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Collectible Minifigs Series 6

Posted by xccj , in Review Jan 15 2012 · 36 views

Finally. I heard Fred Meyers finally had these in stock. (It's not like I've been checking every other day or anything... :sarcastic: ) So I drove over, and sure enough there were like 6 boxes on display! I picked out a few (9 to be exact.) I know I'll probably end up collecting the entire batch again, but I'll hold off completely on the initial rush and allow some others to get their favs first. (And by that I mean I just grabbed the rarer ones and left the lame-os for everybody else. :P )

Posted Image

So a quick look at them.

Flamenco Dancer: I've gotten pretty good at feeling through the bags, but this was the first mistake I've made since Series 3. I thought I had the Statue of Liberty, because of the slope piece. Oops, wrong. Anyway, she's not bad, but she's underwhelming. Plus, I don't like that particular hair piece.

Minotaur: He's the weirdest of the bunch, so I had to get him. :D He's kinda cool, looks very detailed. But he can't really do anything else except be a Minotaur. I guess he's one of the more common ones too. So solution: Army of Minotaurs. You don't need those Romans. Speaking of...

Roman Soldier: Oh, I can see how he'll be popular. He's got everything going for him that the Spartan had, plus he's got a cooler shield. Another thing I noticed; there's a hole in the helmet for one to attach a feather, so if you had an army you could use those to signify rank. Neat.

Highlander: Scary dude. I like the sword; longer than the one that came with the Gladiator. It reminds me more of the BrickForge custom swords. And strangely, it's rather pointy for a Lego weapon. Hazard Warning: Don't poke sword into your eye.

Skater Girl: Yeah, yeah, I know. People are sick of the skateboarders / snowboarders / surfers. But this girl has more personality than most of the other extreme sporters. Plus, I can use the parts for fig customization. The hairpiece with the purple streak is cool, although the plastic feels cheaper than usual. Regardless, Swert has suggested using it for a Claudia Donovan fig, and I see worth in that.

Nurse: At first glance, not a stellar fig. But look at it this way: dark azure legs and torso. Same color as the humans in Alien Conquest, but without the messy looking printing. Face mask would be useful for apocalyptic scenes, and the skeleton printed on a trans tile is pure WIN.

Genie: More dark azure plus some purple. The leg / tail / wisp is a nice piece, and it's too unstable when attached to a stud. Neat thing; when set on the lamp, the wisp curls up precisely to make it look like he's coming out of the lamp. Nice details!

And finally: Space Girl. Hot pink suit! Classic space logo! Awesome hairpiece in an even awesomer color! As you can see, I got two. I wanna make a space girl space ship and fill it with pink space girls! I mean, overall the fig has a lovely design, and I have a feeling it's meant to appeal to the "other 50%" of children. But sorry, I snagged two of them, and I'll probably try to find some more.

And that's it for now. Of the ones I really want, I need to find a Statue of Liberty. Then I might get some of the others and complete my collection... or even get a few more dupes for potential trading later. (I have some Series 5 I'm saving up for a trade... now that they're not on the market any more.)



Recent Sets I Got

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, Review Jan 05 2012 · 41 views

So, between sales on Lego Shop@Home and new sets I've found in stores, I've gotten a couple of products that I could share my thoughts on...

Magma Monster Board Game: I totally got this for the orange base plate, but it turns out to be a very fun game to play, much better than the others I've tried out (Robot Build, Pirate Plank, Frog Hop... although that one was cool too.) It can involve some rather intensive gameplay, which is more than I can say for the other games (Well, we got intensive on Frog Hop at BrickFair, but this one is better).

Construct-A-Zurg: I got this for the purple. Indeed, he is less imposing than Construct-A-Buzz, but he has some nice elements. And quite a large cape... for this, I would think that any big Bionicle builder would want him. (After all, who doesn't want big capes?)

