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Oh hey guys have OOC discussions and post your profiles here please and thanks.
Probably won't be keeping much of a comprehensive list of characters, much like last time, so if you could edit your profiles into your initial post here that'd be great, cheers. Also, another reminder: every profile here needs two staff to go through it. Thanks, and it's great to be back.

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Name: Rebekah Fell
Known Aliases: Victoria Cradlewood, Shadow, X-322
Age: 20

Gender: Female
Faction: None
Powers: Rebekah's abilities are two fold. The first is a result of her mutant status, namely, hyperdimensional storage. She has the ability to store any item within a pocket dimension that exists outside of our own time and space. The more mass an item has, however, the more energy required to send it between that dimension and our own. However, the limits of this storage pocket are unknown, and the depths of its inventory have yet to be truly discerned. The second set of abilities are entirely unnatural, stemming from Weapon X's tampering with her body during her captivity. Her muscles have been engineered to exceed their normal capabilities, granting speed and strength in superhuman levels, though not on the same level as a mutant with those abilities. The inherent risk, however, is great.
Appearance: Rebekah stands at just under six feet tall, putting her at a sleight height advantage over almost everyone she meets. She has the build if a natural athlete, not so much muscular as lithe, with proportions hinting at the grace with which she is capable of moving. Her dark hair, once roughly down to her shoulders, has grown almost halfway down her back, similar to that if her Ultimate universe counterpart. She tends to dress in darker colors, though the level of style in her outfit varies greatly depending on whether she has dressed herself without aid, leading to a simplistic, pragmatic appearance, or whether her significant other has aided in the process, leading to a far more fashionable look. All of the above would be enough for her to stand out in a crowd, but the sharp violet eyes set in her face ensure that she does.
Weapons: Unknown. Due to Weapon X's interference, her hyperdimensional storage pocket is stuffed with enough weapons of every type and make to arm a small militia. In addition to the above, she keeps a high end motorcycle with her at all times.
Skills: Rebekah's skill set is far from what one would expect from someone of her age. From an unknown age, she was drilled and trained in the use of weaponry of all types, in hand-to-hand combat, in tactics, in first aid, and complex academics. Of these things, however, she has been trained only in what is applicable to her role; the pain, and ultimately demise, of others. However, outside of the skills necessary for combat and assassination, her abilities are tragically minimal. Her social skills are limited, her knowledge of the workings of modern culture similarly so. Surprisingly, she is a highly skilled musician, particularly with her guitar.
Personality: Her personality depends, in large part, on who you ask. To those with only passing interaction with her, she could be called cold, even heartless, and aloof. Her socialization while at the Institute was minimal, and as such, she made few real friends. But to those few who truly got to know her, she could best be described as quietly quirky, friendly, and in the words of Brooklyn Pace-Carlisle, "adorkable."
Weakness: Rebekah's greatest weakness is that she, for the most part is nothing more than a well-armed and well-trained human. And in order to correct that disadvantage, she must, at great risk, forcibly override the limits on her own muscles. This, over long periods of time, causes great damage and has on one occasion led to an incident of cardiac arrest.
Bio: To describe Rebekah's history is to try and describe the history of the ancient world. Bits and pieces are known from a variety of eras, and new information is found with each archaeological dig, but the vast majority is unknown.Much like that, Rebekah's history is an enigma, with a small portion if the curtain occasionally drawn aside to grant a glimpse at her own life. At a young age, likely between twelve and fourteen, she was abducted and trained by Weapon X. At the age of eighteen, she escaped from the facility, but her mind was forcibly wiped in the process, rendering her an amnesiac. She awoke on the Institute's lawn a year and a half ago, with no memory whatsoever. In the time since, she has recovered a portion if her memory, had a hand in the fall of Weapon X, and most importantly, met Brooklyn Pace-Carlisle.


Name: Alexander Smith
Codename: None. Formerly, Wizard.
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Loyalties/Faction: The Institute, and by extension, X-Men.
Power(S): Powers often reflect something of their owner's nature, whether they realize it or not. Some physically enhance their body, some their mind, some change to reflect something else. But for Alex, his powers are much simpler. The first is an invisible force, most often referred to as a shield, of triangular shape several feet tall and several feet wide. It's always present, but since it can move around freely as long as it is nearby to its owner, it rarely is in the way. It's invisible to most sensors, though there are certain scientific tests that prove its existence. This is the only power if his that directly influences the physical world.But first and foremost, Alexander is a technopath. When he first came to the institute, this manifested only as an extreme skill with the use of computers. Hacking, coding, design, it all came easily to him. In fact, he quickly showed his skill by repairing an iPod, the least repair-friendly device of all time. But a lot has happened since then. During his time in the alternate universe, he was forced to learn to use his powers to greater potential. Nowadays, he does not even require a computer. Data, systems, passwords, he can see them all without even touching the machine. Any computerized system is vulnerable to his abilities, though the more advanced the protective software, the more time it will take. He can even take remote control over these systems. Given that he has taken up residence in the Institute's command room, deep beneath the basement, this is a fact quite potent to enemies.
Appearance: On first glance, one would say that time has been very kind to the Technopath. Over the time since his departure from the world, and subsequent months, he has steadily grown taller and more muscular, leaving behind the rather non-athletic physique he originally possessed. Gone as well are the laid back clothes he used to wear, replaced instead by a collection of formal wear. On the few occasions he ventures outside, he is most likely to wear a dark suit with a golden "x" pin attached to his collar. Invariably, no matter what he wears, a small brass locket is worn around his neck. But it is when one takes a closer look at his face that they see the damage done. In the year following the battle of New York, he has never once smiled, not genuinely. But behind his glasses, it's his eyes that show the greatest change. Once alight with cheerful, if a but quirky, light, they're now empty, and in truth, more than a bit sad. His dark hair, once untamable, has become as subdued as its owner.
Weapons: A single pistol, kept in a drawer in his desk.
Skills: Within the realm of computers, Alexander is nigh on unparalleled. The products he designs go far beyond modern technology, and as of yet, no security system has kept him out. Just delayed him. He is, in fact, nearly a living supercomputer himself, able to process data at speeds equal to or greater than a computer. In addition, he's been forced to become politically, and tactically, savvy, and he can hold his own quite well on the battlefield. His academic knowledge is quite impressive as well.
Personality: After joining the X-Men, Alexander took great strides toward being comfortable in most social situations. He had friends, he had a girlfriend, and more importantly, he had a home. After Weapon X, that changed, and it just kept getting worse.By the present time, his friends are gone, dead or departed, and his girlfriend is across the entire globe, communication between them minimal. He has more or less retreated to the now-disused X-Men headquarters in the basement, barring the doors to all save teachers, or those with his permission. He runs the school's entire network unceasingly, as well as running his own company through video conference. He ventures out exactly once a month for staff meetings and meetings that require his physical preference, but other than that, he only leaves when he's needed. Un officially, he's become something of the Headmaster's right hand, acting on matters that don't require his personal preference. He's no stranger in political circles either, though not necessarily under his real name.But at the end of the day, he's quietly very lonely, and extremely sad. He is the last member of his original team still consistently present, the rest dead or gone. Though it isn't common knowledge, he doesn't actually have anywhere else to go, since his parents disowned him two years ago.

Weakness: Alexander's greatest weakness is his hand to hand combat. Despite his forced training, hand to hand combat remains his weakest area. In addion, by his very nature, refusing to help someone who needs it is incredibly difficult, and causes great moral upheaval.
Bio: Alexander Smith, born to a wealthy family, was interested in technology from a very early age. He was building his own computers by seven, designing them by nine, and by the age of twelve, with the help of his parents, he had founded his own company. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, he faced serious harassment at school, something that finally came to a head when, in an attempt to defend himself, his powers manifested.His parents sent him to Xavier's immediately, all but disowning him. During the first few months he stayed out of the way, until, at Beast's invitation, he joined the new team of X-Men at its formation. He became friends with another member, Dallas Green, quite quickly, and an accident quickly turned into a blessing when he befriended Julia, a friendship that quickly grew into more. It was the most peaceful his life would ever be again. The Enforcers launched a major offensive against the civilians within the savage lands. The X-Men went out to fight them, despite the odds being imbalanced against them. Alex remained behind. He hacked the guidance systems for the mechanoids, crashing most of them into the ocean, but he was discovered by the Enforcers, as he expected he would be. They traced the signal back to the Institute, where he met the arresting officers out front, taking full blame for the event to keep the Institute from being blamed. He was arrested as a terrorist, and brought to Washington DC just in time to defend it from reprogrammed Sentinels before being brought into custody.Unexpectedly, he was rescued by the alternate X-Men, as they needed him to help save their universe from an invading alien force. He took part in the offensive on Weapon X, overriding the programs keeping the captured mutants prisoner, and departed to the Ultimateverse.He returned in time to aid the X-Men in some of their darkest days, and watch them fall apart. He ran the school while it lacked a headmaster, and defended it against the attacking Weapon X scientist Novocain with the aid of the alternate Dallas. Shortly thereafter, Julia departed to travel the world. In the year since, he has moved into the largely disused basement, and somewhere along the line, discovered that for unknown reasons, the criminal charges against him had been expunged from his record.

Name: James Rogers
Codename: Patriot
Gender: Male

Loyalties/Faction: SHIELD, Avengers
Power(S): Unlike many members of his team, James has no actual powers. He is, however, literally the pinnacle of human biology, thanks to the altered genetic code of his grandfather, Steve Rogers, the original Captain America. Speed, strength, endurance, healing, all of it is as good as a human can get without supernatural or mutant augmentation.
Appearance: James, unsurprisingly, is strikingly fit. Standing at over six feet tall, almost ever inch of him is carefully toned muscle, from head to toe. His eyes are a deep blue in color, his dark hair carefully maintained. His face still bears a nearly constant grin, but there's something more tired about it, a weariness that refuses to leave. A less noticeable effect of the Battle for New York, however, is the round scar on the right side of his chest where a bullet once hit. But these are not the only changes. Though he still has a tendency to dress in plain civilian clothes, his battlefield attire is a marked departure from before. Previously, he wore what amounted to modified street clothes, great for appearance, horrible for practicality. This was the outfit he wore up until his apparent demise in the Battle of New York, and it got him into trouble on more than a few occasions. But, when SHIELD went combing through the wreckage of Stark Tower, they found the remains of Howard's workshop, including what was left of the projects he had been working on.

Included was a partially finished design, dubbed in the schematics "American Eagle", no doubt his idea of a joke. It was a full body armor designed with James in mind. The base was a suit of a black material much like Kevlar, and indeed that was a component, though the exact makeup has proved hard to reverse engineer. Fitted above it were metallic plates, each carefully designed to slip under one another, allowing for ease of movement. The majority of the plates had been colored a deep blue, the exceptions being the white star imprinted on his chest, the styled red "A"s on his shoulders, and dark crimson plating for his forearms and boots. Portions of the suit, such as connection points near the spine and neck, indicate that he hadn't finished, in fact, it's theorized that he had intended the suit as only a halfway point to another device, but he never had time to finish before his untimely demise.
Weapons: James has long since lost his original shield, in fact, that torch has been taken up by Alyssa from the Pantheon Initiative. But in his own way, James took up another torch. The super soldier now carries the shield of his aunt Noel who was killed during the Battle of New York. The shield is a near perfect replica of the original, and it serves the same functions. Once upon a time, this would have been all the tricks he had up his sleeve. But in a gift from beyond the grave, Howard gave him a few more.His new body armor contains several built in capabilities and systems. First of all, the earpiece he wears is a direct connection to Jarvis, the AI found in his comrade's old suits. The AI monitors his vital signs, as well as managing communications across the frequency range. Though the device is largely superfluous, James refuses to part with it, keeping it as a reminder of Howard just as much as his shield is one of Noel. His right gauntlet can, when given the proper prompt, deploy a set of knuckle dusters of the same composition as his armor, but the greatest augmentation Howard left behind is far better; concealed in the plating on his chest is a miniature Unibeam. Nowhere near as powerful as the full-sized version, the device still packs a good deal of force, even if it's number of uses is is limited. And, perhaps more mundane, there are two integrated holsters on his thighs for his preferred sidearms, as well as hard points for carrying other weapons, or integrating SHIELD technology.
Skills: James, though he doubts it himself, is a skilled leader, able to analyze situations at a rapid rate and devise the best ways to deal with them. Like his grandfather before him, he is a highly capable hand to hand combatant, and versed in the more unconventional uses of his shield. He is also a good shot with most modern firearms, though his teammate Brando Barton far exceeds him in that regard. In addition, like most SHIELD agents, he is trained to resist mental intrusion.
Personality: James, on the surface, is still the same wise-cracking person he's always been. In fact, he even seems to have gotten over his fear of being unable to live up to the Captain's legacy. But beneath that surface is another story entirely. In truth, he's deeply haunted by the death of many of his teammates during Hydra's assault, and deeply shaken by how close he came to meeting his own end alone in the streets. Perhaps because of this he has begun working twice as hard as before, in refusal to allow it to happen to any of his teammates ever again.

Weakness: At the end of the day, James is human. A super soldier, the very peak of humanity, but he is human. Pitted against superhuman foes, he is at a disadvantage, and he has to fight twice as hard to make up the gap. In addition, his refusal to allow harm to come to another, has caused him trouble on many occasions.
Bio: Born to a used car salesman, James demonstrated his abilities shortly after leaving the crib. Though the family didn't know it, they had attracted Nick Fury's attention, and he kept an eye on James as he grew up. His childhood was fairly normal, with no unusual crises, or calamities. He was the high school football star, got good grades, and all around, he was a decent person. So, the night after graduation, Fury approached him with an offer to do something more. To joinSHIELD.Unsurprisingly, he accepted. Promptly enrolled in training, he quickly encountered another child of the Avengers, one Marlon "Brando" Barton. The two proved fast friends, a friendship that would carry on to this day. He kept a low profile, his physical abilities usually chalked up to excellent physique, and remained a standard agent up until a year ago, when he was tasked with carrying the Captain's shield to another SHIELD facility. What James didn't know was that this was a plan to take him into contact with Howard Stark, an event that would prompt the two to restart the Avengers Initiative. The original team's lineup consisted of James, Noel, Brando, Howard, Ares, and Erin, but it was soon to change. The group quickly drew the public's eye, a symbol behind which to rekindle faith in superheroes. But calamity would soon strike. Ares went missing, prompting his replacement with Siegfried, just in time for the Battle of New York.In the battle, Noel and Howard were killed, and James was separated from the group. Despite holding off a large group for quite a long time, he was ultimately shot down, with no way to contact his allies. Thankfully, he was found, and quickly rushed to the hospital. A newspaper article, printed the next day, erroneously listed him as one of the casualties, a fact that caught on and stuck. In reality, he was in SHIELD's intensive care unit, his status kept secret. He had to be treated not only for his major injuries, but serious strain to his muscular system. Once both treatment and subsequent physical therapy to get him back up to speed was complete, he had been presumed dead for nearly a year.His teammates are soon to find out the nature of that error, and he suspects that at least one of them will try to strike him.

My personal profiles for approval, just to prove that I'm not entirely corrupt. :P Great to be back, guys.

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Name: Christopher "Kristen" Hailey
Gender: Female
Age: 17 (Birthday is March 13)
Moral Alignment: True Neutral
Faction: X-Students
Power(S):] Mutant ability to absorb memories, knowledge, talents, personality, and physical abilities of a person through physical contact, is able to turn this ability "on" or "off".
Appearance: That of a teenage girl of about sixteen years old, standing about 5’6”. Has green iris (predominantly green, red 'flashes' can often be seen near the pupil), a feature inherited from her father. Hair is brown, although she has several white hairs as well, much to her dislike. Is missing all of her right arm, including her shoulder. Wears a robotic prosthetic created by another one of the students at the institute for gifted children, functions like (and even better than) her original arm. Prosthetic is thin, almost shaped similar to that of a bone. She has no feeling of touch in this arm, and is extremely painful to remove. Commonly wears black/white converse shoes, black and grey striped long-socks that go up to her mid-thighs. Wears a red plaid skirt, and a black v-neck t-shirt given to her by Dallas (Showstopper). Wears her hair down, often so that her bangs can cover her face when needed.
Primary hand: Neither. Originally was right-handed. Can’t write with her left, and finds it difficult to write with her prosthetic.
Voice: Sounds like a teenage girl. Although, one who’s incredibly world-weary, unused to how her body works, and has a difficulty understand on how girls are supposed to behave.
Weapons: None

Skills: Evasion, Distraction, Troublemaking.
Personality: Prideful, secretive, shy, and untrusting. Kristen refuses to trust anyone outside of her universe’s Dallas Green (and sometime her universe’s version of Tali as well, depending upon her mood). Trust problem results from abusement from her fellow X-Men in her original dimension. Holds grudges against a good deal of people, and has no qualms letting you know if you’re one of those people. She often refuses to accept help, outside of her own terms. Never makes jokes, rarely smiles. Has family problems, after her own parents (Rogue/Anna Marie and Gambit/Remy LeBeau) put her up for adoption after her birth, her killing her adoptive mother (Sarah Hailey), and hasn’t seen her siblings in over a year (Christine and Christopher Marie, both not from her dimension). Has depression problems, more specifically with the belief that she’s useless and unneeded. Also is still coping with her gender identity. Beneath all of this, long-suppressed, she actually has a lighter side. She secretly enjoys Rock Music (...Like Clockwork by Queens of the Stone Age is currently her favorite), the colour red, chocolate, making jokes, and generally having a good time. She has failed to show this other side of her personality to anyone in recent years.
Weaknesses: Doesn’t know how to fight with her prosthetic, still slightly off-balance. Emotional problems can be exploited to other’s advantage.
Bio: Born in a different dimension, Kristen was born with the name of "Christopher Marie". However, her surname was dropped after she was put up for adoption by her mother, the famed X-(Wo)Man Rouge. She was then raised by the Sarah Hailey of her dimension.

Under the control of a telepath, Kristen murdered her surrogate mother with her absorbing powers, and was left an insane wreck that killed for the joy of it. She later journeyed to this dimension, where her original personality reverted itself. She was also able to separate her mind with her mother's, and give her mother's memories and personality a new body to inhabit. Later, Sarah Hailey was accused of attempting to murder Beast, and Kristen chased after her, wanting to protect her from anyone wanting revenge. Anyone like John Howlett. She and John engaged in a brief fight where Kristen was confined to her current body, and where John cut off her arm.

She isn't very happy about that. Afterwards, she found herself stuck in her current body, and missing an arm. She later got a new prosthetic from one of her fellow technopathic students. She then began school with the other students, having to make up for having almost no formal education.
Little-known-facts: Is currently being blackmailed by another student (Joey Walker), who constantly exploits his leverage over her to abuse her, physically and emotionally. Wears her hair so that it may cover up any bruises she may have on her face that day. Hasn’t told anyone this. Considers her only friend to be Dallas Green from her dimension. Do to being stuck in a female body, she is highly unsure if she likes males. Might only be interested in females. Might never admit this. Secretly obsessed with Ducati Motorcycles. Highly dislikes thorned plants. Greatest fear? Piercings of any sort. Also might never admit this.

Name: Trinity (More commonly known among the staff as “The Trinity Project”)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown 68 days and counting.
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Faction: Hydra Experiment
Power(S):Able to change the nature and shape of objects via touch. Must have an understanding of what she’s turning the object into (As in, it’s properties. For example, she can’t change a puddle of water into a piece of Uranium since she doesn’t know anything about Uranium). Is also unable to affect organic matter with her power.
Appearance: That of a supposed pre-teen/teen girl. Somewhere between the ages of eleven to fourteen. Her eye colour is green/brown. Has blond hair, although it’s been mostly shaved so that it can be difficult to determine the original hair colour. Trinity has a noticeable widow’s peak. Has freckles across her nose and cheeks in a mostly-straight line. Stands at about four feet, ten inches weighs weighs close to ninety pounds. Always wears a hydra-green jumpsuit.
Primary hand: Ambidextrous
Voice: Like the typical curious, sometimes overly-excited girl.
Weapons: None
Skills: Learns amazingly fast, not a power of any sort, but is the result of an augmented neural pathway arrangement (and that sort of jazz), and not any sort of special power. Only applies to skills (See: Awesome by Analysis.)
Personality: Curious, doesn’t care about anything that doesn’t interest her, naive. Trinity has gained an infamous track record among her researchers of being capable of being both amazingly intelligent and creative, and dumb as a rock.
At the same time. Possibly due to her upbringing as a test subject, Trinity learned everything she knew from either observation, or one of the multitude of problems that her researchers have thrown at her. Her lack of understanding of anything she hasn’t experienced can often be used against her, as she can be easily tricked into thinking a certain way, or doing certain things… Often for the reward of a piece of candy or something of the like. Her curious nature is a double-edged sword, as she’ll try to figure out what ever it does. However, if it fails to captivate her interest she’ll often ignore whatever it is, no matter how important it is.
Weaknesses: Gullible, small, no combat experience (subject to change), physically weak, power can't be used on organic matter, power takes longer to work when the mass of the object she's changing is of the large variety.
Bio: Having lived her entire life in the Hydra labs, “Project Trinity” is the attempt at… Something. Trinity (as she refers to herself after hearing her title once), simply doesn’t care about the fact that she’s lived her whole life as a test subject. Her attention has easily been kept by having no interaction with anyone outside of her researchers. With her only interaction being with her researchers, she’s been tasked with an almost constant stream of ‘tests’ to occupy her time to prevent her from thinking of anything else. Like trying to escape.
Little-known-facts: Parents and age are completely unknown. Full extent of Hydra experimentation is also unknown. ‘Trinity’ isn’t a mutant.

Name: Gasaammet Outhseren. More commonly known as “Sam”

Gender: Female
Age: 24

Moral Alignment: Neutral Good

Faction: Liaison to SHIELD

Power(S): The use of various magics. All her magical skills, due to splintering her abilities among many, instead of one path, results in her being skilled in a variety of magic, but unable to effectively use any of them for large spells (I.e. Can summon small items such as a second-hand copy of Lord of The Rings, or her handbag, but can’t summon the Magna Carta). She also in untrained in major forms of combat magic. Effectively knows limited healing, limited summoning, limited telepathy, various wards, limited enchanting, and an amateur understanding on the creation of various magical portals.

Appearance: A woman of 24 years old, standing close to six feet in height. Has brown eyes and blonde hair. Commonly wears a more casual suit, which she can exchange for more classical mage robes should the situation calls upon it. She also has a pair of reading glasses.

Primary hand: Ambidextrous in practice, but this is only through training. She prefers the use of her right hand over the left.

Voice: Sound

Tools: Carries a small horde of rings, amulets, and other magical tokens meant to ward off one entity or another. Also has a small big with her so that she can quickly conduct a magical rituals. In addition to this, she carries a small handbook on common magical creatures, translated into English, for quick explanation to various people.

Skills: Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Carving, Puzzle-solving, skilled in many languages, especially dead ones. Has a detailed knowledge on the magical, occult, and things that science doesn't believe in. Like gravity cat.

Personality: Outgoing amongst friends, or when working. Often awkward when talking one-on-one with strangers, or people she doesn't know very well. Takes great pride in her work, and hates being interrupted.

Weaknesses: Due to splintering her magical talents, she will never be able to reach mastery levels without giving up a skill, or through currently-unknown implements. Use of her magic (Most notably, more than three large spells per day) burns through her reserves of strength and energy quickly. Untrained in any form of combat, outside of defensive spells.

Bio: Gasaammet Outhseren, commonly known by the more “normal” name of “Sam”, was born into a decently-sized group of magical users in Europe She was raised into a culture that revolves around magic, and became quite skilled in the magical arts. After coming of age, Gasaammet began traveling the world, often stopping at other Magical communities to aid in problems, or teach magic. During a trip to the USA, she was offered to act as a liaison to SHIELD, in replacement for Strange. She took the offer, and has worked as a source of reference for all things magical to SHIELD.

Little-known-facts:] English is her twenty-second language. She’s terribly afraid of the dark, to the point where she keeps a night-light in her room.

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[Text in brackets represents Vincent]. Normal text represents either Tokiomi or information common to both identities.
Name: Tokiomi Nagato (長門 時臣 Nagato Tokiomi) [Vincent Zai]
Codename: Quattuor
Gender: Male
Age: 27 (actually 11 months) [16]
Loyalties/Faction: S.H.I.E.L.D.
Moral Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Secretly Lawful Evil) [True Neutral]
Power(S): Tokiomi has chosen to focus his telepathic powers on mnemonic data manipulation. His fields of expertise are reading memories, deleting memories, altering memories, and creating false memories. Procedural memory is the easiest for him to modify; tampering with information and facts is harder for him to achieve and altering a person's episodic memory is extremely difficult for him to successfully pull off due to the complexity of it. He has also studied many different techniques of psychic shielding and as such possesses the knowledge to bypass most shields. One of the most commonly used application of Tokiomi's powers is his ability to simply copy another person's knowledge and integrate into his own memory, granting him the ability to learn in seconds what would take most people weeks.
Appearance: Tokiomi has a very strange appearance. While his build and his facial profile suggest that he is only a teenager, he is already showing signs of senescence, most particularly grey hair. A metal eye patch covers his left eye socket, with a large scar cutting across his face above and below where his eye used to be. He makes a habit of dressing formally wherever he goes, with a sharp business suit being standard attire. In the field, he is known for wearing weapon concealing trench coats. However, he won't forgo practicality for style, so he makes use of a lot of standard military gear.
Voice: Tokiomi's voice sounds incredibly deep for a man of his age. He tends to speak slowly and usually doesn't put any emotion into his voice, creating an eerie effect.
Weapons: Guns. Lots and lots of guns. While he doesnt favor one particular model, he is known for his affinity for firearms. As well, he has been training himself to use bladed weapons but he isn't very good at it.
Skills: Tokiomi possesses excellent deduction skills and is known for his ability to solve any issue from a neutral standpoint, making him the go-to man to solving disputes. His visualization and concentration abilities are powerful to the point where he can win a game of chess with his back turned to the board and shouting out his moves.
Personality: Tokiomi is known for being one of the most extreme members of S.H.I.E.L.D. He is famous for his moral relativist mentality and his apparent inability to empathize with other people's emotions leading him to treat them as "cogs in a machine". He views excessive emotion as a weakness and highly respects those who can keep a cool head in emergencies and who can put aside their personal feelings to fulfill the needs of the many. To him, only the end matters; he'll use any means to achieve it. However, he holds no delusions of grandeur; he considers himself to be a monster but also believes that what he does is necessary.

