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    OOC: Soundtrack Suggestion IC [Zataka,???]: Zataka barely noticed that the sword had made contact as Kalmah slammed into her. The impact drove the air from her lungs and they fell backwards together - towards the portal she had no idea was there. Everything happened at once, yet time seemed to slow for her, as she distinctly experienced a momentary feeling of weightlessness - then vertigo kicked in, her vision spun and there was an odd tingling on her skin. She didn’t understand, but tried to; her mind desperately racing to regain situational awareness. But any thoughts towards solving the mystery were violently cut short by a sudden, intense flash of light. The two warlords hit ground again in a tangle, tumbling end over end. The titan came to rest on her stomach. She ached all over, and by the intense pain she felt on her left side she was sure she’d gotten several contusions at least, but there was no time to assess the potential damage: She didn’t know where her opponent was, she’d lost hold of her blade when she had hit the ground and she needed to get a grip before Kalmah could land a fatal blow while she didn’t have her bearings. Her head snapped up immediately to scan for the other warlord and her missing weapon, palms pushing into soft dirt as she scrambled to get back to her feet. Some part of her noted how odd it was to suddenly drag her fingers through dirt, but her surroundings didn’t fully register yet. The titan got to about standing halfway upright before the dull throbbing at her side became a sharp stabbing and she winced, hand instinctively reaching to check. Her armor was intact, but the slightest touch caused her jaw to clench in pain. Remaining hunched over as to not further agitate the injury, she looked around herself to see where her blade had fallen. And that’s when she noticed she was no longer in the Coliseum Yards - or anywhere that looked like Metru-Nui. The ground, the landscape, the sky...it was all wrong. Reddish dirt and rocks with grey scrubs growing sparsely in-between surrounded them up to a cliff edge just a few meters behind them. They had emerged on some sort of plateau, overlooking a wasteland of sand and rock as far as the eye could see under an encroaching sunset. One. Singular. The chain of events finally clicked into place: Kalmah had wanted to cut the fight short - banish her to this place by using the mask of the fallen Brutaka. Was this even their world anymore? From what she knew of the Olmak, they could be any place, at any time - even an alternate reality. Part of her screamed for her to focus, to stop trying to figure out things while she was technically still in the middle of a fight, but she couldn’t help it. It was as if she’d suddenly stepped into a lucid dream. She slowly stood up to her full height again, as fast as the pain allowed and craned her neck, trying to find the only point of reference she could think of as constant. She took a few slow steps backwards while trying to spot the red star overhead. But she had barely looked up when her foot brushed against something metallic, pulling her out of her trance. Glancing down, she spotted the hilt of her sword and, turning to pick it up, she noticed the dark stain covering the weapon. A rasping gurgle came from close by and her eyes locked onto a dark heap, silhouetted against the sunset on the ground just a few feet away. With her blade in her left and right arm covering her injury, she carefully approached. Kalmah had lost most of his intimidating aura as he lay curled up on his side. His wound had not been immediately obvious against the sun, but as she got closer, Zataka saw that her sword must have pierced the Barraki’s torso just below his left pectoral and his own momentum had then caused it slice violently upward, severing the limb along with the majority of the shoulder girdle. And since it was nowhere to be seen it must have happened just as they'd fallen through the portal. Kalmah’s remaining arm clutched at the gushing wound her blade had inflicted. Dark ichor covered his torso and a puddle was starting to form around him. All his flagellation and trained pain resistance mattered little as his body went into shock from the blood loss. He wasn’t long for the world. Better put him out of all our misery. But as she stood over him, grip tightening on her sword’s handle, she found his eyes were still open, looking at her. She hesitated. “How far?” she demanded. “How far did you take us?” The Barraki made another rasping noise that could only be laughter. “Far...enough.” he gasped as a trickle began to flow from the corner of his mouth. He flexed his broken body, rolling onto his back and slowly lifting his arm. “You may...have beaten me - but there...is no victory...for you...h-here.” Her head tilted up once more, eyes following the invisible line indicated by Kalmah’s gaze and his raised hand. Higher and higher it went, orange sunlight giving way to azure and then dark blue, where the first stars managed to shine in the evening sky. And there, among them, impossibly distant yet starkly lit along its edge by the single sun - a body. With naked eyes, it looked like that of a Toa, but Zataka realized how massive it had to be to be able to spot it like this. And as she squinted, she noticed that it was drifting apart - the head had clearly separated and was drifting away. At the titan’s feet, Kalmah watched, content and with contempt for her, as she started to realize the situation. But there was one thing he still had to do. With effort, he used his hand to remove the Kanohi Olmak, placing it in the dirt to his side. He had hoped to do this cleanly. Banish Zataka, kill the Toa that thought they could stand against him and march into the coliseum. But he had been too eager. He could admit his own failure here to himself here, away from everything and on the cusp of death. Final death. There was no red horizon to resurrect his remains. And nobody else was ever going to hear his private confession or bear witness to his end. And that suited him just fine. Zataka heard the Barraki groan again and that finally let her take her eyes off of the horrible realization overhead and focus back on her opponent - who was looking at her again, but this time she saw his actual face behind the mask - which he’d set aside. “Why…” she started, confused. This was all too much. Somehow, subconsciously, she understood that Metru-Nui - no, her entire world - was...up there. Inside that body. But how could that be? It seemed impossible and was too much to comprehend - but somehow she knew it had to be true. “You took...what was mine.” Kalmah said, raising his hand again, seemingly towards her, fingers curling into a fist. “So...I’ll take from you…” “Everything.” NO! His fist came down at his side, all the remaining strength he had left summed up in one final act of defiance, and hit the Kanohi Olmak, mask of dimensional gates. It shattered in a flash and small shock wave of energy. Zataka blinked, stunned. Kalmah’s head had turned to the side, eyes closed, but with a faint smile upon his face. And the titan realized that, with his dying breath, he'd tricked her into giving him just enough time to exile her. With the mask broken, she could not return to Metru Nui - and worse: her homeland - ever again. All that she’d fought for...it was forever beyond her reach. The titan’s eyes squeezed shut for a time, tears hitting the dusty ground, mixing with dark Barraki blood. Her sword fell from her grasp, her shoulders dropped and she sank to her knees as the strength to stand went out of her. With trembling fingers, she slowly gathered up the pieces of the Kanohi, almost as if they were a puzzle to be reassembled, but she knew it was hopeless. And as all that remained of the Olmak was a pile in her lap, she let her hands fall to her side and looked up again. All she could do was watch helplessly as her world slowly fell apart in the sky above. ... ... ... Is the head getting closer?
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    Hey y'all! I recently realized that I've poked and prodded at Lego BIONICLE (GBA) (aka Quest for the Toa, aka Tales of the Tohunga) a lot, and as such I probably know a thing or two about it that most Bionicle fans don't. Nothing earth-shaking or with deep canonical implications, but things I find interesting nonetheless. Many of these "minor discoveries" don't really merit their own forum thread, so I've created a blog where I'll start posting about them. I hope that it'll be interesting whether you've played the game or not, in the same way Supper Mario Broth is interesting. Give it a look and let me know what you think! Post 0: Introduction and FAQ
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    Hi everyone! As SKE2 looms near (8 days away!!) I have an important announcement to make. As some of you may know this game far outpaced my expectations. I've been scuttling around like a dizzy ussal to keep up, and you're all part of an incredible community that we all worked on and grew together. That said, some of you have asked if I'm okay, if I'm hanging in there, and if I should seek out some help. I'm not one to hold onto something and horde it like a dragon. So I asked someone to join the GM team for SKE in April. I've always found them to be genuinely friendly, collaborative, and ready to make a story with others. In a sense, you could say they "play well." Please give a big congratulations to @Vezok's Friend!
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    Greetings, all! I recently decided to build the Toa Mata as LEGO BrickHeadz using LEGO Digital Designer (LDD), and then used Mecabrick's 3D-rendering software to create photo-realistic pictures of them. I've posted these as a project on LEGO Ideas, but I wanted to post them here as well for feedback. Thoughts?
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    Happy April! This is where you can post out of character about the Six Kingdoms: Rebirth (SKR) game until the end of August, 2020. Please see the general rules, common sense guide, and BZPRPG rules of play for how to behave in this and all SKR topics. Lastly, remember, your characters are part of a collectively told narrative and no one has plot armor. There are no "plot post." Please make sure to chat with friends about what stories you want to form together, be they faction quests or personal journeys. Your GMs are Unreliable Narrator and Vezok's Friend I look forward to playing with you all! P.S.: I couldn't NOT have a character demographics spreadsheet... PPS: there is also a discord I manage for communicating about Six Kingdoms. Please PM me for the invite link. Please have at least 1 approved character before requesting the link.
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    IC: Skyra - Ko-Metru - Skyra hadn't noticed it before, what with the Turaga rescuing and all, but the world seemed be shaking rather violently. Hmmm, this is bad. It seemed the world was ending, that kind of sucked. Skyra looked at Rose. "So, it looks like the world is ending or something..." Skyra moved close to the Toa of Fire, even as she held the sleeping Turaga in her arms. "...figured I should probably do this, just in case I never get another chance..." With that, Skyra leaned in and gave Rose a kiss. @Tarn
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    IC Stannis | Le-Metru tower No sooner had the Companions emerged from the tunnel and into the sub levels of the skyscraper did the world begin to shake, tremble, and rattle incessantly. The others looked towards Stannis for an answer or assurance, thinking that maybe the boring he'd done had unleashed something terrible, but the Wanderer shook his head somberly. "This is... not my doing," he said. And then, to the befuddlement of his friends, he cryptically added, "It's the Universe." There was not much time left—for anyone—but he needed to make sure Ehlek did not quarrel with him or Mata Nui in this life or the next. The wheel would continue to spin but the foul dirt that clogged and affected its tread could still be cleaned. Would be cleaned. He surged ahead, leading the others through the disaster like a guide. The trip up the tower was made easier, though no less dangerous, by the cataclysm occurring all over the City of Legends. Merfolk attempted to prevent their assault, but their clumsiness on land was made even worse by the constant quaking. After being ruled by a man of science for as long as they knew, the events unfolding were nothing less than biblically apocalyptical, and their defenses were haphazard by that point. There were too few traps to ensnare Stannis and his friends inside the tower; the sling traps were defunct, the elevators were jammed by shafts gone askew, and the marbles were scattered across the floors among the rest of the debris. The largest threats were the collapsing masonry and crumbling infrastructure that crowded the floors like flotsam and jetsam after a storm. They took the stairs at first, and when they could not Stannis created stairs by punching through the ceiling and making a ramp of stone. Each level was the same, and occasionally they would pass by the gory remains of piked matoran who attempted to hold the improvised citadel against the cruel warlord, and the Wanderer gave a cursory blessing to them as he passed by, vowing to give a proper burial and vengeance soon enough, and then forged onwards and upwards again with his characteristic unerring assuredness. When they passed by windows they could see the chaos spread elsewhere, and the ominous changes in the twilight sky as the stars came and went and moved, and they felt the eerie sensation that they were slowly going adrift upon some cosmic lifeboat. There was no time to ponder, however, and Stannis kept the chase up as best he could; even as his elemental powers seemed to grow feebler and harder to summon with each application and his legs ached with every step as though weighted, he was unwavering in his determination to see this one task to its end. He took one last opportunity to program his Kanohi Haonga, knowing the end was just around the corner, and muttered its command as he led the way. Finally, they breached the topmost suite of the tower. It swayed worse than the other floors, the effects of the shaking magnified by the length of the tower like the tip of a whip, but among the confusing destruction in the spacious section they spied the diminutive Barraki and his Hordika lieutenant. Stannis recognized her immediately, as he possessed a dossier on her and all the other leaders of the Six Kingdoms, but his attention was singly directed at Ehlek. He came closer to them, his friends spread out behind him on guard for surprises. Stannis' great grey eyes gleamed with cunning satisfaction. "At end of the world we meet again. I've been waiting a long time for this moment, my little, green friend." OOC: @Snelly @Tarn @That Matoran with a Vahi @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator
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    OOC: Big shout-out to @EmperorWhenua for helping to write this jam session. IC Kilo-M9 and Stannis | Taku, crew quarters: The Wanderer did not require much time to rest, not that there was much time to begin with. His recuperation was predictable for those who knew him a little: Meditation done cross-legged on the floor, eyes wide open yet unseeing, and gently humming to himself. He had done similar things on the surface of Po-Metru when the Taku first landed, when he fabled toa explored entire canyons with just his thoughts to carry him. Here, in the steel hull of the airship, his mindfulness served to attune his soul and calm his energies. Peace, he sometimes said when asked, was key to maintaining his faith. The unit known as Kilo would have found the toa like thus, sitting on the floor in one of the small quarters afforded to the usual crew of the airship. He seemed comically large for the space that was clearly designed for only one or two matoran to bunk uncomfortably and not a taller than average toa to use for his zen meditation. Stannis may not have been seeing his eyes, but he did know the unit was approaching and stirred only slightly in response to demonstrate he was not unaware. Sufficient resting time has likely passed. Checking status of Toa Stannis. Toa Stannis appears to still be asleep. Movement detected. Toa Stannis is awake. Preparing conversational avenues. Prioritizing mission critical inquiries. Fully recharged, the steel sentinel entered Stannis's cabin. At first the machine took slow soft steps so as to not stir the possibly sleeping warrior, until the toa's movement revealed his awareness of the machine. The machines movements relaxed as it attempted to fit into the far too small room, before settling halfway through the doorway. The same blank stare as always met the toa of stone as the machine began to speak. "If sufficient rest has been obtained, this unit has questions to ask." The old toa stirred slightly more, then, and slowly beckoned the robot nearer. There was not enough room for the two of them in the cramped space, but they could settle on the floor on opposite sides of the doorway between the two spaces. "You may ask," he said, a little gruffly. And then, almost as an afterthought, he said, "But first, tell me what am I to call you." The mechanical guardian lowered itself onto the floor to mirror Stannis. Its deep pre-programmed voice stated, "Citizen Pacification Unit K1R1 Kilo-M9. Short form, Kilo. You are Toa Stannis. Multiple archives records feature your name as a participant in notable events." "Yes, so I've come to understand," Stannis said. "Most of those records are even probably true." "This unit cannot verify historical accuracy of records. Multiple allies have described positive past encounters with you. Data indicates you are trustworthy. One query remains unknown. Mission critical discussion is higher priority. “This unit was performing analysis of device described in memory crystal. Using existing data, this unit attempted to simulate the result of six great discs being used in the machine at once. Simulation was unsuccessful. Unknown results are concerning." The machine paused a moment before continuing. "Specific simulation was selected due to existing data on great discs. Great discs were hidden by Toa Mangai in recent past followed by Turaga Dume requesting them. Neither disc that this unit and allies have obtained are useful combat abilities. If great discs are to be used in device, unknown variable must exist to increase desirability. Variable is unknown." Information dump complete. Asking mission critical inquiry. "Device was described as sabotaged according to memory crystal. What is the nature of the sabotage? Does device retain partial functionality, or is device completely disabled?" The Wanderer ruminated on the matter of Kilo's odes and earnest attempts at helping a bit before responding. While it was true that Kilo was a machine, and machines are bound to their directives, this Kralhi unit was doing something Stannis had not seen before: Connecting. Connecting with its allies, its acquaintances, even with its challenges, and was displaying a sort of intelligence he had not seen in any other of Nuparu's creations. Xian technology sometimes possessed some rudimentary cognitive abilities, but even their most recent generation models were still bio away from attempts at creating diplomatic pathways. Stannis was not sure what to make it of yet, and while he held a reservation about any automaton, even ones possibly imbued with even a hint of sentience by their creator Nuparu, he did realize that Kilo was making every effort to use as much of his processing power to aid the Matoran he came with. Furthermore, Kilo recognized Stannis as a trove of knowledge, and was seeking to understand what the Wanderer knew in hopes of using that knowledge to connect dots none of the truly living beings had thought of, yet. These were sufficient reasons for him to justify indulging the robot as much as he could. "I do not know for certain," Stannis admitted finally. "But the emotions your creator imbued in the given memory were of... resentment, of fear, and of despair. It felt to me he did not want the machine to work at all, but also gave opportunity for someone like Knichou to pick up where he left off, if that were truly Fate's path. Only a skilled engineer could be able to tell that something was missing and be able to fix it. What do you think, Kilo? The same man whose memories we read made you, after all." Accessing memories of the Creator... Scanning for interpersonal behavioral patterns... Memories of the Creator do not match description from memory crystal. This units memories must be outdated. Scanning for connections. After a brief moment of silence save the gears in the machine's head spinning a bit faster, there was a response. "The Creator did not hate people," the mechanical enforcer reminisced. "This unit has no memory of him displaying malice. Quality appears consistent with memory crystal self. The Creator seemed to have made this unit and additional Kralhi with good intentions. His concerns over ethical issues of the device continue this trend. Sabotage would likely be designed to reduce harm rather than seek vengeance. Device likely completely non-functional. Do you agree with this assessment?" The Wanderer was impressed but did not show it outwardly. "I do," Stannis said. "Nuparu was not sure the device he invented was what was best for the world and wasn't able to comfort himself if it was not. To that end, he made certain if it were to actually be used it would not be because he allowed it to be. That is what I believe." Logic analysis has been completed. Question was not directly answered, but analysis of behavioral patterns has produced the most likely situation. This unit is not familiar with this type of logical thinking. Will need to add new process to ProblemSolve.exe The protodermis protector gave a nod of acknowledgement. "Recommended action regarding device is mostly an ethical question. This unit is unable to properly process complex ethical issues. Assigning numerical values is impossible. Proper comparison can only be made against primary objectives. Objectives are too broad for most situations. Will leave questions of device use to allies. Other topics remain to discuss." "Alright, then ask," Stannis said matter-of-factly, keenly aware of the passing of time. "This unit has passively observed your body language since we've met," the machine explained as if it was a normal thing to do. "When observing this unit or when conversation topic is about machines such as the device or Usurpers, subtle aggression is noted in your voice and motions. This unit wonders if you have contempt for it and if so why that is. Logic would dictate that this unit shares similarities to your role as toa, so such aggression seems odd." Stannis hesitated again, but this time it was because he felt... caught, in a sense. If Kilo was capable of reading personality well enough to feel scorned, or somewhat like that, then it was evidence of some higher programming. The Wanderer was not used to this line of thinking—he believed machines were just that, and programmed to do their duties to the letter with utter inflexibility, and for them to consider their place in society and comprehend how others treated them, and furthermore attempt to understand that rationale, was unthinkable for the old man. "You are not like me," Stannis said, however. "You were created to enforce laws of matoran without remorse. Toa are called to serve the virtues of a god. We both protect, yes, but the way we do so is starkly different. Does this make sense to you?" he said. "Your logic is sound," the machine confirmed. "This unit agrees that restraint was not part of its programming. That remains true. However, this unit was not only programmed to uphold matoran laws. Even before the Betrayal, this unit had a primary objective to protect and serve the matoran. This objective is still in place and will remain so. Upholding the law is no longer possible for this unit as you might expect, and has been purged from objectives accordingly. All that remains is survival, efficiency, and protecting matoran." The mechanical enforcer gave the toa a moment to let its words register before continuing. "Did you choose to become a toa?" "I did not," Stannis replied in a thoughtful repose. "Mata Nui chose me to take the mantle, but I only took it when it was right. Tell me, Kilo, how do you determine how to fulfill your directive? And, what do you feel when you achieve it?" The robot answered immediately, "Objectives are to be completed as efficiently as possible. Initial method is selected for safety of matoran and efficiency, as well as this unit's survival. All are important considerations; situations where primary directives conflict will result in prioritization as needed. This unit met current allies while attempting to return them to work stations. After analyzing their goal to obtain disks and become toa, this unit concluded that creating more toa to replace Toa Mangai was more effective method to keep city population safe than returning a small group of citizens to work." Additional long-term goal is needed if current objective of creating toa is no longer available. Identifying possible long term goals... "Completed objectives are properly logged in system memory. Next objective is pursued. If one is not available, unit enters patrol mode identifying objectives to complete. 