Skyra asked Natharius to choose, and, recalling Grokk’s fascination with a particular scarf, Natharius decided to give Dorian the pink shirt.

Name: Zaara

Species: Toa

Element: Plasma

A detailed description or image: Tall and lithe, she wears shapely white armour with orange highlights and flame insignias on the shoulder plates. Her mask has adapted itself to fit the shape of her armour (but is still recognisable as a Sanok). Her eyes and heart stone are emerald green.

Gender: Female

Powers: Plasma.

Mask: Kanohi Sanok.

Weapons: Knives, and lots of them. She currently carries eight throwing knives, two large Sai, and two smaller push daggers concealed in the wrists of her gauntlets. Her mask allows her already enhanced knife throwing skills to be even more precise, which she uses to her advantage. Her mask also enhances her exceptional martial arts skills, helping her punch, kick and jab at exactly the right points. She has a bow which she can use to fire plasma arrows, but she is unskilled in its use, having acquired it sometime just before her arrival on the island.

Fighting Style: Being a Toa, she tries not to kill her enemies (although she has on occasion, but never intentionally), but that won’t stop her from hurting them. A lot. At a distance, she’ll use her throwing knives to incapacitate enemies. If this fails, she’s forced to get up close and personal to fight with her Sai, or, in closer confines, her push daggers and fists.

Weakness(es): Unskilled with any other weapons, she is completely inept at long-distance fighting with her bow, and (although she’ll never admit it) she can’t swim. She also gets dizzy easily, and sometimes suffers from motion sickness.

Alignment: Good, but she does it her way and doesn't take orders from anyone except herself. Occasionally, if she's in a good mood, she might be open to friendly advice from those she trusts.

History: She washed up in a Toa capsule uncomfortably close to the Piraka Clubhouse. With no memory of how she got there or where she came from, she swiftly vacated the area and made her way to the nearest population centre, namely Ta-Koro. She has begun to remember some things, but nothing about her own past.

Personality and traits: Impulsive and hot-headed, Zaara’s initial solution to any given combat situation usually involves sharp pointy metal things. She’s a quick thinker, and fast on her feet, able to swiftly adapt to any situation or circumstance. Generally untrusting of strangers, she can become fast friends with someone over any sort of exciting shared experience, especially diverse journeys, action-packed adventures and life or death battles. She sees being a Toa as being more of a lifestyle than an occupation, a choice rather than a duty, and is short-tempered with Matoran and others who pester her over what she sees to be minor things. She also perceives herself to be an equal to other Toa and beings of similar standing, like Vortixx, Skakdi or Lesterin, and is irritated when any members of these species try to exercise any kind of authority over her.  

In-Game History: Venturing into Ta-Koro, she witnessed the devastation the Piraka had left in their wake, and decided to find who had attacked the Koro to bring them to justice. Becoming lost in the unfamiliar city, she decided to go look for someone else who was already investigating the Piraka, and try to help them rather than going blindly after them on her own. She wound up talking with Casanuva, Nunonu, Marda and Naishe, but they were soon interrupted by the sound of Dorian firing his revolver at Grokk, and the group went to investigate. Arriving in the middle of a very confusing, very awkward exchange, Zaara decided that the two Skakdi – Grokk and Natharius – probably weren’t the Piraka responsible for the attack on Ta-Koro, and waited to see what would happen next. With the fight apparently over, the group continued their discussion. Casanuva soon left with Tor to go find an Inn, and Zaara decided to accompany Marda and Naishe on their travels. Naishe left to wander Ta-Koro, and Marda decided that she and Zaara should head for Le-Wahi.

Name: Lash

Species: Vortixx

Element: Pain.

A detailed description or image: Grey-skinned, she wears olive green armour with black spikes on the shoulders, and elbow and knee joints (she has now broken these off, as they hampered her mobility). The fingers of her gauntlets have gaps to allow her long, sharpened claws to fit through. She’s about average height for a Vortixx, but often walks with her head low and back hunched, trying to make herself seem smaller than she actually is, so that her foes underestimate her. She speaks with an unusual, exotic accent that often seems to enthral male targets. Her eyes burn with a soul-chilling blood red light.

Gender: Female

Powers: The ability to hurt people. A lot.

Weapons: She favours a pair of razor-edged whips, hence her adopted name “Lash”. The blades on her whips are made of finely sharpened and notched protodermic steel, specifically designed to mimic the shape and function of the serrated teeth of the Takea shark. These hang from clasps on the armour of her upper legs. She now also carries a pair of knives she made out of pieces of a Rahkshi staff, kept in an X-shaped sheath on her lower back.

Technological items: none.

Fighting Style: she relies on surprise and brutality to accomplish her missions, often striking down her enemies without them ever knowing she was there, strangling them with her whips from above or behind, and allowing the weapons to serve as nooses or garrottes respectively. In tight confines or close-quarters, when the whips aren’t practical, she’ll instead rely on her claws and knives.

Weakness(es): She has difficulty predicting the way her foes think, as the only thought process she can mimic is her own. Additionally, she has absolutely no skill in any sort of weapon other than the ones she specialises in, and has little to no skill in improvising. She relies on plans and traps to accomplish her goals, and when these fail, she doesn't know how to react. She also has a fear of heights due to an unfortunate incident in the past. Because she has no elemental powers, she is vulnerable to attacks from those that do.

Alignment: not entirely evil, but is often perceived that way due to her indifference. A mercenary, assassin and murderous thief, Lash doesn’t care who gets hurt in her operations, nor does she care who she ends up working for. She also doesn't have a problem with double-crossing her previous employer if someone else offers a better price (don’t even get me started on the triple and quadruple crossing). Her only allegiance is to herself, and her life’s ambition is just to live to see her next pay check (and to see that competitors and targets don’t get to live to see theirs). That said, the allure of siding with Echelon and Zaktan is a powerful one, as there is little chance of her ever getting a better offer than theirs. 

History: Fleeing an excessively high bounty back in her homeland (for murdering a certain important village elder or ten), she has arrived by boat on the island of Mata Nui after many months at sea. She has no idea where she is or what she’s about to get herself into. The only thing she knows for certain is that no one knows who she is… which is perfect for her.

Personality and traits: Lash relies on lengthy planning and complex stratagems to enforce her plans. She often observes her targets (and potential competition) from a distance for a decent period of time, to get an idea of what they do and how they act (as mentioned above, she isn’t good at gauging how people think, though). When put in a situation she doesn’t understand or can’t cope with, she’ll back off and come up with a new plan rather than staying around and trying to improvise. She prefers to have all of the facts before acting, and relies primarily on caution and creativity. She is often perceived to be an emotionless, murderous sociopath, however this isn't accurate. It isn't that she doesn't have emotions or a conscience, it's just that she chooses to ignore them. The fact that she has chosen to detach herself in this way makes her all the dangerous. 