Deeper down, Tokiomi is a very conflicted man. He is constantly attempting to reconcile is obsession with creating a perfect world with his nihilist view of the world and is constantly asking himself "What's the point?" This can often send him into states of deppression, but he is very good at concealing it from others. He also seems to resent the fact that his entire identity is nothing more than an imitation of the human mind, as he feels that he is merely a doll or an puppet: while he looks like an human, he is anything but. He is known for his philosophical ponderings, contemplating topics ranging from the meaning of life to the nature of morality. He is famous for his breaking speeches, with his favorite method being to deconstruct an idea until it becomes implausible.

[When one finally manages to peel past Tokiomi's persona and reveal Vincent Zai, one will find a very frightened and lonely indidual. In truth, he is nothing more than a boy pretending to be a grown man and is in way too deep for his ability. His cold disregard for human emotion abd his rejction of good and evil stems from his social skills deficit, as he wants nothing more to get close to people but doesn't know how, leading him to give up and reject that desire. He also will manifest signs of PTSD and depression when his persona is active. In short, he's a psychological wreck.]

Weakness: If psychically attacked to a certain point, Tokiomi's very identity will begin to fall apart, exposing Vincent's true persona. Rebuilding his false persona can take a long time, something that can't be found in the heat of battle. When Tokiomi copies another person's knowledge of how to do something' he will only gain thepretical knowledge; he has to build up muscle memory by himself. As well, his habit of copying other people's memories to accelerate the learning process leaves behind residual memories of that person's life. When these residual memories start building up, Tokiomi will start to get confused as to whom he really is.
Bio: Officially, Tokiomi was born in Kyoto, Japan, and moved to the USA with his family at the age of seven. He lived a normal, uneventful life before joining the FBI and eventually being recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D. Once there, he worked in the intelligence field, specializing in interrogating prisoners.

[All of the above is a lie.In reality, Tokiomi Nagato is Vincent Zai, a teenage mutant boy from Toronto, Canada, who had been recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D. merely because of his telepathic powers and became a field agent in the Pantheon team. Born and raised in Canada, he and his apfamilly initially lived a happy life. However, the desath of his younger sister in a motor accident drove a rift between the family members, made worse by the fact that on the same day, Vincent's mutant powers manifested. Eventually, Vincent's parents divorced, with his father Robert gaining custody and moving to New York. During the Battle for New York, he encountered an alternate universe version of himself who had become a time traveler and had been observing him for the past seven years. Since said individual was a member of HYDRA, his knowledge of Vincent was a security risk both to S.H.I.E.L.D. and to Vincent himself. This, in addition to other factors such as Vincent's weakening psychological state prompted him to request a new identity from Nick Fury in order to protect himself. Faking his own death, he assumed the false identity of Tokiomi Nagato, even going so far as to create an alternate persona in his mind, created using memories copied from hundreds of different people coalesced into a believable life story. Vincent inherited his father's shares in the company upon his father's passing but he sold most of them, only keeping plans for a suit of powered armor based off of the Guardian suit and Enforcer tech as well as plans for a deflector shield system.]

Shortly after the Battle for New York, Tokiomi was approached by S.W.O.R.D. and after completing training for outer space conditions, he was sent to The Peak where he served for roughly two months. He has only recently returned to Earth.

Explanation of the relationship between Vincent and Tokiomi: Technically speaking, Vincent and Tokiomi are alternate personalities, the difference between them being Vincent is the true persona and Tokiomi is an artificial construct. The two of them are aware of the other's existence and have access to each other's memories but are two distinct people. When one personality is active, the other takes a backseat role and can only subtly influence the other's actions. The memories of the inactive persona up to the date of the creation of Tokiomi are put under lockdown and are hidden from the view of other telepaths. The active persona is capable of retrieving them whenever they wish. All memories from Tokiomi's creation onwards are treated as both the memories of Vincent and Tokiomi, so they are present in both persona's memories.
Trivia: Tokiomi is suffering from accelerated aging. The disease appears to be adult progeria but the symptoms don't quite match, leading Tokiomi to believe that it is his X-Gene causing it, which seems to be confirmed by the fact that exposure to the mutant growth hormone is causing it. He is currently using a very mild form of Extremis to help regulate his aging and keep himself in good physical condition.

Name: Reyson Tsui (U! Vincent Zai)
Codename: Melodia
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Faction: HYDRA
Moral Alignment: Lawful Evil
Power(S): Reysons primary ability is psychic emotion broadcasting via music. Through the power of song, he can broadcast raw emotion over large areas, affecting anybody within hearing range (A close parallel would be Heron Galdrar). As well, he retains enough telepathy to be able to understand any language. This works the other way around too as most people can understand anything he says (Limited Alltongue).

In addition to his voice powers, Reason appears to possess a telepathic connection to the "Spirit of the Earth". Whether he's connected to the Demiurge, to Gaea, or to the Earth itself, he doesn't know. What he does know is that he is able to sense environmental destruction no matter where it occurs in the world. This power is more of a nuisance to him since it causes him to be constantly aggravated by what he sees as atrocities occurring around the world.
Appearance: Reyson has an angelic appearance to him, with a surprisingly feminine but foreboding face, long silver hair, fair skin, and a slender build. He usually wears long, flowing robes with a high-collar opera cape. Underneath, he wears the Spacetime Traversal Unit. It appears to be a grey, armored vest. On his left arm he wears the Shirudo energy shield, which appears to be a dull grey version of the Infinity Gauntlet. His regular dress looks something along these lines.
Voice: Reyson sounds almost exactly like Koshi Asakawa, even more so when singing.
Weapons: Reyson's primary weapon is the Spacetime traversal unit. This device allows its user to travel using portals. Due to having been damaged upon his arrival in this universe, it has lost the bulk of its abilities and now can only transport the wearer to an area within a 1 mile radius. Vincent was able to temporarily restore its dimension hopping and time traveling abilities shortly after the Battle of New York but it has since lost that function.Reyson's secondary weapon is the Shirudo energy shield. It is an arm gauntlet that allows Reyson to project a beehive barrier anywhere within his range of vision that can block anything short of a tank shell.Reason has also been known to use a heat saber of HYDRA design. The blade is constructed from a tungsten-carbon steel alloy, with trace amounts of adamantium. The blade is capable of heating up to 500 degrees Celsius.Reyson also possesses a notebook containing information on various alternate universes. He uses this to aid him in his journeys.
Skills: This version of Vincent is very skilled in singing, as well as other forms of music. He is also very persuasive and diplomatic. In addition, Reyson possesses a lot of knowledge on weapon technology, a lot of it inherited from his father.Personality: Reyson is a fanatical eco-terrorist. He believes humanity to be a plague on the Earth and figures that population control (code for mass murder) is needed to control the negative impact that they have on the environment. He believes himself to be a prophet of the Mother Earth and will go to any length to exercising her will. This obsession is mainly caused by the time he spent in a universe where humanity never evolved.However, Vincent possesses a very strong loyalty to the Red Skull. He believes what the leader of HYDRA is doing is very compatible with his own goals and if it were not for him, he wouldn't have been able to further his own goals. He is often the first one to defend his leader's motives and despises traitors to the group. However, the Mother Earth comes first in his mind.
Weakness: Reyson possesses no powers capable of causing physical damage. As well, those with stronger wills than Reyson can overcome the telepathic effects of his melodies. In addition, his obsession with environmentalism can sometimes put him in strategically disadvantageous situations (refusing to use fossil fuel vehicles to outrun/chase down enemies). The STU, due to its weakened state, requires 1 minute of recharge time between portals. The Shirudo energy shield must be deployed manually, so it is possible to catch Reason with the shield down by attacking from behind.
Bio: Unlike his prime universe counterpart, Ultimate Vincent enrolled at the Xavier Institute at an early age. Due to a head injury he sustained while playing sports, Vincent lost a large amount of his psychic abilities. To compensate, Vincent experimented with ways to indirectly use his telepathy, finally settling on music. When the Phalanx attacked, Vincent briefly helped with the defenses but eventually deserted, wanting to go home. However, he arrived home to find his family dead. Eventually, after hearing that some of the X-Men had travelled to another universe, Vincent, now going by Reyson, decided to leave his home dimension as well, using a device of his fathers design. However, due to not knowing where the others were headed as well as not being aware that the machine could travel through time as well as space, Reyson ended up traversing multiple universes over multiple time periods, frequently coming into conflict with ARMOR agents from Earth-616 during his travels. It took him 5 years to find his way to the prime universe, only to find that he was 5 years into the past. In addition, his device, due to the overuse of its abilities, lost most of its power, trapping Reyson in this realm. As a result, Reyson was forced to build a new life during the 5 years here. During these 5 years, he somehow got caught up with HYDRA.After the Battle of New York, Reyson was able to fix the STU, and as such, he left on a five year interdimensional journey on a mission to find more technology for HYDRA (though to HYDRA, he was only gone for two weeks). During this time period, he acquired the Shirudo energy shield gauntlet. Upon his arrival back in the prime universe, the STU broke again, but Reason was able to shorten the cool down time to 1 minute.
Trivia:Vincent is a vegetarian.Vincent has visited many of the Marvel Universes (Earth-161, Earth-1610, Earth-928,etc) as well as the real world (Earth-1218)

Name: Peter Tyrell
Codename: Foreshadow
Age: Biologically, 21. Calendar wise, -65
Gender: Male
Faction: Xavier Institute
Moral Alignment: Lawful Good
Powers: Peter possesses the ability to manipulate gravity. He is capable of manipulating gravitons and anti-gravitons to fly and to use gravitons to affect the gravity around objects.
Appearance: Looks extremely similar to the movie version of Iceman. Peter has modified his costume quite a bit, in that he has added a metal vest and a cape to his "Spiderman 2099" suit, causing him to look somewhat like the supervillain Graviton.
Voice: Peter possesses a slight Australian accent due to having an Australian father. Accent aside, his voice sounds like the stereotypical white boy who has just finished going through puberty, as it is slightly more high pitched than a grown man's.
Weapons: Future cell phone, holograph projector ring. He is currently trying to build a time machine to get back home.
Skills: Undergraduate level knowledge of physics, some skill in engineering,.
Personality: At his core, Peter is a very confused individual. He will often attempt to help only to find that he's helping the wrong side. He also isn't the perfect hero, failing to apprehend the villain constantly. As a result of these constant blunders, he suffers from low self esteem. Despite this, he still feels like that it's his duty to help out others.

To cope with his low self-esteem, Peter has taken on a mask of order and structure. He attempts to implement discipline and direction both on himself and on his students. As such, some of the crazier antics of the students at the Xavier Instifute seriously freak him out.
Weaknesses: He may often not take action because he's afraid that his actions may cause more destruction. Unless he has a clear idea of what's going on (like some guy holding people hostage on top of a tower), he may spend too much time thinking it over. He is also quite ignorant of current events as he did not study hard in history class. Also, he may have a bit of trouble using technology from 2012; he considers devices these days to be slow, blocky, and inconvenient.
Bio: In the year 2099, Peter Tyrell, a university undergraduate, took an internship at Alchemax, a mega-corporation that practically controlled all of North America. Working as an intern, he was eventually assigned to an unusual project for Alchemax: a portal creation device. One day, while he and his mentors were testing the device, the device malfunctioned. It created a temporal explosion, which sucked Peter in and hurled him into the year 2012, where he found himself lying in the middle of a cornfield. Not exactly sure what had happened, Peter tried to adapt to life in this primitive age while collecting parts for a makeshift replica of the machine used to hurl him back in time.

After the Battle of New York, Peter, running out of options, took a job at the Xavier Institute working as a physics teacher.

Name: Damian Minoru (Damian Tyrell)
Codename: Shiro
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Loyalties/Faction: Brotherhood of Mutants
Moral Alignment: Neutral Good
Power(S): If Damian is able to see a person's face, he will be able to see their birth name, age, and a one paragraph summary of their powers if they have any. This typically appears as red lettering above a person's head. Usage of the Staff of One also gives him the powers of flight and very limited wind magic.
Appearance: Damian looks like a typical Japanese teenager, with no major traits that would make him stand out in a crowd. He stands at about 5'8" with a slim build. He is fond of wearing sweaters and blue jeans. When using his powers, his eyes turn red. When with the Brotherhood, Damian wears a disguise to conceal his identity: a white wedding suit with a white and gold opera cape and a white and silver helmet resemblant of a Power Ranger helmet. Something like this.
Voice: Damian's voice should sound like the many roles of Johnny Yong Bosch-Lelouch when calm, Vash when agitated/excited, Ichigo when angry, etc.
Weapons: Damian is the current wielder of the Staff of One. Normally, the staff would - at the price of a blood offering - allow the wielder to basically do anything. However, the staff will only let Damian use the powers of flight (maximum duration 20 seconds) and basic air-based attacks for some reason. Whether this is because of his mutant DNA or whether the staff is actively rejecting him as a person, Damian doesnt know. He is capable of absorbing the staff into his body and retrieving it when needed. He keeps the staff anyway, as a memento of his mother and as a reminder of his familys dark past; however, he has given some thought of giving it to somebody who can actually use it. He also carries a combat knife with him, usually to cut himself to get the blood needed but also as an emergency self-defense weapon.
Skills: Damian is very good at acting. Being a first rate drama student, he is capable of impersonating other people with ease, and becoming the consummate liar when need be.
Personality: Normally, Damian is a very shy, reserved boy. If not for his political activism, he would have easily become an archetypal hikikomori, as he absolutely hates dealing with people. Once he puts on a mask and becomes Shiro, however, his personality does a 180 degree flip; he will suddenly become incredibly charismatic, unnecessarily hammy, and inspirationally passionate. He feels very strongly not just for mutant rights, but for all manner of social justice issues. A shameless idealist, he believes that the world can be changed if enough people put their minds to it.
Weakness: Damian won't be able to see a person's information if even a small part of their face is covered.
Bio: Damian Minoru was born to Nico Minoru by an unknown father. When his mother died, he was adopted by a business man by the name of Darius Tyrell. Damian lived in the man's home for the rest of his childhood, receiving a good education and large amounts of financial backing. However, Damian was left without a family when his adoptive father was killed during a government crackdown on members of the Mutant Brotherhood, which Darius was a part of. Damian was spared as he was not involved with the group at all. He proceeded to move to a University dorm, where he began the next stage of his life. By day, he is Damian Minoru; a University student and a member of Free the Children, Amnesty International, and the Human Rights Campaign. By night, he is Shiro; an ally of the Brotherhood of Mutants and a known figure, symbolizing the suffering of the oppressed.Trivia: Damians Earth - 928 counterpart is Peter Tyrells (Foreshadow) grandfather.

Name: Marianne Stadtfeld
Codename: Mist
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Loyalties/Faction: Hellfire Club
Moral Alignment: True Neutral
Power(S): Marianne possesses the ability to create and manipulate Terrigen Mists. Normally, she is only able to produce one liter in a five hour period, enough to poison a human and give a power boost to a mutant, but not enough to cause Terrigenesis in an Inhuman. However, in the presence of a Terrigen crystal, she is able to produce a seemingly infinite amount. She has also has an Inhuman physiology (Greater strength, durability, etc than a human).
Appearance: Marianne stands at 6'5" with blond hair, marble white skin, and electric blue glowing eyes. She is fond of wearing white dresses. When in the lab, she will wear a white lab coat and standard lab gear.
Voice: Marianne has a deep voice for a woman. As a side effect of her Terrigenesis, her voice has a slight but noticeable reverberation.
Weapons: None.
Skills: Marianne possesses a Masters degree in chemistry and has also been on many archeological expeditions, usually to analyze any strange findings.
Personality: Marianne is a very inquisitive soul. She is very curious, always wishing to get to the bottom of things. She is also cold and analytical, seeing the world as nothing more than the culmination of many scientific formulas and principles working together, and nothing more. Due to being discriminated against for a time, she holds baseline humanity in mild contempt.
Weakness: Marianne has very little combat training, so she isn't very helpful in a fight. Her Inhuman physiology will let her survive long enough for her to get away (and possibly knock somebody out, if she is lucky), but that's about it.
Bio: For most of her life, Marianne was a normal human being. She grew up in a normal family, went to a normal school, got into a normal University; all in all, her life was nothing special. However, what nobody knew was that her family line contained Inhuman DNA. Descended from one of the secret tribes of Inhumans that had been living apart from Atillan for thousands of years, Marianne had dormant Inhuman genes in her body. These genes were activated when an archeological expedition she partook in inadvertently uncovered an Inhuman military base. Inside of the base, the team found Terrigen crystals, which were taken back to the lab. While analyzing the crystals, the science team (which Marianne was a part of) accidentally triggered the release of Terrigen Mist, which lead to Marianne's terrigenesis.After getting used to her new body, Marianne tried to return to her old life; however, due to being misidentified as a mutant, she was heavily discriminated against. Eventually, she was hired as a scientist by the Hellfire club, who were interested in the potential applications of the Terrigen mists.

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Name: Alexander 'Alec' Trask

Codename: Bionix

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Faction: Institute

Power(S): Alex's powers all operate around technology and stem from his mechanical right arm. If this arm touches anything mechanical Alex can assimilate that machine's traits and abilities into his own arm. So if he were to assimilate a calculator, the arm would gain the ability to manifest a screen and buttons to perform calculations. While the arm can produce a seemingly unending number of parts to produce what it has assimilated it can only do so with actual mechanics (so while he could technically turn his arm into a flame-thrower it wouldn't work because he has no way to synthesise the fuel) and is limited by what he could actually attach to his still-human shoulder (so anything too big and heavy is just going to shatter his collarbone)

Appearance: Alex has decided to run with the lopsided look having a metal arm gives him, wearing clothing with asymmetrical patterns (usually sleeveless) and cutting his straw-blonde hair short on the right but shoulder-length on the left. Even when in uniform he'll be wearing different boots or have torn the sleeves in different places.

He can't do the same with his face, though thats not for want of trying. He tried wearing a brown contact lens in one eye but it just stung so he went back to his natural dark blue. And throughout his superhero career he's picked up enough dents and scars to create a mismatched effect everywhere else

Weapons: While the mechanical arm is not super-strong its still an entire arm made of metal and is going to hurt if he hits you with it, especially since he can manifest blades if he wants. A past escapade with Hydra gave him access to a variety of energy weapons to use, though as the weapons would have no power source to draw on other than Alec himself he has to use them sparingly or burn himself out

Skills: Allowing his arm to interface with technology makes him a skilled hacker

Personality: You would think he'd be the brooding type given his past, but he's surprisingly upbeat and cheerful. As far he's concerned he has no reason to be depressed. He's a superhero with a robot arm, thats pretty darn sweet! Even after all that happened while he was with the X-Men he remains as optimistic as ever, eternally poking fun and satirising the events around him

Weakness: He has to touch whatever he is trying to assimilate or hack, so kept at a distance most of his skill-set is neutralised. He also has an issue with power, as the arm lacks batteries and runs on his bio-energy just like any other limb. Trying to create parts or use extra functions will tire him out just as any physical activity

Bio: Alec was actually an orphan, but he was picked up and fostered at the age of five by the Enforcer organisation. He had demonstrated an apparent technopathic power in his young age (mostly thing like changing channels just by tapping the TV) and they wanted to test how their tools and powers would stand up against such an ability. They ran a few tests but couldn't encourage any kind of mental command of machines out of him. As tests began to veer into experiments, Alec was put into contact with a Sentinel's arm. To the surprise and slight alarm of his keepers one touch to the advanced machinery was enough to fully awaken Alec's mutant power and his own arm transformed into the bionic appendage he has to this day. He realised that this would lead to him becoming a guinea pig somewhere more fortified than the small lab he was currently contained in so tried escaping, his arm mimicking the Sentinel's blaster weaponry. This use of a mutant power allowed the X-Men to locate him and with them on the outside and him on the inside, he was successfully freed. Now part of the new X-Men he adopted the surname Trask (after the original inventor of the Sentinels) and chose the codename Bionix, complete with misspelling (partly because it shows a connection with the team he just joined and partly because he's still at the age where he thinks it makes him sound cool and edgy rather than illiterate).

Joining the X-Men dragged him into many conflicts, not just with the likes of Weapon-X but also his own past with the Morlocks, but his personal brand of humour has always seen him through whatever the world throws his way

Name: Craig Wallis

Codename: Bootleg

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Faction: Hydra

Power(S): Most databases would probably list Bootleg as a power mimic, but he feels this is an inadequate description. He prefers the term "power fulcrum" or possibly "power vault". If he is able to get skin contact with a being possessed of powers he can assimilate their powers into his own genetic coding. However, and this is why he would not class himself as a mimic, he cannot then use those powers for himself. They're just sort of locked away inside him, unused and inactive. Like an appendix. What he can do is then pass his copied version of he powers on to others, whether they be normal humans or veritable demigods.

How well Bootleg can copy an ability depends on how much contact he gets. Briefly bumping into someone with fire elemental abilities might mean that he can only pass on an ability to throw fireballs. However increasingly prolonged contact would not only only him to pass on a perfect copy of a powerset but to actually steal those powers from the victim, rendering them a mere mortal like the rest of the population.

A note; his powers do not seem to based on life force like some other power-thieves, meaning he does not get memories from his assimilations, and victims are not left dazed unless its a complete drain

Appearance: Bootleg definitely appears older than his thirty-odd years would suggest. Life's hard grist has made him appear hard and lined, as though he's been carved from wood, with his beady black eyes like knots in the grain. He has a set of scars adorning his left check like the web of some drunk but knife-happy spider, along with innumerate old wounds on his knuckles and hands. He goes bald but has a whiskery pencil moustache over his upper lip which (to continue with the tree metaphors) almost seem like roots for his broken and crooked nose

Weapons: Always has a bowie knife and a side-arm to hand

Skills: Skilled hand-to-hand combatant. Adept marksman

Personality: Gruff and brusque, with no patience for fools. He has the sort of practical outlook that lets him see running away from a losing battle as the sensible thing to do rather than cowardice

Weakness: Since he can't give himself powers he's quite squishy and vulnerable compared to some of the other powerhouses in the world

Bio: Bootleg's story is almost Dickensian, starting out as a poor orphan in London. Shame he was in real life modern times and not some idealised fantasy world full of kindly benefactors and funny names. Only gangsters who wanted people below police suspicion to smuggle goods. Weapons, money, illicit pharmaceuticals…anything they could get away with putting in a child's backpack or pockets. It was here that young Bootleg learned valuable lessons about the power of money and the value of power, lessons which shape him to this day. He stuck with the gangs as he grew older, because hey, they had all the stuff he wanted with capacity for more. So rather than work his way out he worked his way up, clawing his way through the ranks until he got high enough to find out that his criminal family was just one of Hydra's many heads. He was okay with this. Bosses with big ideas took their minions along with them

Name: Zachary Adams

Codename: Magnitude

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Faction: Brotherhood

Power(S): Mental manipulation of Pym Particles to increase or decrease size. When going large has increased strength and endurance with the extra mass, but likewise (and unlike the original user of Pym Particles) when smaller his strength decreases

Appearance: A big beefy man, broad across the shoulders. Though bald he also has a black goatee with a streak of grey running through it. Costume is mostly black but he has silvery gauntlets on his hand and white zig-zig patterns running around elbows, knees and waist

Weapons: The gauntlets he wears allow him to 'spray' the Pym particles he commands, at about the same rate as water from a hose, shrinking or enlarging what they hit

Skills: NA

Personality: A bit dour, he doesn't fight with the Brotherhood because he feels any hate towards humans, but because he feels, in the end, thats its them or him. And its not going to be him

Weakness: Limited imagination with his powers. He tends to just grow big to hit stuff with enhanced strength, rarely thinks what advantages could be had by shrinking

Bio: From a poor and rough part of New York, Zachary found the only way to survive was to sidle up to whoever was most powerful, from school bullies when he was a child to small-time gangsters when he grew up. Being a lackey to crooks earned him the displeasure of his parents, who both disowned him. Now alone, Zachary's world view became increasingly soured. Then his powers kicked in, making him grow three storeys high in the middle of a skirmish over turf. This was during the time when both X-Men and Brotherhood were still reassembling after the Phoenix disaster, so he had further time to experience human animosity, this time directed squarely at him. By the time Quicksilver came calling with an invitation, Zachary was all to happy to accept.

during these early days of the new Brotherhood the freshly rechristened 'Magnitude' gained a considerable amount of notoriety, responsible for many terrorist acts as one of the heaviest hitters in the group. But under Dominik's leadership such tactics are out of favour so Magnitude finds himself more and more on the subs-bench

Name: Song An-Shuo

Codename: Makeover

Age: 36

Gender: Female

Faction: Hellfire Club

Power(S): Powerful telepath. Specialises in meddling with the subconscious parts of the human mind. A side-effect of this is that it gives her psychic control of her own cells (and only her own cells), allowing her to do things like change the colour of her hair or force her fingernails to grow into talons

Appearance: An hour-glass figure, long of leg and hair, though for the record, this probably isn't her original look. At some point in her past she received some fairly hefty facial wounds to the left side of her face, and given her psychic cellular control is no substitute for a real healing factor she's been left with a nasty-looking web of scars. When 'working' she wears a nuo dance mask to cover them, insisting its more to give herself anonymity than vanity

Weapons: The gloves of what she calls her 'worksuit' have small but wickedly sharp blades fixed to the fingers like talons

Skills: A trained psychologist, so excellent at reading the inner workings of people's minds even without telepathy

Personality: Cold and business-like. Song doesn't indulge herself in idle frivolities, she just gets the job done

Weakness: Over-confidence in her own talents

Bio: With SHIELD being seen as a very Americanised organisation despite being supposedly under the United Nation's charter, China sought to create its own version. The "Bureau for Extranormal Defence" required a different set of skills to its counterpart, as it focused far more on smoke-and-mirrors tactics than the comparatively cowboy antics of SHIELD. And to instil these skills they had Song. Combining brainwashing techniques with her telepathy she could plant the talent to hack a mainframe so deep in your head you'd forget you'd ever not known, or force-feed a mind the info to become the best fighter on the planet. The downside was that if you got caught you'd have the inexplicable urge to kill yourself. Or your entire mind might blank out, leaving you a vegetable. When the UN (and SHIELD itself) caught wind of this the whole organisation was forced to shut down and the Chinese government went about systematically eliminating any trace of it ever existing. Fearing an assassin in her future, Song quietly disappeared, moving to the one place she knew she'd be safest: America. Naturally she didn't go unnoticed for long by the unsavoury elements in the country and chose as her new employer the Hellfire Club. She was put in the "White Rabbit Division", so called because it provided high-profile distractions to make heroes late for a very important date, such as interfering in a more subtle scheme the Club was running. She'd have some poor schmuck pulled off the streets, give his brain a complete remodel, and then release him, or potentially a whole gang of other unlucky chumps, to rob a bank or cause some property damage to get the attention of heroes and draw them where the Club wanted. The brainwashed stooges were expendable and had complete deniability, with no idea of what they were doing, perfect little decoys.

