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Name: Tarkah


Species: Toa - Parakuka Bonded


Physical Description: This young Toa is clad in rags. In particular, dirty brown shreds of leather are wrapped around his forearms and legs. The host wears a hooded cloak that seems to have been created from the tattered remains of some sail. His natural armor is a dull slate gray and looks worn. Scratches and small dents litter his body and a large scar runs from one corner of his mask to the corner of his mouth. He has a lithe build that the cloak obscures most of the time. Despite his haggard appearance this vagabond's bright blue eyes still retain a certain youthful brightness and innocence that's been lost in many others.


With Ta active, the Tarkah becomes more Rahkshi-like. His natural armor twists and folds and becomes more chitinous. He seems to develop a light hunch and his mask becomes more angular. The eye slits become sharper and more narrow. The Toa's slender fingers naturally curl as if they're grasping something and the tips become sharper.


Gender: Male


Powers/Skills: The Toa's own elemental powers and Kanohi Iden are sealed off by the Parakuka's presence. In exchange, however, Tarkah can empower his own physical attributes for 10 minutes before succumbing to extreme fatigue. Tarkah's observational skills are something to be wary of. He can analyze the slightest movements or sounds to a scarily meticulous degree. The young private is also a very quick learner.


Weaknesses:  Aimless and naive, the young Toa is easy to manipulate and fool. His lack of combat training makes it hard for him to stand up against more experience foes even in his enhanced state. Ta also serves as his weak spot like all other hosts. 


Alignment: Lawful Neutral


History: It was among the shifting sands of the Motara Desert that the Toa awoke. He was draped in a makeshift cloak and could see nothing in the sandstorm that ravaged the desert. Ta, the Parakuka attached to his back, activated out of instinct. Although he was still confused the power that surged through his body allowed him to narrowly survive an attack from a Nui-Jaga. The beast's venom poisoned the young Toa and he passed out on the outskirts of Po-Koro. After being found by nomads the amnesiac was brought to Po-Koro. From there he took odd jobs and scraped together enough money for a few scraps of food each day. He grew tired of the region, however, and began travelling westward in search of a new purpose in life.


Upon arriving in Ga-Koro, the Toa was caught up in a small incident and eventually found his way into the Marines. He has since taken the name of Tarkah as his own. 


Personality/Traits: Tarkah is a curious individual. Simple things that Mata-Nui's natives take for granted can often leave him in awe and dumbstruck. Libraries are Tarkah's favorite spots due to the amount of knowledge they contain and the places he spends most of his free time in. If one were to observe him they'd find him 9 times out of 10 voraciously reading some sort of book whether it be a history book to a manual no matter how irrelevant the topic is. Tarkah is very shy and avoids as much eye contact as he can. Part of this stems from the stigma of hosting a Parakuka and the other is his own subconscious desire to fade into obscurity. 




Name: Ta


Species: Parakuka


Physical Description: The parakuka is very young and is bonded to the nameless Toa's spine. Ta is still rather squishy and lacks the carapace of an older slug. His flesh is a creamy white.


Gender: Male


Weaknesses: Like all Parakuka Ta relies on his host for all things and is defenseless on his own.


Alignment: True Neutral


History: Ta hatched following the exile of Makuta from Mata-Nui. Without his guiding influence he barely survived on his own instincts. For the first few weeks the Parakuka fed on small rahi. He hid amongst the small and damp crevices of ships before finding himself hidden in a crate of fruit. The slug can't remember the rest of his life after that point and only truly became aware after he bonded to the nameless Toa purely out of survival.


Personality: Ta has very little knowledge and seems to influence his host's own natural curiosity. He relies on him for information. His images are crude right now; they're blurs of colors arranged to very slightly resemble certain things.





Name: Kahal


Species: Toa


Physical Description: Kahal stands at the average height of 1.6 Bio. His armor is a dark shade of green with silver accenting it. The Toa’s eyes are a vibrant shade of red. Kahal’s Kualsi is the shame shade of green as his armor. Silver paint has been added to the sides of his mask as well. One can almost make out what appear to be tattoos or inked-in scars when his jerkin is only fastened at the waist.

The first thing that attracts most people’s attention is the metallic hide of some sort of foreign rahi. What presumably covered the beast’s front legs now hang freely on each side of the hunter’s neck. The back of the pelt extends down to cover the top half of his back. Kahal’s forelimbs are each bound tightly with bandages that each help him with climbing. His elbows and knees are also covered with pads that seem to have been made from the remainder of the pelt. The hunter is never seen without his leather jerkin and his quiver.


Gender: Male


Powers/Skills: Kahal has the elemental powers of air. For the most part however, Kahal merely uses these powers to enhance his archery. He can also use his Kualsi to teleport to an area he can see. Although Kahal is a skilled archer he’s still clever enough to rely on setting traps and controlling the area. If someone were to get close enough, however, the hunter has one final surprise. The young huntsman is a skilled close combatant whose fighting style relies on using all limbs. In particular, his knee and elbow strikes are the most deadly and damaging.


Weapons/Gear:  Kahal’s weapon of choice is a bow crafted from the bones of a large avian rahi and an unknown wood. An unknown substance fills the hollow bones and seem to make them very resilient. The center of the bow is primarily wood with a leather binding. The wing bones serve as the bow’s elastic limbs and have been inverted so that the longest bones are closest to the archer. The rahi’s skull serves as a handguard and a place to notch arrows. Silver blades have been set into each end of the bow and the rahi’s beak has been covered into protodermis to serve as a make-shift katar.

The Toa also uses a scope that has been salvaged from an Akaku. It serves merely as a scope and lacks the telescoping function. Kahal always brings a decent amount of rope with him – usually enough for two large snares or four smaller ones.


Weaknesses: The Toa’s focus on archery and close-combat have left him with a limited use of both his Kanohi and elemental powers. His powers over wind are really only used to provide him with perfect conditions when shooting and occasionally to help him climb. As a hunter, Kahal’s relies largely on preparing the area. Without this control Kahal becomes significantly easier to deal with.


Alignment: Neutral Good


History: The young huntsman came from a small island in the south. Not much is known about his past as a matoran as most accounts of his existence distinctly refer to him as a Toa. Kahal has served on several ships in the past as well but has never stayed for more than one excursion. What drew Kahal to Mata-Nui is unknown but the time he’s spent on this particular island is rather noteworthy in that he’s actually settled down.


Personality/Traits: Kahal is rather personable and friendly. He always seems eager to talk to others and truly does seem to take every interaction to heart. The young huntsman seems to suppress his more negative emotions in front of others and hides his pains with a smile. The Toa holds a deep reverence for nature and as a hunter he always goes for the quickest and most painless kill with his quarry. To him, hunting is merely a means of survival and something that shouldn’t be done for leisure. The balance of life and death in the wild is a key component of his philosophy.



Edited by -Golden Knight-

-Where there is light, shadows lurk and fear reigns-

-Yet by the blade of Knights, mankind was given hope-

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Name: Mahluk 


Species: Matoran


Physical Description: Mahluk is physically the average size of a Matoran with some differences here and there. He walks with a slight hunch and slopes his arms forward to the ground, much like a patrolling Gorilla. Instead of making normal Matoran sounds he grunts and makes animalistic sounds, similar, but not the same, as Nuju's way of communication. He runs also like a beast, instead of waving his arms side-to-side like a normal Matoran. There are some similarities in his movement to that of the Toa Hordika. His pitch-black armour is cut and scratched in multiple places, and he wears a small silk cloth over his back as it is mostly exposed to the elements.


Mahluk's eyes are a bright green, and resemble that of a cats'. He wears what did resemble a Pakari but now, thanks to most of it chipping away, resembles no other mask.


Gender: Male


Powers/Skills: Since Mahluk is a Matoran, he has no elemental powers. However, he possesses stamina much higher than the average Matoran, thanks to him spending a lot more time scavenging and hunting. He is no stronger, however. 


Weaknesses: Mahluk is a Matoran without proper social exposure, or at least for the past few years. His eyes have become accustomed to the darkness of the tunnels underneath Mata-Nui, so bright lights will definitely frighten and hurt the Matoran. He is also very easy to deceive, given he doesn't know Matorans that well.


Alignment: Neutral Good (?)


History: Mahluk was like any other Matoran in Mata Nui. He was a skilled inventor and got along well with the rest of the Onu-Matorans. He was creating an amazing contraption; the part he needed to finish it was somewhere in the mountains of Ko-Wahi. Travelling there only accompanied by himself, he was looking for the key component when he was swallowed alive by a sink hole. Locked inside the depths of Mata Nui, his only refuge was the homes of nestling Rahi, which in time he came to know well. Over time he became more and more like the creatures which he lived with and now, after a disastrous event in the caves, he has escaped to the surface in search of a new home and his family.


Personality: Mahluk is a smart Matoran, or was, and now has forgotten much about his time in Onu-Koro. He is an adventurous spirit who enjoys the company of others and enjoys exploring. The Onu-Matoran has an overall innocence in his actions, like a child.

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“You might call me ‘immoral’, but I call myself ‘payed’.”


Full Name: Toa Silo Mahara (aka "The Pariah")

Gender: Male Species: Matoran (Toa) Element: Gravity


  • Great Kanohi Matatu, mask of telekinesis

  • Protosteel combat knives

  • Throwing knives


  • Elemental control over gravity

  • Mask power of telekinesis

  • Like all beings of gravity, Silo has increased resistance to high pressures and gravitational attacks

Physical characteristics:

Silo is clad in battle-worn and industrial-looking purple and black armour, covered in dents and scratches. He is tall, thin and wiry. His right eye is dark, with a deep scar running across his lensless mask. His working eye and heartlight are burning white. Silo is a skilled combatant with both throwing and melee knives, and is fast and agile.

Weakness: Silo is not particularly strong, mostly relying on his Gravity powers.

Mental characteristics:

Silo acts calm and reserved, and is good at hiding his true intentions. He can also be cynical and sometimes unnecessarily, with a deadpan sense of humour. He is becoming increasingly more impulsive and reckless, with little morals or self-identity. His personal motives always come before anything else.
Weakness: Silo's driven personal quests often sidetrack him and put him in needless danger.


Silo lived as a Ba-Matoran on an unknown island and later he became a Ba-Toa. Shortly afterwards, he lost faith in the Great Spirit and became an outcast. From that point on, Silo and his group of renegades became freelance sellswords and political assassins. He and his team were summoned to the island by Makuta, later continuing as bounty-hunters.

Allegiances: Himself, whoever pays the most.

Alignment: Ordered Neutral/Ordered Evil


“Unpredictability is just a matter of perspective.”


Full Name: Toa Rekhyt Mahara (aka "The Vandal")

Gender: Male Species: Matoran (Toa) Element: Magnetism


  • Great Kanohi Kaulsi, mask of quick-travel

  • Two protosteel katana

  • Throwing discs and throwing knives

  • Supplies


  • Elemental control over magnetism

  • Mask power of teleportation

  • Like all beings of Magnetism, Rekhyt has an extremely good internal compass

Physical characteristics:

Rekhyt wears lightweight gunmetal, light silver and metru gold armour, geometric and angular in style, the eye-holes of his mask sharp points. He wears a black cloak and is of average height. His eyes and heartlight are burnt orange. Rekhyt is a skilled swordsman and trained sharpshooter, and is strong and very agile.

Weakness: Rekhyt has a low tolerance for alcohol.

Mental characteristics:

Rehkyt is caring for his friends, and can be funny and amiable, but turns serious quickly with the situation. He views his job as nothing more than that - something with an income. He can be a little reckless, often willing to try more “creative” moves in combat. Rekhyt isn’t sadistic, and will never harm defenseless or innocent beings.

Weakness: Rekhyt can get others into danger with his adventurousness.


Rekhyt was part of Silo's toa team on an unknown island, and later part of his group of renegades. Rekhyt travelled to the Mata-Nui in response to the Makuta’s summons, losing contact with his team after the Dark One’s defeat. Rehkyt began hiring himself out as a mercenary like his brother, later becoming part of the Outsiders.

Allegiances: His friends and people he trusts, himself, money.

Alignment: True Neutral


“Their unity will be shattered.”


Full Name: Mortem (aka "The Reaper")

Gender: Male Species: Vortixx Element: Death


  • A knife and a metal bar

  • Supplies


  • Since being affected by Antidermis, the ability to fragment matter by touching it

Physical characteristics:

Mortem is dressed in smooth armour of dark green-grey with highlights of blood red. Like all vortixx, he is very tall and slender. His eyes and heartlight are crimson or sickly green when enraged by antidermis. His hands end in sharp metal talons, while his teeth are sharpened to points. Mortem is incredibly strong and trained in unarmed combat.

Weakness: Mortem has little experience wielding a weapon other than a staff.

Mental characteristics:

Mortem is dark and sadistic, his mood easily changeable and his mind unstable. He has a complete lack of morals, willing to murder, torture and worse in the name of Makuta. He has a deluded view of the world, seeing himself as a bringer of justice, enlightenment and order. Antidermis has given him he has a lust for death and pain.

Weakness: Mortem is willing to put himself in danger in Makuta’s name.


Mortem’s history is a little unclear, but it is known that he arrived on the island during the Great War in response to Makuta’s summons. Dedicating his life to the dark god and fighting in his army, Mortem preached Makuta’s teachings and killed those who did not listen. After the Battle of Ko-Koro, he officially joined the Legacy.

Allegiances: The Makuta, the Legacy and other Makuta followers.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil


“I used to be walking...now I've realised I’m flying.”


Full Name: Mura Ta-Koro (aka "The Inventor")

Gender: Male Species: Matoran Element: Plasma


  • Powerless Kanohi Hau, mask of shielding

  • A number of work-in-progress inventions

  • Supplies


  • Like all beings of Plasma, Mura has a resistance to bright light and heat, even at incredible temperatures

Physical characteristics:

Mura sports bright orange, white and orange-tinted white armour, flowing and streamlined in appearance. His eyes and heartlight are golden yellow. He is average height for a matoran, with a fairly broad build. He carries many work-in-progress inventions in his satchel. Mura is a fairly fast runner, for a matoran.

Weakness: Mura has no combat training as is fairly weak as a matoran.

Mental characteristics:

Mura is very inventive, creative and imaginative, but is also easily distracted and sidetracked. He has a great sense of curiosity, but a fairly short attention span. He has a preoccupied air about him, and can be shy and meek at times. His mind is constantly thinking up new ideas. Mura is very intelligent.

Weakness: Mura is not the most sociable person, although he is quite likable.


Mura arrived on Mata-Nui a few years before Makuta’s defeat, remembering little of his past. He was accepted into Ta-Koro (and is often referred to as a Ta-Matoran, although he is not one). Mura put his natural inventiveness and skill as a designer  to use and began working as a freelance engineer, repairing machinery and creating inventions.

Allegiances: The law, Ta-Koro, interesting people.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral


“I’ll fight ‘till the end, and by Karzahni I’ll enjoy it!”


Full Name: Karaihe (aka "The Barbarian")

Gender: Male Species: Skakdi Element: Diamond (Crystal)


  • Elemental Unlockers - two devices built into Karaihe's forearm armour that let him use his elemental power over crystal without another skakdi

  • Diamond broadsword - a huge broadsword edged and encased with razor-sharp diamond on the top half

  • Supplies


  • Elemental control over crystal when using the unlockers or when used in conjunction with another skakdi

  • X-ray and impact vision powers

  • Like most beings of Crystal, Karaihe has sharp vision

Physical characteristics:

Karaihe is clad in heavy-set dark grey armour plating which looks as if it has been roughly hewn from granite, and has the occasional glint of blue-white crystal in it. He is average skakdi height, but is incredibly broad and muscular. His eyes and heartlight are dusky blue-grey, and his fangs are made of solid diamond. Literally.

Weakness: Though incredibly strong, Karaihe isn’t very agile.

Mental characteristics:

Karaihe is the embodiment of everything Skakdi: he is warlike, barbaric, impulsive, rash, reckless and wild. He intensely enjoys all forms of combat, preferring melee. Although he is at a loss with most things he can’t smash with a club or slash with a sword, he is determined to enjoy life, and has a good sense of humour.

Weakness: While cunning, Karaihe is not very intelligent.


On his home island, Karaihe worked as a mercenary and legionary for skakdi warlords for a large portion of his life. At some point, he was captured by a group of vortixx slavers who enslaved him and sold him to another island where he worked in a mine. Much later, he managed to escape and returned to his home before coming to Mata-Nui.

Allegiances: The law (most of the time...well, some of the time...Ok, quite a small amount of the time), himself.

Alignment: Very Chaotic Neutral


“If good is going to win a war, someone has to pick up a weapon.”


Full Name: Venemi (aka "The Wasp")

Gender: Female Species: Lesterin Element: Plantlife


  • Thrysus - a sword covered in acidic poison

  • Many bottles of poisons and acids of varying dangers

  • A few knives, also covered in poison

  • Great ​Kanohi Sanitas, mask of healing

  • Supplies


  • Like all lesterin, an ability to digest more toxins than most other species, as well as the lesterin elemental ability of plantlife, which grants Venemi the ability to photosynthesize and be even more resistant to poisons

  • The mask power of healing

Physical characteristics:

Venemi wears jagged and angular yellow and black armour, fitting in layers like a wasp’s exoskeleton. Her mask is also angular and barbed, a much more stylised version of the original kanohi. Her eyes, which see through wide eye holes are bright green, as is her heartlight. Venemi is trained with many, many weapons, and has a high resistance to toxins.

Weakness: Venemi is largely untrained in hand-to-hand combat.

Mental characteristics:

Venemi is aggressive, with little mercy for those she has no respect for. She is prepared to do things considered immoral for the greater good and the good of others. While often coming off as harsh and even evil at times, Venemi genuinely cares for the inhabitants of Mata-Nui, even if it means the suffering of others.

Weakness: Venemi can put herself in danger in the name of peace.


Not much is known about Venemi’s past, but she says that she was raised on a faraway land as a warrior and huntswoman, becoming part of one of many warring tribes there. Venemi became a hardened fighter, experiencing many battles. She came to the island in a Toa Canister soon after Makuta’s fall.

Allegiances: Herself, those she trusts.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Chaotic Good


“Honour is a shield, but respect is an army.”


Full Name: Naihi Okrihnok ナイフ (aka "The Commander")

Gender: Female Species: Dasaka Caste: Zrupgar (Menti) Psychic Discipline: Sighteye Clan: The Taajar clan of Okrihnok


  • A straight-bladed crystal Kris and a huge crystal Zhanmadao sword

  • Two Katars with sharpened obsidian blades and four small stone knives (two strapped to her leg armour, two to her forearms)

  • Six crystal multi-bladed throwing knives and eight crystal shurikens

  • A light wooden shield reinforced with crystal

  • Great Kanohi Calix, mask of fate

  • Supplies


  • The Ideatalk Discipline allows Naihi to communicate over the mental plane

  • The Sighteye Discipline allows Naihi to create illusions that fool up to all five senses

  • The mask power of fate

Physical characteristics:

Naihi stands tall and imposing, dressed in dark azure crystal armour and wrapped in a brown fur cloak, her weapons strapped to her armour. Her natural armour is teal and copper-gold. Her heartlight and eyes are bright, glowing cyan and Naihi’s features are sharp and striking, her Calix stylized with a blue crystal "third eye" on the forehead.

Weakness: Although well trained, Naihi can be overly-reliant on her Calix in battle.

Mental characteristics:

Naihi takes her responsibility very seriously, and is prepared to carry out her duty no matter the cost. She will fight valiantly for everything she holds sacred. She values her people’s freedom most of all, but also holds honour in high regard. She respects those who have gone before, and appears fearless and noble to others.

Weakness: Naihi is happy to put herself in danger for her clan.


Years ago, Naihi was a noble of Okrihnok, and was next in line for the role of Jahagir - her bloodline were always this faction’s leaders. When the last ruler died, she came into possession of the Taajar clan. Since then, she has done her best to guide the clan, which, under her fair but firm rule has flourished.

Allegiances: Her clan, her allies.

Alignment: Lawful Good/Chaotic Good (from her point of view, at least)


“#### off, you’re not getting a quote from me.”


Full Name: Maripi Mashtet 刃  (aka "The Survivor")

Gender: Female Species: Dasaka Caste: Menti Psychic Discipline: Mindarm Clan: The Imperial clan of Mashtet (survivor)


  • Her Mashtet Token, palm-sized and bearing an crystal-inlaid animated engraving depicting a shuriken spinning with a whirlwind forming around it.

  • Two Nagamaki swords and two tomahawks

  • A traditional Mashtet wide bladed knife 

  • Two Manriki Gusari weapons (click here for a demonstration of Manriki Gusari)

  • Great Kanohi Kakama, mask of speed

  • Supplies


  • The Ideatalk Discipline allows Maripi to communicate over the mental plane

  • The Mindarm Discipline allows Maripi to telekinetically  move objects

  • The mask power of speed

Physical characteristics:

Maripi sports silver-grey translucent crystalline armour, and is shrouded in a tattered charcoal cloak. Her natural armour colouring is dark, deep blue and dark, yet pale, gold, while her heartlight and eyes give off little light, being dark purple. One hand has the ends of the fingers missing, replaced by sharpened talons carved from dusk-grey crystal.

Weakness: While Maripi is agile and strong, her lightweight armour offers little protection.

Mental characteristics:

Maripi can be cynical and deadpan, but prefers to hide a lot of her emotions from others in order to conceal any weaknesses she has. She is aggressive and abrasive, preferring loneliness to grief. Embittered by the loss of her clan, Maripi’s moral compass is slightly skewed.

Weakness: Maripi can be easy to anger and confrontational.


When the clan of Mashtet disappeared, Maripi and only a few others were left unscathed. Soon after the event, Maripi became a sellsword, repeatedly meeting Askha and Somei, other Mashtet survivors. However, she decided against staying with them for very long, striking out on her own, although she sometimes returned to them.

Allegiances: Most likely herself.

Alignment: Most likely Chaotic Neutral

Edited by The Silent King



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      Name - Nunonu

  • Appearance - A Pre-Rebuilding Matoran with a powerless orange great Pakari, black torso / arms, and orange feet.
  • Gender - Male
  • Equipment - A screwdriver set, small welding torch, wirecutters, and a soldering iron. All of which he keeps in a backpack
  • Technological items - None
  • Weakness(es)  Weak as far as physical might goes, even for Matoran standards. and his naive and curious personality could often lead him into trouble. Little to no combat skill
  • Alignment - Neutral, could be swayed depending on how persuasive one is.
  • History - The story of Nunonu is not a interesting one. A simple Onu-Matoran who is trying to make it as a inventor. He's no Nuparu however despite the resemblance, and instead works as a local repairman, with a drop box outside his hut. He doesn't charge much for the services, saying people who need things repaired should pay however much they think it is worth.
  • Personality - Naive, curious but not one for putting his foot down, he will back down from conflict more times then not, unless he is personally invested in one side or another. Nunonu means well though, even dropping the charge on some of his repairs if the individual can't afford it.
  • Traits & things to note - Young for a Matoran. Favors his left hand




  Name - Angitu

  • Appearance - Grey and orange Toa of Iron, looks more heavily armored then he actually is, wears a sleek black visored helmet over a Kakama, his fingers of all things are completely unarmored except for the middle digit of each hand, those are completely mechanical. He says that it's for a better grip on weapons.
  • Gender - Male
  • Equipment - A combat knife and a blue wrist mounted shield made from a undersea creature's carapace which gives it the effect of glowing an aqua color in the dark and flaring that color when impacted with something, besides being flashy it is just a regular shield. Wears a Mask of Speed under his helmet.
  • Technological items - None, although his helmet may look it, it is purely aesthetic
  • Weakness(es) - His ego and need to monologue will mean he leaves himself open to attack if he believes he has beaten someone. His armor and shield are quite lightweight, meaning it could easily be punctured
  • Alignment - Neutral, is easily tempted by money.
  • History - Angitu has very few memories from before his time on the island, he woke up in the water off the coast of Ga-Wahi, where he almost was food for the creature you now see him carry around as a shield. He found his way to Ga-Koro afterwards, he then enlisted as a Ga-Koronan Marine. He eventually grew bored of the life, saying quote "I'm still in my prime! There's so much more I could -do-" He soon after left the marines, ditching them for the private sector, working as a freelancing mercenary who drifts between Koros looking for work.
  • Personality - Self described as "The charismatic mercenary" Angitu isn't exactly what you'd call modest, boasting and the like. If he finds a cause that he truly can see is good, he will fight for it, hard. That's pretty unusual though for the most part he'll fight for whoever can either pay him the most or who amuses him the most. He's a pretty big dork when he's by himself though, complimenting himself and thinking everything he does is awesome.
  • Traits & things to note - He really -really- likes his helmet, rarely taking it off.

(Shield and Helmet both approved by Nuju Metru)


EDIT Reason: Added minor appearance detail to Angitu & backstory

Edited by Makuta of Metru Nui
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-Kongu Champion Gukko Rider


"Two, Four, One, Ten, Two, Four, One, Ten. Am I Transmitting, Is Anyone Listening..?"

LEGO Universe Fan - BIONICLE Fan from 2001 - Discovered BZP in 2007

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TOA KALTA: (link to Wiki)

The Toa Kalta are a team led by Aelied, who have appeared on Mata Nui appearing to assist the forces of good. They have subconscious personalities, accessible by verbal command. These programmed personalities are utterly loyal to Aelied.