In-Game History: Following up rumours about organised criminal activity going on in the tunnels beneath Mangaia, Lash headed down into the cold depths of the Darkwalk, where she acquired one of the unique blood-red lightstones that can be found there, which she used to illuminate her path down into the darkness. During her spelunking, she encountered a Rahkshi of heat vision. After managing to fight it off and remove one of its arms with the razor blades lining her whips, she turned and started heading back the way she'd come, intending to come up with a new, safer means of travelling into the mountain. As she doubled back, though, she encountered Aurum, who encouraged her to stay and fight, and ultimately helped her defeat the Rahkshi, delivering the killing blow with his lance. After telling her some of the history of the island as they walked, Aurum and Lash were confronted by the Piraka Hakann, who demanded to know their intentions. After being forced to fight Aurum for Hakann's amusement, Lash set off a Stralix Powder explosive charge, the fiery blast of which revealed two newcomers in the tunnel watching the proceedings: Kavala and Lonefeld. The fight was abruptly brought to an end, and Hakann demanded that all four of them kneel to win his favour. Swallowing her pride, Lash did as he ordered, and Hakann then took her to the Vault, where she negotiated with Zaktan to get her hands on some Antidermis. He sent her to help the Piraka preparing to attack Onu-Koro, but she took a detour along the way to hunt a Rahkshi to enslave with her Antidermis. She eventually encountered a Rahkshi of Vacuum, which she managed to enslave with the Antidermis, although she was injured in the attempt. Setting off for Onu-Koro, she commanded her Kraata to leave its suit, and loaded the empty Rahkshi shell into a cart which she then wheeled through the gates. Although hampered by the Ussalry guards Sajis and Reson, she eventually did enter the city with her Rahkshi, although she had to surrender her Stralix Powder to gain entry. While the guards were busy searching the cart, the Kraata slipped silently into the city, where it awaits Lash’s command for it to return to her. Buying off an innkeeper, Lash set up her base of operations in the newly-renamed Ussal ###### Inn, and is waiting for the Piraka Attack to begin.

Rahkshi: Breathless, a Rahkshi of Vacuum. Has the power to absorb all of the air in an area, and release that air in an explosive blast at a time and place of its choosing. Wields a Staff of Vacuum, which it uses to enhance and direct its own power.  Its armour is orange and black, and the Kraata is a bright yellow/green.


Name: Reson Ance.

Species: Toa

Element: Sonics.

A detailed description or image: of an average height and build, Reson wears gunmetal grey armour, with ridiculously flamboyant purple markings that he added himself. His mask has shaped and coloured itself to better suit his outward appearance. His eyes and heart stone glow gold.

Gender: Male

Powers: Sound and other sonic attacks. 

Mask: Kanohi Kakama.

Weapons: He carries a short, tightly-coiled whip made up of protosteel cord, although this isn’t really used to inflict damage on the enemy but rather to channel his elemental power and create violent sonic booms. His actual choice of weapon in combat is a semi-collapsible quarterstaff that is as tall as he is. When not in use, it folds down to about a third of its initial size and fits into a slot in the armour of his back, where it can be swiftly drawn from over his shoulder for slapping the ###### out of the enemy.

Technological items: none.

Fighting Style: Speed and style. Because his Kakama allows him to move fast enough to nearly break the sound barrier, it’s much easier for him to use his sonic powers when travelling at these high speeds. He uses his whip and staff to wear down and entangle an opponent, while periodically stunning them with sustained sonic attacks. 

Weakness(es): Pointy things, explodey things, heavy blunt things. Anything that suddenly appears in his path when using his mask. Unlike most Matoran and Toa of Sonics, he isn’t as sensitive to loud noises, as he’s trained himself to always supress the sound that comes into his ears. He does it without thinking now; as natural as breathing. In terms of combat, he is at a disadvantage when fighting in caves or other enclosed spaces, as his own sonic attacks can backfire on him, and he is unable to use his usual mask strategy. A further disadvantage would be the fact that he's nearly always intoxicated. (Although some, such as he, might consider this to actually be an advantage). 

Alignment: Good... I think... probably… is drunk an affiliation?

History: He awoke washed up on a beach somewhere on the coastline of Mata Nui, with a massive headache (most likely a hangover) and no idea how he got there, or where he’d been before then. Don't ask him how long ago that was, because he's been drunk on and off almost every day since, and his already fuzzy memories are practically gone. Through vague recollections during a rare moment of sobriety, it was revealed that Reson was once a Matoran, and accidentally killed his best friend soon after he became a Toa, while still learning how to use his powers. This was why he took to drinking, to forget the mistakes of his past.

Personality and traits: A lone wolf by choice (due to an incident in the past that he barely remembers), Reson prefers to work by himself when in a dangerous situation, but is quite the party animal when off the job (which is pretty much whenever someone isn’t trying to kill him). He’s set the record for most consecutive days completely drunk (every day of his life), and people often think his mask power is always on, since he never seems to stop moving, bouncing from one bar to another in a constant spree of mindless drinking. Because of how often he drinks, he’s developed a very high alcohol tolerance, and is quite the conman as well, using an assorted array of trick cards, weighted dice and such to win at gambling games. He’s a master of the sleight of hand, often pickpocketing in order to get widgets to buy alcohol with. Because he outwardly appears to be off-his-face drunk, no one ever suspects him. Rumour has it that he’s never paid for a drink with his own money in his whole life. (This rumour is likely completely true).

In-Game History: Waking up with a massive hangover after yet another week of mindless drunkenness, Reson decided to go an entire week sober. After only a few days, he began to remember all of things he got drunk in order to forget, and decided to go start drinking again. On his way to the nearest bar, he was confronted by the guardswoman Sajis, who told him that public intoxication was a crime, and that he should go home. Admitting that he didn’t actually have a home, Reson very much expected to soon end up in a jail cell. Instead, Sajis took pity on him, and offered to help him find a job. She asked him a few questions, and seemed to find his answers satisfactory, ultimately asking him if he wished to join the Ussalry, to which he agreed. They arrived at the Ussalry headquarters, where Sajis gave Reson a badge and told him to sleep off his hangover, then join her on patrol later on. Curling up in a corner of the room to rest, Reson found a small bottle of alcohol in one of his pockets, which he steadfastly threw away before going to sleep. Re-joining Sajis, he went on his first ever patrol with her, monitoring the gates to the city, where he witnessed Lash enter with her dead Rahkshi. Although Breathless’ Kraata slid right past his foot, he didn’t see it.  The excitement over, Reson resumed his patrol with Sajis.

Name: Dayeth.

Species: Ta-Matoran

Element: Fire (as a Matoran, she can’t access this power).

A detailed description or image: around average height for a Matoran, Dayeth has taken to wearing heeled boots that make her appear slightly taller. Her body is in various shades of crimson, and she wears black leather armour to protect herself in these dangerous times. She often purchases (or steals) differently coloured cloaks to wear over the rest. One of her greatest skills is disguise, taking on a different voice, name and personality each time she encounters someone, making her nearly impossible to identify except by physical appearance (which is usually obscured by the different cloaks she wears).

