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Ko-Nui Census Records


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Abilities, Powers, and Skills:



~Anywho, my profiles~


Name: Maira (Mah-ee-rah, for those wondering about the pronunciation. Three syllables.)
Species and Gender: Male Toa of Fire

Appearance: While before he had been a regal-appearing champion of the Matoran, over the years working the forges Maira has ended up a grizzled old Toa, with numerous scars and burn marks running along his armour, his heavy musculature (from manning the bellows a lot) shows rather prominantly. His armour is solid and of a bronzen colouration (actually plated with bronze, the base metal is black iron), though tarnished with age and soot. His mask is shaped rather like that of Lhikan's Hau.

Kanohi: Maira wields a bronze-coloured Kanohi Pakari, though wear and tear has led it to become tarnished, covered with soot, and as with his armour, the black base metal is beginning to show in places.

Weapons: Originally wielding a long-bladed steel saber, Maira has long since cut his weapon down to a more utilitarian cutlass length. Its hilt is of solid bronze, the same colour of his armour - of what his armour used to be, as he has generally kept his weapon in much better condition than his armour - and the blade is of similar length to a machete, gently curved and ending in a devastating spear point.

Gear: For regular gear, Maira has a heavy cloak and very thick general clothing, to maintain his body heat, as well as a general utility knife (similar to a bowie knife in shape), and a satchel to carry his food and any trinkets and such. And, of course, his sword's sheathe.

Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Though he hasn't had much opportunity to practice his combat skills, Maira is still a deft swordsman, though - in accordance with the Toa code - he will never strike to kill, not intentionally. On the other hand, he's never lost his skill with his element, as he's had to use it - and his physical strength, which is rather great even without the Pakari - almost every day since the winter first started.

Personality: Though he was never a lighthearted Toa, in the long years of winter Maira has gone from being simply a serious though sometimes-jovial Toa to being a bitter, cynical man. Still, he's never lost sight of the code that he has followed since he became a Toa, nor does he put himself before others; as well, he has never once allowed his goals and ambitions to be crushed like he has been.

Weaknesses: Obviously, Maira holds a weakness to the cold; being a Toa of Fire, he was never comfortable in it, but now, after having worked in the furnaces and forges for so many years, he's become so accustomed to warmth that if his clothing is removed and his element doused, he will rather quickly succumb to the cold - if he doesn't panic first.

Biography: Maira was one of the first inhabitants of the Matoran Universe, created by the Great Beings as a member of the species for which that universe was named, the Matoran. He wasn't native to Ko-Nui, instead living on an island far to the North; eventually, though, he made the transition to being a Toa, and left to find a land and people to protect. Eventually, he settled upon a small farm-island in the southern reaches of the domes, with a thriving, mid-sized population. He made quick friends with a couple natives of the island, a Fe-Turaga named Verrus who was the leader of those on the island, and a recently-transformed Toa of Ice named Kova. While Kova protected the Ko-Matoran in their mountainous community, Maira remained down in the lowlands, protecting the farmers and workers. However, once winter came about, Maira found himself trapped outside, searching for others to bring back to the dock city. Still, he managed to power his way through to the dock city, relying on his elemental abilities to keep himself and those he had saved alive - only to immediately be put to work upon arriving back at what had been renamed Ta-Karda, as one of those able to keep the bellows for the forges going. As the years passed, he saw his friend Kova become the head administrator of Ko-Metru, he watched Verrus succumb to the cold one day, no longer able to remain warm, and his outlook and general mood gradually changed to a bitter one, a smouldering anger fuelling him more as each day went on.

Name: Kova (Koh-vah)

Species and Gender: Male Toa of Ice

Appearance: Kova is of tall, thin appearance, seeming to be quite a bit older than he actually is, when one looks at the lines on his face, how dull and cynical his eyes seem to be, and his almost frail body. With a generally pale white body, his armour and mask are grey with ice-blue accents. rather lacking in scars and wear that might be expected of any other Toa's equipment.

Kanohi: Kova wears a Kanohi Hau, with removable polarized ice-blue coloured eye lenses; he generally wears those only when he has to go outside.

Weapons: Kova wields a single-handed sword, similar to an arming sword, though with a longer, thinner blade, with an unsharpened ricasso and a spur on the back edge of the weapon; it has a prominent teardrop-shaped pommel, a large finger ring, and an outward-curving knucklebow to protect the rest of his hand. It looks rather like this.

Gear: Kova has a general utility knife, similar to a seax, and a shorter version of that knife - with fork and spoon - for eating with. He also has general writing materials, a fountain pen, ink, a brush, and paper - either in cut sheets or large rolls. His only clothing is generally a heavy cloak, and he has a satchel - that varies as a backpack - to carry his items. As well, obviously, he has a sheathe for his sword.

Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Kova is trained well enough with his sword to protect himself for a short time, though that's it - he isn't much of a fighter. He prefers to use his sword or element to defend himself for a moment, and then get himself and whoever is with him away quickly, rather than to fight. As for his element, he can use it in either general, large applications, or small applications with quite a bit of finesse. Beyond that, though, he is an excellent administrator, able to keep Ko-Metru in a rather stable state, though his influence is limited in Ta-Karda. As well, his survival skills in the icy wilds are unparalleled by any on Ko-Nui.

Personality: First off, it must be said that justice, the preservation of order, and the preservation of life are two of Kova's main goals. If somebody has commited a bad enough crime or is threatening the lives of others around them, Kova will not hesitate to either kill them or have them killed if there is no other solution. He never hesitates to act as he sees he must, and while he doesn't rule with an iron fist, he doesn't let anybody have particularly free reign, either. He is rarely happy, as his work - and the conditions of those on the island - drain him quite a bit; the most anybody sees is a man as grim and icy as the world around him.

Weaknesses: Kova isn't a fighter, preferring diplomacy over battle, and won't last long in even a one-on-one duel. He's not strong, he's not fast, and he doesn't take hits well. Beyond that, he has made a few enemies and might make a few more, as his views on preserving order, life, and giving justice have caused him to both neglect the Toa code and show little mercy to those he feels have broken from what is a proper way to live.

Biography: A native of Ko-Nui and a rather young man compared to some others on the island, Kova was one of those who first helped to expand Ko-Metru into the mountains surrounding the original city, as a Matoran; once Verrus (the island's original Toa) became a Turaga, Kova was one of those transformed to a Toa to fill his place. From then on he undertook the task of protecting the other Ko-Matoran and those who lived in Ko-Metru with them, though he worried about those who lived down in the farmlands - he had noticed that winters in the mountains had grown progressively colder and longer over the years, and feared that whatever caused that problem might cause the harshest of the weather to spread out and encompass the entire island. Once his fears were realized, Kova - already a premier survivalist on the island, and a gifted leader - took control of Ko-Metru and the Ko-Matoran host, first embarking on a rescue mission to Ta-Karda. It was he who suggested that the Ko-Matoran first lead the island, though his intention wasn't for them to remain in their position forever; he appointed the first Ko-Matoran governor of Ta-Karda, and he suggested that Ta-Toa and the other stronger Toa help to keep furnaces going to provide heat, until a better solution might be found. However, quickly conditions started to deteriorate further, for both cities, and so Kova tightened his hold on Ko-Metru and grasped harder the leash with which he held the governer of Ta-Karda, bringing order to the island in order to better preserve the lives of those upon it and give justice to those who need and/or deserve it, causing the island's culture to become what it is today.

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Pre-Approved Characters


I want to see where the sirens sing,

Hear how the wolves howl,

Sail the dead calm waters of the Pacific,

Dance in the fields of coral

Be blinded by the white

Discover the deepest jungle.”

- “Wanderlust,” Nightwish (2000)

Name: Methroda, the Out-of-Work Adventurer

Species & Gender: Female Le-Matoran

Appearance: Methroda has an appearance which is youthful and generally very spry, though this disappears more when she is fully geared up. Her natural armor is colored in lime green throughout most of the body, though her armor is white at the joints and most extremities. While she's more broad shouldered than most Le-Matoran, and somewhat taller than average, she still appears quite small next to Po-Matoran and the like. Her mask, which is lime-green colored, is similar in design to the Kanohi Kaukau; what differentiates it is that the mouth cover is that of a Hau, and the upper crest is closer to the design of a Faxon. (see also – Gear)

Kanohi: Powerless Kanohi. The visor on Methroda's mask makes it slightly harder to see when in completely clear settings, but also double as highly efficient snow goggles, which is on its own a useful trait to have.

Weapons: Her primary weapon is a powerful weapon known as Shiver-Piercer; it is a both heavily customized and heavily modified crossbow with some Xian modifications; it has been equipped with Akaku-simulating sights (read: x-ray vision) and a spring-loaded bayonet which can be unleashed at the tip. Shiver-Piercer obviously can't be fired with one hand, but can be grasped as such in the off hand so she need not drop it when using her melee weapon – a brutal looking mace of high-quality protodermis. In the event of an emergency, she can also wield a rather sharp hunting knife crafted from Phase Dragon fang.

Gear: To combat the cold of Ko-Nui, Methroda wears additional armor that has been crafted out of the hides of slain Rahi from the region; this has allowed her a much greater amount amount of protection and warmth when traveling in the cold wilderness outdoors. She always wears a large, thick hide cloak to provide a final buffer. Under the cloak, at her belt, is a case of bolts for her crossbow. Over the cloak, she carries a large backpack which contains – a water skin, two bottles of unidentifiable alcohol, a modified heatstone (can be “recharged” when around heat long enough), two lightstones, some preserved rations, a few cases of bolts for her weapon, and all of the necessary gear to set up a small tent in the event of an emergency.

Housing: Methroda owns a tiny shack on the outskirts of Ta-Karda, though saying she lives there would be overstating it; if anything, it's a pit stop. She keeps the place under secure lock and key, though any prospective thief would likely find themselves sorely disappointed were they to break into the window-less dwelling; mostly, just a bed, a rug and some wicker baskets, a few holding non-perishable foods. There is a hidden compartment underneath the rug which requires a key where she keeps extra bolt cases for her weapon and a few lightstones as replacement equipment.