  • Name: Casanuva
  • Species: Toa of Magnetism
  • Appearance: See BZPRPG wiki page. Casanuva, unusually for a toa of magnetism, is primarily blue and gunmetal; his blue armor is worn.
  • Gender: Male. Very, very male.
  • Powers/Abilities: Casanuva's elemental powers have been fine-tuned. His easy-going attitude hides a keen knowledge of ferromagnetic materials, and how to exploit them. His elemental repertoire ranges from simply polarizing someones armor so debris will stick to them to more advanced techniques. This comes from a talent from Casanuva's previous occupation, a weapons designer; specifically, he is creative enough to design toa tools, weapons to focus a user's element. This does not extend to actual engineering. Additionally, due to his training with Vakua, he has a degree of mental resistance. He has also trained with his Pakari extensively, and is skilled at modulating his strength while using it.
  • Weaknesses: Casanuva cares deeply about his friends, teammates, and loved ones. He can be goaded fairly easily. His fighting style is more defensive than offensive when not using his powers, and his armor and bulk mean that he isn't very nimble. Despite his talent and potential with his element, Casanuva will blow through his reserves faster than usual. His personality  and ego can also come across as polarizing and abrasive.
  • Alignment: Himself, and his friends.
  • Equipment: Casanuva wears a Pakari. In addition, he wields a broadsword, and wears heavier armor than normal. He always carries a bag full of ball bearings for use with his powers. The Magnet Sword/Ferrite is a protosteel toa tool, larger than his arming sword. It possesses a permanent magnetic metal for the core; this is used to enhance and focus Casanuva's elemental energy. It can be wielded magnetically at range easier than other weapons because of this. Approved by Nuju Metru and Krayzikk.
  • History: Casanuva does not truly remember where he came from; he woke up on a rock getting sprayed with sea spray and pecked by gulls. He remembers five other members of the Kalta, their training, and flashes of his life as a matoran: a weapons designer, one that spent entirely too much time at bars. He spent several weeks there on the surface coast of Onu-Wahi, huddled on the rocks getting sea salt in every joint he had. Once he figured out he wasn't a crazy amnesiac on an empty island, he managed to use what little elemental power he had left to fly himself to the mainland, where he followed some signs under the earth, into Onu-Wahi. There, he met a simple courier traveling with naught but an ussal crab; the courier offered wages and a map for Casanuva's service as a guard. On the way, the courier taught Casanuva about the island of Mata Nui, and gave him a crash course on politics. A very crash course. From there, Casanuva regrouped with his team, as well as gotten involved with a visiting Dasaka, Vilda Soraph.
  • Personality and traits: Casanuva is arrogant, flirtatious, and seems to suffer an inability to take anything seriously. He wanders the land in search of passion, whether it be an emotionally charged evening, a glass of fine wine, or pursuing outlandish stunts.
  • Subconscious Personality: Known as 'Merceon', this programmed personality is brutish and straightforward, sharing little of Casanuva's creativity, but embracing his sheer strength. After some mental manipulation from Vilda Soraph, Merceon inadvertently developed an obsession with her.
  • Theme:
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  • Name: Kalyss
  • Species: Toa of Plasma
  • Appearance: Kalyss is armored white and orange, with a orange Kakama. For a toa, she is moderately tall, and very muscular. Her legs are particularly well-muscled, suggesting the build of a professional athlete or bodybuilder more than a warrior. Her armor is shaped less for taking blows, and more for defending her against impact, with holes allowing her to channel her element more efficiently.
  • Gender: Feminine
  • Powers/Abilities: Kalyss is a very physical combatant, compared to the rest of her team. Since plasma is less common in natural settings, her powers are mostly limited to generating superheated plasma herself, though she can generate ultracold plasma as well. She can also make what she calls 'flares', semi-persistent bursts of plasma that can illuminate large areas. Her fighting style relies on her speed, and assisting her unarmed combat with plasma bursts, thrusters, blasts. She is just as likely to tackle an opponent as she is to rocket a plasma-propelled kick into them. She can also use her powers to burrow, burning holes through the earth. If pressed, she can fire a longer-range blast of plasma, but this is draining and inaccurate. Having trained with Vakua, she is somewhat more resistant than normal to mental attacks
  • Weaknesses: Kalyss's fighting style relies on overpowering her opponent, or wearing them down with hit-and-run until they can be directly attacked. If faced with a similar opponent, an enemy that can physically overpower her and see through her tactics, her combat effectiveness will break down. In addition, like the rest of the Toa Kalta, Kalyss has very little real experience. She likes to believe she can make the right decisions, and will be very bull-headed in defending those choices. She is also unsure of herself when put in a leadership position.
  • Alignment: Her brothers and sister in the Toa Kalta, and those who cannot defend themselves
  • Equipment: She wears a Kakama, but wields no other weapons: her body has been honed instead. Her armor is more advanced that others, featuring impact armor and channels for her plasma. Additionally, her armor features retractable skates in the feet, allowing her easier fast travel with her Kakama, in addition to allowing her new options in a fight.
  • History: Like the rest of the Toa Kalta, she doesn't remember much from before her time on Mata Nui; she remembers brief, vague flashes of her matoran life as an athlete, and extensive training. She woke up on a Po-Wahi beach, spitting out saltwater; Kalyss knew two things. She needed to gather the rest of her team, and they were on Mata Nui for a reason. What reason was unknown to her, however.
  • Personality and traits: Competitive to the core, Kalyss is one of the Toa Kalta's most aggressive members. Despite that, she feels a fierce need to defend those who cannot defend themselves; she embraces her role as protector, unlike some other members of her team. Vakua she gets along with, and understands the toa's sensitivity lends itself to other uses. Casanuva, however, she bickers with, for his slacking off and hedonism, when she feels he could be putting his abilities to better use.
  • Subconscious Personality: Known as Shialo, Kalyss's programmed personality identifies as male, and prefers to vent his rage at being in his current body by destruction. Shialo is notably unstable.
  • Theme: Die by Jeff Williams,
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  • Name: Skorm
  • Species: Toa of Gravity
  • Appearance: Skorm is both tall and heavily built, being the tallest by far of the Toa Kalta. However, his armor is not overly large; the most obviously defensive pieces being layered shell-like shoulder plates. He wears a deep purple Great Huna, and a white hooded cloak. The cowl is held in place by a brass ring worn at the collar. He wears black armor over purple. After his Antidermis was cured, the black stains on his mask, resembling tear trails, remained as scars.
  • Gender: Masculine
  • Powers/Abilities: Skorm was the best, and most powerful, fighter among the Toa Kalta; he is both fast and strong due to training in hypergravity, and when the time calls for it, pound for pound his elemental control hits harder than the rest of his team. He has two primary fighting styles: up close, and at range. In melee range he uses his control of gravity to make every blow he makes stronger, and to reduce those dealt to him, in addition to controlling the engagement. At range, his power is ever greater; compression, lifting opponents into the air, increasing the gravity beneath their feet. With concentration, he can also make them a small center of gravity. He can manipulate gravity to achieve limited flight, and he can float himself easily enough in combat. Having trained with Vakua, he possesses a degree of resistance to mental attacks.
  • Weaknesses: Most of Skorm's powers require more concentration to use than the average elemental-user, sacrificing spontaneity for focused power. While most of his abilities can be used on multiple opponents at the same time, he has trouble when each tries different tactics; keeping one anchored to the ground out of reach, for example, might leave him vulnerable enough to get hit by another opponent. Skorm's fatal flaw, however, would be his singleminded pursuit of his objective, which his teammates have called his 'tunnel vision' in the past. Furthermore, even after being healed by Stannis, his hips are still sore from being crushed by the Abettor, and could be considered his physical 'weak spot'.
  • Alignment: Redemption
  • Equipment: Skorm wears a Kanohi Huna, mask of Concealment. He also carries reinforced sabre, strong enough for Skorm to enhance its weight for blows.
  • History: Skorm is was (its complicated) a member of the Toa Kalta. He does not remember his much of his past life besides that he was a gravitic engineer, but he does remember his training; he was tracking Casanuva when he had a chance encounter with Zaktan, who splashed him with Antidermis. Fueled by hatred for his former team, he tracked them to Ga-Koro, where he engaged them in a fight. He murdered a Ga-Koro Marine when he entered the Koro, and maimed another while escaping. His path took him to Mangaia, where he joined several others in an attempt to find the Vault, and negotiate with the Piraka inside. Skorm's fate was one of failure; one of his remarks annoyed the Abettor, who crushed his pelvis. Skorm remained conscious long enough to attempt to bargain with Zaktan, but learned that negotiation with a Piraka is futile, who rejected him. Karna, who witnessed his attack in Ga-Koro and joined him in Mangaia, fled with Skorm's unconscious body to Po-Koro. There, he was cured of both his crippling injuries and his Antidermis infection by Stannis, using the Warua.
  • Personality and traits: Most Toa teams seem to have their anti-social loner; Skorm is this to the Toa Kalta. He is unsure of his former team, since in his infected state, he raged at them; now he seeks peace with them, perhaps even rejoining the team, when he has fully atoned. Skorm is very goal-oriented; he takes the direct way, if possible, and will plow his way through anyone stupid enough to stand in his way, though he has been known to have a dark sense of humor when he knows he can overpower foes. After his infections with Antidermis, Skorm felt an overwhelming need to destroy his team. He was sadistic and ruthless. After being cured, he was mortified by his previous actions, and seeks atonement and redemption.
  • Subconscious Personality: Known as Nuhros, this personality is no longer present in Skorm. The mental programming was shattered when Skorm was cured by Stannis' Warua.
  • Theme:
    , The Hot Wind Blowing from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance OST
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  • Name: Zueya
  • Species: Toa of Lightning
  • Appearance: Zueya is a female Vo-Toa. She wears a Calix, and has primarily azure armor with yellow underlaying parts. She is unusually small for a toa, and is very lithe; she has the body of a gymnast.
  • Gender: Feminine
  • Powers/Abilities: Even though she does not possess the same elemental mastery as the rest of the Kalta, Zueya is skilled with her lightning, particularly out of combat, and using her powers to boost the other Toa Kalta: for example, combining with Casanuva to make powerful electromagnets, and with Kalyss to amp up the power of her plasma. Wielding full-blown lightning against an opponent is a frightening concept to her, and as such she avoids it. She will empower her strikes with electricity to stun, however. She is a great acrobat, however. She has a decent amount of mental resilience, thanks to being trained with Vakua.
  • Weaknesses: While almost all of the Kalta are inexperienced to a degree, Zueya is doubly so. She is very inexperienced, and has trouble being alone. She is terrified of accidentally hurting someone with her powers that she didn't mean to, and prefers to assist others than directly fight. In addition, she has not yet mastered her mask yet, and cannot activate it.
  • Alignment: Her team, and whoever else needs her help
  • Equipment: She wears the Kanohi Calix, mask of Fate. This allows Zueya to push herself to her absolute limit, physically. She carries a toa tool in the form of a collapsible quarterstaff of hollow protosteel, tipped with copper. Inside the staff is a coil that allows Zueya to channel her elemental power over lightning. It can collapse to a third of it's full size, and is normally stored on the back of her belt.
  • History: Zueya is the youngest of the Toa Kalta, recruited last. She still has not unlocked the true potential of her mask or her powers. She was an acrobat before her transformation, and her prowess in that has only increased.
  • Personality and traits: While the rest of the Toa Kalta are inexperienced, they have mastered their element to a satisfactory degree. Zueya herself is still learning. She is youthful and eager to learn, but somewhat afraid of her potential. She looks up to her team very much, and is very reliant on them.
  • Subconscious Personality: Known as Nyeoko, Zueya's subconscious personality is much more confident in her abilities, if arrogant and unsympathetic. Nyeoko is capable of using her mask, and is much more willing to use lethal amounts of electricity.
  • Theme:
    from Mega Man 2, Robot Rock by Daft Punk
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  • Name: Aelied
  • Species: Toa of the Green
  • Appearance: Aelied wears little armor, since he creates his own, but what he has is spiraled with intricate designs. He wears a moss green Kualsi, and has indigo underpinnings to his brown and green armor. He looks thin and weak, for a toa, and stands out when compared to the other bulky members of his team.
  • Gender: Masculine
  • Powers/Abilities: As a toa of the Green, Aelied can create, control, and absorb plantlife. He uses this to create wooden tools, armor, weapons, and make spontaneous plant growth to hinder his enemies. In addition, he is a fantastic healer, being able to create virtually any medicinal herb with his powers. His age and apparent frailty conceal his deadliness in combat, experience born of a lifetime of service as a toa. In addition to knowledge of herbs, he keeps to himself that he has an innate knowledge of poisons and toxins
  • Weaknesses: Aelied knows his weaknesses well, since they are significant: he is affected by weather somewhat as plants are, slowing in cold and exhausting himself in dry conditions. He is also weak to fire, and other elements that have a habit of destroying plantlife. In addition, he is ancient, and thus is not the strongest of toa. Aelied tends to keep people in the dark longer than is necessary as well.
  • Alignment: Mata Nui, though his more specific allegiances are kept to himself.
  • Equipment: Aelied wears a Kanohi Kualsi, mask of quick travel. He also carries the Greenstaff, a quarterstaff made of green, still-living wood; he can animate this into a whiplike vine at will, using it to entangle or trip opponents. When headed for battle, he will use his powers to create a set of armor and a shield out of wood.
  • History: The leader of the Toa Kalta, Aelied oversaw the transformation and training of the other six: in order, Skorm, Casanuva, Kalyss, Vakua, Cyrix, and Zueya. He woke up on the coast of Le-Wahi, but unlike the others he had full memory of their mission; he stays tight-lipped about it, however. Aelied is ancient, and he is the veteran of uncountable battles. Before coming to Mata Nui with the Kalta, he had them mentally programmed with alternate personalities. Accessible by his verbal command, these personalities can be used to subconsciously control the Kalta's actions.
  • Personality and traits: Unlike the rest of the Toa Kalta, Aelied is an elder to his team by many, many years. He sees himself as a father figure to the rest of the team, hoping they can succeed using his training. He knows what to say, and more importantly, what not to say. When dealing with his team, everything seems to be a new lesson or test. However, his kindly mentoring demeanor goes away when his team is in danger.
  • Theme: Elves Arrive at Helm's Deep from LotR soundtrack
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  • Name: Cyrix
  • Species: Toa of Air
  • Appearance: Cyrix is slightly taller than most other toa, but isn't lanky. He has green and silver armor, an almost even mix. His armor is overall very light, and optimized for mobility and stealth. He has a silver Volitak, and wears a set of goggles with various magnification lenses. He wears a protosteel disk strapped onto his left arm as a buckler.
  • Gender: Masculine
  • Powers/Abilities: For unknown reasons, Cyrix's elemental powers are weaker in some areas, stronger in others. While he is adept at manipulating air to create vacuums (more so than a standard Le-Toa), his other elemental powers are atrophied in comparison. In particular, he cannot efficiently generate air using his elemental energy, preferring to manipulate the atmosphere around him. He also possesses a Volitak kanohi, and is a master of stealth and infiltration, and has primarily trained for that task.
  • Weaknesses: Cyrix is certainly not very powerful compared to most other Le-Toa. Also, since most of his training has been focused on stealth, infiltration, and observation, Cyrix isn't an expert combatant by any means. While he has a steady head, his aim is not as good. In addition, he has been known to go further than is necessary to accomplish objectives, causing more damage than harm.
  • Alignment: to Aelied
  • Equipment: Cyrix carries an advanced double-crossbow, with separate triggers for each bolt. He also carries a protosteel disc, which he mostly uses defensively as a small shield, but is a pretty good shot with. He wears a set of magnifying goggles which are used in conjunction with his crossbow. He wears the kanohi Volitak, mask of stealth, and is skilled using it. In addition, he carries a length of cable and a versatile multitool with retractable spikes; mainly used as a grappling hook, it can also be used as a melee weapon.
  • History: There always seem to be six toa created together; the Kalta are no exception. Technically, the Kalta have seven members, with Aelied being the seventh member. Cyrix was partially trained with the rest of the Kalta, but was trained by Aelied separately for the most part. For reasons unknown to him, he was woken up in Le-Wahi by Aelied, and commanded to follow and track the movements of the rest of the Kalta; he has been shadowing the others since. Aelied told him that while he remembers the other, the other five members don't directly remember him, though should he make himself known, they will start recalling Cyrix.
  • Personality and traits: Being a former soldier, Cyrix is coolheaded and professional. He puts the mission first, but is mindful enough to consider the wider consequences of his actions, unlike Skorm's single-mindedness. He will still mercilessly snark, though. He still holds a grudge against the other young members of the Kalta: he was a soldier prior to his transformation, and he seems to have been saddled with the least powerful element, while the 'civvies' got elements that were very powerful.
  • Subconscious Personality: Known as Galeha, Cyrix's subconscious personality is disturbingly close to how Cyrix acts normally.
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  • Name: Denrika
  • Species: Ta-Matoran
  • Appearance: Primarily a deep red, with orange limbs. She wears a crimson powerless great Miru.
  • Gender: Feminine
  • Powers/Abilities: As a ta-matoran, she possesses heat resistance. In addition, she is extraordinarily organized, and not easily rattled.
  • Weaknesses: As a matoran, she possesses no additional power. She is also very insistent things go her way.
  • Alignment: Herself, Order
  • Equipment: She has a small apartment, with normal amenities; otherwise, she carries no weapons.
  • History: Denrika has been an inhabitant of Ta-Koro for as long as she can remember; she is currently the receptionist at a Ta-Koro inn.
  • Personality and traits: Denrika does not tolerate foolishness. She is very professional in her life. She does not entertain many friends, and her hut is an ongoing battle of cleanliness versus the ash that is so common.


  • Name: Fyura (and Vayde)
  • Species: Parakuka-bonded Fe-Skakdi
  • Appearance: As normal for Skakdi, Fyura was large and powerful. After her bond with her parakuka, Vayde, was formed, she grew subtly clawed hands, a hunched-over appearance, and her spines started losing color, to a dull gray, resembling Rahskshi spines. Vayde latched onto Fyura at the base of her neck, underneath her external spine; with her new hunched-over look, it resembles a rahkshi even more, with the parakuka in place of a kraata. Fyura is primarily a light, almost yellow orange with gray underpinnings, while Vayde is a muted gray-green. It seems to have absorbed some of Fyura's color, so it has shades of her orange around the edges of where its claws sink in. She also wears a leather kilt/skirt, though whether this is for fashion, protection, or utility is unknown, though it is used to hang tools from, being attached to a belt. While before her bonding with Vayde she was very bulky, she has grown a little more lean as it fed on her vitality, though she has plenty to spare.
  • Gender: Feminine
  • Powers/Abilities: Since she was deprived by Vayde of her former powers, Fyura has mostly relied upon her skill-at-arms. Fortunately, there is quite a lot of skill there: though she wears the mask of a berserker, Fyura herself is a very cunning combatant. She is fascinated with combat of all kinds: unarmed, elemental, weapons, technology, though she herself is best suited for fighting with her weapons, and her claws for unarmed. She is quick, powerful, and possesses Skakdi's endurance, but when she activates Vayde, these attributes are increased, making her a fighting machine. After her exposure to Antidermis, she gained a new power: Energy Hunger. With her body (most effective with her claws and bite, but it works with any bodily contact), she can drain a target's strength and energy. This is rather like the Rahkshi Vorahk's power; the exception is, most of the siphoned energy gets absorbed by Vayde. Drain enough energy in a short enough time, however, and she could force herself into a Parakuka transformation when she normally would not be able to. This drain has quite an effect on its victims: it drains physical strength and energy, leaving the target fatigued and weak. There is no effect on elemental energy, and to drain somebody to unconsciousness would require them to already be at her mercy (e.g. the contact is what matters; if she gets her victim in a lock and they can't escape, they will be drained to unconsciousness). This alone cannot kill someone; when a victim is unconscious, no more energy can be gained.
  • Weaknesses: While she is herself a skilled combatant, her lack of extraordinary powers makes her vulnerable to them. Her fighting style is very matched for single combat, or in mass battle where she can rely on allies, but against multiple targets, she can be overwhelmed rather easily. In addition, targeting Vayde is a sure-fire way to force her to change tactics. She is developing a slight addiction to the energy she drains with her Energy Hunger ability, mostly because it staves off the effects the Parakuka parasite, giving it an alternate source of energy to feed off of.
  • Alignment: Evil
  • Equipment: Fyura says, "A combatant vizhout zhe proper tools is dead already." Her primary (and most characteristic) weapon is a battleaxe fashioned from a Vorahk staff, (which she boasts she killed herself), with one end broken off and the other serving having a large protosteel axe head mounted on it. It is large enough to be wielded with two hands, though not too big as to be incapable of being wielded one-handed. She has two smaller axes that hang on her skirt which are small enough to be thrown. Her primary ranged weapon, however, is a wrist-mounted disc launcher, which she has on her left wrist. She carries about a half-dozen extra discs in her bag. In addition, she values a Volo Lutu launcher she obtained from a dead colleague from a failed job.
  • History: Fyura boasts of having killed a Rahkshi in single combat. Her boasts are backed up by the construction of her axe, but it is not made clear whether this was before her parasite, or during its first activation. Fyura has done a great many things: mercenary work, bouncer, bandit. She dislikes weakness, and only respects power, however it manifests. She does, however, hold a great deal of respect for those that have earned and worked for their power. She wanders, looking for a cause to throw in with, longing to be a part of something bigger, but the Mata Nui inhabitants tend to rub her the wrong way, with their talk of 'defending the weak'. She has joined the Legacy following her empowerment with Antidermis.
  • Personality and traits: Fyura seems to exude a cocky sense of amusement, as if she is watching some great show, and she is the one heckling and throwing popcorn. She speaks strangely, as though through a combination accent and speech impediment. She is very open-minded, particularly when it comes to combat: being her main passion, she is eager to learn about it, and is interested in all of its forms. She particularly is interested in mass combat currently. While Vayde influences her to not be trustful of others, she respects those who have proven themselves in combat. She occasionally speaks to her parasite, which can be confusing. Vayde, for the most part, is cautious, and seeks to further Makuta's goals, even if he doesn't exactly know how, why, or even what the Makuta is. He is aware of a true follower when he sees it, however, and seeks to guide Fyura to follow them.
  • Theme: Sundowner's Theme from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
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  • Name: Raiyo
  • Species: Dashi
  • Description: Raiyo is primarily a dark aqua color, and wears mostly fitted clothes. The only crystal she wears is faulds, mostly ceremonial. She wears a powerless Hau.
  • Caste and Clan: Dashi, Vilda
  • Gender: Female
  • Powers: As a Dashi, she has no powers (beyond resistance to non-Dasaka mental attacks). Within the realm of the mundane, Raiyo is exceptionally organized, quick-witted, and observant.
  • Weakness(es): As a Dashi, Raiyo has no powers, or even combat training. She is also known to eavesdrop more than is healthy. Finally, she has what is professionally known as 'loose lips'.
  • Alignment: Good, but her devotion to her Clan will supercede that.
  • History: Raiyo was born into the Vilda clan as a Dashi; she never had much, but held her position in high esteem. She serves the family as well as she can, despite her menial position. She is a housemaid, and she does a little bit of everything, given the Vilda's small staff. On the occasion she has been asked to share her opinion, she offers exaggeration and humor. She is a bit nervous about the tensions in the household with the Civil War, and Clan Vilda's place in it, but has absolute faith in her Clan.
  • Personality and traits: Raiyo has a quick tongue on occasion, but any biting words she says are often in jest. Having no real power of her own, she lives vivaciously through others: any gossip through the house travels through her, if it did not start with her. She relishes visitors with scandalous tales of far-off nobles, even if such news has waned recently.
  • Name: Aokora
  • Species: Ga-matoran
  • Description: Primarily light blue in color, Aokora wears a powerless noble Rau.
  • Gender: Female
  • Powers: As a ga-matoran, she can hold her breath for much longer than a normal being can, and is a naturally gifted swimmer. She has a quick mind, and encyclopaedic knowledge of matoran legends.
  • Weakness(es): As a matoran, she has very little physical power behind her frame. She also has a tendency to get over-excited, and throw caution to the wind.
  • Alignment: Good
  • Equipment: Waterproof bag with equipments for gathering rubbings, symbology book, journal.
  • History: Aokora is an archeologist, specializing in matoran legends from early in the Thousand Years of Darkness, and what little exists from before that era. She collects what she can in her sizable hut, since few are interested in history nowadays. Good friends with Nixie the Astrologer, the meet for a weekly board game and tea. For a while, she has specialized in the legends surrounding the Amulets of Elemental Kindred
  • Personality and traits: Aokora's profession as an archeologist belies her happy, energetic nature. She loves storytelling as well, feeling that understanding the past is crucial for acting in the future.
  • Name: Maeloc
  • Species: Turaga of Earth
  • Description: Maeloc doesn't fit the standard definition of turaga: he is visibly younger, more athletic-looking. He wears a black noble Akaku, with an telescopic eye. He wears black robes, and has purple and black armor.
  • Gender: Masculine
  • Powers: He has a modicum of Earth powers, as befitting a turaga, and his noble Akaku allows him to see through material. He has found the Ice Amulet of Elemental Kindred, which when worn, suppresses his earth powers. After an hour of consistent use, he acquires a Ko-Matoran's resistance to ice and cold, and the ability to cover his hand with rime, which upon touching a target, covers it with numbing frost.
  • Weakness(es): Despite being unusually young and fit for a Turaga, he is still a Turaga. Also, his tendency for plots tends to get ahead of him at times.
  • Alignment: Evil, the Legacy
  • Equipment: Maeloc carries a staff resembling a spade, but its head can be unsheathed to reveal a sizable blade. In addition, he carries the Ice Amulet of Elemental Kindred (artifact, approved by Nuju Metru).
  • History: Maeloc is an archivist for the Legacy. He was disgruntled with Mata Nui's teaching, and joined. When told he had to make a sacrifice to join, Maeloc willingly transformed into a turaga, offering his Toa Stone as proof of his belief. After the taking of Ko-Koro, he was tasked with going through the Citadel's extensive archives.
  • Personality and traits: Maeloc normally surrounds himself in his work. He holds great respect for the movers and shakers of the Legacy, but prefers to work alone. He is callous towards others, yet cautious.


  • Name: Askha
  • Species: Dasaka
  • Description: Askha is of average height and lean build; some say she resembles a Taajar. The majority of her crystal armor is uniform, but parts are made up of different sets, primarily her left pauldron, which is a set of large carapace-like segments, similar to those worn by gladiators. She wears a golden-yellow Kanohi Iden, and numerous leather straps to hold her gear, with a hooded garment resembling a robe that is gray and yellowish-green, the colors of Clan Mashtet.
  • Caste and Clan: Menti of Clan Mashtet (one of the last identifying Menti, operating as investigator under Dastana Rayuke, the Royal Executioner)
  • Gender: Female
  • Powers:  Mindarm discipline; Askha displays a very up-close-and-personal approach to her Discipline, preferring to use her telekinesis to enhance her swordplay, or allow her blades to cross a distance. She was one of the most proficient in physical weaponry in her Clan until they disappeared; when using her saber, she uses a style maximized for quick strikes. She is also infamous among Menti for having a particularly wicked quick draw. Language-wise, she also speaks a fair amount of Vulgar Taa.
  • Weakness(es):  Her discipline's weakness is that they burn out quickly, using up her energy reserves, and Askha is by no means an exception. Using her powers to their fullest degree will quickly deplete themselves. She is also immensely disrespectful to those who are disrespectful towards her, which she does herself no favors with her belligerent attitude. Additionally, since her mask is not combat-oriented, she is less versatile in battle than others.
  • Alignment: Neutral, to herself and what is left of her family
  • Equipment: Considering her choice of occupation, Askha carries a multitude of appropriate weapons. She carries a wide-bladed crystal dagger as a backup weapon worn across the lower part of her back with the handle facing left (a Mashtet tradition), a straight, single-edged guardless saber made for quick strikes that is her primary weapon that was gifted to her for graduating as a Menti, and a two-handed white crystal falcata which she carries for heavy strikes; it is ugly for a crystal weapon, but possesses a strong core of harder rock. Her most valued possession, however, is a palm-sized wooden token, a Mashtet Carving, a moving picture of a howling kavinika. This type of token, irreplaceable, was only carried by Mashtet nobles. She also wears the Kanohi Iden.
  • History: The word 'was' comes up quite a lot in Askha's history. Askha was one of the most promising Menti in Clan Mashtet. She was going to return Clan Mashtet to its former ways, and reverse the decline that had overtaken the Clan. There was a Clan Mashtet. She was the first to discover that her clan had disappeared; she was homesick one night, and used her Iden to view her Clan's estate... only to find the place completely empty, devoid of any life. There was no blood. No signs of struggle. No answers. When the Fursics approached, and tried to offer her and the other few Menti at the Yards a place within their clan, Askha refused. She is now the sole remaining Menti that still identifies as Clan Mashtet. She tries to make a living as a sellsword; an unpopular option, but she gets by.
  • Personality and traits:  Askha knows that her decisions regarding the Caste system and the Three Virtues have been... unpopular. Still, one would think she would get some respect for being the only one willing to carry the Mashtet name... but, as she puts it: "If I were to slay a Kanohi Dragon single-handedly and present it to the Rora herself, I would get arrested for poaching." This lack of respect has led to her becoming sardonic, cynical, and ruthless. She is not entirely without morals, though, even with her detest for those that cannot see past the Caste system.
  • Theme: The Stains of Time from Metal Gear Rising OST


  • Name: Somei
  • Species: Datsue
  • Description: Somei wears simple robes light green and gray robes, as befitting her position as a Datsue. She wears a burnished gold Noble Hau, which is of course powerless.
  • Caste and Clan:  Datsue of Clan Mashtet
  • Gender:  Female
  • Powers:  Somei was a Mashtet Carver, a specialized Ringti that used both Mindarm and Sighteye techniques to make the unique Mashtet Carvings. She declines to make more out of respect for her lost Clan, but can renew any that still exist, for a 'donation'. While she does possess both these Disciplines, they are very specialized, and using them outside of her expertise has very rudimentary techniques. In addition, she knows a respectable amount of Vulgar Taa.
  • Weakness(es): Her use of Mindarm and Sighteye in combat are very basic, and she has no mask powers or physical prowess to back her up. In addition, she sees the other survivors as the last hope for the Mashtet clan, and will do anything to protect them.
  • Alignment: Neutral, to Clan Mashtet (of which Askha and Maripi are the last remaining members besides herself)
  • Equipment: She carries a broad crystal dagger as her only weapon (strapped to the back of her waist in typical Mashtet fashion), and a wooden staff topped with a decorative crystal. She also carries a sidebag which has her few possessions, which include a Mashtet token, a wooden disc with a Mashtet Carving of a tree growing from a sapling, dying, and being reborn
  • History: Within the Mashtet clan, Somei was one of the few Ringti that could craft the treasured Mashtet Carvings. When she became a Ringti, she accepted the duty of maintaining such Mashtet carvings throughout the Archipelago. She was away renewing such a carving at the Imperial Palace when she heard the news: everyone at the Mashtet compound was missing. She gathered what few remaining Menti had been away, when they were approached by the Fursics, who held grudges from when Clan Mashtet had revealed themselves as Umbraline allies during the last Fursic rebellion. They offered to take in the orphaned Menti... and a Mashtet carver wouldn't hurt. Several of the Menti decided it was best to join them. Thankfully, two refused; most notably Askha, who was the highest-ranking one among them. Unfortunately, she went a little bit in the other direction, vocally condemning the Fursics, the caste system, and the Three Virtues. Somei uses her role as a Datsue to shield the other two, who have taken a liking to a more... rash lifestyle. Seeing the rest of her missing clan in the youngsters, she decided to accompany them and assist them as much as she is able.
  • Personality and traits: Somei is very glad to be a Datsue. She doesn't get disciplined for being rude anymore, but she was never know for that in the first place. She balances her role as advisor to Askha with that of a friend, and elder. While she believes the path Askha has decided on is self-destructive, better to have a Datsue that can help her than abandon the clan. The survivors are her family, and she has accepted that.


