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#161 Offline Nebula 2.0

Nebula 2.0
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Posted Jul 23 2014 - 01:52 AM

Name: Nameless


Species: Toa - Parakuka Bonded


Phyiscal Description: This nameless young Toa is clad in rags. In particular, dirty brown shreds of leather are wrapped around his forearms and legs. The host wears a hooded cloak that seems to have been created from the tattered remains of some sail. His natural armor is a dull slate gray and looks worn. Scratches and small dents litter his body and a large scar runs from one corner of his mask to the corner of his mouth. He has a lithe build that the cloak obscures most of the time.Despite his haggard appearance this vagabond's bright eyes still retain a certain youthful brightness and innocence that's been lost in many others.


With Ta active, the nameless Toa becomes more rahkshi-like. His natural armor twists and folds and becomes more chitinous. He seems to develop a light hunch and his mask becomes more angular. The eye slits become sharper and more narrow. The Toa's slender fingers naturally curl as if they're grasping something and the tips become sharper.


Gender: Male


Powers/Skills: The Toa's own elemental powers and Kanohi Iden are sealed off by the Parakuka's presence. In exchange, however, the Toa can empower his own physical attributes for 10 minutes before succumbing to extreme fatigue.


Weaknesses:  Aimless and naive, the young Toa is easy to manipulate and fool. His lack of combat training makes it hard for him to stand up against more experience foes even in his enhanced state. Ta also serves as his weakspot like all other hosts.


Alignment: True Neutral


History: It was amongst the shifting sands of the Motara Desert that the Toa awoke. He was draped in a makeshift cloak and could see nothing in the sandstorm that ravaged the desert. Ta, the Parakuka attached to his back, activated out of instinct. Although he was still confused the power that surged through his body allowed him to narrowly survive an attack from a Nui-Jaga. The beast's venom poisoned the young Toa and he passed out on the outskirts of Pa-Koro.


Personality/Traits: The nameless Toa is a curious individual. Simple things that Mata-Nui's natives take for granted can often leave him in awe and dumbstruck. His curiousity extends to literature. If one were to observe him they'd 9 times out of 10 find him voraciously reading some sort of book whether it be a history book to a manual. The nameless Toa is rather shy and it seems that he occassionally stutters and avoids eye contact.




Name: Ta


Species: Parakuka


Physical Description: The parakuka is very young and is bonded to the nameless Toa's spine. Ta is still rather squishy and lacks the carapace of an older slug. His flesh is a creamy white.


Gender: Male


Weaknesses: Like all Parakuka Ta relies on his host for all things and is defenseless on his own.


Alignment: True Neutral


History: Ta hatched following the exile of Makuta from Mata-Nui. Without his guiding influence he barely survived on his own instincts. For the first few weeks the Parakuka fed on small rahi. He hid amongst the small and damp crevices of ships before finding himself hidden in a crate of fruit. The slug can't remember the rest of his life after that point and only truly became aware after he bonded to the nameless Toa purely out of survival.


Personality: Ta has very little knowledge and seems to influence his host's own natural curiosity. He relies on him for information. His images are crude right now; they're blurs of colors arranged to very slightly resemble certain things.




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#162 Offline Jamescax

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Posted Jul 24 2014 - 11:23 AM

Name: Mahluk 


Species: Matoran


Physical Description: Mahluk is physically the average size of a Matoran with some differences here and there. He walks with a slight hunch and slopes his arms forward to the ground, much like a patrolling Gorilla. Instead of making normal Matoran sounds he grunts and makes animalistic sounds, similar, but not the same, as Nuju's way of communication. He runs also like a beast, instead of waving his arms side-to-side like a normal Matoran. There are some similarities in his movement to that of the Toa Hordika. His pitch-black armour is cut and scratched in multiple places, and he wears a small silk cloth over his back as it is mostly exposed to the elements.


Mahluk's eyes are a bright green, and resemble that of a cats'. He wears what did resemble a Pakari but now, thanks to most of it chipping away, resembles no other mask.


Gender: Male


Powers/Skills: Since Mahluk is a Matoran, he has no elemental powers. However, he possesses stamina much higher than the average Matoran, thanks to him spending a lot more time scavenging and hunting. He is no stronger, however. 


Weaknesses: Mahluk is a Matoran without proper social exposure, or at least for the past few years. His eyes have become accustomed to the darkness of the tunnels underneath Mata-Nui, so bright lights will definitely frighten and hurt the Matoran. He is also very easy to deceive, given he doesn't know Matorans that well.


Alignment: Neutral Good (?)


History: Mahluk was like any other Matoran in Mata Nui. He was a skilled inventor and got along well with the rest of the Onu-Matorans. He was creating an amazing contraption; the part he needed to finish it was somewhere in the mountains of Ko-Wahi. Travelling there only accompanied by himself, he was looking for the key component when he was swallowed alive by a sink hole. Locked inside the depths of Mata Nui, his only refuge was the homes of nestling Rahi, which in time he came to know well. Over time he became more and more like the creatures which he lived with and now, after a disastrous event in the caves, he has escaped to the surface in search of a new home and his family.