Skills: While no crack shot, Methroda is still dangerously good when necessary, and can perform quite well even when put under pressure. In melee, she has no sense of finesse, delivering heavy blows with her mace with strength as her main focus. While her combat skills are helpful, her main talents are those which don't involve a weapon – wilderness survival. Methroda has adapted well to the harsh weather of Ko-Nui; she's picked up some resistance to the cold of the island, and learned a number of tricks to avoid hypothermia and frostbite both for herself and for others. When a snowstorm or the like comes by, she can work even under the limited visibility and can almost always get a sense of direction. Her knowledge of the weather itself is also quite good. Her final and arguably most necessary skill is knowing how to hunt down a Rahi, and to both skin it and retrieve some meat.

Personality: Methroda is the epitome of an adventurer, with all that entails. On the more positive side of her personality, she enjoys going after new things, taking risks, helping out others (though a reward of some sort is always nice...), exploring new places whenever it becomes possible, and just tying to enjoy life in general from the broadest aspects to the finest details; having fun is what's the most important to her. She's hard-headed and determined, and always seems to have a smile on her face. However, this same spectrum does have its less savory aspects. In terms of physical things, she's incredibly wasteful, which has earned her the ire of some due to the difficult times that Ko-Nui is facing. Her behavior can also lead her to act incredibly rashly and oftentimes foolhardy; thus, while she generally tries to protect people and specially companions when she can, she can often times seem completely oblivious to the dangers facing others, and even more so their feelings or opinions. She can be both abrasive and impatient when things aren't going as she wants. If the city were to come under attack, she'd be the first one in and the last one out; that doesn't exactly mean everyone loves her, though...

Weaknesses: Walk into a Matoran bar in Ta-Karda, and it's not completely unlikely you won't see Methroda dominating the arm-wrestling competitions against most others of her kind; however, strength only being relative, she's no Po-Matoran, and certainly no Toa – in a physical battle, she's simply not strong enough or tough enough to go up against most other species, and her lack of actual melee training leaves her even more vulnerable. While she may have wit and agility going for her, her lack of restraint in combat causes even greater difficulties, as she's more than willing to wail hopelessly against the thick armor of a Frostelus despite standing no chance to harm it with her mace. She has virtually no defense against the powers of those species which have them, which is another disadvantage that restricts her.

Biography: Before Ko-Nui became an island of ice, Methroda was already an outlier among her peer groups. While other Matoran of odd behavior would often luck out and find themselves becoming Toa, Methroda found herself stuck in the monotonous and often boring task of being a carriage driver, transporting folks all across the island on the same old paths every day via ussal-drawn cart and getting in innumerable one-sided conversations with the passengers as she commented on the weather or state of affairs. She had a personal guard at the time who she put extra money aside to, though she eventually came to the realization she could kill two birds with one stone by getting some form of combat training herself, so that there would be no need to split the profits – something which ended up paying off, and put her enough money on the side to purchase the beautiful weapon she would one day come to call Shiver-Piercer.

Methroda began making plans and putting money aside to eventually travel away from the island, but with a lack of patience combined with her often wasteful spending meant that such long term plans could never be accomplished, and she could only daydream. Then, the day came when the island was frozen over. When that happened, Methroda was put out of business very quickly – ussal have never been known to handle the cold well, after all, and wheels are notoriously hard to operate when they're buried under. Being unable to continue along that line of work, she decided to put her combat training and equipment to use as both hunter and personal guard. Some of the less secretive Ko-Matoran proved invaluable in teaching her the first tips for dealing with the cold weather, though in time she became quite the survivalist in her own right.

For years, Methroda continued accompanying hunting parties with the goal of finding food. That was until the day when her party discovered a small group of ruined buildings left out in the snowy lands, all filled with various goods and a number of dead villagers, simply left out in the wilderness for the rahi to take. She came to realize then a new business – looting for hire. Along with a few others, she began making journeys out into the wilderness to reclaim lost valuables for people, while also taking what they needed or could get for themselves that had been left behind by both the living and the dead. It proved to be a rather lucrative business, as with so much left behind, it was difficult to say what belong to who.

It was only about eight months back when things stopped going according to plan. Taking a Ko-Matoran guide and a group of friends out, the plan was actually a search-and-rescue operation to locate a group of villagers that a Ta-Karda citizen believed might still be holed up out in the wilderness. When they reached the place, however, they found no one there, and not a single scrap of loot – instead, they find a group of Ice Beetles, who quickly made work of most of the group. She and the guide were the only survivors.

Since then, she's become more and more desperate, calling upon even total strangers to join with her in her travels once more, so she can continue on her old line of work. Who with doesn't matter; what she cares about is getting the job. The state of the island is of even less concern; while she'd be happy if the island was unfrozen so she could leave, she's content with her current life, and not too bothered by the ice – after all, there's always a furnace burning somewhere.

The world we wrote a million times before,

And what we allow to break this all down,

The world we broke a million times before,

What should have been stunned is now all struck dumb.”

- “Wyatt Earth,” Globus (2011)

Name: Getedor, the Artist With Regrets

Species & Gender: Male of the Prime Species [Kalmah]

Appearance: Getedor could easily make himself seem physically intimidating – his shape and stature are similar to that of a Toa, though with his armor even more magnificent, and his slightly lowered height offset by his broader shoulders. His armor is bright red, only slightly less striking than his face, which is similar in features to that of a Rock Lion, with all of the splendor and animal brutality which that implies. However, his stance is significantly off any proper form, he has a bit of a hunch when he walks, and his facial appearance is somewhat sullen. He rarely wears a mask, though when he does, he appears far more frightening; the brilliant gold mask, which covers only the lower part of his face, greatly accentuates his facial features.

Kanohi: Kanohi Kakama, the Great Mask of Speed. The mask does not change its color to fit the wearer, instead always retaining its gold coloration. There is some protosteel and other tough materials incorporated into its craft, so that the mask does not risk being shattered or damaged like most masks would be and can act as a face-guard; the masks powers are laced directly into it rather than bound by it, so that it operates with lower efficiency than similar Great Masks, but will not lose power in the event that it is damaged.

Weapons: Getedor wields a high-quality protodermis longsword of the estoc-type with a protosteel hilt and guard, engraved with fancy golden script along the blade and the hilt and with a brilliant red gem grasped by the pommel. The weapon is highly stylized and artistic, which provides a slight decrease to its actual combat performance, but greatly increases its market value.

Gear: Getedor wears some additional padding and a warm hide cloak to help protect him against winters chill. Within his pack he has a couple heatstones and a few lightstones, resting alongside a furnace which he uses to hold hot water. He has a few paintbrushes, jars of paint, and other supplies useful to a painter all packed as well.

Abilities & Skills: Getedor is a master swordsman, and especially well trained in the arts of dueling with other swordsmen. He is equally skilled with the art of painting, with his particular area of expertise being the painting of landscapes. Due to his species, he is stronger and tougher than his size would indicate, and has an additional healing factor that can allow him to quickly recover from minor injuries.

Personality: Getedor is a highly addled artist, whose only skills seem to be in the matters of the brush and blade. He has very little knowledge of anything relating to the matters of academia, to the point that he cannot even read or write. He is almost always lost in thought, and when doing anything other than fight or paint has a difficulty trying to focus; he typically attempts to overcome boredom by carving images into nearby surfaces if nothing else is available, or drawing out images in the snow. He is somewhat selfish, holding onto all of his possessions like a miser, but he has a great deal of respect for those who do choose to give without asking for anything in return. He is very distrustful of others, and has some disdain for those of other species. This disdain does not extend to Rahi, whom he has a fondness for; he will never personally kill a Rahi, and is a fairly strict vegetarian. He will also never harm an otherwise helpless individual. Most of the time, as he moves about, he seems to have some sense of sadness or regret to him.

Weaknesses: Getedor is surprisingly uncreative for an artist; he demands everything he does be formulaic and structured, and cannot handle things which are outside-the-box. This leaves him greatly exposed in combat when he faces unorthodox attackers. More so, he is incredibly indecisive, and cannot react very quickly to new turns of events. His greatest weakness is in dealing with the island itself, as he has almost no skilled with the cold or when outdoors, and cannot get by without aid in the wilderness. It should be noted that Getedor fights at a handicap when not wearing his mask, as he is so used to it augmenting his abilities that he has grown slower without it, and has difficult with timing. He only wears his mask when he is traveling outside the city or wearing it for a duel, which leaves many opportunities for an opponent to take advantage of this. He finds it difficult to harm Rahi, and may be moved to mercy by a helpless adversary.

Biography: Long ago, during the era of the League of Six Kingdoms, Getedor was simply one of the common soldiers guarding a fortress on the far borders of Kalmah's territory. He spent his off-time either training to hone his mastery of the blade, or working in the quiet hours on learning how to paint. With the collapse of the League, he found himself without anywhere to go, and simply took up wandering across the universe. He made some money selling portraits of different landscapes and environments to those from other lands, but never felt a sense of satisfaction due to his lack of knowing where to go. He eventually found himself out of money when settling on the island that would one day become Ko-Nui, and decided it would be the place he would make his home. He ended up finding that his blade blade better money than his brush, and when some local farmers contracted a number of foreigners to help clear out a northern region of the island.

When there, Getedor found that rather than people, his adversaries were often Rahi. Initially, he looked upon the creatures they fought as simply threats to be eliminated; that was until the day when he and his group were forced to drive off a pack of Kavinika, including the young. He found himself unable to stomach the job, and from then on had difficulty with other Rahi, which led to him getting fired from that job. He ended up working instead as a personal guard for one of the islands wealthier merchants, up until the day the island froze over.

Getedor continued acting as a guard, but rather than serving merchants, is an official guard in the city of Ko-Metru. He prefers spending his time alone in his small home, painting – and so far, he has put to canvas over six hundred paintings of the frozen mountains and snow fields of Ko-Nui, including one of the sea shore. Understandably, they do not sell to virtually anyone other than those residents of Ko-Metru who do not personally leave the mountains.