  • Name: Sydelia
  • Species: Dasaka
  • Description: Sydelia is primarily blue, with gold primarily on the back of her limbs. She wears little crystal armor, ususually for a Menti. In addition, she wears a red wrap-around skirt and sash, proclaiming her Clan allegiance. Build-wise she is thin, but not athletic; almost unhealthy, due to her lifestyle. She is often seen lounging
  • Caste and Clan: Menti, Fursic (formerly of Clan Mashtet)
  • Gender: Female
  • Powers: Wears a Mask of Healing, and is proficient in the Sighteye discipline. Sydelia's Sighteye is heavily influenced by hallucinogens she experiments with, and can be both pleasant or nightmarish. She is not subtle in any sense of the word, but her illusions appear to distort reality to a maddening extent. As for how she exercises it, Sydelia is more capable of affecting multiple individuals with her illusions, but each target becomes roughly part of the same mindscape she creates. She is also skilled with using herbs to complement her healing Kanohi.
  • Weakness(es)In addition to the normal Sighteye weakness of being unable to move while using her powers, Sydelia's illusions are possible to if not outright overcome through force of will, victims can at least adapt to a particular mindscape. She is also, as mentioned before, not as subtle as other Sighteyes, and is focused on her particular kind of illusion. Also, she is rather physically weak, because of her sedentary lifestyle.
  • Alignment: Nominally to Clan Fursic, but Sydelia is interested only in furthering her experiments.
  • Equipment: Sydelia carries little in the way of weaponry, choosing to wield only a scepter-like walking stick. It is capped with a sizable chunk of carved crystal and crafted from hardened wood. Besides this, she is often seen lounging with a hookah; when she is on the go, she carries a satchel with herbal supplies, useful for both the spontaneous trip or healing for use in conjunction with her mask.
  • History: Sydelia is a bit of an unusual case in Kentoku culture, not belonging to the clan she grew up in. She was born among within the now-lost Clan Mashtet, and was initially given training to become a Mashtet Carver. However, when it became clear that she had no interest nor capability for Mindarm, her training was switched to primarily become a Sighteye. She was rebellious in her youth, having a proclivity for hallucinogens harvested from the surrounding forest of Hanaloi. She began using these hallucinogenic trips as inspiration for her Sighteye illusions, spending much time developing her powers. She was studying in Sado when Askha told her that the Mashtets had all but disappeared. However, she opted to join the Fursics when they were approached, much to Askha's rage. Since then she has proven to be a reliable, if not particularly subtle, agent of the Fursics.
  • Personality and traits: Sydelia is often seen lounging with hookah in hand; however, this does little to diminish her reputation as a mad experimenter, creating maddening mindscapes with her powers. She tends to be more approachable than your average Fursic courtier, if only because she is mellow most of the time. She tends to get excited about opportunities to exercise her discipline, however.
  • Theme: "Bust A Deeply Delicious Pink Nightmare" (Infected Mushroom mashup by AuraRora)
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The times, they are a-changing...



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Name- Ry


Species- Po-Matoran


14587556417_9506ed26bd_n.jpgReturn of the Toa mocs by The MegazordMan, on Flickr


gender- Male


Weapons- Ry owns a Bow forged from Protosteel making it have a extremely strong draw strength and when used with different arrows that he has can puncture different things like armor flesh or even walls .He also carries a protosteel knife for close up combat .


Weaknesses- Besides the normal weaknesses of being a Matoren Ry also has a wound on his right shoulder that acts up from time to time and causes him severe pain if hit by anything even if armor is protecting it . Ry can be rather dense at times and dose not know when to quit this some times making him end up on the losing end of a fight.


Alignment - Good


History- Ry Washed up on the shores of Ga-Wahi most likely after a boating incident off shore  but during the ordeal he some how lost his memory and no longer remembers where he came from but he does remember his skills .


Personality and traits- Ry is very loyal to his friends and will do his best to protect them when ever possible .He is brilliant with machinery and can fix most things that are broken if he has the parts and the tools . He is a tactical fighter and will look for a weakness in a enemy before he attacks .



Name- Asa


Species- Ga-Matoran


14773668722_3bcef5652a_n.jpgReturn of the Toa mocs by The MegazordMan, on Flickr


gender- Female


Weapons-Asa is not much of a fighter but when she does fight she relies on a form of martial arts that she learned from a Ta-Matoran friend of hers .


Weaknesses- Like all Matoran Asa is not very powerful physically but she also has a tendency to rely on othersand there for is not used to situations where she is depended on . She also is very trusting in people some times to trusting .




 History- Asa is a rather normal Ga-matoran nothing to much to say but she is a amazing doctor having many ways to heal people whether it be herbs, medicine or surgery she knows what to do . She is best friends with Ry  and met him when he saved her from a rahi attack in the desert . She now makes rounds of Mata-Nui doing what she can to help people . at the moment she is in Po-Koro doing some studies of the native rahi .


Personality- Asa is a very curious Matoran and is all ways looking for ways to improve medical services on the island including studying plants Rahi and even stones mined from Onu-Koro to use as new medicines . She is trusting of most of the people she meets unless they are out right evil and even then she believes that there is good in everyone if you look deep enough . 




Species- Le-Matoran


14805564895_3db3b48e22_n.jpgreturn of the toa mocs by The MegazordMan, on Flickr




Weapons- Otana only has two main weapons and they are blades attached to his arms that he uses for hit and run tactics when in conjunction with his other tool.his wingpack is a glider built by Ry to allow him to glide for short times  if he jumps off of a tall building  he also could fly if a toa of air was able to use their powers to keep him up .The wing pack only really allows him to fall with stile it is not true flight unless powered by a outside force .


 Weaknesses- Otana is very vulnerable in flight  due to  having no brakes. Otana is aso very reckless and will charge in to a fight with out thinking it though  that added to him being a matoran makes him rather weak .




History- Otana is one of Ry`s older friends and would help him test small stuff he would make  a long time ago . He now spends his free time flying through Le-Koro with his wing pack and climbing the trees with the blades on his arms . When not flying he is in his hut practicing music on his flute .


Personality- Otana is a quick thinker and some times thinks before he speaks he has a tendency to make people mad from what he says but he really dosnt mean it and is a loyal friend till the end. He speaks the tree-speech dialect like most Le-Matoran .




Species - Ta-Matoran


14770900421_d9bb326c43_n.jpgReturn of the Toa mocs by The MegazordMan, on Flickr




weapons- Tor has a few weapons he forged two swords a few throwing knives and along with the hammer he uses to make weapon. He also is a trained fighter  and can out match some toa in fighting skill .


Weaknesses- Even with Tor`s skills he is still a matoran and there for very weak when it comes to strength so to make up for that he usually relies on quick and evasive movements . He also can not swim so he tries his best to stay away from water .




History-Tor is a professional blacksmith and can make numeras types of weapons he built a forge that can quickly be picked up and moved from place to place .He met Ry and Asa in Po-Koro  and they formed a small team to fight a deranged kini-ra. After that they parted ways and Tor moved his forge back to Ta-Koro  where he now takes orders for fixing weapons as well as making new ones .


Personality - Tor is a born leader but can have a hot head at times . He would rather be at his forge making a new sword but  if he is needed for a battle he will not hold back . He hates water and has only been in Ga-koro once or twice because of that fact.




Species-Toa of sonics.


15146055091_4ac4ee67ac_n.jpgKedamor by The MegazordMan, on Flickr




Appearance-While Kedamor may look very machenical He only looks this way because he uses spare parts of machines he finds and attaches them to his armor . He has one blue Eye and one Yellow eye  no one not even Kedamor himself knows exactly why.


Kanohi Mask-  Kedemore wears the Kanohi Tryna in  a custom shape he made .


Powers- Kedamor Is a master of the Element of Sound if he has had the time to study  materiel he can learn the exact frequency  at witch to make a sound that could shatter it but this ability normally takes years or even decaded to properly learn  a materiels make up for such  a use. He can use most of the powers of other toa of Sonics and has learned to tone some sounds completely  out   except the voices in his head , He cant do anything about them .


Weapons- Kedamore Mainly uses a Blade on his left arm that he has in place of his hand that he lost long ago . The blade is razor sharp and can be used like other toa tools to focus his elemental energy.


Weaknesses- Due to the way his armor is designed He is extremely valnurable to Magnetic attacks . He is also like all Toa of sonic  weak to loud noises due to  his heightened since of hearing .


Alignment-Depends on how  he is feeling that day.


History-No one knows hi exact history Every time he is asked his story changes  but his most recent history is that he was discovered in a abandoned mine shaft blocked off from Onu-Wahi in a strange Container  berried in the wall.


Personality- Kedamor suffers from split personality disorder and seems to also have a extreme case of  post traumatic stress and has on occasion stated that he hears voices  .This makes him a rather unstable Toa to be around and on many occasions has turned from helping a group to being the most dangerous person around . It is best to try not to tick him off.

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Name: Leiro


Species: Toa of Air


Appearance: [1] [2]


Gender: Male

Kanohi: Matatu(Mask of Telekinesis)

Powers: None(outside of Toa Powers pushed to their limits)

Weapons: Sword, Shield, Knife


Technological Items: None


Weaknesses: Frequently challenges foes more powerful than he is and pays the price for it physically.  Always feels a need to prove himself after his near deadly early encounter as a Toa.  Takes too many dangerous risks that could easily result in death.  Easy to bait into a dangerous fight.


Alignment: Good


History: After nearly losing a battle soon after he became a Toa, he retreated to a secluded for repairs.  He repaired and armored himself under the nose of Karzahni from scraps he found on the island.  Before he left, he trained with his Toa power, and set out as a drifter Toa outside of a team, frequently taking on Dark Hunters and other enemies like them.  In a recent encounter, he was knocked unconcious , tied up in a Toa canister, and pushed out to sea with his Kanohi and weapons removed in a sack on the canister with him.  This was the last thing that happened to him before he arrived on the island.

Personality: Dutiful, especially to the defense of Matoran.  May come off as a slave driver to most people, but will occasionally soften.  Frequently takes on enemies that are more powerful than him at personal expense.

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Name: Izzun


Species: Toa(ice)


Appearance: Izzun stands out as a being of improper size, but more than makes up for it with his beastly additude. The sharp claws on his toes and fingers only add to his ferocity, making him an obviously dangerous foe to deal with.


Description: Izzun was created as a toa by accident, from an illegal mutation process with the protodermis extract, unium. He has incredible strength, easily lifting more than 5 tons. His speed and agility, plus his ice power allow him to tear through an opponent while leaving their body filled with spikes of ice. He has infra-red vision, and can detect 12,000 types of poison and mutation in the air, including unium. He has single-handedly diverted an entire dark hunter armada, and made his name hated among their ranks. He has his own toa team, including a special someone, but only him will I speak of now.


Weaknesses: As powerful as he is, Izzun has fallen on several occasion. His harsh additude will sometimes overpower his advanced intelligence, and make him reckless and dangerous, sometimes even hurting allies. He can be whipped around like a top, because he is extremely light. He also has a special affection for matoran, allowing him to go out of his way to defend them, even getting impaled. Despite all of this, he has walked away even better than before, and is sure, someone will find a good way to kill him.





And that's about it! I'll be seeing you in the forums!

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Name: Rylak

Gender: Male

Species: Toa

Alignment: Self-serving adventurer, but prefers to work neutral.

Kanohi: Kanohi Matatu, Great Mask of Telekinesis. (Shaped like the 2008 Miru Nuva Phantoka)

Tools/Weapons: A sizable black hammer, the head of it being just smaller than Rylak's own head. It's very sleek and clean, as he cleans it often. There are several large cracks on it due to years of battle. When he holds the hammer there appears to be a strange, unnatural purple glow emitting from the cracks. (That last part is for appearance only. Look, it sounded like a cool idea in my head okay?)

Powers/Abilities: Electricity. Rylak has spent little time honing his element, and is able to do little more than cast lightning thrown his way away from him, as well as blast lightning bolts in the general direction of his enemies. He rarely uses his powers in combat.

Rylak's strength comes from his amazing endurance and resilience. He could boast about being able to run the length of Mata-Nui without breaking a sweat, and he wouldn't be lying. In a fight, Rylak can take serious punishment before going down, years of experience helping him walk off or avoid most elemental attacks. Due to his fitness, he takes hard hits and delivers harder blows in return with his hammer, a weapon he's gotten experienced enough with to throw with outstanding aim.

Appearance: Rylak is quite tall, standing about a whole head length taller than the average Toa. He is quite fit, but not overly muscular. He's not that thin and not that muscular. His armor is a deep, midnight black. It is often shining as he takes care of it in his free time. Rylak's armor is very thick, sleek, and aerodynamic. It has almost no sharp or straight edges, fitting quite nicely to his form. His armor is accented by a rich, vibrant purple, which is very striking up against the heavy black.

Background/Personality: Rylak is very tight-lipped about his past. Whenever it is brought up he gets quiet and cagey, switching the topic as quickly as he can. He'll open up to those he trusts as friends, but never if asked. In his past he suffered serious trauma, specifically concerning the fight that took the lives of his former team.

Rylak wants adventure, and a challenge, in life. He longs for battle, to earn victory, glory, and fame amongst new-found comrades. Above all, he really wants friends. People to trust, to fight beside, to share the victory with. He's been alone for so long following the death of his team. Having been alone for so long, he has trouble with working with others. Rylak takes his relationships very seriously. Betraying him is the worst thing you could do to him. When he doesn't know people that well he acts tough, and is generally quiet and professional. When he gets to know someone, he opens up and does his best to drop the tough guy facade and be that person's best friend. Rylak thinks with his emotions, and they drive him in about everything he does.

Weakness(es): As he doesn't use his powers that often against people that aren't flying, Rylak's only ranged attack is throwing his hammer. He thinks with his heart, often leading him to pick fights that he shouldn't have, and to never surrender. He rarely backs down from fights on his own, and is easily baited into fighting just about anyone.


Name: Ehkann

Gender: Male

Species: Skakdi

Alignment: Self-serving mercenary

Kanohi: None

Tools/Weapons: Ehkann carries a large, silver broadsword. It is highly detailed in design, and has a noticeable curve to it's blade. It is clean and new, with almost no battle damage.

Powers/Abilities: Ehkann is a Skakdi of Sonics, meaning he can wield the element when in conjunction with another Skakdi. He also possess Laser Vision, and is very adept at using it.

Ehkann is a highly skilled swordsman, using it as his main source of attack. He has years of experience with his weapon. Ehkann's skill with a sword comes from how quick the Skakdi is. He is quite fast and agile, able to dodge and weave his way through the battlefield.

Appearance: Ehkann is about the average height of a Skakdi. He has a thin frame with wiry and lanky limbs. His armor is most gunmetal, with a vibrant sky blue as it's secondary color. His armor is very scarred and a bit dirty around the hands and feet to due a lack of maintenance. He has a deep scar running alongside the left side of his face. His spine is jagged and asymmetrical, the spikes seemingly having a mind of their own and going in any direction that they please.

Background/Personality: Ehkann's goal in life is to get himself noticed. He's a total glory hound, wanting villages to chant his name on the mere sight of him. He'll tackle anything as long as it means he's the hero everyone's talking about in the end. If it doesn't help his image, he doesn't bother with it, because that's what's most important to him. When it comes to others, Ehkann tries to be the best friend that they have, one they can rely on. As long as he's the one everyone's look to for guidance, help, or a friend, everything's all good.

Weakness(es): Ehkann is not physically strong, his most powerful attacks coming from his Laser Vision and the momentum behind certain blows. Ehkann never fights anyone due to having a personal vendetta, so if the reason he fights for is removed from the battle he'll stop fighting. Ehkann cannot swim, and freaks out if hit by too much water.

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Name: Tamurai

Gender: Male

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Kanohi: Kadin

Tools/Weapons: A long, sharp katana

Powers/Abilities: Fire. Primarily uses small fireballs.

Description: Tamurai is an assassin. He is black but has dark grey arms and legs. He wears a black cloak that has a red hood, so you can't really see his face. Normally he has an evil smile, if you can manage to see it under the cloak. He likes battling but normally isn't quite evil enough to randomly kill people. Often when he battles he takes the hood of his cloak off.

Weaknesses: His katana isn't extremely sharp so he uses his fireballs a lot. He can only shoot them every 15 seconds. His fireballs are also small and sort of easy to dodge.

  :afro: :afro: :afro: 

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Name: Grievhu


Species: Once a Ta-Matoran, now Toa


Appearance: Quote from Grievhu, "I'm lanky, what else can I say? My arms and legs are red, and my torso is maroon. My face was singed in a fierce battle against a nemesis and getting knocked in lava. One of my eyes is dark red and bloodshot from injuries, while the other is clear. My legs have weak bones, and my head is very sturdy. My hands are very big, but not humongous. Since I'm very tall, I'm very easy to knock down, but don't underestimate me while i'm down, as I can get back up in a flash. I wear a grey and gold chestplate, as my torso is very weak. You might be asking, *ahem*, "How did you get a singed face if your power is fire?" That was when I was still getting used to the whole Toa thing. I didn't even know how to use my weapon! I had to cross WATER to get out."


Gender: Male


Powers and Weapon: Grievhu has the power fire, and wields a blade of lava and magma. He also has a knife of burns, just in case some things go awry.


Weaknesses: Legs and neck, and also water and ice. He's sometimes a little too cocky, and that goes to his head. A LOT.


Alignment: Grievhu fights for good and money, and is a well known guy around Ga-Koro. He has connections with other toa and bounty hunters, but he doesn't keep in touch with most.


History: Quote from Grievhu, "I know not much of my history, all I know is that I woke up in a fragile pod underwater. The water was rushing in from all sides, and I was only a little matoran. I found an exit and swam out, my skin rippling. Once I had gotten out of the water, I was near a mountain and a beach. Stranded, I didn't know what to do. I had stumbled upon a mask. I had realized that if i put it on, it could be good, or it could be dangerous. I put it on anyway. I had felt myself transforming, and in a second, I became a toa. The rest is just a blur, as I went unconscious on the soft sand. Matoran carried me to their village of Ga-Koro, and I resided there for many years. It is where I am now, and I am thinking about going on an adventure to Po-Wahi. Sometime in the near future, I will begin my travels, eager to explore the vast world I live in."


Traits:  Quote from Grievhu, "Let's get this straight, okay guy? I'm a hothead, don't make me mad, what will happen is not for the faint of heart. I can be sorrowful at points, but my feelings aren't that diverse. I'm an excellent swordsman, don't forget it. Your little pebbles and punches won't do anything as my blade pierces through your weapons and hands. You can't sneak past me. It's a well known fact that I have keen senses. What, you thought I would be the "intellectual smart guy" from the descriptions I gave? Yeah, you thought wrong. WAY wrong. I'm not a very good people person, not well around crowds, you know? Nervous is a word not far from me. It's not like I'm a preacher or something. The way I see it, I have a mouth, I use it in certain ways. I tell people off, and I can crack jokes, but I'm not a 'formal' speaker. Never been one, never will be. It's not that I hate talking, I love that I was given some freaking vocal chords, but using them in a formal way never boded well with me. I'm good with friends, but I can't make them easily. I don't have that many, though, except for some of the Ga-Matoran, and one special Ta-Matoran. Well, I guess I did kill that waiter that spilled my drink at a bar, but that's not the point. That guy deserved it anyway, spilling my drink, what a piece o-." Later he said some more, "I can be stupid at times, and the bounties on my head are high, but that's not because I'm weak or strong. It's because I never had anybody support me, making me kill without morals. I mean, some of the Ga-Matoran supported me with food and drink, but that wasn't really that much of support. It was measly supplies."


Mask: The Kanohi Sanok, the Mask of Accuracy

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Name: Ahkulii

Species: Ga-Matoran

Appearance: Blue legs, dark blue arms and torso, blue noble huna with Akaku scope attached and brown robes. Yellow-Green eyes.


Gender: Male

Powers/Weapons: Usually doesn't carry any weapons except a small dagger and/or a bamboo disk. He has no powers. His mask attachment allows him to magnify what he's looking at. Like most Ga-Matoran, he is good at swimming, though he doesn't do it often. He usually carries a wide variety of herbs, medicines, potions, etc. to deal with situations.

Technological Items: Mask attachment.

Weaknesses: Like most other matoran he is not extremely strong or acrobatic. He is somewhat self-centered (though he has good intentions) and can unintentionally anger others with his strange personality.

Alignment: Good

History: He's lived in Ga-Koro for his whole life and generally been small/unimportant in the bigger picture. He once angered Turaga Nokama so badly she almost exiled him from the village. He used to always work at a Ga-Koro hospital but has somewhat recently left to work for himself. He went and opened up a shop in Ga-Koro where he sells herbs, potions, medicines, ointments, creams, etc. and specializes in alchemy and brewery. It is somewhat dark and isolated, and he is typically alone and happy to work on creating new potions and medicines from day to day. He has made some trips outside of the village, though he never goes far due to his fears.

Personality and Traits: Akhulii is somewhat of an odd ball. He can be sort of self-centered or even selfish on occasions, but still seems to sometimes recognize the bigger picture if he's in the mood. He is ignorant sometimes to others, and can make angering comments based on thin a analysis. He likes brewing and alchemy a lot and would rather use potions and medicines to solve his problems rather than risk his life in a fight. He can be perky, especially when working. He moves briskly and wildly when he needs to get something, which can be annoying or entertaining to some. He doesn't usually look to Mata-Nui for guidance, and rarely prays, but generally associates himself with the group of people believing in him.





Name: Orphos

Species: Onu-matoran

Appearance: Stocky and strong body, but the muscles less used than the other Onu-Matoran who do much dirtier jobs than him. Purple secondary color with an obsidian black for primary. A rugged Rau covers his face and has a light stone taped across his mask, to the right.

Gender: Male

Powers/Weapons: Like most matoran, has no real powers. Usually wields a specialized ranged weapon. Like most other Onu-matoran, he has good vision in the dark. Powerless Rau. As an Onu-matoran, his body is stocky and heavier than most other kinds.

Technological items: Mask Attachment; light stone attached next to right eye. Custom made disk launcher.

Weaknesses: Like most other matoran he is not very acrobatic, but it actually pretty strong for a matoran because of his daily hard work. He can sometimes be suspicious of others if he has reason to. His vision in the daylight is not as good as his night vision (but it is not the weakest). Prefers working on problems/puzzles himself, finds others distracting when working.

Alignment: Good

History: He originated from Onu-Koro. He's went around and tried many jobs through the years which has led him to be very skilled, even learning to defend himself in combat at one point. He worked as a trader for a long time, selling goods in need to different Koros. At some point he came across a miniature usu (mini ussal crabs that don't grow to large sizes) in Onu-Koro. He called it Kopu. Kopu is a smart usu that can understand what he's saying and often brings him tools in the workshop. Continues to live in Onu-Koro, leaving often to trade exotic goods that are harder for other Koros to get.

Personality and traits: He is somewhat caring for his fellow matoran. He is not very trustful of powered beings though (though trusts toa more than other species) and believes that the matoran are strong and don't need to be protected if they learn to take care of themselves. His closest friend is his pet usu which is very affectionate of him and goes with him everywhere. He's no super model, but more of a hard worker. He believes in Mata-Nui and occasionally prays to him, but he prefers finding solutions on his own and not relying on faith to get him where he's going. He is pretty smart as an individual due to his experiences traveling around and reading so many stories. At one point in time he almost considered moving to Ko-Koro to become a librarian.






Name: Nirata, "Son of Lightning"

Species: Toa of Storm/Lightning/Electricity

Appearance: Lean but muscular with runners' legs. Handsome and rugged face which loosens up when he smiles. Not the tallest, but not short either. Blue and white colors/armor with purple eyes and heart light. Great Kanohi Kakama with goggles on top and a cloth neckerchief around his neck.

Gender: Male

Powers: Control over lightning/electricity and storm. Kanohi kakama allows him to run at incredibly high speeds unmatched by any being without such a mask.

Weapons: Carries two short bladed swords with long handles as his only weapons which he keeps tucked away carefully as to not interfere with his running. Usually fights with his acrobatic skill unless he needs to use his blades.

Weaknesses: Can be sometimes too trusting and willing to accept others as friends/allies. He can also be unwilling to share his personal feelings and past life with others and is too unwilling to let others hurt his friends. See more in "Personality/Traits"

Alignment: Good

History: Not much is known about his past as he is very sensitive to it and refuses to share it unless absolutely necessary. He hails himself as the "Son of Lightning" though, claiming that he was born from the thunder and storm itself. He is an excellent fighter, suspiciously so considering he claims to have only been turned into a toa recently. Only to those whom he keeps very, very close will he share his inner persona with...

Personality and Traits: Nirata is a bit of a mixed bag. Whatever he may be, one thing is obvious- he loves fast. Nirata, as much of a hero he may be, is also a thrill seeker and loves using his kanohi kakama to get around. But he never forgets his duty to the matoran and Mata-Nui. For every joke he cracks, he keeps in mind that life isn't one itself. His face brightens up whenever he smiles, but the subject of his past life is one he refuses to discuss. If there's one thing assured to get him frustrated, it's when others are persistent of him sharing who he used to be. He can become somewhat less predictable and less of his usual self when it's brought up, getting tenser and more moody. He can find it hard to control himself but most other times, his loyalty to Mata-Nui and his friends and will power is unquestionable.




Name: Baruk

Species: Skakdi of Iron

Appearance: Tall, hulking, grey and orange armor missing in places. Ugly smug face with a nasty smile.

Gender: Male




Alignment: Mostly evil, sometimes neutral


Personality and Traits:

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Name: Lash

Species: Vortixx

Element: none.

A detailed description or image: Grey-skinned, she wears olive green armour with black spikes on the shoulders, and elbow and knee joints (she has now broken these off, as they hampered her mobility). The fingers of her gauntlets have gaps to allow her long, sharpened claws to fit through. She’s about average height for a Vortixx, but often walks with her head low and back hunched, trying to make herself seem smaller than she actually is, so that her foes underestimate her. She speaks with an unusual, exotic accent that often seems to enthral male targets. Her eyes burn with a soul-chilling blood red light.

Gender: Female

Powers: none.

Weapons: She favours a pair of razor-edged whips, hence her adopted name “Lash”. The blades on her whips are made of finely sharpened and notched protodermic steel, specifically designed to mimic the shape and function of the serrated teeth of the Takea shark. These hang from clasps on the armour of her upper legs. She now also carries a pair of knives she made out of pieces of a Rahkshi staff, kept in an X-shaped sheath on her lower back.

Technological items: none.

Weakness(es): She has difficulty predicting the way her foes think, as the only thought process she can mimic is her own. Additionally, she has absolutely no skill in any sort of weapon other than the ones she specialises in, and has little to no skill in improvising. She relies on plans and traps to accomplish her goals, and when these fail, she doesn't know how to react. She also has a fear of heights due to an unfortunate incident in the past. Because she has no elemental powers, she is vulnerable to attacks from those that do.

Alignment: not entirely evil, but is often perceived that way due to her indifference. A mercenary, assassin and thief, Lash doesn’t care who gets hurt in her operations, nor does she care who she ends up working for. She also doesn't have a problem with double-crossing her previous employer if someone else offers a better price (don’t even get me started on the triple and quadruple crossing). Her only allegiance is to herself.