The backseat she took meant she escaped the devastation caused by Phoenix and could remain unseen and unlooked for in the intervening years. When the Club resurfaced after the devastation Song retook her seat as one of the Club's White Rooks (the joke being that her decoys are straight-line problems compared to the curved lines taken by the other members of the Club), which she holds even under the new Carlisle management

Name: Persephone Ellis

Codename: Titanium Blonde

Age: Technically only 9. Appears to be three times that

Gender: Female-imprint mind and design

Faction: S.H.I.E.L.D

Power(S): Tokamak power source allows limited manipulation of magnetic energies and plasma (see weapons)

Appearance: In her most basic form, Persephone looks a lot like a shop-window mannequin; all smooth and shiny and fake. Her hair is cropped somewhere between a boyish trim and a full-blown buzz-cut and, yes, is so blonde its pure white. She's built like an athlete so there's nothing unrealistic or unbelievable about her proportions, but she is very clearly not a real human. She generally wears clothes to lessen the uncanny valley effect, as the less of her pseudodermis is visible the less obvious it is that she is a very cannily designed robot. Of course, sometimes those "clothes" are the armours she wears for combat scenarios, which come in two flavours. The lighter variant is a very basic suit with no extra bells or whistles, concealed within her body that unfurls in desperate situations or ambushes. The second is a bulkier and sturdier exo-suit with an array of heavier weapons that connects and interfaces directly with her when in use. Oddly, both her armoured forms come with a waist-length pony tail of her signature white-blonde hair built into the helms despite her actual hair being much shorter

Weapons: Standard weaponry for all her bodies are the plasma-casters built into her hands (which can both spit bolts of plasma and create a domed shield of it) and a magnetic generator that allows her to fly by controlling her own magnetic field (and also lets her resist magnetism-based attacks), aid in creating the plasma shield and can create pulses of concussive, repulsive force. Her more heavily armoured form has a pair of micro-missile batteries built into the shoulders, a maser in the left arm and a grapple in the right

Skills: Talented in mechanical engineering and generally fiddling around with technology

Personality: More of a follower than a leader since her original programming was to serve. She actually struggles against this at times, trying to be more than just a mechanical butler and be more like the humans she was created to imitate

Weakness: Vulnerable to a skilled enough hacker, or certain radiation-based attacks which frazzle her circuits

Bio: Nobody's entirely sure who originally designed Persephone. Her design and style of engineering is indicative of either Henry Pym or the psychopathic android that uses his brainwave patterns, Ultron. But the hidden lab where her schematics and partially built fragments of her body where found doesn't belong to either so it is a popular theory that she was a side-project of Jocasta's. Whichever, Persephone is believed to be another addition to that increasingly messed up little family.

Whoever the original owner, the lab and its contents were confiscated by SHIELD who decided to devote some resources to finishing the android. It would make both a useful agent in the rebuilt Avengers team, as both a replacement in the tech-heavy role usually filled by one of the Iron Man ilk and an extra female member in what was always a very male dominated team. A little extra good publicity never hurts.

It is for those same public relations reasons that the public is kept in the dark about Persephone being a robot. Artificially intelligent robots, especially ones built by Pym, have a tendency of going…a little bit rogue disturbingly often. This was why the Persephone Ellis identity was created upon the activation of the android, so the general public would believe this new hero dubbed "the Titanium Blonde" was simply a wealthy but philanthropic socialite who had used her wealth to buy a few suits of exo-armour so she could help the world out as a superhero. And why yes, that is a rather blatant rip-off of Iron Man. The public liked Iron Man. On her part, Persephone doesn't seem to mind being rolled out whenever SHIELD needs someone to go to a gala or garden party to whip up a bit of good PR. It at least gives her a chance to get out of the helicarrier once in a while...

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Name: Romulus 
Codename: Imperator
Gender: Male
Age: Estimations range from six thousand to tens of thousands of years old. Data is unreliable at best.
Loyalties/Faction:  Romulus is aligned with the Hellfire Club, though he views it as a means to an end. He has no real loyalty to the organization beyond this. If its existence makes things easier for him and his plans, he will do everything he can to ensure the organization survives, if it ceases to be, he will ignore or disable it. He is a high-ranking member of the organization, holding the title of White King. The Legion, his private army, exists as a sub faction within the Hellfire Club, more or less under his sole control. 
Power: Romulus possess a healing factor, if his age is accurate this makes him one of the first Mutants to walk upon the Earth. This healing factor has several important effects; he can come back from injuries that would confine other men to a hospital for years in a matter of months. A broken leg isn’t a life-changing event for him. It rates as a mild inconvenience, a month or so in bed is not something that does wonders for his plans. It also more or less stopped the aging process at the age of thirty, ensuring Romulus suffered from none of the ravages of old age. His body is constantly regenerating at the microscopic level because of this, as keeping a living body effectively frozen in time is an energy intensive task, Romulus eats notably more than the average human being. Due to his healing factor, he does not bare any scars for long. At most they linger for five years before fading away.
Appearance: Romulus stands at six feet and three inches. His light olive skin has a healthy glow to it. His hair is a sandy blond, kept short and styled in the typical roman fashion, meaning it can be hard to distinguish it in a crowd these days. His eyes are a light brown. His nose is rounded and of average size, his body is well-muscled and fit, he is, in short, the spitting image of a Roman emperor. He carries himself with the assurance and dignity only thousands of years of lives and as many victories can give a man. Typically, Romulus wears a set of modified armor straight from the days of Rome. This Lorica segmentata has been modified for the modern day however, beneath the shining steel is a layer of Kevlar. His helmet and greaves sport the same abilities and designs. 
In public however, he typically wears a simple suit. In this suit he would not be out of place amongst the thousands of professionals that walk the streets of New York. Combined with a red undershirt, this black suit is often used for business meetings with those outside the Hellfire Club and the Legion. When expecting to see combat however, or when he expects trouble, he makes use of a set of power armor. This model of power armor greatly enhances the strength of the user, thought at a slight cost to maneuverability. It is modeled on the Lorica segmentata he normally uses, though with fairly massive changes. It covers the entirety of his body, his helmet includes a blank faceplate carrying a variety of electronic devices useful on the body field and doubling as a gas mask. In addition, this entire suit of armor doubles as a radiation protection device; in addition, he typically wears a red, sweeping cape when using it.
Weapons: Romulus makes use of a variety of weapons depending on what he expects. He uses a Roman Gladius equipped with a few special modification regardless of his current situation.  This blade is no simple piece of metal, if Romulus presses down upon the ruby set in the center of the hilt, the blade electrifies. If he presses the button again, he can hurl bolts of electricity from the blade and at his enemies. He does use modern weapons, typically when he is expecting trouble or going into combat. These, naturally, vary depending on the mission profile or the type of trouble he expects. 
Skills: Romulus is an astounding tactician and politician. He has forged empires, kingdoms and worn the crown for longer than the lifespan of the typical human. He has thousands of years of experience in the realms of empire-building, manipulation, combat and swordsmanship. He is proficient with modern weapons, though not having had thousands of years to master them; there is a notable gap between his ability to use firearms and his swordsmanship.  He is not an opponent to be taken lightly for certain. 
Personality: Romulus is an emperor, however much he might hide behind other titles. He is certain of his eventual victory, viewing defeats as little more than minor setbacks. His plans span centuries, his mind has plotted the downfall of countless rulers and the rise of empires. All of these plans have one ultimate goal, putting him on the throne, putting him in control of the world. Romulus views himself as a superior being, not out of any birthright, but because he has more cumulative experience with the trails of politics, warfare and the simple day to day business of empire than any other being he knows of.  
That said, he is unfailingly polite and affable. He respects his enemies and friends alike and not once has anyone seen him strike out in anger. The most a dedicated enemy can expect of a meeting from him is amused tolerance, the least they can expect his amused contempt. He goes out of his way to ensure the least amount of innocents possible are harmed during his plans, he is willing to make sacrifices, but he will not make them without first exhausting every other potential avenue of success. He is a superior being after all, he does not need to stoop to the level so many others have. He has thousands of years of life experience in him; if he cannot find a morally acceptable solution then he isn’t doing his job right.
As a result of this viewpoint however, Romulus has one very large weakness. He is fundamentally out of touch with the modern world, with the way things work within it. He regards modern democracy as an amusing farce at best. He can’t really bring himself to believe things have changed at a fundamental level. He remains convinced he can somehow shape the modern world into a new Roman Empire. His pride ensures he sees any defeat as a setback and only that. He does not know when he’s beaten; he would simply refuse to accept it. 
Weakness: The weaknesses brought by his personality are listed above. Beyond this, his powers of regeneration would do remarkably little to stop a snipers bullet from turning his head into a fine pink mist. Just because he can heal from a stab wound doesn’t mean he can heal from a thousand. He is biologically human, he has human weaknesses. The healing factor doesn’t change that. 
Bio: Romulus’s early history is an enigma wrapped in a couple of lies thrown in for good measure. What is known is that he is the founder of Rome. He was there when Rome clashed with the neighboring city-states and when the Republic was ushered in. He ruled as the Emperor Augustus doing the Imperial Period and stretched the borders of the Roman Empire even further. Beyond these facts, his history is mere speculation. Exactly the way the Romulus likes it. If his enemies don’t know what kind of mind they are facing, so much the better for him, even his date of birth is obscure and unknown. Multiple sources give accounts of it and they could all be wrong. He is strongly associated with Rome however and it is likely that he was several different historical emperors besides Augustus. Where he was during the reign of other empires is a guessing game at best, a snipe hunt at worst.
In early modern history, Romulus set about building the Legion, a network of contacts and a private military force rolled into one. With the fall of the British Empire in all but name, Romulus prepared for the next round of imperial games, hoping to seize control of a few select nations and use them as the base of a reunited Roman Empire. The onset of World War 2 however, and the subsequent bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima hampered his plans a great deal. With the chaos of post-war reconstruction and the rising tensions between the USA and the USSR, Romulus and the Legion retreated into the shadows to wait for their day to come. During this time, Romulus founded Weapon X to provide new technology, both biological and mechanical, for his Legion. As the Cold War grew closer and closer to getting hot, Romulus found he could not divide his attention between two large, growing shadow cabals without losing some of his effectiveness as a leader.
His solution to this problem proved to be a disaster. He cloned himself, hoping to use the clone as a manager and figurehead within Weapon X. This clone, beset by a multitude of mental defects and handicaps brought on by the imperfect cloning process, soon went rogue however. Weapon X dropped off the map, leaving Romulus and the Legion without their principle supplier. The clone butchered Weapon X, turning it from a cabal of various military suppliers and mercenary outfits into a vast, cruel organization. Those who fell in line were rewarded; those who resisted were crushed with unwavering brutality. At the end of it, only the most amoral and bloodthirsty divisions of organization survived. 
Romulus caught up with his clone eventually however. The clone, having allowed Weapon X to shatter, had taken shelter within the Hellfire Club. Romulus and his Legions, through the use of a double agent, infiltrated the headquarters of the Club and set about staging a bloody coup, the first the Hellfire Club would be forced to endure that year. When the last remnants of the old Clubs leadership were slain by a certain pair of rich teenagers with a grudge, Romulus entered into a partnership with the pair. At the very least, they were more useful than the former leadership. 
Now, the millennia-old conqueror feels that his time is coming closer and closer to arriving. With the resources of the Hellfire Club and the trained, armored fist of his Legions, he believes he has all the resources he needs to forge a new empire. 
Awaiting approval. All other profiles to will be coming along shortly.
Name: Borte Khan 
Codename: Dragon 
Gender: Female
Age: Eighty 
Loyalties/Faction: A member of the Hellfire Club, Borte serves as a Black Bishop within the organization. She does not have emotional ties to the organization itself, she is there because it is a nexus of power, neatly cutting out several middlemen she would otherwise have to deal with. If the Club deals straight with her, she’ll deal straight with it. Beyond that, she is apathetic to its existence. If it were to fall, she would defect and take her resources with her. Her true loyalty lies with her company, Manduhai Incorporated. 
Power: She is a baseline human in every respect and has no innate powers. Her cybernetic limb however allows her to perform certain feats of strength beyond the human norm. To a certain extent, the fact only one of her arms is cybernetic means her abilities are somewhat limited. Throwing a chair with the arm is an easy feat; a desk is another matter entirely. 
Appearance:  Borte is a Mongolian woman of around twenty-five years of age. She stands at 5 feet and eight inches and moves with a certain inborn grace. Her eyes are a light green. Her face is fairly rounded, though by no means overly fleshy. Her black hair is typically tied in a ponytail and often covered by a felt cap she often wears. She is fit, lithe but by no means in the shape one would expect the typical soldier to be in. Within the walls of the Hellfire Club she wears black robes of a particularly luxurious Mongolian design.  This robe is embroidered with silver, depicting various scenes involving snakes, men and some combination thereof. Oftentimes the humans are shown learning from these combinations of serpent and man.  
The most remarkable facet of her appearance however, is the fact her left arm has been replaced with a cybernetic limb. The shoulder blade this limb attaches to would more accurately be described as a mass of scar tissue. The limb itself is a black, glossy thing made up of the finest titanium available. When compared to a human limb, it is stronger, faster and overall, a general improvement in sum. 
Weapons:  Aside from the strength afforded to her by her cybernetic limb, Borte does not typically carry any weapons. The most you would find her carrying is a simple electricity gun, a device that amounts to a Taser with a long range. If she is expecting trouble, an attack or simply desires more security she typically makes use of a Desert Eagle, fired from her cybernetic limbs. If pressed, she’ll resort to hurling containers filled with Greek Fire. This is typically a last resort. 
Skills: Borte is a master alchemist; she knows how to craft any amount of potions, elixirs and draughts. She has even conquered death itself through the use of the Elixir Vita, which grants her immortality of a sort if she drinks it once every fifty years. She can trap her foes in a nightmare from which they cannot awake through the use of the Black Lotus poison. She can fill the air with a carefully brewed paralytic gas by simply removing the lid of a beaker. Her mastery of alchemy, poison-making and the various arts associated with them make her a very flexible enemy and having dinner with her if you have acted against her interests is a great risk. Having dinner at all is merely a risk. 
Aside from these notable abilities, she is a proficient plotter and politician. She built Manduhai Incorporated with her own two hands, she knows how to manage the finances of the corporations, how to keep her employees satisfied and loyal. What Genghis Khan was to empire, she is to the corporate world and in that regard, she is no less capable then the cultural hero of her people. Tangling with her in the arena of economics is more than a mere competition; it is a full scale war. One she will pursue to her utmost. 
Personality: Borte maintains a friendly professionalism most days, rarely allowing people to see her motivations beyond simple profit. Borte views herself as something a hero, striving to bring ever greater amounts of technology to humanity. In her eyes, humanity has been beset by various enemies far too long, the Earth, in her eyes, is far too vulnerable. So she sells weapons, cybernetics, she sells things that some would consider unethical. In her own eyes however, she is arming the population of Earth against the threats that lurk in this dark, bleak universe. She outright refuses to sell to criminals however, she has her own arms-dealing network. If a criminal organization slips through and she finds out about it….she’ll deploy her security forces to destroy them. Utterly.
She has no tolerance for terrorists, as she prefers an orderly, controlled world. This type of world makes it easy for her to disrupt her technology, thus you will often find her siding with established authorities. Or overthrowing them and replacing them with a stronger authority as the situation demands. She does strive to keep her deals as clean as possible, but she isn’t above dirty tactics and if pressed, she can become outright ruthless. 
Overall, she is a polite, though somewhat distant woman. When the mask comes off, she waxes about the potential of humanity and the danger it is in. She is honorable and forthright to an extent, if you are honest with her in your dealings, she’ll be honest with you. She makes no secret of the fact she has her own agenda or what might happen to you if you get in the way of that agenda. To her, the survival and security of humanity takes first priority. She has an inkling of what waits for them in the black expanses of the void….and come hades or high water, she’ll make sure humanity is prepared for it. Her actions are all born from her fear for humanity’s very survival. She’ll do whatever she needs to build up humanity and, at the same time, her corporation. 
Weakness: The Elixir might stop the aging process cold, but it doesn’t stop a bullet. Borte isn’t a dedicated combatant by any means and she relies on her security forces for protection. She might be able to put up a decent fight, but a warrior she is not. If someone, hostile, is near her with a gun then something has gone horribly horribly wrong for her. Personality wise, her devotion to humanity means her corporation is never quite as wealthy as it could be, due to the sheer amount of money spent carrying out her various plots. Her cybernetic limb, while an improvement, also renders vulnerable to those we can control electricity, as the wires that connect to her nerves could be overloaded, frying her entire nervous system and possibly killing her. Her fear of the unknown and the universe often means that she goes out of her way to keep these things secret, even if outing them would giver her an advantage. To her mind, spreading this knowledge to the public could lead only to panic.
Bio: Borte was born and raised among one of the remaining nomadic tribes in Mongolia. She was a natural trader, bringing her tribe ever increasing amounts of profit. She also ranged farther then many nomadic caravans did, even acquiring travel permits into other countries so she could extend her operation even further. Her tribe grew ever wealthier and she grew ever more adept at separating people from their money. Her trade routes extended further in every direction, she even bought up a small airport and a few planes to further her reach. Then, as it always does, disaster struck. While leading a large caravan through the mountains of Tibet she was set upon by the cannibalistic, brutal Tcho-Tcho cult. This cult, having persisted in the deepest caves and crags of the mountains, worshipped strange terrible gods and wielded powers that were horrible and terrifying. Her caravan guards didn’t stand a chance against them. Borte was captured alongside many of her tribe. Forced to watch as, one by one, her companions were dragged off to be offered as a blood sacrifice to the gods of the cult.
Just as her time was approaching however, the cultist compound was set upon by a group of Serpent Men sorcerers. The Serpent Men, an ancient race by any standard, had existed before the dawn of man and small remnants of their once great-people still clung to life throughout the isolated places of the world. Fortunately for Borte, one of their temples stood in a snowy valley nearby, a valley that the Tcho-Tcho had come dangerously close too. The Serpent Men destroyed the compound and rescued Borte, the sole remaining captive. They soon reached a mutually beneficial agreement with her, though more or less self-sufficient, the temple required certain things from the outside world. Borte could provide those and in exchange, the Serpent Men would teach her the secrets of alchemy. Borte knew a good deal when she saw one and did everything she could to uphold her part of the bargain. Using the knowledge they had given her, she began to sell cures for certain prolific diseases. Within ten years, she stood at the helm of a rapidly expanding corporation, which she had named after who she reckoned was the greatest of the Mongolian Empresses. Queen Manduhai. The Temple was well-supplied and guarded as a result of these actions and remains so today.
Manduhai Incorporated continued to expand, the newly founded research division using the lore of the Serpent Men and the powers of medical science to propel the business to new heights in the field of pharmaceutical treatments. This massive windfall allowed Borte to expand even further, branching out into technology, weaponry and other divisions. Eventually she was able to found what amounted to a private army of mercenaries and guns for hire, called Manduhai GoldPoint Security. This PMC, owned wholly by its parent company soon made a name for itself in brush wars the world over. Unknown to the public however, Borte also used them in her own private war against the Tcho-Tcho cult, a war that continues in the farthest reaches of China and Tibet to this very day. 
With  fifty-five years behind it, Manduhai Incorporated remains at the forefront of technological development and research, with their new Cybernetics Division showing impressive results in their first few fiscal years. Borte herself has recently joined the Hellfire Club, looking to further the power of her corporations and open up yet more markets for her company. The things her forces have faced in their war against the Tcho-Tcho have more than convinced her that humanity needs to be ready for the darkness waiting in the wings. 
Ah yes. Darkest Days.
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I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are the good people and the bad people. You are wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.

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Dante Giordano

Name: Dante Giordano

Codename: N/A

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Loyalties/Faction: N/A

Power(S): Elemental Contracting

Through the contract Dante established with the Zodiac Spirits, Dante possesses the ability to form contracts with them to draw upon the power of the Four Classical Elements: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.

To establish a Contract he recites an incantation in which he offers up a part of himself as a sacrifice to the corresponding group of Zodiacs, and recites the power he wishes for in return(i.e. Drawing upon the element of water means sacrificing to the Water Signs: Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces). For the weaker powers, like the Elemental Enhancements or minor Elemental Manipulation, this sacrifice can be merely losing some blood.

However in the event he wishes to draw upon more power, Dante must make greater sacrifices. These can range from the loss of limbs, to the loss of senses, to even things like the loss of his eye. The more power he which to draw upon the greater the sacrifice. These great sacrifices don’t require him to manually cut like he must with blood and take effect after the contracted power finishes.

For example if he offered up his arm as sacrifice for having the Earth swallow up a few men, Dante’s arm would vanish only after the Earth had finished burying the men. Afterwards his body would experience the pain of having it cut off, minus the physical scars. Instead there would merely be nothing where the arm once was. These great sacrifices also have no known way to be healed, not with science or magic.Element Enhancement refers to him using contracts to gain traits of an element (i.e. Speed from Wind, Endurance from Earth etc.). Elemental Manipulation refers to directly manipulating the elements the strength and abilities of both these powers are limited by how much Dante sacrifices.

Dante can only have one contract active at a time, and each one requires a new sacrifice. As such if he was using a contract and then formed a new one he'd have to perform a sacrifice again.

Appearance: Dante stands relatively tall at about 6’ 2’’, and has a lean figure to go with it. His skin is an olive color, and he has striking amber eyes that seem to glow whenever he uses magic. His eyes also seem to have perpetual bags under them, despite that he’s trying to sleep every five seconds. Part of this stems from him constantly remaining busy working. He has messy brown hair that tends to fall down the length of his forehead and obviously hasn’t seen a comb in a while.

In terms of clothing, Dante can’t really be bothered. He generally just throws on the first few things he finds, namely a pair of jeans, a simple black jacket, some sneakers and a random T-Shirt. It’s also quite common for the clothes to be rather wrinkled.

Weapons/Equipment: The closest thing to a weapon Dante possess is a simple knife that’s used mainly for his sacrifices. In terms of other equipment, Dante carries a backpack with him at all times, one that contains his laptop, books and a standard first aid kit filled with bandages to patch up his wounds.

Skills: Dante is relatively well versed in many mythologies and folklore due to his researching. Dante also tends to be quite adept at thinking on his feet and problem solving on the goal. When faced with puzzles and riddles, Dante can generally solve them with ease, especially when pressured to do so. After a year of traveling alongside Alistair, Dante’s combat skills have improved rendering him capable of at least surviving in a one on one confrontation with the average street punk. However to say he is good at fighting would be an overstatement, he still lacks any true combat abilities.

Personality: Dante is always upbeat and optimistic despite what his frequent snarking about his luck may imply, or his normally reserved nature. More defining though is his unshakable optimism when it comes to the human spirit and with it comes a stubborn determination in everything he does.

Dante always sees the good in people and while he may cuss you out for being a *****, he will never give up on saving you. It should be noted though that despite his optimism Dante is not naïve, he fully realizes the evils people can and will commit, he just doesn’t buy into the **** that people can be beyond redemption. It just might take a few punches to the jaw.

All this however, generally remains hidden, for on the outside he tends to keep to himself, always appearing to be occupied with something, and he usually is. Once you make a friend of him though, he becomes a steadfast ally who’ll probably be cracking quite a few snarks along the journey.

Even so, there are two things about Dante that generally tend to be overlooked by others. He complains about many odd occurrences occurring around him not due to any ill will but because it’s more of a coping mechanism. He still doesn’t quite understanding much of the nonsense happening around him and at times feels quite isolated since he is, at heart, quite normal.

The other main problem he has is his notoriously bad luck, for as long as he can remember things have constantly gone wrong for him. Whether that be him tripping over his feet, books falling on his head or even nonsense like his homework falling in a puddle, it was always some sort of lousy luck. Despite this Dante tries to stay at least somewhat upbeat.

Weakness: Dante is average on pretty much all fields, his magic is the only real perk he has, and it comes with many drawbacks, such as the sacrifices and the finicky nature of the Zodiacs. Dante also tends to not think things through and his quick thinking can only get him so far.

Dante has no real idea about Mutants or even the deeper secrets of Magic. Finally perhaps his biggest weakness is that he just doesn’t have much of an idea when it comes to combat. While Alistair has thought him a few things, he still doesn’t possess much skill when fighting a mutant only his brains can get him out of pickles, as many mutants tend to have stronger powers than his Elemental Enhancements provide.

Finally there’s his horrendous day-to-day luck.

Bio: : Dante never got to have a tragic past, nor did he receive a past in which he was always the hero, awakening one day with the powers to save the world. And that was precisely the problem. For as long as he can remember Dante always wanted to have powers so that he could be the hero, so that he could save people.

Now most kids give up on this dream rather early on, by the time they enter Middle School, most stop fantasizing about it. That was not the case with Dante; in fact his resolve merely grew after entering Middle School. The fact that few still were serious about wanting to be a super hero gnawed at him, especially because they lived in a world where people could get powers.

Unfortunately for Dante he wasn’t a Mutant, powers never magically appeared for him, nor was he a genius who could just build a powerful suit, or a billionaire who could afford one. No, on all accounts Dante remained average, until an idea struck. Magic.

For a normal person the idea would be absurd, after all little evidence of Magic even existed, Dr. Strange may have been a sorcerer but even still people had their doubts. After all if Magic was easy to learn, why wasn’t the world filled with sorcerers? However for Dante, a world filled with Mutants meant that surely Magic might be possible as well.

Thus he turned to the occult, spending the remainder of his Middle School years, and continuing into his High School years, researching. His grades suffering as a result, the former straight-A student became too apathetic to school, devoting his mind to the pursuit of Magic.