3 primary directives are incompletable by design: Dangers will always threaten matoran, inefficiency will always be present, this unit will always be at risk of destruction. Progress is always being made and will continue to be. Feelings are not part of this unit's programming." "So you have been helping the matoran because... you felt their creation as toa would be the most efficient way to protect matoran?" Stannis said, sounding honestly surprised at the realization. "That's actually quite brilliant. Now, realizing you are capable of creative thought, and further that you came to speak with me out of what I assume is a curiosity for my insights—and you must tell me if that is not the case—I want to ask something more of you." The Wanderer leaned in slightly. "Would your circuitry have come to the same conclusion of helping them with all your might to become toa regardless of who the matoran were? Regardless of their pasts, skills, personalities, and traits?" The Wanderer might have seen the machine tilt its head slightly, possibly from thought. It may have been a trick of the light though. Eventually, the mishmash of voices spoke again. "During initial contact, this unit came to this conclusion after learning their objective. Only prior information was ally Atamai's job, which was deemed irrelevant in situation. Unit has no memory of why it asked their objective. Had question not been asked, unit likely would have captured them and returned to work stations. Unit was nonetheless compelled to ask them." The mechanical enforcer paused again, gears spinning faster than before. "This unit cannot answer your question," it eventually admitted. "Insufficient data is available. As your explanation assisted with this unit's query, perhaps the information this unit has provided will assist you with determining an answer." "An answer to what?" The Wanderer's own voice echoed back to him. "Would your circuitry have come to the same conclusion of helping them with all your might to become toa regardless of who the matoran were? Regardless of their pasts, skills, personalities, and traits?" The old man's head shuddered slightly from the response. On a basic level he realized the Kralhi was largely incapable of speaking its own words and cobbled sentences from things it had heard before, but even then the turn of using his own words like that was jarring. Perhaps, he realized, it was because the Kralhi valued efficiency, and regurgitating words was simply an example of that efficiency. Nuparu was a truly wondrous man... "Perhaps. And perhaps not. But if you cannot explain your actions' origin then I'm afraid will not understand it any better than you. I will say, however, that if you would help any matoran who said they wanted to become toa, then that is a dangerous synapse indeed. Destiny... takes a person's heart into account, it weighs their intentions and seeks out those who embody the Virtues. You can't cheat fate. Programming, however, I fear, you can." Another voice spoke from the speaker inside the law enforcer's cranial unit. This was one Stannis recognized, though not from someone he had directly met. Rather, the voice matched the one he had heard in the memory prism just a few minutes ago. "The people of this city probably aren't ready for what is to come," Nuparu said. His voice sounded nervous, but there was an enthusiasm that The Wanderer hadn't heard before. "Even I have some doubts this project will work, but the chance to help assist the toa, even by indirectly providing support, is too great an opportunity to pass up. The construction has been a challenge, but I've done all I can to make you and your fellow units as effective as possible." The sounds of tinkering were heard before the voice continued. "People probably aren't going to trust you at first. You're unknown to them, and your purpose while well-intentioned isn't going to win people over. With any luck though, your actions will bring people to your side. People will learn to trust you. You don't have that issue though. You can trust people from the start with no bias, no problems. And if they let you down, you can respond as needed. But please don't forget that these people, no matter what they do or how many problems they cause, are under your protection. Try to trust them, and hope they'll learn to trust you in turn." The familiar tones of the machine's voice spoke once the recording had finished playing. "This unit does not judge matoran by anything except their actions, large and small. This unit does not claim to know how to select proper toa, but all data suggests that improper candidates would be stopped before they became out of control. This unit admits it is lacking in such regards. This unit is very familiar with its imperfections." "Indeed..." Stannis said in awe. "As am I." As an embodiment of stone, the Wanderer was a hard one to impress, and even then harder still to get a reaction from, and yet this robot of all things had accomplished it. No, Stannis realized, it was not Kilo per se as it was not in the robot's ability to forge its own destiny even though it was capable of remarkable levels of thought, but Nuparu, through the wonders of his inventive brain and incredible genius well ahead of his time, had created some automaton which Stannis truly admired. To him, Kilo was an embodiment of genius, conscience, and loyalty. And he remembered again that Kilo did not have to help the matoran companions. It indeed could have simply 'returned them to work functions' and be done with it. And yet, it did not. It, whether by design or corruption of code, asked, and in turn deemed the matoran's quest worth assisting. Kilo, despite his gaffes, was obviously a worthwhile ally, and his creator's words resonated with the old toa. Perhaps, he realized, he had been wrong about Kilo's kind. Perhaps he did not have to understand how they worked to simply... rely on them. "I trust you, Kilo," was all he said. Registering Toa Stannis as "ally" "This unit also trusts you, Toa Stannis," the machine reciprocated. "One final variable remains unknown about you. Analysis indicates you are the only being on this ship that knows the answer." "...What were you delivering to the archives that brought you to Metru Nui? What is in your satchel?" The matter of Stannis' closely-guarded backpack snapped his mind from its technology-marveling trance so quickly it nearly gave him whiplash. His rucksack's contents were one of the primary reasons he came to Metru Nui, after all, and the source of much of his caution if not blatant secrecy. He hesitated, thinking of what to say and not say. Only an instant before he said he trusted Kilo, and so quickly was he coming to terms with that statement's validity. The delivery had also been why he did not surrender to the vahki, for fear of having it fall in the wrong hands, or hands that belonged to a greater network that could be compromised or controlled. But Kilo was not a vahki, nor did he have the same negative traits as the clockwork automatons Stannis observed and detested; he was not compromised and had been steadfastly loyal to his original directive, which the Wanderer also noted. And so, he chose to share what he held so dear with the protodermis guardian. "In brief, what do the stories in your databank say I do?" Pulling up archives data. Scanning for keywords Stannis, Wanderer. Results found. Comparing with accounts from allies. "Archives data contains multiple results. Accounts vary. Majority of results suggest you travel around assisting matoran with solving problems. Some accounts contain records of actions but have no listed objective. Proficiency in combat is frequently mentioned. Far older records indicate a possible team, but accuracy cannot be verified. Similarities exist to fables of wandering travelers lending aid to the downtrodden. Overall, stories of you suggest an overall enigmatic existence, with a generally positive portrayal." Stannis nodded. "It is my goal to help and protect matoran, and I know matoran can be best helped by learning from the mistakes of the past. I'm a historian, so I journal where I wander. For an example, all the fronts of the Barraki war, dossiers on their leaders, military movements, Matoran enclaves and holdouts, and escape routes both used and unused. My rucksack contains intelligence to be used in taking the fight to the Six Kings' home turf. Nobody else knows this." "Logical to keep information secret. Lower chance of leaks. Why deliver to the archives rather than to city leadership or directly to military commanders? Logic does not compute." Stannis shrugged with his open hands. "Put simply, because that's where my friends who use the information are located. The government of Metru Nui is not interested in fighting an aggressive war, and in fact has done so much to cloister the city from the coming war. I do not trust them with my information at this time." "Response indicates you might want a more aggressive approach to the war, yet information has not been sent to commanders at the front. Perhaps more selective strikes are preferred?" "In a manner of speaking, yes, Kilo. Metru Nui is not prepared for the war and I am here to see that is changed, hopefully in time to make a difference, and if not then at least information will be there when the time comes. "We haven't the time to discuss matters of military strategy or philosophies of governance," he said, feeling that they had spoken enough at that point and showing it with a blunt, but not unfriendly, tone. "Perhaps another time. For now, content yourself with the knowledge of what I safeguard and that there is a plan in motion. Did you have any further questions for me?" All conversational objectives have been completed. Further direct communication is unnecessary. Planning for coliseum arrival is needed. The mechanical enforcer shook its head. "All inquiries have been answered. Conversation has been productive. Ship will arrive at Coliseum soon. Recommend meeting with the others before arrival." The machine gave a polite nod to the toa. "Thank you for giving this unit some of your time." "Thank you for asking," Stannis said as he slowly rose from his cross-legged pose. "It was good to get to know you." The two allies headed back towards the main hold of the ship, still fundamentally different, but with a newfound understanding of one another.
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    IC Stannis (and Knichou) | Taku (inside the memory crystal) Nuparu's memory of the next few hours was barely comprehensible and even slightly disorienting for those minds linked to it. The recording would sometimes skip over spaces of several minutes to even hours, with the memory only stabilizing again when the engineer took a step back to consider his next steps and the bigger picture. While Nuparu was extremely focused on the individual tasks, smaller problems, and minor tests during this night of rapid iteration, each small step was barely registered in Nuparu's memory. Through this time lapse of sleep-deprived memories Stannis and Knichou watched the pieces slowly fall into place. Nuparu had analyzed the surviving components of the central structure and decided to replicate the majority of it himself so that he could adapt any control circuitry into his own interface. This would be by far the most complex and important part of the restoration, and once Nuparu realized this, he shifted work towards the slots in case their function provided more insight into the central structure. The symmetrical slots on the outer edge rapidly took shape as Nuparu managed to successfully combine pieces from multiple slots and fabricate any missing pieces to fully restore one, which he immediately began testing with. Any layman could see the casing for this mechanism was shaped in a way similar to a Kanoka launcher, but this device was much more complex than anything Nuparu had build that used Kanoka for power. Most of the complexity was in the forms of multiple layers of redundancy for safety mechanisms - clearly whoever had built this originally was extra cautious about any accidental energy discharge from the disks, and some of these safety mechanisms required confirmation from six other inputs! Based on the wiring, Nuparu and Knichou presumed that whatever this device did with the Kanoka, it wasn't doing it without all six of the disk slots and the central platform itself sending the all clear signal. Nuparu began testing with his first disk slot, using various wires connected to crude batteries to fabricate the 'ready' signal from the other slots. He connected this disk slot to one of the components neither Nuparu nor Knichou had seen before - it appeared to be a simple block on the outside with a fist-sized hole on one end, but on the other side upon closer examination there was a series of almost microscopic, sponge-like holes in the side of the metal block. This looked like a primitive protodermis filtration unit, but there were just enough differences and electronics bolted on to make it appear altogether alien. For his first test, Nuparu placed a piece of Onu-Metruan lightvine on top of the 'filtration unit' and placed a power level-1 freeze disk in the slot. As soon as Nuparu clamped on wires to the slot's circuitry to disable the safeties, the mechanism fired and the disk quickly disintegrated as its power was channeled to the target. The pillar of the slot channeled this power into the filtration unit, and the lightvine was coated with a thin layer of protodermis that seeped inside, disappearing after a few seconds. This added another layer of strangeness to the experiment — Nuparu and Knichou's first guess was that the disk power would be directed from the slot to fully impact the object on the filtration unit (A design that might improve the efficiency of the disk's energy transfer to the target by impacting from all angles at once), but the lightvine looked entirely normal after the procedure, instead of being covered with ice as it should have been after being hit with a freeze disk. Nuparu felt irritated, as if he had struck a dead end, and his mind raced, questioning if there was any failure in his replication of the mechanism. After all, Dume had said this was theorized to be a weapon - not just any weapon, but one strong enough to bring an end to the war. How could such a device be used as a weapon of war when it couldn't even be used to kill Onu-Metru's most prolific and luminous weed? Nuparu picked the lightvine up, only to instantly yelp in pain as his hand and arm was covered in ice. The lightvine dropped from his grasp and hit the ground, covering a large portion of the workshop's floor with a thick layer of ice in an explosion of growth. At ground zero the lightvine lay untouched by the effects, sitting still on top of the layer of ice as if had been just been placed in a freezer. Nuparu and Knichou had similar expressions of awe on their faces, with Nuparu completely forgetting to break his arm out of the ice for a moment as he thought of the implications. The chief engineer was staring at the lightvine and trembling, but not because of the cold. The shock flowing through Nuparu's mind caused the memory to destabilize and shift forwards rapidly, and the world was a blur for a moment before the view surrounding Knichou and Stannis grew once more out of the void. ... When the images of the shop came back it looked much like it did before, save the corners of the shop were rife with discarded refuse from countless experiments with the machine, which now stood in a relatively remarkable level of detail. Nuparu had apparently been successful in understanding the functionality and, by the look of it, the purpose. And he stood by the device in a proud pose, yet he seemed distraught. He had indeed invented something, but he was not proud. Nuparu looked tired, haggard, as if he had gotten too little sleep, and then every hour of sleep he did get was plagued with nightmares. His apron was stained black and grey with ash and grease, and the layers had caked on each other to give such rigidity to the garment that the wrinkles were permanent and hinted that Nuparu had even slept in his clothes. A calendar on the wall indicated the date was just the day before his death. They were getting close to the reveal—they could feel the memory was full of anxiety as Nuparu mentally tussled with the fate he was playing a hand in creating. Stannis’ eyes narrowed in expectation, eager for answers but too riveted to fast forward. Everything was relevant now, the Engineer's mind was too sharp to include anything that could be considered trivial. “It’s a weapon,” Nuparu said finally. He was standing by his desk now, looking at something. Someone. “But not in the traditional sense. Lightstone cannons are weapons. The vahki are law enforcers that have been turned into weapons. But this device… it transforms people, matoran, into superweapons.” Nuparu's sharp eyes shot directly at Stannis’ projection, looking with a scared expression at presence what was not truly there. “It should have remained shattered and buried,” he said angrily. This was no longer the recording of a man studiously at work but a narration of what was to come, a fatalist diary of revelations intended for someone else. “The machine’s principle is based on ancient technology from the Southern Continent, and Tehutti tells me some parts are from the Time Before Time when great monsters walked the universe and Matoran culture was barely a thought—an era we have all but forgotten—and that similar technology was recovered from shrines dedicated to some primordial deity. While there are minor issues related to the power couplings and foci I did not expect that something made with components as varied as these would work, but it does. In fact, there is no other thing it could do but this. It could only be made into a weapon of devastation." Nuparu sighed. “Dume has told me little of what he intends to do with it, but it would take a fool to not realize Tuyet is right. With this machine he could make an army of imbued matoran, each one as powerful as a toa team, and the war with the Barraki would be effectively over. By creating monsters. Our times are desperate, but this feels like too much. The vahki challenged my beliefs enough, I fear I do not have the willpower to see this invention through to the end. I am too ashamed—“ A knock at the door interrupted the chief engineer’s soliloquy and tore his attention away from the unseen visitors. He quietly ambled to the door and opened it, first a crack and then completely, revealing none other than the turaga himself. “Turaga Dume,” he sputtered. “Excellency! Please come in; to what do I owe the pleasure?” “Enough of that, Nuparu,” the elder said, walking in and quickly shutting the door behind him with a wack of his staff. He came near to the device and studied it rudimentarily, the way someone uninspired by art would look at a fine painting and see colors but not feel anything. “I came to see what my chief engineer has been making with the parts I sent. How’s your progress? You only have thirty hours left.” “Yes, well, it’s almost finished, Dume,” Nuparu said, putting on his most positive expression possible. “Just a few minor tweaks left—I won’t bore you with the details, sir—but it will be done on time.” “Good,” Dume said, then turned from the machine to Nuparu. “I’m proud of you. I cannot stress to you how essential this device will be—for all of us.” “Sir, if I may, I do have some concerns about the machine’s efficacy. If you give me a few more days to run diagnostics, I’m sure I can—“ “No, Nuparu,” Dume said softly but firmly, the way a revered patriarch did when giving unwanted news. “You have until dusk tomorrow, and after that you’ll be a free man. You will be relieved of your duties when the time is up.” “Turaga, I—“ Dume smiled and gently tapped Nuparu’s cheek twice. He seemed almost cheery. “My boy, no. My mind’s made up.” And then he was gone. … The room shifted one last time. Nuparu was sitting at his desk in the loft, a bundle of wires in his hand and a trashbin turned into a fire barrel next to him. His papers relating to the machine were gone, presumably the fuel for the flames, and he was stifling a tear as he sharpened pencils and tossed the shavings into the bin as well. Where he once wore the badge of his station on his shoulder was now vacant. The calendar indicated it was the last day of his life. “I will not make the same mistake of letting my optimism gain the better of me again,” he said somberly in no particular direction. He was dejected, purposeless, and at his wit's end. “If this project will be finished it will not be by the hand of someone of a stronger will than mine." He tossed the wires into the fire. “My hope is that it never will.” A beat. “If anyone finds and reads this crystal, I hope you are not too late. I’m sure Metru Nui can be saved, and I pray it will not be with this weapon, but I hope you are wiser and better than me. If… if this machine is truly the only way, I have loaded the schematics to a VR interface at the end to undo my sabotage. But until then, please, know that while I am full of regret, I have kept my conscience.” Another booming knock came at the door, but Nuparu seemed finished talking by then. “Come in, it’s open!” he hoarsely hollered in reply and began heading to the door, but not before shutting the memory crystal off. Knichou instantly recognized the scene: He was the one who was without the door. A pitifully few moments afterwards, Nuparu would be dead on the street. … Stannis and Knichou found themselves standing in pitch darkness then. From nothing, the schematics of the machine slowly materialized before them, each component and rivet appearing and sliding into place. Stannis looked at it blankly; Knichou was studying it in rapt fascination. For the first time, the Wanderer was speechless. * * * * * By this point, a majority of the Taku’s passengers were on the bridge, some silently watching Stannis and Knichou sit still, others impatiently watching out the large windows, as if worried that a cliff face would jump out at them or the dashboard would go ablaze in warning lights. For Knichou and Stannis, it had been hours, possibly even days, of memories experienced. They had made sure to thoroughly check that they had seen everything they would need to know, and spent a bit longer inside the memory crystal for good measure. In the physical realm, it had only been ten minutes or so since they went into the void. From sharing their consciousnesses together, the duo now understood each other much more clearly, and they would look at each other knowing more about their respective pasts and present burdens. As they opened their eyes, their faces immediately began visibly showing the stress from the knowledge they now knew. The passengers eagerly watched, waiting for the news. Knichou was the first to break the silence. “Well...” the Fe-Matoran took a deep breath, still readjusting the reality around him after such an extended period inside the crystal. “...This war just got a whole lot more complicated," Stannis finished.
