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Review: Series 12 Collectible Minifigures

Posted by xccj , in Review Nov 03 2014 · 264 views

Posted Image
[i]Click for Review

Well, THAT was more work than it was worth. I mean, I don't know if anybody's really excited for these anymore / wants to know how to feel for them. But then, I kind of feel the same about all reviews I do lately. Like, is it really worth stressing out to get these done quickly when other sites have done the same thing already and nobody here really gives a care anyhow.

Granted, it's the only time I seem to do news anymore, so I guess I need to do it if I want to keep my job here? (Unless that's also against the public consensus :P )

I'm going to go back to sleep now and get ready for my real job tomorrow.



Buyer's Guide: 2014 Ninjago

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, Review Sep 29 2014 · 370 views
My Opinions
On the heels of my last Ninjago review for the year, I have to admit that I was a fan for this wave through and through. And I also had the budget to buy most of them. (Well, except for the Ninjago City Temple, which is still on my wish list... waiting until October for double VIP points) But just saying "Buy em all" is a poor buyer's guide, so I should think on a more limited income level. So here's a quick rehash of my opinion of what Ninjago sets to get this year. In case you hadn't decided yourself yet, of course.
  • Thunder Raider - It comes with two Ninjas and two vehicles for each (which can combine too.) Plus a decent Nindroid to boot, although he's totally outclassed. At $30, I think it's a nice, affordable way to get multiple Ninjas and an enemy character.

  • Kai Fighter - You only get one Ninja here, but it's Kai and the new hairpiece is a win. Plus a decked out General Cryptor. The jet is also an excelent design. A little similiar to Jay's previous jet, but good all the same, and nice at $20.
  • 3: NinjaCopter - This is probably my favorite vehicle of the wave, plus exclusive battle damaged Zane. You also get Pixel and Nindroid and a drone (which is kinda lamer than a full Nindroid), so good deal there too. At $60 it's a tab pricey tho.
  • Destructoid or Ninja Charger - I don't have either of these so this is a toss up really. You get good figs in each, a mid-priced Nindroid vehicle in the Destructoid (they're a little lacking in vehicles in that size), and a cool red car with Kai in the Ninja Charger. They're a little pricier ($35 and $40 respectively) and IMO the designs aren't as good as the others. But still probably fun builds.
  • Hover Hunter - The cheapest set is a bit lackluster; the drone is a lame verson of the Nindroids, and Cole's a repeat. But it's the only way to get the green techno blade, and the spinning blade function worked better than expected. Still, even with the price, it's not high on the list.
  • Nindroid MechDragon or Battle for Ninjago City - I have the former and plan to get the latter. These two are pricey: $90 and $120 respectively. But each comes with a plethora of characters (including at least two exclusives) and great designs. The MechDragon makes up for the reletive lack of Nindroid vehicles by looking super rad and awesome. Meanwhile, the Ninjago City temple is an awesome design that improves upon previous Ninjago buildings (or so it seems from the picts I've seen.) I'm sure both these sets are must haves, but at their cost I doubt everybody could afford one. If you have enough budget for just one of these, you could get it and potentially ignore the rest of the theme. But if you're tight on cash, you can still enjoy Ninjago with some of the smaller sets without needing to go bankrupt for these.
  • OverBorg Attack - Yeah, this is at the bottom of my list. It's the cheapest way to get Lloyd and only way to get Cyrus Borg, but the latter is not that exciting of a fig compared to the other Nindroids, and if you can save up for one of the pricier sets then you also will get Lloyd. Beyond the figs, the vehicles are pretty meh-worthy here, with nothing too exciting. It does kind of capture the essence of the Ninjago theme here, but I think some of the other cheaper sets do it better, and this seems to just be a cheap way to grab Lloyd if you can't get him in one of the pricier sets.
Anyway, those are my opinions, feel free to disagree or whatever. Or take my advice and purchase away! It's been a fun year of Ninjago, and I'll be interested to see where it takes us next year.