During the years, Getedor has also pondered the state of the island, and come to a conclusion – that it's destruction was caused by the Matoran expansion over the landscape, as some sort of vengeance against them for the ruination of the island. Thus, while he does not particularly like the cold, he has come to accept the islands frozen state as a natural thing which should not be disturbed, and instead left to sort itself out as nature wills it. More so, it has had some effect on him, as he realizes that his own actions have also had an effect on things - and he shall be punished as such.


There are survivors,

They're coming home

They float in darkness

They're not alone

Now here they come

Now hear they come

Now they will be received.”

- “Louder than Words,” Les Friction (2011)

Name: Saceron, the Hero Returned

Species & Gender: Female Ga-Toa

Appearance: Saceron is a tall Toa with a frame that would have once seemed powerful, but appears to be in a state of decay. Much of her body seems to be skeletal, as only vestiges of her organic components are left. Her once bright blue armor is pitted in many places, and almost seems to slowly be eroding. Her eyes have no shine to them, sitting as two empty black voids behind her mask, which appears as a blue Mask of Conjuring. She wears the tattered remnants of a cloak, and almost always wears the hood.

Kanohi: The Great Mask of Undeath. Currently, the mask is active; Saceron is functioning on the task of, “Return Ko-Nui to the way it was.” Upon completing that objective, she will die. Until then, she is able to continue functioning with a vague semblance of life, and cannot be killed by conventional means; however, her reflexes are restricted greatly.

Weapons: Saceron wields the a hammer called Icebreaker, a weapon which functions as her Toa Tool. The weapon is capable of draining her elemental powers to cause a burst of fragmentation energy. The weapon is based on Vortixx tech, and has controls that once allowed it to be customized in frequency; unfortunately, it was damaged to the point it was locked in its most recent setting – whenever it strikes a surface, it instantly drains some of Saceron's elemental energy and causes a vibration which shatters all ice within a one Bio radius, transmuting it to liquid water for a short period of time before it freezes once more. She also carries a matching spiked protosteel targe called Waterwall.

Gear: Saceron carries no other gear, asides from the tattered cloak which is mentioned above, and the necessary straps and the like to hold her weapons.

Powers, Abilities, and Skills: In the past, many considered Saceron to be one of the most powerful Toa on Ko-Nui; however, that was while she was still truly alive. Her current state has left her with the full normal powers of a Toa of Water, and she is still a highly trained warrior who can handle enemies quite well. Due to her undead state, she has a few advantages. The first is that no normal injuries can kill or even truly harm her; a limb cutting off would not faze her, and she could in fact have it reattached with the aid of a Mask of Regeneration or similar power. The second is that she is mostly unaffected by the cold, save for over extremely long periods of time, and cannot be harmed by being suffocated, or stabbed, and so forth.

Personality: Saceron truly embodies what makes a Toa a Toa – a hero. She is selfless, being highly protective of innocents and working to keep them safe. Each action she takes is checked over by the Toa Code, which guides both her morals and ethics. However, she also can take on a bit of a holier-than-thou viewpoint, often trying to enforce her same views on others. Those who don't follow those views are often judged quite heavily. Against her enemies, Saceron tends to be too merciful, which has in the past allowed enemies to get away; however, while she will not kill an enemy, they rarely get off so easy on a second attempt. Presently, the power of the Mask of Undeath upon her has her entire personality focused on the idea to, “Return Ko-Nui to the way it was”, which has become a powerful compulsion that she must follow completely. The rather smug attitude and seeming cultural superiority to the Ko-Matoran has been very off-putting to her, and she does not look upon them fondly; unlike others who have been eased into this society, she is only now returning to it.

Weaknesses: Saceron is only alive right now because of her mask; if the mask is destroyed, damaged enough to become nonfunctional, removed, or severed from most of her body (decapitation) she will die immediately. The tentative hold the mask has on her life energy greatly decreases her reflexes, both physically and mentally, and makes it harder for her to concentrate on more complicated uses of her elemental powers. The long time spent both decaying and out in the ice has caused Saceron to physically diminish; parts of her muscles are gone, and her armor is weaker. She is thus less strong, tough, and quick than most other Toa due to deterioration. Finally, her Toa Code can be a rather annoying limitation at times.

Biography: Saceron was originally a foreigner coming from the Northern Continent in order to help out the other Toa who were present on the island that is now known as Ko-Nui. Prior to that, she had received a good deal of training from her mentor Toa, and had become highly accomplished in both combat and manipulating her abilities. Her mentor was also the one to suggest her taking up the Mask of Undeath – his reasoning being, “Many Toa become too reliant on their Kanohi, forgetting to truly focus on their latent elemental abilities and physical training. Observe the wearer of a Kakama growing slower without it, or one with a Hau forgetting to properly block. This is a mask that requires no such loss of training. More so, the life of a Toa is not a safe one, and if you should fall, this Mask shall ensure you complete your duty, and fulfill your destiny.”

Thanks to his guidance, she almost immediately made an impact on The-Island-That-Was, making an impact as a powerful and well-loved hero. That was until, of course, the island began freezing over. As winter came, and some tried to evacuate, Saceron took the very last ship before the ices could make travel impossible, promising to seek out help to return the island to the way it was. Many believed her – until she never returned. Most assumed she had simply not kept her promise, and her name was either forgotten or despised by most. The truth was, her ship crashed into the ice, and while she attempted to use her elemental powers to swim and continue her mission, she was unable to – and more traumatic for her, she was unable to save anyone else from the ship. She drowned under the ice, and floated for some time... until the powers of her mask kicked in.

Saceron managed to eventually make it back to land, and began wandering – only to wind up lost in the icy winds. Other obstacles stood in the way, including being buried so deep in ice it took her years to escape. Despite the difficulties, she eventually made it to the city of Ta-Karda roughly two weeks ago – and has been terrified to see what has happened. Now, more than ever, she seeks a way to free the island from its icy grip, and the truth behind the eternal winterand her first step in that is finding what the Ko-Matoran are hiding.


-Toa Levacius Zehvor :flagusa:

"I disapprove of what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

- Evelyn Beatrice Hall (often attributed to Voltaire)

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Name: Xaron
Species and Gender: Male Matoran of Magnetism
Appearance: ‘Average’ does him justice. Average height, average build, average…everything, really. His armor is gunmetal gray on his chest and legs, and silver on his arms, feet, and mask. His eyes are a verdant green color, which is about the only thing that stands out on him. And the fact his mask is shaped like an Avohkii is also odd.
Kanohi: Xaron’s Kanohi, while shaped like an Avohkii, is completely and utterly powerless. Apparently, though, it was forged from the same discs (albeit weak discs) that a normal Voltiak would be forged from.
Weapons: One simple protodermis dagger, and a disc launcher with protodermis discs.
Gear: Xaron wears a very heavy gray cloak when outside, mainly to keep himself warm. He also carries around about five of his discs at a time. His dagger normally resides inside of his cloak, in a small pocket where he can easily draw it from.
Abilities, Powers, and Skills: As a matoran, Xaron has almost no elemental powers. He does, however, have the innate ability to know which way north is. Unless someone puts a magnet right by his head, of course. He is very skilled with his dagger and disc launcher, though he prefers to use hit-and-run tactics instead of drawing out a battle, stabbing or slashing with the dagger, running away, and shooting with the disc.
Personality: Xaron can be described in approximately two words: “Almost insane”. The people he hangs around with normally say he simply zones out, and that complains about ‘voices in his head which refuse to listen to him’. Some may think that it’s schizophrenia, or something similar, he simply says that that’s how he bounces ideas around. He comes up with them, and then another part of his brain thinks it over and responds to it. Not only does he act odd, but he is easily distracted. Throw something shiny by his face, and he’ll turn to look at it. Something is clinking behind him? He’ll pay attention to that instead of you. He also holds a very…strong grudge at times.
Weaknesses: Again, he is very easily distracted. Atop of this, if one put a magnetic field around his head and spun it around, it would essentially incapacitate him. He’s also a Matoran, so he is far weaker than a Toa and doesn’t have elemental powers.
Biography: Xaron was a typical Matoran on Ko-Nui, living a typical Matoran life, doing typical Matoran things. Really, everything he did was bland in life. He lived in the mountains, and simply…lived like any other Matoran. But, once the island froze over…he kept living his life, albeit a bit more focused on eating and not freezing than before.


Steam name: Ehksidian

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Name: Rezha

Species and Gender: Female Skakdi of Ice

Appearance: In one word; spiky. In several; Rezha’s most striking feature is her spine, the organic spikes broad and sharp, with similarly sharp facial features, fingers and toes. Rezha is built like a razor; lean, tall and high strung, with quick, direct movements. She has blood red eyes, and pearly white teeth.

Weapons: Rezha’s primary armaments are a crossbow and a hunting knife; although very straightforward in function and appearance, they get the job done, and that’s all Rezha needs.

Gear: General hunting and survival supplies; Heatstone, compass, rope etc.

Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Rezha possesses dormant elemental powers of ice that she can only access when paired with another Skakdi. She has Laser Vision, and also has the power to temporarily slow down her life processes and body temperature, either to appear dead or hide from other thermal scans. Her elemental affiliation serves her well on Ko-Nui, allowing her to withstand the cold temperatures.

Rezha’s primary skills lie in those of a hunter, with a bit of warrior thrown in. She knows the terrain, how to track different Rahi and how to trap, trick or outright kill them. She’s learned how to survive in Ko-Nui’s wastes, and has a great deal of cunning and a very practical mindset. She’s got good reflexes and agility, and can use her clawed fingers pretty well in combat if need be.