Pizza Planet Truck: I've wanted this set for a while, but it was a little too pricy... until I could get it at 50% off. The exterior of the set is really awesome, with printed pieces and smooth shapes and everything. Th interior is a little plain, but I can look past that. The minifigure / character selection is great, but it's a shame they don't all fit nicely into the truck. (Also a shame we couldn't have gotten the full cast in there... but I suppose Lego couldn't get rights to Mr. Potato Head, and how would they even start to make a slinky dog?) The pizza firing mechanism is okay, but isn't as powerful as I expected it to be. Also, a lot of nice pieces, including some older style window elements.

Joker Figure: Again, I totally got this for the purple. In fact, the set stayed together for half a day before I parted it out and started using the armor on my custom Heroes. (Yes, I know, it was a long time for it to stay together.) Design wise, The Joker wasn't too bad if you removed all those awful gimmicks on his back. Still, he came with quite a few useful parts. Shame they just looked awful together.

Kendo Cole Bonus Pack: My first new Kendo Ninja fig. Turns out they have the same body pieces as their original versions (which were cool, so I'm not complaining). The shoulder armor isn't new, but the helmet is, and it's kind of cool. The set also contains two of the new daggers, another gold chainsaw, and three smallish silvery chains. Oh, and cards. I've amassed a small collection of Ninjago cards, now I just need to find somebody who'd be willing to play with me. :(

Also one other set but more on that later.



Kai's Blade Cycle

Posted by xccj , in News, Review Dec 24 2011 · 1,097 views
Posted Image
(Click for link)

Yayz another 2012 set review, this time Ninjago. However, I've been seeing a bunch of 2012 sets pop up all over the place. 2012 Ninjago sets at Target, 2012 Ninja booster packs at Fred Meyers, Super Hero, City (Police and other), and Black Phantom (yuck) at another FMs, and then a small selection of Friends sets at a third Freddies! (Strangely, the third one had a super small Lego collection that was made up of 4 Friends sets, Waspix, and Rockah XL. Not the best Lego selection.) I'm eager to grab some more of these, but what I really want are the Series 6 collectible figs. Sadly, it looks like they're getting released in Europe first, and won't be here until after the new year. Last year was sure awesome, as the series 3 figs popped up in Fred Meyers FIRST! Oh well, can't get that lucky every year.

Also, yeah, go read the review! Or, y'know, at least take a look at the picts and maybe the pros / cons. (Also my first review since the downtime. Maybe people would've forgotten how "horrible" my reviews have been that made DV's overly slanged piece look amazing. Yes, I still am sore over that.)



City Of Atlantis Review

Posted by xccj , in Review Nov 29 2011 · 30 views

Hey, what's that on the front page? Is it a review? Not just that, it's a video review! And to make it even more exciting, it's a BrickFair video review. Those are supposed to be super cool, right?

(click image for review)
Posted Image

Well, anyway, it's finally posted. Had to go through a lot of work to finish this, and most of it only happened in the last month, which is when I finally got my weekends back from school and work.

So, background info: Me, CF, NM, and EW all hung out in a hotel room together, so we bought this set, reviewed it, and split the parts between us. Then I edited the video, wrote the review, and put it on the front page. It's a little different than Smeag's video reviews, since this one is linking to Vimeo. This is because I was getting quality movie footage at too high of a file size to expect members to download it. I tried for a different format, but the quality declined by quite a lot. Anyway, I think this is more convenient for members who want to watch a review without having to download the entire file... I guess we'll see if it works out.

Also, it's a cool set, go read / watch the review to see why. I didn't get a ton of special pieces out of the deal (the other three guys claimed the best ones first :P ) but I did get the crab fig and female diver. Oh, and a bunch of column pieces.