Finally, near the end of his freshman year he stumbled upon his first real lead, an odd incantation in the back of a book that seemed to form some sort of contract. A contract with the elements, reciting the incantation and sacrificing some blood, he established his first and only permanent contract. The contract that granted him the ability to form contracts with the Elements.

However the amount of blood needed for this first contract soon took its toll on Dante and he collapsed, awakening sometime later in a hospital. Unfortunately the book he discovered was nowhere to be found, its other secrets lost to him.

Never one to despair, Dante didn’t dwell too much on the matter, instead he decided to put his new found powers to good use, and began experimenting with them. On the side he began performing vigilantism as his favorite heroes once did, of course the large number of other occupations he had didn’t give him much practice. As a result his combat abilities still need quite a bit of work.

Dante later moved to California thanks his dad’s changing of jobs. This led to him having his first few encounters with people actually used to and experienced with the world of magic. After a few mishaps involving a pedantic Arthurian, an arrogant Thunderbird, a nosy Kitsune and an amnesiac Roman, Dante ended up traveling with the Arthurian, Alistair, in search of the remains of the Library of Alexandria. Of course they were sidetracked a few times be it thanks to skin walkers or a HYDRA attack.

Eventually the two managed to track down the library and delved into the historical records hoping two learn more about the worlds they had been immersing themselves in. Alistair managed to find clues about a few new weapons while Dante discovered clues about possible new contracts he might be able to form as well as one of the secrets behind where his power originated from. The Zodiacs.

After discovering this fact Dante found he could refine his enhancement simply by modifying his chant to include the name of the Zodiac he was drawing on power from. However while this did allow for a less exhaustive use of his power, not only did it require a longer chant, but showing favoritism to certain Zodiacs above the others could leave him unable to access the powers of others.

Currently Dante and Alistair had to put a halt on their search and split due to Alistair being called away on family business. However with Alistair gone, Dante’s attempts to remain isolated from the brewing conflict may soon come to a head and he could very well find himself roped back into the world of Mutants.

Monkey King

Name: "Horace" Xiaohou Sun-Hammer

Codename: Monkey King

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Faction: Neutral

Power(S): Horace has the ability to make up to four physical clones of himself at a time, that he can work in tandem with. They possess all his skills and abilities (minus additional cloning) and will say whatever he wishes them to. On the downside, whenever he summons his clones back to himself, any injuries they've received will be transferred to him. Thus if one of the clones took a bullet in the leg, Horace would receive the bullet wound in his own leg, albeit without the bullet.

The summoning of clones takes up energy, and thus he can only keep them up for a limited time before he starts to get fatigued. However generally speaking this isn't a problem as he can keep them running for a good hour or so.

His other main power is the ability to make illusionary clones, once more he summons them with the same energy he uses for the others, the difference is that he can summon a much larger number. However his illusionary clones are just that, one hit and they dissipate, they can't attack or make any sort of physical contact. Upon summoning them he'll intersperse his own form among them, thus using them mainly as decoys to confuse the opponent. That or he’ll use them for intimidation, while he sneaks off and steals whatever it is he came for.

His last ability is merely superhuman agility.

Appearance: Horace stands at about 5’ 11’’; his frame is rather average, not large but not skinny either. He has short black hair, and an average complexion for a Chinese male. However one peculiar feature he has are his eyes, which were inherited from his mother, they are a striking blue shade and are what truly set him apart. His normal clothing consists of a business suits and whatever he has to wear. The one thing consistent is a pendant his mother gave him, in which is a picture of his mother and father. When disguised as the Monkey King, he dons a Monkey King Mask painted black; in addition he wears simple, black, Chinese, martial arts robes.

Weapons/Equipment: He carries a telescopic Bo Staff made from a special lightweight, but strong material. Its length is about a foot long collapsed, but extends to a length of 6.5 feet. Other than his staff he generally doesn’t carry much on him. Instead he will carefully choose equipment need for a heist before setting out, the most common is grappling device that can clip to his back.

Skills: Due to his upbringing, Horace is fluent in both Cantonese and English, although is English does have a bit of an accent. He is also an excellent thief, whether that be pick pocketing, lock picking, or just sneaking in and entering. He possesses the excellent charisma expected of a man of his stature, along with an above average intelligence. That’s not to say he’s another Tony Stark, but he is quite knowledgeable about a variety of subjects, specifically that pertaining to Chinese History, and items coming out of it. In addition his years on the street, in addition to more formal training he received have left him a proficient fighter in both hand to hand combat, and with a Bo Staff. Finally he enjoys golf and is quite proficient.

Personality: On the outside, Horace is everything you’d expect of a man of his stature. Charismatic, Charming, Eloquent. In addition, unlike most people of his stature, Horace is not a playboy, a fact which has earned the respect of quite a few common folk. Instead Horace appears to be diligent hard-working representative, and seeker of peace between mutants and humans. His other noticeable traits are his sense of ethics, honor, and respect towards others.

While all of this may be true, this is only half of who Horace is, away from public eye, Horace is planner and calculator. He enjoys challenging himself, which is why he continues his thievery, despite his lack of needing to. Finally Horace is somewhat of a prankster to those who get to know him, or run into him as Monkey King. However most of these traits are unnoticed by the public, as he does a good job of separating his public appearance and private life.

Weakness: Horace's cloning comes with the limitation of tiring him out; in addition his superhuman agility is the only other real power he has. Thus his speed, strength, endurance etc. are all average. His sense of honor can also get in the way of doing things, and the separation of his two identities means that he often has to make sacrifices for one or the other. In addition, while Horace might be good at charming people and using them, he’s never truly had friends and has such has no clue how such a thing works. His status as a registered mutant leaves him quite vulnerable, and as a seeker of peace it’s not unheard of him for him to be targeted by both sides.

Bio: Horace was born in America to mixed parents, his mother was a member of the wealthy Hammer family and his father was a Chinese immigrant. However less than a year after he was born, his family moved to China, due to his mother’s wish to leave behind her own family. Here in Hong Kong, Horace lived a relatively peaceful live for the next seven years, until one day when his mother and father both died when their home caught fire.

Orphaned and homeless, Horace was left on the streets, his powers manifesting within a week of the accident and being the only thing that really saved him. Soon after his normal thievery to survive became noticed by the gangs, and it wasn’t long before he was recruited into one.

In the gangs his thief skills flourished and he became renowned amongst the other gangs as a master thief. Due to his powers, he was nicknamed the Monkey King after the Chinese literary character. The name stuck, and Horace began practicing with a Bo Staff in mimicry of the hero.

However six years later, when he was thirteen, Horace’s life changed once more. After the death of his grandfather, his Horace’s uncle came to China in pursuit of Horace’s mother. Not knowing that she was dead, his uncle ran into Horace completely by accident when the young boy attempted to pickpocket the man. Angered and ready to punish him, his uncle turned towards the young boy and was surprised when he noticed his eyes, that and the pendant around his neck. Realizing that he was his nephew, his uncle became his guardian and took him back to the states.

The son of the famous Hammer family, Horace’s return was labeled a miracle by the tabloids and newspapers. Horace would spend the next few years of his life as a privileged individual in stark contrast to his life six years ago. As a member of the Hammer Family, Horace received the best education money could buy and became well-versed in a variety of fields.

When he was seventeen, Horace shocked the world once more when he registered as a mutant. For a while the people of America viewed him with fear and paranoia, Hammer Industries’ Stock also taking a hit. However the heavy contributions Hammer Industries continued to make for the Enforcers, as well Horace’s neutrality, quickly won him back the favor of the press. Currently he serves as the main representative/spokesperson of Hammer Industries, while his Uncle runs the company.

However this is merely the public side of Horace’s life now, when he registered as a mutant, Horace didn’t reveal his cloning ability; instead he opted to only reveal his Agility. Still donning the name of the Monkey King in secret, Horace continues his thieving. As the Monkey King he is known for almost exclusively stealing only Chinese items of value, such as artifacts from the different dynasties.

After the dissolution of the Enforcers and the H.Y.D.R.A attack on New York quite a few changes have happened to Hammer Industries and by extension Horace’s own life. For one, Howard Stark was killed in the attack; hence Hammer Industries has started keeping a closer eye on how its competitor may be faring in the coming years, always ready to rise above its longtime rival.

Hammer Industries has also started devoting itself towards supplying S.H.I.E.L.D. helping the organization in its recovery post the Battle for New York. Horace has been one of the main negotiators behind this aid having been present at all meetings. Currently Horace has been keeping a relatively low profile while secretly investigating the increasingly more benevolent Brotherhood in hopes of hosting future talks with them.



Katherine Barton


Name: Katherine Barton

Codename: Former Designation: Delta Six, Currently: N/A

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Faction: Formerly: Enforcers, Currently: Neutral/Rogue/AWOL

Power(s): None

Appearance: Katherine resembles her father - who she never found out the identity of - in many ways, from his light skin to blonde hair, which falls to her shoulders, she is in many ways a spitting image of him. Her eyes, however, are much lighter, almost gray. She stands at 5'8'' and is relatively lean. Her casual wear generally consists of plain black jacket and jeans.

While traveling she has found it necessary to conceal her bow and quiver so she carriers what appears to be a tripod bag. To further the ruse she also carries a camera case which is actually a first aid kit.

Weapons: Her Father's Bow - A 5'6'' Double Recurve Bow made from Reinforced, Laminated Fiberglass. It is highly durable and designed for multi-purpose use.

A Collection of Trick Arrows:Having lost government support, Katherine lacks the ability to make many of the arrows she once possessed. Currently she lacks explosive, smoke bomb, bola, putty, acid and tear gas arrows. Her other trick arrows are in limited supply and Katherine takes the time to recover them after a fight.

She possess a concealed Glock Model 22 Gen4

Two Switchblades

Skills: Fighting from such a young age has left her in peak physical condition. She is an excellent shot with any weapon and a master at the bow. On top of that she is an excellent hand to hand combatant and quite adept at thinking on her feet. Due to the nature of her job she often takes on different personas and is quite adept at acting. She is also been trained to be fluent in a few different Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

Rather those were the abilities she had formerly acquired as a member of the enforcers, as of current she has a difficult time acting due to her withdrawn nature. While she is still an excellent combatant she prefers not to enter into any engagements, unless absolutely necessary or if needed to protect someone.

Personality: Katherine’s former psych evaluation listed her as emotionally cold and distant on the outside. However it was known that she was very much a straight arrow and took things in a no nonsense sort of manner, this, coupled with her strong sense of justice, was the reason she was granted control of Delta Squad.

However there was one piece of her psych evaluation which caused pauses among her superiors. First she had many repressed memories caused by the traumatic experiences in her past. Many of her superiors feared that she could succumb to further psychological damage if even slightly provoked.

They seem to have been correct. After the disbanding of the Delta Squad, Katherine has withdrawn even further into her shell. The only times she speaks are when involved in a scenario similar to a mission. Every other answer she may be required to give is comprised of a curt response. Yes and no seem to be her go to words.

She’s also been having bad dreams every night, waking up sweaty and with a racing heart. She feels strongly guilty for the disbanding of Delta Squad and has been having trouble remembering many of the battles she’d been in with them. At all times Katherine has felt on edge, provoked into a defensive stance at even the slightest things. She also seems very fearful of mutants, not wishing to enter contact with them except if she needs to subdue them.

Weakness: Besides possessing no powers, Katherine is a very emotionally damaged women. She has undergone many psychological scarring incidents from a very young age and is in many ways unable to properly function on her own in day to day society. The disbanding of the Enforcers has also robbed her of purpose.

Bio: Katherine lacks memories of where she was born and who her original family was. Instead her earliest memories stem from when she was found as a child, by a group of guerrillas fighting in South America. She was told that in her hands was a bow with a note attached to it, for Katherine Barton.

Having no place else to go, Katherine was taken in by these fighters and made to be a soldier herself. From as early as age 8 she fought for the guerrillas, assisting them in any way possible. Many of her actions with the guerrillas continue to haunt her to do this day. Personally Katherine hated doing many of the reprehensible acts but since they had saved her life she felt obligated to help them. In addition many of them were decent people and Katherine didn’t want to betray them.

Regardless of whatever decision she wanted to make, tragedy struck when a Mutant came and slaughtered her camp. When Katherine returned from being out at recon she found herself at a gruesome sight, all of the people she had known had been killed, their bodies littering the camp. This incident left her with a deep hatred of Mutants that used their powers to harm others.

It turned out the mutant responsible had been on the run from the Enforcers, so when they arrived on the scene, Katherine was quick to join. It wasn't long before she quickly rose through the ranks and became one of the most prominent members. Her rank also gave her access to a wide range of special Arrows that she used in her hunt to stop Mutant Kind. She functioned primarily as an infiltrator, assassin, and scout for the group.

Eventually Katherine was given field command of Delta Squad, a group of members Katherine formed strong ties with. With the other members of Delta Squad, Katherine led of a variety of ops many of which were used as testing grounds for the experimental tech Delta Squad possessed. However things started going very wrong when the group started suffering defeats in many of their later missions.

Things came to a head when the Enforcers were finally disbanded and with it Delta Squad. Most of the remaining members were put on standby as the United States Government worked on figuring out just what to do with them. Katherine felt that all of this was her fault and quickly began withdrawing into herself. Hence when Michael approached her with the proposition of busting out and disappearing, Katherine could merely nod her head and follow along.

Saying goodbye to her former life, Katherine has been traveling with Michael ever since, unsure of what her current purpose in life should be.


Dustin Snyder

Name: Dustin Snyder

Codename: N/A: Currently Searching

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Loyalties/Faction: Joining X-Institute


Dusting: Dustin has a unique power that he has named dusting. The name comes both from the power's properties and his name. As its name implies the power relates to dust. However the manifestation of such comes in two primary ways.

Teleportation: The first, and most used, method is a sort of pseudo-teleportation. To the unobservant eye it looks like Dustin is just teleporting from place to place. However if one looks a little closer they’ll see that Dustin’s body is actual disassembling itself into millions of tiny dust-like particles. These particles then travel at high speeds to another location before reassembling. The speed itself varies, however it tends to come in line of sight bursts. Changing direction will slow him down. For example heading down a straight 400 feet hallway may only take a second, but heading down a curved 100 feet area would take much longer and probably be tackled via bursts. Longer distances also slow down his speed, hence their wouldn’t be much gain between running 1000 feet and teleporting the distance.

While in his “dust” form Dustin can slip through small gaps for his movement, such as under a door frame, but sealed areas will contain him. In addition while it is nigh impossible to directly destroy his particles, things like a massive laser could still harm him, and would result in an incomplete reassembling. Fire is another major weakness in that it will agitate the dust particles and force them back into his default state for a period of time proportional to time exposed in the flame.

Converting: The other application of his power is the ability for Dustin to convert other objects into his own “dust.” This requires physical contact with the object and takes time proportional to the size of the object. Hence something like a small pistol may take only a second or so but a car would take much longer. In addition this change isn’t permanent and doesn’t work on organic objects. The time till the reverting is proportional to two things. The first is how spread out the “dust” of the object is, the more spread out the particles the longer the reassembling. The second is the size, larger objects revert much faster than smaller ones. Hence a car may take 30 seconds to dust but would only take 5 to reassemble. However the 1 second pistols might reassemble after a minute. Anything caught inside during the reassembling process is forced out to prevent any interference, the same applies to Dustin’s own form. All of the properties of Dustin’s “dust” form apply to his conversions.

Dustin’s power does rely on his own energy levels, longer distances and faster teleportation both take up more energy, which would tire him out much faster. In addition every conversion takes up energy with larger objects taking more energy than smaller objects. Without refueling via either food or sleep, Dustin is unable to convert more than a handful of objects before collapsing.

Appearance: Dustin stands relatively tall for his age, with tanned skin on a lean and relatively strong body. He’s built like a runner with long, strong legs and a tanned, strong body. His eyes are a dark brown color and he has dusty brown hair. For that matter his hair and face always seem to be covered in dust. His face is remarkably youthful with only the first signs of facial hair coming through.

In terms of clothing his casual wear consists of simple Jeans and a t-shirt of some sort. He tends to wear light jackets but there’s not remarkably interesting about his casual wear. In terms of his costume when vigilante-ing Dustin has modified a motocross outfit:

The outfit consists of a brown and tan motocross jacket over a black turtle shirt, black motocross pants and brown boots. To round things off Dustin has a sleek black motocross helmet and brown –tinted sunglasses.

Weapons: N/A: Dustin prefers to avoid weapons, finding them vulgar and pointless especially since he can just nullify most weapons.

Skills: To say that Dustin is quick would be an understatement. Since the day he was born, even before his power’s manifested, Dustin had always been fast. He ran faster than everyone else he knew and it was only on his feet that he was fast but he also had fast wits and a habit of rushing through work. However there are always limits to what the average human can do and hence it came as a great joy to Dustin when he discovered his powers let him go even faster.

In addition to his speed Dustin tends to be a gifted, if fast, speaker and is rather quick to catch on to academic topics, not that he bothers to expand that knowledge. He also has a little bit of basic combat expertise from getting into a few fights as a child. He also is a rather fast driver and proficient and motocross.

Personality: Dustin comes off as a little cocky and even a little childish. His focus in life tends to be on enjoying himself and having fun, somehow avoiding the crushing realities of the world he lives in. He tends to get bored rather easily which is why he’s constantly seeking out new sources of entertainment and excitement often strong arming everyone around him into joining.

Dustin also tends to quickly drop new things and ideas regardless of how easily he may have picked up the idea. Hence most theoretical books and academic work bore him to the point that he spends next to no time on them. On the outside Dustin does tend to appear very extraverted but if one pays attention they’ll see that Dustin rarely talks about himself, this is primarily because he cares less about himself and more about enjoying himself. He’s very much a hands-on sort of person.

Dustin also is a strong believer of ideals like Justice and Morality. He is very much someone who believes in helping the wronged even if he doesn’t always get along with the law. He has a disdain for those who look down on others, humans or mutants, and is fiercely loyal to those he deems deserving. Once Dustin sets a goal it’s nigh impossible to get him to back down from it.

Weakness: Dustin’s greatest strength is also his greatest weakness. He loves going fast to the point that he never stops to slow down and think. In addition he will rarely spend the time necessary to truly learn and understand something feeling that he just gets bored by doing so. Hence while he has potential he never bothers to maximize it.

He also has limited combat skills and his powers come with many drawbacks. His need for speed will drive him to many irrational decisions, often throwing him into situations way over his head that require someone to bail him out. He’s also extremely stubborn.

Bio: Dustin has had a rather generic life. In fact his life has always been rather open and shut in appearance. He grew up in the standard city household, his families neither rich but not poor either. They were well enough to get by comfortably and that was all that was needed. At school he has always been the smart but unmotivated kid. He was more than smart enough to grasp onto nearly any concept he tried to apply himself to but he found everything too boring to ever apply himself beyond what was necessary.

That behind said Dustin was not a genius his just what would be called a gifted child, but in the world he lived in that hardly mattered. Dustin was always someone seeking thrills, always trying to find something to excite him and that led to his obsession with going fast. He started running constantly and took up learning motocross as well. When he entered High school he joined the Cross Country team and quickly rose to become their fastest runner. However it wasn’t long before he began feeling bored, inadequate again, for in the world he lived his speed was nothing. Running did not take him nearly far enough.

That was when Dustin’s powers manifested and he soon found he could faster than ever before. He began experimenting with his powers, soon discovering the other applications of them, namely converting. Amazed and delighted by his new powers, Dustin began paying even less attention to school and was frequently missing from classes while he was out and about the town.

Dustin soon started following in the footsteps of many of the heroes he’d read up on in the past, becoming a costumed vigilante and stopping any crimes he noticed. He spent the time to design a costume inspired by the heroes of old and often ended up butting heads with cops going about their jobs.

However while Dustin does believe in helping the downtrodden deep down his true reason for being a costumed hero was merely for the thrills it gave him. Dustin has a blast helping people and thwarting crimes, the heat of the moment is unlike anything he’s experienced before. He enjoys it so much that there have been times when he’s stolen some money from someone he’s seen wrong someone else. Dustin always got rid of the money but he always loved the thrill that came with the theft.

However after one particularly nasty incident Dustin came home bruised and burned after meeting his match with a pyro kinetic mutant. When Dustin finally escaped and made it home it was revealed to his parents that he was in fact a Mutant.

Not wanting to draw attention to themselves or ruin the life of Dustin’s younger sister, his parents quickly hushed things up and sent Dustin to New York City. His school has merely been informed that he’s transferring because he was accepted into an elite boarding school, however the truth is that Dustin was sent with instructions to head to X-Mansion and enroll. The main reason he wasn’t directly enrolled was to avoid information leaking Dustin’s status as a mutant linking back to his family.

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You lot just wall of text'd me. In less than twenty minutes.Adders, Blonde, Alec, Song, and Magnitude are all +1.I have some questions about Bootleg, however. How quickly do his powers work, what are the limitations in passing on powers, and how long would it require to completely steal a power?



On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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Those questions are probably best answered in reverse order. It would take him a good few minutes to completely rob someone else of a power, which possibly doesn't sound like much but when you consider that thats a few minutes of skin contact with someone who can perhaps throw a fireball at you if you don't let go right now it becomes more of a handicap. Limitation in passing on the power depends on how much of a copy he got off the victim. He can pass his copies on perfectly but he might not have copied a power completely right. Maybe he only got enough from a psychic to pass on an ability to project show tunes into someone's head, for instance


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Darkest Days.



The following seven profiles all have one approval from Tyler. and a +2.









Name: Christine Marie

Codename: Mimic

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Loyalties/Faction: Xavier Institute for Higher Learning

Power(S): Christine mutant power manifested in a way that prevented her from being able to touch another person without absorbing their essence (memories), personality, and their mutant powers. She usually can only absorb two mutant powers at a time. She is able to stack two different powers from different mutants, but if she touches two different mutants with multiple powers she will only absorb one of their powers. Sometimes if she touches a mutant many times she can absorb them for a longer period of time and if she touches another she can gain one of their abilities. These powers, memories etc fade away over time.

Appearance: Christine is attractive with two bright emerald eyes, long chestnut hair with two streaks of snow-white through it. Her skin is pale and soft and her bone-structure is incredibly beautiful. She usually wears a black and green armored sleek suit with a hood.



Weapons: A desert eagle she keeps in her room.

Skills: Using other mutant’s powers, hand to hand fighting, using guns.

Personality: Christine is a survivor, and a fighter. She will do anything to stay alive. She is immensely loyal to those she cares about. She is witty and quick thinking and takes things in stride that would turn away most people. She can be pretty blunt and doesn't care if she offends someone. She hates being seen as weak since she's a woman and she is a very independent spirit.

Weakness: If she can’t make physical contact she can’t absorb powers. Sometimes she can be distracted after downloading someone’s personality and memories.

Bio: Christine was born twenty years ago to Rogue and Gambit. Rogue brought Christine to the Brotherhood. At the time she'd had a falling out with the X-Men and had resorted back to them. When Christine was three her mother died along with the X-Men and a few of the Brotherhood members who attempted to help them stop the Phoenix.When it was over all Christine had of her mother was one of her green gloves. Pietro decided to sent Christine away to Mississippi, where she would be safe until she was old enough to fight for the Brotherhood. So Christine went and was raised on a farm. It was there that she developed a southern twang. She spent most of her childhood days riding horses, and herding cows. One day while living on the farm she had her fist kiss with a young boy who lived in the local town. It was then that her powers activated. The boy was killed in the process and his memories flooded into Christine's head.


The Brotherhood had stationed a spy on the farm all along to watch Christine. When they learned that her mutant powers had finally appeared they came to Christine and reminded her of her true past and what she was. Christine was then taken back to New York where she returned to the Brotherhood after seventeen years away.She became good friends with another Brotherhood kid, Jake Marko. Eventually she and Jake would become mercenaries, killing for money. She became increasingly skilled with guns and other weapons. It was on such a mission that she came into contact with Weapon-X, and one of their field agents, Aleks English. Even though they were shooting at her she couldn’t help but find herself drawn to the Russian. Eventually they decided not to kill each other.Eventually she and Jake were sent on a mission by the Brotherhood and both of them were captured and imprisoned in the Enforcer's mutant prison for two months. Weapon-X sent their current agents Scorcher and Darkfang to retrieve them.


Christina and Jake were then taken to the Weapon-X facility where they were branded and made into living weapons.She hated what they made her do but she had no other choice then death. It wasn't long before Weapon-X captured the X-Men and Christine came into contact with them for the first time. During one of the missions for Weapon-X Jake sacrificed himself to save everyone else. Christine would never forget what he did for her and she still misses him to this day. Once she was freed from Weapon-X she decided to go with the X-Men instead of the Brotherhood. Aleks came with her.Now a year after the Hydra attack Christine has been laying low. She's been practicing her fighting skills and controlling her powers by training with Aleks while doing whatever else she wanted. Now that the team was gone she was without a purpose. If she got too bored she'd head to the city and beat up some petty criminals.








Name: Jennifer McCoy

Codename: None

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Faction: SHIELD

Power(S):Jennifer's first power gives her enhanced strength (she can lift a normal sized car about half way up and punch through most walls) and agility. She can only access this power when in her second form.Jennifer also has another power, heat generation which can be active at any time. All she has to do is keep contact with something and she can raise the temperature to make it scolding hot. She has to keep contact to due this however.

Appearance: When in her normal form Jennifer is quite attractive. Her hair is long and chestnut brown and she usually keeps it in a long pony tail. Her eyes are a sparkling hazel and usually framed by stylish black rimmed glasses. She usually wears cute dark colored business suits or lab coats if she's busy with an experiment in the lab.When in her second form Jennifer's skin turns bright blue along with her hair. Her eyes turn yellow and she grows claws from her hands and feet. She can go into this form at any time but it can be caused without her will if she is angered, injured or frightened (sometimes in her sleep).



Weapons: Her mind

Skills: She’s skilled at science: chemistry, hand to hand fighting, computers, she has experience with alien technology which means she is also highly capable with human technology, when it comes to hacking, downloading information and shutting down systems.

Personality: Jennifer is much like her father. She is incredibly kind and also highly intelligent. She can be witty when she feels like it but is often absorbed with her scientific work. Jennifer is knew to the X-Men so she isn't quite sure how to react with the others.

Weakness: She's not super fast, and has no offensive ranged power.