Personality: At first Rezha may seem surprisingly docile for a Skakdi, especially a female one, which is not say she’s a pacifist, she most certainly is not, but she’s much more practical in mind than most. In her book what works is what counts, and expending needless energy on frivolous activities is largely a waste of time she could really do without. She subscribes to the idea that Ko-Nui is very much a dog-eat-dog kind of world, where the strong come out on top, and she intends to be one of them. She’s no-nonsense and serious, but still enjoys the hunt for the hunt’s sake.

Weaknesses: Rezha usually prefers to be by herself, as such she has very little practice with her elemental powers should she get to use them. She isn’t quite as strong as some Skakdi, and is still vulnerable to heat, no matter how much she needs it to survive. Using her third power for too long (about 15 minutes) can be harmful to her.

Biography: Much like a lot of her fellow Skakdi, Rezha was trapped on Ko-Nui when the Ice Age set in. Already a warrior, Rezha adapted her skills into those of a hunter, getting by selling pelts and meat to Ta-Karda and occasionally Ko-Metru. Nowadays she spends her times trapping, hunting and tracking all about Ko-Nui, usually by herself.

Name: Dracax

Species and Gender: Male Toa of Fire

Appearance: Dracax is quite tall and muscular, with armor leaning towards the heavy side. He himself is primarily colored charcoal black under maroon red armor and Kanohi, with hot pink eyes glaring through his Great Huna.

Weapons: Dracax is in many ways a walking weapons rack. He wields a long, bladed staff with a flame motif; a short sword similarly decorated and also possesses a shoulder-mounted Rhotuka Launcher.

Gear: His shoulder-mounted Rhotuka has a similar power to that of the Dark Hunter Firedracax: Absorbing all thermal energy in the air and redirect it into a devastating blast of heat and flames. The reason why this device still works on Ko-Nui is because of a process involving the conversion of the thermal “cold energy” that exists in the Bionicle universe. It is still thermal energy, even though it’s not hot.

Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Dracax possesses elemental Fire powers, and wears the Kanohi Huna, allowing him to turn completely invisible with the exception of his Shadow. He is very skilled in the use of his element, though not so much his mask. Dracax is a skilled warrior, but also has a good deal of intellectual capacity, when he actually decides to use his head, that is. He’s got a good deal of physical toughness and strength (though not on par with any Toa whose physicality is naturally enhanced, e.g. Stone, Iron, etc.), and can take a lot of damage before going down.

Personality: At a glance it wouldn’t be too far off to say that Dracax embodies the spirit of fire - He is often seen acting brashly, with unrelenting fervor and quick bouts of temper - but the truth of the matter is that Dracax could be more likened to coal: slowly, meticulously building up heat, releasing it in controlled waves of sizzling force as it painstakingly reaches the boiling peak. Dracax is just as much thinker as he is a fighter, and with his position in Ta-Karda’s security force both of these skills continue to be honed every day. He is dedicated to the safety of Ta-Karda, and also harbors a lot of sympathy for his fellow fire elementals, tied to the forges day in and day out. He’s not happy with this situation at all, and reminisces often about the “good old days”

Weaknesses: To put it simply, physical grace and coordination aren’t his strong suits, so using his Huna is really a bit of a chore. Patience is also a virtue he misses out on, preferring to act before thinking despite having a level head on his shoulders. He is vulnerable to the cold, despite being more accustomed to it than most fire elementals.

Biography: Once a Ta-Matoran Guard, Dracax’s position hasn’t really changed all that much. As far back as he can remember he’s been fighting whatever dangers came to befall the island now called Ko-Nui. He became a Toa very shortly before the Ice Age set in, and has therefore been forced to learn how to be a being of fire and flame in a world of ice and cold. His solution came in the form of becoming less like the open flame and more like the methodic, red hot glow of the furnaces that kept them alive: always blowing the same tune, never changing, never relenting in its life-giving waves. But a furnace is a soulless machine, and Dracax is a mere man, he has his limit, and it’s about to be broken…

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Name: Inicara

Species and Gender: Female Toa of Ice

Appearance: By most standards of Toa she is quite beautiful and attractive, with an icy touch. Her armor is the standard color of white, with a teal color as her secondary color and mask color. She tends to wear rather fancy teal colored outfits that makes it look like she's wearing a skirt, if Toa wore such things. Her light-blue eyes give away her somewhat vibrant nature.

Kanohi: Faxon, the Mask of Kindred, allows its user to mimic the powers of Rahi that share their general environment.

Weapons: She wields an impressive looking Ice Spear, which she uses to channel her elemental powers through, or just stab people with.

Gear: She carries a purse around, a necessary tool for shopping. It has all the essentials inside.

Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Elemental power over Ice, let's her make snow cones and eat them too, or use them to command the cold to do her bidding; the ability to mimic powers of rahi local to the general environment, useful for surviving the worst of weather conditions; She also has some skill with her Ice Spear, having been trained by professionals, she uses her weapon to channel her elemental power or thrust it into her opponents.

Personality: Inicara is not like most Toa of Ice. She's rather talkative, rarely leaving anything on her mind unsaid. She can be very imposing and brash, and is used to things going her way. She's got an adventurous side to her as well, enjoys a little danger from time to time. She's very sensitive and is prone to emotional outbursts.

Weaknesses: Fire and heat would not be something her powers are particular useful against. While she has some combat training she's never really had to actually fight someone. She's young, reckless, and bound to get into more trouble than she bargained for.

Biography: Inicara isn't like most Ko-people, she's not the quiet and wisdom filled daughter her parents hoped for. From an early age she felt alienated from most of her people, who found her quirkiness and constant chattering to be strange and uncivilized. She was however from one of the wealthiest families in Ko-Metru, and so her behavior was rarely challenged. Still, she often felt lonely living in a world of stoics, and when she had the rare chance to meet someone of a different element she always found it quite exciting.

She decided that she couldn't stand being cooped up inside Ko-Metru anymore and plans to explore the rest of the island.

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Name: Ryj Thyataro

Species and Gender: Male Toa

Appearance: Though he isn't elderly, Ryj's armor is pitted and faded from years during which he lacked any care for it. What was once a bright and brilliant red is now a sad and disdainful brown- a visual representation of his journey from a hopeful hero to a lackluster wash-up. While he is of good height, his leg is somewhat bent from breakage years ago, and he walks around bent over a cane. His features are sharp, but curled into positions characterized by his chronic depression and skepticism. He easily blends into a crowd, but he is most often seen slightly off-kilter, somewhat drunk.

Kanohi: Arthronn, mask of sonar

Gear: His cane hides a blade stretching four feet long, which he almost never uses. For this reason, it is mostly blunted.

Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Though he has the power to manipulate fire and heat, this has been weakened by circumstance and his problems with alcohol. Additionally, he can scan the immediate area with his mask. Before developing his alcoholism, Ryj was a genius-level detective, with the ability to solve problems with ease, and create solutions even easier. However, his cognitive skills have been crippled by his problems.

Personality: Ryj often comes across as hopeless and depressed- this is because he is. His prime directive has simply become survival due to the all-consuming nature of the ice. He has momentary lapses of brilliance, but his personage is largely one of skepticism and paranoia. This is just one aspect of his personality, though; Ryj is also a particularly nasty cheater- he'll bend rules over backwards and snap them back the other way when he deems it necessary. Since he is nearly always a bit intoxicated, this can be quite a bit of the time.

Weaknesses: As a Toa of fire, the terrain is difficult for him to travel on, so he mostly stays inside. As stated above, his left leg is on the rebound, so he isn't exactly light on his feet anyway. On top of these, his alcoholism is a crippling issue in his everyday life.

Biography: Ryj, before the ice age began, always tried to be a hero. He formed a group of Toa, he chased evil, and he devoted all his time to the greater good. At first, they were mostly successful, ridding a town of some of it's lowlife, helping people out- overall being as heroic as they could be. Little did they know, the small good they had done would be quickly reversed. They were celebrated for a time, taking out to a bar for drinks. That was where Ryj first tasted it.. the drink that would ruin his life. From that day on, every mission would end with a drink. Then every week. Then every day. Then, the worst came- he showed up to fight intoxicated. He had underestimated the results: half the team was killed. The other half injured, himself included. He was stuck in the hospital for days, told that his leg would never be the same. Alcohol had literally ruined his life and the lives of his team. He went into a coma for weeks, but when he woke up, he only had one thought- he was thirsty.

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Name: Laer'dus

Species and Gender: Male Krekkan/Steltian
Appearance: Laer'dus looks very similar to Krekka for obvious reasons, but instead of blue he has a lighter color.(kind of like the azure color that lego uses today). Additionally, there are orange tubes stemming from his back that link to his extremities. these are to conduct heat from his personal heater. Speaking of which, that is a turbine-like structure on his back(think Rhotuka launcher in Web of shadows). His heat trapping outer armor is an iridescent silver-white color and covers most of his body. Lastly, his eyes are a shimmering bright blue.
Kanohi: none :)
Weapons: Often carries a trusty ice saber at his side. Why an ice saber? Because he enjoys the confused look on the masks of the guards he walks by. The blade itself is made of the strongest permafrost from the mountains' peaks, and thus only warriors of ice can even bear to hold such a cold weapon, but Laer'dus uses Vortixx-made internal warmth gloves to compensate for it's temperature.
Gear: Internal warmth gloves, Heat-trapping armor with a built in personal heater(powered by a kinetic energy converter), and a handy blowtorch.
Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Due to his immense size, Laer'dus is physically strong and capable, but not extraordinarily for his species. Laer'dus' true power lies in his mind. He is highly intelligent and has an almost seamless memory(his earliest memory is being awakened for the first time by a strange hooded figure, but I won't put that into play unless necessary). Additionally, he dabbles in hypnotism and other mental tricks to make himself seem more charismatic than he actually is.
Personality: Laer'dus holds himself higher than others because of his intellect, and constantly needs to prove to himself that his ego is justified. He will constantly attempt to out-word, out-wit, and out-manner everyone he comes in contact with. The best way to tell if he "likes" you is to see how blatantly his superiority complex shows through. If it's terribly obvious that he is trying to show you up, then he finds you interesting. If he doesn't feel the need to be wordy or correct you on everything, he finds you rather boring. As for alignment, he externally supports the Ko-Matoran government and does his best to seep through the ranks using his intellect and fabricated charm. However, he is riddled with ulterior motives. Seeing life as an experiment, many of the things he does are to find out what would occur if "blank" were to happen, and "blank" might not be so good for the Ko-Matoran establishment.
Weaknesses: He becomes frustrated easily, whether he shows it or not(The things that frustrate him the most are the ignorance of others and when things don't go his way). Also, he doesn't really have any combat-worthy powers aside from brute strength and his blade.
Biography: Laer'dus is as old, if not older than anyone else from the matoran universe. He lived a luxurious life on Stelt, manipulating others to do his bidding(which almost always caused chaos in one way or another.) and preforming his little "life experiments". One day, the chaos he created caught up with him in the form of a riot. Angry rioters burned down his manor and killed his servants. In the end, the current high council of Stelt found him guilty of conspiracy, treason, and indirectly causing countless deaths. The punishment was death, but Laer'dus charm-spoke his way into the lighter sentence of exile and was cast out into the open ocean with a personal sea-faring vessel and a generous helping of fine foods and good supplies. He eventually reached what would be Ko-Nui and laid low in the mountains with the Ko-Matoran. Initially, the Ko-matoran were rightfully suspicious of Laer'dus, being the beastly behemoth that he is, but after helping with spacial organization, civil works, community events, and minor governmental decisions, Laer'dus became a prized community member. It was quite obvious how much Laer'dus enjoyed the freeze when it came. He loved how the Ko-Matoran began exploiting the other groups, and thoroughly enjoyed the multitude of "social experiments" he could preform with this new condition. Since then, he has spent his time slipping through the ranks and making "friends" with key figures in the Ko-Matoran government. That brings us to today! :D