Personality: Mahluk is a smart Matoran, or was, and now has forgotten much about his time in Onu-Koro. He is an adventurous spirit who enjoys the company of others and enjoys exploring. The Onu-Matoran has an overall innocence in his actions, like a child.

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#163 Offline Silo

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Posted Jul 28 2014 - 03:08 PM

Full Name: Toa Silo Mahara

Species: Toa

Element: Gravity

Gender: Male


  • Kanohi Matatu, mask of telekinisis.
  • A metal broadsword, can also be used to channel and direct more accurately his elemental power
  • Two daggers and a knife.


  • Elemental power of gravity: can increase gravity around an opponent to crush them, change direction of gravity for short periods of time, erase gravity under him to cause him to levitate and even cause small black holes for very small periods of time.
  • Mask power of telekinisis: gives him the ability to move objects with his mind - heavier objects take more willpower and are mentally tiring. This power, in conjunction with his elemental power, allows him to move objects and beings (including himself) with ease.


Silo is tall even for a toa but skinny with a fairly average mechanical:organic ratio in his body.

His armour is dark purple, very dark purple and black with the occasional highlight of bright purple. It's style is geometric and industrial-looking with not much in the way of fancy decoration. Some of the plating is rusted orange and all of it is battle-worn with dents and cuts.

The thumb of his left hand, the third finger of his right hand and his entire left foot as well as many places where organic material should be are gleaming gunmetal - fully mechanical replacements for battle-damaged areas of his body.

His working eye is burning white.

His purple mask is somewhat similar to Toa Nuju's but it has no telescopic eye and the eye-holes are more similar to Nuju's noble mask in their angular shape. A deep gash runs from the top of the mask to just under the eye-hole on his right side. That one is dark.

If you were to build Silo as a model...well you wouldn't be able to but his build would be somewhere between the Inika build and the Toa Metru build. In purple.


Little is known about Silo's early life other than the fact that he lived as a ba-matoran on one of the southern islands in the Matoran Universe and that at some point he became a toa of gravity. After many adventures in the MU his Islands' Turaga sent his small team and the toa from neighbouring islands up to the surface (the turaga had seen a vision of "life above our heads").

After a perilous journey they reached the surface only to find an endless sea. After making  a crude boat from resources collected by a kaukau-wearing toa, they sailed for many months in search of a land mass.

When they finally reached a large island most of the toa were semi-insane from starvation and each other's company. Silo schemed to kill the Island's skakdi inhabitants who were obviously a threat by setting off the volcano at the heart of the island. The other toa were disgusted, saying that he was not worthy of the title of toa and set him into the woods of the island alone where he met some of the native skakdi.

He told them of the toa and their location so that the war-happy skakdi could destroy the intruders. Not a single toa survived; Not even Toa Silo - now it was just Silo.

After finding a way to travel easily between the surface and the MU, Silo used his knowledge of the surface to gain power and became an influential figure in the crime scene of many of the islands in the MU, eventually joining the Dark Hunters organization.

After a dispute (and that is putting it very lightly) with the Shadowed one, Silo and his small group of trusted allies became the first beings to successfully leave the Dark Hunters.

From that point on, Silo and his group of renegades became freelance bounty-hunters, launchers-for-hire and political assassins.

When Makuta Teridax sent the signal from Mata-Nui he felt like he simply had to go and so joined the various other mercenaries and killers on the Island.

For the period until Makuta's banishment, he was partially under Teridax's control but his strength of willpower stopped him totally  being controlled.

Now he too seeks the secrets of the vault and peruses his own motives rather than being hired.


Silo's personality is usually cool and calculating but he can suddenly turn incredibly angry if someone for example calls him "toa" in which case he will usually stab them.

In his time, he has made a few close friends but a great many more enemies. However, Silo believes in the saying "keep your friends close but your enemies closer" which is why many customers of his services suddenly find top secret tablets mysteriously gone of more often than not, a bomb in place of them.

Although he is dedicated to his work, he is ambitious and therefore prone to following his own motives as a priority.

Sometimes (very rarely) he wishes he was a toa again but then he remembers the arrogance and ignorance beyond there own little worlds - the ones inside their heads - and never wishes to be like that again.

He always likes to plan far ahead and calculate the possibility of events happening and the risks of a situation before doing something.

Although he would not see it like this, Silo is somewhat motivated by revenge when performing his cruel deeds - there is a small part of him that wishes for all the toa have worked for, strived for to crumble and anarchy and chaos to rule...


Himself, whoever pays the most.


His anger can sometimes cause him to be reckless, he can sometimes be arrogant, his tendency to follow personal motives can cause him to go off track in search of profit, power or revenge.