Bio: 25 years ago Hank and his love interest of the time Abigail Brand of SWORD had a child. That child was Jennifer. During this time the X-Men were involved in a crisis. Hank didn't want to raise his daughter in the mansion in fear that her enemies would try to use her against him. So he allowed Abigail to raise Jennifer. Hank didn't see Jennifer after she was born until she was five.After that time he visited her often, usually once a week. Jennifer was very much like Hank, and her mutant power reflected his own chemical alteration of himself, which Hank found very interesting. For a few months he did scientific research on Jennifer when she was nine years old.


During this process Jennifer fell in love with the scientific method and science in general. After that she decided to be a scientist and she visited Hanks' lab often at the manor, though usually in secret since she wasn't well known.Once Jennifer was in her early adulthood she was offered to join SWORD as one of their scientists due to her mother's position with them. Jennifer accepted and then spent the next 5 year working for them. A year ago a teary eyed Abigail told her daughter Hank's fate. It was then she learned that her father had been killed.It took over a year for Jennifer to tie up her work with SWORD before she gave them the notice that she was leaving SWORD. She'd decided she'd head to the Xavier institute and step in where her father's work had ended.


After the Red Skull battle Jennifer joined SHIELD.




U! John -- Wolf




Name: John Howlett

Codename: Wolf

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Faction: Ultimate X-Men

Power(S): John's first power is a healing factor. His healing factor used to be much stronger. Since his curse was sealed away and he is no longer a lycan his healing has been much weaker (its the same as normal universe John's). It takes an hour for gunshot wounds to heal. About half an hour for knife wounds. He can bleed out easier now so he is forced to wrap wounds to stop the bleeding. His body can't heal anything it couldn't naturally, it just heals much quicker.

Along with his healing factor John has three adamantium claws that come out of his left fist. He has no adamantium on his bones. His right arm has been infected by the techno-organic Phalanx virus. It is now completely made of metal but has no special powers or abilities (much like Cable's arm.)

 His hearing is enhanced in a similar manner, and he is able to recognize people and objects by scent, even if that person or object is hidden. Wolf can use these enhanced sense of smell to track any creature with an impressive degree of success.


Appearance: Ultimate John looks almost exactly like the normal universe John, however he is slightly more attractive and his eyes are a few shades darker blue. His hair is longish and jet black. His chin strong and well sculpted. John's body is lean and muscular with broad shoulders and a thin waist.


He usually wears trench-coats, tank-tops and Jeans. Sometimes he might throw on a hoodie instead. He prefers to cover up his metal arm when in public or around normal humans.


U! John


Weapons: None, other then his adamantium claws, which are all black unlike normal John's.

Skills: Good at hand to hand fighting, excellent with his claws, good strategist.

Personality: Ultimate John's personality is very similar to the normal John's. Except he has more control when it comes to his anger issues. That doesn't mean that John isn't violent. He enjoys the act of  fighting greatly, and even the act of killing, but only when he must.


Ultimate John often cracks jokes, and isn't always quite serious. Despite what people may think of him and what he's done deep down he's a kind soul. He lives to protect others and the Ultimate X-Men were his life. He also has a strange obsession with Jessica Alba.

Weakness: John's healing is now much weaker. Gunshot to the head he's done, his bones are breakable and whatnot. He also can’t re-grow limbs. He suffers from a rare techno-organic virus from his reality, which is literally a virus of microscopic nano-bots that fused to his body and were slowly consuming him. Already his entire right arm is now all sleek metal from the virus and part of his shoulder as well. His healing factor keeps the virus from spreading even further.

Bio: Ultimate John's life went pretty much the same as the normal universe' counterpart to a certain degree. The biggest difference is that Ultimate John was captured by Weapon-X when he was sixteen. He then spent two years working as an assassin for them. Instead of coating his entire skeleton with adamantium they only covered his three claws on each hands. All of John's memories before he was captured were erased so his early life at the institute was gone forever.


Eventually John got tired of being an assassin for Weapon-X and was able to escape. After some time some of his old memories became to return and he came back to the institute. John then joined the Ultimate X-Men and began going on missions with them. A year later and the Phalanx invasion happened and the end of John's world began. By now he'd become intimate with his universe' Ashlynn Summers. Alaric was killed early on in the war, and this hit John hard since he'd been like a brother to him.


While fighting the Phalanx John was infected with the virus which quickly consumed his right arm before ceasing due to his healing factor.


Later the Ultimate X-Men came to the normal universe in search of their Alex since he was a technopath, in homes he could help save their dying reality. John met with a man named Aldrich who turned out to be a lycan. John then made the hard choice to be but by Aldrich and turn into a lycan. He did this to give him an edge against the Phalanx, and also because he was helping the normal X-Men and the Brotherhood take down Weapon-X.


Once Weapon-X was brought down they had their target, Alex. John and the rest of the Ultimates then took Alex and jumped back to their reality to finish the fight. While back in his home dimension Ultimate John slowly began to loose his mind further and further after being turned into a lycan. He helped fight the war against the Phalanx which they eventually won, but soon after it seemed as if John had lost all control. He'd shifted into his lycan form before running off.


Eventually John made his way back to the other reality since that's where Dallas had gone. He wanted to bite Dallas and turn him into a lycan as well and form a pack. He came across this realty John's strange 'son' Liam.


John proceeded to bite Liam and turn him into a lycan to join his pack. John and Liam spent a few days in the forest before John hunted down Dallas and the Ultimates and returned to the Xavier mansion property.


Word of John on the property spread and Ultimate Rebekah and a few others were dispatched to stop him. Rebekah told John she'd have to kill him before he ran off. She then chased off after him.


Rebekah hunted the wounded John for several days. They had a run in where they went into a fierce fight where John was nearly killed until Liam intervened and saved him. John left Liam to Rebekah as he escaped once again.


He had been mortally wounded by Rebekah and had to quickly cover the wound before he bled to death. John then decided to go back to the mansion to apologize, and try to make things right. When he came back to the school he found this reality's John and Liam fighting to the death in the graveyard behind the school. He saw Liam in his lycan form; about to kill his father. Ultimate John stepped in and then beheaded Liam.


He then left the school once again, deciding he was still too dangerous as a lycan. Eventually he met up with the man who'd turned him into a lycan, Aldrich. After spending many months with Aldrich John decided he wanted to remove his curse somehow. It had served its purpose to help him bring down Weapon-X and destroy the Phalanx but now it was unnecessary.


Aldrich helped John find a witch named Blackmore, she was strong enough to seal the lycan curse forever inside John's body. He can never shift into a lycan again nor can he use any of the lycanthropy gifts. Still the curse has left small marks on John even though its gone, his canines sharpen and his fingernails can still sharpen as well.


Now John has decided to perhaps track Dallas down once again and try to apologize before reuniting with his best friend. Also even though he is no longer a lycan John has begun to use the codename Wolf instead of Feral.





Name: X
Codename: Maverick
Gender: Male
Age: 23 (Guesstimation)
Loyalties/Faction: WEAPON-X Remnants
Power(S): Maverick has a very strange 'power'. In the center of both palms he has a circular metal disk with an X in the center. This disk opens up using Maverick's will. A red glow now eminates from within as the metal slides away and the barrel of twin minature miniguns slides from inside. It is unknown to Maverick if these weapons are inside his body somehow or if they are somewhere else entirely and the disks are portals that allow the barrel of the weapons free. Whichever it is it seems these barrels also have an infinite amount of ammunition; however he can only unleash about thirty bullets from each hand before his weapon has to cool down and recharge for 60 seconds before he can use it again. He can fire the barrels rapidly or shoot them morearrow-10x10.png slowly, they seem to fire normal bullets.
Appearance: Maverick has dark brown hair and two golden-brown eyes. He is quite handsome, lithe and fairly tall. He always wears a black suit with a white tie. He has a cocky grin and prefers to slick his hair back with gel when he has the time. He has a well-defined jawline that is usually lined with dark stubble. He has a small white scar above his right brow as well as the tattoo of a sparrow on his right shoulder. The palms of his hands contain silver disks imprinted with an X in the center. He usually wears black gloves when trying to hide this fact. He also has a obsession with tooth-picks, you can almost always find one hanging out of his mouth, he keeps a fresh package of them in his pockets at all times.
Weapons: He appears unarmed until he summons the gun barrels inside his hands. He also carries a combat knife with him at all times and wears a layer of kevlar armor underneath his tuxedo. 
Skills: Excellent shot with his weapons, smooth talker, also skilled at hand to hand and hot-wring cars, enjoys playing poker. 

Personalityarrow-10x10.png: Maverick is hardly ever serious unless he has to be. Since he has no real memories of his past or a real name he has decided to make his life into whatever he wants it to be. Killing is nothing to him, he doesn't feel bad about it, nor does he enjoy it. He's just used to it from his time with Weapon-X. Maverick enjoys the thrill of mercenary work and likes to be up against a challenge. He prefers to work with others and likes the aspect of working as a team. He is quite loyal to those he deems as friends and is very invested in finding out more about his life before he awoke on that slab.
Weakness: Since he has a strange power he isn't the strongest superhuman around. 
Bio: Maverick woke up one day on a slab within Novocain's lab deep within the Weapon-X underground base. He awoke with no memories of who he was, or anything before that point. He took to calling himself X since that was the symbol he saw every time he looked at his hands and he preferred it to the number Weapon-X called him by, which was 665.

X spent about four years working as an assassin and doing as Weapon-X said of him. He worked with Aleks, Kane, Liliana, Jaws, Shadow and other Weapons who were there the same time as him. X got along best with Aleks since he decided he liked the Russian's style of killing. During his time as a weapon he decided to go by Maverick instead of X, he felt the name fit him nicely. Maverick spent most of his time in the field going on assassination missions over seas and in the States. He eventually returned to the base after a long mission over seas to find that it had been destroyed. Weapon-X was gone and X was now free. He ventured into the smoking ruins to try to learn what had happened. From intact security cameras he was able to watch the entire battle where the X-Men and Brotherhood took the facility down.


He then went into Novocain's lab and began downloading some of the mad doctor's files. It was then he learned that he was in reality Novocain's genetic son, though his birth name was not listed in the file, apparently Novocain had turned his own mutant son into a weapon. Novocain himself was nowhere to be found, and Maverick decided he'd hunt his father down and give him a piece of his mind. He followed Novocain's tracks for quite a while only to learn his father had been killed within the Xavier institute. Maverick then decided he disliked the X-Men for destroying both his mad father and Weapon-X, two things he'd wanted to dismantle himself for  along time. He spent half a year after that working as a gun for hire. Mercenary life fitted him and put money in his bank account unlike Weapon-X. Now he is staying inside a hotelarrow-10x10.png within the city waiting to finish another job.


Weapon-X found Maverick and brought him back into their fold.


Ultimate Ashlynn Summers


Name: (Ultimate) Ashlynn Summers

Codename: None she isn’t a Superhero, but some people know her as “Red” as a nickname.

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Faction: None

Power(S): All of the special mutant powers Ashlynn once had are gone. She has no wings, no healing and zero telepathic abilities. In all cases she is your average 20 something vampire with the same average power set: senses, speed and strength are heightened, she can turn an car over but she could never lift it all the way. She hasn’t been taught the skill of compulsion well at all so far. She has the normal vampire healing factor, though depending on how bad her wounds are, she can recover anywhere from a few minutes to even a few hours or entire days depending on how injured she gets.

Appearance: Ashlynn is a very attractive woman. She has long, luscious red hair, and a pair of emerald colored eyes. Her skin is soft and spotless, and is pale in color. She has a pair of nice, full lips, and pearly white teeth. She bought a red cloak in Hollywood with a hood attachment and wears it often, which lead to the nickname Red after the famous Red Riding Hood character. She also has black wings tattooed on her back to remember the wings she once had.

Weapons: Her vampire powers, she also equips herself with a pistol now a days.

Skills: She’s skilled at hand to hand combat, she is highly trained in first aid, trained with pistols and good at killing Phalanx still.

Personality: Ultimate Ashlyn's personality is very different than that of a year ago. She in some senses is a totally different person. The old Ashlynn Summers died by Eric’s hand; and in her stead the new vampire Ash has risen. She is a sort of party girl, loving to go out and have fun. She is hungry all the time and has some trouble controlling her urges which scares her. She wants to explore the new vampire side of herself but is looking for guidance. She has killed a few people on accident and feels very guilty about it and wants to avoid anything of that sort in the future.

Weakness: As a vampire, a wooden stake through the heart spells out instant death for her; any wooden object inside her body will cause her terrible pain, being a steak stabbed somewhere else, a branch, or even a wooden bullet. Wooden bullet to the heart will kill her as well. She is also weak to a special flower known as the verbena which burns her almost like acid would, though she has never come into contact with it thankfully. She needs to keep feeding or she would shrivel up and go into a coma eventually. Daylight is usually a no-no for vampires, but in the Marvel world its not, it just hurts their eyes really.

Bio: The first half of Ashlynn’s life with the Ultimate’s is well known by now. She lived a normal life, similar to the other Ashlynn only different really in that she was naturally blind and was forced to see with her telepathic powers and had been in a long romantic relationship with the John Howlett of that universe. After the Phalanx were defeated and the Ultimates returned back to the normal (RP) universe Ash was tragically killed by the insane mutant Eric. Left dying in an alleyway she was turned by the late Jace. She stayed with Jace only for a little while before going back to the institute and saving John Howlett’s life. As a vampire she was gifted back her sight also.

She soon realized she wouldn’t be able to control herself so she left the school before actually ever stepping foot inside its doors as a vampire. Moving by the cover of darkness she moved around the country, eventually settling in Hollywood California where she tried to make it as an actress on the silver screen. It didn’t go well and she ended up working as an RN helping sick people in a hospital.

When she wasn’t working she went out to clubs and partied her butt off. She lost control a few times and a few innocent people ended up dead when it came to feeding. This finally drove Ash to want to come back to New York, return to the Hellfire mansion and hopefully find Jace and learn some answers and how to be a vampire that doesn’t end up killing people. She felt something strange with Jace some time ago, but she wasn’t sure what that was (she has no idea he was killed).




Name: Quinn Harrison

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Faction: Newcomer to Xavier Institute

Power(S): Bone growth and Manipulation. Quinn is able to grow extra bones at will, these bones are almost always sharp at the ends, similar to the character ‘Spyke’ from X-Men Evolution.
Breakdown of power.
• Can create these sharp bones at will from anywhere on his body.
• He can launch these bones out of his body; they will shoot straight from where they come out of the skin and fly forward for a ten foot radius about the speed of a football.
• His bones are naturally stronger than normal humans and are harder to break, they are also very sharp
• Part of his power is that the bones don’t cut through his skin, his pores instantly open up to a huge size the minute he activates his power, allowing the bone-shard free before closing the instant after it is launched or pulled back into his skin and merged with his normal bone structure.
• He can create long spears of bone from his hands, or sharpen the ends of his fingers into bone claws.

Appearance: Quinn has dark brown hair that is shaved on the sides, but long on the top which he gels back or pulls over to the side in a ‘undercut style’. He usually wears khaki or grey jeans rolled down at the bottom and a pair of Nikes or Vans. He likes polo shirts with cool patterns; or T-Shirts with Aztec patterns as well. His eyes are also brown but turn a milky white when he uses his bone powers. He also has a thing for snap-backs and always wear a watch.

Weapons: None

Skills: Decent at hand-to-hand combat, very good aim with darts, throwing knives or the bones he shoots out, is decent on the drums.

Personality: Quinn is a pretty outgoing guy, he enjoys working out in the gym, and running to stay fit. He doesn’t tolerate bullies or people who like to hurt innocents very well and has been known to stand up for others. Doesn’t try to be the cool guy, Quinn just does his own thing. He enjoys a good laugh, and dislikes mutant haters. Avid hip-hop head, he has been known to break the rules if he feels that they are immoral.
Weaknesses: If Quinn can’t see very well it’s hard for him to aim his bone shards.

Bio: Quinn was born to a large non mutant family. He discovered his powers when he was fourteen and he began to learn how to control and use them. He would spend hours and hours setting up targets and then shooting them with a bone shard. Quinn kept his power a secret from almost everyone except his immediate family, who though were fearful at first learned to accept him the way he was.

Three months ago there was an incident between Quinn and a bully who was picking on another kid, Quinn stepped in and ended up accidently unleashing some bone shards during the fight, injuring the bully but not killing him.

The other kids in the school called Quinn a freak, and he was expelled. His parents had no other options other than to send him to the institute.








Name: Nicole Binder

Codename: Barbie

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Loyalties/Faction: Xavier Institute for Higher Learning

Power(S): Nicole's new power is her diamond form. Nicole's entire body can transform into pure diamond, making her harder to injure in this form, though note diamond is also very brittle. While in diamond form she hits harder then she would if she was made of flesh.

Appearance: Nicole is very attractive by many people's standards, she has long platinum blonde hair, two oval ocean-blue eyes, and an attractive face with good bone structure and plump lips. She stands at about 5'4'' and has a curvy hourglass shape. Her smile is contagious and her teeth are pearly white and perfectly aligned. She usually tends to wear expensive clothes, varying in colors from pink, white and black, most of it is stylish and tight fitting.



Weapons: None

Skills: Nicole is an excellent texter, and is very skilled at getting people to do what she wants.

Personality: Nicole has a bubbly and upbeat personality. She can be seen as stuck up or spoiled by people she doesn’t like. She was mainly pampered her whole life, and usually only knows getting what she wants. She’s only been a mutant for little over a year, most her life she didn’t realize she had these powers until she began to be able to control it at whim. She’s became allied with the X-Men because her long-time crush; Dallas Green was with them before.

Weakness: She still has little combat training.

Bio: Nicole grew up to a wealthy Republican politician, Robert Binder. Five years ago Robert became the President of the United States, making Nicole the First Daughter. She’d already been spoiled most her life, but now it was even more so, she even had Secret Service men follow her around at all times as her protection.Eventually she was kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Mutants as they attempted to use her to start the fire of a war between mutants and humans. They said if a single mutant was killed by an Enforcer or Sentinel that they’d kill Nicole. Eventually the X-Men tracked the Brotherhood down and rescued Nicole from the Brotherhood.


On the plane-ride back she met Dallas, who she immediately had a crush on. They met up in California to go shopping, and eventually she used her powers on him in a bookstore, that was the first time she became aware she could control the way she manipulated people.Eventually Nicole's mutant powers become apparent and convinced her father to let her attend the Xavier Institute. It was then revealed that Nicole is none other then the daughter of the late Emma Frost, something she has know her whole life but kept a secret. This is part of the reasons she came to the mansion, to learn more about her mother.


While staying with the X-Men Nicole's father was publically murdered on national television by Quicksilver after he delivered one of the best speeches for mutant rights of all time. The death of her father has affected Nicole greatly, making her more cold and less joyful then she was before. She wants to continue her father's work but does not know how. Since the Hydra attack Nicole has stuck around the X-Mansion but she had become increasingly bored.




Dead Characters







Name: Matt Summers

Codename: Triblade

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Loyalties/Faction: Xavier Institute for Higher Learning

Power(S): Matt has the mutant ability to unleash blasts of red kinetic energy from his chest, and each palm of his hands. The kinetic energy is a concussive force that hit pretty hard. He can also solidify two beams of kinetic energy in each palm and shape them into 'blades' of sorts. These energy blades can't cut or slice but if they impact someone they will hit pretty hard and probably knock them back.

Appearance: Matt looks very similar to his father. He has longish beach blonde hair and two piercing dark brown eyes. Matt is very handsome, his jaw-line is strong and he is in peak physical shape. Matt also has a small circle scar on each palm and a large one on his chest where the orbs of his costume had burned against his skin.Matt dresses like your typical wealthy teenage athlete. He likes to wear shorts and polos and sperrys. Sometimes jeans and tanktops if he's playing basketball or football.



Weapons: Only his powers.

Skills: Leadership, good at hand to hand fighting and using his powers.

Personality: Matt isn't the sharpest tool in the shed but he is a loyal one. He has a good heart and cares for his friends greatly.Matt is very confident in his looks and as an athlete but he doesn't let it go to his head. He's not much of ###### to anyone, preferring to be laid back and just roll with the punches.Matt can be a bit headstrong at times, sometimes he makes a few rash decisions that can be risky, and ends up getting himself injured or possibly one of his comrades. Matt is also selfless; he’d sacrifice himself to save millions of lives if needed. He’s the definition of a hero.

Weakness: Also since he's not the smartest its possible he can be outsmarted.

Bio: Matt Summers was born 19 years ago to Alex Summers, (Cyclops' younger brother Havok) and Polaris (Lorna Dane) Magneto’s second daughter. Both of Matt’s parents were killed during the last X-Men and Phoenix war, where Jean wiped out almost all of the original X-Men. Matt was barely a year old when all of that went down. After most of the X-Men had died Beast was overwhelmed with the amount of young infants he had to raise. He then decided to have Matt raised by the Danes, the couple that had raised his mother Lorna; but only for a few years. When Matt was about twelve he came to the mansion to attend the school for the first time since his powers were developing.


There he met John, Ashlynn, Alaric and the rest of the Beasts first X-Men.Matt quickly showed signs of becoming an asset to the team so Beast allowed him to join, choosing the name Triblade for Matt. Matt worked with the X-Men and trained with them for a long time. Eventually he decided he wanted to find out about the other half of his family. His mother's half. So he left the school for two months and tracked down the Brotherhood. There Matt met his uncle, Quicksilver.


He stayed with the Brotherhood for two months observing their ways before leaving to return to the X-Men. When he did most of the X-Men had been captured by Weapon-X and turned into mutant weapons. Matt and some of the X-Men who escaped capture met with the Brotherhood in New York and were able to make a shifty alliance. The X-Men and Brotherhood then traveled to Canada where they laid siege to the Weapon-X base. During this time Matt also dated his fellow X-Man Ashley for a few months before they separated.Since the Hydra attack on New York and the X-Men disbanding Matt has stayed put at the mansion. He'd worked in a local mall on an off model for Hollister but other then that he's just tended to himself. Also it seems Matt has had a new mutation where his plasma powers have been replaced by kinetic energy.



Conrad Kaufmann





Name: Conrad Kaufmann

Codename: None

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Loyalties/Faction: Hydra

Power(S): Conrad is an illusionist. He specializes in one certain type of illusion which is what he calls an distraction. Usually this distraction creates an illusionary version of Conrad during a fight. The illusion version of him is then usually mowed down or ran through or killed by his enemies while the real Conrad is hidden by the short illusion and is able to slip away. The illusion only lasts for a moment or so before it vanishes.


Conrad can also possibly create an imaginary flock of birds out of nowhere, or perhaps a train that bursts out of the wall, any small illusion that can distract his opponent. He can't create entire illusionary environments, or in depth and mind tormenting hallucinations.

Appearance: Conrad has platinum blonde hair which he prefers to slick back in the 50's style with grease. He has two pale blue eyes and he is very thin and pale. Conrad usually wears a black trench-coat with the Hydra symbol on either arm. Beneath that he wears a pristine Hydra uniform.

Weapons: Two desert eagles he keeps holstered on either hip. Also a large combat knife sheathed on his leg.

Skills: Conrad is pretty handy with his distraction illusions, skilled with his pistols, also skilled interrogator.

Personality: Conrad can be described as cruel. He is not truly evil, falling more towards neutral but that doesn't change the face that he is cruel. He cares little for anyone except himself. He has a very high opinion of Hydra and their goals. He is quite loyal to them and will do anything in his power to see that Hydra is successful.


Conrad can be charming when he wants to be. He has a relaxing smile and is fairly attractive, however underneath that calm demenour he is always planning, always thinking of something possibly sinister.

Weakness: Being so thin Conrad isn't very physically strong, neither is he particularly good at unarmed combat.

Bio: Conrad was born a mutant in the streets of Germany. He was discovered by Hydra at  a young age. Instead of killing him they took him in. Conrad was then trained by Hydra and as he got older he joined their ranks.


He became increasingly loyal to Hydra and has fought for them many times. He has also developed a cruel personality and enjoys interrogating prisoners for Hydra. He took part in the New York invasion a year ago and was able to leave the city with his life. Since then he has returned to the Hydra base where he has waited patiently for Hydra's next move.







Name: John Howlett

Codename: Feral

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Loyalties/Faction: Xavier Institute for Higher Learning

Power(S): John's first power is a healing factor. His healing factor used to be much stronger. Since he was nearly dead and was brought back from the brink by Ultimate Ashlynn's vampire blood his healing has been slower. It takes an hour for gunshot wounds to heal. About half an hour for knife wounds. He can bleed out easier now so he is forced to wrap wounds to stop the bleeding. His body can't heal anything it couldn't naturally, it just heals much quicker.


John is also immune to telepathic attacks. Feral also possesses superhumanly acute senses, making him capable of seeing things at a maximum distance greater than a normal human’s. His hearing is enhanced in a similar manner, and he is able to recognize people and objects by scent, even if that person or object is hidden. Feral can use these enhanced sense of smell to track any creature with an impressive degree of success.



Since being captured by Weapon-X John's apperance is much different. His once long dark hair has now been shaved off buzz-cut style but is growing out a bit. His once beautiful cyan eyes have been torn out and replaced by white and grey inorganic machine eyes. He has many more scars then he used too. He still stands at 6'1'' and is now leaner then he was but still quite muscular.



Weapons: Twin adamantium katanas forged by the Hand from his once adamantium skeleton.

Skills: Good at hand to hand fighting, efficient with swords, excellent with his claws, good strategist.

Personality: John is a complex individual. He is one of the nicest people you could ever meet if you don't try to cross him. John is extremely loyal to the people he cares for. Deep down he has a big heart but he'd never admit it. John can't stand injustice, especially when someone stronger picks on someone weaker then themselves.John won't hesitate to kill someone he knows is scum and a danger to other innocent people. He also has a soft spot for women and can't stand men who treat them wrong.Part of John's nature is that he has a pent up rage, and animalistic side that lives just under the surface.

John has struggled his entire life to controlling this side of him but he has had some violent outbreaks in the past. John enjoys humor, and often tries to make light of the situation. He won't hesitate to injure him.





Name: Terrance


Codename: Night Stalker


Age: 25


Gender: Male


Loyalties/Faction: None


Power(S): None.


Appearance: Terrance is a tall and broad shouldered with deep dark brown skin. His hair is long and braided at the back. His eyes are a orangeish brown and fierce. Terrance is quite muscular. His chest, shoulders and arms are covered with jet-black tribal tattoos.