Name: Teclorus

Species and Gender: male, Matoran of Iron
Appearance: A well built gunmetal grey and burnt orange matoran with a mechanical claw instead of a lower right arm. His armor is scarred and rusted as if it's been through a few battles and a year of disrepair.(armor is rusted due to almost constant exposure to moisture, scars are from... well, just what they look like.) His mechanical claw emanates a neon green light and has a caution tape-esque pattern along parts of it. Otherwise, it's bronze and silvery. His mask has a prominent scar running over the left eye. His left eye is a faded greyish-green. His right eye however, is a shocking bright neon green (same color as his claw glows.)
Kanohi: Gunmetal grey Noble Kakama. (Photok's version)
Weapons: Elemental enhancement glove. (It's the claw thing). Basically gives him access to his locked elemental abilities. This is still limited, and is nowhere near the power of a Toa's, but it still makes him formidable. As well as that, he carries a small retractable blade and a package of shrapnel bombs (and matches to light them).
Gear: some small ice picks for climbing and cutting. a heavy coat with pockets to store all of his stuff.
Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Well,he has limited control over iron, he is pretty strong for a matoran, and is trained in various "martial arts" of the matoran universe. As per Otter's request, the specifics of "limited iron power" are that he can manipulate armor through direct contact, can detect veins of iron hidden or underground, and mold iron into shapes.
Personality: He tends to be rather hopeful. In his opinion, if something good can happen, it will eventually. He has a certain hate for the current situation, and is radically in support of anyone who challenges the status quo. However, he has an underlying depression that has a tendency of showing itself in the worst of times.
Weaknesses: First of all, he is a Matoran, and can let his courage get ahead of himself. This often gets him into predicaments that he can't get out of because of his size and lack of full elemental abilities.

Biography: Teclorus has lived on the island for as long as he can remember. Before the coming of winter, he lived a simple, happy life working at the smelter and on a Vuata Maca farm. The work was hard, but he was paid well and enjoyed himself both at work and on break. When winter struck, the tropical Vuata Maca trees couldn't make it in the cold weather, and didn't grow indoors, so the farm closed. Not too long after, the smeltery, which used power from the Vuata Maca fruits, was shut down from lack of power. Teclorus was devastated; everything he had ever worked on was gone within a year. Depressed and unemployed, Teclorus needed someone to blame for his misfortune, and a reason to live for. When Ko-matoran began exploiting the Ta-Kardans, Teclorus found his scapegoats. He decided that the wintery conditions MUST have been their fault! Teclorus decided he was going to start a revolution. It started with a neighborhood meeting in his section of Ta-Karda. Teclorus explained that the Ko-Matoran were benefiting way too much off of the other groups' misery and seeing as many others had similar doubts, that rallied with him. after a year or two of preaching and spreading the word, he led a riot on the Administrative Palace. Unfortunately for Teclorus, his little revolution was short lived seeing as the rioters were predominantly matoran. Teclorus was put on trial and ended up being banished from Ko-Metru.(this states that if he is found anywhere within city limits, he will be apprehended, and can be killed if necessary.) In the following years, he's supported whatever little revolts brew up and has done his best to help the people of Ta-Karda.(within this time frame, his elemental enhancement glove came into his possession) Currently, he expects the government to simply allow Ta-Karda to be attacked head on by the Frostelus.

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Name: Novvah

Species and Gender: Turaga of Air, Male.

Appearance: Novvah has multiple dents and severe cracks on his back armor. However, he usually wore a grand and flamboyant coat made with animal hide and fur, with elaborated patterns carved upon the linings of the coat. The coat is large enough to cover his entire back and most of his front, making him seemly hunchbacked and large, hard for others to estimate his true posture and size. Novvah's armour is Mata green, with Lime green joints.

Kanohi: Novvah uses Miru, the Noble Mask of Levitation, due to political reasons.

Weapons: The Staff of Phantoka, which allows him to charge small amount of Air energy. It also serves as a walking stick, a pathetic melee weapon, and his Badge of Office. He also got two small daggers hidden within his coat, but they are barely threatening for Skakdi or Toa.

Gear: N/A

Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Novvah, like all Turaga of Air, has a relatively weak control over the power of Air compared to his glorious Toa days, and also the ability to use a Noble Kanohi. Novvah is a man of wits and charisma, however, knowing the perfect skill of speech to help convince and manipulate people of weaker determination and intelligence. He is also efficient with throwing his daggers with high accuracy thanks to many years of practicing even long after his Toa days. He is still relatively much weaker physically compared to a Toa, though he makes up what's lacking with his analytic skills.

Personality: Novvah is a charismatic, but in the same time, a "hidden" Turaga. In order to achieve his political goals, he rather prefer to cover his true self with a passionate, fun-loving, impulsive, easy-going, and sometimes comically cheerful, attitude, like most Le-Matoran stereotypes in a daily joke. He only show these personalities to those who he believed to be unworthy or without any use on his path toward greatness. His true self beneath the jolly Miru is extremely ambitious, taking each step cautiously, conserving, and extremely calculating, only making true friends with people that he deemed worthy of the friendship--- or of good use on his political path. He is not of pure evil, but also not the perfect hero; in terms of morality, he's just any typical Turaga minding his nice little retirement days, though he doesn't really mind walking on the borders of Ko-Nui laws a few times to achieve what he is seeking. After all, a little more deaths of non-Le Matoran might be just necessary to bring better good for his people....

Weaknesses: Novvah's odd personality makes him hard to make true friends that will come to his help without any talks of favor and payment. He is just a Turaga, after all, so by no means as powerful as other residents of Ko-Nui (Unless, of course, he's locked in a battle against a Matoran)

Initially a charismatic Le-Matoran that had quite a business of Rahi farm, Novvah lives in a small village called Le-Koro (with a population of approximately 80 Le-Matoran and Bo-Matoran) near the outskirts of Ko-Metru. Novvah was later transformed into a Toa, along with three other Toa of Air and two Toa of Plantlife from the same village. The team mainly deals with escaped thieves and roaming bandits that haunted travelling merchants and passengers in the mountains nearby. When the great Ice Age struck the universe, a powerful blizzard assaulted the village, bring destruction and chaos. Many was killed by the blizzard, including the ruling Turaga, or injured severely. Novvah and his remaining two team members gave up their Toa energy in order to heal the survivors of the blizzard, while Novvah become the leader of Le-Koro. As the Ko-people rise in political power and social hierarchy, and cases of discrimination and prejudice against his fellow Le-Matoran rises, Novvah founded the political council under the name of The Phantoka. A growing organization (currently only six members, due to most outsiders treating it as a silly attempt) which seeks to increase Le-Matoran status in social hierarchy, political influence, and military power, The Phantoka manipulated the burning emotions of Le-people under years of suppression by Ko-people to the aid of Novvah's political ambition. The Phantoka claimed that the Spirits of the Winds are just as important for this universe as the Ice... and Novvah is not afraid to prove his point through whatever it takes, even if it means assassinating off opposing political figures or important business owners of Ice...

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Name: Zinyn (Zee-nin)


Species and Gender: Toa of Ice


Appearance: Zinyns armor is predominantly light grey, with black guards on his shoulders, wrists, and hips, and white coloring at all other joints. Over his armor he wears a military-esque uniform colored white and trimmed in grey: a waist-cape over loose trousers, and a short jacket over a black shirt. Think Full Metal Alchemists military uniform, but a longer jacket reaching just past his waist and of a simpler design with hooks keeping it closed at the middle of his chest. Over this he wears an off-white, sleeveless, hooded cloak which fixes closed off to one side or the other, depending on how he chooses to wear it.


Kanohi: Volitak


Weapons: Two proto-metal knives, and a telescoping metal rod that used to have a scope attached.


Gear: Each knife is simple in design, and three inches in length, and fit into sheaths on his forearms, hilts down. The rod is a yard long when fully extended, and is carried on a belt at his waist. The rod itself has limited use in close-combat unless it is un-extended. There is a notch running the length of the outer section that he can use as a crude scope in place of the real sight that broke off. His outer cloak is held closed by two magnetic discs that, in case of combat, can be thrown around to his back to hold the cloak out of the way of movements. He carries supply packs against his thighs and strapped to his chest beneath his jacket.


Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Zinyn prides himself on his ability to disappear as well as very good eyesight. He is a moderately good fighter, but his specialty is stealth and he uses his Volitak extensively to escape fights he feels he cant win. What he is good at is ranged combat, where his good eyes and telescoping rod make him an excellent sniper.


Personality: A social recluse, Zinyn spends much of his time away from people, out in the wastes or on the great ice sheet: he only enters Ta-Karda to resupply or escape the worst of the blizzards, or Ko-Metru when Ice-elemental resentment is particularly high in Ta-Karda. He rarely fights head-on, preferring to stay back and use his rod to direct his ice powers like a hes using a rifle. When he has to interact, he is capable of being civil and courteous, but little more unless he is with familiar friends.


Weaknesses: While a capable fighter, Zinyn is not strong in close quarters. Due to his social anxieties, even small crowds may as well be walls if he is running from something, not to mention thatsince being in the same city block as more than five people makes him skittishfighting in populated areas further weakens his close-combat skills.


Biography: A wandering, spotlight avoiding hero before, Zinyn came to Ko-Nui is the weeks before the ice age began, originally attempting to settle outside of what would become Ta-Karda. When the ice storms hit, Zinyn took shelter in the city. When it became clear that the storms were not going to end soon, Zinyn again moved out of the city, preferring to reside on one of the islets in the gulf not far from Ta-Karda.

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Name: Odrek (OH-drik)
Species and Gender: Male Skakdi of Earth
Appearance: A black (mechanical parts) and orange (organic parts) Skakdi of average height. His prominent brow makes his neutral face look even more scowl-like than an average Skakdi's. Paired with the way his lips seem to always settle into a slight grin, he doesn't look like the friendliest person around. He has short, flat-tipped nubs along his spine that were once full-length spikes.
Weapons: A pair of thick gauntlets and a knife.
Gear: A heavy Kavinika fur coat, and a supply bag.
Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Thermal imaging, and Skakdi Earth powers. His thermal imaging vision power landed him in a hunting group early on, in which he learned to track as best as could be done in the snow. His fighting style uses force to make up for his lack of speed. Thick-skinned and tough, with high pain tolerance. More accustomed to fighting feral Rahi than intelligent opponents, though he's had to do the latter at times.
Personality: Suprisingly calm for a Skakdi, and a thinker rather than a fighter. Easy enough to get along with, but he doesn't reach out to others, opening up more when others reach out to him instead. Not a loner, but doesn't seek company unless he sees some benefit, be it to himself or to the other parties involved. His mood depends largely on those of others around him, and he'll adapt to suit his social environment.
Weaknesses: A capable fighter, but not a fast one. Uses short-ranged weapons. Faster opponents and longer weapons will be a challenge for him, as well as his lack of offensive abilities.

Biography: He cut off his spines himself, intending to cut off blood blow to the extremities. As far as he can tell, it's helped him maintain his body heat reasonably well, even if it isn't pretty. He doesn't care much for the status quo, and hates the smugness that most Ice Spirits have taken up. Nevertheless, he won't do anything to change it unless a sure opportunity presents itself. Several months ago, he met a Toa of Water that wanted to start a Thermal Heat project to make a hot spring. The Toa was killed by a Kavinika before the dream could be realized, and Odrek decided to take it up, along with the pelt of the Kavinika that had killed his friend. Now he's looking for a group of hard workers with the right abilities to get it done, particularly Toa of Earth and Iron.

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Name: Salah El’Ain

Species and Gender: Steltian (Sidorak's Species), Male

Appearance: Salah is the very picture of a Steltian of Sidorak’s ilk. Tall, well-muscled and with a regal bearing that conceals his abilities as a warrior. His primary color is, fittingly, a deep royal red, with a dark black serving as a secondary color. His eyes shine a much brighter red, staring into them is not unlike looking into the heart of a warm forge. While he prefers thick furs for clothing, with a cap to match them, underneath this he wears a set of simple chainmail. Just in case. He does sport quite a few scars about his body and one across the eye, a product of various close encounters.

Kanohi: None

Weapons: Salak wields a protodermis sword, a last throwback to the days of warmth and fire, in his words. Emblazoned upon the hilt is a red jewel carved to resemble a flame. The blade itself is curved, though not as curved as a scythe. The hilt is made of bronze and can typically be seen sticking out of his thick furs, just slightly. It is a high quality weapon, but it is clearly very old, as it’s somewhat battered appearance can testify.

Gear: Salah travels lightly, beyond that which has already been mentioned, he has a few books, some survival equipment and many quills and inkwells to his name. Why quills you ask? Because pens are expensive.

Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Salah is an accomplished speaker, debater and writer, something like the last holdout of the intellectual in these dire times. So long as he can speak, so long as he has a quill, he is dangerous. As a consequence of his lifestyle, he also gotten very good at running from the law, from rabid Rahi….just about anything really, he’s developed a respect for running regardless. He does know how to fight, as almost all must these days, though it is not the focus of his skills. For the most part he tries to get by on brute strength and clever tactics, in a prolonged duel a more skillful enemy could take him down. He is also something of an accomplished tracker and hunter, as a result of his past.

Personality: Salah is a firebrand, a revolutionary, a conspiracy theorist and last, but certainly not least, a perpetual thorn in the sides of the powers that be. He tends be genial and friendly to those who support him, or to those who prefer not to fight. But he has nothing but contempt for the rulers of this frozen land, and he isn’t shy about letting them know that. He prefers to fight with his pen, but he is not one to abhor violence. When the revolution comes, or when the long arm of the law finally catches up with him, he will fight to the end. He draws power and strength from conviction and determination, one might say he has truth with a capital “T”.

Weaknesses: Salah, as noted above, cannot match professional warriors for very long. He also isn’t very fast, his size means he has trouble fitting into tight areas. He isn’t a graceful fighter, he isn’t a lithe or quick fighter, he relies on his strength and wits to carry the day. If his enemy is faster than he, then all that wit and power is worth nothing.


“Tyranny, like the cold, is not easily resisted. Yet there is some small comfort in even this stark fact. For though winter stretches on, the sun will one day melt it away. Be it tomorrow or a thousand years from now. The cold can quench many fires, as can the tyrant….but none can quench the fire that exists in the heart of every being. Each of us has, beating within their chests, a heart of pure starfire. The tyrant cannot quench that, the ice bows to him, but fire blazes and rages its defiance. Each and every one of us should be like the starfire in our chests. For what can ice do against a firestorm? All it can do is melt and die.”

“They say I preach revolution, in my defense, all I speak is simple common sense.”

Salah, once a hunter and mercenary of some renown, has transformed himself into a revolutionary. He was not always the erudite writer he is today, once he was like any other hunter in the frozen wastelands, merely trying to survive, not thinking about the future. During his travels however, he encountered an old library, hidden away from the ice and snow in a cave system. He spent years there, teaching himself to read and hunting what Rahi he could. The words, the ideas contained in that old library changed him on a fundamental level. When he emerged he did not think of merely settling for survival, he dreamed of a glorious future, of a future where the island was once again free of the curse that plagued it.

He had become convinced that the Toa, Matoran and Turaga of Ice were responsible for the current state of the island and, by the same token, he became determined to throw off their rule however he could. So he spoke out, again and again, always vanishing before the forces of the law could arrive. He left letters nailed to the doors of various structures; he made himself a friend to the disenfranchised Ta-Matoran, hiding amongst them and whispering words of freedom and revolution.

He knows change is coming, he can feel it in the air and he’s determined to do everything he can to help it along.

I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are the good people and the bad people. You are wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.

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Name: Full name Tekronos (Tee-cro-nos), known only by Tekro

Species and gender: Male Su-Matoran (Plasma)

Appearance: His appearance is a virtual clash with his personality, but he considers it a yin to his yang, so to speak. He is alarmingly tall for a matoran, sporting clean and bright orange armor alongside a secondary color of dark purple. His unusual Kanohi Oncaii, bearing a short single horn and two antennae-like attachments, almost completely obscures his eyes at certain angles, but the bright green glow beneath his brow is inescapable. He wears thick layers of dark thermal material that he currently specializes in crafting, with a snow camoflauge-patterned cloak on top, a garb often worn by elitist Ko-matoran guard. He won't say where he acquired it.

Kanohi: He dons a Kanohi Oncaii. The mask was rare before many of his tribesman disappeared in the advancing ice, and he now believes that he is in possession of the only one left in existence. It has no powers aside from the supernatural tales woven behind it by his now deceased tribe elders. Despite its seeming uselessness, he takes much pride in the mask.

Weapons: Tekro never needed much aside from his Su dagger with a matching sheath. The thing is an antique, made with more aesthetic appeal than function, but it has served its purpose on multiple occasions with rahi skirmishes. He won't accept keeping it any less than razor sharp.

Equipment: Tekro has a relatively fit build to match his height, enough to carry a full emergency pack that will keep him sustained for several weeks. The bulky backpack is nearly spilling over with various dry foods, tools, and other survival equipment. He likes to think of it as preparedness, but he knows better than to deny that he just wants to mess with essentials as little as possible. He also wears an articulate metal necklace, a gift from Sarie before her disappearance.

Abilities, Powers, Skills: None other than his ingenuity. Tekro was the mind of his tribe, and it's how he managed to outsurvive them all. That, and he also ran the fastest. He thinks of unique solutions to problems, and sometimes implements his ideas into primitive contraptions around his household. Unfortunately, the only thing that has lasted longer than a week was his manufacturing technique for thermal cloth, so that's where he set his focus.

Personality: Aside from his rather bright appearance, Tekro fits well with the Ko-matoran. He only speaks when spoken to, and he has never managed to keep up a good conversation for long. He is even known by many as a peacemaker. Underneath the facade of silence, however, is a well of emotion -- he loves being around people, and very few know that the main reason Tekro won't talk much is because he is actually not that good at it. Nothing has made Tekro nervous for years except the idea of just talking to any stranger for any extended period of time because he knows that before long, he will start stumbling over his words like a Muaka on a treadmill. He usually spends his time just thinking instead. Despite his withdrawn personality, he will not show fear when danger rears its head.