History: Fleeing an excessively high bounty back in her homeland (for murdering a certain important village elder or ten), she has arrived by boat on the island of Mata Nui after many months at sea. She has no idea where she is or what she’s about to get herself into. The only thing she knows for certain is that no one knows who she is… which is perfect for her.

Personality and traits: Lash relies on lengthy planning and complex stratagems to enforce her plans, but now, on an island she barely knows, she’s resorted to making it up as she goes along and hoping for the best. When put in a situation she doesn’t understand or can’t cope with, she’ll resort to doing the unexpected to throw others off. Often perceived to be an emotionless, murderous sociopath, this is no longer accurate. Having finally realised the stakes of the war she’s involved herself in, she wants nothing more than to stay out of the conflict. 

Pet: Breathless, a Rahkshi of Vacuum. Has the power to absorb all of the air in an area, and release that air in an explosive blast at a time and place of its choosing. Wields a Staff of Vacuum, which it uses to enhance and direct its own power.  Its armour is orange and black, and the Kraata is a bright yellow/green.


Name: Dayeth.

Species: Ta-Matoran

Element: Fire (thanks to her antidermis-mutated hand, she has limited access to this power).

A detailed description or image: around average height for a Matoran, Dayeth has taken to wearing heeled boots that make her appear slightly taller. Her body is in various shades of crimson, and she wears silver-coloured armour she looted from a corpse. She often purchases (or steals) differently coloured cloaks to wear over the rest. After losing her left hand, she used Antidermis to grow herself a new, mutated one.

Gender: female.

Powers: Deceit, determination and devotion to her cause (not actually powers, but still powerful. Dayeth is definitely not a being to underestimate). Her new hand has the ability to channel elemental fire at a level somewhere between that of a Toa and a Turaga.

Mask: Volitak.

Weapons: while she does carry a protodermis war axe on her back and a serrated dagger sheathed on her belt, she rarely uses them, instead relying on her deadliest weapons: wit and guile. And of course, as a Matoran, she is often underestimated.

Technological items: A Volu Lutu launcher, and a Paterro Launcher that was given to her during the distribution of weapons after the fall of Ko-Koro.

Weakness(es): She’s a Matoran, so she lacks the physical strength of other beings. Her distrustful nature and caustic personality make it hard for her to form lasting alliances.

Alignment: Evil. Very evil. And I mean really freakin’ radically psychotic evil.

History: She has always had complete faith in Makuta, and despite his apparent defeat, she secretly believes that he isn’t truly dead, and that by following his will, she can bring about his return. (After all, gods can’t die, can they?) Her ultimate ambition is to see Makuta revived so he can lay waste to the lives of those who doubted and despised him. But until Makuta does return, she is happy to do whatever it takes to personally bring about the deaths of as many of Mata Nui’s faithful as she can. After returning to Ko-Koro, however, she’s calmed somewhat, wanting nothing more than to live peacefully in her new home.

Personality and traits: Sly and manipulative, cruel and callous, Dayeth is a brilliant actress. She has no pride, and no compunctions stopping her from stooping to whatever level is necessary to achieve her aims. She will murder, sleep with or bribe anyone, so long as she gets something out of it.


Name: Minnorak/Enforcer.

Species: Vortixx.

A detailed description or image: tall and muscular, Minnorak wears black armour with luminescent blue highlights, and wears a helm with protosteel horns like that of a bull, with a faceplate styled to looked like the visage of a black Rahkshi.

Gender: male.

Weapons: Lightweight black protosteel halberd (the blade glows with a blue aura when the EMP is active – see below).

Technological items: 1: EMP Generator – This small device is magnetically clamped onto his halberd, and creates a visible wave of EMP energy when swung. The energy moves at roughly the same speed as a zamor or disk, and loses power the further it travels. While it completely disables electrical systems for a short time, it serves only to stun semi-organic beings for a few moments by disrupting the flow of energy within their bodies. The closer the target is to the wave when it impacts, the longer the stun effect will last. Coming into direct contact with the blade of the weapon when the EMP is activated will stun a target even more, possibly causing temporary paralysis. (His armour is lined with non-conductive material so that he does not damage himself with the EMP). 2: Plasma Gun – He carries a compact, rifle-like firearm that can generate concentrated torus-shaped bolts of plasma which cause splash damage that savagely burns targets for a few seconds before rapidly cooling and dissipating. Firing multiple shots in quick succession overheats the weapon, rendering it temporarily useless.

Weakness(es): his helmet is heavy and the horns can sometimes throw him off balance. His armour, while tough, is fairly heavy as well. Due to his strength, it doesn’t slow him down or hamper his mobility too much, but does severely reduce his endurance in the long run, hence why he prefers to finish his fights quickly.

Alignment: Neutral – a founding member of The Outsiders.

History: After being betrayed by the woman he loved, he was stabbed in the gut and left for dead, eventually washing up on the shore of Mata Nui, where he took up mercenary work once more. Eventually, he came into contact with Zero, and helped her in developing The Outsiders.

Personality and traits: despite having the appearance of a big, scary dumb brute, he’s actually quite intelligent, a quiet and thoughtful character. Smart enough to know when he’s outmatched, he isn’t afraid to forsake his pride and paycheck when the odds are against him. This is a rare circumstance, though, as he tries to gather all of the facts before entering any area or situation. Soft-spoken, he often keeps to himself unless gathering intel, and is often thought of being the strong, silent type. During a brief encounter with a Vortixx named Xhalia, he began to develop a crush on her, causing him to re-embrace his emotional side.


Name: Mirra.

Species: Toa.

Element: Crystal

A detailed description or image: of an average height and build, Mirra is known for her striking good looks, despite the fact that she puts no effort into maintaining her appearance. Her armour is white and embossed with frosted blue crystal, which leads many to believe her to be a Toa of Ice, which is what she has been posing as since her arrival on the island. Her eyes and heart stone are an icy blue.

Gender: female.

Powers: the ability to control, create and absorb different sorts of crystals.

Mask: Kanohi Calix – the Mask of Fate.

Weapons: a sabre made of fused crystal and protosteel. She also carries various crystal objects in a small satchel for use as weapons if there is none readily available.

Technological items: none.

Weakness(es): not a good defensive fighter, since crystal is awful as a shield. Her idealism is also a major weakness, since she always looks for the best in others.

Alignment: good.

History: she and her boyfriend arrived on Mata Nui to fight the influence of Makuta, but soon found that the forces of darkness were rampant on the island, and so went into hiding in Ta-Koro, awaiting the time to reveal themselves.

Personality and traits: usually kind-hearted, nurturing and gentle, Mirra becomes a veritable demon in combat, often doing brutal and violent things that she often feels guilty about later on, even if they were necessary. She enjoys making small ornaments and other beautiful items out of crystal, which she then sells to make a small profit. She sees it as her way of using her powers for something other than violence, while still doing good with them.


Name: Wisp.

Species: Toa.

Element: Smoke.

A detailed description or image: handsome, with a chiselled face and a bright smile, Wisp is happy, energetic and constantly smoking on cigarettes. His armour is a smoky grey with chrome markings, and his eyes and heart stone are yellow-white. He wears a belt with numerous pouches for holding his various herbs, cigarettes, crossbow bolts and matches.

Gender: male.

Powers: he can control and create smoke.

Mask: Pehkui.

Weapons: He carries a simple crossbow and a tomahawk. 

Technological items: none.

Weakness(es): Toa of Air. Strong breezes. Mirra.

Alignment: Good.

History: He and his girlfriend Mirra arrived on Mata Nui seeking to defend it against the forces of Makuta, however things didn’t go to plan and they were forced into hiding in Ta-Koro, masquerading as mercenaries.

Personality and traits: Wisp tends to smoke a lot. He's flirty, talkative, energetic and inventive. He is entirely loyal to Mata Nui, and head over heels for Mirra, often acting as moral support in her times of self-loathing and doubt. They work well as a team and rarely leave each other’s company. He is also a herbalist, having a detailed understanding of various plants and drugs with beneficial or detrimental properties, which can be burnt, smoked or made into poultices for healing. He also knows how to make poisons, but rarely does so, as he believes it to be an immoral way of fighting. He’s also a very good cook.


Name: Draygon/Veteran. 

Species: Skakdi.

Element: fire.

A detailed description or image: Short for a Skakdi, his skin is red, and he has two rows of spines going from his lower back up to his shoulders, with thin webbing between them, giving him the appearance of having a pair of bat-like wings. His body is wreathed in scars and swirling patterned tattoos in indigo ink. His left eye is permanently damaged, and he's covered it with an eye patch the same colour as his tattoos.

Gender: male.

Powers: Impact vision.

Mask: none.

Weapons: He wields a two-handed claymore with a bio-long blade, equipped with an EMP generator which Minnorak gave him many years ago.

Technological items: EMP Generator – This small device is magnetically clamped onto his blade, and creates a visible wave of EMP energy when swung. The energy moves at roughly the same speed as a zamor or disk, and loses power the further it travels. While it completely disables electrical systems for a short time, it serves only to stun semi-organic beings for a few moments by disrupting the flow of energy within their bodies. The closer the target is to the wave when it impacts, the longer the stun effect will last. Coming into direct contact with the blade of the weapon when the EMP is activated will stun a target even more, possibly causing temporary paralysis.

Weakness(es): not as fast, not as strong, and his eyepatch leaves him with a blind spot that agile enemies can potentially take advantage of.

Alignment: Neutral – Recruiter for The Outsiders.

History: Losing his eye to the same woman who killed his friend Minnorak, he fled his homeland and fled to Mata Nui, where he discovered that Minnorak had survived and made his way there as well, helping form a mercenary group known as The Outsiders. Too old for his old line of work, he offered his services to them as a recruiter, and they happily accepted.

Personality and traits: He’s been everywhere, seen it all, and done it all. He’s past his prime and he knows it. But he still wants to be useful somehow, so he allied himself with Zero and the Outsiders, and serves them by identifying possible recruits. Wise, but weary, Draygon knows a good fighter when he sees one. He’s smart, and stealthy, constantly being underestimated because of his age and height, which he uses to his advantage, silently observing the goings-on around him. He enjoys playing the spy, and delights in opportunities to recruit fresh new fighters for the Outsider’s cause.


Name: Vilerax.

Species: Tiokaha.

A detailed description or image: As with most of his kind, he’s similar in height and appearance to a Toa, albeit far stockier, and clad in a mottled brown patchwork of leather and animal hides.  Having spent many years living among bog snakes and tarakava, his arms are long and muscular, capable of delivering incredibly fast and powerful blows. His eyes are a dark, leafy green, similar to the jungle in which he dwells.

Gender: Male.

Powers: Iaru – Mark of the Beast.

Mask: Noble Kaukau.

Gear: An old iStone that he found on the corpse of a long-dead explorer, waterproofed and weather-resistant, along with a patero launcher, and a number of weapons – knives, spear-heads, darts, etc. – he’s made from the bones of deceased rahi.

Weakness(es): Having spent so much time alone with only vicious rahi and carnivorous plants for company, he’s generally suspicious of others. As his armour is mainly made up of old animal hides, it provides less protection than that made of other materials.

History: Washing up on Mata Nui’s shore in a half-destroyed boat, he blundered inland, eventually finding himself in the dark, hostile heart of Le-Wahi’s Fau Swamp. Nearly dying a dozen times over at the hands of its inhabitants, he slowly made a home for himself among the nesting bog snakes and prowling tarakavas, initially earning the trust of some creatures by removing the infected masks from those under Makuta’s influence.

On a few occasions, he’s met and spoke with sentient inhabitants of the island as they pass through the swamp, but more often he comes across the remains of those who didn’t make it out.

After the devastation caused by the entropy beetles, many rahi lost their habitats and were forced deeper into the swamp, making his home even more dangerous than before.

Personality and traits: While he prefers the isolation and security of his home in the swamp, he is quietly curious about what’s happening elsewhere on the island, and is always eager to learn more. He can be somewhat short-tempered and snappish, a trait he picked up from the local bog snakes, although he does his best to be amiable.

Beast Companion: thanks to his mark, and the years he’s spent living in the swamp, Vilerax has developed a close alliance with a particularly large teal tarakava whom he’s dubbed Lockjaw.


All custom powers and technological items herein were approved by Nuju Metru.

Edited by The Old Master
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BZPRPG Characters - Minnorak, Kain, T'harrak, Savis, Vazaria, Lash

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Name: Kouyran 
Outsider Code Name: Scholar
Species: Toa of Ice

Gender: Male
Kanohi: Great Matatu
Power(s): Elemental Ice
Appearance: Scholar is short and stocky, unusual traits for a Toa of Ice. His outermost armour is white, whilst the base layers are light grey, and he has small bits of fur-like armour on his shins.
Tools: Scholar currently carries a huge ice axe and a short dagger. The axe also has a duplicate of his dagger permanently attached to the hilt. He has recently acquired a Patero launcher as well.
Weaknesses: He has a tendency to faint in hot temperatures, when "hot" means above 30C. Scholar overlooks details a lot, and his lower neck is also completely unarmoured.
Alignment: Himself/The Outsiders
Personality: Scholar is clever, cunning and prefers to use his Matatu instead of doing everything manually. This overuse of his mask has resulted in a very strong force of will. He is hard and (Mostly) unfeeling, having lost almost everything and everyone he used to care about thanks to a certain idiot known as Haarnak. 
Wealth: None, although he is now a member of the Outsiders.
Name: Haarnak
Species: Toa of Fire
Gender: Male
Kanohi: Great Kadin
Power: Elemental Fire
Appearance: Haarnak is wiry, with thin limbs but strong muscles, required for effective use of his bow. He is dark red all over, with black scale armour at his joints. His mouth is permanently set in the shape of someone who is insane, laughing and also somehow in pain.
Tools: Haarnak carries a silver longbow, a short dagger for close-quarters combat, and has a quiver which used to contain arrows tipped with Stralix powder until Krayzikk blew them up. He also has a Native Tech scope on his Kadin to help him with targeting.
Weaknesses: He is highly incompetent with his knife, and enclosed spaces make him panic, although he can normally tamp this fear down by setting something on fire. He isn't very co-ordinated, and his feet usually trip over each other, which is why he spends most of his time flying. Since he was badly injured in Ko-Koro, he was reduced to a weaker form, and so he is no longer as strong or agile as he once was.
Alignment: Anarchy
Quote: 0033.gif
Wealth: 75 widgets
Name: Ayar
Species: Toa of Iron
Gender: Female
Kanohi: Mask of Healing
Power: Elemental Iron
Appearance: Ayar's armour is almost entirely silver, with accents of black instead of the normal burnt orange or gold, mainly due to her opinion of burnt orange being a horrible colour, whereas black contrasts much more nicely with her silver armour. Ayar's tall and slightly on the skinny side.
Image: http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20141024212626/bzprpg/images/f/f4/Ayar.gif
Tools: Ayar is a pacifist at heart, and so the only weapon which she carries is a long spear, about chin height on her, which has two flowing spikes on the business end.
Weaknesses: Ayar will never make the first move in a fight, and in fact, she will rarely attack in a fight, preferring to merely repel opponents, instead of causing harm. She also has a slightly less than average amount of Elemental Energy.
Alignment: Neutral/The Outsiders
In-game history: http://bzprpg.wikia.com/wiki/Ayar
Personality: Ayar is warm and friendly, a trait which is rare among Fe-Toa, and she dislikes watching others suffer. She can be spiky and fierce towards her few enemies and beings which have really annoyed her, though, something which doesn't show often. She also likes to believe the best in people. And she doesn't like carrots either.
Name: Kajak
Species: Po-Toa
Gender: Male
Kanohi: Calix, shaped like a Noble Komau
Power: Elemental Stone
Appearance: Kajak is tall, strong and long-legged. His armour is a mixture of brown, tan, which extends to his Kanohi, and dark grey. His eyes and heartlight are a startlingly acidic green for a Toa.
Tool(s): Kajak wields a huge mace, shoulder-height on him, which is blackened with war and age.
Weaknesses: Kajak was only given his Calix just before he and his team left for Mata Nui, so he’s still getting used to it. His height hampers his agility as well, which leaves him with standing still as one of his few options in battle. His mace is heavy too, which again hampers his agility.
Alignment: Good, specifically Mata Nui
Personality: Kajak is still a fairly naïve Toa, leading him to trust strangers a lot more than he should. He is a natural leader, however, commanding the respect of nearly all of his team. The one exception to this is Akili, defying him at every chance she gets. He believes completely in order, seeing chaos, even in the process of creation, as an evil left behind by Makuta.
Aim(s): Bring order to the island, be as great a Toa as the one who gave him his Toa Stone, and eat lots of cookies.  
Name: Khil’rayu
Species: Skakdi
Gender: Male
Alignment: Evil
Element: Crystal
Powers: Disintegration, (Antidermis power, approved by Nuju Metru) Impact Vision
Personality: Khil'rayu is violent, arrogant, and evil. Beneath his exterior, he has a cold, calculating mind, filled with the tunnels and traps of a previous life as a warlord. He finds most other life forms to be beneath him, which makes the chances of him making an alliance with another very slim. Since taking Antidermis, Khil'rayu's violent tendencies have become even more pronounced, to the point where a simple insult or poorly-worded comment could result in the death of the speaker.
Appearance: Khil’rayu is around average height for a Skakdi, maybe slightly shorter. His armour is mostly a shade of bright blue, with accents of gold here and there, and a base layer of armour which is white. He has a light blue spine and tail, and he has a horn poking out of the top of his head. His eyes are red. As a side-effect of taking Antidermis, Khil'rayu's armour is slowly darkening in colour, the gold tarnishing and the white yellowing.

Native tools: 1x Volo Lutu launcher, 2x knives.

Foreign tech: A sword which appears as a hilt with a long, slender metal stick coming out of the top of the hilt. The sword can channel his elemental powers, manifesting them as a blade of crystal around the stick. (Approved by Nuju Metru)
Weaknesses: Khil’rayu’s armour can get in the way due to its bulk, and his tail and spines are very sensitive to attack. He can be arrogant at times as well, and his devotion to Makuta is near-absolute, exceeded only by his sense of self-preservation.
Name: Lesora
Species: Vortixx
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Powers: N/A
Personality: SASS TO THE MAX! But seriously, she is sassy. Like my Ho-Oh in Pokemon HeartGold. Lesora likes toying with people, especially by asking them to hold her hat for a second. Lolz. She always possesses an aura of confidence as well, positively reeking of authority.
Appearance: Black, lime and orange. Weird colours for a Vortixx, I know. Lesora wears a luminous bandolier most of the time as well, and often sports glow-in-the dark blue lipstick. 'Nuffin said.
Image: Coming soon
Native tools: A cutlass. Like most pirates.
Foreign Tech: A hat that gives anyone other than Lesora who touches it an electric shock, enough to knock out a Toa; (Approved by Nuju) A taser which works like an RL one, except that it doesn't need to fire the darts first, instead shooting bolts of electricity. The minimum time between shots is five minutes, and the longer the time between shots, the more powerful the shot is; for example, five minutes of charging provides enough energy to knock out a Matoran, whereas a week's worth of charging can knock out a Kikanalo. (Again, approved by Nuju.)
Weaknesses: Like most Vortixx, Lesora has no inherent powers, making her heavily reliant on technology and physical attacks. Seeing as she only recently became captain of the Tarakava Bait, Lesora can be a bit over-excitable as well.
Name: Excelsior
Species: Vortixx
Appearance: Excelsior is tall, with dark-blue skin on his face. Any of his other innate physical features are unknown, concealed by his ever-present trench coat, fedora, gloves, boots and aviator sunglasses- all in corresponding shades of midnight black.
Gender: Male
Native weapons: A few Stralix grenades, tucked deep within his coat.
Foreign tech: A simple six-shot revolver, fitted with a laser sight; a powered, full-body, lightly armoured exoskeleton designed to increase his strength, speed, and to protect his delicate bone structure. It is able to offer protection against daggers but not much else. (Both approved by Ghosthands)
Weaknesses: After a half-hour or so of use, the exoskeleton requires charging, and Excelsior was also born with a physical condition which left him with fragile bones, preventing him from being able to fight outside the exoskeleton. Also has no powers.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
History: Once a Mafia crime lord in Po-Koro, Excelsior was eventually caught. Then Rakau broke him out in return for a past favour that Excelsior had done for him whilst still a Mafia crime lord.
Personality/Traits: The one greatest word to describe Excelsior would be “snazzy”. His words are filled with dry wit and sarcasm, although he understands the value of friends and therefore makes an effort to keep some of his slightly more pointed humour on subjects other than his companions. He occasionally finds it hard to empathise with others as well.
Name: Malady
Species: Toa

Appearance: Tall and lithe, Malady's armour consists of a sandy, acidic green on the main plates, accentuated by a few dots of red around her joints. Her Kadin is far more aerodynamic and elegant than the average shape, consisting of swept-back, angular surfaces.
Gender: Female
Kanohi: Kadin
Element: The Green/Jungle/Plantlife
Tools: Malady carries a protosteel mace, a small triangular shield, and a patero launcher which fires poisoned darts.
Weaknesses: Malady has a tendency to be overconfident, believing her choices are always the right choices and never anything less- or at least, until they're proven to be bad choices.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

History: After a fairly uneventful childhood, Malady was transformed into a Toa, simple enough. For a while, she fought among the islands' forces against Makuta, before he made his true might known, but when he did... things went downhill. Turning on her comrades during a battle, Malady fled, eventually meeting up with Subject in Xa-Koro. After Makuta's defeat and Malady's subsequent change of loyalties, the two were away doing stuff when the hive of villainy and scum got blown up.

Personality: Malady has somewhat of a tendency to be cruel and backstabbing, with a certain respect for immense power, leading her to change sides with the balance of power to keep herself- and occasionally her friends- alive.

Edited by Chandra Nalaar


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Name: Verulas (Or so he says...), a.k.a. Spectre

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Powers: Jungle, a.k.a. Plantlife or The Green

Weapons: Protosteel Shortsword (held in back-handed fashion), 8 Protosteel Throwing Knives (usually coated in hindering, but non-lethal poison), Protosteel Bow that fires elementally-produced Wooden Arrows

Technological Items: None at the moment

Weaknesses: Verulas has less training in open combat than others, and his wounds tend to be more debilitating due to his thin frame.

Alignment: Himself, those who pay, The Outsiders, and any temporary alliance that increases odds of survival.

Mask: Kanohi Volitak, The Mask of Stealth

History: Doesn't care to talk about it (finds it boring), but this doesn't stop him from fabricating false origins every time someone asks (he likes the mysterious nature this provides). Recently during a dream he had while defending the hospital outside of Ko-Koro, he was forced to recall that before he was a Toa, a group of bandits once raided his home villiage on another island and took him and a some other Matoran as prisoners before making them fight each other to the death. Verulas was the only survivor, but the traumatic experience caused him to forget the others' names and left him with an obsession over money. Before leaving, he killed the bandits in their sleep and fed their leader to his own hunting dogs. According to Dravennica, he took his name from a Ta-Matoran he was forced to kill while in captivity. His real name is a mystery to all but Dravennica.

Personality and Traits: Verulas is a very opinionated, and most oftenly sarcastic, pessimist. He has little to no honor (because the bad guys always seem to live the longest), and isn't above backstabbing and hit-and-run tactics. His slender build and powers render him very exceptional at athletics and acrobatics, and, when combined with his mask, he is nearly undetectable to all but those who pay immediate attention to their surroundings (or those with mask powers that do the job for them). He also has a tendency of being straight up abrasive, and has a nasty habbit of pushing everyone's buttons. Bad qualities aside, he does try to protect his allies to the best of his ability, but he keeps them at a distance because he's under the impression that the universe is constantly draining the luck from everyone he encounters in order to keep him alive and suffering, which in turn eventually kills them. He often wonders when it'll be his time to check out as he has grown tired of watching people die around him. His plans tend to be tactically sound, mostly creating openings that take his opponents off-guard while taking very few risks, but has been known to improvise when the need arises.

Appearance: Verulas used to wear a tattered, black cloak around his shoulders that often times covered his mouth, but it has since been destroyed during his trial to join The Outsiders. His silver mask and armor are non-obtrusive and light in weight so they don't hamper his natural reflexes and movements. His protosteel sword attaches to a belt around his waist when not in use, and his daggers are like-wise strapped to his blue forearms and calves. The rest of his body is covered in light and dark green, and he has deep blue eyes.

Funds: 50 widgets

Pets: None. Verulas can barely take care of himself, let alone a pet.


Name: Dravennica

Species: Toa

Gender: Female

Powers: Ice

Weapons: Protosteel Sword with a spiked pommel, Protosteel Shield

Technological Items: None at the moment

Weaknesses: Despite her intense training leaving her unusually tough for a Ko-Toa, she's not as agile as others. She tends to focus all of her attention on her opponents and surroundings, leaving her vulnerable to sneak attacks as well, and being a Ko-Toa grants her an obvious disadvantage to those with the element of Fire. She also tends to go berserk when angered, which leaves her otherwise tempered fighting style sloppier than usual.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Mask: Kanohi Miru, The Mask of Levitation

History: Originally hailing from the same village as Verulas, she began to despise the weakness of the Matoran when she was forced to watch as a group of bandits raided her home and burned it to the ground. She was one of the few who had escaped their wrath, becoming secretly ashamed of her inability to fight. As the survivors began their long journey towards one of the two remaining villiages on the island, one of the other Matoran discovered a Toa Stone hidden away nearby. Upon learning that one of them was destined to become a Toa after their villiage had been destroyed, she flew into a rage, grabbing the stone and throwing it off of a cliff. By the time it hit the ocean below, however, it had already transformed her and became a useless rock. Eventually she realised that the others were becoming more and more dependant on her as their journey continued, and she could deal with her disgust no more.

By the time the village was in sight, all of the other Matoran were slain by her hand.

Once she had received sufficient combat training and gotten a good amount of control over her powers, she decided to track down the bandits in order to get her revenge, but she arrived too late as Verulas had already killed them all. She stumbled upon the bandit leader's last remaining hunting dog, a Kavinika, who had torn apart the others in hunger after they had devoured their master.  After fighting it to prevent herself from becoming its next meal, she decided to take him with her as she was amazed by his strength and determination in combat.

Soon afterwards, she learned that Verulas still drew breath and had made his way to Mata Nui, unaware that he had been transformed into a Toa as well. Seeing him as weak for also being unable to defend their village, and despising him for killing her Ta-Matoran lover and stealing his identity, she has decided that he doesn't have the right to live anymore and is currently tracking him in order to correct the issue.

Personality and Traits: Dravennica hates all Matoran and considers them to be unworthy of the air they breathe. She's serious to a fault and a ruthless killer, and won't hesitate to deliver the final blow to anyone that gets in her way. Watching her home burn to the ground and the people she once cared for being senselessly butchered before her eyes has left her mentally unstable, which leads her to become a bit axe-crazy at times of great physical and emotional stress. Since her transformation, she has discovered that she had become quite attractive, and she has been using her looks to seduce others into doing her bidding ever since. She is rather cold (excuse the pun), and is almost entirely deviod of any humor. Despite originally coming to Mata Nui to murder Verulas, she has heard tales of people such as Echelon and the Piraka, and secretly aspires to be as powerful as them one day.

Appearance: Dravennica wears a fur cloak made from a dead Rahi, which often obscures her golden, form-fitting armor and mask. Her shield is strapped to her left wrist so she can always defend herself, even if her sword is currently sheathed on her back. Most of her body is the standard Ko-Toa white and grey, except for her icey-blue eyes and her elbows, knees, hands, and feet, which are all, oddly enough, yellow.

Funds: An unspecified amount of widgets she plans on using to fund an Antidermis-powered terrorist cell, currently known as Dravennica's Legion.

Pets: Shredder, her Kavinika, who shares her color scheme.


Name: Zenithex

Species: Lesterin of Fire

Gender: Male

Powers: Resistant to both extreme heat and cold

Weapons: Protosteel Kusarigama, Protosteel Carving Knife

Technological Items: None at the moment

Weaknesses: Zenithex is not much of a fighter, prefering to take people by surprise rather than charge into the fray. Despite this fault, his sadistic nature demands that he prolong combat for as long as he can so he can inflict as much pain upon his opponents as possible, as he enjoys toying with them. If facing more than one opponent, he is almost guaranteed to attempt to flee the area.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Mask: Kanohi Arthron, The Mask of Sonar

History: Zenithex remembers little of his past, save that he enjoyed killing people, due to the methods used by The Brotherhood of Ak'rei'an to convert him into a member of their cult. He views all other information related to his past as trivial, and thus has made no attempts to rediscover who he once was. He was eventually freed during the sacking of Blackrock Canyon, a mistake that his rescuers didn't live long enough to regret. Afterwards, he began murdering those that he came across in the wilderness between Koros, and had been content with keeping his activities outside of the villages. Until now, that is.