Terrance's Vibranium suit is dark black and comes up to his neck. He wears a small black mask that covers just his eyes and the bridge of his nose and also makes his eyes appear bright white (similar to Robin's mask from Batman). Terrance's suit comes with gauntlets and boots.




Weapons: Terrance wears a suit of his own design crafted from Vibranium-weave alloy. The suit is flexible and since made of Vibranium is also slightly bullet proof. However it is not indestructible, knives and other melee weapons can easily break through, along with more powerful guns such as machine guns, AK's, sniper rifles etc, but it will deflect most pistol shots.


Since the suit is Vibranium weave, it is almost only 15% Vibranium meshed with other flexible materials. The suit will not melt if met with flame unless the temperature is incredibly extreme, however flame against the suit will sear it against Terrance's flesh. Blunt objects and punches against the suit will not dent it, but they will cause Terrance pain. Though punching the suit will also most likely cause pain to the attackers hand.


The soles of his boots are also lined with Vibranium pads which allow him to run up the sides of buildings, and land soundlessly, he can also survive jumps that would injure most people without harm due to the Vibranium pads.


Out of each gauntlet Terrance can slide out a small blade slides out when he presses a botton on the palm of the guantlet. He also uses many kunai throwing knives.


Skills: Terrance is heavily skilled in unarmed fighting. He is also very efficient using his Vibranium suit as a weapon. Terrance is also very good at stealth.


Personality: Terrance is the silent and mysterious type. He usually doesn't talk unless he must. He's had a hard life, and can be slow to trust others. Usually he'd prefer to go out and fight alone. He is weary of superhumans and mutants and the power they wield in general. He cares about the lives of innocents and will fight to defend them.


Weakness: Terrance has no superpowers. Without his suit he is at quite a disadvantage.


Bio: Deep in the jungle of Detroit Terrance was born. He was born during a time of unrest in the city and heavy gang violence. Terrance was born in a very poor home, and raised by his aunt. His parents had been killed before he was three. When Terrance became a teen he became involved with the gangs. He became a drug dealer and car thief.


He spent many years doing this, and he was good at it. Eventually he made it. He was able to buy himself a nice home, a nice car, he was able to live a good life due to his past crimes. 


Eventually Terrance became sick of the violence and his lifestyle. He denounced his life as a thief and broke ties with his gang. Deciding to instead spend his life like one of his great idols, defending the innocent from people who would do them harm. Terrance then spent a great sum of money aquiring a load of Vibranium off the black market. Terrance spent three years designing and building his own Vibranium weave suit, similar to the one the Panther had worn. When it was finished Terrance called himself the Night Stalker and moved to the big apple before taking to the streets of New York, fighting crime as a lone vigilante.







Name:Kane Johnson


Gender: Male

Age: 21

Loyalties/Faction: The Brotherhood of Mutants

Power(S): Scorcher has the mutant power over the molecular control and creation of fire, Scorcher’s body can create flames from within him, to do so Scorcher must summon the flames within them, and they appear inside his hands, where he can shape the flames, or throw them as fireballs and so on. Scorcher also has a flame aura, which is when he covers his entire body with flames. The flames do not hurt him in anyway, or even singe his hair etc, he feels nothing. Scorcher’s can summon his flame aura at any time; he can cover his hands, or his entire body. Though usually when fighting his flame aura activates on its own.

Also the flame aura changes Kane’s skin from flesh-tone to a bright red beneath the flames.Scorcher’s flame aura gives him the power of flight, by projecting the flames off of any surface, and raising him into the air. Kane is also naturally resistant to all types of fire.

Appearance: Kane has pitch black hair and matching deep dark brown eyes. His eyes turn dark red when he uses his flame power. His hair is slightly long and cut in a jagged style. He has a scar that branches across his right cheek. Kane is quite muscular from his time spent as an Weapon-X assassin. Since he's been freed from Weapon-X he has covered his torso, back and arms in various tattoos. He usually wears hoodies, jeans and colored sneakers.


Weapons: Uses a special heat-resistant blade made by Weapon-X which he covers with flame.

Skills:Fast reflexes, fist fighting, slight martial arts, intelligence, manipulating flame

Personality: Kane can be described as arrogant, and slightly headstrong. He will sometimes make rash decisions; that can get him into a load of trouble. Kane also a sort of a brooder, he keeps most of his feelings bottled up, and when he has issues he tends to shut down sometimes and simply agonize over them in his head. Kane can be slow to trust another, and slower to forgive someone who has betrayed him. He is immensely loyal to his comrades.Kane also has a fiery anger problem at times, which can lead to violence, or harsh language. Kane is a bit of a dark and brooding person. He is slow to trust another, and slower to forgive someone who has betrayed him. But despite these mannerisms he is actually a goodhearted man, despite the things he does under the orders of Weapon-X.

Weakness: Kane is weak against water.

Bio: Kane was raised by a tough military father: Colonel Johnson. Along with his older brother Caden. When Kane was twelve his hands suddenly caught on fire; he was a mutant. Colonel Johnson was involved with Weapon-X so he took Kane to their base so he could be turned into a weapon. Kane became Weapon-5, or X-5, the fifth installment in Weapon-X’s new mutant team of assassins. They designed Kane a special fireproof suit; that helped him control his mutant power. The suit came equipped with special openings where the flames could protrude, and be used as weapons. Weapon-X quickly rebuilt Jake’s suit, this time adding more improvements.

Kane spent many years killing targets for Weapon-X; working with the team of mutants. Later, Caden wrote Kane and asked him to come home to visit with their mother after five years of never seeing him. Once at home with his brother, Caden had a breakdown and suddenly his mutant power manifested. An orb of energy shot out of his hand, and the whole house exploded. He’d killed his own mother, Karen. Kane and Caden both survived, but Caden went off the deep end after killing Karen. He sobbed and laughed, and couldn’t stop uttering the word Destruction. Kane tried to bring Caden back with him to Weapon-X but Caden fought him off, and ran away. Kane then joined the fight against Weapon-X when they were attacked after his brother told him that Johson had killed his real parents.Kane then defected Weapon-X and now fights for the Brotherhood.


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In the above cases, in order...Adders: In that case, Bootleg +1. I will, however, be keeping a very close eye on said power use. I'm somewhat leery of allowing a power that has such a permanent, irrecoverable effect.Flex: Kane, Christine, and reluctantly, Jennifer all have a plus one. John is approved with severe misgivings, as I feel that the number of powers he possesses, and the combination of them, has the potential for severe abuse. He will be monitored.Matt and Nicole do not have my approval. To start with, Matt has the ability to launch blasts of plasma. Plasma, as you may be aware, is one of the most destructive states of matter, a fact you mention yourself when you note that he is capable of burning through a human. He can launch blasts of that, which more or less translates to instant death if they connect. Nicole already has the significant power of pheromone control, and I had enough misgivings with giving a staff NPC much beyond that. A diamond form is not allowable, in my considered opinion. Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth, turning one's entire body into it is much live saying "denied" every time they try to attack. There are a few exceptions to that, but on the whole, giving her influence over emotions, basically a tank form, immunity to telepathic attacks, and increased strength is not something that I can allow.In addition, it should be noted for the record that I am not entirely comfortable with allowing one player a descendant of so many canon characters, but as that is not a reason to deny approval, I must begrudgingly grant it nonetheless. If any of my fellow staff members disagree with what I have said, feel completely free to talk to me, and we can discuss it.

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On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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Name: Jesika Snow

Codename: None

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Loyalties/Faction: Mischief, obviously.

Power(S): Jesika has the ability to absorb the kinetic energy of an object within a few millimeters of her skin. She can use this absorbed power to enhance her own physical strength, or alternatively, simply reflect it back the way it came. On could argue that adorableness should be included here.

Appearance: A slight, freckled girl who's slightly shorter than average in terms of height, Jesika is not at all what one would call physically imposing. Her large, expressive eyes are a startling electric blue color, one that contrasts sharply against her orange-streaked crimson lightsocket-styled hair. Has a button nose just above a mouth generally curved in a mischievous smirk, which is accented by a pair lime green braces.

Generally wears obnoxiously garish colored clothes, which to call them "loud" would be an understatement. A mood ring is positioned on her left hand, and she's recently mastered the art of using various colored drawing implements as a means to create temporary tattoos. Which shows.

Weapons: Really?

Skills: Setting things on fire, hot wiring cars, giving hugs, playing (American) football, finding different ways to get her way, eavesdropping, getting into doors marked "off limits", winding up in places she shouldn't be, punching through walls, taking the wheels off office chairs, being bubbly, switching salt and sugar shakers, moving around unnoticed, eating candy, obtaining candy, being frustrated at not being able to have gum, and getting away with it. All of it.

Personality: Bubbly, loud, talkative, and extremely, overly, unnaturally hyperactive. To the point where her somehow getting caffeine would be very inadvisable for those around. She's far more somber than before, as a result of certain events, and this is shown just below the surface.

Weakness: Her innate ability to get into trouble can be a distinct disadvantage, as well as the fact that she lacks any official training in any sort of combat.

Bio: The earliest thing that Jesika remembers is the X-Manor, it being her only home for her entire life. It's assumed that her parents died when she was young, so she pretty much grew up in the mansion. Jesika doesn't think about it too much, and prefers to think of everyone in the mansion as her family. While it was known that she had some type of ability, it was never quite shown. It was puzzling, to say they least. (However, this mystery was solved, after she fell out a tree, and having absorbed the kinetic energy from the fall, punched a hole in it.) It wasn't uncommon for her to get in trouble, and it was almost a regular thing as she got older. This, rather obviously, led up to her meeting a certain Aerokinetic around a year ago.

The experiences since then has definitely opened her eyes to the world around that she lives in, one where not everyone around her is necessarily "nice". Jesika began to realize what it meant to be a mutant, and what it meant to "normal" humans. With the disappearance of one who was as close as family, the girl has definitely taken a more serious outlook, though she doesn't always let it show.

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Alaric Carlisle

Name: Alaric James “Ric” Carlisle
Codename: Black King
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Loyalties: Worthington Industries (birthright, CEO), Hellfire Club (leader), Annie Worthington (twin sister, confidante), Brooklyn Pace-Carlisle (older brother), Taralynn Grey (missing girlfriend)
Powers: Alaric is a hyperkinetic, giving him a high baseline for speed, strength, agility, and brain activity in superhumans, as well as a supernatural aim with any throwing weapons or firearms. [/color]His hyperkinesis also gives him the power to use his brainpower to reach into the minds of others, giving him telepathic abilities and the ability to reach into - and manipulate as well, if need be - the minds of others.
Alaric's genetic heritage granted him two large, beautiful white wings that he can summon out of his shoulder blades with a single thought. Alaric, like his twin sister Annie, has an ancient Cheyarafim ring that resuscitates him from death at the hands of any supernatural or mutant being, whether directly or indirectly.
Appearance: Tall and lean, much like his father, Ric is proud and fine-featured, with pale skin and long black hair, styled and pushed back to to the side depending on the day. With his family's sharp nose and thin-lipped, ready smile, he has the face of an easy friend but an unpredictable enemy, a face his sister quips was made for poker. Sharp cheekbones make his eyes pop out; a dreamy dark blue, they can grow hard and determined at a slight or challenge so that that they appear an almost blackish purple in dim lighting. His wings are long and snow white when extended.
Ric dresses sharply, with black clothes beautifully cut wherever he goes; in more casual wear he will often tend towards including more burgundy or indigo into his wardrobe, but he tends towards the dark colors and will rarely wear anything light besides a shirt, the same snowy tint as his wings.
Weapons: Carries a variety of weapons, depending on the situation, but generally wields some type of gun or at least a knife, in the event that he can send a projectile at a foe.
Skills: A skilled businessman and graceful on his feet, Alaric is also blessed with the unnatural ability to cook a fantastic meal, dress well, fence, and move through obstacles.
Personality: As a former teacher and life of the party, the spark that powered Alaric was bright and vivacious, always there with a clever clip or nugget of wisdom from a long-lost De Niro flick. After the losses of Ashlynn, Taralynn, and Hank McCoy, in addition to the ultimate betrayal of his own father, he was left adrift and without purpose, a husk of a man who only rebuilt himself out of sheer force of will and the efforts of his twin sister, Annie.
He is collected and rejuvenated now, still pleasant and soft but with an undeniable streak of something different; extroverted, extremely charismatic, and instinctive, he has no patience for backstabbers or traitors to a cause. He seeks nothing but a triumphant return home where he and Annie can make Warren Worthington pay for his crimes against mutantkind together, but where Annie is cruelly practical and has no desire for such a home, Alaric’s deepest desire is simply to return to an Institute like the one of his youth, with friends and family to be protected, and to protect him.
Weaknesses: Alaric’s wings are his weak point; if perforated or slashed, he will be sent into intense agony and practically crippled.
Biography: Warren Worthington III’s oldest child and only son, Alaric was groomed for command since the first day after Jean Grey’s death. As the first and oldest X-Man, as well as the only one who remembered with any sort of clarity the days before Jean Grey’s mental breakdown, it was left to him to act as the big brother figure for most of the new generation of mutants. His amiable attitude, charm, and good looks won him adoration and locked in many close friendships, including a pair of strong connections with both of Jean’s daughters, Ashlynn and Taralynn.
As the years rolled by and Alaric became his own man, a deep, subconscious bitter resentment towards his father for abandoning him to face his own certain death caused him to adopt his maternal surname of Carlisle, and he decided he wanted to leave the Institute when he came of age and get his degree at USC. Upon his graduation, he was again contacted by Beast, who managed to cajole an unwilling Alaric into a spot in the Institute as history teacher and trainer of the X-Men.
Over time, he reconnected with Ashlynn, and the two entered a relationship that lasted up until her death at the hands of his own father, Warren Worthington, seemingly back from the dead. Rapidly spiraling and consumed by bitterness, Alaric joined forces with his long-lost twin Annie in a final crusade to locate Warren and make him pay. Along the way, a suicidal and depressed Alaric was taken in by his sister and the resulting journey brought them to Las Vegas, where Taralynn Grey had wound up after Ashlynn’s death. Her portion of the Phoenix Force was going wild, and Alaric realized that if Warren knew, he would kill her too. Unwilling to let such a thing happen, he took Tara under his wing and her feelings for him finally fostered into a brief tryst that culminated in her ultimate disappearance.
After Beast’s death, the ascension of Warren to the headmaster’s job, and the supernova of government activity brought on by the formation of MACE, Alaric went into such deep hiding that it was thought amongst the X-Men and students of the Institute that he had been murdered by Warren shortly after Ashlynn’s death. In reality, he and Annie were gearing up the next stage of their crusade: through a well-timed coup they assumed the roles of Black King and White Queen of the Hellfire Club, respectively. For a year they engaged in their own interests and their interests as a duo, now preparing a final vengeance against their father for the agony he placed on their shoulders and the shoulders of so many others…

Aleks Belikov

Name:Aleksandr Rene Belikov

Codename: Aleks English

Gender:  Male

Age: 21

Loyalties/Faction: Xavier Institute (loose affiliate, current hand-to-hand “teacher), Matt Summers, Christine Marie

Power(S): Aleks' power is a rare one, still clouded in mystery, and one he's not too keen on explaining: reality shifting and “alchemy”. It's not as mind-bending as it sounds: he can create windows out of bare brick walls, staircases out of asphalt, etc etc. He uses this to his advantage as an assassin, creating miniature sniper nests out of items on rooftops, walls that curve around bullets, focusing their shot onto another target, and creating obstacles to stop, say, a retreating car or advancing group of enemies.

Appearance: Sculpted and sly-looking, Aleksandr has a handsome face with a chiseled jaw, a perpetually-smirking mouth, and dark brown eyes set under an expressive brow. His hair is short and brown, pushed back with his hands so that it’s ruffled half the time and surprisingly neat the other half. A hair under six feet even, with 1.6% body fat and an almost purely muscular body, Aleks has the lean build of a gymnast or dancer, which lends him quite a bit of strength but allows him grace and ease on his feet.


He generally wears short-sleeved shirts, generally UnderArmour, and some variation of skinny jeans. On rare occasions he’ll have a black leather strap around his chest so that he can store a knife, and a holster on his jeans for his prized weapon, a .357 Magnum with custom scope given to him by Christine Marie.

Weapons: Silenced .357 Magnum with red dot scope for firearms work, and a butterfly knife for close-quarters.

Skills: An incredibly skilled thief, gymnast, free runner and smooth talker, Aleks has had years’ worth of weapons training, experience with bribes, and intimidation technique honing. He’s also, depending on your definition, a “skilled” driver, and knows his way around mechanics fairly well. Dismantles and reassembles his guns for fun sometimes.

Personality: Aleksandr Belikov is a somewhat detached, snarky young man with a low tolerance for stupidity or abuse at the hands of others. A firm believer in asking politely once to cut it out before breaking someone’s kneecaps into thirds, he sees violence as an unavoidable but regrettable human instinct and has no problems turning off his remorse if need be. A little bit vain, but undoubtedly loyal and cheerful around his pool of friends, which is surprisingly wide but remarkably shallow. His close acquaintances, he can count on his hands; half of those he considers family, such as Rebekah Fell, his mother Katerina – who Aleks would die for in a second, and sees as an acceptable outcome in the deal he sold his soul for – Matt Summers and Christine. He happens to be surprisingly fond of Western pop culture.

Weakness: Aleksandr is distinctly uncomfortable in high temperatures, having spent most of his life above the Arctic Circle and the rest in Canada or Westchester, New York, areas not exactly known for their warm climates.

Bio: Aleks English made a painfully conscious effort to hide so much as the sparsest details of his life prior to the X-Men/Brotherhood assault on the Weapon-X compound in Canada. It was easier for him to make up stories pertaining to his life, upbringing, and personal history with the corps of assassins he had freelanced for. When the X-Men “adopted” him, several of them pieced together what details they had heard, and accepted the recurring details as fragments of truth, and some of the more outlandish rumors – one mutant vehemently claimed he knew someone with proof that he was actually the child of Piotr Rasputin himself – were disregarded as ravings.


In reality, Aleksandr Belikov, despite his enigmatic past, frightening charisma, fighting prowess and larger-than-life personality, was a child of common upbringing, the lowest of the low in Murmansk, Russia. His father was a police officer that was notably corrupt around the city, murdered in the snows just three days after the birth of his only son. Aleksandr seemed to understand the gravity of single parenthood even then, and as an infant he never cried or screamed for attention once after the death of his father, never made a fuss, tried to make his mother’s life as easy as he potentially could. In a lower-class apartment complex where temperatures were regularly below freezing, the heating units never quite worked, and blankets were about as valuable as food, Aleksei had stolen his first helping of food for his mother a couple weeks before his fifth birthday, and by the time he was seven, he was regularly coming up with new ways to swoop into other people’s apartments or storage lockers and swipe what he needed to survive.


Katerina Belikova, Aleksei’s mother, slowly fell into more and more desolate living conditions even as Aleksandr stole more and more, and eventually graduated into higher levels of crime; while he was out swiping what they needed to survive she was trying to collect some spare spending money through any methods she could, which finally cumulated in one fateful moment when Aleksei was eleven. He arrived home with enough food and drink to last them for almost a week and heard sobbing from the other room, found clothes and blood scattered by his couch. One of the outfits belonged to a cop; as the corrupt police officer heard the noise and walked out to investigate Aleksei drew the man’s gun – a pristine .357 Magnum, way too good for a simple cop north of the Arctic – and shot the man dead in front of his mother’s eyes.


As the man’s blood pooled into the old carpet, something new inside him was conceived; when the young thief dragged his body out to the dock and rolled him over into the frigid bay, clothes loaded with rocks, it went into labor, and when his eyes lost track of the man underneath the water’s surface, Aleks English was born.


From there, the rest was inevitable: just before he turned eighteen, with full blessings from the local kingpins, he went out to freelance for a company that had long been seeking the services of a freelancer, to scout out organizations or cities for new mutants that the Weapon-X program could use for themselves. Colonel Johnson was seemingly fond of Aleks for his unwavering dedication to his craft and droll sense of wit, but when he refused to hunt down his former girlfriend, Rebekah Fell (Weapon-322), Johnson turned on his favorite freelancer and tried to have him gunned down in a penthouse not far from Westchester.


He learned, as so many others had before and after him, that Aleks English had a hard time staying dead.


He assisted the X-Men and Brotherhood to topple Weapon-X and murdered Johnson himself, though he attempted to stay behind in Canada until the urgings of Christine Marie, the daughter of X-Man Rogue and former Brotherhood member, became too great to ignore and he reluctantly went to Westchester. Throughout his time there, he developed a close working relationship with Matthew Summers, a former Brotherhood agent and long-time X-Man, that eventually became something infinitely more awkward and complicated. His budding close friendship with Christine was also something that required a fair bit of juggling, and poor Aleks – always a job-oriented person, never a truly people-oriented one – was stuck trying to sort it all out.


The thief slowly found his way at home in the Institute, acting as Beast’s freelancer and enforcer and even attending many of the same functions and meetings as the regular teachers did. He grew to be strangely loyal to the X-Men’s cause in his own unique way, nearly losing his life in Las Vegas to defend the beleaguered mutants while an escape opportunity presented itself. He recovered enough to relocate back to Westchester, and when the government came calling to try and muscle the place down, Aleks was amongst the most vocal critics of the teams that the United States had sent to muscle their way through opposition at the mansion.


As a Russian citizen, the government had no legal sway over him, and when an assassination attempt on his person at the hands of MACE failed, the Xavier Institute finally had the leverage it needed to slice all ties with the United States government. In the year that followed he’s spent his time acclimating to a somewhat quieter life, supporting his ailing mother from across the world, and waiting patiently for Christine to return from her quest. Recently, he decided to help out Warren Worthington by handling the power control and hand-to-hand classes, which he currently does on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays whenever he has a couple free hours.


Brooklyn Pace-Carlisle


Name: Brooklyn Elizabeth Pace-Carlisle, Selfie Gawddess

Codename: Cherub
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Loyalties/Faction: Team Bekahboo (Fan club president, vice president, enforcer), Carlisle-Worthington Family (Mascot)
Powers: Brooklyn has the peculiar power to breach the psychic barriers around one’s mind whenever they’re singing, and can read their emotions, thoughts, and even see up to twenty-four hours into their own future. This power does not work if she hears someone playing music over the radio, or in the other room; they have to be within at least sight of her for the power to work.
Appearance: Brooklyn shares many of her features with her two siblings, with a thin mouth that is always grinning at something, a sharp, pointed nose, and dark hair that falls over one shoulder, but her eyes are a milk chocolate brown and she’s barely a hair above average height. Brook has a single tattoo, a long, arching interpretation of the name "Carlisle" over her midriff. Her clothing is also far more casual than Alaric and Anberlyn’s, with light and dark tank tops or t-shirts with skinny jeans or the occasional short shorts. She wears slip on shoes as opposed to boots, because of a traumatic nightmare at the age of five that involved a demonic foil of the monkey from Dora that always affected her in some peculiar way.
Weapons: Spirit fingers! And a gladius.
Skills: A skilled cuddler, musician, and known delinquent – has been charged with 42 counts of domestic abuse against her snooze alarm in the past year alone. Plucked an angel from heaven and courted her. Later mounted impressive verbal defense against said angel when she was discovered to have consumed every tub of Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream in the penthouse. Brooklyn also has received about a year's worth of weapons training with knives, a gladius, and firearms, as well as considerable hand-to-hand combat tuition from her girlfriend - the only Weapon to ever escape Weapon-X.
Personality: A huge, vibrant ball of bright fuchsia aura drifting through the cosmos on the long ride to Equestria, Brooklyn’s pep, sweet wit, and tragically solid optimism was the pride of the X-Men. Forging friendships as easily as she bakes cookies – spoiler alert, it’s a piece of cake! (Not cookie cake though!) [believe you me, she’s tried many a time to make it happen!] – she generally can be found somewhere with a sunny smile on her face, covered in paint, cake frosting, or cookie dough. Or helping people. That’s always fun too.
In reality, at her core Brooklyn squares off against a deep, aching pit of traumatized nerves and repressed memories, genuinely happy but struggling every day to put distance between her captive past and the present so that she can remain so.
Weaknesses: She doesn't have the best control over her power when distracted (which could very well be always) and can be caught unawares and incapacitated by the sudden rush of knowledge and emotion. Also, all that Americone Dream gave her a stomachache.
Bio: Brooklyn Pace-Carlisle is not like her half-brother or half-sister. For one, she is not a terrorist from the point of view of anyone on the planet. Second, she does not believe that boots are proper all-season footwear when there are tons of shoes that are much more comfortable in the summer. Three, no wings. Four, she knows perfectly well who her mother is, while her brother and sister have only suspicions - she is the proud daughter of Jenna Carlisle of Hollywood, California.
An escapee of the Weapon-X facility and the youngest of the three Worthingtons, Brooklyn went back to the Xavier Institute with Ric and began hanging out with her rescuer, the “Weapon-X legend” Shadow, aka Rebekah Fell. What began as hero worship and a budding friendship became an infatuation over time that ended up building into a surprise romance. After the downfall of Beast and Ashlynn’s death, Brooklyn took Rebekah to her family home in California to recover and take a break from the ails of the world and the struggle for mutant survival; their romance built into a solid, surprisingly positive relationship that went a long way towards healing the damage Weapon-X did to both girls.
A year ago, Brooklyn and Rebekah took a flight out to Italy to stay at one of her family’s penthouses in Rome, where they’ve vacationed ever since. Their relationship was stronger than ever by then, forged by newly shared literary experiences, TV shows, favorite movies, and couple’s dinner nights.
Until one day, when the Fire Nation attacked, doves began crying, and all the Ben and Jerry’s disappeared.
That was three weeks ago, and every waking moment of Brooklyn’s has been spent wondering whether the bright point in her life has come to an end, and whether these truly are her darkest days…