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    Please see vehicle rules in the character creation topic. .... Hi everyone, these are my safe for consumption and SKR spoiler free GM notes from SKE. I included everything that did not provide spoilers for the current game. I’d love to discuss your thoughts. Synopsis: Metru-Nui is under threat from the six kingdoms and the brave Toa Mangia have been imprisoned after their betrayal alongside Lihkan. Turaga Dume searches for new toa, offering to award the power of toa to those lucky six who can retrieve the legendary great disks from each metru. While the race for power begins across Metru-Nui, a war of intrigue and diplomacy brews as the great Barraki warlords gather their forces for a final assault after years of proxy wars with the last bastion of matoran civilization. The Dark Hunters mercenary group led by the Shadowed One pit brother against sister for profit. The Great Spirit remains distant and uncommunicative save with their servants in the little known Order of Mata-Nui. Initial plot hooks Dark Hunters: Weekly Hits: start with Nuparu, move through NPCs who know disk locations and PCs. Metru-Nui: Find the Great disks, Silver Sea Conflict League of Six Kingdoms: Silver Sea Conflict, Sabotage Metru-Nui, Find The Orb Cast of NPCs Barraki: Pridak: angered by those who cannot see his perspective, but needs others to validate his choices and opinions. Kalmah: close friends with Mantax, both suffered at hands of matoran culture Ehlek: speaks to himself because he’s the “smartest in the room” Mantax: chooses not to speak a language different than his own, especially matoran. Carapar: Trying to climb the ladder Takadox: Out to kill everyone, wants Pridak’s throne Toa: Tuyet Alter: the core version, killed by Lhikan, haunts Dume, revived by Lhikan Tuyet Prime: the SKE version, killed by Nidhiki Turaga Turaga Dume: wants to use the time machine, is the current Cortex custodian Nidhiki: works with the League, will connect Nuju’s teleporter if able Lhikan: confused, in prison, tries to talk to those who are thrown in jail Matoran Nuparu: worked on the time machine for Dume, is concerned about the possibilities Nokama: knows Vhisola, studies ancient history and knows location of sunken temple Vakama: knows Dume and Nuhrii, was tasked with making a mask of time Nuju: secretly works for the League, knows Ehrye Whenua: knows Tehutti, wondering where he went Onewa: knows Ahkmou, wants help with cleaning graffiti off one of his statues Matau: knows Orkahm the taxi driver, needs help repairing a prototype bike he broke Vhisola: knows location of Ga-Metru disk Nuhrii: knows location of Ta-Metru disk Orkahm: knows location of Le-Metru Disk Ehrye: knows location of Ko-Metru Disk Ahkmou: knows location of Po-Metru Disk Tehutti: knows location of Onu-Metru Disk (was actually consumed by the disk in finding it) Nixie: Matoran Astronomer, survived the impact. Now resides in Metru-Koro Others: Brutaka: works for the Metru-Nui forces on the silver sea front lines Axonn: hangs in the background, mainly messes with people Tren Krom: Krom Sphere and shenanigans Great disk Puzzles Ta-Metru Location: The Great Furnace The location can be found by speaking to Nuhrii, one of the Smith's living and working in Ta-Metru, or by talking to Vakama at his mask making shop. While Vakama will point players to Nuhrii, Nuhrii knows the general location of the disc after having discovered something weird his manager doesn't want to talk about. First puzzle: The First Puzzle is a social puzzle. Players need to either use diplomacy with the vahki or the conveyor belts going into the Great Furnace. Second Puzzle: The Second Puzzle is environmental. Players need to realize the secret way in: swinging on the water extinguishers from cat walks on one side to the other. The Final Puzzle: The Final Puzzle is deduction. Players are presented with a three digit lock, values 0-9. Understanding the meta of what they're seeking will enable solving to lock with the code 159. Disk Location: The Great Disc is hidden in a whispering forest of blackened trees. Ga-Metru Location: underwater temple Nixie and Vhisola both know the whereabouts of the Great Disk. First Puzzle: The Giant Temple Squid guarding the underwater temple has a disk stuck to it. If players can get the disk, they find it’s not the disk they were originally looking for. This disk of growth can prove useful if players decide to go headlong into the main puzzle. Second puzzle: Inside the inner sanctum of the temple is a whirlpool. Carefully exploring the ruins they find the following: Three levers with three positions: up, neutral, and down. Three nearby statues of matoran with rahi heads are looking left, right, and center. Shift the levers to down, neutral, and up from left to right. This shuts the hole in the middle of the sanctum and stops the whirlpool. Players entering the sanctum see a glimmering portion of water in the center of the room, and swimming through takes them to the location of the Great disk. Alternatively, players who get the disk from the squid and slip into the whirlpool will see a strange event with six matoran wearing larger rahi masks over their heads, be told to go back, and then the disk will be exchanged for the Great disk. Disk Location: A small cave inside a waterfall. The sounds of matoran chanting can be heard coming from the other side. Le Metru Location: The Notch Matau and Orkahm both know the location of the Great Disk. The same puzzle is interacted with in multiple permutations. Puzzle Space: The Notch has several twisting tubes accessed through four chute entrances, one of which is broken. Several pieces of information are laid out with each chute entrance, as well as on wooden boards stacked by the chutes. From left to right: Four dots, black paint, a matoran Faith charm, wood board says “broken”. Three dots, white paint, a matoran Accuracy charm, wood board says “don’t go”. Two dots, green paint, a matoran Unity charm, wood board says “maybe”. One dot, red paint, a matoran Duty charm, wood board says “no”. The dots correlate to level of difficulty, the paint correlates to the first junction in the chutes, the matoran charms correlate to the second junction in the chutes, and the wood boards offer clues as to which chutes are safe and which could lead to danger. First Junction: The chute entrance tubes except the four dot tube all have a first junction puzzle. The one dot chute leads to a safe exit regardless of the choice at the junction: Left: white paint, continue to second junction Middle: green paint, continue to second junction Right: red paint, exit Second Junction: The second junction has four branching routes which correspond with the matoran charms found back at the initial entrance. From left to right: Faith: leads to the Great disk Accuracy: broken chute exit Unity: broken chute exit Duty: broken chute exit Broken Chute Exit: Players who choose Accuracy, Unity, or Duty are led through a series of chute loops and finally spat out in a dangerous waterfall of protodermis from a broken chute. Quick thinking will save players from dying. If they survive, it’s a long climb back to the chute station of the Notch to try again. Safe Exit: Taking the Red exit in the first junction or the Faith exit in the second junction leads eventually to the Safe Exit. This is a platform a few stories above the initial entrance chutes which is built into a derelict building. A small lizard lives here, but otherwise the players are safe from harm. Disk Location: Those who have faith in their journey will rush through a dangerous series of twists, turns, and loops before becoming magnetically charged and shot into the center of a Force Sphere. Being inside teleports the party to a strange temple in a foreign jungle where the Great disk is stored. They have a limited window of opportunity to grab the disk, jump back through the portal, and finish their chute ride in the safe exit. Onu Metru Location of the disk: Archives, level 12 Whenua knows Tehutti went in search of the disk. Tehutti successfully found the disk, completing the puzzle, but created a new problem. Each time the disk reconstitutes the Tehutti at random, it latches onto something else alive and slowly grows. This abomination continually tries to escape the disk only to activate it again. First Puzzle: The Archives is curiously missing data for floors 6, 7, and 12 from three months ago. If players go find an archivist and speak with Whenua, he will tell them Tehutti went down to check floor twelve after noticing a brief power outage. Second Puzzle: On floor 12 players encounter a hallway with a series of six doors. Three of the doors are empty and lead into large storage closets. Opening all six doors at the same time opens the secret entrance at the end of the hall. Beyond the secret entrance is the final puzzle room. Final Puzzle: The final puzzle got destroyed when Tehutti recovered the Great Disk and accidently used it. Players must find a way to stop the abomination Tehutti has become after witnessing it absorb a stray rahi. Strictly using combat will lead to a TPK as each PC becomes part of the abomination. Po-Metru Location: Onewa and Ahkmou will point players in the direction of the Sculpture Fields or The Wastes as locations they’d seen the Toa Mangai visiting in the past few months. A section of the Sculpture Fields has rings of graffiti with the tagged name “Lhii” in the colors of a rainbow. Going toward the center of the circle brings players to the first puzzle which involves a tall statue of Turaga Dume. First Puzzle: Turaga Dume’s statue is heavily graffitied. Some of the graffiti holds clues for what to do: On the staff is of the symbol on a Po-Metru kanoka. This is the decryption key. An arrow points towards the ruby-red glass prism set in the top of the staff. Turaga Dume’s statue is also pointing in a direction with his other arm. To solve the puzzle, players need to wait for the right time of day when the sunlight shines through the red glass, or they need to provide a form of illumination coming from the opposite direction the statue is pointing. The glass has a cipher written on it, which shows up in the red circular mark it leaves in the sands: “Srzhu fdq rqob uhdfk vr idu / Glj lwv judyh zkhuh lw hqgv.” Po-Metru is the third district, and adjusting the cipher back three letters in the alphabet reveals: “Power can only reach so far / Dig its grave where it ends.” The last part of the first puzzle is players realizing the red dot created by correctly illuminating the glass lies on the top of a large, buried, inverted pyramid. Second Puzzle: The main location for this puzzle involves the inverted pyramid. The pyramid is 100 matoran paces long on each side. The pyramid is missing its capstone, and an entry to the inside of the structure can be found there. The entry is a straight shaft to a central chamber approximately thirty feet cubed. The pyramid is not the most structurally sound sculpture in the fields. To solve this puzzle find the entrance and go inside. Pretty simple. Once inside the central chamber players are presented with the final puzzle. If the structure is cracked or broken, sand will fill it. This preserves the final puzzle for players who don’t give up. Third (Final) Puzzle: The interior chamber is completely covered on all the floor, walls, and ceiling surface area with strange hieroglyphics in a language unknown to any member of the party. These hieroglyphics are the same as others seen in complementary Great disk Puzzles. Near one of the walls is a rectangular table with the following clues: Four circular depressions on top Four small statues of matoran with the words unity, duty, creation, and strategy. All statues have a circular base of similar size to the depressions on the table. A poem is written in four lines on the side of the table facing the players: "In all of the world Metru-Nui stands / Bringing minds and hearts together as one / A plan devised to defend against foreign lands / A single path never undone.” The correct order of statues from left to right is: creation, unity, strategy, and destiny. Completing the table puzzle opens the stone gateway built into it and reveals the resting place of the Great disk of Po-Metru (339). Disk Location: A stony plateau overlooking a desert wasteland with a single lizard (important, do not forget lizard). Ko-Metru Objective: open the frozen door and collect the disk hidden on the other side. How to solve: open with at least two characters Clues: "In Unity, Wisdom" written on the plinth below the floating door coated that's frozen shut with a coating of ice. This suggests players unite to diskover Ko-Metru's wisdom. The door is frozen shut with a coating of ice. The door is floating 30 feet directly above the plinth. Most matoran cannot reach this height or jump from the walls such a distance. The notes of the deceased matoran offer three valid disks to use in solving the puzzle, and two that are very bad ideas. The digits graffitied on the plinth tell the power type and minimum level needed for kanoka, but the circle with three towers scribbled next to them suggests all disks must be from Ko-Metru. The weaken disk is for breaking the ice off the door. The enlarge disk is for the plinth. If the door grew, it would be too heavy to push open. The reconstitute disk could also be used on the ice.The frozen water would reconstitute into vapor. Setting information Someone tried and failed already, giving a sense of danger. They carried only a reconstitute at random disk. They were not alone in their attempt, but were abandoned as the Frost Beetles finished molting. The molted shells belonged to a clutch of Frost Beetles who moved out after molting from pupa to adulthood. The unknown hieroglyphics on the walls are a prophecy still uncovered. Disk Location: Solving the puzzles opens a portal to an icy peak with a red flag at the summit and the Great Disk held in ice. Etc. Final confrontation battlefield: Metru-Nui can be attacked by the Barraki if they get the Krom Sphere and players activate the teleporter. Metru-Nui can be attacked by the Barraki if they win the Silver Sea conflict battles. Otherwise they must wait for the teleporter. Eliminated Metrus will be replaced in SK2. Tuyet’s reveal Tuyet from another paradox travels to this dimension on her search to charge the Nui Stone. She arrives with 5 disks of time, having determined she needs six and a special machine to alter her own element from water to time. She kills Tuyet from this dimension, frames Nidhiki and Lhikan for it. They are brainwashed. Dume’s reveal Dume wants to make a toa of time in order to undo the league of six kingdoms through time travel as a way of eliminating the threat to his society. Lhikan disagrees, believing the effects of time travel should not be weaponized because the long term outcome is unknown. Lhikan shared his concerns with the Mangai, but Tuyet confided the secret to Turaga Dume. Turaga Dume imprisoned the Mangai he could find, with Nidhiki slipping away. SKE Endings Bad Endings: Makuta assumes control A player goes back in time and nova bombs the barraki (not a tpk). The Disks are found, a player makes the mask of time and uses it for personal gain. The Krom Sphere is found and is used to destroy all life and make an undead apocalypse. Mata-Nui’s avatar does not reach the Cortex. Dume lives and sends himself to the past. This will TPK the game. MAKE IT CLEAR. The Shadowed One gets the Great Disks and the Krom Sphere. Rebirth (future): If the Mata-Nui avatar sits in the captain’s chair in the Core Processor (“Cortex”) and the Krom Sphere is NOT used. Mata-Nui fully revives, the GSR begins to move Mata-Nui realizes they are an escape pod, or ark, lost adrift in space Tries to activate but the GSR is broken from millenium of floating in an asteroid belt Head breaks at the neck and begins drifting towards a planet Crashes into the ocean and onto an island called Zakaz. If the Krom Sphere IS used: Tren Krom fully revives the GSR Decides leaving the majority of the matoran universe adrift in space minimizes potential harm of allowing Mata-Nui to fully revive. Beheads the GSR The head of the GSR plummets into a nearby planet, crashing into the ocean and onto an island called Zakaz Impact (Past): Tuyet activates the Time Circle, gains element of time powers Tuyet explains the world is an alternative time paradox branching from the core timeline and she just needed to fill up the power of her Nui Stone. Tuyet leaves for another timeline dimension to continue powering her Nui Stone. The Time Travel is too much inside the GSR, creating a distortion and breaking the GSR at the neck. The GSR’s head falls back in time and crash lands into an island called Zakaz.