Lego Indiana Jones Ii

Posted by xccj , in Review Nov 10 2011 · 16 views

I might have mentioned this, but I recently acquired a new Lego game. Indy II. Now, I had the original game, and enjoyed it. (it's probably my favorite out of all the games I've played from Lego and TT) I thought the sequel had the original levels and added a few extra for the forth movie; then I realized this was a misconception on my part, so I decided to buy the game and try it out. (I found it for $4 online, which shoulda sent off warning bells, I guess)

Now, I haven't finished the game yet; I've gone through most the story levels, but haven't hit all the extras and haven't been able to play Crusade. But I have a feeling my opinion won't change too much, so here goes. On, and beware of spoilers.
First of all, this game made me realize that my laptop is not a gaming computer. It's handled some of the other Lego games okay, although Batman and HP 1-4 had plenty of glitches in them, and I had to run them at low quality. But Indy II... man, this game just requires a lot of power. The main world hubs are big, and I was literally getting frame by frame animation for a while because it was running so slow. This could be because the game is a resource hog, or that my computer is too slow, or a little of both. It eventually got to where I couldn't progress in the game with the lag, so I have since switched to my parents desktop. (This just means I can't play it all night long.) So I am currently restarting the game there, and it runs much smoother, but I've still have it freeze on me a couple of times already. Meh.

As far as game play goes, it's different. The movies all take place in a single game hub world thingy, so the various locations from the movie are all smashed together in a single world. (AKA, Raiders has islands for Nepal, Egypt, South America, and whatever little island they took the arc too.) It drives a geographer insane, but it's kinda fun to run between different areas with ease. There's also many more vehicles to play around with this time, including extensive vehicle levels for each movie. (Well, Crystal Skulls is split into three sections, so there are a total of 6 worlds.) Thus the Hong Kong chase scene is much more satisfying than the original game. On the other hand, the vehicles are somewhat tricky to run. (They work better on the desktop than they did on my laptop). Plus, for every story level, there's a bonus level that lets you run around the same area doing different stuff. (My favorite example is the temple of doom; after the story mode, the British solders are taking the place over, so you get to do your treasure exploration while the British are chasing around the baddies. XD ) There are also bonus levels, which are less visually appealing but are more puzzly.

As far as the story, there are pluses and minuses. One thing I liked about the original game was that it followed the story fairly well. This game hardly follows the movies, and basically just uses a few hit scenes. However, there is a story, but it's more humorous and out-there. (Some favorite bits; Raiders starts off with Indy handing the idol off to Brody, who admires it for a while before the boulder suddenly comes rolling in after him. Also, the Sivalinga stones are first stolen by monkeys, and not the Thugee baddies.) While the storyline doesn't follow the movie as accurately, it does allow you to visit areas the first game skipped; like the light room in Raiders where you actually get to use the Staff of Ra, and the little Indian village in Temple of Doom. Furthermore, a large portion of the game is based on Crystal Skull. While it can be agreed on that it is the worst movie, I do enjoy the Lego version of it. In fact, they never should've filmed the actors and instead just release the Lego version. It was especially fun to play through the testing village scene, where you're running between mannequins trying to get to the fridge. (And in the treasure mode, the mannequins come to life as zombies! It's hilarious and awesome.)

So overall the game play is a little different, which is refreshing if you've played a lot of the other TT games. You get to use new characters, new weapons, new vehicles, and play through new stories. But also be warned; the game has its share of glitches, and it freezes. I was unable to play Crusade because the loading scene would freeze and cause the game to crash. (I hope it doesn't do this on the Desktop, but I haven't unlocked it there yet, so I don't know if the glitch carried over.) And having done further research online, I guess other people have had similar problems across the other platforms too.
So, yeah, there you have it. Was that a long enough block of text for ya? :P


Hero Factory 3.0: Overview

Posted by xccj , in Review, News Oct 31 2011 · 50 views

So DV posted his latest set review on Raw Jaw. I'm kinda peeved over it. It's nothing DV did (great pictures as always Pat) but the general reaction to it. Member keep saying its the best ever, first review they've read, ext. Heck, everybody I met at the conventions told me they hadn't been reading the BZP reviews... and I did a lot this summer. Guess mine just suck then.