Weaknesses: Being one to end a fight before it begins, he isn't that great of a fighter, though quick he may be. Also, he is normally keen on his surroundings, but under stress, he immediately gains a "tunnel vision" of sorts -- he can become so focused on one objective that he will completely miss everything else going on around him. He may also have communication problems at times.

Biography: Despite his village's initial confidence, Tekro knew the Su-matoran could never last where they were with the neverending snowstorm continually growing stronger. The weird thing was that he was never one you'd expect to survive so easily, being known by everyone as a dreamer and, by some, a teddy bear. That side of him, however, crusted over with a somewhat dark demeanor as quickly as his friends deceased one by one alongside the disappearance of a close female Su-matoran friend named Sarie. Not that he could withstand the cold any more easily than others -- he hated the cold with every ounce of his being. He was just lucky. He was also alone.

Despite his dire upraising, he has grown to be one of the kindest and most generous matoran among the Ko-matoran villages. Being a rather mobile salesman, he has heard of rumors about their government and of how corruption within could habe caused the onslaught of ice. Tekro is not one to believe rumors, however, and he has even gained a heart for the Ko-matoran. Tekro always raised his ear for two certain rumors, though: one, the notion that some Su-matoran may still live somewhere in the island has never left the back of his mind. Two, the possibility that the ice could be eliminated always provided the hope that kept Tekro's heartlight beating. He would give anything to avenge the loss of nearly his entire village and destroy the source of the icy maelstrom.

He currently runs a quiet life within Ko-metru and makes his living from selling his special thermal cloth in a local marketplace very close to the Senate House and to the few newcomers that appear. Tekro has always kept one eye out for any opportunity for adventure, however. He may be quiet, but an unquenchable fire has slowly built up within him through so many years of silence. And once he would find out that there may be a way to reverse the cold weather that killed his brothers, only his dead body would keep him from pursuing that end. His conscience, when it comes to it, may provide a different obstacle entirely.


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Gender: Male

Species: Ko-Matoran

Appearance: Image
Kanohi: Powerless Matatu
Weapons: Ordinary Protodermis sword
Gear: Large backpack, small Bula juice containers
Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Increased heat resistance due to being a Ko-Matoran. Tapio also has Po-Matoran heritage, making him slightly stronger than average Matoran, but not as strong as a Po-Matoran. He is also a very analytic thinker and hard to fool. His cold exterior may be difficult to interpret, making him an unpredictable opponent in a conflict.
Personality: Shy, yet easily excited by prospect of adventure. He is very loyal to his closest friends, but takes a long time to form relationships. Quite friendly and is known for his sense of humor.
Weaknesses: Not a fighter, lacks proper training and experience.
Biography: Tapio was raised as an orphan after his parents died. He received the Kanohi mask of his father, bearing it as heirloom. Though he doesn't mind the ice age, Tapio feels like it's only the start of something worse that will befall his home. Tapio is a cleaner, doing various cleaning jobs around Ko-Nui to earn money.

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Name: Psyzhran

Species and Gender: Male Toa of Ice

Appearance: Instead of the typical white and blue color scheme that most ice toa possess, Psyzhran is mostly gunmetal and silver in color, with minimal amounts of white. Fairly broad-shouldered and long-limbed, he has a fairly narrow, if triangular, shape.

Kanohi: Crast (in the shape of a Tryna)

Weapons: Psyzhran prefers to use his elemental abilities in battle, but if that fails, he keeps two 18" sabres (Chinese style) on his person. The sabres are very intricately decoated, with a dimpled cobalt finish and a very bright sheen. He also keeps a survival knife and an emergency folding knife as well.

Gear: General survival equipment for cold weather (fire kit, emergency rations, etc.)

Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Psyzhran has elemental powers over ice, which are extremely powerful in the environment he operates in. Like all toa, he also possesses the ability to use Great Kanohi. As a hunter and a fisherman, Psyzhran has developed his stealth and his combat abilities to a great extent, as well as being extremely patient. Due to repeated exposure to the elements, he has a very high cold tolerance; this can sometimes be more harmful than helpful, however, as he generally won't notice signs of hypothermia until it's too late.

Personality: Psyzhran is very quiet; he rarely, if ever, talks, leading some to believe that he is mute. He is barely sapient in that he only seems to be capable of performing basic tasks in society; extraneous skills, such as social interaction, are not present. To him, the only thing that matters is getting enough food to survive and enough furs to sell at the market. He does seem to have an eye for art, however, and often spends large portions of his income on seemingly useless items (though some not as useless, such as his sabres).

Weaknesses: Ice powers are very powerful in cold environments, but they won't keep you warm. As a result, Psyzhran is at risk of freezing to death every time he goes out into the wastes. This is only made worse by his solitary nature, meaning that in the event that he does need help, no help will be coming.

Biography: Nobody really remembers when Psyzhran first appeared. The most folks can remember is that one day, a Toa of Ice they had never seen before came to the market with a ludicrous amount of furs, bone trinkets, and frozen fish to sell. Since then, he's been a regular at the open market, alternating between hunting in the wastes and selling goods in the town square. Aside from his commercial ventures, nobody really knows to much about him, as he tends to keep to himself (even though he now lives in the busiest part of Ko-Metru) and rarely gets involved in societal issues outside the realm of buying and selling.

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Name: Vokahi (Pronounce: Vōk-ähe)

Species and Gender: Male toa
Appearance: Tall and slender, Vokahi stands a little over six inches tall. His armor is tough and dented in many places, yet it is still sleek and elegant. He has two green slit-like eyes that seem to stare into your soul.
Kanohi: Vokahi wears an odd looking kanohi Hau with three deep ridges cut into the top. Looks though are deciving, in actuality the mask is a Kanohi Riven, or mask of elemental Cancellation. It allows him to prevent someone from using their elemental powers by spending the same amount of energy. The only way to escape this "lock" is by out spending the user.
Weapons: Vokahi weilds a simple syth and shield. Though the shield is ornately made, they are relatively simple. The only strange weapon he carries is a incindiary bomb that he calls, 'the spinner'. When thrown, it will wait a few seconds on the ground, before spinning as if it where a top, and spreading fire everywhere. Though mostly ineffective in the cold environment, it can be very against an unsuspecting victim.
Gear: Vokahi carries little with him save his money and a small gold pocket watch.
Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Vokahi is a toa of smoke, with the ability to create, move, remove, and breath smoke. Though at first this rare power seems vast, it is mostly ineffective in largely offensive battles, only allowing him an assured smog screen for his escape. Other than this, he is relatively strong in both a mental and physical sense. Though he can take the cold, he is not fond of the ever continuing ice age.
Personality: Though is appearance gives off the aura of vileness, at heart Vokahi is a well meaning person. Though he does follow the toa code, he does interpret the ends to justify the means, and will do only as he feels right. At heart he is a misunderstood person.

Weaknesses: Vokahi will suffer from intense cold. He also cannot easily dodge ranged attacks without his shield.
Biography: Everyone has seemed to know this odd toa for as long as they could remember. An early member of the onu-koro guard, he was well respected with the koro's until the ice age. He then became a part of the miners guild, helping to find small amounts of the ever finite protosteel supply. When the Rahi attacks stepped up, he helped his fellow miners to escape by confusing the Rahi with his smoke. After this, local knowledge of him increased, and he became a respectable member of the guard, helping to catch some low profile thieves and would be murders. He is a natural leader in spirit, and is not fond of the government, but not hateful. He lives in an underground home in ta-karda, finding that it was much warmer there than above.

-Insert deep message to prove I am alive here-

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Name: Ildes

Species: Male Steltian (Krekka's)

Appearance: Mainly dark blue Armor, except for lighter, almost translucent, areas of blue around the hands, feet, shoulders, knees, and elbows. His face is white and he has eyes that are about the color of the lighter sections of his armor. Larger than average for his species.

Weapons: His main weapon is a simple, but well made club. He also has a rarely used ranged weapon named Bo. Bo sits on the ground, similar to a turret, and can be used to fire arrows that can deal more precise damage than the club. These arrows are coated in a toxin that causes the eyes to dilate, which can be crippling during day, but beneficial at night.

Gear: Most of his pack is dedicated to holding food, but Ildes usually makes sure to pack a small length of rope and a pad to write on.

Abilities, Powers, Skills: Has extreme tolerances of both cold and pain. This allows him to take quite the beating when he needs to. To further adapt himself to this cold climate, he has learned to walk on ice without losing his balance.

​Personality: Despite being somewhat intelligent, he prefers to just smash his problems. This policy of smashing applies to combat situations, too. He despises those who would use daggers and other such small, concealable weapons. His speech patterns can be sometimes cryptic, requiring varying amounts of pointless knowledge to decipher. As of late, he has taken to asking opponents, "Where are the arenas?"

Weaknesses: Ildes is slow, really slow. Pretty much anyone can outrun him. He also runs into trouble with communication due to the speech pattern mentioned above.

Biography: Ildes's immense defensive capabilities have allowed him to earn a living guarding locations. Most of his jobs are small time jobs, this shop or that. Before coming to Ko-Nui, he had befriended a muaka cat he called Orchid. When Orchid was killed by a popular hunter, and that hunter was killed by Ildes, he fled to this island. Ildes sees this cold weather as a sort of blessing from Orchid, and he wishes to keep things the way they are.

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Name: Talik

Species and Gender: Male Vo-Skakdi

Appearance: Talik is a tall, slender Skakdi. His armor is colored dark blie and gunmetal. A main difference from other Skakdi is the fact that his natural spines are not as pronounced, and are shorter than normal for a Skakdi. His eyes and heartlight are a light blue coloration, which increase in brightness whenever he uses his eye powers.

Weapons: Talik carries an arm brace that can eject a blade starting near the wrist, which is only good for close ranged stabbing. In addition, he has a small gun that can fire off a net, with small, heavy metal balls attached to the corners, with can hold down a prey long enough for Talik to kill them.