Spikels Mixels Video Review

Posted by xccj , in Review Aug 27 2014 · 229 views

What is this?

Totally not just a video rehash of what I said in the review, plus a little bit of song and dance thrown in.



Exo Suit Review

Posted by xccj , in Review Aug 26 2014 · 347 views

I wanted to review the Exo Suit from Lego Ideas for a while, especially after the hassle it took for me to get it. But alas, Black Six beat me to the punch and posted his review. (And to be fair, I didn't really vocalize my desire to review this, cause I've been busy with other stuff.) So instead this will get the less-than-stellar treatment of a blog review! Yay!

To start off, I should probably give my history on this model, or rather lack thereof. I was not familiar with Peter's Exo Suit before Cuusoo, nor did I really vote for it (because it looked way too specialized and fragile, didn't think it would translate well into a set.) I guess the main thing that won me over was the green space men/women. But I'm approaching this review more from a constraction MOCist point of view, and not a nostalgic Lego space fan. Heck, I'm not even a classic space fan; that was before me time, and I guess some of the space themes of the late 90s were a little too "out there" for classic space fans or something?

(Pictures to come when Majhost stops being stupid and comes back online)
A lot of nice pieces here, including those T bars, the plunger piece in light gray, and the round 2x2 tiles with holes in the center. Most of it is light or dark grey, but I like the splashes of trans yellow, and the green space figs are lovely as ever. I can't really compare them based on the nostalgia factor, because aside from Benny, these are the first classic space figs I've ever owned. But GREEN! I like colored suits, and my favorite color is green. Therefore, MUST HAVE. I also appreciate that we get a male and female. And while we're on the extras, the little turtle bot is a great, compact design.

And here's the Exo Suit. I am glad it's not mono-colored like the original; a little shading is a good thing. The design does seem to be a bit different than the original, to make it legal by Lego's standard, which was a given. Of the ten main articulation points, eight are ball joints, which I think help land this mech in constraction territory.

The body design is quite decent, with lots of SNOT all over the place. (SNOT= studs not on top, just to be clear.) I especially like how the extensions from the legs use the nozzle piece to connect to the cockpit; that was a connection that caught me by surprise and probably goes a long way in adding stability. There's room for a minifig to stand inside... as long as they don't move their arms forward. It's a little tight in there, but I suppose it works.

The limbs... um, yeah. The legs are a basic design that uses liftarms and socket pieces and ball joints to create a leg with a knee. I think it's kind of a simple and lackluster design; I say this because it's a concept I utilize a lot in MOCs, so clearly it must be underwhelming. There's some greeble added on, but it feel just like that: slapped on. There's no real function to it; it's just there to add "flair" or whatever. And it still leaves some gaps that would get mocked in the BBC. To be fair, I guess it's not supposed organic like Bionicle, but that's just how I view constraction / technic limbs.

The feel have a lovely, compact but technical design. The problem is that they attach to the legs via a friction pin. This is bad. For a brand new piece, it serves to hold the model up, and I know with time that will weaken. Since the base of the foot is only 1 stud wide, I don't know how this could be fixed. My solution would be to make the foot 2 studs wide, and use a brick with an axle hole for a firm connection. But alas, that's not what's going on here. It can balance on one leg, but just barely.

The arm design is kind of cool, because instead of a balljoint at the elbow, it uses a rod, and makes excellent use of the 2x2 round tiles with a hole in the center to fill out the space. I know lots of people complained about the barrels, but combined with the two plunger pieces, I think they make a great arm. The hand concept is okay, but one we've seen before, both officially and unofficially. But the shoulder armor... ugh, worst part of the set. The old space arm element has always been weak, but I feel like mine were pre-worn, because they could hardly stay on a stud new out of box. It's just something with the design of the piece. If they had a bar to go through them to help stabilize them, then maybe. But as it, this piece of armor shatters with ease, which takes away any "cool" factor it could possibly have.