He is a skilled swordsman and knife-fighter, he has good control over his element and mask power, he can plan far ahead and calculate and opponent's next move. 

Edited by Silo, Jul 29 2014 - 02:25 PM.

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#164 Offline Makuta of Metru Nui

Makuta of Metru Nui
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Posted Jul 28 2014 - 11:56 PM

      Name - Nunonu

  • Appearance - A Pre-Rebuilding Matoran with a powerless orange great Pakari, black torso / arms, and orange feet.
  • Gender - Male
  • Equipment - A screwdriver set, small welding torch, wirecutters, and a soldering iron. All of which he keeps in a backpack
  • Technological items - None
  • Weakness(es)  Weak as far as physical might goes, even for Matoran standards. and his naive and curious personality could often lead him into trouble. Little to no combat skill
  • Alignment - Neutral, could be swayed depending on how persuasive one is.
  • History - The story of Nunonu is not a interesting one. A simple Onu-Matoran who is trying to make it as a inventor. He's no Nuparu however despite the resemblance, and instead works as a local repairman, with a drop box outside his hut. He doesn't charge much for the services, saying people who need things repaired should pay however much they think it is worth.
  • Personality - Naive, curious but not one for putting his foot down, he will back down from conflict more times then not, unless he is personally invested in one side or another. Nunonu means well though, even dropping the charge on some of his repairs if the individual can't afford it.
  • Traits & things to note - Young for a Matoran. Favors his left hand

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#165 Offline Keeper of Kraata

Keeper of Kraata
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Posted Jul 30 2014 - 07:34 PM

  • Name: Casanuva
  • Species: Toa of Magnetism


Casanuva, unusually for a toa of magnetism, is primarily blue and gunmetal.

  • Gender: Male. Very, very male.
  • Powers: Casanuva's elemental powers have been fine-tuned. His easy-going attitude hides a keen knowledge of ferromagnetic materials, and how to exploit them. His elemental repetoire ranges from simply polarizing someones armor so debris will stick to them and wiping traditional computers by proximity (watch your iStones, people), to more advanced techniques, such as polarizing his sword to an opponent and throwing it at him before arcing it back to his had, limited flight, and an experimental technique creating a minature railgun.
  • Weaknesses: If you ask him, he'll say pretty ladies. When not finding a flashy use for his powers, he tends to fight very defensively, almost to his detriment. He isn't the most nimble of toa in his armor, either. Due to his near-constant use of his powers, he tends to drain his energy fairly fast, and must recharge around rare veins of ferromagnetic ore.
  • Alignment: Unprincipled
  • Equipment: Casanuva wears a Pakari, though he does not use it as much as his elemental powers. In addition, he wields a (relatively dull) arming sword, and wears heavier armor than normal. In his pack, he carries a few days worth of currency, and a polymer bag full of ball bearings.
  • History: Casanuva does not truly remember where he came from; only that he woke up in a cramped pod, with a beeping light. After making landing along the (surface) shores of Onu-Wahi, he spent several weeks huddled on the rocks getting sea spray in every joint he had. Once he figured out he wasn't a crazy amnesiac on an empty island, he managed to use what little elemental power he had left to fly himself to the mainland, where he followed some signs under the earth, into Onu-Wahi. There, he met a simple courier travelling with naught but an ussal crab; the courier offered wages and a map for Casanuva's service as a guard. On the way, the courier taught Casanuva about the island of Mata Nui, and gave him a crash course on politics. A very crash course.
  • Personality and traits: Casanuva is arrogant, flirtatious, and seems to suffer a disability to take anything seriously. He wanders the land in search of passion, whether it be an emotionally charged evening, a glass of fine wine, or pursuing outlandish stunts.

Edited by Keeper of Kraata, Jul 30 2014 - 10:30 PM.

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#166 Offline TheMegazordman1

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Posted Jul 31 2014 - 12:19 AM

Name- Ry


Species- Po-Matoran


14587556417_9506ed26bd_n.jpgReturn of the Toa mocs by The MegazordMan, on Flickr


gender- Male


Weapons- Ry owns a Bow forged from Protosteel making it have a extremely strong draw strength and when used with different arrows that he has can puncture different things like armor flesh or even walls .He also carries a protosteel knife for close up combat .


Weaknesses- Besides the normal weaknesses of being a Matoren Ry also has a wound on his right shoulder that acts up from time to time and causes him severe pain if hit by anything even if armor is protecting it . Ry can be rather dense at times and dose not know when to quit this some times making him end up on the losing end of a fight.


Alignment - Good


History- Ry Washed up on the shores of Ga-Wahi most likely after a boating incident off shore  but during the ordeal he some how lost his memory and no longer remembers where he came from but he does remember his skills .


Personality and traits- Ry is very loyal to his friends and will do his best to protect them when ever possible .He is brilliant with machinery and can fix most things that are broken if he has the parts and the tools . He is a tactical fighter and will look for a weakness in a enemy before he attacks .

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