Gender: female.

Powers: Deceit, determination and devotion to her cause (not actually powers, but still powerful. Dayeth is definitely not a being to underestimate).

Mask: Kanohi Mask of Scavenging (powerless)

Weapons: while she does carry a protodermis war axe on her back and a serrated dagger sheathed on her belt, she rarely uses them, instead relying on her deadliest weapons: wit and guile. As a Matoran, she is often underestimated, which makes her the perfect spy – and (occasionally) assassin.

Technological items: A Volu Lutu launcher she looted from a dead body on her way to Ko-Wahi, and a small collapsible telescope she took from the same corpse.

Fighting Style: Surprise attacks. If those fail, she runs to fight another day.

Weakness(es): She’s a Matoran. Enough said.

Alignment: Evil. Very evil. And I mean really freakin’ radically psychotic evil.

History: She has always had complete faith in Makuta, and despite his apparent defeat, she secretly believes that he isn’t truly dead, and that by following his will, she can bring about his return. (After all, gods can’t die, can they?) Her ultimate ambition is to see Makuta revived so he can lay waste to the lives of those who doubted and despised him. But until Makuta does return, she is happy to do whatever it takes to personally bring about the deaths of as many of Mata Nui’s faithful as she can. She also refuses to partake of the Vault Loot, because she believes that the Piraka are faithless heathens who have defiled Makuta’s sacred lair.

Personality and traits: Sly and manipulative, cruel and callous, Dayeth is a brilliant actress. She has no pride, and no compunctions stopping her from stooping to whatever level is necessary to achieve her aims. She will murder, sleep with or bribe anyone, so long as she gets something out of it. Completely devoted to Makuta, everything she says and does is in his name, and for his glory. She has very little regard for her own needs, but does prioritise her survival above all other causes – she is devoted, but not enough to die for her beliefs, because she sees herself as being more valuable and useful while alive. If she’s dead, she can’t accomplish anything more.

In-Game History: After starting a wildfire in the Le-Wahi swamp to drive the Entropy Beetles towards Le-Koro (and hopefully burn them and the villagers to death once it reaches the village), Dayeth headed to Ko-Wahi. Seeing that the battle for Ko-Koro was in a possibly perpetual stalemate, she decided to find a way into the city to tip the balance in the favour of one side or another. Deliberately maiming herself by cutting her leg, she posed as a casualty of the battle and began shouting up at the wall, hoping to gain the attention of a sympathetic defender. Realising that this was a waste of time, she instead used her Volu Lutu grappling hook to rappel up onto the wall and infiltrate the city. Losing blood because of her hastily self-inflicted wound, she started calling for help, hoping to attract the attention of the nearest gullible good guy to help her get deeper into the city. A Toa of Ice, Dahkapa, soon arrived, and offered to help her get to the hospital. He carried her there, only for the pair to be confronted by the bizarre sight of a Makuta-faithful Vortixx chained up outside the hospital, being guarded by an Ussal crab and a Matoran. Disconcerted by the fact that the crab wouldn’t stop staring at her, Dayeth began to formulate a plan to free the Vortixx, after her own injuries were seen to. She was then carried via stretcher into the hospital, where she continued with her planning. Once she felt her leg was good enough to walk on, she limped to the front of the building, informing the defenders outside that a group of Chameleon Rahkshi were approaching from the direction of Ko-Koro. The Titan, Krayzikk, went off to investigate, and Dayeth used the distraction to attack Kellin. The attack failed, but she managed to throw Mortem’s staff back to him, only for him to be bludgeoned by the Titan, who had immediately returned upon hearing Kellin’s cries. As a last-ditch attempt at saving herself, Dayeth flung a coin purse to a nearby mercenary, Verulas, in the hopes he would come to her aid now that he’d been paid.


Name: Minnorak.

Species: Vortixx.

Element: none.

A detailed description or image: tall and muscular, Minnorak wears black armour with luminescent blue highlights, and wears a helm with protosteel horns like that of a bull, with a faceplate styled to looked like the face of a black Rahkshi.

Gender: male.

Powers: none.

Mask: none.

Weapons: Lightweight black protosteel halberd (the blade glows with a blue aura when the EMP is active – see below).

Technological items: 1: His halberd is equipped with an electromagnetic pulse generator that creates a visible wave of EMP energy when swung. The energy moves at roughly the same speed as a zamor or disk, and loses power the further it travels. While it completely disables electrical systems for a short time, it serves only to stun semi-organic beings for a few moments. The closer the target is to the wave when it impacts, the longer the stun effect will last. Coming into direct contact with the blade of the weapon when the EMP is activated will stun a target even more. 2: He carries a firearm that can generate concentrated torus-shaped bolts of plasma which travel at the speed of bullets and cause splash damage that savagely burns targets for a few seconds before rapidly cooling and dissipating. Firing multiple shots in quick succession overheats the weapon, rendering it temporarily useless. (Both items approved by Nuju Metru)

Fighting Style: blast the enemy with his rifle from long distance, then switch to his halberd if they get to close. If he’s in tight confines or his weapons are lost, he’s more than content to use his fists.

Weakness(es): his helmet is heavy and the horns can sometimes throw him off balance. His armour, while tough, is fairly heavy, reducing his endurance in the long run.

Alignment: Neutral; only serves himself. And money.

History: just one of the many mercs for hire on the island of Mata Nui.

Personality and traits: despite having the appearance of a big, scary dumb brute, he’s actually quite intelligent, a quiet and thoughtful character. Smart enough to know when he’s outmatched, he isn’t afraid to forsake his pride and paycheck when the odds are against him. This is a rare circumstance, though, as he tries to gather all of the facts before entering any area or situation. Soft-spoken, he often keeps to himself unless gathering intel, and is often thought of being the strong, silent type.

In-Game History: TBA.

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Posted Aug 29 2014 - 04:01 PM

Name: Celsakh

Species: Su-Matoran

Gender: Male

Kanohi: Powerless Noble Rau

Powers: None

Appearance: Celsakh is narrow-shouldered and has a slightly delicate look about him. His arms are almost completely devoid of armour, giving him an uncannily skinny look. This strange appearance is accentuated even more by the fact that his limbs bulge at the elbows. His Rau is orange, matching his feet and the outsides of his upper legs. He has white-armoured hands, upper thighs and his torso is also covered by a block of white armour, and his colour scheme contains an unusually large amount of black for a Su-Matoran. His long fingers are dark grey.

Image: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Makuta-Miras/Celsakh/img_0045.jpg

Technological items/tools: None yet

Weaknesses: Severe cold, heavy attacks, etc. You name it, Celsakh's most likely weak to it.

Alignment: Good

History: You guessed it- He woke up on a beach! In Ko-Wahi. And now he's lying on a doctor's doorstep in Ko-Koro. And he's still comatose.