In conclusion, this model has it's ups and downs. Sometimes they've used real innovative methods to connect things, and other times they've used techniques that seem rather odd or downright dumb. The greeble on the body and feet is excellent, but it does not translate over to the limbs quite as well. It has decent mobility, but the fragile armor and weak ankle hurt it. I suppose it makes for an impressive display piece, which is what a bunch of people are probably after. And really, why worry about what the kids think when playing with it: based on the sales history, none of those kids will probably ever get their hands on it, and the entire inventory will remain with adult collectors, nostalgic for the theme from decades past. :P

So, honestly, while it's a nice set, it's not a must have. Unless you want green space men and women. Then IT MUST BE BOUGHT! Oh, and robo space turtle is cool too. It has good parts as well, although it's a little much to be considered purely a parts pack. :shrugs: And really, at this point, if you wanted it, you already bought it, and if you haven't, you're out of luck (until the next release, anyway. I swear they underestimated the response to their "it will be a 1 production run only" comment.)

Now to build the female scientist Research Institute, which I did vote for and have expectations that will probably not be met either!



Spikels Mixels Review

Posted by xccj , in Review Aug 18 2014 · 567 views

Posted Image
Click Here For Review

Probably not the first review of the new Spikels, but gosh it's gotta be one of the first. (Not that it really matters, I know most people barely read the reviews anyway.) Still, I am happier with these three than a lot of the others! Lots of character here!



Review: Batman: The Joker Steam Roller

Posted by xccj , in Review Jul 16 2014 · 508 views
Batgirl!!, Batman and 1 more...
Posted Image

Let's look at set 76013: Batman: The Joker Steam Roller. I was able to snag this set at 20% off at the Lego Store. They had a sale on a bunch of the winter DC sets, basically all the ones that were kinda lackluster. I've had my eye on this one for a while, but it never appealed to me enough to go out and get it. But this sale made it worthwhile, so I spent the money. But now how does it add up?

I don't normally mention the boxes; I do in the official reviews just to cover everything but don't really care for the packaging too much myself. However, this box seemed exceptionally thick. Maybe it was because of the wheel pieces or something, but it's just like an extra large box. Odd.

I'm not going to lie; I wanted this set for the figs. And sadly, not even for all the figs, but primarily for Batgirl. I'm not a huge Batman fan, so I can't said I've been wanted her to appear as a fig since the theme began... BUT I did like playing as her in the original video game, and I thought it was a terrible cop-out that there wasn't a real fig verson of her. But now there is, and the detailing on her face and mask is excelent. Plus, a purple cape!

Batman is more of the same, although I guess this is my first all-black one, so he'll fit right in with my Lego Movie character lineup. Short Robin (forget which verson he's supposed to be) is okay, but I'm not a fan of his facial expressions. (Eh, he'll probably die tragically or something later.) Joker is decent, but not a must-have, especially since I personally prefer some of the older versions. I guess the henchman is good for army building, but I found him kind of bland anyway.

The Steam Roller is a very decent model. It's big, bulky, and detailed. The best design is, of course, the mouth on the front, but the back side also has a lovely tractor look. There's a fair amount of SNOT here, and a decent hinge joint to control the roller. The bulkiness is mostly attributed to the large roller and wheels, but it's still a hefty enemy vehicle. What's also interesting is the use of color: there's purple (back wheels), red (mouth), orange (front rollers), yellow (side highlights), lime (back engine), and green (roof). They just need to throw in some blue and it will be a full rainbow! (Blue technic pins don't count.) Although there is a LOT of color, it seems to be fairly well balanced so I kind of like it. One bit of a fail is the flick fire balloon launchers, which don't have a secure connection in their holders like normal flick fire missiles. (Although the face printing on the rounded cone piece is a plus.)

The Bat-Plane, on the other hand, looks awful. It has a fun little function, where the wings snap forward to grab onto the Joker or smash his head in. And the function is creative and it works! But it doesn't look good. They have a lot of curved edges as they try to round out the vehicle, and those curves are sharply contrasted by the straight edges on the inside of the wings. It doesn't look iconic or even very areodynamic. Even the function is kind of hard to pull off because there's no real way to hold onto it as you set it off; if you push in on the front "bumper" then the wings snap in on your hand, and depending on the speed it could be painful. Plus, the construction has you build the two wings at the same time when they're only connected by one 1x4 brick, so the construction kept falling apart. Generally Lego seems to have these builds done independently and then added together at the last minute, so the instructions here just seemed odd.