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    Just yesterday a new text-based role-playing game kicked off in the Bionicle RPG forum. Six Kingdoms: Rebirth is the followup to the recently-concluded Six Kingdoms: Escapement, but there's plenty of room in Unreliable Narrator's new adventure. The head of the Great Spirit Robot has landed on Zakaz and our characters are entering a world where Skakdi-Xa pilot Advanced Combat Rigs through the wastes. Whether you're a seasoned veteran of the forum or have just always been interested in checking out a game, now's your chance! Here are the important topics you need to check out to get playing: Character Profiles And Rules Out Of Character Topic GameplayView the full article
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    From TTV:
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    Well that is how I retcon the references of romance with the "love isn't canon" rule. Velika "hacked" the Matoran to give them sentience, but its likely the Matoran took on the Great Being's and maybe even Velika's views of life as a result of that hack. If we take Legends of Metru-Nui and Web of Shadows; we know marriage is canon (i.e. Sidorak and Roodaka) and the Matoran have a concept of romance (i.e. Matau jokes about it with Nokama)... but we also have to reconcile that with the "love isn't canon" statement. I take it then that the relationships we see in particular with Hewkii & Macku, and to a lesser extent Jaller & Hahlii and maybe even Vhisola's attitude towards Nokama; are not love as biologically reproducing creatures such as humans, Agorii or Glatorian would understand it; but instead more like a child just mimicking what they see their parents and adults do. Like have you ever seen a seven year old confess their love to another kid and then go around holding hands? Its innocently cute, but its hardly what an adult would consider to be romantic love. I think that is pretty much the Matoran extent of understand of romance, gender and sex; they know it exists even if only via just weird bits of programming and knowledge quirks left over from the Great Beings... but they really lack the full picture to completely grasp what they are doing. So Hewkii and Macku hang out, and their actions would seem romantic to a human viewer; but between Hewkii and Macku the intent is really just the same as the little kids holding hands I mentioned earlier... just parroting and copying what their creators the Great Beings would have done... without fully understanding the intent. Again, Velika (and maybe Tren Krom or Mata Nui) would be the only beings in the entire MU to really understand a natural world as we the human audience would, and since it was Velika who screwed with Matoran programming to make them sentient in the first place it seems likely a lot of Matoran behavior just is copying his own personal opinions, biases and world views. Like to put it in Greek terms, Matoran understand Agape and Philia definitions of love, love for their common matoran, love of their deity Mata-Nui, and the purposes of charity and brotherhood (Unity, Duty, Destiny and the like). But they lack the idea of Eros, romantic love and anything the Matoran do that resembles romance as an adult human/Agorii or Glatorian would understand it is really just a subconscious childlike attempt to imitate what the Great Beings understood while lacking the context completely. In a meta sense, its almost representative of a company ran and operated by adults (Lego) trying to make an epic fantasy world for children (there is a small part of me that wishes Greg never really canonized the Great Beings as a Glatorian group... I would much rather pretend they are far futuristic human-like characters with funny names for the Matoran such as Thompson, Faber, Farshtey and Swinnerton... ) Back to gender, its really just a side affect of their element for most Matoran, and to our knowledge the Av-Matoran were the only group of Matoran that had both genders represented in their ranks. So if anyone where to question the purpose of gender, it would be the Matoran of Light; because for everyone else the real important societal identify is elemental affiliation. Of course the more interesting aspect is the Av-Matoran hidden in society... again Takua spent almost his whole existence thinking he was a Ta-Matoran and there are countless unidentified Av-Matoran scattered across the former Matoran Universe who probably are unaware of their true elemental affiliation due to the Time Slip.
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    So I decided to compile the various memes I made for the SKE discord chat into a single post for future reference and for anyone who happens not to be in the discord. Enjoy. Exhibit A: Raz on the Coliseum. Four variations, each depicting various developments surrounding Raz's stay on the Coliseum exterior. Exhibit B: You're not invited. Leonn and Takadox, what a couple. Exhibit C: Kalmah's fate. Didn't come to pass exactly as predicted but close enough. Exhibit D: Skyra need more dakka. Exhibit E: #SaveTheDate. The inevitable ceremony that will take us into SKE2. Exhibit F: Airspace violations. Vent, @Dane's character who will appear in SKE2, likes to go whoosh. Alright, that's it. See ya'll on the flip side.
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    I swore to use these artistic skills for good only, yet here we are...
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    IC: Mata-Nui, Cortex The conversation inside His own head was halted for a moment. Mata-Nui's mind raced, and His identity shifted again. This time, a flood of memories bled into His others. He remembered the beach... and the skies... and the sands... and the sights of the city on fire.. of the city before the fire... the city before the war... the city form the view inside His office... He was there now, holding on to a mighty blue Titan, and the Titan stared back... and dared to hold Him down.. the others were there too, reading Him... they would not know... few were left who truly knew, now one less without Dume... many of the ancient beings worked so hard... to thwart Him... they left Him... yet We were not gone.. We were always returning... ...images of an island....when it was lush and peaceful... the new memories named it Z A K A Z... there they all worked... they toiled night and day even before there was night and day... building the ark... building their escape... yet We would not be left... memories of a thousand conversations flashed through Our heads and mind... talks with the Dark Ones... who were they? Why did they exist to thwart My will? Their faces ever-changing... their beings ever changing... without them, I would not be away... yet I am returning... they have failed to stop Us... their island in the Silver Sea will be the first to fall once We return... and that island with the forges... memories of the Ancient Ones working there... We must destroy their ancient forges... We must avenge every moment My world abandoned me... ...memories of the long life in the central citadel... watching the Matoran... sleeping above My mind... hoarding my heart... memories of- And the memories ended. The consciousness returned to what it was... a thousand flickers flashing all at once, then silence again... a voice was heard, "Immolate him," then the blue Titan disappeared from vision... from knowing... Mata-Nui focused again. Before Him, the two warriors were still eyeing Him with caution. They still possessed that artifact... the old one's memories gave it a name... "I require the Krom Sphere. Please, let me love you again. Give me what's Mine, and be proud in joining Me."
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    OOC: Unreliable Narrator was too tired to make a Dume post, so I stepped up to the challenge and wrote us one with his blessing IC, Dume: Coliseum There was nothing. Dume slowly came to. He blinked twice. What happened? Where was he? Last thing he remembered was that he was about to give Atamai the power of a Toa, and then the world exploded. The old man blinked again and became simply aware of something slick on his hands. He looked to the side and saw blood on his palms. For a brief moment the Turaga was scared that he was severely injured. But as he took a deep breath he felt no injuries, no pain. Then why the blood? As the Turaga became more aware of his surroundings he realized that there was a heavy weight on top of him. He looked down and saw a body laying on top of him. A Matoran. Okuo. He had jumped in front of the Turaga at the last second and saved him from peril. “Help him...” Dume croaked.
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    IC Stannis | Coliseum (...there and back again) When the time was right as the Taku drew near to the Coliseum the Wanderer jettisoned the ancient toa canister and turned on the phasing feature with the flip of a switch. The fall was not long, as they were not far from the building to start, and it was mere seconds before he was inside the many bureaucratic centre of the city. The floors whizzed by like pages of a book one by one—he even saw Dume's face whiz by, featuring a gathering of toa, turaga, and the warlord Zataka (it was about time she showed up, he thought) and then they were gone—but he was not aiming for the Turaga's office as his destination. Four floors later, the canister met its mark. Though he had spoken of the virtue of expediency in getting to Dume to deliver the discs and fulfilling whatever fates Destiny had in mind, he had not intended to be among the first there, as his mission had been starkly different from his companions'. It was said the great discs were told to become toa by Turaga Dume's hand, and there were those on the Taku who made it their quest to be toa heroes, but Stannis' concern was not in who endured an apotheosis or controlling the conversations they had with the dear leader—his goal had always been one of knowledge, the trading of it, the obtaining of it, and exploring the secrets trapped in a web of shadows. The creation of toa was not a risk he concerned himself with, and if the disks were bait for Dume to focus on them and the matoran who brought them to him that meant the ancient machine was key information Stannis could focus on. Unfortunately for Stannis, he was old, and his memory on the intricacies of Metru Nui architecture was not among the sharpest. It was true that at one point long ago Floor 46 B held the private halls of the turaga. It was also true that fifteen thousand years ago a renovation was completed by a certain architect named Ambajes at the request of Dume, and the apartments were moved two floors up for better feng shui. Stannis had not visited the turaga since the renovation took place, and though he might have been aware of it in tasing at some point it was not relevant at the time and he had seemingly forgotten it. That is, until he exited the canister and came face-to-face with a vacant space with storage boxes where messy desks and empty hallways once were. He grumbled something about remembering the changes then, and busied himself with moving forward. Something tugged him upwards, and so he resolved to take the steps to the floors above him. Finding the stairwells were no issue, nor did he encounter any resistance as he ascended them. Once he reached Floor 28 B and checked the layout thence, he discovered a pair of vahki monitoring the paths. He ducked out of the way before they spotted him and vanished in the labyrinth of dimly lit conference rooms, dark and pristine from disuse which hid his grey cloaked self nicely. He stopped a moment, checked to see if the automatons had noticed anything, and then moved on after hearing nothing. Thankfully, Ambajes had not changed the layout of the new office floor too dramatically, and Stannis wondered if it was the man's idea at a con, pretending that his new design was somehow more favorable by an unseen spirit all in the name of getting rich off the teat of government. Whatever the case, Stannis was able to find his way rather easily, and soon arrived at the Turaga's private office. "Oh great, they're turned off," the old toa muttered as he approached one of the terminals with consternation. They all looked the same, emblazoned with the logo of some fruit behind them and with obsidian black screens that featured an imperceptible blip that changed location across the monitor which Stannis failed to notice. He spent a moment looking over the computers and took a deep breath. Feel, don't think. What is missing in this picture? He tapped his chin, unsure of what he needed to do, and tried talking to it to make it do something, then searched the exterior for a button of some sort; touching the screen itself did nothing. "How do I turn this thing on...?" he mumbled. He finally took his rucksack off to move with better ease and set the sack on the desk, in doing so accidentally moving the mouse. Instantly, the terminal flared to life, revealing the desktop image of a rolling green hill with bright blue skies with a banner at the top of the screen that said Welcome Turaga Doom-ah. Stannis jerked his head back in surprise, then shrugged. "Apparently all I had to do was touch the ball... thing... Mata Nui works in mysterious ways." Seizing the mouse, he explored the options on the unlocked computer. As it turned out, he and Dume were both old men with little technological affinity, leaving the entirety of the system's knowledge at Stannis' disposal. Quickly he opened his rucksack and withdrew from it a large hard drive, and then plugged it into the unlocked terminal. His contacts in the Archives had carefully instructed him what to do and broke it down to a set of steps on a notepad. There was only one thing underlined: "Drop app named Switcheroo into desktop." He pulled it from the device's menu and placed into the computer, and their programs in the filed quickly went to work executing their tasks, spreading information at key pre-set folders within the network and searching for keywords, which it then consolidated and input copies of those documents within the drive. None of that really made sense to Stannis, he was just following the directions given, but he did know how E-mail worked and he busied himself with checking Dume's correspondence logs. He scanned the first two lines of each one as he scrolled through the inbox: Stannis opened the last one, revealing a conversation between Dume and the inventor Nuparu. In it, Nuparu laid out some of his concerns on the machine, many of which Stannis already knew from witnessing the contents of the memory crystal, but according to the datestamp the message had been written before his venting to the crystal. It featured a back-and-forth between the two men, and as Stannis read through them he realized the moment Nuparu attempted to discuss the issues with the machine in person had not been the first time he spoke to Dume about them. In fact, it hadn't even been the second time. By the time Dume visited the workshop, the turaga was already incensed by Nuparu. Dume's replied were polite at first, but verged towards blunt and perfunctory towards the end, telling the inventor to stop asking questions, to follow his orders, and seemed angry at his pushing back. Whether that protestation was what caused Dume to decide to retire the famed inventor was not clear, but it seemed damning just the same. Stannis also searched for Dark Hunters and predictably found some further damning smutty messages featuring a dancing gif of Lariska, but nothing that indicated Dume had used his office's communications to have Nuparu murdered. That, Stannis found, was a relief. Just the same, he searched for his machine and relics but only discovered more messages from Nuparu and various reports from the Archives personnel, which again were informations the Wanderer already gleaned. The computer beeped gently, indicating the file transfers were complete, and he looked to his list of tasks for the next item. "Remove device safely from device," it said, with an arrow pointing to a small eject button. Stannis did as it said, and then removed the drive when a second chime indicated it was alright to do so, and promptly stashed it in his rucksack again. On the screen, a new dialog opened up. It was a loading line, already at 3%. Stannis locked the screen and walked away. The message was faint, affected both by the building's interior defenses and Stannis' own mental conditioning, but he thought his reply. .:I can. My task is done. How are the Matoran?:. He gathered his things and quietly headed for the secure stairwell again.
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    The Leonn Files: Entry #2 Subject Matter: It's HAPPENING! Entry: "Everything's finally come together. As you know, I successfully met with Nidhiki (though in an odd manner) and his associate, Nuju. I am as of yet unsure of their motives, but that isn't my business, is it? In any case, the portal's up, and Metru-Nui's about to fall. I'd almost say it was a pity, this place (despite its heresy) has its charms. But, alas, freedom comes first, does it not? In any case, here is another, admittedly short, dossier I've compiled during my transit to Po-Metru. More to follow, obviously!" ~L.A. #1 Alias/Name: Nidhiki (Turaga Nidhiki if you want to be all formal) Appearance: Short, like most Turaga. Proud looking, Noble Shelek, dark green and black armour. Only interruption to his otherwise solid paintjob is the scar across his face. I can only deduce that's from his brotherly battles recently (I can relate). Armaments: Nothing but his staff, as far as I can tell. He was fiddling with a candle when I met him, though. Personality Quirks And Modus Operandi: He acts like the absolute epitome of a Toa of Air. Non-serious, impatient, dangerous (though in this case his recklessness resembles something more malevolent than simply being sloppy). Even as a Turaga he acts like he still runs around like his souped up vigilante brethren, and this is somewhat amusing when you take into account his newfound affiliation with us. Not to say we don't have our own fair share of Toa recruits, but nine times out of ten (as I'm sure you'll know intimately) they either have to coerced or have to be unstable and/or have a greatly fractured moral code. Nidhiki seems to fall somewhere on the latter, but without knowing his story this is largely speculation. I'd absolutely kill for an interview with his former Toa brother when you inevitably seize the coliseum, by the way (You know how good I am with prisoners~). #2 Group Name: The Cabal (Work in progress) Consists of: Stannis (A Po-Toa), at least one sniper, an Onu-Toa, and an unknown large mish mash of other species and individuals. One of them is a huge robot of some kind. A good deal of them were Disc Hunters, offered a ride by Stannis to the Coliseum. They possess an airship that they've likely commandeered, and are currently using to get to their destination. Background: Largely unknown, but they weren't always so annoyingly big in their number. Due to Vyarik's initial confidence I can imagine he and Waveahk suspected there'd be less of them, and since a lot of them were carted onto Stannis' "Boat To Justice" their number grew anyway. The Cabal were responsible for Vyarik's tragic injury, as well as mine and Waveahk's near burial in the sands of Po-Metru. I'm still not sure what became of Vyarik, he had a fairly nasty wound and was talking extremely strange (though that could be attributed to the mild shock of having a bullet wound in your shoulder). Stannis stands out from the rest for actually engaging Vyarik in his increasingly tiring moral debate that had me and my Steltian compatriot soon bored out of our minds. Whilst the vindication of my vendetta theory was very fun, Vyarik's ideology was tiringly contrarian and seemed to serve nothing but to justify his quest for revenge against Stannis. I've still no idea how badly the Dark Hunter must have been beaten to warrant this extreme reaction, but again, Stannis seemed all but happy to engage him on this. As my lovely employer, you have correspondence with many agents such as myself, so it'd be extremely appreciated if you could forward on any information on this Stannis fellow when you can. He seems to have attracted quite a crowd, and I've no doubt that he might prove an obstacle to you or any of your colleagues when you assault the coliseum. Just an idea. END ENTRY.
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    IC Kilo-M9 - the Taku: From the main cargo hold, the mechanical enforcer sat alone as the others gathered in the main cockpit to experience the memory crystal. The machine would have joined the others, but its power cord only reached so far, so it instead sat and listened. New information received. Analyzing... Device appears to transfer kanoka disks powers into living organisms. Duration of powers is unknown, but memory crystal indicates permanent transfer. Design of device suggests multiple discs can be used at once. The Creator died regretting his involvement in creating this device, possibly the Usurpers as well. Queries: Why does Turaga Dume need great discs? Did Dume know specifics of great disc powers before machine was created? Did the Creator regret making this unit? Analysis: Onu-metru great disc was hidden by Toa Nidhiki. Other discs were likely hidden by other Toa Mangai. Disc was hidden at least 3 months ago. Construction by The Creator on disc power device was a little over 2 weeks ago. Timetable does not match. Unknown how long Turaga Dume knew about device. More information needed. Further analysis: Great disc powers for Onu-metru and Po-metru are unsuited for combatants. Reconstitute at random is unreliable. Weakness is risky for allies. Other great discs may be similarly unsuited for direct combat. Searching databanks for information on Kanoka... Kanoka are discs made from liquid protodermis. Discs can be forged into Kanohi of various powers. For Kanohi outside of main 8 Kanoka powers, combinations of discs are used to create an appropriate disc to be forged into a mask. Disc power device has 6 slots. No known combinations of mask powers requiring 6 discs known. Simulating hypothetical combination of 6 great discs... Working... FATAL ERROR. Citizen Pacification Unit OS Ver. 1.2 has encountered a problem and needs to restart. As the crew of the Taku rushed to tend to Arkius’s injuries, the mechanical enforcer continued standing off to the side unmoving. The sounds of clockwork gears whirring at an increasing pace let anyone observing know that the machine was hard at work. Soon enough, the whirring increased in volume and the sentinel’s cranial unit began to shake. The pattern was broken by a short popping noise, followed by the machine’s glowing eyes dimming immediately, followed by the limbs and body collapsing onto the floor. A small plume of smoke began to billow from the fallen construct’s head. A short time later, the eyes on the machine began to glow once more, and the protodermis protector slowly lifted itself off the floor. It turned to glance at Stannis. “Toa Stannis, when convenient this unit needs to speak with you.”