Dallas Green

Name: Dallas Brett Green
Codename: Showstopper
Gender:  Male
Age: 19
Loyalties/Faction: Xavier Institute, remaining X-Men
Power(S): Dallas is a chronokinetic; he has the ability to concentrate and send out bubbles or ripples of temporal energy that slow or speed time. Depending on his use of these waves, he can increase the agility and speed of himself or those around him, or slow said speed. He can also use this to slow such objects as bullets and knives, which may be coming at him or someone around him. In contrast, this can also mean he can speed the growth of plants or the cooking of food, so really, when it comes down to it, his power is used just as much outside of battle as it is inside, if not more. He has also worked on trying to push his body through the temporal waves he creates, allowing time travel, but over the course of the last year he’s only managed to go five minutes into the past and about a minute and a half into the future. 
Dallas is also a natural empath, able to detect and replicate the feelings of others inside himself. While this used to cause him intense mental stress from the overload of emotions, he has since practiced an emotional filter to the point where the feelings manifest as emotion-to-color synesthesia, much in the same way as he hears music. For example, panic is a deep, swirling violet - even though indigo is arousal - sudden ecstasy is a hot pink - even though a darker shade of fuschia could be anger at someone he loves - and other muddied half-glimpses at people's psyches. When stressed, sleep deprived, or feeling ignored, Dallas' empathy has recently started to go haywire; when others are in dire emotional distress, his powers may activate, assuaging whatever extreme emotion that person is feeling with its polar opposite to try and restore balance to Dallas' frayed nerves. 
Appearance: Dallas is young, tall and slim - at six foot even and one hundred and forty five pounds he tends to move around easily on his feet. There's a constant pulse of pure energy - Californian in nature, the kind of restlessness you can't find in New York - in everything he does, from sports to sleeping. That pulse lends itself to his exercise regimen - he has the body of a track and field athlete, with inexhaustible energy in his calves and quads, muscles in his triceps from heavy pull-ups, and a defined core at the cost of muscles in his upper chest and biceps. Though he can't give a lot of hits, he can certainly take them; though the term's more than a bit overdone, he's naturally lithe, though like all real fit people he has to work to maintain his physical health.
He doesn't share the taste for formal wear that seems to run rampant around Westchester . The most he'll begrudge you is a white dress shirt, black blazer, and slim slacks with whatever pair of shoes he wants to wear - Dal, instead, wears v-necks, t-shirts, or a wide-necked tank top; though sometimes on a summer day he'll wear boardshorts, generally he puts on a pair of skinny jeans or a pair of dark-colored (burgundy is his favorite) chinos, sometimes in jogger variety when he sleeps. No jewelry or adornments, save a hemp bracelet on his right wrist and another hemp cord around his neck, affixed to two shark teeth. Dallas collects shoes religiously, and has slip-ons, skate shoes, or high tops for every occasion. In his dorm, there's a display case for some of his favorites; the pinnacle is his custom pair of the Nike AIR Mags, aka 'the Marty McFlys.' He's never worn them.
Dallas' maturity has begun to show itself in his features. After Las Vegas, he let his hair grow and lessened up on shaving his jaw and chin, leaving him looking stubbly more often than not, untamed, and looking like some lion trapped in human form (and leading to Morrison giving him the joking nickname 'Simba') when he walked out of his dorm. At the risk of that overwhelming his face, Dallas has cleaned up, shaving everything save the small ghost of dirty blonde stubble that clings to his strong jaw and chin. He got a haircut, too, shaving his hair to a close crop along the sides of his head and pomading the top, leaving a swoosh of dark-blonde hair, highlighted with black, across the top of his head and down to the nape of his neck. The trail of hair straddles the small tattoo of a shooting star behind his right ear. 
With his hair tamed, Dallas' face is now the first thing that commands attention from newcomers. His eyes are a vivid and electric blue, though those who know him well will notice that there is a small ring of constantly-shimmering color around his pupils - it glows whatever color is currently at the forefront of his empathy powers and acts as a broadcaster for his synesthesia. Much like his jaw, his nose is strong but pointed, with a small, pale scar cutting diagonally across the bridge - he has a similar cut and pattern across his forehead, stopping halfway through his right eyebrow, from cuts he sustained on a windshield wiper when his Ultimate universe counterpart ran him down. They are the only visible blemishes on his lightly tanned skin, and his smile commands most of the attention; when he grins, his teeth are white and clean, a bit small but well-kept and even. When he's not smiling, he tends to be thinking of something or listening to music; you can always tell if he's distracted because his full lips (normally pursed, like there's an invisible pen he's holding between them) are pressed together, and he's biting down softly on the bottom one.
Weapons: None.
Skills: Dallas is musically inclined first and foremost, with a soft baritone singing voice that can reach vestiges of a falsetto; he plays acoustic, rhythm, and bass guitar, as well as dabbling in piano, drums, and electronic music/remixes. He also draws in his free time and was responsible for designing many of the custom uniforms for the major X-Men - including John's, Ashlynn's, the suit of Matt Summers, and (his personal favorite) Alex Smith's coat.
Personality: Lucky to be alive, with little luck elsewhere. Dallas is the soul of youth - bold, free-spirited, quick to laugh and easy to love, but the years since he enlisted in the X-Men haven't treated him well. Though outwardly he's at his most cleaned up since he was sixteen - even having quit smoking pot in favor of an attempt at e-cigarettes - the dwindling list of surviving regulars at Westchester has started to weigh on him, leaving him mostly cooped up in his room alone for days on end. He hasn't attended classes in six months, he has resorted to sending e-mails instead of Skyping his parents in California, and he's even appearing on XBox Live and Steam less and less. Texts sent to Dallas will regularly go unanswered, but if you knock on his door, he'll open it for you without pause. If you walked inside and held a conversation with him, he'd prove just as engaging, easy-going, and kind as he's always been. It's just a matter of forcing your way in at this point.
One thing that often goes unspoken about Dallas is his heedless, almost suicidal, courage and idealism in the face of adversity. A genuine believer in the causes he joined the X-Men for, he'll champion them to his grave and beyond, if capable. Though not particularly warrior-like, he's brave in the field, and has started to develop the sense of boldness and worth his Ultimate counterpart possesses that could, in time, make a worthy team leader. It's just a matter of his insecurities and traumas being salved as he matures.
Weakness: Dallas' main weakness is in his empathy - opening up the floodgates to what emotions he picks up, or flooding him with emotion, can quickly overwhelm him and leave him catatonic without help filtering.
Bio: Dallas was born and raised to an upper-class family in Alameda, California, and instantly fell in love with the culture and art-based life that revolved around the San Francisco Bay area. He didn't even realize he had any sort of powers, or even anything remotely special about him, until his 7th grade year: one day in pre-Algebra, out of near homicide-inducing boredom, Dallas looked at the clock and found himself wishing that the teacher would end class early, or at least look at the clock and think that it would read something closer to the bell that signaled the end of the day. Three minutes later, after indulging in this daydream for a while, the automatized bell system throughout the school rang, and after some more toying around over the previous weeks, he realized that it was him that was messing around with the bells. He began to practice this on himself and his friends to try and measure their reaction times
Arriving at Westchester for his first year of high school, he spent several years as a bright but unmotivated student before being offered an invitation to join Beast's new team of X-Men. Dallas accepted, alongside many of the people who would grow to be his friends - Alex Smith, Julia Phillips, and, after a long period of consternation, John Howlett. Dallas served with this initial team proudly until after the team flew to Canada to free several dozen captured mutants from the evil corporation Weapon-X. Feeling sick at the memories of what he saw there, the soft-hearted Dallas flew to his native California to unwind, returning to help only after the X-Men's heavy losses in Las Vegas. Dallas, balancing a new, perhaps not-quite-thought-through relationship with a friend's ex, his misgivings about the X-Men's growing bloodthirst, and the changes that his friends had all individually undergone in his absence with loyalty to those same friends, stayed at Westchester and attempted to return himself to normal campus life.
After the Sleepers attacked, and several prominent X-Men - including John - died in a span of just a few short months, Dallas grew quiet and sullen until being coaxed out of his shell by Alex and a new transfer to the Institute, Sakuya Harada. Temporarily returned to his old high spirits, Dallas even went so far as to officially rejoin the X-Men after two years, flying out to defend New York from Red Skull's final doomed assault. Separated from the team and wounded, Dallas was taken in briefly by a certain mercenary, who forced him to defend his beliefs hotly and who patched him up enough to return to Westchester. Finding the place even more barren of friends before, and with several new ghosts haunting the halls, Dallas has not left his room more than a dozen times since the fall of HYDRA.

Dallas Green (Earth-1610)


Edited by Luke Schwarz



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Profiles pre-approved by Tyler Durden, The Snark Knight, and a billion cats. Also, Darkest Days.
Name: Sakuya “Sake” Harada

Codename: Razor
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Faction: X-Institute
Power(S): Like her father, Sakuya can manipulate Tachyon particles which manifests as her ability to cover her arms and legs in Tachyon fields that allow her to cut through any object. This also manifests as her ability to flash-step, that is she can use bursts of speed to move faster than most eyes can move. These two powers make Razor a deadly threat to any of those stupid enough to be her enemy. Though she often considers most people aren’t worth using her powers in a lethal manner towards them. As she only uses such a power against people if she really has to.

Appearance: On first appearances Sakuya looks anything but under control, her beautiful auburn hair is short, effectively a bob with her bangs hanging down over the front and sides of her face, her dark green eyes display a barely contained fiery passion. Her skin is remarkably pale and although it is hard to see she has a dragon tattoo, stretching from her lower back to her upper back. Her favorite shirt is black tank top with the word RIOT, emblazoned in bold red letters, most of her preferred clothing has seen wear and tear, except a pair of black leather pants she wears when the mood strikes her. Mostly she wears jeans which are in various states of disrepair due to how rough Sakuya can get. She has a black leather jacket, and among her katana and guitar it is one of her more prized possessions. She often wears a brown belt, with a buckle that looks like brass knuckles. Her figure is muscled and lithe, mostly due to training and her natural body type. Her body is tightly packed, and there’s barely an ouch of fat on her. She wears make-up on occasion but has been known to overdo it, usually when she’s in one of her phases. Various posters of band and movies litter her walls, her guitar sits on it’s stand in the corner of her dorm room. Sheet music and a notebook sits on her desk. She’s carries around an iphone and also owns a laptop. Most of the time she uses them for school work, but also for play when she finally gives herself a break. Which is rare.
Weapons: An expertly crafted Katana, the only gift her father managed to give her before his untimely death. She is trained in it’s usage, but rarely uses it out of respect.
Skills: Sakuya is an excellent vocalist as well as guitarist, and practices everyday in her spare time that isn’t consumed by training, studies, or her workout. She’s excellent at Parkour, and finds it rather easy to reach difficult areas through unconventional means. While she prefers to use her arms and legs to cut through objects with her power she is trained with her katana, gifted to her by her father.

Personality: Fiery, if there was ever any one word to describe Sakuya fiery would be the word for her. Passionate and quick-tempered, Sakuya like Tachyon particles are difficult to control, even though she seems to have them mostly under control. Sakuya is devoted to a couple of things: her friends, her belief that mutants are supposed to be protectors, her music, and her workout regime. It’s incredibly hard for Sakuya to compromise and as a result some may find it difficult to work with her. She may rush on ahead when she should really hold back. Still if she counts you among her friends you have an extremely protective friend, one who deeply cares about you but probably has trouble showing it.

Weakness: Sakuya despite all her training and her manipulation of Tachyon particles is a glass cannon. She’s fast, powerful, and deadly if she wants to be, but if she goes up against someone who can hit her and hit her hard she’ll be out. When using the Tachyons it requires great control, although Sakuya’s concentration is great, if someone would mess with her mind enough it would make it difficult for her to maintain the concentration required for her power.

Bio: Sakuya “Sake” Harada was born in Royal Oak, Michigan, and spent most of her childhood there, where she had a decent amount of friends and a mostly normal life with her single mother, Cassandra. She never knew her father for the longest time. She was a little disappointed that he left her mother alone with her but also understood that her father was a busy man, who had a difficult life, well that was a far as her mother told her for the longest time.
She didn’t not know how truly important her father was until she had become a teenager, along with the other things that came with puberty a strange power had awoke in her, her first incident occurring when in a fit of rebellious anger with her mother she slammed her first on the table, cutting right through it and leaving a hole where her first had punched through. Her mother finally told her who her father was to the confused teenager. During his time in the United States Kenuichio Harada had fallen in love with his mother, but his duties had called him away, leaving Cassandra to raise his child on her own. With her mother working as a CPA, she was able to provide for her daughter and herself, gifts were sent on occasion, tokens of Ken Harada’s affection for his lover and his daughter. What killed him is something her mother and her still do not know, though for the most part it is not a massive concern, that is Sakuya tries to make it look like she regards it as such. In reality part of Sakuya’s aggression is a frustration in never being able to meet her father, as a girl she always believed if she worked hard enough, studied hard enough, he would be proud and return. When in reality Kenuichio’s life was anything but easy, and it eventually resulted in his death.
With the manifestation of her powers she was sent to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and briefly encountered difficulties with both staff and student alike as her passionate and easily angered personality. Eventually Beast was able to get through to the girl, and she focused her energies into training with her powers and music. Now in the wake of all that has occurred she still stays with the school and the X-Men, believing that there is a way of getting them to behave honorably again.


Name: Ása Thurman

Codename: Ripple

Age: 22

Gender: Female
Appearance: Asa has an athletic build and for her line of work it would be suicide for her to be anything different. She has crimson red hair, that shade mostly thanks to her dying it, and her natural hair color which like her mother happens to be black as obsidian. She eyes are a light shade of blue and yet are harsh and judging, showing that Asa distrusts many. She wears the white makeup, with the black spot over her left eye. She wears a variety of clothes, but also like her mother has donned a blue and black catsuit, that clings very tightly to her supple and slender form. On it are on assortment of pouches and her weapons are also placed in their respective holsters. Out of combat she has a red dress for formal occasions but most often prefers either jeans and t-shirt or her favorite red leather pants. She has a black biker jacket that fits her comfortably.
Faction: Herself, sometimes his employers.

Power: What manifests as luck in dangerous situations like combat is actually the fact that like her mother he psionic ability is subconscious but still requires her to actually take action. That is if people open fire on her with submachine guns and she tries to dodge out of the way she likely will. If she continues rushing them, her subconscious power might cause the guns to jam, although if the situation is too desperate, her powers cannot possibly handle every problem that comes her way.
Weapons: A PSG-1sniper rifle, two Makarovs, a handful of grenades. A combat knife, and throwing knives.

Skills: Extensive weapons training and unarmed fighting, Ása is like her mother in many respects including athleticism, however where as her mother was excellent with preparing and arming explosives Ása was average at that and rather excellent at learning a variety of vehicles, part of this due to spending her childhood under SHIELD’s watchful eye. She can be stealthy but oft times throws it aside for the sake of flair.
Equipment: Besides a phone, a personal computer, she has a Ducati Divael, with black and blue paint. It’s her favorite bike and among her most prized possessions, beyond a picture of her and her mother.

Personality: Asa is a difficult young woman. Barely anyone has managed to get the daughter of Domino under control. SHIELD did their best and failed, which resulted in the Asa going on the run as soon as she could, selling her skills to various criminal organizations to make her own way through the world. She’s brash, and usually believes herself to be firmly on top of things, even if she barely has a plan formed in her mind. While she has many skills similar to her mother, her personality is quite unprofessional, and as a result teams have been rather difficult whenever Asa was involved. Basically Asa hates being told what to do, spending a lifetime under the military/agency lifestyle under SHIELD would end up making the young mutant more resistant to authority. If properly convinced she can be directed towards bad guys or good guys. Whatever mission pays better and whoever gives her the longest leash or none at all. She loves betting, not realizing that those situations she does win are actually blind luck and not her using her power.

Weakness: Her power activates only in stressful situations aka her subconscious mind senses the danger. If you catch by surprise quickly enough you could likely incapacitate her, usually how she is imprisoned if people get lucky enough.

Bio: Asa Thurman was born to Neena Thurman aka Domino, while she did spend some time with her mother, the life of mercenary made their relationship rather difficult. Not in the sense that her Neena didn’t love her daughter, that was far from it. She loved her daughter dearly but in order to maintain the comfortable lifestyle it required money for jobs that none of Neena’s skills were applicable. Asa loved her mother dearly, so when she died the news of her death, should the girl very hard. The rest of her life for a long time was spent on SHIELD bases in SHIELD homes. Basically with her powers SHIELD was afraid of letting her off the reservation and thusly kept her under their thumb. Eventually Asa began to struggle with all the control, all the limitations and every time she was brought into sparring matches with others she often broke noses or limbs, a sign of her aggression and the restrictive atmosphere was not helping in the least. The first chance she could Asa escaped from SHIELD, and for the first four months found herself living on the street, getting barely enough food to get by, her powers protecting her and helping her along the way. With the training she received under SHIELD she found employment in a variety of places, slowly building up a reputation and her money. She was careful enough to keep herself out of SHIELD’s eye, but also realized that she had to keep moving in order to throw them off. Ripple was a codename given to her by a japanese computer technologies company and the name stuck. Now Ripple is coming into her own as a twenty-two year old woman. Not afraid of SHIELD anymore, or any group that would like to put a leash on her.
Edited by Hari Korari


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Kray: +1 for all.Crimson, Ima let the others deal with yours, I don't know about Sword.I'm not certain about Jesika. I don't like complete kinetic absorption... Let me think about it.Without further ado, the first two of... Six profiles, plus some staff NPCs. I'm loaded up XDBoth approved by Krayzikk/Snelly/Tyler.Name: Alyssa LowellCodename: NikeAge: 20Gender: FemaleFaction: SHIELD.Powers: Alyssa can't see the future anymore, losing that power after focusing on the past too much.Instead, she can pick up the skills and physical abilities of those who used an object she's currently using, gradually.The limitations: mutant powers are not included. Attributes over the level of a human (Steve Rogers being the top for speed and strength) can't be copied. In addition, only the skills related to the object can be learned.Any enhancements won't show up, except barely. Alyssa is only as muscular as a track runner, but she's nearly as strong and fast as the Cap.She can also see things for what they truly are, like seeing through illusions, seeing invisible people, etc. Her final power is short range teleportation, like a Kualsi.Skills: A good programmer, particularly with databases (a cookie to anyone that gets this reference).Her current copied skills: Steve Rogers' speed, strength and agility, all slightly weakened due to secondhand knowledge, and his skill with the shield. Strategic mastery couldn't be copied.Weapons: Pistol, the shield.Appearance: Alyssa is a pretty blonde haired young woman with brown eyes and a lovely face. She stands at 5'4" with a mesomorphic build.Her costume is somewhat different than the shield's previous users.It's still got red and blue highlights along the lines of the suit, but the great majority of it is armor, dyed black in memory of those that died in New York.Another dissimilarity is a blindfold. It's enchanted in such a way that her true sight can see through it, but it looks like ordinary cloth to a bystander.After all, justice is blind...Weaknesses: Alyssa is the tip top a non-mutant human can be, but she's still not as strong as Spider-Man or near as fast as Quicksilver.Bio: Alyssa developed her abilities at a young age, everyone around her thinking they were epileptic fits. By the time she was able to control them a few came true, and she was chased by all manner of people, from antimutant to those that wanted her to work for them. Eventually she came to SHIELD, and her abilities have proved invaluable to them.She was eventually assigned to the Pantheon team, serving as its link in base before transferring to command as Natalie spent more and more time with the aAvengers.Still, she never saw deployment.That changed when Hydra attacked New York. She was forced to take another person's life for the first time, and to see her first comrade get shot and taken to the hospital, while she was powerless to help him, even though his shield was in her hands.That friend was James Rogers.Since, she's been no longer content to hang around SHIELD, wanting to get out and make a difference.They agreed, after realizing she could no longer see the future.That was 10 months ago.Alyssa has distinguished herself as a field agent, eventually taking on the moniker "Nike".Name: Natalie HartCodename: RookAge: 21Gender: FemaleFaction: SHIELD. More specifically, the Avengers.Powers: Like her father, she has the ability to generate Zero Energy and project it as intense heat, concussive force, or use it to fly. However, she can only do it at less than half the power of her father. This is actually lucky for her, as she doesn't have to live in containment or vent energy like him. It's not too horrible, seeing as her father could restart a star. Her final ability is superhuman durability, strength, and reflexes. Whether the result of her alien heritage or the zero fluid is anyone's guess.Skills: Mildly good hand to hand combatant, mild accuracy.Weapons: None.Appearance: Natalie is about 5'6", fair skinned, and has shoulder length brown hair. She has an athletic build, curvy and toned. Her most distinguishing feature is her eyes, the result of her father's exposure to the Zero Fluid. Her right eye is a turquoise blue, her left a deep purple. Natalie constantly wears a pair of sapphire earrings and an amethyst ring while not in combat.Since having a child, she's a bit softer around the midsection, but exercise has nearly restored her to her previous level of fitness.Weaknesses: Although she doesn't have the venting problems of her father, her abilities get out of control with continuous use. Her anger. Once she gets in a rage, her abilities get powered by it. While this amps her powers up a lot, she loses control- both of herself and her powers.Threatening her kid is the best way to get her to go into overload, though heaven help the person who does.Bio: Jack Hart's romantic venture with Marcy Kane was thought to have nothing come of it. That couldn't be farther from the truth. Natalie is 3 / 4 Contraxian, though a genetic fluke caused her to look human. Her mother brought her back to Earth. After her father's death, she was put in an orphanage. She grew up, not knowing she had her father's powers, until she stopped some bullies by blasting them down the hall. She joined SHIELD shortly after. She eventually became the leader of the second team, Pantheon, and entered into a relationship with Marlon Brando Barton.During the mildly idyllic time span that followed the battle of New York, she transferred to the Avengers.But that wasn't the most remarkable thing.She conceived by Brando and carried the child to term, giving birth two months ago.She worries for the world's safety.

No such thing as destiny.

BZPRPG Profiles

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What would you propose for Matt's power instead of plasma without entierly changing him? Some form of red energy thats similar but not as destructive?


As for Nicole. I'm willing for her to drop the pheramone ability in trade for the diamond form. I never meant for her to have super stregth, I was just explaining that diamond hits a bit harder then flesh. Anyway diamond is the hardest substance yes but it can also be broken. I'm willing to limit the amount of time she can be in her diamond form. Perhaps she can only use it for five minutes in game and then us without it for the next twenty minutes in game? Not sure how to exactly monitor the time in the game but I will try to play fair.

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Well, regarding gemstone forms in canon: Ruby Summers, according to about five seconds of research, had spent about sixty years in her ruby form and had no lasting effects, though she had no idea what kind of effect it would have on her human body once she changed back, so the time spent isn't really an issue. Nor is its status as the hardest substance on Earth; a bullet will still go through a diamond, and a superhuman power could easily pierce it as well if hit in the right spot. Diamond's hard, yeah, but it's also surprisingly brittle. For a character who's incredibly below average in any sort of fight and has very few advantages in a combat situation anyway, I could live with the diamond form.


The plasma, on the other hand, is a bit of an issue, and I really need to get out of the habit of approving characters just because they didn't have any real problems in the last RPG. :P But since this is Krayzikk's fight, I'll let him sort it out.





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Name: Angela DeanCodename: OracleAge: 19Gender: FemaleFaction: None

Power(s): Precognition. Angela's unique mutation allows her to "see the future" before it happens. The strength of her ability depends on how much energy she is willing to put into it, but it is always on at a low level; she cannot completely turn it off. This means that she is always aware of what is going to happen approximately three seconds from the present moment. This power only allows Angela to see the future of her immediate surroundings: she cannot, for instance, see what is going to happen on the other side of the world. If she concentrates, she can look farther into the future, and expand the area of her "sight", but she is limited by the amount of concentration she is able or willing to apply. When she is fresh and focused, she can see approximately twenty-six seconds into the future, but that is the outer limit of her powers.

Angela is also an extremely limited telepath, able to sense the presence of other minds within her vicinity. Her telepathic abilities used to be stronger, but as her precognitive powers have developed, her telepathic powers have waned in strength, as she often finds it difficult to focus on the present.

Appearance: Angela stands at 5'8", with grey eyes and dark blonde hair that falls just past her shoulders. Her caucasian skin is lightly tanned, and her face is sprinkled with freckles that give her a slightly juvenile air. She can usually be found in dark blue slim jeans, button-down shirts in various colours (favouring white, salmon, and teal), with an old jean jacket thrown on top, tattered and stained. She's been observed wearing cowboy boots, but usually prefers sneakers.

Weapons: A .44 Magnum Colt Anaconda: a revolver with a six-inch barrel that Angela keeps holstered on her right.

Skills: Angela took karate throughout her childhood and teens, and as such is a somewhat capable hand-to-hand combatant, though she lacks much experience in actual battle. Her real strength is found in her ability to see her opponents' moves before they make them. She can think on her feet, and is known for her sharp mind and quick wit, as well as her quick tongue, being a capable speaker and a good actor.

Personality: Angela is generally considered confident and outgoing. She isn't afraid to have her own opinions, and won't back down from anything, sometimes making her seem blunt and insensitive.

Weakness: Angela won't back down from anything; her overconfidence is her greatest weakness.

Biography: From the moment she was born, Angela seemed like a regular girl. She did all the things regular babies do, then all the things regular toddlers do, all the things regular little girls do, all the things regular preteens do... well, you get the picture. This all changed, however, when she was fifteen years old. Walking home from school one day, a vivid picture suddenly filled her vision, one of a car smashing into her, a foot ahead of where she was walking. Instead of continuing to walk, she jumped backwards, and, with a terrible screech, a car plowed right through the spot she would have been standing.

Her mutation saved her life, but it didn't stop there. Over the next two years, Angela continued to receive sporadic visions of the immediate future. These occurrences became more and more frequent, until finally Angela woke up one day and her power wouldn't turn off. She was constantly aware of what would happen in the immediate future, and eventually figured out that she was always about three seconds ahead of everyone else. After a few weeks of trying to live with this unsettling power, she finally confessed her abilities to her parents, who agreed to have her sent to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.


Even at the School, however, Angela felt like an outcast. She eventually found friends in a group of X-Men from an alternate universe: the Ultimates, who had come to her universe in search of a technopath they hoped would save their reality from certain destruction. After helping to break into the Weapon-X compound and free the captive mutants, Angela went back to the Ultimate universe to help them fight.


She returned months later with Ultimate Dallas, who had volunteered to help her find her way back to her universe. The two of them met up with Rene LeBeau, a former Brotherhood member, and drove halfway across the US to get back to the Institute. Soon after this, Angela vanished. Nobody's heard or seen anything of her for a year, which is probably just the way she wants it.

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For approval. Borte is awaiting review as well.