But now that I've got to handle just about all the Hero Factory 3.0 sets, I feel that I should at least blog about them and give some quick tips instead of long-winded front page reviews that nobody will read. (Oh wait this is in my blog so nobody will read it anyway oh well)


Bulk: The color is great, the wolf head is serious THE BEST ever, and I even like the weapons better than those that the other Heroes have, despite their shortcomings. Seriously, I can see no reason why Bulk should not be at the VERY TOP of your list of Heroes to purchase.
Rocka: The gold is cool. The small claw pieces are cool, but the longer fingers / blades ruin the whole hand. It's stupid. And the head is too large, and the face-in-the-mouth just annoys me. Seriously, the only reason to get Rocka would be for the gold.
Nex: Weapon is decent, but still a little weird. Sabertooth cat head is nice, but the teeth do hang a little low. Needs more orange armor.
Stringer: Claw is cool, but what's that stupid hook on the back of it? Helmet is okay, but just doesn't have the same personality.

Rocka XL: Oh god, Fire Lord copy. Which is fine if you never got FL (I didn't) but it still has a lot of flaws, it hard to maneuver, and has spikes poking out in every direction. He's a good grab for lots of pieces (including lots of gold!) but after that just scrap him.

The only two HF 3.0 sets I do not have yet are Furno and Stormer, so I'm not going to critique them.


Witch Doctor: (I don't actually own him, I've just handled him at conventions) Well, he's different from Fire Lord and Rocka XL, so that's a plus. Uses a ton of red ball joints, and has plenty of other cool pieces. Skull element is especially cool. The build, from what I remember, is fairly solid, but he's not a great figure for posing, since so many of his joints are reinforced, which strengthens them while also limiting mobility. And he's pricy. So I would say he's middle of the road.

Fangz: Besides the horrible name, this set is unappealing. It goes for a canine look, but doesn't pull it off as well. Spikes in the neck are also a down point. Head is cool, as is the idea of the sloping spikes on the back. (In practise it doesn't work out as nicely as the main image.) Love the trans orange armor pieces, but wouldn't say he's the best.

Scorpio: Thank you Bionicle for planting the name Scopio in my mind every time I see this set's name. The color scheme is bleh; I hate it, and I'm sure it's the reason most other people hate it. I guess the price is also high... I wouldn't know, I got it for free. People complain about the legs being different; I see the design reason for this and it works, so I think those people who complain are wrong. Tail is awesome. Lots of great pieces. Also, a FUN BUILD. I had more fun with Scorpio than any of the other HF 3.0 sets. Sure, in the end it's not the best set ever, but it hardly deserves all the criticism it receives.

Waspix: WORST SET IN THE THEME. Ooh, six limbs, like we haven't seen that before. (Ben 10 anybody. Remember, we hated those sets.) The limbs aren't even special in any way, there's just more of them than usual. And the wings are bleh. Best part about this set; the trans yellow armor and the special ball joint attachment to the back. That's the reason I bought this set. But the rest of it is just horrible. I cannot see how people keep saying this is one of the better sets.

Raw Jaw: HE'S THE BEST. I was on the wall before I bought him; but after building him and handling him, he is by far superior to the other animals. He uses different joint connections that seem wrong at first, but then it turns out they work perfectly for his posing. The fists also use the two big claw / shield pieces effectively. Of course, the tail is lame, and the jaws are horrible and clunky, but those don't take away from the rest of the set. Don't get Fangz or Scorpio or Rocka XL (or Waspix... certainly don't get Waspix) get Raw Jaw. And buy Bulk for him to fight, with maybe Stringer or Nex.

The funny thing was, I wasn't going to buy any of these sets when I first heard about them. (Well, except Bulk, I thought he looked cool from the get-go). But after getting some of them from Lego, I just had to buy the rest, and I'm fairly satisfied with them, both piece-wise and set-wise.

So there's a list of overall thoughts about the Hero Factory 3.0 sets. Have at it as you will. I dunno about the story: I'm not getting comics and it's not appearing in Flash animations, just in TV episodes on a channel I don't get.


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