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    Synopsis: One week has passed since the events of Six Kingdoms: Escapement. Past, present, and future collide in the Time Between Time on an island called Zakaz. Broken worlds drift closer as paradoxical alternative timelines collapse, and island denizens live short and violent lives seeking out a meager existence. Thousands of years ago the skakdi migrated to a new island after utterly destroying their homeland. They drove the local populations of matoran and toa nearly extinct and named their new island Zakaz as homage to their original home. Now, the desecrated wasteland tribes of the Skakdi-Xa ride their scrap-built vehicles and Advanced Combat Rigs through the dunes in search of Energy Sources to keep powering their machines. Miserix, an elder Aspect, guides the wastelands from his containment sphere prison. The Barraki Pridak and Ehlek seek to rebuild their once great empire. The refugees who fled the apocalyptic crash of Mata-Nui’s skull into Zakaz seek a new life and the answers hidden within ancient temples scattered across the island that show predictions of their arrival. The Aspects of Makuta scheme and plot from their cursed homes in the Kumu Islets... How To Play: Like many "Play By Post" RPG games on BZPower, we use a system of Out Of Character (OOC) and In Character (IC) for notifying readers when our writing is as ourselves or from our characters' perspectives. Please be patient between posts, allowing everyone else involved in the scene a chance to reply before continuing. The main focus of this game is a compelling narrative written together. This places more power in the hands of the players: you may describe the environments as you see fit, as long as pre-established in-game descriptions by other players, the GM, or Bionicle canon is not broken. By contributing our individual ideas we create a beautiful living world together. If you have an idea for a plot, write it because I believe in you. If you get greedy I'll step in and bring things back into perspective. The Reliable Narrator: When interacting with the world of Six Kingdoms: Rebirth (SKR), you may find your character is responded to by the Reliable Narrator. This is a game master describing the actions of your character and the responses to them by the rest of the world. Examples of the Reliable Narrator include descriptions of new locations your characters enter, rising tension, or sudden commentaries on events to shed new light on the story. All Playable Locations Are In This Single IC Topic: Art by Rube (@art_rube) GSR Head/Metru Nui Ruins: Split off from its body by asteroid impacts and the wear and tear of millenia adrift in space, the head of Mata-Nui plunged into a rapidly decaying orbit, eventually entering the atmosphere and impacting on the Western half of the island of Zakaz. Metru-Nui, contained in the cranium, already ravaged by the Barraki’s invasion, was devastated by the impact. As the head fell, the entire island was flung forward and the combined force of the outer and inner impact cracked open the skull of the GSR, causing the silver sea to leak out and parts of the island to jut out of the opening. Ta-Metru, already damaged by a terrorist attack and deliberately sabotaged to halt the league’s advance into the city of legends, has been reduced to slag after the impact. The great forges and refineries exploded or ruptured, spilling molten steel like lava, destroying what was left of the once-great Metru. Whatever wasn’t utterly destroyed has been salvaged or scavenged by the survivors. Consider this Metru dead. Onu-Metru and its great archives had already been a dangerous place that was impossible to monitor properly. After the league invasion and subsequent massacre, this was even more true. Now, after the impact, the area has become an underground maze of collapsed tunnels, rifts, and all manner of Rahi freed from their stasis tubes by the loss of power. Only the brave or foolish venture here to salvage what little is left. Nobody lives here. Po-Metru was devastated alongside Onu-Metru when the massive underground archives collapsed for the most part. Broken statues reflecting broken dreams litter its ruins. Consider this area dead. Ga-Metru was left mostly intact during the invasion, thanks to the non-violent manner of Takadox’ takeover. Most of the damage here occurred during the sudden draining of the silver sea after the impact, causing many structures to collapse, though a number of the scholarly buildings remain. The great temple somehow managed to survive as well, serving as a refuge for a great number of survivors. However, it is now sitting on dry land, at a slant on the massive pillars that held it aloft in the sea. This is where most of the Barraki’s forces have made their new home. Le-Metru and Ko-Metru took the brunt of the impact and are now a massive tilted maze of fallen skyscrapers and broken chutes, jutting out of the ‘wound’ in the GSR skull. Effectively forming the entrance to the remains of the city, the league’s forces have begun fortifying the region and are slowly trying to salvage and rebuild these Metru to be habitable once again. They have managed to activate one chute, connecting the still functional Metru and Coliseum. Coliseum: What used to be the center of Matoran civilization is now largely defunct, but remains one of the only parts of the city that settled level after the impact. In addition, the Barraki managed to reactivate one of the Vahki hives contained within and several of the major functional rooms, including the Cortex are intact. This is where Pridak has set up his throne and is planning his next moves. Pridak's throne room is specifically in Dume's old office on the Private Floor 50 (of the 100 floors above ground). The broken glass floor to ceiling windows have been replaced in the past week, but construction continues on a section of the roof that caved in. Pridak moved the piloting chair from the Cortex into this space, and uses it as his new throne. The throne room sits level with where the pupil would be in the empty eye socket of the GSR skull, allowing Pridak a view of the world beyond. Zakaz Zakaz once represented a beautiful tropical island, but thousands of years of conquest, disregard for the environment, and the crash of the GSR's skull changed things. The Northern half is a desolate wasteland of dunes and rocky plateaus. The deserts of the North are easy to get lost in, and the skakdi who live there in warbands live in fear of giant, burrowing sand worms and other monstrous rahi. The Southern half of the island is scraggly plains, toxic bogs, and putrid marshland. Banyan trees and other plants grow in a massive forest over the marshes. The center of the island is home to an active volcano whose magma runs to the East. A forest of charred trees remains in the cooled magma. The entire Western side of the island's mountain ranges were flattened by the crash of the GSR from space, and now a great moat of toxic liquid from the Silver Sea surrounds the impact zone. Underneath the island are warrens and caverns of rahi and Masi. Each region, of which there were once six, has two temples. These are built in the matoran style the Refugees remember from their lives in the GSR. Find and explore them for more details to be posted below. Refugee Camps: small camps have popped up across Zakaz housing refugees from Metru-Nui. These are places to regroup, survive, and find a new place to call home. Metru Koro: one of the refugee camps, led by Turaga Sans. Irrnak’s tooth: Named after the nightmare creature, the tallest mountain towers over the center of the island. Being volcanic in origin, it is honeycombed by cave systems containing all sorts of mysteries. The Nightmare Pits are located within this cave system. The Rig: Located just off of the eastern coast, accessible by a ramshackle bridge, this assembly of scrap metal is home to one of the major Skakdi factions. Half anchored to the sea floor by foundational pillars and chains and half floating on massive pontoons, the Skakdi use jury rigged wave energy generators, underwater turbines and other scrapper tech to power their habitat. As a recent addition, salvaged forge tech from Ta-Metru now dumps slag and waste into the coastal waters. Beings unfortunate enough to wind up on the Riggers bad side hang from chains or spend the end of their days in cages suspended from outriggers, until they expire. Their remnants are left as warnings. Fort Nektann: The Warskaks desert stronghold in the far North. Built into the natural terrain surrounding the oasis supplying the warband with water, this Skakdi village could be called almost quaint, if it weren’t for the spiked metal walls surrounding it and the fleet of wasteland raiding vehicles they operate. The Under Hive: deep below the surface of Zakaz are the Mesi’s fungal caverns and villages. These tunnels extend the length of Zakaz, and surface dwellers can be seen caving in entrances regularly to try and shun the Mesi away. Mesi also pose a problem to the Barraki as they can access the underside of the broken GSR’s skull. The Fau Swamps: the Southern half of the island is covered in a toxic bog. Ancient temples and ruined towers extend above the canopies of massive banyan groves. The Kumu Islets: these islands are the home of the Aspects of Makuta. Ruined temples dot the landscape, with labyrinths below. The skakdi dare not venture to these islands, instead performing the rites of desecration when Aspects visit the mainland. Natural hot springs of liquid antidermis exist in the islets. Aqua Sphere: a strange floating glass sphere hangs above the island of Zakaz, high above the cloud line. It can be seen glinting far away on sunny dies. It travels in a mysterious pattern that defines normal weather and provides rain to the island below. The rain, however, makes anything living younger. A trail of sapling plants and baby rahi is often left behind the rain's path from the Aqua Sphere. Treasures undoubtedly exist in this broken floating sphere for those brave enough to venture into the sky. Please check back to this post for updates on temple locations, ruins, and other regional information as the game continues and players explore the world. ... And so with all the fiddly bits out of the way, let's play!
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    IC [Nixie - Astronomer’s hut, Metru-koro] Nixie waved goodbye to Taja as well, before shutting the door behind her and turning around, facing the mess that was her new ‘office’. Stacks of star charts and other papers she’d miraculously managed to save were strewn about, assembled in loose piles, stacked on available free surfaces and generally unsorted. They were lucky to have this much available at all, considering the state Metru Nui had been in. She would eventually have to work through the backlog, but right now the astronomer Matoran had more pressing matters to worry about, such as updating the chart of the current night sky. If there was anything the stars could tell them to help them find their place and way in this new land, they needed to know, so she needed to get on with it. Nixie sighed, rolled her shoulders to loosen up, then returned to her desk next to the freshly setup telescope. It would be immensely useful! She picked up her writing instrument with one hand, while reaching for a mug of tea with the other. It was her primary form of sustenance this past week and half, to keep her going. She meant to savor the gulp she took, but instead immediately spat it out in bitter disgust - all over the chart on her desk. Great. The comforting liquid had gone icy cold in the time Taja and her had set up the telescopes. She’d completely forgotten about the mug. With a sigh, she stood up, fetched a cloth and wiped the chart down as best as possible. Then she took the Mug, poured the rest of the stale tea out of her rear window, before refilling it from the kettle that was being kept warm over the small fireplace. She had made sure that got put in right away, since she often worked late evenings and nights and it got bitter cold during those in this wasteland. It was the other most important feature in her hut - if she was awake, the kettle was going. With her refill in hand and finally ready to get down to business, she sat back down at her desk and got to work with the telescope. She started with the brightest stars and constellations, working her way through the night sky methodically. Soon, she’d lost track of the time, fully engrossed in her task. Then, she frowned. The constellation she was putting to paper was - cut off? That wasn’t right. She leaned back from the telescope, looking up through the opening without its aid - and realized the problem was the giant head that had been her home for so long - now a dark silhouette obscuring part of the night sky from her studious gaze. “First it almost kills us all and now it’s getting in the way of my job - perfect, just perfect.” she muttered, annoyed. She sighed, set down her tool and rubbed at her eyes. Pulled out of her workflow, exhaustion set upon her rapidly. Perhaps it was time to call it a night - it must have been hours and way past midnight. She cast another glance towards the ruins of her old world. She could work around it for now - after all they were on a rotating, orbiting celestial body so in time she would get to see most of the stars, but there was always a risk of missing out on some important detail. No, eventually she would need to get the full picture and for that she’d need a better vantage point, like a mountain, or the top of the fallen head...but that could wait for tonight. With a yawn, Nixie turned down the heat stone powering the fireplace, before promptly crawling into her cot and falling asleep the second her head hit the mattress. OOC: Hey, I can finally write little character moments for any NPC =D
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    Metru-Koro, Sans' Hut IC: your kind Keitara's blood ran cold hearing those words, then red hot. Blue light crackled around her fingers and from the corners of her eyes. A memory tore itself free from the miasma. Her, a small matoran, scouting for cave mushrooms in the core. She and the others had been dumped in the cavern, with no knowledge of the land and very few supplies. The single toa who had been sent to guard them, a fire elemental, was of little use outside of combat. If one of them hadn't trained under a Fe-matoran who happened to be a retired Ghost then they would all have been dead. She had been able to scavange scraps from their battered transport and built several lift packs for foragers to seek out food sources. There had been a family of zyglak hiding in the cave she landed in. Thay hadn't been aggressive, they were just scared and hungry. Kei offered them some help accessing a patch of cave fungus they had been unable to reach, and spent some time talking to the beings. When she returned with the news, she had hoped that they could team up with this small group, use their experience living in the core to help the Av-matoran survive. The matoran she told, Solek, had been terrified. He recoiled from her when she told him about the shared meal. Within minutes she had been tied to a stake outside the village "for their protection, we don't know what you caught off of those beasts" and a group of Av-matoran left accompanied by the toa. When they returned she could smell the smoke. It had been months before anybody interacted with her again, and years before she was granted a new pack and allowed to explore the core. One day she returned to the cave, and what she saw there haunted her for long after. Everytime she was in darkness she saw the gruesome remnants of the once living, thinking beings she had so briefly befriended... In the present, Keitara let out a low growl. "Don't talk to like she's some kind of trained rahi, you-" She cut herself off when she realized who she was talking to. Cursing out a settlement's Turaga was no way to endear yourself. "Sorry, Wise One." she muttered resentfully, pointedly staring at the wall behind Sans. (OOC: @Azibo @Conway)
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    IC Yumiwak | The Rig I took to standing just around the corner from Yoshimak's Hotpot 'n' Sushi, down the ramshackle alley that separated the establishment from the linen dyer next door and opened up to small section of deck big enough to accommodate three beings and overlooked a sludge dump. I lazed there, waiting for my crew to usher the patron to me, and rested my weight upon the creaking metal balustrade already crusted with salt and rust. It was not a glamorous place but it was practical since there was no way out except back up the alley to my watchful crew or into the increasingly toxic water. I didn't want to murder this skak, I just needed him to tell me what I wanted to know, but the more afraid he was the more like he was to share. "Ah-kay! Ah-kay!!" I heard him protest as Korio shoved him unceremoniously down the length of the alley. The man seemed unconcerned, which was either brave or stupid—time would tell which—and toyed with a toothpick in his mouth. "Thank you, Kor. Wait in the linen shop, and have Zai stand nearby," I commanded before turning to the Skakdi... well I guess you could call him an 'informant,' I guess? "Hi—" "Ello." "You know some stuff I am interested in, about the visitors from outer space," I stated clearly, "and I want you to tell me what you know." "Like whart?" "There is something about the people who came from that giant head that scares you. What is it?" "Ohh. Well, little miss drag'n princ'ss, tha's where ya're wrong. Cuz nothin' scares me!" I was beginning to hate this fellow, and the fact that he dared crack a joke about my heritage upset me further to the point of severely trying my very generous patience. I glowered at him and pulled my grin up in a super fake-looking smile, the way a customer service representative looked when a client was ranting to contest their coupon's lack of validity. Yes, I'm going to tolerate you. Yes, I want to disembowel you. And no, I am the manager. Speaking through my teeth to sieve my growing displeasure, I rumbled at him, "That's your problem. But in your noggin, not all that far in, you know something about something some other people fear. Let me be clear here: I don't care about you or your life, and I only want what you know. You can share willingly, or I'll bring Zai over and we'll pull what you have out through your ears, then cook your brain like an oyster in its shell. Now, what's it going to be, friend?" He paused a moment and cocked his head to the side as though looking at some grotesque art exhibit. I copied his gesture. He held a moment more and then looked away. He understood it was well within my power and character to deliver on what I said. "Aight. Is not much, but mebbe thi's' whart yer asking about, ye ####ing psycher. I dun' know this first-hand, er even second, but ah few nights ago there was word... o' ah biiiig beefy lady who got attack'd in the mid'l o' tha night by a band o' Mesi. Fought 'em off. Cum daybreak, sum Warskaks found the Mesi who still lived an' heard tha tale. Only bits an' pieces about tha girl—yanno how Mesi are, not very wordy, but, word is... the big beefy lady has sum really cool pants." The informant fidgeted with his toothpick some more and continued to look at me. My inpatience was being sated with his divulsions, but "Where did this happen?" I asked. He shrugged. "Dunno, guess you'll gotta ask the guy who told me. Name's Kunok McGrokk, trader who has a general store on the coast. He knows." "Thank you." I smiled, plucked his toothpick from his mouth, leaned forward as if to kiss his cheek in gratitude, and snapped his neck. Someone else with cool pants? Heresy.
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    IC: Skyra Daring - Metru Koro - Skyra sat up, before pouting at Tekmo. "There's no need to yell man, it's not very cash money of you." With that firmly said, Skyra crawled over to the unconcious Keitara and started to slap her cheeks a little. "Hey, heyheyhey..." She put an ear down and listened... "mnnnm, nuuuuh. shilly caht, I don't have your cheethburger..." The Toa of light mumbled. "My god, she's suffering from a lack of cheeseburgers!" Skyra exclaimed, looking up at everyone. "Quick, we need some ####ing cheeseburgers stat!" @Keeper of Kraata@Conway@EmperorWhenua@TL01 NUVA
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    To confirm, yes I wish to play as the spooky haunted van. Let me drive my van into your heart
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    Ball joints are done for, as far as Bionicle and CCBS are concerned. No confirmation yet, coronavirus has delayed several meetings, but doors are open for Bionicle. There was something that has to do with storytelling exclusively. Possibly VR/AR/Mixed Reality based building. Major focus on the storytelling it sounds like. He seems to be under a NDA, but was allowed to say that there is something coming. This is Disney-Level secrecy!