Personality: Celsakh is hardworking, dedicated, honest, and unlike many other beings on the island, feels a strong sense of duty towards Mata Nui and the Toa. He's also quite naive. Basically, Celsakh's your average cookie-cutter Matoran. His main aim in life is to set up a successful custom tool shop in Ta-Koro. 

Celsakh is now dead, killed in the attack on Ko-Koro.


Name: Kouryan

Species: Toa of Ice

Kanohi: Great Matatu

Power(s): Elemental Ice

Appearance: Kouryan is short and stocky, unusual traits for a Toa of Ice. His shoulders are narrow, belying his nature as a both a scholar and a cold-blooded (No pun intended  :P ) assassin if need be. His outermost armour is white, whilst the base layers are light grey.

Image: Coming soon

Tools: Kouryan currently carries a huge Ice Axe and a short dagger. The Axe also has a duplicate of his dagger permanently attached to the hilt.

Weaknesses: He has a tendency to faint in hot temperatures, when "hot" means above 30C. He is also alarmingly trigger-happy with his Nova Blasts, so if a foe can survive one of them, then he can be overpowered fairly easily. Kouryan overlooks details a lot. His lower neck is also completely unarmoured.

Alignment: Himself

History: He woke up in Ta-Wahi, and is now just inside Ta-Koro, having carried himself over the Lake of Lava thing with his Matatu. 

Personality: Kouryan is sadistic, cruel, and clever. He holds allegiance to neither Mata Nui or Makuta, and simply works for whoever offers the most. He likes to make his victims suffer as much as possible before they die, so a common trick of his is to create ice inside his victim's respiratory system, upsetting their breathing and sometimes even suffocating. Razor-sharp icicles are also a favourite of his. Kouyran is also quite a thrillseeker, travelling mostly by throwing himself through the sky using his Matatu.

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Posted Aug 31 2014 - 12:08 AM

Name: Verulas

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Powers: Jungle, a.k.a. Plantlife or The Green

Weapons: Shortsword (held in back-handed fashion), Throwing Knives X8 (usually coated in hindering, but non-lethal poison)

Technological Items: None

Weaknesses: Less training in open combat, wounds more debilitating due to thin frame

Alignment: Himself, those who pay, any temporary alliance that increases odds of survival

Mask: Kanohi Volitak, The Mask of Stealth

History: Doesn't care to talk about it (finds it boring), but doesn't stop him from fabricating origins when asked (likes the mysterious nature this provides)

Personality and Traits: Oppinionated, sarcastic, pessimistic, little honor, hit-and-run tactics, athletic, acrobatic, plans tactically, improvises when necessary

Appearance: Deep blue eyes, black cloak that partially covers face, light, non-obtrusive silver mask and armor, belt around waist for sword, daggers strapped to blue forearms and calves, otherwise green

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Posted Aug 31 2014 - 03:38 PM

Name: Exhilerus

Species: Toa 

Gender: Male

Powers: Magnitism, Animal control, enhanced speed, strength, and reflexes

Mask: Kanohi Zatth

Weapons: Mace, Shurikens, Katana, throwing knives, crossbow, Disruption Staff

History: Originally a Ta-Matoran, he was experimented on by the Order of Mata Nui to be a perfect soldier, and a Toa of Magnetism.

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Posted Sep 01 2014 - 05:58 AM

Name: Dahkapa

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

History: In the past, Dahkapa was a Ko-matoran philosopher, who studied the ethics of different matoran societies on Mata Nui. He has visited every Koro and smaller matoran settlement, even Xa-Koro before it was destroyed. He has written multiple tomes and was a highly respected person. After Makutas rise and fall, he went to live on the montains in Ko-Wahi to meditate about the meaning of life. He found a Toa stone in a cavern, and was transformed into a Toa. He returned to the village in silence just after the assasination of Matoro, and spent many months studying the Code of the Toa in the library of Ko-Koro and training combat skills. However, his studies were rudely interrupted recently..

Personality: He is a quiet and patient thinker, who only speaks when he has something important to say, which is typical for a Ko-Matoran. He tends to consider his every action,which makes him rather slow to react. He is a worshipper of Mata Nui and believes deeply that every being in the world has a destiny that they cannot alter. He is often considered wise by other matoran. When he transformed into a Toa, his personality changed a little, he is somewhat more aggressive now. In combat, he is generally calm, waiting for a perfect moment to strike.

Powers: He is a Toa of Ice. He can compress the humidity in the air and turn it into ice. Using this power tires him quickly, however.

Mask: Kanohi Hau, mask of shielding. Allows him to create a temporary force field to block almost any attack.

Weapon skills: He has trained the usage of a long war hammer he found in the cavern where the Toa stone was. He also has adequate skills with crossbows.

Description: His mask and torso are white, and his limbs are light blue. His eyes glow dark blue and his heartlight is pure white.

Weaknesses: He is not a skilled warrior, and lacks proper combat experience.

Matoro used to be his friend before he was killed
He considers some of the inhabitants of Ko-Koro to be his friends.
Captain Jaatava, former scholar, who joined the military to increase his very low income and to pay his debts.
Onoraza, a female Skakdi (played by Toatapio Nuva)


Defend Ko-Koro

Learn how to be a Toa

A long protosteel war hammer he found in a cavern.
Large, round protosteel shield
38 bolts
200 widgets



Name: The Deceiver

Aliases: Daretaki

Species: Toa

Gender: Female

History: Unknown.

Personality: The Deceiver is a strange person. A devout worshipper of Makuta, and a master of lies and deception. Utterly emotionless inside, but an excellent actor. She is not afraid of death or murder. She often pretends to be someone else, by covering her body with a very thin layer of coloured crystal (see below). She is very cunning and calculating. If she is defeated in combat, she will gladly surrender and be imprisoned, for she is very patient..

Powers: She is a Toa of Crystal. She can create crystal from rock, and can also change the colour of crystal. She is a very skilled 'crystal-bender' Her special ability is to create thinner layers of crystal than anyone else. She can cover her body and mask with red and orange crystal, for example, and seem like a Toa of Fire. Of cource, using this power is exhausting.

Mask: Kanohi Huna, mask of concealment. She can turn invisible, although she can't get rid of her shadow, and remains detectable by certain masks. This power doesn't fully work if she has covered her body with crystal.

Weapon skills: She is an extremely skilled user of two-handed swords. Watch out.

Description: She is tall and very thin. Her arms are strong however. Her body is quite light-weight. Her mask and her body-armour is completely black. Her heartlight is gleaming white, like her eyes.

Weaknesses: She is frail, and tires quickly. Can be defeated by groups of warriors who work together.

Friends and enemies:
No friends
She considers every worshipper of the traitor god Mata Nui to be her enemy.


Find potential allies
Free Makuta

Protosteel longsword
5 protosteel knives
5 vials of poison
500 widgets


Name: Dartakh

Species: Vortixx

Gender: Male

History: Dartakh is a mercenary warrior, who travels around the world to find contracts. He is a veteran of many wars, and has seen much bloodshed and carnage over the years. He used to work with a group of mercenaries called the Shadowknife, but all of its members except for Dartakh were slain. He was quite traumatised by it, because many of its members were his longtime friends.