In conclusion, I can see why this set is on sale. The minifigures are good, but only Batgirl is great, and the rest have kind-of been done before. The Joker's Steamroller is an excelent design, but the Bat Plane not so much. I think the problem with the plane is that too much effort went into creating its function, which does work, but greatly at the expence of its overall look. If you wanted a bat vehicle, there are better options out there to choose from. The pieces are decent (and there are 486 of them, which is good) but nothing is exceptional or unique (except for the purple and orange wheels.) I wouldn't recomend this set unless you reeeeeeally want Batgirl (guilty) or this has some parts that meet you needs. Even then, keep an eye out for a decent sale first.



Review: Arctic Helicrane

Posted by xccj , in Review Jul 15 2014 · 824 views
HUSKIES, Arctic, Helicrane
And now I continue on with my non-official front page reviews that take much less time to make...

Some people were excited to see the return of Arctic sets this year. Arctic was one of the last system themes I got really excited about back in 2000, right before I got consumed by Bionicle for the next 7 years. The explorers and parkas and snowmobiles and polar bears... it was a great theme. I only ever got two sets from it, but the mobile outpost one was definately a highlight. With that said, this year's theme had a lot to live up to.

And it lives up to it by including the one thing the original theme didn't cover; dog sleds!

Posted Image

I picked up the 60034 Arctic Helicrane last month primarily because it was the cheapest set to get the team of huskies with. Jumping straight into that, the dogs are a lovely new mold with excelent face printing and great two-toned color. Better yet, the shading of the gray on the back varies, so each dog looks unique. The actual sled is fairly basic, but works, and the use of the Friends handle bars to hold onto the dogs is ingenious. I would've love this on its own to be the cheap set instead of the snowmobile, but I guess they'd rather use it as incentive to purchase the bigger sets.

And the bigger part of this set is the helicopter. I couldn't tell you if it is based off a real life helicopter, but IMO it looks a little bare bones. There are a lot of big, bulky pieces here, especially with the cockpit cover, making me feel cheated out of a more intricate build. (But that's just my complaint, I'm sure it's fine for a younger audience.) Basically, it feels like a long stick in which you attach the propellers, side legs, tail, and cockpit. In theory, the empty belly would get filled up with the storage device that's lifted up by the winch, so there's a very good reason it seems so empty in the middle, but the simplicity of the build still bugs me.

There are good parts about it. There's an ingeinous design for the trusters that uses click hindges to achieve a nice SNOT angle. They also use the 5L propeller beams as essentially 5L plates to hold down the larger propellers, so that's a nice trick. (And you get 10x of those 5L propeller beans.) The winch is also securely worked into the design, and although I'm not a huge fan, it works. Plus, you get 6x of the new ski pieces on the end of each leg and bottom of the cockpit. Speaking of neat pieces, the classic rock element appears in trans light blue here. (Last time they had trans light blue meteors, so that's a slight change.)

Parts wise, there's nothing exceptional besides the huskies. There are a few decent elements in orange. While orange makes sense as a safety color, I do kind of wish they had more of the blue color scheme of the original theme, but that's again just personal preference.

Posted Image

The minifigs are nice, although neither is exclusive to this set. Still, like with the huskies, this is the cheapest one to get them in. I suppose the pilot is technically unique (according to Brickset) but none of his parts are. He has a classic brown jacket with some nice orange safety highlights to fit him in with the rest of the crew. I was surprised that the explorer was actually female; she seems to be in most of the sets as the huskies, so she must be their caretaker. She has a unique torso and face printing, as well as the new blue parka head piece. Again, I'm disappointed that the explorers don't come in various colors like they did in the original theme, but the consistant orange and blue scheme does make them all look like part of a team. And honestly, it's cool to see a female explorer who's not (only) in the most expensive set of the year.