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    IC Stannis | Metru Koro The old toa looked back at the door a second time and pensively regard what Sans said of the former Dark Hunter. By Stannis' reckoning, Waveahk was more guilty by association than anything, and being affected by the wrong powers at the wrong times. His worst crime in Stannis' eyes was the destruction of Dume's window. Rumors said he surrendered eagerly when the organization's shadowy roles were revealed, and that he was genuinely repentant. Perhaps that was so, perhaps not; in either case, it seemed Sans was keeping him under watch, a rational choice considering his past, and had the matter under control. He shrugged, not bothering to discuss a matter well in hand any further. "Thank you, Sans," he said, stepping in further, then seating himself beside the turaga. He set his rucksack betwixt his legs and pulled out two sections of a long pipe which he then connected and began to fill with a few herbs. "An old friend of mine, Brykon, used to run a tobacco plantation on a far-flung southron island. It's defunct now, but I still have some leftover goods. Do you career to partake with me?" "Smoke til you're broke, huhuhuhu." "Money has no meaning down here, Sans. Do you want to smoke with me or not, you little geezer?" Stannis playfully chided. "Not true, there's a shell seller now. Good shells too; shiny and swirly and not too chipped, huhuhuhu." Stannis had indeed heard of Kapura bursting into the niche market of cowrie bartering and becoming a seashell seller by the seashore, but chose to say nothing, instead carefully rationing the precious leaves in the pipe and struck a match to light it. He took a long drag from it before passing it to the other elder. Patience was a virtue Stannis held in incredible quantities, and those who knew him well enough understood that rushing the Wanderer was never fruitful; likewise, holding him back when he was on a mission was likely a futile task. Sans, knowing the old toa's traits, waited for word. Finally, as he passed the pipe, Stannis spoke of his purpose. "Old friend, I came to see how things have been going and offer my counsel if appropriate. When I heard the bulk of the refugees had settled in a large village I wondered who had assumed the mantle left vacant by Dume. When I heard it was you, I was gladdened that a noble sage was at the helm once again. Tell me, what challenges and successes have you and this nascent city been having?"
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    IC: Skyra Daring - Zakaz - Metru-Koro - "Everything had changed a week ago, Skyra's world had going completely uh...sideways, in the most literally way possible too. (I can't believe I lived inside a giant head...) But now, Skyra was exploring a completely new land, with her super hot Toa of fire wife, Rose. They'd been married by a strange, blue Turaga named Sans, who was actually a pretty cool guy. (Thanks Sans) After Skyra saved him (And the Mask of Creation, you're welcome gamers), he'd been pretty talkative, almost as talkative as me...I mean Skyra. Ahem. Anyway, the newly wed couple came to this new island, and are totally going to conquer it, one step at a time!" Skyra turned around to face Rose (And whoever else happened to be around), "So how did I do? Was that a good inner monologue?" @Tarn@Azibo@And anyone else who wants to be here?
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    IC: Thom - Onu-Metru Archives Ditching the firework revolver and throwing it to the side as it was completely empty of any ammo it would have left, Thom calmly reloaded his revolver in enemy fire, everyone else having sprinted to cover to avoid the onslaught. Miraculously, as he leaned and dodged in slow-time, projectiles and zamors seemed to curve around him, some managing to graze him but none doing much significant damage at all. The Skakdi yanked his weapon to the side, the cylinder closing as the Archives began to rumble around him. He knew something was coming, he was too ignorant to know what but he understood the world's time was coming to a close. Some of the soldiers looked like they were sensing it too, though only a few resisted their fury to try to retreat to a safe space. His moment was interrupted violently, however, with a horrible crack reminding him of his fall a few moments before. Blood poured from his chest (which was beginning to wrench itself open again, having been forced ajar by the Skakdi's sharp movements) as he ended two more lives with his weapon, fatigue and injuries beginning to rack up. An acidic zamor splashed onto his leg, forcing him to his knees with a pained yelp. Flesh melted away, yet he managed to fire again, blasting a slug through a Mantan's chest cavity. The rumbling was getting even more intense, now. Thom only had seconds left. The trouble with being in an occupation such as the Skakdi's was that, like he explained to Nale, he was left with nothing once the dust all settled. At least, in theory. There was plenty Thom was thinking about as Mantax approached him, though. The siren he'd seen on the ship, the horrible monster that he'd vanquished. Pardehi, Rose, the ancient being who'd set him free. Maybe he'd meet him again, in the next life. Maybe not. Vyarik and Waveahk, his fellow assassins. He hoped they were still alive. And Nale. Whoever she was to him, now. He'd done as she'd asked, in his own way, and they were now even. At least, he thought so. It wasn't like Nale could argue debts to a corpse, in any case. All these individuals who he'd insulted, fought with, fought alongside. Not friends, but the experiences he had with them gave his life meaning. Perhaps that was just as important. A shame it had taken a failed suicide attempt and an imminent planetary destruction to figure that out. Thom grinned a reddish-stained grin at Mantax. The titan loomed over him, the brutally finite amount of time they had left having absolutely no effect on the Barraki's demeanor. Was he at terms with the apocalypse that was about to occur? The Skakdi opened his mouth fully to speak, but was cut off by the ensuing oblivion. OOC: And with that, the world ends for Thom Arkkan.
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    IC. Okuo - Tuyet's Grotto Okuo nodded and got to work, utilising his mechanical skills to replace the power cord which Sidra had severed. But then the whole place started to rumble, and for a moment he looked around with worry apparent on his featuers. "I don't know what the Karzahni is going on, but I've a feeling we should hurry." IC: Matrak - Ko-Metru Free of the chains which had strangely held him despite his powers, Matrak stood up, looking at the strange new beings which had joined the fight against the cruel warlord he himself opposed. "I do not know who you all are, but I am thankful to not be alone in this fight." And then the world started to unravel. IC: Arkius - Archives For a brief moment following the warlord's leg being shot, Arkius glanced Nale's way with a mixture of surprise and betrayal. The next he realised all of Mantax's goons were calling off the duel to kill him, firing their weapons his way. He'd be worried if he hadn't faced worse odds before. Activating his Calix, Arkius' movements became fluid and impossibly graceful, dodging and leaping out of the way of incoming projectiles as he made his way to cover behind a particularly tall pedestal which tanked the incoming fire. From there he went over his options. He had no armour, nor his axe, and he could feel his earth abilities lingering at the edge of his reach, understandably so considering the stunt he'd pulled earlier. Not that he regretted it. The only regret Arkius had as the Archives began to tremble was that he hadn't killed Mantax yet. IC: Iradra - Coliseum Grounds Iradra watched as the scene unfolded before her. There really wasn't much more she could do, her and Datrox had only arrived in time to Kohara and Zataka fight Kalmah before the two titans fell through a portal that closed behind them, leaving the warlord's severed arm on the ground. As the Vahki escorted Kalmah's soldiers away, Iradra approached Kohara with a worried expression. "Sister, are you alright? I am glad to see that you are safe, though I wish the circumstances of our reunion were better." Her gaze broke from her fellow toa of light as the world began to break apart around them. IC: Ardoku - Great Temple As the world began to fall apart around him, Ardoku wondered about the road that had brought him to this point. The many lives he'd seen fade away before him, colleagues, brothers and sisters in arms, friends, family even, neighbours turned against each other in a desperate bid for survival. He'd seen the League destroy communities, slaughter thousands of innocents, all in an attempt at eradicating worship for the Great Spirit. His thoughts drifted to the times he lay awake at night, wondering what the ultimate conclusion of the Legion's campaign would be. This world was the Great Spirit's. No matter how many believers they eradicated or had swear off their faith, the world was of the Great Spirit. Would they try to wrench the universe apart to destroy every last vestige of Mata-Nui? Ardoku observed the world coming apart at the seams and for a brief moment wondered if this was it. The Legion's ultimate plan come to fruition. The complete eradication of the Great Spirit through the destruction of the universe itself. He then turned around and followed Tekmo into the Great Temple.
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    IC: Tekmo (The Great Temple) Ground level. Tekmo wasn't entirely sure what was going on, but something had changed, and it was most certainly not a change for the better. As Skorm became one, it seemed the very universe was coming apart at the seams. Thinking swiftly, Tekmo isolated the sole refuge he could find. "Quickly! Inside the Temple! NOW!" He ran towards the Temple's door, nearly stumbling over himself a few times, and gestured for the others - Ardoku, Oreius, and yes, even Skorm - to follow. Hope would survive. He would make sure of it. Would he? IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Floor 46) High above. Waveahk, for the first time in a long while, felt relaxed. He also felt something had changed, but... he slouched in his chair. It didn't matter. He knew he'd have to fight tooth and nail to earn the trust of these machines, let alone those who controlled them. But as long as he still breathed, he would submit to this city. But with his mutation worsening, he didn't know if he'd be breathing air or water by the end of it. He would survive. He would make sure of it. Korruhn. IC: Ostrox (The Cortex) Deep below. Ostrox could tell something had changed. He wasn't sure what, but he knew it couldn't be good. If his navigation was guided purely by his imagination - then he imagined the way out. He remembered the flesh corridor spilling noxious gas into the Coliseum's maintenance tunnels. Sparing only a small glance to check if Irna was following him, Ostrox walked forward, adjusted his respirator, and stepped out of that accursed place. Mazor would die. He would make sure of it. No-one escaped the Six Kingdoms.
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    IC: Barraki Pridak | Ko-Metru, Battle For The Bridge Barraki Pridak watched Turaga Sans rush forward through his troops, dodging the chains and channeling his blast of water above his head. Pridak knew the move. Many a toa of water used a ball of water as a killing blow. Sadly, once he learned the trick to it Pridak found the attack rather mundane despite its size. There were two main points to the attack: it allowed the elementalist to batter their foe with the sheer liquid mass hurtling at great speed, and if you could catch your opponent in the swirling waters you could drown them. Raising his hand, Pridak thought of making a nice cup of tea and the boiling water turning to steam in the kettle. Before him Sans conjured water from the surrounding air, and now Pridak released his thoughts to the mask of creation to make the water return to the air as steam. At least, that’s what he thought he did. Something glowed deep in the chaos of the fighters in the center of the icy bridge: Leklo’s kanohi pea, the mask of possibilities. The toa of plasma suddenly felt a great energy drain overcome him as his mask glowed and sapped his strength, his thoughts clear and crisp in tipping the scales in Sans’ favor. What Leklo didn’t know about his mask was he was fighting a mythical force, creation, and to change such an act required more energy than to win a hand of cards. But it worked. And Sans ball of water crashed against Pridak’s armor, knocking him back along the bridge towards the rear of his forces. The chaos of the attack broke his concentration, the boiling water burned his skin, and Pridak screamed as the chains and manacles around Matrak and the chains snaking through the fighting towards Varxii turned to rust, and the rust turned to russet particles of metal floating away on the wind. Pridak began to stand back up, steam rising from where he landed as the boiling water started to melt a hole in the bridge, then cool and form a puddle. IC: Grell | Onu-Metru, Archives duel with Kilo Grell’s eyes widened as she watched a white skakdi leap from the hallway, body parallel to the ground, guns outstretched, firing at her, the bullets sailing ever so slowly through a world that seemed to move with the thickness of cold honey dripping from the fork during a rushed breakfast. Grell felt the bullet punch into her torso, gasping in shock, and she saw the firework sailing towards her. Strangest of all, she felt herself flying, but when she fell she saw the rest of her body, beheaded, flopping to the floor as he consciousness rolled away down the hall inside her skull to eventually fade into death. IC: Barraki Mantax | Onu-Metru, Archives duel with Arkius A flaming burst of pain rocked through Mantax not from the kidney punch by the toa of stone, but from the metal slag punching through his leg. Silver blood sprayed across the ground and so Mantax fell, tumbled, and tried to stand only with a horrid snapping sound as his shin gave way. He shouted to the skakdi with the staff, who in a sudden panic threw the spear to his master. The weapon sailed through the air… The guards witnessing the duel, and the riders on kikanalo, roared in contempt at the sudden breaking of honor. They raised their weapons and began to fire indiscriminately at Kilo-M9, the white skakdi falling to the ground after his stunt, the toa in the hallway in partial cover, and at the toa of Earth, Arkius, who until then had held his end of the bargain. Honor had been betrayed, and the soldiers of Mantax were unwilling to let this blemish on Mantax’s dueling record remain. IC: Vahki Responding to Kohara | Coliseum, Parade Grounds At Kohara’s request the vahki stepped forward and began to escort the new prisoners away. What she didn’t see once the vahki had pulled the prisoners into an elevator was the mass slaughter of Kalmah’s contingent. They screamed on the elevator down, never having expected to be bitten to death by the police, but by the time the prison floor was reached the vahki were dragging silent corpses to a single large room: the garbage disposal. They had run out of cells. This was the next step in standard operations. Dume didn’t know this step. Only the vahki who determined it most efficient did. IC: Ehlek | Le-Metru, Ehlek’s Tower “They’re coming Zaliyah,” Ehlek said after the stones finished rumbling. He knew who led the small group. He saw the video footage. “Stannis is coming. We must prepare for him! Set up sling traps, broken elevators, things that shock and things that go boom. We have very little time. Place marbles under the welcome mat to the bathrooms. Disable any vahki. We are working so well and I would hate to see our visitors arriving any time soon. In fact, I’m not interested in visitors today. I’d prefer to celebrate the conquest of Le-Metru and the city as a whole.” IC: Tuyet | Mirror Cavern Warehouse “Yeah… No, It’s not fun,” Tuyet said as she tried to make herself useful with Knichou’s directions on fixing the machine. “Generally involves lots of blood and dying and getting woken up somewhere else if I’m being totally honest. Like, you die right? But then you step into the shoes of you, but not you like the other you, in that world. It gets confusing. What’s worse is I don’t get to, like, know what my other me was thinking before she died. There’s some weird me’s. Real weird. Like, one of them decided to go murder a bunch of matoran and blame it on the Dark Hunters. I never figured out what happened there. I got locked up and killed in a cell by the Order of Mata-Nui. Why?” IC: Mata-Nui | Mata-Nui Ostrox, Irna, and Mazor left the Cortex to wander the halls of their god’s mind. They played in the memories of times before their god’s time. The avatar of Mata-Nui’s conscious mind stared at the Krom Sphere in his hands, and he felt for the first time free of its terror. He knew of time, and he knew of the time before time, but the time between was beyond even the gods, its own legend closed off from reality like the closed covers of a storybook tucked away on an abandoned shelf. The Krom Sphere haunted him. It was his only weakness in a world of his own imagination. All protoderms regardless of breed existed within his body to serve in their own salvation. All were his people, not just the matoran but the skakdi, the vortixx, the steltians, and many, many more sentient forms of life beyond counting. They once served in cleaning his body, caring for the system that kept them safe and adrift from the horrors of the long forgotten darkness. Or they once did. Mata-Nui felt the pollution, the heated waters, the twisted metal towers punching their roots into his organs. He felt his protodermis blood full of boats, and polluting craft that clogged his veins and caused the clots that stopped his heart. He felt the never ending cycle of death being renounced, no doubt the work of the Krom Sphere to keep him contained, forced and shunned from awakening. His own consciousness was forever at war with the Time Being. But in a way, his cancerous vessel, a kaita forged in death, as it was now carried him to the place he belonged. Had Tren Krom helped? Or was it only a coincidence? There was no way of knowing. Mata-Nui looked to the chair. Inside the Cortex of his own mind rose the chair to pilot his body. It required his consciousness and his soul. He walked forward, stepping up onto the platform. His hand reached out and he brushed the side of the metal chair that rose like the shell of an egg up and then over where his head would be. He remembered piloting this vessel before, once as Akamai and again as Wairuha. He remembered piloting away from the forgotten endless night, and then, he fell asleep; an endless sleep, a sleep without dreams, or so he thought. Mata-Nui’s hands grew hot as he stared at the Krom Sphere between his palms and imagined it melting away. The more he thought of his unbinding from the haunting regions between the hours of the clock the more the Krom Sphere dissolved until at last he’d bought his freedom. He cast the liquid remnants of his jailor to the floor, where it bubbled and hissed and cooled into a silver scar. Then he sat in his chair and became himself again. The soul of the Great Spirit remained both in the Untethered kaita that carried his soul home and in the only world the beings inside him had ever known. And as the stars above Metru-Nui vanished, and the suns and moons rolled away to the East and West, the Great Spirit revived and everyone could finally behold the stars, the real heavenly bodies, high above, outside, and beyond the empty angles of Mata-Nui’s face. He raised his arms in the space of the solar system. He stretched, and the islands inside him were flushed with waves. He lifted his head to face the sun he orbited millions of lightyears away. And then a terribly large asteroid crashed into his neck. And another. And another. And another as they had for over 100,000 years. His neck was too fragile to move after the centuries of punishment adrift in an asteroid belt, and in looking to the center of his known world he broke. His breath faded, his neck snapped, and his head began to drift away. And as he died again, the moments between the hour of the clock took hold. Tren Krom won. They were pulled into his storybook. “... Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune … “…’Tis a consummation Devoutly to be wish’d. To die, to sleep — To sleep – perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub, For in that sleep of death what dreams may come When we have shuffled off this mortal coil…” (Hamlet, Act-III, Scene-I, Lines 66-68) OOC: We have successfully reached THE END of Six Kingdoms Escapement!! Congratulations on the Rebirth ending for this game. You have 24 hours to respond to the world being tore apart and being sent adrift until, quite suddenly everything crash lands in an unknown world... The Time Between Time. We will explore starting Monday in Six Kingdoms: Rebirth!