The sellsword group used to own a ship called Wavereaver. Dartakh sails on it around the world.. but he was caught in a storm and has now washed ashore Mata-Nui, and is suffering from amnesia.

Powers: No special 'powers', although he is skilled, strong, experienced and fearless. One should avoid him in fair combat, and use possible elemental powers instead.

Weapons: Over the years, he has become a skilled user of swords, war hammers, maces and crossbows. Currently he has a steel mace, a shield, and a crossbow.

Description: He is average height for a Vortixx. The claws on his fingers are long. He is broad-shouldered and muscular beneath his natural armour, which is mostly black and dark blue. His eyes glow light blue.

Weaknesses: Besides the obvious lack of elemental powers and ways to counter them, he is often alone and can be defeated rather easily by a group. He also can't read or write.

Personality: Dartakh is smart, serious and cunning, and very patient. He trusts nobody, and lacks any sence of humour. It died along with his friends. Dartakh is willing to work for anyone who pays, as long as the work is about fighting others. He can't read and write, and if given a contract in document form, he simply draws a crude cross. In battle, he prefers close combat.

Friends and enemies:
His friends are dead.
His enemies are whoever he is paid to fight. Unless the enemy pays him more.

Ambitions: Find a job

Ancient Boruhka Helm
An ancient artifact Dartakh looted from a defeated champion. It is a large, 'enchanted' bronze helm. While it is heavy and cumbersome to wear, it protects him from mind-control and telepathy when worn. Not immune to attached Parakuka, however. Because it is made out of bronze, it gets dented and damaged much more easily than his steel helm, which is why he only wears it when necessary

Grappling boots
These are special boots Dartakh bought from a tinkerer many years ago, after a Toa of gravity defeated him By making him temporarily lightweight. There is a special mechanism on the metal boots that are operated with a small lever. When triggered, a number of iron claws lauch into the ground below, anchoring his legs. He of course is unable to move when it is active. However, they only work on rocky surfaces. He only wears them if needed, because they are very heavy.

A protosteel mace
A protosteel shield
Leather quiver
37 bolts
A leather backpack
Customised steel helm
323 widgets from his previous contracts.


Name: Danaku Ran

Species: Lesterin

Gender: Male

History: Danaku Ran is a Lesterin from an island far away from Mata Nui. He sent by the elders of his village to lead a group of traders to this legendary island. However, when they tried to trade with the smiths of Onu-Koro, they realised that blue and green shells were not used as currency and that they couldn't trade their crude stone tools and weapons or smoked Rahi meat for anything, because the people of Mata Nui were so much more advanced than they were. But Danaru Ran couldn't return to home with nothing, it would've been shameful. So he stole a large amount of steel tools and other items, and attempted to escape.

He was caught and sentenced to live in the prison of Onu-Koro for five years. His companions left and sailed home. This has of cource made him rather depressed, but also angry. Danaku Ran waits for the perfect moment to escape and return home - with all the items that he had stolen before, of cource.

Powers: He has the elemental powers of iron: he is highly resilient, has heightened endurance and is resistant to metallic weaponry.

Mask: Great Kanohi Rau, the mask of translation. Allows him to understand and use other languages, which is one of the reasons why he was chosen to lead the expedition.

Weapons: He had a dagger for self-defence before he was imprisoned.

Description: He is tall and slim. His mask and torso are silver, his shoulder plates are golden and his limbs are dark brown.

Weaknesses: Danaku Ran is not a warrior. While having the powers of iron, he can still be killed by non-steel weapons.

Personality: He is a noble in his village, denoted by his golden shoulder pads. Because of his upbringing, he is arrogant and temperamental, and refuses to admit his own errors. However, he is friendly towards other nobles or foreigners without rigid class systems. He also never lies. Part of the philosophies taught on his exotic island. Of course, he doesn't see 'keeping things secret' or 'refusing to admit your own mistakes' as lies.

Friends and enemies:
He has a host of friends on his own isle, but they are not important here.
Damek: he had quite an argument with him. It ended with Danaku making a decision to hate him forever.

Ambitions: Escape from prison

Items: none, they were taken away when he was imprisoned.


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  • Name: Cryal
  • Species: Toa
  • Gender: Male
  • Power: Plasma
  • Weapon: Superheated Hammer
  • Weakness(es): Use of weapon gradually drains stamina
  • Alignment: Good
  • Kanohi: Volitak
  • Personality: Not very social; relies on strength and stealth in battle; memory, most of the time, is either incredible or terrible; constantly looks for undiscovered methods of use of his power

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Posted Sep 08 2014 - 09:08 PM

Name: Jalkron

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Element: Iron

Weapon: A metal staff

Mask: Kanohi Arthron, the mask of sonar.

Personality: Jalkron is a loner, preferring his own company to that of others. However, recently his loneliness has become unbearable, so he is trying to make friends, but still not sure about it. He does not always follow the toa code, but one part he does follow is don't kill. There are exceptions to that rule, reserved for the times when he has no choice and rahkshi. He is always trying to improve, and so he will fight anyone or anything who he thinks he can fight and come out alive. He has a short temper, but when he gets mad he is not overcome with anger. Instead, he becomes even more focused and determined than usual, although he tends to ignore almost everything else. He dislikes cowards, and will hate himself for a while if he ever has to run from a fight. He also hates bullies, and puts a stop to them whenever and however he can. Assassins are on his list of dislikes, as are mercenaries who will do anything for a price. However, he himself will fight for a price if he needs cash badly, but there are some jobs he won't take, depending on the difficulty and price, and will not attack matoran or others

Skills: Jalkron has always wanted a Calix, but since he prefers his mask of sonar he settled for training to become as strong and agile as he can, and he is often found training. If he is not training then he is practicing fighting, and is quite good and improving regularly.

Appearance: Slightly taller than the average toa, silver armor with hints of black. However, he is usually wearing a dark cloak, so you are not likely to see more than his mask until he is fights. His armor is very flexible, a combination of chain mail and plate armor. This gives him great range of motion in battle while still offering good protection.

History: Jalkron wasn't always a loner. He used to have a group of very close friends, and they did everything together. When the hoards of rahkshi attacked, he was the only one who survived. He became a loner because of his depression, and he stayed that way because he is afraid to make any more close friends. As can be expected, Jalkron hates rahkshi with his entire being, but was frustrated because as a matoran he was unable to even harm one. Now that he is a toa, he has the power to crush them with a thought, and he does so every chance he gets.

Weakness: Jalkron is quick to judge and will jump to conclusions fairly quickly. This leads him to fighting others whom can outmatch him, or those weaker than himself, which takes time. Jalkron has little defense against most energy and mental attacks, although he is trying to learn to shield his mind with the arrival of all the Dasaka.