Personality and Traits: Zenithex is a psychopath, plain and symple; he always was, and he always will be. The Brotherhood's conversion process has almost completely stripped him of his sanity, and, due to his mental instability, he believes that Ak'rei'an "converses" (he doesn't actually speak, though he acts like he does) with him via a floating ball of light that only he can see. It moves through the air, leading him around before enveloping someone nearby, thus signaling him that the archangel wants him to kill that person so Ak'rei'an can convert their spirit and bring them back upon his return. Unfortunately for the victim, they suffer through their own private conversion process before he ends their life. The ball of light also tells him not to talk about him seeing it with other members of the Brotherhood, as he is "special," and they wouldn't understand. He also hurts himself regularly to prove he is worthy to Ak'rei'an.

When stalking his current victim, he sometimes follows them around for days or even weeks at a time, learning their habits, their mannerisms, and always taking note of any opportunity to strike. Due to the torture inflicted upon him and his masochistic nature, Zenithex is very resistant to pain.

Appearance: Zenithex is rather tall and lanky, however, he walks as if he were a beast that had recently emerged from the wild. The Guard members who released him were unable to remove the vice that was clamped onto the temples of his skull, as it was both fastened around his neck and chained to his face, and it remains there still, supplying a constant amount of pressure against his head and cracking the sides of his mask. Due to the extreme pain he was forced to endure at the hands of his Brotherhood tormentors, he had bitten both his upper and lower lips completely off of his face, leaving both his teeth and gums exposed to the elements. As a Lesterin, his body consists of red, orange, and black armor that barely hides the horrific scars located across his entire body. He wears a large, black hooded cloak to conceal his identity in public, and has aqua eyes that turn yellow-green around their edges.

Funds: 100 widgets

Pets: Seriously? He's a serial killer. Serial killers and pets generally do not mix.


Name: Septima

Species: Toa

Gender: Female

Powers: Iron

Weapons: None; Septima prefers to improvise with her element when necessary

Technological Items: None at the moment

Weaknesses: Septima has virtually no experience with weaponry and would rather make a quick escape than fight. That being said, she can be overpowered quite easily in combat.

Alignment: Money, anyone she becomes attached to

Mask: Kanohi Huna, The Mask of Concealment

History: For as long as she can remember, Septima's life had been a tragic one. She started out as a Matoran vagabond, possessing little skill at anything that could earn her a decent life. Unwanted and alone, she was forced to resort to petty theft to survive. Eventually, she was caught by the Ta-Koro Guard and was forced to relocate to the slums of Xa-Koro, where she was soon recruited into a local gang of thieves who ended up becoming the closest thing to a family that she had ever had. They taught her essential skills of the trade, such as lockpicking, safe-cracking, and pickpocketing while also training her to be more nimble and quiet. Life was hard for them, but they were able to get by as long as they had each other.

One fateful day, she and her two best friends were hired out to steal some sensitive documents from an office in Onu-Koro. After cracking the safe that they were in, she accidentally came into contact with a Toa Stone while reaching in for what they were really after. Her resulting transformation alerted some nearby guards, who then rushed into the room shooting first and asking questions later. Both of her friends were killed, and Septima would've been too if she had not thrown herself out of the window that they had originally came through. She made her way back to Xa-Koro with the documents in hand, trying desperately to find the courage to tell the rest of the group that the other two didn't make it, only to arrive in time to see her home sink into the ocean. Alone once again, she eventually adjusted herself to her new body and learned how to control her powers.

Personality and Traits: Once rather bubbly and happy, Septima has reverted back to the shy and despondent personality that she had before being forced into Xa-Koro, and is rather evasive about her past. She continues to steal in order to survive, but her depression holds her back from truly living. She barely talks unless it is absolutely necessary, prefers to work alone when hired out, and absolutely refuses to kill unless she has to. Her body is both nimble and athletic, allowing her a certain amount of dexterity not usually found in Toa of Iron, and she is quite skilled at what she does. Despite her vocation and everything that's happened to her, she maintains a strained belief in Mata Nui.

Appearance: Septima is actually quite cute, but she prefers to be judged on her skill and not her appearance. She is shorter than most male Toa, and is of an average build for her size. Her Mata Nui-styled Huna and various other parts of her body are orange, while the rest of her armor is gold, bronze, and silver in color. She is almost always seen with a fur scarf that she wraps around her face and head to obscure her identity while she's out stealing, and has orange eyes.

Funds: 420 widgets

Pets: While kind to all animals, she doesn't feel the need to take one as a companion.


Name: Taranis

Species: Skakdi (Conjoined)

Gender: Male

Powers: Sonics

Weapons: Protosteel Kukri

Technological Items: Sonic Projector: wrist-mounted, fires off high frequency blasts of sound via his element (Approved by Nuju Metru)

Weaknesses: Due to the fact that he is a conjoined twin, Taranis isn't very agile. This forces him to take hits that other characters would normally be able to dodge. The area where he is attached to his brother is also more vulnerable to attack than the rest of his body. He only possesses one arm, his right, and is sometimes prone to stumble over his brother's feet while running. Taranis also has a weakness for sudden loud noises, and Tenjin has been known to accidentally electrocute him when they are hit with water attacks, which in turn stuns him for a brief period of time and turns them both into sitting ducks.

Alignment: Himself, Tenjin (out of necessity), Money

Vision Power: Laser Vision

History: Taranis and his brother Tenjin were born to two Skakdi that neither of them ever grew up knowing, as they were found abandoned on the doorstep of an orphanage, most likely due to the fact that they were conjoined twins. Their early lives were miserable, as all of the other children were cruel towards them, and the abusive Vortixx headmistress at said orphanage didn't do them any favors either. Despite this, he and his brother bided their time, developing their powers in secret until they were strong enough to venture out on their own. They decided to throw themselves a party on their way out, kicking in the doors to the headmistress' office up on the third floor of the building before sending her crashing through a brick wall and into the playground below via an electrified sonic blast. By the time the other orphans discovered her body and alerted the guards, they were long gone.

Taranis and Tenjin have held many jobs since they had set out on their own; some honest, some not so much. They have worked as bouncers for nightclubs, hired muscle for "protection" rackets, armed robbers, hitmen, mercenaries, a demolitions crew, street fighters, carnival strongmen, and more. After a job that they refer to as The Great Brouhaha went south, mostly due to Tenjin's thirst for battle, they were forced to flee to Mata Nui because their former employer issued a contract out on their lives.

Personality and Traits: Taranis is the quieter of the two brothers, and slower to anger than Tenjin. This does not mean that he won't respond with violence when necessary, however, and he has a habit of becoming even more brutal than his brother when enraged. He absolutely abhors drinking and smoking, especially when his brother does it since they both share a liver and a kidney. Since he only has one arm, he, like his brother, has lifted with it until his bicep surpassed the size of his thighs, and exercises regularly with his brother to keep their bodies in shape. In contrast to his brother, he tends to plan things out and ties to use things like caution and common sense.

Appearance: Taranis is huge,even by Skakdi standards. To make themselves more pleasing to the eye, he has adopted some of his brother's color scheme into his armor by repainting certain areas blue and white where they would normally be black and grey. His head and spine are both black, as is his hand, feet, and the front of his thighs. His forearm, legs, and hips were repainted dark blue, and the backs of his thighs and upper arm was repainted white. The armor connected to his chest is grey, and the armor covering where he and his twin are attached to each other is black.

Funds: Tenjin drank them all away.

Pets: Taranis knows better than to keep pets around, as his brother has a tendency to use them as target practice when he gets bored.


Name: Tenjin

Species: Skakdi (Conjoined)

Gender: Male

Powers: Lightning

Weapons: A Protosteel Chain that he wraps around his knuckles to add some extra damage to his punches

Technological Items: Lightning Gauntlet: armored enough to deflect weapons, electrocutes via touch, generates throwable ball-lightning (Approved by Nuju Metru)

Weaknesses: Due to the fact that he is a conjoined twin, Tenjin isn't very agile. This forces him to take hits that other characters would normally be able to dodge. The area where he is attached to his brother is also more vulnerable to attack than the rest of his body. He only posesses one arm, his left, and is sometimes prone to stumble over his brother's feet while running. Tenjin focuses more on his combat urges than common sense, which can sometimes land the pair in sticky situations.

Alignment: Himself, Taranis (out of necessity), Beer and Cigarettes

Vision Power: Impact Vision

History: Tenjin doesn't remember much of his history, either because he was drunk at the time, or because he doesn't find it interesting enough to recall. He usually lets his brother handle the details while he's either drinking, smoking, or caving someone's face in. He does recall The Great Brouhaha that forced them to flee to Mata Nui, however, and regards that as one of the best moments of his life.

Personality and Traits: Tenjin is the louder and more obnoxious of the two brothers, and is quicker to anger than Taranis. His first response to any situation is violence, and, while he is marginally less brutal than Taranis can be, he constantly puts his brutality on display all of the time. The only thing he loves more than drinking and smoking is how irritated his brother gets when he does it. His only arm is as equally jacked as his brother's, as is the rest of his body due to rigerous amounts of exercise. In contrast to his brother, he attacks first and asks questions later.

Appearance: Tenjin is huge, even by Skakdi standards. To make themselves more pleasing to the eye, he has adopted some of his brother's color scheme into his armor by repainting certain areas black and grey where they would normally be blue and white. His head and spine was repainted black, as was his hand, feet, and the front of his thighs. His forearm, legs, and hips are dark blue, and the backs of his thighs and upper arm are white. The armor connected to his chest was repainted grey, and the armor covering where he and his twin are attached to each other is black.

Funds: Tenjin spent the last of his money on a pack of cigarettes, much to his delight.

Pets: Taranis won't let him have any pets, as he tends to use them as target practice.


Name: Aine

Species: Cy-Lesterin

Gender: Female

Powers: Can see further and in more detail than most beings, glows slightly in dark places

Weapons: Two large, golden Protosteel Daggers with serrated edges

Technological Items: None at the moment

Weaknesses: While Aine has been trained enough to know how to defend herself properly, she is not a warrior by any means. She has little trouble keeping herself alive, but you won't see her charging across a battlefield anytime soon. Her temper also sometimes gets the best of her.

Alignment: Neutral Good, Shu

Mask: Kanohi Calix, The Mask of Fate (forged in a shape more suited to her liking)

History: For as long as Aine can remember, her family has consisted of some of the most profitable merchants on her home island. Her life has always been comfortable, and she was usually always able to do what she wanted as long as she was accompanied by a bodyguard hired by her father. As she matured, however, she started to develop a taste for adventure and began actively trying to ditch them in order to go off on her own.

A few months of this forced her father to hire more and more guards, as all of the previous ones started refusing to accompany her because of her desire to go off without them. This eventually led to the employment of Shu, a wandering warrior who was looking for a temporary job so he could afford to put food in his stomach during his time in their village. Upon learning that it was nigh impossible to escape from him and that he barely spoke a word, she began to detest him.

Her attitude quickly changed, however, when one fateful evening, a band of pirates launched a raid on her family's estate and took her hostage.

After collecting the ransom they demanded in exchange for her safe return, she was forced to watch as the crew murdered her father and began to set sail with the intent on making even more money by selling her into slavery after catching word of nefarious organizations on Mata Nui. One night during the journey, the guard who was tasked with watching over her revealed himself to be Shu in disguise, who was waiting for just the right opportunity to stage a rescue-attempt. He informed her that most of the group had passed out from excessive drinking before handing her the pair of daggers that he took from her room and leading her onto the deck of the ship. Unfortunately for them, their exit didn't go unnoticed, but in the end it didn't matter because a rogue wave ended up capsising the entire ship before things could get too frantic. The last thing she remembers of the event was being hit in the forehead by a broken-off section of railing that ended up knocking her out.

Personality and Traits: Aine is a free-spirited, adventurous young woman who is often no stranger to trouble, much to Shu's chagrin. Her upbringing has made her somewhat spoiled, and she often makes her bodyguard do things for her, such as preparing her meals or anything else that requires physical labor. She is rather harsh to those who break the law, however, she does show leniency to those who have no other choice as she realises that not everyone shares her former lifestyle.

Appearance: Since she is still not considered a fully adult Lesterin, Aine is fairly shorter than others. Her Calix and upper chest armor are blue and gold, while the rest of her torso armor is white. A short, golden cape hangs from her shoulders, contrasting with the crystal-blue ponytail hanging off of the back of her head. She has light-green hands and feet, light-blue limbs with white and green armor along her upper arms and thighs, and green eyes.

Funds: Broke.

Pets: None.


Name: Shu

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Powers: Air

Weapons: One Protosteel Katana (hangs off of the left side of his waist) and one Protosteel Wakizashi (hangs off of the right side)

Technological Items: None at the moment

Weaknesses: Shu has been known to take unnecessary damage for Aine, but otherwise he's of an average size and build for his species and can succumb to enough regular damage just like other Toa. He also becomes rather uneasy in enclosed or underground areas.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Aine 

Mask: Kanohi Kakama, The Mask of Speed (forged in the shape of a Kanohi Zatth)

History: Shu doesn't remember much about his past, just that he used to belong to a family of weaponsmiths before war came to his homeland and took away their lives. He became a wanderer, using his time to earn himself food or to work on his fighting technique. He doesn't talk much about his past (or at all, in fact), so much of his life story is unknown.

Fate eventually led him to the doorstep of Aine's father to inquire about the new bodyguard position available. The Lesterin was not impressed with him at first, as he had been wandering for quite sometime beforehand, but decided to give him a chance when the Toa offered to accept half of his regular payments in food. After defeating all of the other applicants in single combat, the job was his.

He performed his duties faithfully, much to Aine's distaste, until a group of pirates ransacked the estate one evening, where he was unable to prevent the Cy-Lesterin's capture. Tailing them back to their ship, he eventually incapacitated one of the crew members and took his place amongst them, volunteering himself to keep watch over the prisoner as he waited for the most opportune moment to attempt a rescue. Aine's father arrived a day later, coming aboard to pay the ransom that had been demanded for her safe return, but was soon struck down by their blades. Shu was about to come to his aid, but the dying Lesterin shook his head as if to say that he would rather see Shu stay by his daughter's side than have him come to his own, so he dragged the screaming Aine back down below deck as the pirates tossed his body overboard and into the sea.

Many days passed on their journey to Mata Nui before the Toa was able to enact an escape attempt, but unfortunately for them, one of the crew wasn't as passed out as Shu hoped he would've been, and he succeeded in ringing the alarm before the Toa could cut him down. He pushed Aine behind him, fully prepared to take on all fifteen of the remaining pirates before a rogue wave capsised the ship and hurled both him and his Lesterin charge into the ocean.

Personality and Traits: Shu is quiet and very reserved in both emotions and speech. He speaks in almost a complete monotone, and only in emergencies or when he can't convey his thoughts via body language. He is extremely protective of Aine and follows her almost everywhere. Unlike most warriors of his calibur, Shu is entirely self-taught; he developed his own fighting style by observing the characteristics of beings from all across the elemental spectrum and pairing them with a series of stances, strikes, and counter-strikes as he views it unwise to learn only from those who share his element. Combined with the speed of his mask, he proves to be quite a challenge in battle.

Appearance: Shu is of an average height, weight, and build for his species. He has orange eyes, and is covered in various shades of green. His muscles have been toned due to an irregular, but intense, training schedule, scars litter his chest and back, and he keeps his hair tied behind his head to keep it from blinding him while fighting.

Funds: Also broke, but at least he knows where the wreckage of the pirate ship washed up.

Pets: None.


Name: Xhalia

Species: Vortixx

Gender: Female

Powers: N/A

Weapons: Two Protosteel Combat Knives

Technological Items: Power Cuffs: Nullifies character powers when worn, nullification gradually wears off between charges; Camouflage Generator: Allows her to take on the appearance of colors and textures behind her, doesn't disguise the shape of her body or work while she's standing out in the open, takes a second or two to react to new backgrounds (Approved by Nuju Metru), Dual Patero Launchers (fires Strallix Powder capsules) with modified Volo Lutu Launchers attached as secondary-fire mechanisms

Weaknesses: Due to an accident during one of her experiments, Xhalia's left eye was completely destroyed. While she was able to create a non-functioning, prosthetic replacement to hide her injury, this makes her more vulnerable to attacks on the left side of her body and robs her of her depth perception. The wound also has a habit of messing with her perfectionist nature, which can sometimes lead to anger clouding her judgement since she no longer considers herself "perfect."

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

History: Xhalia was once a fairly gifted engineer who used to reside in Po-Koro, developing and modifying all sorts of useful gadgets for any adventurers who had decided to visit her shop during their brief stays inside the city. Business was booming, gaining her unwanted attention from the local guards (who she continuously refused to deal with due to her mistrust of them) and more widgets than she knew what to do with. Her life was comfortable.

That all changed, however, when a so-called "adventurer" waltzed into her shop, purchased a customised Patero Launcher from her, and killed fifteen people with it before the guards eventually put him down.

The Vortixx soon found herself being taken into custody and was later formally charged as an accomplace to the murder spree. Everything she had worked her life to create was "confiscated," her property was seized, and her reputation was ruined. Years passed by as she wasted away in a cell, earning herself a venomous new reputation amongst the guards as they occasionally came by her new dwelling to offer her an early parole in exchange for the exclusive rights to her engineering skills.

Just as she had begun to lose all track of time, some hot-shot Matoran lawyer, who more than likely was just looking to make a good name for himself, offered to represent her if she decided to appeal her case. While initially not holding out much hope, she eventually decided that it was worth a shot and sure enough, she was released a week later. After receiving her remaining personal effects, which consisted of the only two tech items of hers that were deemed unreproducable, and winning a subsequent lawsuit that re-embursed her for all of her seized assets, she personally devoted her free time to dig up info on all of the guards involved with her case and proceeded to use their own dirty little secrets to ruin their lives. With the remaining money she was awarded, she decided to set herself up as a bounty hunter as a way to get back at the criminal who put her into that position in the first place.

As she left Po-Koro without any intention of ever returning, she silently swore to herself that she would never use her skills to help others again.

Personality and Traits: Xhalia is a perfectionist by nature, and as such, places a considerable amount of effort into absolutely everything she does. Her time behind bars has hardened her to the point where she feels no empathy for her targets, and she would rather shoot someone than share her feelings with them. She is a crack shot with her Patero Launchers, extremely agile, and prefers guerrilla warfare when it comes down to hunting her prey.

Appearance: Xhalia's armor is mostly red and black with various browns and greens mixed in as well. Her headress is green, black, and red, and she has covered her entire chin in tan war paint. Her eyes (both her remaining one and her prosthetic) are both light grey, and even though one of them is fake, they are almost exactly identical to each other.

Funds: 200 widgets

Pets: None.


Name: Celphrithia

Species: Toa

Gender: Female

Powers: Earth

Weapons: A Protosteel Staff, forged from the bones of her father, mother, and five sisters

Technological Items: A few Strallix charges and some Heatstones she uses to outfit her undead minions with.

Weaknesses: Having spent most of her focus training with her elemental powers and Kanohi, Celphrithia is at a major disadvantage when dealing with attacks aimed directly at her person.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Mask: Kanohi Tryna, The Mask of Reanimation (forged in a shape more befitting to the High Priestesses of her cult)

History: Celphrithia is the last in a long line of High Priestesses belonging to The Order of the Tryna, a cult of necromantic, Makuta-worshipping assassins infamously known for desecrating the remains of the deceased and reducing their bodies down to the raw materials required to forge their weapons. Shortly after her period of initiation had ended, a group of Mata Nui-worshipping Justiciars infiltrated the group's hideout, slaughtering every man, woman, and child unlucky enough to be inside. Despite being both impaled from behind by a sword and having her throat cut, however, she miraculously survived the assault and fled her home island, eventually reaching the shores of Mata Nui. She now lives as a hermit somewhere off of the coast of Ko-Wahi, preying on any unfortunate travelers who cross her path.

Personality and Traits: Due to the attempt on her life, Celphrithia sometimes has trouble traveling larger distances by foot, and her voice is now just barely above the sound of a whisper. While other beings may shudder at the idea of creating weapons from corpses, she views it as just another way of respecting the dead; for a group of assassins, what greater honor could be given than to be able to cause another's demise long after you yourself have passed on? Needless to say, she is also quite skilled at smithing, although her abilities are rarely seen in action since she refuses to use any other materials besides corpses. Unlike many other Makuta-worshippers found on the island of Mata Nui, Celphrithia is quite humble and prefers a certain amount of preparation before initiating combat.

Appearance: Celphrithia is clad in the black, grey, and gunmetal robes that cement her position as the current High Priestess of the now defunct Order of the Tryna. The neckline of said robes is adorned with numerous black feathers, and purple stones have been sewn into the fabric at various locations. The garment itself ends around her thighs, but it is also accompanied by a sash that leaves little above the knees exposed and also aids in keeping the feathered fantail attached to her back secure.

Funds: She's a hermit living in a cave. Use your imagination.

Pets: None, though she treats her reanimated minions with a similar amount of affection.


Name: Dhalgira

Species: Tiokaha

Gender: Female

Powers: Roth, Mark of Blood (Can create weapons, sense the blood of other nearby beings, and temporarily quicken her blood flow to increase her stamina.)

Weapons: A long-handled Scythe that can feasibly used with either one or two hands, forged from the bones of her first kill

Technological Items: None. If it's not something she can piece together from her natural surroundings, then she wants nothing to do with it.

Weaknesses: As evidenced above, Dhalgira only relies on extremely basic technology (such as moderately simple melee and ranged weapons), and thus is at somewhat of a disadvantage against foes possessing anything more advanced than a standard Patero Launcher. She usually attempts to counter this by taking a stealthier approach, but if caught out in open conflict with these specific individuals, her first instinct is to flee and regroup. She also only knows enough of the Matoran language to get by in verbal conversations, and as such, cannot read it.

Alignment: Herself and her morals, Other "worthy" Tiokaha, Nature

Mask: Kanohi Kualsi, The Mask of Quick Travel

History: At a young age, Dhalgira was taken in and raised by a neighboring tribe consisting mostly of Iaru-bearing hunters, due to the fact that her own had been all but wiped out from a plague. Because of this, she has almost no memory of them at all, and considers the people who rescued her to be the closest thing she has ever had to a family. Learning to control her abilities proved to be slightly more difficult as she grew up, mostly because of a distinct lack of any other Roth-bearers amongst them, but while she did eventually figure it out through trial and error, the time spent in their care did imprint her with a better understanding of the behaviors of wild Rahi and the various properties of numerous flora.

While she did indeed care deeply about her new home, and the tribe that adopted her as one of their own would always have a special place in her heart, a sense of restlessness eventually began to manifest itself within her as she became older, taking on the form of dreams in which she would venture off into the forest in order to forge her own destiny. Growing concerned over their sudden increase and intensity, she sought out advice from one of the village elders, who in turn told her that it was time she had started to follow her own path, even if it led her away from the rest of her family. Packing up her things and saying her goodbyes shortly afterwards, she headed off into the unknown, and never looked back.

Recently, her travels have taken her to the shores of Mata Nui, though what she is currently seeking is still a mystery, even to her. Truth be told, however, she wouldn't want to have it any other way.

Personality and Traits: Years of hunting, foraging in the wilderness, and otherwise surviving off of the land have hardened Dhalgira into a fully capable warrior, tracker, and marksman. While she does put her skills to use in order to avoid confrontation whenever possible, she has no qualms whatsoever when it comes to doing anything within her power to protect either herself, her surroundings, or even other members of her species from harm, and will even go so far as to take another being's life if she deems it absolutely necessary for her to do so. She also tends to act quite seriously most of the time, almost to a fault even, but glimpses of a dark sense of humor do have a habit of occasionally worming their way past her otherwise impenetrable facade. Suffice it to say, just because it is possible for one to earn her respect, the chances of her letting her guard down enough for her to open up to somebody still remain rather slim.

Appearance: Dhalgira usually can be found wearing simple hide clothing and light armor reinforced with the bones of fallen Rahi, mostly dyed in the common color scheme possessed by the majority of Roth-bearers. She also covers herself with a gunmetal vest constructed out of animal fur and black feathers, red and gunmetal boots lined and adorned with the same materials, and the bottom half of her silver mask has been decorated with white war paint.

Funds: Dhalgira finds the concept of money utterly worthless. In the event that she absolutely needs something she can't make, she'll attempt to trade for it instead.

Pets: None.


Name: Dahrak Nade

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Powers: Stone

Weapons: His fists, his sheer unpredictability, and anything he can get his hands on in his current environment

Technological Items: None

Weaknesses: Dahrak Nade is about as subtle as a rampaging Artakha Bull trapped inside the hut of a Po-Matoran Carver, and as such, prefers to let his fists do the talking for him most of the time... which unfortunately tends to cause so much damage to his surroundings that he's almost always perpetually broke. His outlook on life is dismal at best, and he finds other beings in general so annoying to the point where he constantly needs to be either drinking and/or smoking just to deal with anyone, otherwise he'd likely start punching people in the face in the middle of the street for little to no reason at all. That being said, he's usually inebriated at some level, meaning that tactical awareness isn't exactly one of his strong points.

Unlike most Toa of Stone, he is also quite scrawny, though he makes up for this with a trained endurance that falls just short of a Lesterin with the same elemental affinity.

Alignment: Morally Unrestrained, though there are still a few lines that even he won't cross

Mask: Kanohi Matatu, The Mask of Telekinesis (in the shape of a stylised Kakama)

History: Dahrak Nade is the byproduct of a nonconsensual mating ritual between the shamanistic leader of a Makuta-worshipping bandit cult and an enslaved warrior belonging to one of the other tribes from his home island. Since his birth, his mother had groomed him to one day take over leadership of the group, even going so far as to pit him against his own father in an unarmed fight to the death when she eventually deemed him old enough for the task.

Needless to say, the walls of their village were decorated with one more head that night.

Despite his penchant for brutality, a divide eventually formed between the two shortly afterwards when one of their scouting parties returned with three captured disciples of Mata-Nui. While Dahrak had little reason to doubt the prisoners' story about being traveling healers, especially since the trio were apparently discovered unarmed, and was initially willing to allow their release, she was not so merciful, and ordered that they were to be thrown into cages along with the rest of the slaves before chastising him about his "weakness." Years later, when one of their number, a Bo-Lesterin by the name of Galea, had almost single-handedly saved the entire tribe from a disease threatening them with extiction, he knew that it was time for him to act. Gathering a group of his like-minded brethren, he went to work freeing the captives in an effort to lead them to safety, but unbeknownst to him, this would come at a great cost; while the majority of them were able to successfully escape, he himself was not so lucky. While the tribe initially wanted him dead after his betrayal, the only person brave enough to step into his cage in order to colect him for execution was tossed back out with a broken neck soon afterwards, so his death sentence was never actually carried out.

After about a week of no food and surviving only on collected rain, a group of soldiers raided the village and slaughtered everyone down to the last man. Upon discovering him, they debated his fate for a short while before eventually deciding to take him back to their fortress as a prisoner of war, which he wasn't initially too fond of. Three broken noses, a few busted ribs, and a shattered arm later, and one of them finally succeeded in knocking him out.

Waking up in a cell once again, he was surprised to discover Galea tending to his injuries. Recalling what he had previously done for her and the other captives, she put in a good word for him, which lead to a meeting with the group's commander, a Ta-Toa known as Torrigan. He explained that they were part of a group called the Paladins of Brotherhood, an organisation dedicated to ending hostilities between the various tribes littered across the island, and offered him a place amongst their ranks as a reward for his deeds, along with the chance to potentially redeem himself of his past in the process. Growing tired of living his life in captivity, he reluctantly accepted, although winning over the rest of warriors proved to be much more challenging than anticipated.