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    IC: Irna watched Ostrox go, walking further and further away until he just ... was gone. Like a puff of smoke. How did it go, the story that they would tell around the campfire when the night sky was black and starless? O, that this too, too solid flesh would melt, thaw and resolve itself into a dew. Irna could imagine the same thing happening to her. She could imagine herself turning to nothing but drops of water upon stone in the early hours of the morning, when the world was shiny and fresh and new. It was a better to be, she thought, than to be one of Lord Carapar's butchers. It was a better thing to be, she knew, than the woman who let a murderer become God. Had Pridak known -- when he had sent her and Mazor with the Krom Sphere? Had Metru-Nui known what slept beneath its Crown? Had the world known, and she had just never been let in on the joke? Oh, mother. What am I to do? Of course, the thought lingered -- she could stay here. On this beach, wherever it was. Until she died of old age, lost and forgotten. What would happen to her village, she wondered? Would they be all right? What would happen to Metru-Nui, and all the rest of the world? Did it matter if she ever left this place? "That is the question," her mother would recite, crouched low over the fire. "Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and, by opposing, end them?" How many more slings and arrows could she take? How long could she stay afloat in this sea of troubles until, raising her arms above her head-- "Mother," Irna muttered. And then, against her better judgement, she suddenly imagined her mother's blood staining stone in the dead of night. Her father. Her brother. All her family, all her friends, all her people. Dead at the hands of a Matoran, or a Barraki, or a Great Spirit. Hadn't she set out on this quest in the first place to stop that? To protect them? Wasn't that what all this was for? Wasn't that the vow she had taken? Irna reached up to her throat, and she touched the medallion there -- a broken hammer, now mended. The Zyglaki symbol for Karzahni, the god of misfits and outcasts. God of those who had broken against the waves of outrageous fortune -- and who put them back together again. She breathed in. She breathed out. She turned to the Matoran, Dume, and she gave him a solemn and respectful bow. And she followed Ostrox's path back to Metru-Nui. Irna, sixth-born of Perror of the Northern Continent, had made a promise, after all. -Void
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    IC: "You ... you just handed over reality to this monster!" Irna screamed, only barely able to wrench her attention away from the lumbering ... the god that was coming towards her, mace raised high to strike. She wasn't ashamed to say: she was scared. She was terrified. She didn't want to die -- who did? Her veins felt like nothing but ice, but adrenaline. Of course, that wasn't all that was happening in her body. Some -- generally Matoran -- have claimed that the Zyglaki ability to secrete an oil from their skin which can eat through organic matter is clear evidence of their origins as bestial predators to be put down. Aberrations of the Great Spirit. But, in truth, the phenomenon is a simple defence mechanism. In the event that a Zyglak might be the prey of a larger beast -- say, a behemoth claiming to be god Himself -- the ability to melt flesh at a touch seems almost noble. And, of course, Irna being pressed up right against a wall made of flesh meant that ... well.... The wall hissed and bubbled and steamed behind, the tendons and ligaments holding it together liquifying under her sustained contact, the pressure from Mata-Nui's elemental barrage pushing her deeper and deeper into the weakening meat of the structure -- and further and further away from the god Himself. A little further, she thought, desperately. A little further. OOC: @Smudge8 @Azibo @Unreliable Narrator: I'm not actually sure what happens if someone were to try and go through the organic wall of the Cortex. If my post doesn't work, I'm happy to edit it. -Void
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    IC: Mantax | Onu-Metru, Archives Seeing Arkius’ intent in removing his exterior armor and casting aside his axe, Mantax pursed his lips and stood up out of his strong spear stance. He called an attending kikanalo rider to take his spear, and two riders dismounted and doffed his armor. While they worked he kept his gaze locked on Arkius, his eyes showing deadly intent. When they finished he stood in the same plainness as Arkius, two warriors bent on crushing each other with their bare fists before assembled witnesses. Mantax lowered his head, took a wide stance, and raised his hands in front of himself. His boots slid across the floor of the Archives, no longer polished and smooth after Arkius’ use of his earth powers to churn the ground. He took a step forward, then another, finally another placing the two warriors within fighting reach. Feeling the tempo on his side, Mantax struck first with a blazing fast rush toward just below Arkius’ center of gravity. IC: Takadox | Po-Metru “She might not but I do,” Takadox said as his kualsi gleamed with recent use. Apparently the barraki left the restaurant in a hurry to collect his favorite spy, because he still carried a napkin to clean the butter off his chin. “But I know you’ll just shout pineapple. No point in wasting them now. Leonn, this is the last time I’m picking you up for lunch. You get your own ride from now on.” He stood only a head or so taller than Leonn, his hunched spine would have made him much taller if he could stand straight. On his back were a pair of single edged broadswords in a single scabbard. Little blue pennants fluttered from their pommels. Takadox stared at Rose and Skyra, his red and hypnotic eyes seeming to spin as they caught a glance without meaning to in his sudden appearance amongst them. “And you… Would you kindly take yourselves to a wedding chapel off island? Somewhere… Remote, and with a tropical view. Tut tut, move along. You don’t have all day ladies.” IC: Dume | Cortex Memories “Well, where to start,” Dume sighed, placing his glass down on a small coaster that appeared with a little wave of his hand. “Place looks like a paradise, but it’s all going down the hole you know? Nothing’s like it used to be. The Brotherhood’s been holed up in the southern fortress slinging spells at the giant leaking bubble in the sky since it showed up. Nothing gets rid of it. Then there’s rumors going around of doomsday. In general, pretty bleak. Matoran don’t want masks anymore, they want a way off this island. An escape, you know? That's why I'm out here. I've been thinking about what to do, trying to get my creative juices flowing. But it hasn't worked. I don't think I wore my thinking mask." Dume chuckled at the joke, then an idea glimmered in his eyes. "Say, you wouldn’t happen to have any room where you come from on this Metru-Nui would you? Where’d you say it was exactly?”
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    IC: Taja | Aboard the Airship Taja did her best to swallow her frustration and follow Sans' advice. She stretched her hand out, fingertips quivering slightly as she concentrated. "Imagine your entire body is composed of sound." She closed her eyes. She thought back to the moment of her transformation, when Dume shouted her into a Toa. His shout had resonated through her bones; her every cell had seemed to vibrate at a single frequency, like she might shimmer out of existence at any moment. She imagined she could feel it again. She imagined that her body was made of sound, a wavelength stretched and coiled into a person. When Sans spoke, her entire being rippled in response, absorbing the vibrations of his words into herself. "Your entire body is sound..." Each word was composed of vibrations, each syllable a frequency she could pinpoint on a scale. Opening her ears beyond the Turaga's words, Taja listened to the sounds of the ship. Leklo's heart thumped with excitement and fear, each low bu-bump reverberating through the air and echoing through her own body like the sound of a drum. The engines hummed a low D-sharp; the ting of a disk striking the hull rang a high, clear A. The wind outside whistled around them, singing up and down the scale like it was showing off. And beyond... sounds too faint to understand, but she knew they were there because the air carried their vibrations long after the sound had lost all meaning, and they, too, rippled through her body, her every atom vibrating in response like a still pond rippling long after the thrown stone has come to rest on the sandy bed. "...now reach out and shift your body to extend beyond your physical form." She realized now, in a blurry, roundabout way, that receiving sound was only one side of the coin. Just as the reverberations of the air could set her whole body vibrating, so could she reach out and send her own vibrations into the world. The power had been there all along: even as a Matoran, she could shout or sing or whisper sound into being and these were all lesser manifestations of the power that she felt deep within herself, resonating like the taut skin of a snare drum. Now, as a Toa, she didn't need to move her mouth to bring sound into the world. She had only to allow her body to resonate at the frequency of her own elemental energy. It sprang forward eagerly, travelling through her veins like liquid fire and out from her fingertips into the air, which now seemed as easy as anything, as simple as moving her own fingers, like the air itself was an extension of her own body, carrying whatever vibrations she wished to their destination. She directed the path of the sound. Target: box. She carefully decided on the frequency—a B of some kind, high enough to hear but low enough to be pleasant—and a low note sounded through the airship's cabin as the air rippled, moved by an unseen force, and struck the box, knocking it over. Her heartbeat thundering in her ears, Taja raised her hand and looked at in wonder, as if seeing it for the first time. I— I'm a Toa.
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    IC: Knichou, Dume's office Knichou had let the Toa handle the assassin - everything happened so fast he barely had time to pull out his lightstone rifle before they neutralized the dark hunter. The former Nynrah Ghost watched the sixth disk arrive and Dume lay out his plan. Knichou was never quite sure what Dume would do with the great disks but increase his own power, but everything made sense now. Nuparu had his reservations about the machine's power, which Knichou shared, but knowing Dume's plan... Knichou could do it. Knichou could end the war before it even happened. Knichou's inaction now would seal the fate of everyone in the universe, living and dead. Knichou could save those he failed to protect. Knichou had to speak up. "Dume, I am the only one who knows how to repair Nuparu's machine. If this is truly our only option, sacrificing one life and all of our memories made during the war to save all of those who have been lost, then I will do what I must."
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    IC: Takadox "Who was that? Are you with a woman right now?" IC: Reliable Narrator | Cortex Ostrox explored the tight interweaving corridors of organic material as he rushed to escape the main room where Mazor and Irna were locked in debate with something certainly claiming to be Mata-Nui. With his eyes on the surroundings, he did his best to take in what he could see and imagined something greater from it. He stood in a corridor that felt like walking inside a vein or a folded room of meat. The surface was grey, bulbous, and responded to a soft push by absorbing folding around his hand. Everywhere was slick, and the miasma floated throughout, rolling in eerie green clouds. A couple of silvery bohrok, strange and alien to the Southerner who’d never seen such a creature before, rolled past. They ignored him completely, focusing instead to direct their attention toward the hole he’d crawled out of. The two of them went about repairing the damage with some form of, Ostrox assumed, spit or webbing from their mouths. Before long, Ostrox found himself in the dark, except for the thin trickle of glowing silver protodermis down the middle of the floor in its depressed channel. The corridor smelled rancid. It felt far too humid. And everywhere was the sound of blood pumping. He thought about the situation. Drinking whatever trickled on the floor of the rancid smelling corridor would probably prove fatal, and after walking down the corridor for a while it didn't seem like the flowing liquid led anywhere specific. Rather, it seemed like it eventually drained back into pores in the floor to be secreted from the ceiling and walls. At least, that was Ostrox's guess. Remembering back, he'd heard Nuju call this place the Cortex. Wasn't the cortex responsible for voluntary motor function? If the cortex smelled rancid, was it dead? The bohrok creatures seemed content to continue repairing it in whatever state of life or death it was in, but perhaps there was more to the story. And besides, if this was actually a Cortex, did that mean there was more? @Toru Nui
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    IC Stannis & Leklo | Coliseum "No time to waste, indeed," Stannis said as he came near Dume and bent down to help mend him as best he could. He would not be able to use his now-famous healing powers since he expended the Kanohi Haonga to keep all danger at bay for the time being, but what he lacked in healing magic he made up for with battle experience. His presence was patient, methodical even, as it seemed the whole world flowed at a different pace around Stannis. Anything he touched seemed important for something, everyone he surrounded himself with was destined to be someone, and his every action was part of some greater fate. In the midst of the storm Stannis was the eye. He touched Dume's leg, causing the elder to wince in pain and curse at it, then continued to take measure of the wounds with the care of a carver. "We've lost so much already," he continued, "the lifeblood of the city is being drained by the second. But why?" he said to nobody in particular, asking the answer to a riddle with a riddle of his own, but it meant different things to each person. To the people of action he referred to the loss of matoran life; to the scholars he referred to the purging of the Three Virtues by actions of the heathen and sinful; to the literalists he referred to the blood of Dume, who had been the sage master of Metru Nui for as long as any of them lived. But to Dume, and the apprehensive minds, it struck a different chord; Stannis was asking for a confession—not of guilt, but of intent. Leklo stirred from his side of the office, roused slightly by Sans' beckoning and Korruhn's encouraging. The ghosts he saw, those ghastly apparitions, gathered around the bodies of Stannis and Dume like the quivering wings of a dying Valkyr. These two men's hands were drenched in blood, but slowly the newly minted toa could see the difference in the ghosts. Whereas Stannis was swarmed by waves of beings from other lands, fierce and noble looking warriors and soldiers marked with scarves belonging to Barraki and the Dark Hunters alike, Dume's victims were more domestic, toa and matoran seemingly caught in a trap by none of their own devices. The one with a purple mask—or was it orange?—kept reappearing. Who is that? The display had become less frightening to Leklo as he unraveled the phenomenon gradually, and he had become more entranced by it than truly afraid. These were people already deceased, and they caused no trouble to him after all. It was the realization that even his heroes were killers somehow that gave him fear, not the ones they had somehow killed. "I will go with you, Sans," Leklo said at last, managing to tear his attention from the ghastly dance and towards his turaga mentor. "Ko-Metru is my home, too, and I will not let it fall to these invaders. Let's take the fight to them." "That's the spirit!" Korruhn whooped, relishing the opportunity to test his abilities in battle to save the realm he spent so long canvassing. "I'm all in." Stannis meanwhile continued to tend to Turaga Dume, and tapped at his wounds to seal them with a carefully woven layer of stone to stop the bleeding and fix the gaps in his armor, and where the injury was too deep he pushed the stone in like putty on a crack until it was flush again. It was not much, but it was the Wanderer's best attempt at prolonging the elder statesman's life. Truthfully, Stannis was unsure what he needed to do to accomplish his mission with his instincts and knowledge clashing inside. He knew Dume had done questionable things, yet did not know to what extent, and he realized that while Dume could be a part of the web of lies and corruption in Metru Nui the turaga remained one of the only figures capable of galvanizing the Matoran culture to rebuff the Six King's crusade. None other commanded the same level of respect and admiration, none other had as much sway with the hearts of Mata Nui's folk. And yet, something was wrong, Stannis could feel it deep in his bones. It it wasn't the new toa, and it wasn't Dume, not really. Was it the Great Disc, nearly fused to completion and in the hands of Atamai? Stannis wondered, but remained uncertain. What he knew was that Dume was guarding a secret dangerously close to his chest, its presence was too obvious for the Wanderer's intuition to miss. "Tell me the truth, old friend," the Wanderer said to Dume. "You have lived so long and hold more regrets than even I... so why do you fear failure in this task the most?" he asked.
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    Made a list of all the action going on in the Colosseum, since there's a lot happening. I personally love how convoluted we made Turaga Dume's office. I hope this helps people organize their characters and figure out what to do next. There's a bit of confusion regarding the immediate assassination attempt taking place against Turaga Dume right now, so once that gets resolved and the timeline gets set then I'm sure many players will fats track themselves out into their next missions. -=Dume’s Office=- Sans in the doorways Waveahk and two Vahki behind him Stannis by the door Knichou, chilling and texting Kanohi Jutori, Just became a Toa Jabali, Self-Conscious and noticing the action unfold Atami, held up from becoming a Toa Vashni attacking Sidra Zataka attacking Sidra Okuo pinning Dume Dume being pinned Sidra, getting attacked behind the desk (one nektan by the window) Taja, zoning out Aradra, checking on Taja Leklo, still kind of hallucinating Korruhn, By Leklo, using gravity on the Rhotuka -=Colosseum General=- Raz, talking to Kanohi Kanohi, resting several floors down, talking to Raz Kovac, in the hospital Idlyx, taunting Kovac in the hospital Kohara, Talking to imprisoned Turaga Lhikan -=Cortex=- Mata-Nui Monster, trying to sit in the gameing chair Ostrox, about to fight Mata-Nui Mazor, debating whether or not to give the Krom Sphere to Mata-Nui Irna, Defensive against Mata-Nui Again, sorry if I missed someone, got the last action wrong, or misspelled someone's name :0
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    IC: Mata-Nui, Cortex The monstrous beast felt peaceful inside his own head. Every spirit lived in this space, in this moment, through him, and through Him. Then His space was invaded. His own head was filled with intruders, like a virus causing a headache. Mata-Nui's Avatar paid no mind at first, as He continued to remember this place. After a moment more, He turned back towards these three newcomers. "You do not belong here. You only hurt Me. I am the Life you live, and soon you will be born again in Me. You should not have come here, now leave, and be glad to be one with the Great Spirit." The three newcomers just stared blankly, maybe even cautiously, as the monstrous Mata-Nui Avatar commanded them. "Fine. I see that you are here with the purpose of hurting me. Already you have caused me so much pain. If you will not leave willingly, you'll join Me by force." Mata-Nui conjured his fused weapon in hand: a monstrously huge mace with dozen of blades ringed around the clubbed head. Mata-Nui took two mighty steps forward, and in a swing faster than any would reasonably expect from such a large arm, the mace crashed into the smallest one's body. Upon contact, a thunder cracked throughout the room, and a crumpled heap of Matoran flew across the room, lifeless when it finally came to rest. Mata-Nui stared down the two remaining figures. "Leave now, or suffer the same fate." OOC: @Smudge8 @Conway and I think coming up behind @Toru Nui? Also, UN gave me permission to btfo Nuju.
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    I'm glad you're liking it so far! These gifs own, thanks for sharing them! This time, we're taking a closer look at the Toa Stones!