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Name: Acoura
Species: Toa of Sonics
Description: A thin grey Toa of average height, black armour used sparingly and with obvious thought to mobility over defense, cold blue eyes looking out from a black Mask of Concealment in the shape of a Noble Ruru. When not using her weapons they are hung at her waist.
Gender: Female
Powers: Sonics (elemental), preferring to use the power for stealth and mind games rather than as an offensive power, is also able to multi-task her power to create loud noises while nullifying sounds around her to avoid harming herself, but doing so requires high concentration and prevents her from hearing all sounds. Temporary invisibility (Mask of Concealment).

Weapons: 2 hooked sonic blades, normally dull and used to rip apart flesh and armour, when her elemental power is channeled through them they vibrate at a high speed and cut through objects easily.

2 hooked daggers, sharper than the sonic blades and used to cut or stab more often than rip apart.
Technological items: None.

Other possessions: A cloth bag, a lightstone that has clearly seen better days, a round metal canteen, a well worn grey traveling cloak, and a handful of widgets.
Weakness(es): Being a De-Toa she is vulnerable to loud noises (including her own) if she does not silence them first, her Mask of Concealment is powerless against beings using an Arthron, Elda or Rode, and her habit of traveling alone leaves her vulnerable to groups of attackers. She is also physically weaker than most Toa, but not by enough to make a large difference.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
History: Wandering. Always wandering, but never finding it. Never finding a place to stop wandering, never finding a place to call home, so I continue wandering.
Personality and traits: At first glance shy and quiet, preferring to stay unseen and unheard. But on closer look she is cunning, staying unseen and unheard only to avoid suspicion, caring for herself, even at the detriment of others. She is not above lying, cheating, and stealing if she thinks she can get away with it, and will pass by a dying Matoran if stopping would put herself at risk, but she likes to avoid physical violence when possible and will not kill another person with her own hands.

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Name: Marda Belatroja.

Species: Makuta-made being.

Gender: Female.

Powers: Marda's power is her ability to cause disorientation through touch. This causes people to become confused, often losing track of what they're doing, experiencing short-term amnesia or even becoming so disoriented they can't do anything, entering a catatonic state. This last effect, however, rarely happens because her powers require contact, and most victims quickly break contact.

Mask: None.

Weapons: 6 Throwing Stars.

Alignment: Herself and her clients, though she's got a good heart.

Personality: Marda is a magnificently spontaneous being. She's fun-loving, free willed and always talks loud and proud, but she hates when there's nothing to do. However, beneath the show and happiness, she is a serious and powerful tactician, and she's more than capable of taking care of herself. Also, using her power too much has left her emotions unstable, so she is sometimes unpredictable. However, most of the time she is charming, likable and she knows how to make people feel happy.

History: Marda's past is very obscure. She woke up outside the Kini-Nui, and immediately began travelling Mata Nui, eventually settling in Po-Koro. Now she owns a bar, the Dal Riata, in Po-Koro, acting as an informant to any who need her help, as long as they can pay. She's made some friends over the years, and now she has a network of agents who work for her, loyally serving and sometimes even worshiping her. She seems to have some dark secrets.

Weakness: When Marda doesn't use her power for a long time, tension begins to build in her mind and she experiences sometimes debilitating headaches. However, extensive use of her powers causes increasingly intense disorientation to herself, to the point that if she uses her power too much or too intensely, it can render her temporarily catatonic, and her use of it over the years has left her emotions unstable. Also, she sucks at close combat with weapons, and her only real skill in battle is her accuracy with her stars and her average skill in hand to hand combat.

Appearance: She is Toa sized, and has mostly purple armor with a few black accents. She normally wears on her face what appears to be a Kanohi, but it is powerless and looks nothing like any known Kanohi. She also has long tendrils coming from the back of her head to give the illusion of hair. Her body is slender and feminine, designed to give her a non-threatening and appealing appearance to assist in her work. When travelling she wears a dark hooded cloak to remain inconspicuous.


Name: Naishe (NIE-shee).

Species: Toa of Stone.

Gender: Female.

Alignment: Herself, though she's got a good heart.

Kanohi: Iden, Mask of Spirit.

Weapons/Tech: Two small swords and smoke bombs made from plants in Le-Wahi.

Description: As a Toa of Stone, Naishe has mostly brown armor, with accents of tan. She is unusually slim for a Toa of Stone, but this lean figure hides the strength common of her element. She wears a Kanohi Iden modified to look softer and more feminine, and she has tendrils that look like hair coming from the back of her head. She commonly wears a blue bandana on her head, the only piece of apparel that doesn't match her armor. Her armor is designed to be attractive, giving the illusion of being revealing (though it isn't) and she often wears a dark cloak around her waist.

Powers: As a Toa of Stone, Naishe can create, control and absorb stone. She can create structures out of stone and even form weapons from it if she is disarmed. She is also very strong physically, and can fight very well hand-to-hand. Her mask, the Kanohi Iden, allows her to separate her spirit from her body in order to reach areas she could normally not and spy on others unnoticed. However, this leaves her powerless.

History: Naishe's past before she became a Toa is hazy to her. She remembers being on a ship, but not much else. She washed up on shore one day along with the wreckage of a small boat and was a Toa. She initially used her new powers to have fun, enjoying the new freedom being a Toa gave her. However, she quickly realized that there was more to having power than simply using it, and she began doing odd jobs until she could afford to buy a new ship. Now she sails the seas around Mata Nui as Captain of the River Song. She stays mostly to the east, enjoying the culture of Ga-Wahi the most, and introduces herself as "Queen of the Eastern Sea", a title she made up and bestowed upon herself.

Personality: Naishe is a woman of questionable morals. She loves having fun and being adventurous, and is willing to do anything to have a good time. She loves the finer things like booze and gold, and she's a compulsive drinker and gambler. However, she also knows when it's time to get serious, and she can be one of the fiercest warriors there is, and a loyal companion. That being said, she's not above abandoning an ally to save her own skin.

Weaknesses: Physically, not much can beat Naishe. However, when she leaves her body it is completely unprotected and vulnerable. Also, her notoriously questionable morals can easily be exploited by things like money, jewels and alcohol (as well as the more carnal things). Also of note is that, despite being a pirate, she can't swim.


Name: Vulcan.

Species: Toa of Plasma.

Gender:  Male.

Alignment: Evil, guided by an unknown master.

Kanohi: Kadin, Mask of Flight.

Weapons/Tech: Plasma whips.

Description: As a Toa of Plasma, Vulcan't armor is orange and white. He is tall and well built, and his armor is notably spiny, with sharp protrusions sticking out in all directions. These spines are actually vents that can open up, which are required because Vulcan't explosive temper causes frequent explosions of plasma. He often tries to wear a black cloak, but it is frequently destroyed by his outbursts.

Powers: As a Toa of Plasma, Vulcan can create, control and absorb superheated plasma. He uses this to incinerate anything in his path, and often coats his twin whips with it to cause devastating destruction. He also requires vents on his armor because his uncontrollable temper often causes plasma to erupt from his body. His Mask of Flight allows him to soar through the skies, and he often does so to escape confrontation or to stay out of reach of his enemies. He is skilled with his whips and can match any enemy in combat.