Gear: Talik carries his hunters tools with him, which he uses to trap animals. He has a variety of traps, with several different forms of trapping. Finally, he has sown small heatstones into his coat, which is warmer as a result.

Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Talik has the ability to use Toa level lightning powers in conjunction with another Skakdi. His vision power is heat vision, allowing him to detect when creatures are near him by seeing the traces of heat that they leave behind. He uses this power in his hunting.

Talik's third power is the ability to bound a Rahi to him through hand contact - however, he can have only two Rahi at a time. Currently, his Rahi are Havoc and Calamity, Brute Kikanalos, which are smaller but bulkier than a normal Kikanalo, as well as lacking a horn. In addition, neither can unleash a sonic blast as a weapon. Havoc and Calamity is used by Talik to pull a sleigh which Talik carries all his supplies on.

Personality: Talik was rather friendly and kind, but this has changed recently. Since the island has been engulfed in ice, Talilk is now distant and aloof, caring only for himself. He is still generous to those he finds injured in the snow, and takes them back to settlement or the like, but does not care for them overly.

Weaknesses: Talik does not have powers good in combat, and does not carry good weapons for fighting.

Biography: Talik washed up on the island an amnesiac a few years before the ice came over the island of Ko-Nui, never talking about his past before he came to the island to anyone. He does know, but he does not talk about it, with the only thing he says is that he didn't even believe it when it happened to him.

When the ice hit, Talik became a trapper, taming his two Brute Kikanalo to pull his sled.

I used to have a banner here.

But that RPG is dead.

What now?

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Name: Kahi

Species and Gender: Su-Matoran, male
Appearance: Shorter in stature, but no less commanding. A dark maroon mask, body and feet cover his starkly contrasting white arms and legs. He has bright yellow eyes that always seem to be gleaming, and his smile always has a hint of a smirk.
Kanohi: Calix, inexplicably always shiny. He has a saying, "This mask has almost a religious symbolism attached to it. Matoran wear it say that they are guarded by destiny, that fate protects their minds. I wear this mask on my head as my own symbol. Fate should be honored that it has my mind to back it up."
Weapons: A silent gun, powered by compressed air. It holds three bullets and is made for maximum close range impact. He hides it under the sleeve of his right arm. On his left he carries a extendable blade.
Gear: He wears a distinctly noticeable suit, specifically layered to keep in body heat. He carries a small, collapsible pickaxe and a set of goggles, with a mini wielding torch for sticky situations. He also wears a monocle, which he insists is cool despite protests from basically everyone.
Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Kahi is a very savvy individual. He boasts a keen business-centered mind, as well as deductive and reasoning skills. He has a captivating charismatic ability around him, and is able to twist around arguments and debates in his favor. He was a well-sought after lawyer for most of his career, doing everything from patent law to murder trials. He has a very natural inclination towards technology. He is also very wealthy, due to both his legal career and the recent bequeath of his friend's ownership stock in his company, Generation Electronica.
Personality: Kahi is a very eccentric individual, but keeps a general sense of intelligence around him. He has always been quick to argue and easily takes advantage of whatever opportunity presents itself to him. He is overly ambitious, always looking for something more and willing to do whatever it takes to get it. If asked, he privately would think himself to be above the good majority of people, but instead prefers to let others think otherwise. He loves taking challenging cases, and likes to win as much as possible. Kahi is opposed to any sort of corruption or gain by other individuals, but he is opposed to it because it does not benefit himself. In a world where the wealthy and bullying sat on the top of the pyramid, he would not want to abolish it, but merely put himself at the top.
Weaknesses: Kahi is addicted to success and money, and his moral compass is generally centered around himself. He views life mostly like chess; there are a small group of individuals that he values and remains loyal to, but the rest are merely pawns in a very grand scheme. He is always in pursuit of whatever route would gain him more money, often playing both sides to increase profits. He has an obsession with always winning, one that he takes often to the extreme.
Biography: Kahi was always a lawyer by trade, but joined up with his friend Mavra, a Vortixx, in a venture for an engineering and technology company named "Generation Electronica". While he kept out of most of the engineering that Mavra did, but sunk a very large amount of money into investment for the startup. His legal skills and keen business sense soon proved invaluable and he managed to keep them one step ahead of other businesses, bolstered only by his Mavra's genius inventions. The both of them grew very wealthy, and he kept on the frontline of the company even through the beginnings of the winter by landing one high profile case after another. Due to Mavra's untimely death, he was given the entirety of Mavra's stock and ownership of the company. This, combined with the stock he already had, made him the CEO of GE. He is having some trouble adjusting to this ownership, however, and feels more at home back in his law office, but plans to use the company's assets to secure himself in the grand scheme of things. He also has suspicions that Mavra was murdered and is privately investigating this. He also wants to eventually get rid of the winter, but not before he sets things so that he'll be able to be on top once the change goes over.

Name: Emalyne

Species and Gender: Ce-Toa, Female
Appearance: Sharp and sleek armor, very modern, very aerodynamic. She bears a clean, white armor look from top to bottom, with glowing lights bored into each joint segment. She often carries a blank look on her face, but her eyes search everywhere. Once she locks onto you, her blue-eyed gaze burns deep into your soul.
Kanohi: Suletu, in the shape of a Nobel Ruru
Weapons: A plethora of throwing knives, multiple grenades, a collapsible short sword.
Gear: Emalyne has numerous pieces of gear attached to her at any point in time. She carries a satchel full of equipment and papers, and also boasts a very strong rope-and-grappling-hook combo. The hook, when locked together, provides her primary weapon as a ball and chain. It can also be launched and projected in order to hook onto or grab ahold of an item.
Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Emalyne has a wide array of mental and telekinetic powers, and has devoted most of her time to developing her mental powers. Her telepathic powers allow her a lot of room for corporate espionage, and she is able to peel back mental blocks and access the memories of many individuals. She cannot control people with her mind, but she can engage them in mental warfare. She is also a skilled martial artist, preferring to use her fists instead of any weapon she can come across.
Personality: Emalyne is a very stoic individual, viewing life with a heavy dose of snark. She has gleamed a lot of passing information from people, and her personality is no longer really her own after assimilating with so many other people. She longs for her old individuality, but instead has resigned herself to just living as she can. She had a stronger moral compass back in the day, but her consistent presence around Kahi has made her more accepting of morally questionable decisions.
Weaknesses: Emalyne has surely but slowly started to lose grip of herself because of her over taxation of her telepathic abilities, often hearing thoughts or voices that aren't her's. While she was able to block them out initially, the consistent use of her powers has started to wear herself down. If she were to lose concentration, she would eventually cave in and be suppressed by all of the thoughts going around her.
Biography: A younger Toa trying to find work as a bodyguard, Emalyne was handpicked by Kahi who saw potential in the impressionable Toa. Under his guidance, she soon expanded her skill with telepathy and worked as both a personal secretary and bodyguard for the Matoran for several years. Over time, she has noticed that she has noticeably changed and had gone from a crusader of justice to a much more placid and compromising mindset. She would have left Kahi's employ a long time ago had she not glimpsed at all of the plans and ambition he had stored inside his mind. She has resolved to stick it out, and does have the distinction of being one of the people that he trusts implicitly.

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Name: Skald


Title(s): The White Wanderer


Species and Gender: Ko-Toa, Male


Apearance: Skald is tall and muscled, with black and white armour. His armour and kanohi show the scars of many battles, Skald’s kanohi is black. Skald has icy blue eyes, his mask, although a mask of emulation, is shaped like a adaptive Pakari.


Kanohi: Mask of Emulation


Weapons: Shortsword, Quarterstaff, Large Axe.


Gear: Round Shield, Backpack containing rations, sharpening stone, medical kit, ultility knife (Think a saex knife) and fire starting tools. Skald also wears a heavy white cloak.


Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Skald is an expert warrior, his skills were honed through years of practice. Skald has been a Toa for a long time and has become an expert at use of his mask, he also has incredible endurance and is a fair tracker.


Personality: Skald is quiet and only speaks when he has something meaningful to say, he is gruff and not afraid to state his opinion. Skald has a wayfaring spirit and does not like to stay in any one place for too long. He has little respect for figures of authority unless they prove themselves worthy of his respect.


Weaknesses: Being a Toa of ice, Skald is vulnerable to heat. He also has a tendency to overwork himself, he does not believe in stopping to rest very often.


Biography: Skald became a Toa on a northern isle, far away from Ko-Nui. Although the exact circumstances of his transformation are unknown, it is known that he traveled for many years before coming to Ko-Nui roughly 600 years ago. Originally Skald had intended for it to be a short stay, but once the winter came he decided to investigate. He has been staying, hunting and exploring the island. Over time he has become known under the title "The White Wanderer".

My BZPRPG Profiles


If you interact with me, and I haven't responded after a while, feel free to PM me.

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Name: Draconyx

Species and Gender: Male Ta-Skakdi
Appearance: A basic fire skakdi, albeit one that looks like a red Avak. Is seen most often wearing white furs, often with a random sword from collection of four elementally colored blades at hand.

Weapons: bionicle_tools___the_elemental_swords_4_
Gear: A bow and a quiver of arrows at hip, collapsible bow no less, bag of widgets at hips other side, a web from the visorak that dried up around four rocks at four corners of the web for trapping, a flint and steel, and about 30 arrops tipped with a barbed head for maximum damage.
Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Abilities involve agility befitting a ranged melee master, powers include ability to generate a heat field for short periods of time, skills involve the range of traps from bear traps, to pitfalls.
Personality: vague, uncaring, indifferent, but has heart enough to survive the frozen wasteland that he found himself in. He finds he has some skill with being a people person. Finds that he can start bar fights he does not join in willingly.
Weaknesses: REALLY has cold problems, but works best in the cold because of one advantage: Mentality boost. Is weak to icy conditions, cannot see in the dark.
Biography: A hunter, with weakness to cold, has tendancy to hunt big rahi.

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