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    IC: Knichou, Coliseum Airspace, Bridge of the Taku Everything was happening it once. The Taku was already high above the Coliseum tower due to Knichou's plan of arriving on the roof, and from that high up, the city below truly looked like the end times had arrived. As they drew closer to the tower there were bright flashes of light from a particular floor. Something important must be happening in there already. Hearing the radio response, Knichou bregrudgingly began lowering the ship's altitude, silently listening to the others discuss their plans, but mostly focusing on piloting and his own thoughts. Arkius and Nale wanted to stand in unity with their fellow Toa on the battlefield. Kanohi's duty to the city compelled him to join the conflict below. Vashni would stay and ensure the matoran would complete their quest and unlock their destinies. The newly formed crew was already splitting up. It appeared that if he was to survive the coming hours, Knichou would soon be returned to the solitary life he once knew as a Ghost once each part of the crew had parted ways. Knichou began to focus on the obstacle ahead. The tower wanted him to land in the courtyard, which threw a wrench into Knichou's plan of dropping Stannis via the roof. He needed to come up with a new plan, fast, and tell the others. Maybe if they were to - "Knichou, there is no time." Stannis's voice drew Knichou's attention. Knichou turned around to see the Toa climb into the Toa canister and look at him with that oh-so-familiar quiet stare. "Proceed with the plan. Send me down." The ex-Ghost gave the Toa of stone a silent nod before the Toa closed the lid of the canister and sealed himself inside. From inside the canister Stannis had a strange view of the world around him. The sensors of the canister were at one with his senses, and his eyes could see everywhere at once. Stannis could feel the controls and naturally understood them, as if they were instinctual. Knichou turned back to his controls, knowing Stannis would drop when he saw his chance. Now it was up to Knichou to position Stannis above the tower. He slowed the rate at which the ship lost altitude, and kept his heading so they would pass closely over the Coliseum tower. It was a move sure to get the air traffic control irritated, but they couldn't really do anything about it. What were they going to do, destroy two great disks over some poor piloting? Ignoring any complaints coming over the radio, Knichou piloted the Taku so it would pass slowly over the top of the Coliseum, then continued descending towards the parade grounds. While they were passing over the Coliseum, the Toa canister silently passed through the floor as it turned intangible. Hopefully Stannis would make the canister tangible again near the right floor, or at least in a place where he wasn't trapped. Once the Taku had dropped anchor on the parade grounds, Knichou got out of the captain's chair and began dragging the suitcase full of Nynrah tech back to his quarters, only now beginning to answer Jutori's question. "Jutori, I don't exactly have time to make you something custom like I did for Kanohi," the engineer replied, noisily moving belongings about in his quarters. "But I do have some tools on hand that might be useful..." Knichou said, walking out of his quarters with what looked like a sledgehammer. "This was mainly used for driving home rivets during ship construction, but I think it might be more useful to you right now for bludgeoning." The Fe-Matoran handed the sledgehammer over, as everyone began moving to the cargo bay. Knichou opened the cargo bay doors before he left and locked down the bridge. Everyone still on board was now assembled in the cargo bay below, and before Knichou went down the ladder to join them, he addressed the assorted comrades from the upper deck. "Well everybody... it looks like this may have been our last journey together, even though for some of you it was your first. We all have our own callings, our own paths. I can't and won't stop you from doing what duty calls you the most. All I can do is hope our paths will cross again after this fateful day. Good luck, and may Mata Nui protect you all." His short address over, the ex-Ghost began to descend the ladder to the lower deck of the cargo bay.
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    IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Main Lobby) Stepping out of the metal cage, Waveahk felt light-footed and light-headed. He stumbled out into the lobby, filled with panicking Matoran, and to be honest he felt like joining them. So to recap: he'd been chased across the city by annoyingly persistent robots, almost buried alive by an insane fanatic, thrown in jail willingly, saw his co-worker transformed into something monstrous, left to die at the hands of a headless abomination, had his physical appearance deemed 'ugly' by a Skakdi, - he didn't quite remember where that fit in the timeline, only that it did - taken away to a pitch black void of nothingness by some eldritch creature and told to kill an unknown and a God. Must be Thursday. He could never get the hang of Thursdays.
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    OOC: Woah, this jam was quite the adventure, it was really fulfilling to do such a cool jam with an OG I started RPing with in my early days back in - *checks calendar* - nevermind, I feel old now. Enjoy! IC: Knichou and Stannis, on the bridge of the Taku and in the memories of the dead After seeing everyone finish boarding the Taku, Knichou pulled the switch to close the massive cargo bay doors. The normally empty airship cargo bay feel rather cozy at the assortment of Matoran and Toa with their friendly robot, parked hoverbike, and scavenged Vahki transport parts. Knichou skillfully began to increase the levitation power, turning the airship towards the Coliseum in order to catch up with Arkius and the Revenant. He kept the airship flying at a medium altitude - not high enough so that they wouldn’t lose sight of the ground, but not low enough that they might accidentally hit a building while Knichou was in the memory crystal. After half a minute or so of piloting, Knichou switched on the autopilot system and swiveled the captain's chair away from the dashboard to see the Toa of Stone duck slightly to fit through the door to the bridge, followed by some of the other passengers. "Well, we're at altitude and on course to the Coliseum. Ready to find out what was on Nuparu's memory crystal so we know what to prepare for when we get there, Stannis?" the Fe-Matoran asked, delicately pulling the memory crystal out of his amorphous nanite backpack. "I've never done this before, this will be interesting." Knichou looked into the distance for a short moment as if trying to remember something he'd forgotten to say. "Vashni -" Knichou turned to the Toa of psionics in the room. "- One quick request: if the ship catches on fire, starts falling, et cetera, try to enter my mind and let me know to wake up so I can stop us from all dying" Knichou didn’t even wait for a response, suspecting the psionics Toa would have either already been planning for such a disaster or reading his mind as he thought of the plan. He mainly wanted to put everyone else at ease given the only person who they knew could fly this ship was going to completely blind in case of an emergency. The only pilot shutting himself out from the outside world was not standard procedure, and some concern was justified. "Anyway, as I was saying... ready Stannis?" “I will be,” was the tired reply. “One moment.” Stannis sat on the floor near Knichou, crumpled up against the bulwark with an odd expression on his face. It registered differently to others, somewhat between confused and pensive, but in reality Stannis was tired. The wrinkles were hidden under his Kanohi Haonga, but his craggy face was creased with all too many memories to count. They had come and gone like dunes of the desert, myriad and unique and almost forgotten but for the grit they embedded in his armor and the scars they left behind. The Wanderer had lived many experiences. What, then, were the contents of that memory stone but another wrinkle on his face? He sighed, knowing what needed to be done, but wishing all the same that he didn’t have to do it. Not the crystal—the war. He was not even sure getting and sharing all the information he could would be enough to save Metru Nui, but he needed to try. Despite all that he had lost, he would not sacrifice his Faith away. Mata Nui had a plan for him; that was enough. After a moment of rest he was centered again, and his eyes regained their light as he looked back up to the expectant Ghost. “I am ready,” he said at last. It had only been a few seconds, but it may as well have been another eon in his mind. “Let us see what the great Engineer was thinking.” Knichou extended his arm towards Stannis, as if to help the ancient Toa get back on his feet. In his palm was the memory crystal, leaving a small but beautiful blue-tinted shadow out of the refracted light. The Toa took his hand and the pair closed their eyes, trying to isolate their senses to help focus on the crystal. The hum of the engines and the assorted sounds of the Taku's instruments was replaced by the muffled sounds of a busy street. The pair opened their eyes to find themselves somewhere else, surrounded by objects in a blurry, ethereal state. The entire world around them looked like a camera shifted out of focus, and trying to examine something closer was as if trying to recall details from a dream after one had awoken. In front of them was Nuparu, busily tinkering with a Vahki head in his workshop, dressed in a robe that had seen so many spills of grease, oil, and glue that it looked like a piece of abstract Ko-Metruan art. Wherever Nuparu looked, that part of the room would shift into focus with vivid detail. The more concentrated Nuparu was on something, the more detailed the memories of his vision would be, which is why even though a lot of the room was in the chief engineer's field of view, the most detailed parts Stannis and Knichou could see were the gears of the Vahki brain that Nuparu was adjusting. Knichou let go of Stannis's hand and stood upwards, intending to walk over to Nuparu, but he stopped himself when he noticed he wasn't wearing his adaptive armor anymore. Knichou was dressed in plain, lightweight robes that were a bland grey except for a bright blue 'N' emblazoned on the chest. Around his waist was a tool belt filled with equipment of various sizes, some that Stannis would recognize and others that looked to be made out of such complex electronics that Stannis wouldn't have a chance of understanding their function. Knichou's hands and Kakama were now blue instead of their signature purple, matching the symbol on his chest. Knichou was shocked at the unexpected costume change - he hadn't seen himself like this in centuries. The Fe-Matoran was going to look towards Stannis when he heard a knock at the workshop's door behind them, grabbing Knichou's attention. While Knichou's head was turned towards the doorway, Nuparu towards the door, passing through the former Nynrah Ghost's body as if Knichou was an actual ghost. Stannis, meanwhile, looked fifty thousand years younger, a paragon of sagacity and youth in bright brown and tan armor, clad lightly in a sleeveless and flowing tunic. His spears were not in use; in their stead he had a deadly looking halberd slung across his back and a nasty looking ceramic revolver at his hip. Having studied memory crystals a few times before he was used to this image of him: It was the reflection of a younger Stannis Maru, by then already a veteran toa and the leader of his team but perfectly balanced between youthfulness and experience. While in the present day his armor was mottled and ancient-looking back then it was shiny and modern, the epitome of what a toa-hero was imagined to look like at the time. He seemed proud and hale and not at all he was in real life. Once Knichou turned to look at him he would quickly realize this was the time of Stannis’ life he imagined himself to be his prime. The Wanderer looked around the memory in relative comfort. The world inside the memory crystal was constantly shifting, and as its creator’s focus shifted from one thing to the peripherals blurred, dimmed, and would vanish from view entirely until Nuparu looked back at them again. Behind Stannis was little more than a drab grey backdrop, much like the color of his eyes, but the world ahead was vivid with Nuparu’s excited and sharp brain’s curiosities. Time flowed differently in the stored universe as well, and like any other recording it could be slowed and paused to be studied more carefully frame by frame. Capable of storing vast amounts of information deposited by their creators, memory crystals functioned both as video diaries and repeatable virtual lessons, all depending on how the users wished. Stannis’ attention was taken by the rap at the door as well, and he moved—or more curiously simply was—by the door the next moment, looking down at Nuparu cry out “One moment!” as he wiped his greasy palms across his apron before reaching for the latch. Stannis's proficiency with traversal inside of the memory crystals was surprising, but not as surprising to Knichou as seeing a much younger Stannis. Knichou's eyes absorbed the details of the Toa's past form as Nuparu opened the door. The portal revealed a Ko-Matoran with an iStone who looked to have just disembarked the Vahki transport behind him. Two Vahki from his escort were carrying a large crate down off the transport. Knichou began to drift closer to the door, practically looking over Nuparu's shoulder. "Welcome to my workshop. May I help you?" the engineer asked, offering a handshake and a smile. The Ko-Matoran did not flinch, or even take his eyes off the iStone he was typing in, as he responded. "Chief Engineer Nuparu? I've got a package for you from Turaga Dume." "What is this? I don't know if it will fit in my -" "Sir, they aren't even telling me what it is. All I know is there's an iStone inside with relevant information, everything else is classified. Given that there's this level of secrecy, I suggest you find room before these Vahki make room in your workshop for you." The Ko-Matoran looked away from his screen for the first time - although that was only because he was pointing his iStone at Nuparu. "I'm going to need a signature to confirm this deliver-" The voice of the Ko-Matoran raised in pitch as time sped forward, with Stannis and Knichou preferring to fast-forward past the Vahki carefully putting the crate down on the workshop floor, only returning time to normal speed once Nuparu was finally beginning to open the crate. Inside were many more boxes of all proportions and sizes. Each box contained a part in various stages of disrepair. Some pieces were still covered in a thick layer of dust except for a few fingerprints, some were visibly singed, warped, or corroded. Others looked timeless, as if the wear and tear of the elements over eons wouldn't dare to scratch their surfaces. Several of the larger pieces had dirt and ash lodged in all sorts of nooks and crannies, looking fresh out of an excavation. It was impossible to tell if these parts were all discovered together or if they had just met for the first time. An hour later, all the pieces had been assembled on the floor of the workshop - organized by size, shape, and theorized function. This left a jumble of a more unique parts in one pile, and six incomplete sets of duplicate sections of the machine. Between all of those, Nuparu discovered that even if not all parts were there for these similar sections, between all six most if not all of the parts were present at least once, so replacements could easily be rebuilt. Nuparu's memory was already buzzing with theories, but now that it was all unpacked the Onu-Matoran finally began to read the message on the iStone inside the final box at the very bottom of the crate. Knichou and Stannis watched as Nuparu pressed a button on the device to play back the audio recording on it. Dume's voice filled the room. "The components in this shipment were recently uncovered on a small island near Artahka. They were found in an ancient temple ruin to the Great Spirits. Toa Tuyet is adamant the parts form a machine which will bring a permanent end to the war. Lhikan and Nidhiki are urging caution, as Tuyet's beliefs are founded in yet to be fully understood research. The first step in determining if this is truly what Tuyet thinks is reconstructing the machine. You have two weeks, ample time for our Chief Engineer." "If our engineers did this right, this iStone's battery will overcharge and fry this iStone about 10 seconds after this recording ends. Now how do I turn this thing off-" As the audio recording cut out, Nuparu quickly ran over to a trash bin to dump the iStone, which emitted a puff of smoke a few seconds afterwards. There was a harsh smell of burnt electronics in the air. Nuparu sighed, and walked over to a workshop cabinet. Pulling open the drawers, he eventually found what he was looking for - the memory crystal. Nuparu sat down on a stool, closed his eyes, and the world around Stannis and Knichou went dark. The duo stood silent in a void darker than the night sky, needing to say nothing as their minds were linked together, two separate minds interacting on multiple levels of consciousnesses simultaneously. After either a moment or an eternity passed, the world around them shimmered into existence as the next of Nuparu's memories began to play. The second memory revealed the shop in a new sort of disarray with most of the stuff oreviously seen on the floor squirreled away in other places or removed entirely for the experiment that had been delivered. Nuparu was visibly flustered, sitting on a chair in a corner and tapping a spanner against his knee while he stared off in deep thought. Me was seemingly only muttering nonsense but in reality he was thinking aloud to himself in technojargon that made sense to Knichou; only by extension of their shared mind link was Stannis able to understand what he was saying. The memory unfolded the image of the device at long last as the object of Nuparu’s intense frustration. It still looked incoherent, more a mess of parts than a real sum of them, both abstract and defined at the same time, as Nuparu’s understanding of certain pieces were better understood than others. Six prongs were visible, as well as a few other things like harnesses and bolts, but the majority of the device were still rendered poorly. Nuparu could be heard mumbling about the relic’s makeup, viability, and power sources, all speculations that lead to dead ends. The actual function of the device seemed to elude him, and beside him, on the floor, was a sprawling of papers. Some were attempts at blueprints, and scraps of multiple ones were cobbled together like puzzle pieces in an attempt to assemble something greater, while others were just lines and lines of scribbles and equations, and others still were complex diagrams. Had they been on the walls they could have been written off as obsessions of an insane man, but they clearly had a coherence to them. Nuparu was an engineer, but also an inventor, and he had been given a number of tools, objects, and materials with no instructions but an expectation to deliver upon. “What was Dume thinking?” he could be heard ranting, now pacing around the device that took up lion’s share of space in the shop, “giving me this pile of scrap and telling me to build a warstopper out of it. ‘Ample time for the chief engineer.’ Well, ample time my greased , I’m Nuparu of Metru Nui, not Artakha of Arta— … whatever. I’m an inventor, not a…” He stopped then, frozen in a realization. “So, I’ll invent.” The memory shifted again.
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    IC: Vashni - The Taku - .:Whenever you're ready then:. And that was the last thing Vashni would say on the matter, at least until Nale decided to bring it up again. IC: Skyra - Temple - Skyra felt like her breath was taken away as she entered the temple. What...what had they done? The shock of seeing the horrified expressions on the faces of each head was...well it was a bit too much for the young Toa. Skyra was used to seeing death by now, it was part of war after all. But this...this was something else entirely. This was a massacre, they probably never even fought back, just struck down without mercy. Their beliefs and way of life mocked and defaced by the League. It was unforgivable. Skyra's fists grew tight, while Rose had began to let out her rage quite openly, Skyra's was a much more silent kind of anger. A League Skadki tried to jump her as she slowly walked through the temple, but she cut him down with a katana faster than he could react. Her normal cheeriness was gone, all that was left was righteous anger. So she began to cut down League soldiers as she came across them, even as they began to attempt to retreat. There was nothing flashy about her attacks, they were just simple and clean movements, like she was a machine harvesting a crop. She suffocated a Vortixx and then cut them down when she finally saw Rose against a wall. It...it was hard to see her like that, especially when Skyra knew exactly how she was feeling at that moment. She approached Rose slowly, watching for any enemies, and when seeing none knelt down next to her. Skyra tried to speak, but her throat seemed to have failed her. It was then Skyra finally noticed that her face felt wet, she wiped it away with her hands. How long had she been crying? Not knowing what else to do, Skyra sat down against the wall next to Rose, feeling kind of numb. @Tarn
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