History: It is assumed that Vulcan once lived in the Ta-Wahi region, because one day he just walked down the volcano. He has expressed no desire to discuss his past, and usually claims that he can't remember anything. Even his name was given to him, a symbol of his emergence from the volcano. However, he seems to be looking for something and frequently scours the island for some unknown item. His goals are unknown, but it is clear a diabolical master is influencing him.

Personality: Vulcan presents a collected façade most of the time, but in reality he has an explosive temper and the slightest provocation could send him into a rage and cause widespread destruction. He is cruel, merciless and unyielding in his unknown mission, never resting long from his endless search. He is often violent, and isn't above disposing of his allies once they've outlived their use.

Weakness: A defect in Vulcan's abilities causes excess plasma to build up in his system, and underuse of his power can cause him to quickly overheat, as can overusing them. Because of this he tends to avoid fights or end them quickly, and this can often lead to him underestimating his opponents. Also, he has a terrible temper and when he becomes enraged he is easy to outwit.

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NAME - Kraal



​ALIGNMENT - Kraal does not fight for anyone, for he trusts no-one at this time.

KANOHI - The Kanohi that Kraal is embedded in, is just a template, it was never given a power nor a name. It is simply an artifact from the beginning.


APPEARANCE - https://flic.kr/p/oV5pG5

POWERS - Kraal is not exactly full of powers, but he is able to leap from his Kracha, and onto the faces of his enemies, giving him weak mind control over that being (e.g.it is not difficult to fight back for control).

Kraal can also convert his Kracha into pure energy, of which he can store inside himself, and the Kracha can be reassembled at will. 

HISTORY - Kraal is a being with a somewhat strange cause. When the great beings formed the universe, Kraal did not exist as he does now. He was created as a Kanohi but he was experimented on. The demon was forced into storage inside the mask, causing the mask to become sentient and insane. The great beings were horrified at this "being" they had constructed, and so they buried the mask far beneath the surface of what is now known as Po-Wahi. It was only when the villagers in Po-Wahi heard screaming from below the ground, that they decided to dig him up. Although Kraal was pretty much a demon in a mask, he had suffered severe memory loss from being under the ground so long. All he knew was his name, and strangely, the Matoran language. He knew nothing of the fact that he was actually a demon, and it was probably best that it stayed that way. The villagers were slow to trust him, but eventually constructed him a body, a body that was far more agile and durable than anything Kraal had known before. This body that he used was named "Kracha". Kraal thanked the villagers for their great help, but told them he wished to see the world that he had been locked in for so long. He headed to Ta-Wahi, and that is where his story begins....

PERSONALITY - Kraal is easily lost in thought, but is usually very talkative and friendly. If something interferes with his life that he doesn't like, he will be sure to make them know about it.

STRENGTH/WEAKNESS - Kraal is an incredible melee fighter, and is very agile, but high powered, long ranged projectiles can easily knock him from his Kracha. If this happens, then is easily crushed from any point. However, should another Kanohi be nearby, he can transfer himself to it, so the trick to killing him would be to crushing his normal Kanohi, and any other in the area (excluding ones that are being worn).

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Name - Brontes

Species - Toa

Gender - Male

Element - Electricity

Alignment - Chaotic Good


Equipment - Kanohi Calix and his two Toa armaments. A small, unadorned shield of hardened protosteel that can be electrically charged to have a mirror sheen and a plain, but well made short sword. Double edged and roughly a meter in length.


Appearance - Brontes is small and slightly built for a Toa, reflecting his past matoran life as a scribe and librarian. His armor is bronze with yellow highlights and heartstone, and is streamlined and compact, adding to his underwhelming stature. His Calix is disguised as a Hau to conceal it's power, which can be central to his fighting style


Biography - Framed and convicted of political subterfuge on his home island, Brontes was exiled from his home and confined to a meager raft, left to drift several kilometers away from his home island. He drifted for weeks, surviving on what he could catch and the frequent rain storms. Eventually the ocean currents took him close to a large and unfamiliar island which he summoned his reserved strength to swim to. It was the island nation of Mata Nui he would learn, as he tried to covertly intergrate and learn about their culture, it was a turbulant land. He is kind and caring, but guarded in displays of emotion. After his betrayal he has become reluctant to pledge loyalty or trust to others and has pursued mercenary work, a job he is ill suited for because of his distaste for battle and strong, but subdued, moral compass. He has a clever and scholarly intelligence, but can easily overanalyze situations and miss opportunities in battle and social minutiae


Weaknesses - His physical capabilities are subpar for a Toa. Most of his battle strategy relies around surprise through use of his equipment, observation and careful planning. Aside from his Calix he has no tactical advantages, and very little skill in spontaneous skirmishes. His other disadvantage is that his weapons and Kanohi are best used against an unknowning opponent. After one has seen the trick to his shield or the truth of his mask, he has no way of quickly turning a battle in his favor


* * *


Name - Langmuir

Species - Toa

Gender - Male

Element - Iron

Alignment - Lawful Neutral


Equipment - Kanohi Kakama and his Toa armament, a long chain he can reinforce and manipulate with his elemental powers


Appearance - Langmuir is of average height and has a solid build, developed through years of working the forge and smithing weapons for guardsmen and warriors all throughout Ta-Wahi. His armor is brownish grey with burnt orange highlights and heartstone. His mask is the same burnt orange. His armor is blocky and vaguely ornate, it has been constantly changed and modified over the years


Biography - Raised in Ta-Koro, his family owned a large forge and made weapons for the Ta-Koro guard, he lost both forge and family during Makuta's reign, and became a Toa so he could better fight and protect his home. He learned valuable lessons in combat, but become disillusioned with his Koro's leadership during the political unrest following Makuta's defeat. Since then he has been a wanderer, working small jobs or projects in a Wahi before moving onto another


He believes that order is the one and only way to uphold the three virtues, and would gladly support anyone he felt could bring that order. He is unbending, suiting his element, and does not entertain other people's viewpoints or beliefs. He looks down on those that fight only for themselves, or those that would bring disorder into life. Whether or not they claim their actions are for the side of "light" or "dark"


His fighting style reflects his past tenure as a blacksmith and creater of weapons. He is adept at constructing swords, axes and other forms of weapon with his elemental powers. And can easily harness the metals in the soil and rocks around him. Lacking proficiency with these constructs, he typically treats them as oversized projectiles and shoots them at his enemies. Favoring a quick and unexpected onslaught to crush his foes


Weaknesses - He does not know how to effectively use any weapons but his chain, and requires at least a short time to ready his arsenal. His technique also requires a large amount of elemental energy, and using more than a dozen constructs in a short period places immense strain on his body


* * *


Name - Skoll

Species - Skakdi

Gender - Male

Power(s) - Plasma and Impact Vision

Alignment - Chaotic Neutral


Equipment - A revolver that holds six shots and a large halberd. The Halberd's shaft folds at the mid point for easier concealment and travel