Over time, his life began to change dramatically. He became far more approachable as the years went on, his combat skills and general knowledge of tribal Makuta-worshipping societies not only helped in establishing contact with said people, but also managed to secure him a high-ranking position among them, and eventually, his faith had even shifted in favor of Mata Nui in the process. But above all else, what he came to cherish most was his family; during his time with them, a relationship bloomed between himself and Galea, eventually culminating in the birth of their son, Nogan.

Unfortunately, however, this peace was not meant to last.

Returning from negotiations with another village, he arrived a mere day too late to prevent a raiding party from assaulting their fortifications and claiming the lives of both warriors and civilians alike. Upon learning that his wife and child were among the casualties, he quickly broke down, only for his sorrow to soon be replaced by fury and a thirst for revenge. Finding the perpetrators of the massacre proved to be no issue, considering their attackers bore the armor, weapons, and colors of a group known to be hostile to their cause, and plenty of others who had lost loved ones supported his call for action. Suprisingly, even Torrigan made no move to stop him, even going so far as to supply them with additional weaponry, albeit secretly, all in an effort to make those responsible pay for their crimes.

The battle that ensued soon afterwards was swift and decisive, though it came at a great cost; while the Paladins were technically victorious, Dahrak Nade was the sole survivor, leaving only himself and a mortally wounded tribesman from the other side alive by the time it had reached its end. As the Skakdi spat up his own blood, he asked him why they had attacked them, explaining that they had made peace with them months beforehand. When he angrily told him how his people had slaughtered his family, the fallen warrior denied that such an attack had taken place, mentioning that the two groups had established trade agreements, with the sole condition being that access to the mountains to the north were strictly off-limits, as they had been incorporated into their religion. In order to avoid unnecessary conflict, the Paladins had quickly agreed to these terms, despite having previously wanted to mine the area in order to increase their weapon production. They even traded for the tribe's armor, explaining that they wanted to archive it as a symbol of their alliance. Realising that his superiors had not only betrayed him and sent him off to die, but had ordered an assault on their own forces just to supply themselves with more equipment, was enough to make Dahrak snap.

Arriving back at the fortress, the very first thing he did was to expose what had really happened to anyone who would listen. After a few hours of chaos within the walls of their home, every member who was involved in the crime had either been captured or put to the sword, save for one; Torrigan, who had previously been rallying support in order to send out an expedition party to other islands and spread their influence, was finally granted permission to do so and had conveniently set off with them a few days earlier. Undeterred by this development, Dahrak set off alone in an attempt to catch up with them and bring the man to justice. Stowing away aboard the ship, he waited until they were in open waters before revealing his presence to his former commander one night while most of the crew was asleep and unceremoniously dragged him onto the upper deck as he mercilessly beat him to within an inch of his life. Unphased at the prospect of dying at the hands of the former Makuta-worshipper, his last act was to taunt him with the knowledge that Galea and Nogan would be horrified that he was about to kill him in cold blood before daring him to finish what he had started. After some thought, Dahrak informed him that he was right, and that instead of deciding his fate himself, it would be more fitting to leave it up to his god.

Throwing the Toa of Fire overboard and leaving him to the mercy of the Takea that had been feeding off of the crew's refuse, he took great satisfaction in listening to his screams as the sharks voraciously tore him apart.

Imprisoned in the brig shortly afterwards, he didn't have to wait long before the ship was caught up in a storm, killing every other member aboard and stranding him on the shores of Mata Nui. With everything he loved taken from him and no reason left to live, he eventually headed inland, and has been bar-hopping and causing trouble ever since.

Personality and Traits: Dahrak Nade views all life as meaningless, and attempting to persuade him otherwise is liable to get you punched in the face. He is pessimistic to a fault because of his loss, and generally doesn't involve himself in the affairs of others unless they bother him, they have it coming, or doing so will allow him to continue his habits. He is rude, crude, and quite honestly gives zero ##### about how others perceive him, which has unfortunately led to some rather annoying encounters with local law enforcement. His armor is primarily brown, silver, and black, and his pauldrons obscure two tattoos on his shoulders; on his left is the symbol of the Three Virtues, and his right bears the image of the Kraahkan.

Funds: Perpetually broke.

Pets: None.

Edited by Timageness


Hero Factory: Contagion

RPG Characters:

BZPRPG Characters

RPG History:

The Asylum, Bionifight Infinite, Year 60,000, Matoran und Panzer, HF RPG 2.0, Wasteland, Corpus Rahkshi, Skyrise

GM Résumé:

Matoran und Panzer (Formerly Appointed Co-GM), Corpus Rahkshi (Former Substitute Co-GM)



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Name: Exhilerus

Species: Toa 

Gender: Male

Powers: Magnitism, Animal control, enhanced speed, strength, and reflexes

Mask: Kanohi Zatth

Weapons: Mace, Shurikens, Katana, throwing knives, crossbow, Disruption Staff

History: Originally a Ta-Matoran, he was experimented on by the Order of Mata Nui to be a perfect soldier, and a Toa of Magnetism.

Edited by Dr. Johnathan Crane
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Retired/Unused characters marked with strikethrough.

Name: Lehti (Wiki page)
Species: Toa
Gender: Female
History: While Lehti herself doesn't remember her past, she still has one. Long time ago, she was a simple Matoran plant gatherer and a hunter who wandered the forests alone, visiting villages every now and then in order to trade food for tools. She worshipped the forest, was careful not to kill any plants and avoided harming them needlessy, for she believed that the plants felt pain and were conscious. One day she found a Toa stone inside a tree trunk and was transformed into a Toa. She decided that it was now her duty to protect the forests from harm, and eventually became a myth amongst the Matoran living near the forests she guarded. One day, she met Kajak who was walking through the forest and who had made a camp fire out of a chopped tree, which made Lehti furious. However, Kajak calmed her down and promised to never hurt a plant again. After she calmed down, Kajak asked her to join his team. Lehti accepted after a moment of consideration. Some time later, the Toa Akari, Kajak's team, washed ashore Mata Nui.
Personality: Lehti is a peaceful person and usually friendly (unless you harm a plant). She is an optimist for the most part but not naïve. Lehti is well aware that the world isn't a happy place to live in always, but she's willing to do anything she can to protect plants and vegetation from the dangers of the outside world. She is almost always smiling, making sure that the team is united and happy. She often does her best to end any arguments in the team. Interestingly, she regards plantlife as being much more important than other forms of life.
Powers: She is a Toa of Plantlife, meaning that she can control plants, accelerate their growth, absorb plant energy and use it to create plants. Her elemental reservoir is quite high, and she's a very skilled user of her element.
Mask: Kanohi Kadin, mask of flight. Allows her to fly for a limited period of time. The mask is shaped like Mistika Gali's mask.
Weapon skills: She is an adept user of swords, thanks to Fionne's training.
Description: She is quite tall and lanky. Her mask, arms and upper body are dark blue, while the rest of her body is dark green. Her shoulder pads and part of her chest are silver. Her limbs are longer than average. Her eyes and heartlight glow lime green. Her voice is calm and slightly high.
Weaknesses: She isn't an overly skilled combatant and usually avoids fighting. She isn't very brave. Fire and Plasma can negate her plant powers easily.
All of the members of Toa Akari
All who harm plants
Ambition: None
Two protosteel sabres
leather satchel
various plant seeds
protosteel knife
Wounds: None

Name: Oliphko
Species: Toa
Gender: Female
History: Oliphko used to be a Po-matoran stone carver who lived a peaceful life in Po-koro. However, she felt like her life was dull and empty and decided to go on a spiritual journey. She spent many months in the canyons of Po-Wahi, trying to discover her destiny through meditation in the quiet valleys. One day she discovered a cavern, with a Toa stone wrapped in cloth on a pedestal and a small shrine. She was turned into a Toa, and now tries to adapt to her new body and powers.
Personality: Oliphko is very shy and somewhat quiet. She is sometimes lost in thought, and likes to meditate often. She has a rich imagination, and appreciates the beauty of nature and everything in it. She admires art and enjoys stories. She views life positively, yet remains aware that people are not black and white. She is a devout believer of the Virtues, although doesn't worship Mata Nui actively. A vegetarian and a pacifist, she respects life in all its forms.
Powers: She is a Toa of Stone, meaning that she has contol over rock and stone, as well as the ability to create it. Her enery reservoir is low.
Mask: Kanohi Vita/Sana, Mask of Healing. It allows her to heal the injuries of others.
Weapon Skills: None, she is a pacifist.
Description: She is tall, gaunt and very skinny because she has a very sparse diet. Her primary color is light brown, with beige as secondary color. Her heartlight glows yellow and her eyes are gleaming orange. her voice is smooth and quiet. She has the tendency to stutter when speaking to strangers.
Weaknesses: No skills or experience in combat. She can't handle stress very well, and doesn't yet know how to properly use her powers.
Allies: Few Po-Matoran, a Fe-Turaga called Ferron, who is her mentor (Played by Geardirector)
Enemies: None
Ambition: Learn how to be a Toa
Small amount of widgets
Bronze knife
ancient scroll
paper copy of the scroll
Wounds: A cut on her left leg
Name: Dahkapa
Species: Toa
Gender: Male
History: In the past, Dahkapa was a Ko-matoran philosopher, who studied the ethics of different matoran societies on Mata Nui. He has visited every Koro and smaller matoran settlement on the island, even Xa-Koro before it was destroyed. He has written multiple tomes and was a highly respected person. After Makuta's rise and fall, he went to live on the montains in Ko-Wahi to meditate about the meaning of life. He found a Toa stone in a cavern, and was transformed into a Toa. He returned to the village in silence just after the assasination of Matoro, and spent many months studying the Code of the Toa in the library of Ko-Koro and training combat skills. He fought in the Battle of Ko-koro, but was taken prisoner by the Brotherhood of Ak'rei'an and converted.
Personality: He is a quiet and patient thinker, who only speaks when he has something important to say, which is typical for a Ko-Matoran. He tends to consider his every action,which makes him rather slow to react. He is a worshipper of Mata Nui and believes deeply that every being in the world has a destiny that they cannot alter. He is often considered wise by other matoran. When he transformed into a Toa, his personality changed a little, for example he is somewhat more prone to aggression now. In combat, he is generally calm, waiting for a perfect moment to strike.
Powers: He is a Toa of Ice. He can create or conrol ice, or transform it into elemental energy and vice versa. His energy reservoir is average.
Mask: Kanohi Hau, mask of shielding. Allows him to create a temporary force field to block almost any attack.
Weapon skills: He has trained the usage of a long war hammer he found in the cavern where the Toa stone was. He also has adequate skills with crossbows.
Description: His mask and torso are white, while his limbs are light blue. His eyes glow dark blue and his heartlight used to glow pure white. Now it glows warm purple. There's a tint of purple in his eyes. He now wears a large, black cape. His voice is deep and serious after his transformation.
Weaknesses: He is not a skilled warrior and lacks proper combat experience.
Matoro used to be his friend before he was killed
He considers some of the inhabitants of Ko-Koro to be his friends.
Captain Jaatava, former scholar, who joined the military to increase his very low income and to pay his debts.
Onoraza, a female Skakdi (played by Toatapio Nuva)
Defend Ko-Koro
Learn how to be a Toa

Serve the Archangel and his followers
A long protosteel war hammer he found in a cavern.
Large, round protosteel shield
38 bolts
Decent amount of widgets
Wounds: Part of his back is badly burned, numerous scars all over his body from the conversion. Both of his littlefingers are gone.


Name: Dartakh (Champion) Wiki Page
Species: Vortixx
Gender: Male
History: Dartakh is a mercenary warrior, who travels around the world to find contracts. He is a veteran of many wars, and has seen much bloodshed and carnage over the years. He used to work with a group of mercenaries called the Shadowknife, but all of its members except for Dartakh were slain in an ambush. He was quite traumatised by it, because many of its members were his longtime friends. The sellsword group used to own a ship called Wavereaver. Dartakh sailed on it around the world, but was caught in a storm and washed ashore Mata-Nui. Afterwards he wandered around until joining a mercenary group called "The Outsiders."  He never talks about his past with others.
Powers: No special 'powers', although he is very skilled, strong, experienced and fearless. One should avoid him in fair close combat, and use possible elemental powers and ranged weapons instead.
Weapons: Over the years, he has become a skilled user of swords, war hammers, maces and crossbows. Currently he has a steel mace and a shield.
Description: He is average height for a Vortixx. The claws on his fingers are long and sharp. He is broad-shouldered and muscular beneath his natural protodermic armour, which is mostly black and dark blue. His eyes glow light blue. His back is riddled with green and red tattoos. His voice is rough and very deep.
Weaknesses: Besides the obvious lack of elemental powers, he is often alone and can be defeated rather easily by a group. He also can't read or write.
Personality: Dartakh is serious and cunning, and very patient. He trusts nobody and lacks any sence of humour, for it died along with his friends. Dartakh is willing to work for anyone who pays, as long as the work is about fighting others. He can't read and write and if given a contract in document form, he simply draws a crude cross. In battle, he is calculating, patient but also aggressive. He falls utterly silent during combat and enters a martial trance. He usually spends a third of his day training, if possible. Combat and violence have become obsessions for him.
The Outsiders
His enemies are whoever he is paid to fight. Unless the enemy pays him more.
Ambitions: Find a job  Save up money, {secret ambition}
Ancient Boruhka Helm (Approved By Nuju Metru)
An ancient artifact Dartakh looted from a defeated champion. It is a large, 'enchanted' bronze helm. While it is heavy and cumbersome to wear, it protects him from mind-control and telepathy when worn. Not immune to attached Parakuka, however. Because it is made out of bronze, it gets dented and damaged much more easily than his steel helm, which is why he only wears it when necessary.
Elemental Energy Disruptor (Approved By Friar Tuck)
Ancient device of mysterious origin. It is small, oval metal object. A long, metallic antenna protrudes from it's front. There is a single, large black button with the letters :e: :e: :m_d: . When the button is pushed, the device emits a powerful energetic pulse, which makes a single individual in front of the antenna to temporarily lose the ability to use his/her elemental powers. The effect lasts for about five minutes, although this varies slightly. The device then takes roughly 24 hours to recharge. The mask powers of the affected target are untouched.
Protosteel mace
Protosteel shield
Protosteel knife
Leather backpack
Protosteel chainmail shirt
Protosteel helm
Protosteel greaves
Protosteel gauntlets
Decent amount of widgets
Wounds: His entire body is riddled with numerous scars


Name: Danaku Ran
Species: Lesterin
Gender: Male
History: Danaku Ran is a Lesterin from an island far away from Mata Nui. He lost his memories of past events after he was hit in the head during an attempt to escape from Onu-Koro prison, when he also killed two guards. He ended up in prison after stealing various steel tools in Onu-Koro. He used to be a rich noble, but his status doesn't matter on Mata Nui. He remains in prison.
Powers: He has the elemental powers of iron: he is highly resilient, has heightened endurance and is resistant to metallic weaponry.
Mask: Great Kanohi Rau, the mask of translation. Allows him to understand and use other languages.
Weapons: He had a dagger for self-defence before he was imprisoned.
Description: He is tall and slim. His mask and torso are silver, his shoulder plates are golden and his limbs are dark brown. His voice is peaceful and smooth.
Weaknesses: Danaku Ran is not a warrior. While having the powers of iron, he can still be killed by non-steel weapons.
Personality: He used to be a noble in his village, denoted by his golden shoulder pads. Because of his upbringing, he is arrogant and temperamental and refuses to admit his own errors. However, he is friendly towards other nobles or foreigners without rigid class systems. He also never lies. Part of the philosophies taught on his exotic island. Of course, he doesn't see 'keeping things secret' or 'refusing to admit your own mistakes' as lies. After amnesia: He is friendly and naïve, quite trusting but not a complete idiot. The tradition of avoiding lies is ingrained within his mind, so it didn't disappear with his memories.
He has a host of friends on his own isle, but they are not important here.
Ambitions: Escape from prison, recover from amnesia
Items: None, they were taken away when he was imprisoned.
Wounds: His left shoulder has a deep gunshot wound and the back of his head is fractured. Suffers from amnesia and occasional nausea.








Name: Inishi
Species: Dasaka
Caste & Clan: Menti, unknown clan
Gender: Female
Powers: Kanohi Volitak, the Mask of Stealth, and Willhammer discipline
Appearance: Inishi is tall, lean and curvy, her natural armour coloured light blue, almost turquoise, with accents of burnt gold. Her large eyes glow lime green beneath her mask that vaguely resembles a Volitak. The mask is narrow and smooth, almost having the shape of an inverted drop of water. The mouth is small and her protosteel teeth clean and shiny. Her shoulders aren't very far apart and her torso is similarly thin. The muscles however show that she hasn't ignored exercise and training. Her hips are fairly wide and her legs are long. She usually wears a tight dress that reaches her knees and is coloured like her body, with yellow decorative patterns adorning it. She often carries a satchel made from leather. Her voice is soft and slightly high.
Personality: One can immediately notice how Inishi is always smiling, and the smile is always genuine. To see her frown or appear sad is very rare. She smiles because she never takes anything seriously, and sees that life is for enjoyment, a view that is quite different from the more common viewes amognst the nobility of Kentoku. She sees tradition and order as restrictive, and sees those who strive for power to be deluded fools. She's very attracted to women, and women only, always flirting with anyone she finds attractive. Which includes most Dasaka she meets. Her personality has resulted in troubles that she's often fleeing away from. Inishi isn't also her real name, for she often changes them. She personally values hygiene and beauty and sees martial skills as necessary, if only for self-defence. She claims to be a member of whatever clan necessary, depending on the situation.
Weapon: Her ancestral poleaxe. Its handle is crafted out of crystal and encircled by decorative bands of valuable copper. The curved and long blade is made out of crystal with an edge made out of very valuable bronze. This weapon is a treasure, and Inishi makes sure she never looses it.
Weaknesses: She's not the most skilled warrior, and hasn't particularly mastered her discipline either.

Name: Masome "The Bard"
Species: Dashi
Caste & Clan: Doesn't belong to any caste, formerly a Ringti. Member of Clan Mashtet
Gender: Female
Powers: None
Appearance: Masome is short, even for a Dashi. She's somewhat fat, her natural armour coloured very light blue, almost white, with accents of yellowish gold. Her small and close-set eyes are deep purple. She wears a powerless Mask of Translation. Her face is round, perhaps too much so. Her torso is slighlty bulky while her hips aren't very wide. She has short legs with thick thigs. She prefers to wear a gray cloak, a greenish-yellow dress and a purple skirt. The clothes are worn and old, possibly inherited from ancestors. Her voice is harmonious, soft and peaceful, the voice of a singer.
Personality: Masome is a lowly Dashi bard who isn't even attractive for most. She is quiet, shy and reclusive, traits that aren't the best for bards. She doesn't particularly belong to any caste, although she used to be a Ringti carpenter of Clan Mashtet who lived in Sado. After most of the clan's members disappeared, she decided to pick up her mother's lute and wander the archipelago, singing songs of her clan. She has always found comfort from music and singing, and is rather skilled with both. Her most valuable possesion is a Mashtet carving inherited from her ancestors. It depicts a Kanohi Dragon in a flying position.
Weapon: She carries a crude knife with a wooden handle and a crystal blade.
Weaknesses: She has no supernatural powers because she's a Dashi.

Edited by Daniel the Finlander

still alive somehow

BZPRPG profiles

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  • Name: Cryal

  • Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Power: Plasma

Weapon: Super-heated Hammer

Weakness(es): Use of weapon gradually drains stamina and to heavy to allow Cryal to carry other on-hand tools; slow; has trouble taking pride in his actions

Alignment: Good

Kanohi: Volitak (mask of stealth)

Personality: Not very social; relies on strength and occasionally stealth in battle; memory, most of the time, is either incredible or terrible; constantly looks for undiscovered methods of use of his power, and has learned how to turn certain hot gases and into plasma and says toa of air can do the same with boiling liquids

Kills only when completely necessary to ensure survival of himself and others

​Regret(s): As a Matoran, before being charged with toa energy, his mask was broken, and he had to chose between replacing it with a Pakari (mask of strength) or a Volitak. He picked "heavy-@## hammer" as his weapon much, much later, outside of, what was then, the foreseeable future, so... on the bright side, he's already pretty strong; One time, he got in a fight with a HUGE Po-Matoran about whether stone was just a SUB-power of earth (#neveragain)

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Name: Jalkron

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Element: Iron

Weapon: A metal staff

Mask: Kanohi Arthron, the mask of sonar.

Personality: Jalkron is a loner, preferring his own company to that of others. However, recently his loneliness has become unbearable, so he is trying to make friends, but still not sure about it. He does not always follow the toa code, but one part he does follow is don't kill. There are exceptions to that rule, reserved for the times when he has no choice and rahkshi. He is always trying to improve, and so he will fight anyone or anything who he thinks he can fight and come out alive. He has a short temper, but when he gets mad he is not overcome with anger. Instead, he becomes even more focused and determined than usual, although he tends to ignore almost everything else. He dislikes cowards, and will hate himself for a while if he ever has to run from a fight. He also hates bullies, and puts a stop to them whenever and however he can. Assassins are on his list of dislikes, as are mercenaries who will do anything for a price. However, he himself will fight for a price if he needs cash badly, but there are some jobs he won't take, depending on the difficulty and price, and will not attack matoran or others

Skills: Jalkron has always wanted a Calix, but since he prefers his mask of sonar he settled for training to become as strong and agile as he can, and he is often found training. If he is not training then he is practicing fighting, and is quite good and improving regularly.

Appearance: Slightly taller than the average toa, silver armor with hints of black. However, he is usually wearing a dark cloak, so you are not likely to see more than his mask until he is fights. His armor is very flexible, a combination of chain mail and plate armor. This gives him great range of motion in battle while still offering good protection.


History: Jalkron wasn't always a loner. He used to have a group of very close friends, and they did everything together. When the hoards of rahkshi attacked, he was the only one who survived. He became a loner because of his depression, and he stayed that way because he is afraid to make any more close friends. As can be expected, Jalkron hates rahkshi with his entire being, but was frustrated because as a matoran he was unable to even harm one. Now that he is a toa, he has the power to crush them with a thought, and he does so every chance he gets.

Weakness: Jalkron is quick to judge and will jump to conclusions fairly quickly. This leads him to fighting others whom can outmatch him, or those weaker than himself, which takes time. Jalkron has little defense against most energy and mental attacks.




Name: Razsk


Gender: Male


Species: Toa


Element: Sonics


Mask: Kanohi Pakari, mask of strength


Weapons: Dual Sonic Hammers; Both are designed specifically to focus and increase Razsk's element out both ends of the hammer heads.


Appearance: Average height, muscled, thick black plate armor with purple hints.  There are spikes on his elbows and knees.


Personality: Razsk is easygoing and friendly, but in a fight he is serious and focused.


History: Razsk was just an average matoran, friendly and content.  When he became a toa, he decided to use his powers for good and help others in every way he could.


Weakness: While Razsk has good reflexes, his armor and sizes slows him down, making him an easy target.




Name: Korgrax

Gender: Male

Species: Skakdi

Description:  Korgrax is a huge, hulking, mass of muscle, nearly a head taller than most Skakdi.  His armor is thick, black and purple plate armor which covers most of his body, leaving only his face and spine visible.  His spine has three rows of spikes, two branching off at 45 degree angles and the third sticking straight out behind him.  Each spike is tipped with metal, painted the same color as his dark, purplish skin.  His gauntlets have jagged, spikes all along the fingers which are retractable, and he can flick them in and out easily.  These are painted bright red, obviously to give the appearance of blood.  Short spikes sick out on his elbows and knees.  His eyes are red, almost seeming to burn due to the intensity of his gaze.

Alignment: Himself

Element: Gravity

Vision Power: Impact vision

Foreign Tech: Elemental Reducer - This device significantly lessens all elemental attacks on Korgrax.  For example, if Korgrax were struck by a blast of fire, he would be only singed a bit.  It consists of a core, located under his chest armor, and several wires which snake throughout his armor.  It has three power switches, one on each wrist and one on the edge of his chest plate.  If one of the wires is cut, say, for example, mid calf, the part of his body below the cut would lose its resistance to elemental attacks, and would receive the full force of the attack.  Also, when it is active Korgrax is unable to use his elemental powers, even if there is another Skakdi there, and he is unable to join with other skakdi to use their element.  - Approved by Nuju Metru

Weapons: Dual curved swords with edges that appear to have been broken, as they are unevenly serrated.  Despite the jagged edges, they can still cut and slice like normal swords, rarely getting caught or snagged due to their sharpness and durability.  He loves them specifically because of how their jagged edges rip and tear flesh.

Personality: Korgrax is vicious, cruel, savage, and worst of all, intelligent.  He takes great pleasure in causing pain in others, and will do so whenever he thinks he can get away with it.  He also has a dramatic streak in him, and when he fights he tries to impress and intimidate not only his opponent but those around him as well.

Abilities:  Very good swordsman, or swordsskakdi, very strong, and intelligent.

Weakness:  His dramatic streak is his biggest weakness.  He loves to be dramatic, and will often delay or hinder his own moves for the sake of being as dramatic as possible.  Also, his armor slows him down and reduces his range of motion.  Still very quick with his blades though.

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Name: Acoura
Species: Toa of Sonics
Description: A thin grey Toa of average height, black armour used sparingly and with obvious thought to mobility over defense, cold blue eyes looking out from a black Mask of Concealment in the shape of a Noble Ruru. When not using her weapons they are hung at her waist.
Gender: Female
Powers: Sonics (elemental), preferring to use the power for stealth and mind games rather than as an offensive power, is also able to multi-task her power to create loud noises while nullifying sounds around her to avoid harming herself, but doing so requires high concentration and prevents her from hearing all sounds. Temporary invisibility (Mask of Concealment).

Weapons: 2 hooked sonic blades, normally dull and used to rip apart flesh and armour, when her elemental power is channeled through them they vibrate at a high speed and cut through objects easily.

2 hooked daggers, sharper than the sonic blades and used to cut or stab more often than rip apart.
Technological items: None.

Other possessions: A cloth bag, a lightstone that has clearly seen better days, a round metal canteen, a well worn grey traveling cloak, and a handful of widgets.
Weakness(es): Being a De-Toa she is vulnerable to loud noises (including her own) if she does not silence them first, her Mask of Concealment is powerless against beings using an Arthron, Elda or Rode, and her habit of traveling alone leaves her vulnerable to groups of attackers. She is also physically weaker than most Toa, but not by enough to make a large difference.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
History: Wandering. Always wandering, but never finding it. Never finding a place to stop wandering, never finding a place to call home, so I continue wandering.
Personality and traits: At first glance shy and quiet, preferring to stay unseen and unheard. But on closer look she is cunning, staying unseen and unheard only to avoid suspicion, caring for herself, even at the detriment of others. She is not above lying, cheating, and stealing if she thinks she can get away with it, and will pass by a dying Matoran if stopping would put herself at risk, but she likes to avoid physical violence when possible and will not kill another person with her own hands.

Just another noob here for the BZPRPG.

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Name: Marda Belatroja.

Species: Makuta-made being.

Gender: Female.

Powers: Marda's power is her ability to cause disorientation through touch. This causes people to become confused, often losing track of what they're doing, experiencing short-term amnesia or even becoming so disoriented they can't do anything, entering a catatonic state. This last effect, however, rarely happens because her powers require contact, and most victims quickly break contact.

Mask: None.

Weapons: Fist weapons and throwing stars.

Alignment: Herself and her clients, though she's got a good heart.

Personality: Marda is a magnificently spontaneous being. She's fun-loving, free willed and always talks loud and proud, but she hates when there's nothing to do. However, beneath the show and happiness, she is a serious and powerful tactician, and she's more than capable of taking care of herself. Also, using her power too much has left her emotions unstable, so she is sometimes unpredictable. However, most of the time she is charming, likable and she knows how to make people feel happy.

History: Marda's past is very obscure. She woke up outside the Kini-Nui, and immediately began travelling Mata Nui, eventually settling in Po-Koro. Now she owns a bar, the Dal Riata, in Po-Koro, acting as an informant to any who need her help, as long as they can pay. She's made some friends over the years, and now she has a network of agents who work for her, loyally serving and sometimes even worshiping her. She seems to have some dark secrets.