Name: Remus
Codename: Red Wolf
Gender: Female
Age: She lost count at three thousand. Beyond that, the years tended to blur together for her. Besides, she has more important things to worry about. She appears to be around thirty.
Loyalties/Faction: Aligned with the Brotherhood. Though she did and does have operations outside of the organization, but as their goals aligned more and more, she eventually joined the organization as an adviser. She still manages her own underground group, called the Crimson Front, though these days they are more likely to support Brotherhood operations then launch their own. They are still an independent organization however, she won’t throw them away on a pointless mission simply because the Brotherhood demanded it.
Power(S): Remus is a Werewolf, or at least, she suits the definition of one. In her human form, Remus has a greatly enhanced sense of smell, able to give the best Bloodhounds a decent run for their money. As a result of this, she’s taken to keeping a fairly strong air freshener on her person because, as it turns out, smelling everyone’s morning breath is not an enjoyable activity.
When she transforms into her wolf form however, she is able to outrun most humans with ease, she maintains her normally high sense of smell and in short, gains all the advantages that come with being a rather large, deadly wolf. Her hearing becomes more acute, when she bites down she can splinter bone, tear through skin and, in general become a close-combat power house. Being able to see in the dark is also a nice bonus.
She does not appear to be able to transfer her abilities and nature through bite however; this seems to indicate being a “Werewolf” is more a matter of genetics then anything. Her immortality must spring from the same mechanism behind her transformations, as both imply an impressive control over how the body acts and behaves.
Appearance: Remus is a striking women, standing at an imposing six feet and four inches, her light brown hair is kept at roughly medium length, short enough that it’ll keep out of her way in combat. She keeps part of the front end of her hair braided for unknown reasons. Her eyes are a light yellow, hinting at her wolfish nature. She is fit, lithe and very well-muscled; it is evident that her body has been honed into a weapon more than anything else. Her nose is a tad on the short side and is slightly pointed, also of note is the related air freshener she often hangs around her neck. In particularly horrid environments she might be wearing three of them. Her teeth have more in common with canine then man, her canines are sharply pointed, large instruments meant for ripping and tearing and even the normally blunt teeth have something of a sharp edge to them.
She typically wears a general’s uniform from the late USSR, stripped of all indicators of rank and affiliation besides a single red star emblazoned onto the shoulder and cap of the uniform. This light brown uniform is often worn over a bullet proof vest with a leather holster on the side of the pants. One can never be too careful, particularly when one has been fighting for over a thousand years. Oftentimes, the a saber hangs at her side as well. As with any being, she does tailor her outfits for what she expects to do. If she’s expecting trouble she’ll probably go for a much more sensible set of fatigues, if she’s going out in public she’ll wear something that doesn’t attract attentions. By and large though, she spends most of her time in the blank, red-starred uniform.
When she transforms into a wolf, she takes the form of a white, yellow-eyed creature that is much larger than a natural wolf. This great beast is more muscle than anything else, when it moves you can see the muscles ripple, sees the sheer coiled power the beast provides. When she moves, it with the ease of thousands of years of practice, with an easy, grimly certain confidence that whatever she happens to be stalking doesn’t have a chance in Hades and more often than not, it doesn’t. Her mouth is fall of large fangs meant to stripe a bone in seconds, meant to crush that bone and feast on the marrow within. In this form, she is the epitome of the word carnivore.
Weapons: Her weapon load out varies depending on what she expects, more often than not she used some form of modified AK-47. Regardless of what she is doing however, always has a Soviet TT Pistol at her side. Along with a few fragmentation grenades, in wolf form, her body is her weapon.
Skills: An expert in hand to hand combat, she doesn’t have a set style, but she is nonetheless very very good at hitting people until they fall down and not getting struck in return. She is very proficient with various forms of firearms as well, but she truly shines in her management skills. She’s well versed in military logistics and supply, asymmetrical warfare and of course, she has all the skills needed to direct an underground organization of dubious legality. Remus is an old hand at the revolutionary game, a very old hand. Be it politics, economics or assassination, she knows how to use it to further the revolution.
Personality: Remus is sharp-witted and utterly confident in herself. She’s been at this for longer than most any other being has been alive and she is acutely aware of that fact. More than this however, she is totally dedicated to her cause regardless of the cost. She is utterly convinced that her methods, however brutal they may be, are all in the service of the greater good. Insofar as she is concerned tyrants will never rule over mankind, not while she still draws breath. She is perfectly willing to give her life for this cause, by extension, she is also perfectly willing to give your life for the cause and the lives of your neighbors, her soldiers, the soldiers of the enemy…in sum, she is utterly ruthless when it comes to pursuing her goal.
She is willing to spend the lives of those under her command if doing so will further the cause of freedom and liberty, she will not throw them away, but if watching a division of three be ground down into dust will spell the death knell of an emperor or king then that is a price she will gladly pay. The greater good of humanity comes first, always. She has no tolerance for anyone who questions her methods and the best they can expect is outright contempt, the worst is being thrown out of the building by some nice men with guns.
She lives for her cause and one day, she expects to die for it. To her, the price is well worth the product. She could rest easy in her grave knowing that humanity is, at long last, truly free the world over.
Weakness: Remus has a number of weaknesses, first and foremost is the fact that her abilities provide no enhanced durability, cut her and she will bleed. Shoot her in the head and her cognitive functions will cease. Her enhanced hearing and sense smell are also a weakness, as flashbang grenades and the like will have a much greater effect on her; specialized sonic weapons would be absolutely devastating against her. Furthermore her ruthless tendencies mean her operations run the risk of being very casualty heavy, something many would wish to avoid. She is utterly single-minded in pursuit of her goal, if she isn’t aware of a threat and said threat doesn’t act against her goal, might not notice it.
Bio: Remus is the sister of Romulus and she hates him with a passion. Like the history of her brother, her own early history is a mystery. She evidently led one of the hordes that sacked Rome, might have lead the Sea Peoples when they did the same to ancient Babylon. Her history in the ancient days of Earth is a large question mark. One thing is certain though, it was during this time she acquired her distaste for those who would rule over others by threat of force, by threat of violence, murder and worse. One can only speculate on why this is, and even then, one might not like the answers they come up with. There is one interesting account of a yellow eyed, sharp fanged women who fought alongside Hannibal during his march on Rome however. There are also vague mentions of a "Wolf Women" riding alongside the Huns against their Roman enemies. By the same token, a Sultan's personal records speak of his "wolfish" bodyguard and her hatred of his Byzantine foes.
Indeed, one frightened crusader gave an account of a great wolf that sprang upon his men at night, tearing them asunder as if they were mere prey. Moving through history, one can find accounts of a similar nature, even within the Inca Empire and other geographically isolated locales. It is impossible for all of these to be true of course, but the fact the meme of a "wolf women" has penetrated so many cultures is evidence of her history in and of itself. The only thing one can say for certain is that she has one, and she'd certainly been around for longer then most.
Her history in the modern world is a bit more solid. She was involved in various revolutions around the globe, some successful, some a failure. She was spotted alongside the leaders of the French Revolution and she was spotted alongside the communards when they tried to hold Paris against the forces of the government. There are records of a Ninja Clan with strange hatred of authority being advised by a women matching her description.
She had a particularly vicious war with Weapon X under the clone of Romulus. Weapon X fought with money, mercs and blackmail, she fought with hope, human wave tactics and a web of revolutionary contacts so large that not even Weapon X could bring them to heel. When Weapon X shattered, she was able to refocus her efforts once more. She was behind several bloody civil wars in Africa and more than one string of assassinations in the Middle East. She is remarkably nonchalant about the enemies she’s made, for this is not the first time she’s had kings and queens gunning for her, and she doubts it will be the last.
In recent times, she moved in the United States, beginning a campaign against a particularly brutal PMC and their drug cartel employers. It was during this time she came into contact with the reborn Brotherhood of Mutants and, being a pragmatic sort and knowing exactly how much of a combat powerhouse the typical mutant could be, she threw her lot in with them, joining the organization as an adviser. The PMC and their cartel employers….well, a few burned out manors and compounds speak to their fates.
Not sure if she qualifies as Supernatural or not. To be on the safe side I’ll type this up anyway. I feel I could be trust with a character of this nature, I have a pretty solid record of responsible power use and since she will be subordinate to GMPC’s in this case, the possibility of trouble is absolutely minimal. Furthermore, looking at all the different powers her, I fail to see how someone who can transform into a rather large wolf is cause for any sort of alarm. Yes, she can become a wolf and one of my fellow Judges has a character who can literally step on her. If anything I’m slightly worried she might be too weak in comparison to other characters.
Regarding the origin of this particular type of Werewolf, it isn’t anything overtly supernatural. Romulus was born with the ability to regenerate and Remus was born with the ability to play with her DNA like a kitten with a ball of string and turn into a wolf. The science isn’t the best here and I confess, there was probably some rather interesting spells behind it all, but nothing I can see becoming a major disruptive factor in the RPG. At worst, I expect it to be an Elder Thing experiment with human DNA structure and that isn’t my favorite explanation. More likely a shaman made with the cursing against a rival tribe and uh, didn’t enjoy the result to say the least.
Edited by Basilisk

I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are the good people and the bad people. You are wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.

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Okay, here we go.


  • Auron: Kristen approved. Yee.
  • TPtI: Everyone approved, though I share the same concerns regarding Bootleg as Alex.
  • Gravity: I'd like some more clarification on Jesika's powers, frankly. Her invulnerability bothered me last game and it still kind of bothers me now.
  • Remus and Borte approved, though as we discussed, Basilisk, these are the first supernatural characters we're letting in, and we're letting them in early. Try and act as an example for other people who might want them in the future or we may have to limit the privilege for everyone. I got faith in you.





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Julia Phillips


Name: Julia PhillipsCodename(s): Pheline (formerly), "Jules," Currenly uses the alias Dana KinneyGender: FemaleAge: 17Loyalties/Faction: Xavier's Institute Power(S): Julia possesses a slightly accelerated healing factor, though it is nowhere near as efficient as her mother's. However, she did, through artificial means, inherit her mother's set of four adamantium claws (two in each hand) and can retract these claws as she pleases. Her original set of bone claws, dulled to the point of uselessness, still reside in the tips of her fingers. In addition, her reflexes are a tad faster than those of the average human, allowing her to react more quickly to perceived danger.Appearance: Julia is slim and a little shorter than she would like to admit. Her hair falls in straight curtains just an inch or two past her shoulders, and she usually wears dark, long-sleeved shirts to cover the scars that run up and down her forearms. Her catlike pupils are each encircled by a differently-colored iris: one green, one blue.Weapons: She typically doesn't carry anything that would be considered weaponry with her--she does, after all, have eight-inch knives built into her hands.Skills: She has been trained in the art of Kung Fu and is currently seeking lessons in Jiu Jitsu. She uses her advanced reflexes to aid her in hand-to-hand combat, but she is by no means a master. Personality: Julia's personal history, both distant and not-so-distant, has led to introversion and depression. Since her leave of absence, her overall outlook on life has been improved, and if you get to know her, she can be quite cheery and sweet. Weakness: Her healing factor isn't too practical in the short term; in other words, she can be easily incapacitated if she takes enough damage within a short amount of time. Plus, memories or reminders of her stay at the Weapon-X facility can trigger episodes of paranoia or depression.Bio: Julia's family growing up consisted of her, her twin brother (Jordan), and her mother (Laura). She had an older brother and a father at one point, but the former was taken away when she was too young to remember and she never knew much about the latter aside from the fact that his name was Julian. They spent most of their days on the run until Weapon-X soldiers attacked the cheap apartment at which they were staying at the time, killing her mother. She and Jordan managed to escape and eventually came across Xavier's Institute, where they lived, learned, and thrived for a time.Eventually, Jordan's steadfast beliefs in mutant superiority overcame his dedication to the Institute and he joined the Brotherhood of Mutants while Julia remained in Westchester and eventually joined the X-Men. As time passed, she grew to like and, later, love a fellow X-Man named Alexander Smith, but it wasnt long before Alex was whisked away to save an alternate universe and the school was raided by the very same shadow organization that had murdered her mother, and a great number of the students at the institute, Julia among them, were captured. The experiments and modifications she was subject to at the Weapon-X facility left her with PTSD-induced depression and anxiety. More recently, after Alex's return, she was exposed to a genetically modified strain of Ebola and spent most of the invasion of New York in a healing coma. Upon awakening, she decided to take a vacation of sorts. She has spent the past year living and taking Jiu Jitsu lessons in Tokyo, Japan.


Jordan Phillips


Name: Jordan Phillips

Codename: Phorce (formerly)

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Loyalties/Faction: None to speak of

Power(S): Simply put, Jordan can control gravity. This control comes in the form of spherical fields that either push things towards/away from the nearest planetary body (i.e. Earth) or the field’s center to varying degrees of strength.

Appearance: Jordan looks very similar to his sister, though he is a tad bulkier and has a short-cut mop of dark brown hair. He also has heterochromia; one of his eyes is blue, the other red.

Weapons: None

Skills: Very basic hand-to-hand combat.

Personality: Jordan is loud and violent when he’s angry and dryly humorous when he’s not. He still believes that mutantkind is the superior race, but he’s not so sure anymore about fighting for this belief.

Weakness: He sometimes fails to realize that he is also subject to the laws of physics while using his powers and can thus end up hurting himself if he isn’t careful.

Bio: Jordan grew up on the run from Weapon-X and the Enforcers with his twin sister Julia and their mother Laura. The years of living in crumby townhouses and apartments and running at the slightest disturbance led him to resent humanity and their anti-mutant laws. Eventually, their luck ran out, and Laura was killed in a firefight with Weapon-X goons and Jordan fled with Julia to Westchester, where, for a time, they stayed together at Xavier’s School. The Institute’s policies of tolerance and equality conflicted too much with Jordan’s own biases, so he eventually left to join the Brotherhood, whom he loyally served for years. That is, until he found out his sister had been kidnapped by Weapon-X. He and his Brotherhood comrades attacked the Weapon-X facility in Canada, freeing Julia and her fellow students. He returned to the Institute shortly afterwards and befriended Zack Summers.

After Zack’s sister, Ash, was killed by Warren Worthington, the two friends went into hiding to avoid further casualties.

Zackary Summers

Name: Zackary Summers

Codename: None

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Loyalties/Faction: None

Power(S): Zackary’s primary power comes in the form of beams of pure kinetic energy constantly emitted by his eyes while they are receiving a certain amount of light. He usually wears sunglasses to prevent himself from, well, shooting beams of pure kinetic energy out of his eyes whenever he wants to see anything. He has very weak telepathy and telekinesis, and he’s quite out of practice thanks to anti-mutant law preventing him from using them. He possesses a portion of the phoenix force, but so far, it hasn’t had any effect on his powers.

Appearance: Zack’s hair may once have possibly been seen as blonde, but it has since faded to a flat brown. He is of average height and slightly-above-average musculature, and is never seen without a pair of red-tinted aviators over his eyes.

Weapons: None

Skills: Decent marksman, good at hand-to-hand combat.

Personality: Zack is quite serious most of the time, but doesn’t entirely lack a sense of humor. He has a strong emotional connection to his family and friends.

Weakness: The very notion that he is a child of Jean Grey is enough to paint a bright red target on his back for anyone who wants to avoid another massacre like the one that occurred 18 years ago, just after Zack’s birth. He is also reluctant to go into battle for fear of awakening the Phoenix.

Bio: Zackary Summers was separated from his siblings at birth and was sent from orphanage to orphanage as a child, until one day his vision power surfaced and led to an incident that resulted in quite a few injuries. He was cast out as a mutant and narrowly escaped the authorities, finding solace among the violent gangs of New York (the ones that weren’t anti-mutant, at least).

Eventually, the crude methods he used to contain his optic blasts failed, and once more he was exiled to prevent future injury. He shortly afterwards sought a living as a mercenary, but when Weapon-X tried to bring him in, his home was destroyed and he was found by one of his sisters, Tara. The two returned to the Institute in Westchester, where he befriended Jordan phillips and managed to dodge the Weapon-X raid. He assisted in the breakout shortly thereafter, and took part in the fateful battle of Las Vegas, during which he would have perished were it not for his older sister Ashlynn. When he learned of Ash’s death, he and Jordan exiled themselves to protect both themselves and the world from whatever portion of the Phoenix remains within him.

Edited by Zyke the Space Biker


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Thank you sirrah.


Got four other characters incoming. Should be here by the end of the week. Hopefully sooner.


Hm...Anyone up for a chat with affable ol'Romulus?

I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are the good people and the bad people. You are wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.

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Well, actually... Anyone remember my character Nick? He may return, and he'd certainly like to talk to old Romulus XD




All my characters are more or less open for interaction if anyone wants to plan something out.

I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are the good people and the bad people. You are wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.

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  • Gravity: I'd like some more clarification on Jesika's powers, frankly. Her invulnerability bothered me last game and it still kind of bothers me now.




It's invulnerability from physical attacks, e.g., a bullet or a punch. Now, I could get real technical with it, though for the sake of simplicity, I'm treating "kinetic energy" as a comic book would, meaning anything doesn't involve a moving object is fair game.


Heat, light, electricity, etc.



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Name: Colonel Stanhope Park

Codename: Commander Hopewell

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Faction: SHIELD

Power(s): None.

Appearance: Stanhope Park is a muscular six-foot-four caucasian. He has average looks, blueish eyes, crewcut black-brown hair, and a spectacular cop stache. He alternates between a cheap suit when on 'civilian' work, and lizard-pattern uniform when in combat-likely roles. He prefers the latter.

Weapons: Stanhope believes that since he is a non-mutant, he'll a lot of firepower to be able to stand up to one. Thus, he carries most often a G36 Assault Rifle, or Mosseburg 500 shotgun as his main weapon. For sidearms, he always carries his M1911. Hidden under his shirt is a 32. caliber pocket pistol, in his boot is a snub-nosed revolver. He also has a fighting dagger on his belt.

Skills: Being a former Green Beret, Stanhope Park is trained heavily in combat with firearms, knives and his bare hands. He has additional training in unconventional warfare, counter-terrorism and other such fields. He is also highly professional, and a longtime veteran of SHIELD. He knows how the organization operates, and how to deal with mutants.

Personality: Stanhope Park is a hard, gruff man, most of the time. He's no-nonsense, intelligent, cunning and cynical. Park is also devoted to his job, often to an unhealthy degree. He can vary between friendly and unfriendly, when on the job. Due to past experiences, he harbors an intense loathing of the BoM, and suspicion of other mutants. The only thing he's devoted to more then his job is his daughter, Sandy.

Weakness: Stanhope hasn't a single power. Not even a useless one.

Biography: Born in the swamps of Louisiana, Stanhope Ellwood Park was the son of a handyman and housewife. To escape poverty and get out of Louisiana, Stanhope chose the military early on. He went through the JROTC in high school, and enlisted after, Entering the US Army, he served for several years before joining the Green Berets. Passing after his second try, he served a long and honorable career, During his time, he met and married a woman named Alicia. Together, they had one child, Sandy. But after a tour of deployment, Stan came home to find his wife had left him. For a mutant.


Shortly after the divorce, Stan was offered a job in SHIELD. He summarily left the Army and took up the job. He started out a grunt, but in little over a decade, he rose in the ranks of SHIELD, to the rank of Colonel. In his time, he has led missions against mutant and human radicals, and led troops in New York. During this time, his views on mutants in general softened, but dislike of the BoM grew. In the present, he's working to juggle work, parenthood and aging.

I occasionally return to BZP for a nostalgic trip back. Hit me up on discord if you need anything. 
BZPRPG Characters that I will possibly revive, Mons-Shajs-Tarotrix-Aryll Vudigg-Jorruk Yokin-Senavysh Angavur






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House is approved +2. Also missed Eyru's profile in here, but Angela is approved +1 since precognition in this game also largely relies on the other players.


Alex's profiles are all on point too, but remember the Unibeam's power limits.


Also, if I miss any of you guys: as you can see we're all a bit swamped tonight so I promise I'll get to you if I don't see your application at first. Don't know why I didn't expect this kind of turnout given the Planning Topic reaction, but I didn't. And here we are. So.





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This profile has been approved by Kaithas and The Snark Knight, though a few adjustments to which they agreed to have been implemented.


And for good measure, Darkest Days, everyone.


Name: TLAW-001 Vivus

Codename: None, prefers being reffered to just as Vivus

Gender: None, but has a male appearance and personality

Age: Active for 1 year, but appears to be around 20.

Loyalties/Factions: S.H.I.E.L.D.

Powers: His "powers" stem from the fact that he is robotic. His robotic body provides him more durability and strength than normal human beings, but not at superhuman levels. He also has the ability to detect people or objects around him through radar, along with infared vision. He can also scan his opponents to determine their powers and abilities. Things that affect human senses (e.g. hypnotism, poisonous gas) do not affect him in the slightest. He is powered through a fusion reactor, meaning he can stay active for indefinite amounts of time. His data has also been protected with several layers of encryption by his creator.


Standing at 5'9, Vivus has a soft-looking face, with fair skin and sensitive green eyes. However, the rest of his body appears to be covered in a mechanical suit of armor, not unlike that of Iron Man. The armor itself is primarily red, but the joints, hands, and feet are navy blue. A red helmet surrounds his face, with a blue gem above his forehead.

Weapons: He is able to project energy from his palms, such as shields or beams (The shields themselves can be about half his height tall or wide, and can at best resist two direct rocket explosions). He has a mortar launcher mounted behind him on his back, which stands slightly above his head. On his torso and legs, there are small rocket boosters that can be turned around in a circle, but are not powerful enough to provide true flight, and are only good for increasing movement speed on the ground, making high-reaching jumps, or slowing down falls.

Skills: Due to his robotic nature, he can scan his opponents in the middle of battle, meaning he can adapt to any opponent given enough time. He is programmed to recognize a multitude of languages, though English is what he speaks in most cases He also knows how to use his agility to move effectively across the battlefield.

Personality: Vivus is soft-spoken and shy to many people. This is because of confusion between his human and robotic qualities. He is curious about what it is to be truly human, and strives to reach that point. His creator programmed a strong sense of justice, and he is dedicated to protecting the innocent from danger.

Weaknesses: Being robotic, Vivus is highly vulnerable to EMP fields, which can easily incapacitate him. His metallic exterior also makes him susceptible to magnetism and heat powers.

Bio: Dr. Trevor Walters was a brilliant scientist who spent most of his career working on the production and development of Sentinels. One day, he acquired permission to develop a model that held the ability to act, feel, and think all on it's own accord. He spent an untold amount of timeon his project, perfecting the AI, appearance, etc. Eventually, he became so invested in the project that he neglected his other duties. Because of this, alomg with fears of what a human-like robot could become, Walter's superiors declared the project shut down, and ordered the destruction of the protoype that he was working on. Having become emotionally invested in his project, Walters instead hid the prototype and worked on it for several more years, refining aspects of it. Eventually, Walters fell ill and sealed his creation away, implanting several videos explaining to his creation it's purpose and giving it advice. He dubbed it the TLAW-001 Vivus, as a reference to it's human-like qualities. After a while, the government encountered the capsule, awakening Vivus. Afraid, they opened fire on him, who escaped, going through the country to evade his captors and make sense of his life. In a few months, the government agreed not to dismantle Vivus, if he was to become an agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. Vivus accepted, and now remains dedicated to protecting the innocent, just as his creator wished.

Edited by Zero: Maverick Hunter

Haven't seen one of these in a long time...



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Pre-approved by Kathias and A Billion Cats


Darkest Days



Name: John HarkenCodename: PaladinGender: MaleAge: 32Loyalties/Faction: The Helpless/S.H.I.E.L.D.Power(S): John is a kineticist, capable of creating, negating, and redirecting the energy of motion. However, there are limits to what he can do. The first and most obvious is that he cannot effect something unless he is touching it. Also, it is a power that must be actively used, it will not just stop bullets, he needs time to react. John's secondary power, however, is passive. Namely, he is able to track and predict the trajectory and result of the impact of an object to a much higher extent then a normal person.Appearance: John Harken stand a a good 5' 11" and has a slim but sturdy build. He has short brown hair and keen blue eyes that are almost constantly scanning the area. Casual wear is normally comprised of jeans and some sort of T-shirt. Both on duty and off he wears a pair of black sports-like shades.Weapons: 9mm Glock, P90 when the need for more firepower arises. Also, while not exactly weapons, he does have a couple devices that were designed to be used with his powers. From the outside the first one looks like a black disk, about three and a half inches at it's widest point and just over a foot in diameter. Inside is a wheel of tungsten in a vacuum. If John has no other place to redirect energy he can put in into the wheel and then pull it out later if needed. The second is a kind of ceramic frame for his body. It starts at the back of his neck and then splits and run down his sides and along his arms until stopping slightly back of his wrists. It also runs down both legs before ending above the ankle. Joints are placed along it's length to ensure that mobility is not lost and the entire thing is encased is a soft black covering. The basic idea behind the frame is to allow him to redirect kinetic energy through it so that he does not need to send it through his own body and possibly injure his internal organs.Skills: A fair hand at both martial arts and with a gun, both of which play well to his powers. He can pick a lock with a fair amount of speedPersonality: A fairly warm and friendly person, even if at times he can be rather quiet. Growing up in a rather high crime area and watching criminals get away with so much has given him a strong sense of justice.Weakness: Aside from being unable to effect things without touching them, John is useless when it comes to trying to deceive somebody. It's not that he /can't/ lie, it's just that super easy to tell when he /is/Bio: John was too young to be involved in the events eighteen years ago, at that point he was still trying to figure out why he was different then everybody else. It was hard, growing up as a mutant. His powers had been active, to one extent or another, since the moment he was born and sometimes they activated without him meaning to. His neighborhood was not the best in any case and shortly after his sixteenth birthday there was an incident. A thug tried to knife him in a dark alley and wound up with over a dozen broken bones for his troubles. Soon after a SHIELD agent showed up at their door looking for him. The first visit was no different then the ones that they had received from the police, it seemed that the agent was more worried that John might have been a villain in the making more then anything else. A few months after though, the agent came back. Shield wanted to "reserve" him so to speak. They would make sure he got a proper education and learned how to control his powers. When he turned eighteen and if he still felt like it, he would start SHIELD training and doing jobs for them. John agreed, and the intervening years passed quietly, with no more accidental flareups he was able to live like a normal person. When the time came he agreed to work for SHIELD. Since then he has completed a large number of dangerous assignments, although his handlers know better then to send him on the more questionable cases. However, that may no longer be possible to do.

"I serve the weak. I serve the helpless. I am their sword and their shield. If you want to strike at them, you must go through me, and I am not so easily moved."



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