Appearance - Tall and densely muscled, bright orange armor covers his white bio-mechanical body. His spines are numerous, small and bristly, seeming more like a mane then the bone-like projections most Skakdi have. His face is long and could be compared to a wolf, having more of a snout then a mouth. This causes a slight speech impediment


Biography - Skoll was summoned by Makuta in his initial takeover of the island, he found himself aboard one of the many ships of malevolent beings that traveled to Mata-Nui in those times. After Makuta's stunning defeat, he quickly took to the shadowy urban parts of the islands, eventually transformed from a powerful and proud warrior of darkness into an alley drunk. In recent times he has ventured into Onu-Koro, having been tossed out of most inns and bars in the surrounding regions


His personality has turned bitter and depressed since Makuta's fall. He formerly had a large ego and aggressive personality, believing himself to be the one in charge of any team he was on, and by far the most intelligent and capable. He still holds some of those views, but they are dampened by his miserable situation


Weaknesses - His weapons are ill-suited to close range and he frequently underestimates his opponents

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Name: Joskander! (Exclamation mark not required)


Species: Toa (of Air, for the record)


Gender: Male


Alignment: Fun-fun! :D (Okay, I guess Chaotic Good would be the best fit.  He’s mostly out to have fun, but he’s still a nice guy and well aware of his Duties as Toa.)


Appearance: Tall and lean- not particularly muscled, but he’s been doing a lot of running throughout his life, and that still reflects on his build.  His armor (mostly green-colored, but with some brown and orange highlights) is light and fits him in a manner that allows for unrestricted movement.


Equipment: One Kanohi Kakama, Great Mask of Speed; two ornate gauntlets that serve as Toa Tools and thus help him channel his elemental abilities; one really really long chain that also can serve as a Toa Tool (or just something to hit baddies with); a couple lightstones and books for leisure and stuff; the usual supplies for spending a life out in the wild, away from civilization


Powers: Elemental control over Air; Kakama-granted speed enhancement (and all the required secondary powers that come with LUDICROUS SPEED), a decent amount of close-combat martial arts training based around hitting people a whole bunch.  Also, he can swim for some reason.  Maybe he was bored or something, I dunno.


Traits: His main goal in life is looking for a good time!   :D Well, that and helping people and stuff.  He’s a Toa, after all!  He’s really energetic and happy and smiley and kinda childish and naive sometimes for someone whose job is helping people and also he talks a lot and is LOUD.  He has also mastered the art of inserting emoticons into his speech.  Somehow.  :| He tries to be nice and sociable and stuff, but he often doesn’t think about what he’s doing and sometimes he ends up doing stupid things without realizing it until he’s already done them.  Like running into walls.  That’s kind of a thing.


Biography: He’s been travelling for a while, always searching for new adventures and excitement.  His ascension to Toa was mostly a happy accident; he found a place in trouble and just so happened to be in the right place at the right time for a Toa Stone to come his way.  Mata Nui is just the latest stop on his journey; he’s not entirely sure what’s going on here, but judging from experience, it’s bound to be something cool!   ^_^


Weaknesses: He’s not the sturdiest of Toa, relying on his mask and powers when he needs to apply brute force or deal with incoming damage.  Also, his competence and intelligence tends to vary wildly depending on the circumstances; one second, he might be plotting ridiculously convoluted strategies in his head, and yet the next he’s accidentally running face-first into a stone wall at supersonic speeds.  He’s kind of nutty like that.

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I'd actually have something of substance to say here, but I'm too lazy to think of anything.  >_< Er, have some BZPRPG profiles, I guess?


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Kanohi Kadin (flight)
Toa tools:twin power swords (like jaller mahri's)
Alingment whatever good-doing will pay the most

Noradom wears heavy, heat resistant, bright orange armor to go with his element. He mostly uses his mask to travel, and doesn't have much agility due to his thick armor to protect himself from his own power. He is very tall and muscular which makes him a very big target. He's skilled with any device that leaves the ground, espescially his own mask. He's pretty good-natured but his jokes aren't the funniest. He arrived in a Toa canister that fell from the sky into the Lava Lagoon. He has no memory of any past before the Ta-Matoran raised his canister from the searing depths. He isn't really that serious until someone gets hurt.

Weaknesses: Being on the ground: Noradom is very slow when he actually has to walk. Being cold, wet, hungry, and/or tired: this makes him grumpy and useless, also cold temperatures sap his strength. Even when Noradom is flying, he is still a very easy target due to his size. If you actually get through his armor, then you deserve a medal and you can more easily take Noradom down

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  • Name: Voran
  • Species: Toa
  • A detailed description or image(will provide image in following days): Tall and bulky build. Long legs and arms made for climbing and maneuvering in most anywhere. Armored in layers of Dark blue and Gold. Wears a Calix in the shape of an elda.
  • Gender: Male
  • Powers and Weapons: Elemental control of Electricity. Large clawed hand. Wields a power lance to channel his power of electricity. Wears a Kanohi Calix (Non-Organic)
  • Technological items: (Not sure about this one. Might update if i figure out if I should put something here.)
  • Weakness(es): Melee combat skills are sub-par, mostly relying on cunning and trickery to line up for a ranged attack. Also slightly paranoid, he is constantly worried of being betrayed.
  • Alignment: Neutral.
  • History: Voran has been exploring and observing the political progression of the island for quite a while, watching and waiting for when the best time to join a koro would be. And that time is now.
  • Personality and traits: Quiet, Observant, Cunning. He may come off as cold of grim, but on the inside he is not. Slightly paranoid, as he is constantly worried of being betrayed.

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Name: Keina (Kay-nah)

Species : Toa

Gender: Female

Alignment: Lawful Good

Physical description: Keina is slightly taller than the average Toa. She Has a sleek build, her body consisting of mostly white coloration with blue highlights around her Shoulders and Waist. Her armor consists of circle like Shoulder pads and rather bulky Arm and Knee guards. She wears a fully white Kanohi Hau, consisting of a blue boarder around her eyes. Her Kanohi looks more feminine than the average Hau.

Powers and/or Weapons: Keina controls the element Electricity. She has a large blue shield with the emblem of the 3 virtues in white as its crest. It is used to protect herself from weapons/weapon fire. It's affects can be amplified by her Hau.

History: Ever since she can remember, Keina has had the burning passion to pursue truth and justice. Keina has vanquished corruption from many hearts and her one goal in life to eradicate it fully from Mata Nui. Her other one goal in life is to Acquire a Kanohi Rode.

Personality and traits: Keina is rather blunt when addressing how she feels about someone, which can be good or bad depending if she likes the person or not. She feels a need to protect those in a lesser situation than her own and help them in any way possible. She also wishes no one she deems good to come to harm. She becomes very dark when confronting injustice.

Weakness(es): She is not terribly good at attacking enemies and can't handle hand to hand, preferring more to be a wall and protect her allies. She is also afraid of water and the ocean.

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