Weakness: When Marda doesn't use her power for a long time, tension begins to build in her mind and she experiences sometimes debilitating headaches. However, extensive use of her powers causes increasingly intense disorientation to herself, to the point that if she uses her power too much or too intensely, it can render her temporarily catatonic, and her use of it over the years has left her emotions unstable. Also, she sucks at close combat with weapons, and her only real skill in battle is her accuracy with her stars and her average skill in hand to hand combat.

Appearance: She is Toa sized, and has mostly purple armor with a few black accents. She normally wears on her face what appears to be a Kanohi, but it is powerless and looks nothing like any known Kanohi. She also has long tendrils coming from the back of her head to give the illusion of hair. Her body is slender and feminine, designed to give her a non-threatening and appealing appearance to assist in her work. When travelling she wears a dark hooded cloak to remain inconspicuous.

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NAME - Kraal



​ALIGNMENT - Kraal does not fight for anyone, for he trusts no-one at this time.

KANOHI - The Kanohi that Kraal is embedded in, is just a template, it was never given a power nor a name. It is simply an artifact from the beginning.


APPEARANCE - https://flic.kr/p/oV5pG5

POWERS - Kraal is not exactly full of powers, but he is able to leap from his Kracha, and onto the faces of his enemies, giving him weak mind control over that being (e.g.it is not difficult to fight back for control).

Kraal can also convert his Kracha into pure energy, of which he can store inside himself, and the Kracha can be reassembled at will. 

HISTORY - Kraal is a being with a somewhat strange cause. When the great beings formed the universe, Kraal did not exist as he does now. He was created as a Kanohi but he was experimented on. The demon was forced into storage inside the mask, causing the mask to become sentient and insane. The great beings were horrified at this "being" they had constructed, and so they buried the mask far beneath the surface of what is now known as Po-Wahi. It was only when the villagers in Po-Wahi heard screaming from below the ground, that they decided to dig him up. Although Kraal was pretty much a demon in a mask, he had suffered severe memory loss from being under the ground so long. All he knew was his name, and strangely, the Matoran language. He knew nothing of the fact that he was actually a demon, and it was probably best that it stayed that way. The villagers were slow to trust him, but eventually constructed him a body, a body that was far more agile and durable than anything Kraal had known before. This body that he used was named "Kracha". Kraal thanked the villagers for their great help, but told them he wished to see the world that he had been locked in for so long. He headed to Ta-Wahi, and that is where his story begins....

PERSONALITY - Kraal is easily lost in thought, but is usually very talkative and friendly. If something interferes with his life that he doesn't like, he will be sure to make them know about it.

STRENGTH/WEAKNESS - Kraal is an incredible melee fighter, and is very agile, but high powered, long ranged projectiles can easily knock him from his Kracha. If this happens, then is easily crushed from any point. However, should another Kanohi be nearby, he can transfer himself to it, so the trick to killing him would be to crushing his normal Kanohi, and any other in the area (excluding ones that are being worn).

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Also, if you're a resident of the UK and like Bionicle, go ahead and join

us at this awesome Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BFUK7/


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Name - Brontes
Species - Toa
Gender - Male
Element - Electricity
Alignment - Chaotic Good
Equipment - Kanohi Calix and his two Toa armaments. A small, unadorned shield of hardened protosteel that can be electrically charged to have a mirror sheen and a plain, but well made short sword. Double edged and roughly a meter in length.
Addition : Chose two short swords from Ta-Koro Guard HQ to serve as secondary weapons while his short sword is repaired. They are curved and wide, a little heavy for short swords. One is black and the other is white
Appearance - Brontes is small and slightly built for a Toa, reflecting his past matoran life as a scribe and librarian. His armor is bronze with yellow highlights and heartstone, and is streamlined and compact, adding to his underwhelming stature. His Calix is disguised as a Hau to conceal it's power, which can be central to his fighting style
Biography - Framed and convicted of political subterfuge on his home island, Brontes was exiled from his home and confined to a meager raft, left to drift several kilometers away from his home island. He drifted for weeks, surviving on what he could catch and the frequent rain storms. Eventually the ocean currents took him close to a large and unfamiliar island which he summoned his reserved strength to swim to. It was the island nation of Mata Nui he would learn, as he tried to covertly integrate and learn about their culture, it was a turbulent land. He is kind and caring, but guarded in displays of emotion. After his betrayal he has become reluctant to pledge loyalty or trust to others and has pursued mercenary work, a job he is ill suited for because of his distaste for battle and strong, but subdued, moral compass. He has a clever and scholarly intelligence, but can easily over analyze situations and miss opportunities in battle and social minutiae
Weaknesses - His physical capabilities are subpar for a Toa. Most of his battle strategy relies around surprise through use of his equipment, observation and careful planning. Aside from his Calix he has no tactical advantages, and very little skill in spontaneous skirmishes. His other disadvantage is that his weapons and Kanohi are best used against an unknowing opponent. After one has seen the trick to his shield or the truth of his mask, he has no way of quickly turning a battle in his favor
* * *
Name -  Doesn't remember
Species - Toa
Gender - Male
Element - Iron (He doesn't remember and can't access it)
Alignment - True Neutral

  • Segmented Plate Armor ; Covers his torso and legs, it is dark grey with some white details. It offers a fair balance between protection and mobility, leaning towards the former
  • Protosteel Weave Cloak/Coat ; Worn over his plate armor, it is a deep red. Covers the upper half of his arms, torso and falls to roughly knee height off his back. Provides additional protection from slashing and heat attacks, doesn't fair so well against stabbing attacks
  • Kanohi Hau, Great Mask of Shielding

Appearance - Tall, athletic and a little scruffy around the edges. Probably due to washing up on an unknown island and knowing neither where he was or what the karzahni was going on. His base armor is dark grey like his plate, his skin slightly tanned from years of work in the sun. His Hau is a light silver in contrast to the dark greys, reds and deep tan of the rest of him
Bio - Washed up on the island a little more forgetful than most, doesn't remember a name, place of origin or even his elemental alignment
Weaknesses - No weapons, elemental powers only manifest as passive
Name - Erwin
Species - Matoran
Gender - Male
Element - Air
Alignment - Neutral

  • Cavalry Saber ; Of foreign origin. The blade is strong, elastic and non-ferrous. It was given to him by a Le-Toa that claimed to have traveled "all of the lands of the world" and was (according to him) inhabited by a wind djinn or spirit. Being a former Toa Tool, it is slightly large for a matoran so he chooses to adopt a fencing stance and style with it
  • (Powerless) Kanohi Miru, Great Mask of Levitation
  • Chain Mail Hauberk

Appearance - Erwin is a slender matoran with bright blue eyes and a very pale green and grey coloration. His most notable feature is that his eyes always seem to be shut. While slight of build, lanky or frail would be incorrect terms. The best would be compact. He is well muscled from years of work with the sword and a live of travel and (he might claim) adventure. He wears his metallic-white chainmail over his basic armor and a loose fitting set of mottled green traveling pants, shirt and cloak over it
Bio - The illegitimate son of a well renowned (and to remain unnamed) house, his mother was a simple tracker and frequently ill in her later years. After her death he became a street thug and petty criminal in Le-Wahi. In later years he was (forcefully, but not unhappily) recruited in the Blessed Iron Chain Knights, a sect of holy warriors named so for their chain mail uniforms. He met and befriended a Vo-Toa near his age, mutually adopting each other as sister and brother
Years on the street taught him to survive, years with the Knights taught him the importance of self respect, family and how to fight with those in mind. He eventually left the Knights, working decades of simple blue collar work. Now, he searches for his sister again
In personality he is polite and well mannered, he learned the hard way that rudeness and cruel actions or words led to cycles of revenge and suffering. He would kill or die for his family, but little else. The only thing the focus of his hostility is likely to receive is a dose of sarcasm or wit
Weaknesses - He is not an elemental Toa or Skakdi nor a bruiser Vortixx or Lesterin

* * *
Name - Forger
Species - Toa
Gender - Male
Element - Iron
Alignment - Lawful Neutral
Equipment - Kanohi Kakama and his Toa Tool, a long chain he can reinforce and manipulate with his elemental powers
Appearance - Forger is average height, he is well built and strong. A physique developed through years of working as a blacksmith. His armor is dull grey, the color of raw iron. It has burnt orange highlights, his Kakama, heartlight and eyes are all the same orange hue. His armor is bulky, asymmetrical and vaguely ornate. The product of never ending self modification and improvement
Biography - Raised in Ta-Koro, his family owned a large forge and made weapons for the Ta-Koro guard, he lost both forge and family during Makuta's reign, and became a Toa so he could better fight and protect his home. He learned valuable lessons in combat, but become disillusioned with his Koro's leadership during the political unrest following Makuta's defeat. Since then he has been a wanderer, working small jobs or projects in a Wahi before moving onto another
He believes that order is the one and only way to uphold the three virtues, and would gladly support anyone he felt could bring that order. He is unbending, suiting his element, and does not entertain other people's viewpoints or beliefs. He looks down on those that fight only for themselves, or those that would bring disorder into life. Whether or not they claim their actions are for the side of "light" or "dark"
After some time he helped found the mercenary group "The Outsiders," sharing the believe of it's leader that order and true justice would not be metted out by the softened politicians of the island. His codename reflects his tendency to observe and learn others fighting styles and techniques.
His fighting style reflects his past tenure as a blacksmith and maker of weapons. He is adept at constructing swords, axes and other forms of weapon with his elemental powers. And can easily harness the metals in the soil and rocks around him. Lacking proficiency with these constructs, he typically treats them as oversize projectiles and fire them at his enemies. Favoring a quick and unexpected onslaught to crush his foes
Weaknesses - He does not know how to effectively use any weapons but his chain, and requires at least a short time to ready his arsenal. His technique also requires a large amount of elemental energy, and using more than a dozen constructs in a short period places immense strain on his body
* * *
Name - Skoll
Species - Skakdi
Gender - Male
Power(s) - Plasma and Impact Vision
Alignment - Chaotic Neutral
Equipment - A Zamor Launcher with jitter spheres and a large halberd. The Halberd's shaft folds at the mid point for easier concealment and storage
Appearance - Tall and densely muscled, bright orange armor covers his white bio-mechanical body. His spines are numerous, small and bristly, resembling more a muaka's mane then the bone-like projections most Skakdi have. His face is long and could be compared to a wolf, having more of a snout then a mouth
Biography - Skoll was summoned by Makuta in his initial takeover of the island, he found himself aboard one of the many ships of malevolent beings that traveled to Mata-Nui in those times. After Makuta's stunning defeat, he quickly took to the shadowy urban parts of the islands, eventually transformed from a powerful and proud warrior of darkness into an alley drunk. In recent times he has ventured into Onu-Koro, having been tossed out of most inns and bars in the surrounding regions
His personality has turned bitter and depressed since Makuta's fall. He formerly had a large ego and aggressive personality, believing himself to be the one in charge of any team he was on, and by far the most intelligent and capable. He still holds some of those views, but they are dampened by his miserable situation
Weaknesses - His weapons are ill-suited to close range and he frequently underestimates his opponents

* * *
Name - Onamazu
Species - Toa
Gender - Female
Element - Earth
Alignment - Lawful Good
Equipment - Kanohi Pehkui, the Mask of Diminishment. Her toa tool is her family's ancestral sword, Gram. An especially large longsword with a golden C-shaped hilt and a hand-and-a-half grip, it's pommel contains the heartstone of her family's founding figure, it is dulled with age and only glows faintly green. The blade is one and a third meters, tapering to a fine point for thrusting
Appearance - Shorter than average, she is agile more muscular than most females because of a life spent exploring the caves (and fighting their fauna) of Onu-Wahi. Her armor is black with accents of neon green, her mask is the same luminescent green. Her armor is heavy over her vital areas and light elsewhere, to balance ease of movement with defense
Biography - Onamazu is an orphan, the result of a fire that raged in her home koro, killing her parents and nearly a hundred others. She walked through the otherworldly landscape, the only survivor, surrounded by people who had been taken in the initial fire, or those who had moved to save others and succumbed to the smoke, heat or debris. She was saved by a ta-turaga named Baldr, a self-described hero
Raised by Baldr, she was taught swordsmanship and how to control her element, her mentor teaching it as an actualization of the inner self, inverting the world to imprint that which is in your mind onto the physical plane. Years later, Baldr fell ill. She was unable to save him and is plagued by guilt over this and her ignorance of the suffering in the fire, how many had she abandoned to save herself? Even when brave souls like Baldr had ran headfirst into the inferno to save others?
So, she wishes to become a hero, her goal to save everyone, she wants nothing more than to never see a suffering face again. To atone for her perceived sins and honor her mentor and father figure, who she saw as the ideal; selfless, brave, just and unconcerned with his own safety in the face of danger
Weaknesses - Her greatest weakness is in her philosophy, she believes that everyone can be saved, not just those on your side. And she sees a little bit of good in everyone, this naivety leads her to offer mercy instead of the blade. She is also unconcerned with her safety, eager to throw herself into danger if it means she can be someone's savior
* * *
Name - Karna
Species - Toa
Gender - Male
Element - Sonics
Alignment - Lawful Evil
Equipment - Kanohi Akaku, the Mask of X-Ray Vision
Appearance - Tall and muscular, his stature reflects a lifetime of martial arts training and conditioning. His armor is turquoise in color, with dark grey undertones, his heartlight and eyes glow a soft and dim blue. He wears a long grey traveling coat much of the time and a satchel containing medical supplies and surgical tools is always somewhere on his person
His only weapon is his body, having trained martial arts for many years, honing his legs and arms into deadly instruments. He practices a style focused on taking the shortest route with the smallest pre-emptive "showing" possible, aiming to damage the insides of his opponent rather than the outside. This style is strengthened by his mask and his element, allowing him to target delicate internal organs with sonics empowered punches
Biography - The "son" of a Ko-Turaga religious scholar, he was gifted to his adoptive father during a pilgrimage. He was given the name Karna because it is a word of prayer. The priest gave him the name in hope he would grow up and become a man of moral beauty and purity. He grew up according to his father's expectations, displaying strong moral sense, good will and precocious intelligence from a young age
While he understood that he was living up to his father's expectations, he bore him no love. It was unrelated to what he felt was an absolute need to live up to his expectations. The problem was an intrinsic one, he did not truly understand his father's notion of beauty. He realized one year that his notion of beauty was vastly different from others
Understanding he was not in accordance with the world, he worked hard to correct this disparity. Becoming a skilled doctor and blessed priest. He practiced fervent ritual punishment, feeling that he, a sinner by nature should punish himself in accordance to the moral code he sought to uphold. Spending years extracting penance through self mutilation and deprivation
His great realization came during the war against Makuta, his father gifting him the toa stone he had held for many years, transformed into a Toa, he fought with vigor and determination against the lord of shadows. The result for him was , no just cause or good deed brought him the pleasure he gained from battle, seeing the suffering of those around him
There was little anguish in this, he realized now that what he sought did not exist, there was nothing lost and therefore nothing to grieve. Now, he is only concerned with the "why" of his existence; that if the world hates evil, what was the purpose of something that was never wanted being given life. Those with deficiencies such as his should not be born, yet there were beings that existed solely to be hated and die. He wants someone to answer for the crime of his existence, holding only a hollow anger and a gnawing "why?" in his mind
Weaknesses - Karna has no viable ranged abilities

* * *
Name - Miya
Species - Matoran
Gender - Female
Element - Magnetism
Alignment - Neutral Good
Equipment - A backpack with survival and art supplies, powerless Mask of Rebounding
Appearance - Short, young and small. She is easily described as "adorable," "little sister-material," or "someone I would protect!" Her mask and body are magenta with white highlights. Her heartlight and eyes are white as well
Biography - Miya is a young matoran schoolgirl that has decided to leave her home of Ga-Wahi to seek adventure
Weaknesses - Read the appearance and biography sections.

* * *
Name - Tsuda
Species - Toa
Gender - Male
Element - Fire
Alignment - Neutral Good
Equipment - Mask of Sensory Aptitude in the shape of a Kanohi Pakari. His Toa Tool is the Monohoshizao, a long and delicate curved sword. It is used in a defensive manner, to keep distance between himself and his enemy. In much the same way a polearm would be utilized. It is made out of a tough and elastic alloy, allowing him to parry blows from much larger weapons and attack from seemingly impossible angles
Appearance - Average height and build. His skin, mask and heartstone are all reddish. He wears light leather armor and loose traveling clothes over it. He is equipped for defense through mobility and speed rather than tanking attacks
Biography - A swordsman toa from a far away land
Weaknesses - Combat in close quarters or confined areas and cold environments
* * *
Name - Lain
Species - Toa
Gender - Male
Personality - Lain is a fierce warrior who enjoying fighting a worthy opponent. At his core he believes in justice and is easy to get along with. Acting out the role of one gentle in disposition, yet strong in body. He carries a playful and carefree approach in life, but is quick to work himself into a frenzy during battle. Born into the life of a hunter, he does now show mercy in battle. Seeing the roles of hunter and prey as separate from conventional morals
Powers - He is a Toa of Jungle, granting him the ability to control and create plant life
Mask - Kanohi Sanok, Mask of Accuracy
Weapon Skills - He has mastered the use of his lance, his training and mask allowing him to wield it as both deadly melee weapon and as a projectile
Description - Tall and lean, his years as a hunter and tracker in the Le-Wahi jungles have conditioned him to adverse environments and fighting. He wears deep blue armor, tight fitting and light. Designed for mobility over defense
Voice - Rough
Weaknesses - He lacks brute strength and will not retreat from a losing battle
Friends - Several other jungle natives, a few matoran in Le-Koro
Enemies - Associates of Makuta, those that disrespect nature
Ambition - To see the natural orders and life cycles of the land restored. He is not fond of an overly militarized and mechanized society
His lance, the Gae Bolg is two bio long and carved from the heart of an ancient and hardened tree. It is wreathed in vines and is as tough as metallic protodermis. Being made of wood, Lain can influence it's path, repair it and call it back to his hands once thrown. Once embedded into a target, it's head opens up with dozens of barbs, trace amounts of jungle poison leaving vicious and slow healing wounds
Wounds - None
Introduction Flashback
* * *
Name - Sade
Species - Toa
Gender - Female
Element - Ice
Alignment - Sadistic Good
Equipment - Kanohi Calix, the Mask of Fate ; A protosteel Jiujiebian (nine-sectioned chain whip) for use on enemies and partners : An ornate and finely crafted heavy-rapier ; protosteel knuckledusters, for close quarters engagements

Appearance - Tall, beautiful and stacked. She wears form-fitting white armor with dark grey trim, her Calix is white and shaped as a noble Mahiki. Her eyes and heartlight are indigo
Biography - A sadist and warrior at heart. She wants to find a masochistic man, woman or other to own as slave and fall in love with. Aside from this goal, she loves a good fight and is always up to battle whoever she views as a worthy opponent. Her default expression is one of smugness
Weaknesses - Fire, plasma and magnetism are natural counters to her elemental power and weaponry


* * *
Name - Solvi Soter
Species - Toa
Gender - Female
Element - Stone
Alignment - Lawful Good

  • Omoi Ishi ; An impossibly heavy, impossibly sharp and exquisitely crafted katana. One bio in total length, the handle is wrapped in supple white leather and has a simple guard and pommel. The blade is made of a foreign and impossible to pronounce alloy and is dark grey in color. Aside from the edge it has no sheen. Seeming to absorb light rather than reflect it. Perhaps it is an property of it's incredibly dense nature. Without a Pakari and the natural strength of a stone elemental, one would find it almost impossible to wield effectively
  • Shisu no Ishi ; The sheath of Omoi Ishi, it is similarly heavy and can be wielded as either a shorter side arm, a weapon of it's own, or it can be left on her sword. Transforming it from a (fatal) slashing to a (likely still fatal) crushing weapon
  • Kanohi Pakari, Great Mask of Strength

Appearance - While of (slighty below) average height, she appears as taller than anyone else in the room through sheer force of presence. Her armor is mostly white with light blue details and tan reinforced areas over vital zones and major joints. For a weaker individual it could be called moderately-heavy plate, Solvi considers it as light summer clothing. Wears a blue and tan trimmed ribbon/scarf combo, reminscient of a sailor uniform
Qt Factor

  • Bust ; Above average (6.5/10)
  • Butt ; Almost perfect (9.5/10)
  • Hips ; Child bearing (9/10)
  • Legs ; Thick (9/10)
  • Face ; Strong and statuesque with bold eyebrows (Range of 5-9/10 depending on preferences)
  • Midriff ; Surprising soft (8/10)
  • Personality ; Cold enough to drop her other factors by 1-2 points

Bio - A Warrant Officer in the Ta-Koro Guard, she is a firm believer that the strong have a duty to rule the weak. She presents a cold and harsh face to the world, but deep down she is caring and kind. Her definition of "ruling" is more so to protect, guide and provide for, rather than the socially darwinistic idea of the strong ruling the weak. Finds it hard to show feelings, so she settles for tough love and beatings to encourage others in the right direction. Somewhat tsundere
Weaknesses - Unbending, brittle and hard. While these are her greatest strengths, they also function as her weaknesses
* * *
Name - Sharky
Species - Ga-Matoran
Gender - Male
Alignment - Unnatural Evil

  • Syringes
  • (Powerless) Kanohi Rau
  • Seemingly unlimited container of MUTANTMASS that he must consume four times a day or suffer withdrawal

Appearance - Skinnyfat, armor is covered in tribal tattoos
Bio - A supreme ######, Sharky deals in illicit performance enhancing drugs
Weaknesses - "Scoop" withdrawal


* * *


Name - Kichijoten (Dastana)

Species - Dasaka

Gender - Female

Alignment - Chaotic Neutral


  • Crystal longsword
  • Satchel of plot convenient miscellanea
  • Kanohi Kualsi

Appearance - Short and fairly feminine

Bio - Troublemaker

Weaknesses - Not very strong


* * *


Full Name: “Pastor” Jaco (aka “The Brawler”)

Gender: Male Species: Lesterin Element: Fe (Iron)


  • High quality knuckledusters and forearm guards

  • Unironic protosteel toed boots

  • Segmented plate armor, biased towards mobility rather than defense

  • Three Stralix grenades, supplied by Eztanda

  • Protosteel khukuri, 100cm in total length

  • Kanohi Pakari, great mask of strength


  • As a Fe-Lesterin, Jaco has enhanced stamina, is extremely resilient to physical stressors and has a preternatural resistance to metallic weapons, allowing him to catch swords with bare skin, for example

Physical characteristics: Tall and muscular, has a feline cast to his movements and appearance. Typically found wearing loose fitting weeaboo samurai robe things in horribly mismatched light blues and whites over his sandy brown and raw iron physique

Weakness: Being shot, drowning, etc etc

Mental characteristics: Laid back, fond of banter. Has an unhealthy obsession with fighting and physical struggle. He dislikes formality in speech and actions and weaklings, he considers fighting those weaker than oneself to be the ultimate in humiliation and those who prey on them as the lowest of the low

Weakness: Finding people that put up with him

Biography: Started his professional life as the owner of a dojo, dissatisfied with his students he became a wandering wanderer, eventually finding his current group of, well, not exactly friends, but people he isn’t looking to ditch

Allegiances: The rogues, adventure, himself

Alignment: Chaotic Honorable Neutral


* * *


Full Name: Shishio

Gender: Male Species: Roth Tiokaha


  • (Noble) Kanohi Huna
  • (White) Thick fur cloak
  • Padded boots to reduce noise
  • Weighted bolas, muted through crafty use of furs and leathers
  • Great sword that originally belonged to a Toa of average stature, approximately a hand-and-a-half sword for someone his size

Powers: As a Tiokaha with the Mark of Blood, Shishio has the ability to control his blood with an incredible degree of precision. He is also able to sense the blood of nearby beings, affect it's viscosity and solidity to form constructs, quicken it's flow through his body to increase stamina and recover lost blood at a pace much greater than that of a normal being. His noble Huna grants him the ability to become completely invisible for brief periods of time and his species natural hardiness and great stature give him an edge over unenhanced Toa in physical contest

Physical characteristics: Physically very large, Shishio stands head and shoulders above most Toa, equaling a tall Vortixx in height. Unlike the slender Vortixx he is a thick framed and sturdy individual, not unlike a hibernating Ash Bear or snowy Muaka in his possession of a insulating layer of fat over a steely core of thick, corded musculature. Overall physical features could be described as block-like or rough-hewn. Coloration tends towards dark greys and reds in a natural splotchy pattern under coarse grey-black fur. Muted blue eyes and heartlight, arguably mistakable for a particularly large Vortixx or Lesterin while under his cloak

Weakness: Owing to an accident in his youth, his left arm retains only the minimal degree of mobility and functionality

Mental Characteristics: Carries a stark view of the world; survival of the fittest, every man for himself, the only truth or justice in the world is what you can make with your own two hands. Has a natural predisposition to align himself with the strongest people in his immediate area, both for the protection and power they carry and for his own betterment through attempting to strengthen himself and eventually best them

Weakness: Semi-chronic backstabbing disorder

Biography: Recluse living in the drifts of Ko-Wahi for many years. When the Legacy attacked the city he observed, eventually joining the battle on their side and fighting his way into the city. Has lived there since, roughly aligning himself with them on basis of their being the strongest faction in the area

Allegiances: Himself, loosely aligned with the Legacy

Alignment: Neutral Evil

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Name: Joskander! (Exclamation mark not required)

Species: Toa (of Air, for the record)

Gender: Male

Alignment: Fun-fun! :D (Okay, I guess Chaotic Good would be the best fit.  He’s mostly out to have fun, but he’s still a nice guy and well aware of his Duties as Toa.)

Appearance: Tall and lean- not particularly muscled, but he’s been doing a lot of running throughout his life, and that still reflects on his build.  His armor (mostly green-colored, but with some brown and orange highlights) is light and fits him in a manner that allows for unrestricted movement.

Equipment: One Kanohi Kakama, Great Mask of Speed; two ornate gauntlets that serve as Toa Tools and thus help him channel his elemental abilities; a couple lightstones and books for leisure and stuff; the usual supplies for spending a life out in the wild, away from civilization

Powers: Elemental control over Air; Kakama-granted speed enhancement (and all the required secondary powers that come with LUDICROUS SPEED), a decent amount of close-combat martial arts training based around hitting people a whole bunch.  Also, he can swim for some reason.  Maybe he was bored or something, I dunno.

Traits: His main goal in life is looking for a good time!   :D Well, that and helping people and stuff.  He’s a Toa, after all!  He’s really energetic and happy and smiley and kinda childish and naive sometimes for someone whose job is helping people and also he talks a lot and is LOUD.  He has also mastered the art of inserting emoticons into his speech.  Somehow.  :| He tries to be nice and sociable and stuff, but he often doesn’t think about what he’s doing and sometimes he ends up doing stupid things without realizing it until he’s already done them.  Like running into walls.  That’s kind of a thing.

Biography: He’s been travelling for a while, always searching for new adventures and excitement.  His ascension to Toa was mostly a happy accident; he found a place in trouble and just so happened to be in the right place at the right time for a Toa Stone to come his way.  Mata Nui is just the latest stop on his journey; he’s not entirely sure what’s going on here, but judging from experience, it’s bound to be something cool!   ^_^

Weaknesses: He’s not the sturdiest of Toa, relying on his mask and powers when he needs to apply brute force or deal with incoming damage.  Also, his competence and intelligence tends to vary wildly depending on the circumstances; one second, he might be plotting ridiculously convoluted strategies in his head, and yet the next he’s accidentally running face-first into a stone wall at supersonic speeds.  He’s kind of nutty like that.


* * *


Name: Ace (formerly Charek, ???)

Species: Toa of Plasma.

Gender: Male.

Alignment: At present, the Outsiders, along with any sorta-kinda-friends he's made over the years.

Appearance: Rather tall for a Toa, with armor designed for free movement rather than maximized defense.  A double-edged broadsword is mounted on his right arm, and his Kakama is customized to possess a visor rather than eyeholes.  His body is painted red and black, with highlights of orange and gold.

Equipment: An arm-mounted broadsword, a small tomahawk, an elemental rifle (for when fancy elemental theatrics can be supplanted by just shooting people), various basic metal tools for odd jobs and such, an iStone for keeping track of commissions and stuff.

Powers: Apart from the speed his Kakama grants, Ace has elemental control over plasma, which he can either exert fine control over with his broadsword and tomahawk or straight up shoot in condensed bolts with his blaster.  Even without his mask, he’s remarkably dextrous and agile, and he’s picked up some keen marksmanship skills over the years.

