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Slizer Mafia 2: Okotans' Revenge

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Slizer Mafia 2: Okotans’ Revenge


Having invaded Okoto, the Judge Slizer was able to use the Mask of Time to return to the year 2000 and create a future where the Slizer theme continued.  For years now the theme has prospered, having millions of fans and drawing in massive profits, completely overshadowing every other smaller constraction line Lego has produced on the side and achieving a steadiness that ensures many more years of prosperity.


But as the theme entered into 2015, a familiar distortion appeared in the sky over the Slizer Dome.  Later that day, a Slizer official was found dead, holding in their hand a note written in the Okotan alphabet: “We will take our future back.”


The Judge Slizer has been put in charge of finding and eliminating the Okotan invaders.  The Slizer Dome has been placed in lockdown, successfully cornering the bionic fiends, but they have managed to infiltrate the task force and are working to dismantle it and leave with classified information about a certain individual.  As their allies start to be picked off one by one, the Judge Slizer resorts to desperate measures…




Welcome to Mafia!  This game will be separated into Day and Night rounds each lasting 24 hours.  During the Night rounds, special roles will decide on actions via PM, and then during the Day, all players vote on who they think is guilty, and whoever receives the most votes is executed. 


Okotans: These G2 elites have made their way to this alternate timeline to claim vengeance for the Slizers’ act of raiding Okoto.  Win by eliminating all Slizers.

-Ekimu the Mask Maker x1: A wise elder determined to take back what is rightfully theirs.  Each night, Ekimu will order one of the other Okotans to kill someone.  Ekimu cannot send the same person two nights in a row, and cannot be killed unless he is the last Okotan left alive.

-Kulta the Skull Grinder x1: This creature’s dark powers were disrupted in the process of crossing timelines, limiting what they can do…for now.  If they survive until Night 4, however, their powers will return, and they can revive one of the players they have killed as a Skull Slizer bound to the will of Ekimu.

-Umarak the Hunter x1: An elemental being of Shadow who is one with the night itself.  When Umarak kills someone, there is no suspect list.

-Tahu the Uniter of Fire x1: Being the leader of the Toa, Tahu has some doubts about this mission, but if one of the other Okotans is killed he will realize that he has no choice but to take things seriously.  At this point, Tahu will call Ikir to his aid and be able to kill two people when sent, though this produces a smaller suspect list.


Slizers: A special task force assembled to eradicate the Okotans, they have now been compromised and must purge their ranks at any cost.  Win by eliminating all Okotans.

-Redshirt Slizer x 14: Generic soldiers who don’t do anything other than vote.

-Judge Slizer x1: An elite official leading this task force.  Their vote counts as 3 votes.

-City Slizer x1: A speedy Slizer who can investigate one player each night to learn their role.

-Spark Slizer x1: A medical officer who can protect one player each night, nullifying all attacks against them.  They can also grant an electric shield to one player, giving them the ability to escape death once, but the Spark Slizer can only create ONE such shield.

-Blaster Slizer x1: This aggressive gunner selects one player to kill each night, though their weapon is ineffective against other members of the task force.  In light of this, no one will be executed as a result of a kill made by the Blaster Slizer.


Neutral Roles: Civilians who were unable to get out before the lockdown went into effect.  Win by surviving.

-Music Slizer x1: This Slizer wants to be involved and will target someone every night, but their mood is entirely dependent on what song their iPod shuffles out.  They might protect their target, they might kill them, they might prevent them from acting, they might learn what their role is.  Music can take you anywhere.

-Flare Slizer x1: A disturbed individual who was found enjoyment in this chaos.  Every night they will target two players and launch a volley of fireballs as they fly over, randomly killing one and burying the other in rubble.  If a player gets buried in rubble twice, they will die.

-Hiker Mike x1: An unbelievably friendly individual and a master of negotiations.  They can target one player and talk them out of making any rash decisions, stripping them of their role ability.  This ability can only be used ONCE, and the player must explicitly activate it in their PM.  If Ekimu is targeted, they will be killed and another Okotan will assume their authority; if another Okotan is targeted, they can no longer be sent to kill.  Since targeting a Redshirt Slizer would accomplish nothing, if Hiker Mike targets one of them, this ability will not be used up and Hiker Mike can try again.



1. BZP rules, yo (follow them)

2. Votes stick (no switches)

3. Don’t shoot the screen or reveal roles (please)



Prologue: Drumhead Roll

Night 1: Leading the Blind

Day 1: Dressed to be Killed

Night 2: Cease Misfire

Day 2: Clear Skies

Night 3: Scene Not Available

Day 3: Slizer Rhapsody

Night 4: Insincere Flattery

Day 4: Pardoned

Night 5: The Blocking Dead

Day 5: Circuit Break

Night 6: Sparking Ember

End: Judgment Past + Epilogue: Soul Out of Machine



1. Not Underscore (City Slizer) Killed by Umarak, Night 1

2. Turkey Makuta Luroka (Ekimu the Mask Maker)

3. Koala Kranan (Kulta the Skull Grinder)

4. Dragon.star (Blaster Slizer) Killed by Flare Slizer, Night 2

5. Taka Nuvia (Judge Slizer) Lynched, Day 6

6. B0ss Manducus (Spark Slizer) Killed by Umarak, Night 6

7. Hellyam (Music Slizer) Lynched, Day 3



10. jed1ndy (Hiker Mike)

11. ToaTimeLord (Redshirt Slizer) Lynched, Day 3

12. Trijhak (Redshirt Slizer) Lynched, Day 5

13. Destined Blade (Redshirt Slizer) Lynched, Day 3

13.1. Unit#phntk#1 (Redshirt Slizer) Killed with no chance of victory, Day 6

15. Ehksidian (Tahu Uniter of Fire) Ability deactivated by Hiker Mike, Night 6

-16. ToaD (Redshirt Slizer) Lynched, Day 2

17. Shadow FF (Redshirt Slizer) Lynched, Day 1


19. Roman Torchwick (Redshirt Slizer) Killed by Umarak, Night 4




23. Spooky RG (Flare Slizer) Lynched, Day 2

24. Shadow Burnmad (Umarak the Hunter)

25. Toa Smoke Monster (Redshirt Slizer) Killed by Kulta, Night 2; Revived as Skull Slizer, Night 4

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Spot 19, if you please.


Legends Don't Last Forever



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Could I have spot number 7?

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I wanted 24, guess ill take 2 instead.


Blame Smoke for taking 25. :P


- :burnmad:

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I wanted 24, guess ill take 2 instead.


Blame Smoke for taking 25. :P


- :burnmad:





I guess. I mean, if it's that important to you...


- :burnmad:

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Spot 23 please.

Also as an observation, Hiker Mike seems to be a very powerful role.

-Rahkshi Guurahk
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Come one, come all, this is your last chance to fill up spots for this amazing game!  Join in the next 20 minutes to get a free commemorative disk!*


*The disk is figurative, I'm not going to actually give you anything other than a spot and possibly a role

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