Traits: He doesn’t have much of a goal in life, usually just wandering from place to place in search of things to do and jobs to carry out.  He isn’t particularly loyal to anyone who doesn’t buy him off and doesn’t socialize much, although he’s friendlier to those who earn his respect for some reason or another.  He looks for mercenary work out of boredom rather than looking for fun, although every so often he isn’t above abusing his powers for scaring people for the lulz.

Biography: Ace is a wandering mercenary, wandering the various lands in search of jobs to alleviate his boredom.  Mata Nui was merely the latest stop along his journey, and deemed likely to be a very productive one as well, if all the rumors about island-wide conflict and hidden vaults of treasure and technology were even half true (they were, natch).  He wasn't very active at first, still getting used to living in a land threatened directly by Makuta himself, but as of late he's joined the Outsiders, believing work would come easier to him were he part of an organization of similar-minded mercenaries.

Weaknesses: Ace's skillset is built around moving fast, hitting hard, and not getting hit in return.  Unavoidable AoE elemental attacks, for example, would pretty solidly trash him.  Fooling him into letting his guard down is also a viable strategy.  Also, if you somehow manage to successfully appeal to his sense of honor, you might be able to get him to give up an overwhelming advantage in favor of a fairer fight.

Edited by Endless Sea

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Dominus Temporis, if you're out there, hit me up through one of my contacts.  I've been hoping to get back in touch for a long time now.  (Don't worry, I'm not gonna beg you to bring back MLWTB or something.  :P )

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Kanohi Kadin (flight)

Toa tools:twin power swords (like jaller mahri's)

Alingment whatever good-doing will pay the most


Noradom wears heavy, heat resistant, bright orange armor to go with his element. He mostly uses his mask to travel, and doesn't have much agility due to his thick armor to protect himself from his own power. He is very tall and muscular which makes him a very big target. He's skilled with any device that leaves the ground, espescially his own mask. He's pretty good-natured but his jokes aren't the funniest. He arrived in a Toa canister that fell from the sky into the Lava Lagoon. He has no memory of any past before the Ta-Matoran raised his canister from the searing depths. He isn't really that serious until someone gets hurt.


Weaknesses: Being on the ground: Noradom is very slow when he actually has to walk. Being cold, wet, hungry, and/or tired: this makes him grumpy and useless, also cold temperatures sap his strength. Even when Noradom is flying, he is still a very easy target due to his size. If you actually get through his armor, then you deserve a medal and you can more easily take Noradom down

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  • Name: Voran

  • Species: Toa

A detailed description or image(will provide image in following days): Tall and bulky build. Long legs and arms made for climbing and maneuvering in most anywhere. Armored in layers of Dark blue and Gold. Wears a Calix in the shape of an elda.

Gender: Male

Powers and Weapons: Elemental control of Electricity. Large clawed hand. Wields a power lance to channel his power of electricity. Wears a Kanohi Calix (Non-Organic)

Technological items: (Not sure about this one. Might update if i figure out if I should put something here.)

Weakness(es): Melee combat skills are sub-par, mostly relying on cunning and trickery to line up for a ranged attack. Also slightly paranoid, he is constantly worried of being betrayed.

Alignment: Neutral.

History: Voran has been exploring and observing the political progression of the island for quite a while, watching and waiting for when the best time to join a koro would be. And that time is now.

Personality and traits: Quiet, Observant, Cunning. He may come off as cold of grim, but on the inside he is not. Slightly paranoid, as he is constantly worried of being betrayed.

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Name: Keina (Kay-nah)

Species : Toa

Gender: Female

Alignment: Lawful Good

Physical description: Keina is slightly taller than the average Toa. She Has a sleek build, her body consisting of mostly white coloration with blue highlights around her Shoulders and Waist. Her armor consists of circle like Shoulder pads and rather bulky Arm and Knee guards. She wears a fully white Kanohi Hau, consisting of a blue boarder around her eyes. Her Kanohi looks more feminine than the average Hau.

Powers and/or Weapons: Keina controls the element Electricity. She has a large blue shield with the emblem of the 3 virtues in white as its crest. It is used to protect herself from weapons/weapon fire. It's affects can be amplified by her Hau.

History: Ever since she can remember, Keina has had the burning passion to pursue truth and justice. Keina has vanquished corruption from many hearts and her one goal in life to eradicate it fully from Mata Nui. Her other one goal in life is to Acquire a Kanohi Rode.

Personality and traits: Keina is rather blunt when addressing how she feels about someone, which can be good or bad depending if she likes the person or not. She feels a need to protect those in a lesser situation than her own and help them in any way possible. She also wishes no one she deems good to come to harm. She becomes very dark when confronting injustice.

Weakness(es): She is not terribly good at attacking enemies and can't handle hand to hand, preferring more to be a wall and protect her allies. She is also afraid of water and the ocean.

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Name: Vesun

Species: Toa of Gravity

Gender: Male

Alignment: Neutral Good, but erring on the side of Chaotic.

Description: A tall but thin Toa clad in gray and white armor. He closely resembles a Toa Hagah in proportions, though his armor is less shiny. He wears a light gray Kanohi Sanok, which in its inorganic version closely resembles a noble Huna. He carries a halberd, which when he isn't fighting is strapped to his back.

Powers and Weapons: Vesun's halberd is quite simply a halberd. His elemental powers of Gravity allow him to change the masses of objects. He tends to use his power on himself quite a lot, lightening his mass to move and accelerate quickly, or increasing it to land a harder blow. His Mask of Accuracy allows him to fight, to a limited extent, at a distance - as long as he can find a projectile. Of course, his best weapon is his mind, which he has taken great care to refine. He is an expert on gravitation and mechanical physics, and a quick and creative thinker.

History: Vesun was sent to Mata Nui on an important mission... which he can't remember. He arrived with no knowledge of how he got there, or how to get back; the knowledge was seemingly deliberately removed from his mind. Unfortunately, his forgetfulness is spreading. He still remembers himself, how to fight, and one thing: these little creatures called - Matoran? He's never seen them before.

Personality: Vesun has the attitude of a loner. He is a strong believer in individualism, and although he recognizes the advantages of a team, he finds it hard to compromise or follow orders in critical situations. Nevertheless, when he makes the effort, he can be a brilliant team fighter or strategist. He likes to play the role of the loner hero, and if society doesn't place him there, he'll go out of his way to get there. If he finds himself in contact with other loners, he will see them as rivals and may start a sort of competition for the role.

Weaknesses: In combat, Vesun is constantly manipulating the mass of his body and his environment. This makes him very impressive for the first few minutes, but he tires quickly. He needs to rest after only about 10 minutes of fighting (down to 5 for very intense combat) and will simply pass out if forced to fight too long.

BZPRPG Profile: Vesun.


Subtlety is more powerful than strength.

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Name: Alsorate.
Species: Matoran of Plasma.
Gender: Male.
Alignment: Generally good, occasionally evil if so be it/being controlled.
Physical properties: Body build of Av-matoran, orange arms & legs with white hands & feet.
Mask: Kanohi Kulasi
Background: Unlike most Ta-Matoran, he is a rahi tamer, and is generally made an outsider at by the other Ta-Matoran, both for being a Rahi tamer instead of a member of the guard, and also for being orange and white. His is a great Rahi tamer though, and his fighting is some of the best.
Personality: Generally quite quiet, only speaks when it is necessary/he feels like it. He has a strong sense of compassion and fights strongly with what he believes in.
Weakness: He can quite easily turn to the dark side if persuaded enough, he can be controlled by others quite easily. He can only realise what he is doing if he sees someone in danger or is someone he likes.

Name: Krakant
Species: Skakdi of electricity
Gender: Male
Special ability: Infrared vision.
Tool: Laser rifle. (Approved by Nuju Metru). It got stolen after a battle. :(
New and improved, it's Flame Fang! A staff with a jagged edge and a sharp edge, that can detatch into a short-ranged staff that fires... Fireballs! (Approved by... Someone).
Appearance: A slightly bulky Skakadi, with large arms and slightly thin legs.
Blue is his main colour, with worn golden armour.
Alignment: Whoever has the best pay. Prefers the evil side.
History & traits: Kakrant can to the island of Mata Nui for bigger game, and for good pay. Currently he has not been disappointed. His history on his home island has never been heard. He is rather cocky, and also willing to flaunt his strength and "smarts" (of which he has a small amount). Generally a less vicious Skakdi.
Skills: Kakrant is a skilled mid - short ranged fighter, and can use hard mêlée attacks to his advantage. His laser rifle is a powerful mid-ranged gun, which can pierce through most items (e.g iron, steel, wood, some types of rock).
Weaknesses: Krakant is susceptible to easy control and can be outwitted with fast attacks and when in hand to hand combat with enough blows can be knocked down and then easily beaten. His cockiness can also be his downfall.

Name: Photu
Species: Toa of Iron
Mask: Kanohi Arthron
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Appearance: A fairly large Toa with an Orange body & hands and feet. Everything else is black.
History & Traits: He is one of the few Toa of Iron that survived the Makuta purge of everyone Fe. His history is not known, but he now lives in Onu-Koro. A soft spoken Toa, one of few words but powerful words non-the-less.
Skills: He is also powerful in his fighting skills, but can be out ranged, and is knocked over quite easily.

Name: Talu
Species: Turaga of The Green.
Mask: Kanohi Calix (Use this as a guide to un-organic masks)
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic good.
Appearance: A thin-ish Turaga with a turquoise body and hands. Everything else is a slightly dark lime.
History & Traits: Talu is a master of the art of cooking. While not a true art in the eyes of everyone, his skills are unprecedented, always on point and key, bouncing around finding new recipes and foodstuffs that will improve his cooking skills, despite his olden age. He is always active and a little clumsy, never staying still, and although slightly slower than he would be in his prime, he still manages to stay active thanks to his Calix. He is also a little bit mad and unpredictable in what he will do next. He reminisces on the "olden days", back when the trees were fresh and young, and far away places of the island lost to time. Or, that's at least what he says.
Skills: A fast agile fighter, can use his Calix to perform rather dangerous feats that can be used to deadly effect, extremely unpredictable for a Turaga of his age. He can be beaten though by using his strategy against him and also change their own movements.

Name: Kier & Garnu
Species: Vortixx.

Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful good & Lawful evil respectively.
Appearance: Both are very large, bulky Vortixx, who are green in colour, with white and black overcoats respectivly.
History & traits: Kier and Garnu were once brothers, strong and powerful defenders, working towards great justice on their island. During a grand and mighty battle, Garnu was killed, and in his frustration and distress, Kier managed to slaughter all of the assailants.
After the battle ended, Kier never found Garnu's body, and so a shrine was instead ressurected in his image.
However, during the clean up, a hand rose up from the mass of bodies, to reveal Garnu, holding a broken and deadly sword, and killed all in his path in the name of "justice".
Distraught by this turn of events, Kier made it his duty to finally rid the world of his brother and finally put him to rest.
Tools: Kier wields a medium sized sword with beautiful engrqvings on it and a hammer with his house insignia on it. Galu wields a dark, broken medium sized swored, but it is just as deadly as any other sword. He also wields a hammer with a skull on it.
Skills: Both are strong in battle, relying on their strength and smarts to overcome their enemies.
Kier's theme:

Galu's theme: Awaiting

Name: Rizax
Species: Skakdi of sonics
Gender: Male
Special: Laser vision
Equipment: A spyglass that can be attatched to Rizax's gun.
Rizax's gun is a semiautomatic laser rifle that fires short bullets of laser's around the place, but overheats when used too extensively. It includes an attachment to add his telescope to his gun. (Approved by Nuju Metru).

A seemingly endless supply of cigars.
Alignment: Good
Appearance: An imposing figure despite his age. He has a gravely voice from smoking and wears an eyepatch over his left eye. Green head, spine, body & upper limbs, dark blue everything else.
Personality: After being in many wars, you would expect someone to be quick to annoy & harass. Rizax is no exception. He however likes the company of those who share his views.
Background: Rizax was born in the fire of war, raised in the fire if war, melded by the fire of war. Rizax was a prolific fighter back in his war-torn country, having to be so because of what had happened there many years ago. However, he did not work for any evil forces like other Skakdi, but instead worked for good for a better more peaceful end to the war. However, this did not work as a vicious Skakdi warlord took over the island and issued it under his control. In a last ditch attempt to restore peace and order to the island, he and a few other members if his team worked on a mission to kill the warlord and end his tyrrany. Many lives were lost during the battle, including his best friend and his eye, but he overcame it and killed the warlord. However, now a fugitive, Rizax was forced to flee his home and find sanctum elsewhere in order to find a final home and to prove that not all Skakdi are evil.


Name: Keyanu

Species: Lesterin of Water

Gender: Female

Alignment: Lawful neutral

Equipment: Dual 6-round colts. (Bullets are small plasma balls)

Appearance: A slightly short Lesterin with Keetorange armour on arms & legs and light blue colouration on arms legs & body. Has a cloak that can be worn like a poncho with a low-brow brown stetson.

Personality: Quirky and easygoing, Keyanu has a very likable personality which earns her much respect from the people she meets.

Background: Keyanu comes from a high upper-class background, always with the best food and quality of life, but she always felt like that she should see the world, visit new places and find exotic locations, which combined with her outgoing attitude got her into many troubles back home. She eventually left home with a cloak & stetson to keep her out of sight, and personalized dual colts for defense. She arrived upon Mata Nui for the strange locations and the flora & fauna.

Skills: Keyanu is a swift and agile fighter, always able to pull off difficult dodges to outsmart & outwit her enemies, with her dual colts used for long ranged fighting to pick off and annoy enemies/chase them down.

Weaknesses: Keyanu tires easily and can be outdone if the attacks are pressed hard enough. Hard attacks can easily get her down to the ground for easy pickings.

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Name: Traur (TROU-er)
Species: Lesterin of Iron
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral
Appearance: Traur's appearance is notable only for its averageness. He stands a few inches shorter than most Toa. He is not bulky or imposing in appearance. The majority of his armor is a dull, metallic gray, while his mask, chest, upper arms, upper legs, and lower legs are colored a brownish orange. However, most of his armor is not visible, as he wears a long, hooded gray cloak that covers most of his body. He is rarely seen smiling, and his hands, when not being used, are often clasped behind his back. He generally keeps his head lowered, even when speaking with others.
Weapons: Traur keeps two tonfa-like knives on his lower back, the sheaths forming an X with the hilts pointing downward for easy access. When held by the handles perpindicular to the blades in a defensive position, the blades extend just past his elbows. For times when he needs or would prefer a longer reach, he keeps a collapsible metal quarter staff on his upper back. When collapsed, it appears as a thick, foot-and-a-half-long tube that extends at an angle over his left shoulder from its sheath. This weapon is used primarily to keep enemies at bay, however, as it is ill-suited to easily harming or killing them.
Mask: Kanohi Tryna (The Mask of Reanimation)
Powers: He possess only those powers passsive in Lesterin of Iron. He can endure a fairly large amount of damage, he does not tire easily, and weapons made of metal do not easily hurt him. Otherwise, he must rely only on his skills with his weapons, developed from many years of practice and familiarity with his element.
Traits: Traur is quiet and reserved. He is always thinking. He often has an opinion on matters, but he rarely shares them, often seeing no reason to do so. He fears disapproval for his beliefs, but when convinced of them, he sticks to them. He is not assertive. He tries to avoid taking sides on matters, but morally, he tends to lean toward what he thinks is right and good. He is confused as to his purpose on Mata Nui, a feeling exacerbated by a recent event that has left him grieving and seeking understanding in his life.
Biography: Traur has been on Mata Nui for some time. He remembers little about his life before then, and most of the events afterward he actively tries to forget, for reasons unknown. If asked, he will usually only say that he has been wandering the island for a short time, staying away from the Koros unless he needs supplies or healing.
Weaknesses: Physically, Traur is not accustomed to fighting multiple enemies at once. He is not well-suited to ranged fighting. In long fights, he also has a tendency to take his resilience for granted, avoiding defense while focusing on offense. Mentally, Traur is not quick to make decisions, especially when it involves two sides. He is also troubled by something, and this can make him inattentive and, occasionally, moody.


Name: Faora

Species: Lesterin of Sonics

Gender: Female

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: While ugly might be too strong a word to describe Faora, "plain" is an apt description. She is short and thick, but she has few curves to speak of. Her gray and blue frame is solid and visually unappealing, but it exudes a strength and confidence that is apt to draw the attention of passers-by. Her unusually dim eyes are noticeable only because their amber color stands out from the rest of her body. She can also often be seen wearing some for of mufflers over her ears in particularly noisy locales.

Weapons: On her back, Faora carries a spiked club, which is her favored weapon. On her belt, she carries a short axe. She also has strapped on her left lower leg a knife.

Mask: Kanohi Omnus (The Mask of Sensory Aptitude)

Powers: Like all De-Lesterin, Faora possesses excellent hearing, and she can enhance it even further through the use of her Omnus. She can also project her voice much more loudly than most beings, a power she uses in battles to disorient or distract her opponents. Despite being nearly blind, she is also a skilled fighter, relying on a combination of brute force and tactics to defeat her opponents. She is especially adept at fighting in low-light situations.

Traits: Faora is calm, kind, and generally optimistic, though the latter trait is tempered by a growing sense of pragmatism she has developed during her life. She is comfortable in most social situations. She has no predilection for good or evil, and she has been known to take mercenary work. She dislikes extremes and will often try to find a middle ground; this, combined with her outgoing nature and her desire to understand, often puts her in situations in which she tries to act as an arbiter of sorts.

Biography: Faora came to Mata Nui some time ago. She made her home in Onu-Koro where she worked various odd jobs. However, the darkness continued to dim her vision. In hopes of preventing complete blindness, she left Onu-Koro and headed topside. She has since moved about the island, seeking something that will provide her with more consistent work.

Weaknesses: Without the use of her mask, Faora can only see general shapes and colors. While she can usually rely on her mask to see, maintaining its use during battle, especially long ones, can prove difficult, greatly hampering her ability to fight. Her sensitive hearing can also prove detrimental. Outside of combat, her attempts at arbitration are not always met with appreciation, and this can lead her into unnecessary conflict.

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My epic: For Them (Review Topic)


BZPRPG: Trauer and Faora


Bionifight Ultimate: Daedalus Drachoren and Von Worten Undtränen


The Elder Scrolls: Ashfall: K'Larn

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NAME: Akemi Miku Shun.
SPECIES: Dasaka.
CASTE: Menti.
CLAN: Eiyu.
GENDER: Female.
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good.
MENTI DISCIPLINES: Ideatalk (Twin Souls), Mindarm.
WEAPONS: Akemi uses a pair of crystalline katanas, one on each hip. Placed all across her body are braces of crystal kunai, and on her back is a massive nodachi designed to be used with both hands; she often uses it with only one.
KANOHI: Calix.
[image courtesy of the esteemed Tomorrow Girl]
Akemi wears more traditional clothing, forgoing the elaborate and extravagant styles of modern Menti Warriors. She wears old-fashioned fabric shaped into a monk's robe, and the cloth is durable and warm, with dark green primary colors, white highlights, and golden fringes. It has a large, expansive hood, and various pockets on the inside and in the sleeves for holding all the various snacks that Akemi munches on incessantly. Tight and form-fitting, the robes, while loose enough to permit free movement, are close enough to prevent hindrance in battle. Her robes, like that of her sister's, are reversible, with a red inside that is similar to the outside in its style, aside from substituting a maroon red for the deep blue. She wears the Kanohi Calix, colored a mix between white and blue. Shun's body is a dark, almost navy blue, with deep golden hints. Her build bears a sort of wiry strength, and she has a martial artist's body, with evenly-dispersed muscles and a slim, but powerful frame.
A monk warrior of great discipline and power, Akemi is highly skilled in the use of the crystal weapons that are a trademark of her race. With twin katanas, she and her Kanohi Calix flow across the battlefield, dispensing death like a plague and moving swift as the wind. Shun uses her Mindarm technique to fling her kunai at enemies and block their blows, impaling them in their eyes and weak points, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake. With her sister at her back, even armies can not stop their relentless assault of illusion and strikes, woven together in a coordinated cacophony of slaughter.
Strengths and Weaknesses
Her main strength is her extreme capability in the field of battle, especially exemplified when she and her sister act in tandem. Her Mask of Fate means that her natural physical abilities are at their absolute peak, meaning that her dexterity and strength are far above that of most anyone else of her race. Her endurance, however, is limited, due to many different factors, including, but not limited to, her use of the Calix Kanohi, practicing her Mindarm Discipline, and the physical toll that battle takes on all. Akemi's physical stamina is still far above that of most humans, and she can exercise in even very strenuous tasks that would cause most Dasaka to collapse.
She is, however, very unskilled in the battles of sociality, and shies away when people approach her. Shun lets her older sister do the talking, and does the walking herself when needed. Her scholarship has also always been a tad lackluster as well, in contrast to her sister. Akemi has a far better understanding of philosophy than her sister, and was always the more abstract and thoughtful, rather than having the knowledgeable intellectuality that Kyaku has.
Shy and antisocial, Akemi always preferred the introspective solitude of quiet meditation rather than the quiet bustling of a library, or the rumbling noise of a city. She is the opposite of her sister, Kyaku, who enjoys company, and is much more extroverted than Akemi. Akemi is a philosopher first, and warrior second, though this does not mean that she is not more than willing to defend herself and others if need be, and often finds simple battle to be a relaxing and meditative experience.
She has a prodigious appetite, due to her warrior training, her Mindarm discipline, and her use of the Kanohi Calix. Akemi downs meals made for entire families in a single sitting, and is known to some as "the Vacuum." It is said that she can devour whole animals in the blink of an eye. This is not a terribly overblown exaggeration.
Born a few years after her sister, to a mother neither ever knew, Akemi was a troublesome child. She rarely spoke, and only did so to contradict the elders whose philosophies she found flaws in. Dismissed as simply being a gender-swapped version of her father, Akemi was again and again silenced. This bred in her a dislike of social interactions, and an ever more intense dislike of authority, authority which was, in her eyes, often simply wrong. She was also resented due to some saying that she killed her mother, as she died in childbirth, leaving a parentless pair of sisters alone.
As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and so it was. The entire clan had great influence in the sisters' upbringing, the midwife who delivered them most of all. They studied under their father's work as scholars, Kyaku, Akemi's sister, preferring to spend more time among scrolls of history and science than philosophy. They both followed and believed in one of their father's most well-known sayings, "Until you have walked the earth, you will never know all its secrets."
Akemi showed interest in Menti Warrior training, as it proved a great distraction from her daily life as a laborer and a scholar in the Clan, and rarely required social interaction on a heavy level. Their minds already linked extensively due to their closeness, she and her sister already had a bond that bordered on natural Ideatalk, and so they were chosen to undergo the mind-joining process known as Twin Souls. This training method linked two Dasaka minds, heightening the discipline of Ideatalk so much that the two practitioners became incredibly familiar in each others' minds, allowing them to respond and act together even in battle with the speed of instinct.
After successfully undergoing the procedure, the pair split off to pursue separate primary Disciplines. Akemi focused on the practice of Mindarm, which allows her to use the latent psionic abilities of Dasaka in the form of telekinesis. She can manipulate physical objects with her mind, and lifts, pushes, pulls, shoves, and throws objects using only their mental prowess. The younger Shun was a natural, and she performed even complex maneuvers in the midst of intense battle with ease, somewhat due to her use of the Mask of Fate.
While her sister learned the Sighteye Discipline, Akemi mastered the Mindarm. After becoming full-fledged warriors, the pair was finally able to pursue the lifelong dream of their father: travelling across the entire world. And so, they set out, to discover the new, learn the unknown, fight evil and defend the weak, and embark upon a journey of enlightenment.

NAME: Glayv Harkonnen.
SPECIES: Toa of Lightning.
GENDER: Female.
KANOHI: Kualsi, the Mask of Quick Travel.
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral.
A skilled and trained warrior, Harkonnen is a capable swordswoman and hammer-wielder. Before becoming a Toa, she was an educated lawyer, and is therefore knowledgeable in history, rhetoric, and law. Harkonnen is known as the Grey Thunder, for her speed in battle, her Kualsi Kanohi, her element of Lightning, her use of a rather loud hammer, and her thundering voice.
Due to her state as a Vo-Toa, Glayv has incredible control over her element, that of Lightning. She can generate it, redirect it, absorb it, imbue her weapons with it, and create spears of lightning to fling at enemies.
Harkonnen wields a strange pair of weapons, that being a double-edged longsword and a massive handle-less hammer. They combine to create a weapon of great destruction, the hammer fitting onto the blade of the sword, acting as its sheath, and the longsword's handle becoming the hammer's. She often imbues her weapons with lightning, herself being immune to it, but causing additional damage with each strike. This weapon is known collectively as the Storm's Truth.
They can be used independently of one another, but are most effective when used in conjunction. The runes inscribed upon the hammer's head are the set of laws and personal code that Glayv follows and dispenses justice with, and legend states that the storms themselves inscribed them with their elemental fury and desire for justice against mortals. Upon the sword's blade is the sigil of the Stormwardens. She finds a unique irony in her use of the law to literally crush evil-doers. This pair of conjoined weapons are used by Harkonnen to channel her elemental powers, and are thus considered her Toa Tools. 
Strengths and Weaknesses
While a skilled warrior, and a capable tactician, Glayv suffers from her lack of a loud conscience. Others may view her as heartless and cold, though she simply carries out her law as she has written it. Her armour is also not terribly dense or thick, and she relies upon her sword to parry and her Kanohi to avoid attacks.
Simple and direct, Glayv Harkonnen is truly a Lawful Neutral Toa. She carries out the law as it is written upon her hammer without leniency, and is often seen as stony and distant. Rarely does the Vo-Toa include a moral compass in her decisions, instead relying upon the cold, hard rules she alone enforces. A law-woman at heart, she is often startled by such oddities as jokes and sarcasm. 
Glayv finds it difficult to remain in one place for too long, as she is often unwelcome where she visits, and has an innate desire to travel and seek out criminal nature wherever it hides. A sort of independent marshal and bounty hunter, Harkonnen either executes lawbreakers or forcibly escorts them to their home government, if such a thing exists. If not, the closest prison also serves.
No Gods or Kings, Only Man
"Religion and rulership alike do not factor into the Truth. The lawbreaker is neither exempt from the Truth, nor pardonable."
The position of Stormwarden is passed down from generation to generation, and is always accompanied by the gift of the Storm's Truth, a sword and hammer, once the child has come of age and become a warrior as well as a scholar. The chronicles of the Stormwardens are passed along from parent to child, written on the hammer's head of the Storm's Truth. None, not even the Stormwardens themselves, know the origins of the Storm's Truth. They do not need to, for the law is all that matters.
Death For Life
"A being cannot lawfully murder another unless this act saves the lives of more than the murdered, or is punishment for breaking one of the Truths."
Named for the weapon that her father used, Glayv was born into a family of lawmen and women. She grew up among calm debates and rhetoric, exploited fallacies and loud arguments. Glayv learned how to tear the ground from under a verbal opponent's feet before most knew how to write their name. She was taught law and lore, science and Socrates. When she came of age, she was trained in the ways of the blade, how to parry and riposte, slash and stab, and how to spare the lives of others.
Theft Unwarranted
"A being cannot lawfully take what is, under the Truth, the property of another without just cause."
Left alone in the silent world after the death of her mother, Glayv took the name of her father, Harkonnen. Stormwardens are born and live without a surname, but often latch their other parent's onto themselves. She took it upon herself to rid the islands of all their criminality, and followed the Truths with a zeal not seen of in any of her predecessors.  Glayv began with her home, and cleansed the village of all of its chaos. When she left, few still lived. They were, despite their professed Truthfulness, Liars.
What Is Deserved
"All beings that break one of the Truths deserve death, without exception."
Roaming the wastes and waters of Mata Nui, Glayv discovered many things. The first is that there are myriad criminals in the world, most unaware of their corrupted hearts. The second, that the hearts of the common are weak, and easily bent by others. The third, that evil will always exist. It is the storms-granted right of the good to maintain a balance.
Balance Over All
"Evil does not know rest, so neither shall Good. As long as there are Liars left breathing, the Truth's Warriors will only respite judgment as necessary."
A Storm is coming.
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