This is a hard set to reccomend. The figs are good, and the huskies are excelent, but the actual helicrane is a little too basic for my tastes. It does have some decent parts, but only 262 for the cost of $39.99 is a pretty bad value. And while this is the cheapest way to get the figs and huskies, they do appear in some of the larger sets, so if you can afford those, I might go that route instead. But if you like the design of the helicrane, then there's plenty of play value to be had as you explore the arctic. (Next year I want the team to go to the Antarctic so we can get more penguin molds!)



Review: Attack on Isengard

Posted by xccj , in Review Jul 10 2014 · 537 views
LotR, Ent, Isengard and 1 more...
Read for another mini review? Today I look at this cool set that I picked up the other day which is clearly from Lord of the Rings. I believe it is 76020: Attack on Isengard.

Posted Image

So this set is suppose to represent the scenes from the second LotR movie The Two Towers where Isengard is attacked. You get some enemies defending their mining equipment, as well as an Ent with a Hobbit companion. There's a lot to like here, but there are also a ton of discrepancies, so many that it makes you wonder if they even watched the source material!

To start out with, you've got the Ent. It might be Treebeard, but it's hard to tell, so it may just be a generic Ent. He's pretty tall, and makes excellent use of the Mixel joints for his arms and legs. He has a very intriguing hand design, which uses those new clips on a Star Wars droid body to great affect. There's also leafy printing on the brown curved slopes on his legs, which is nice because they usually force us to apply stickers here. The head / upper torso is actually all one giant piece, and while the detailing is nice, it doesn't really allow for much customization. The use of browns and dark green works very well here, but I do think they should've included some leefy greeble to make him more tree-like. Still, overall, a good Ent.

Now, the Hobbit, on the other hand, they totally missed. His outfit it totally not cannon, and there is way too much fur on his head. And what's with the tail? Hobbits don't have tails! All this detail and they still missed the furry feet. And he has this big weapon... what's with that? The Hobbits were throwing rocks in that scene, but that still looks like a weird rock. And I can't even tell if this is supposed to be Pippin or Merry. Additionally, the official set doesn't even have a way for him to sit on the Ent's shoulder, but I was able to repurpose a bracket from elsewhere in the set to sit him up there. So at least that works. Still, they could've done much better here.

The other two figures are nice and detailed, but also seem to miss their marks. One is apparently a Black Rider. It's odd since they didn't appear in this scene, but Lego's had trouble before getting the right characters in the sets for specific scenes. His robe printing could use work but it's decent. I don't know what that weapon is supposed to be, looks a little odd for a Morgal Blade. :shrugs: The other one is a blue-skinned purple-uniformed Orc. It might be a Uruk-hai, but it's a bit different from the official version, especially with the colors. For one thing, the torso and head printing seem to indicate this is a female. I know there were women stunt actors who played Orcs in the movie, but I thought all the Orc characters were supposed to be male? She does have some swords, so that fits in, even if they are katanas and a far cry from the traditional Uruk-hai weapons.

The mining equipment is a good design and fits in much closer to the movie than some of the others. There's a small pit where they store trans yellow round bricks, and a guard tower for observation. The tower is a simple but stable design, and even has a couple of features. There's a trap door on the top, and then another lever that can send the whole structure flying. This makes for great play value when the Ent attacks. Another interesting thing is the mini catapult next to the pit. Normally, these things hardly ever work, but this is situated perfected to launch a round brick into the pit beneath the tower. Like, it works, more than half the time! Color me impressed. Finally, there's also a black turret with the new spring loaded launcher. It's a decent function, but is still a poor stand in for the catapults that the Orcs utilized. Still, the launcher works.

And finally, we have this odd round blue vehicle thing. It has some nice curved sections on it, utilizing a few SNOT techniques. But for the life of me, I can't figure out what this is supposed to represent? The color scheme clashes with the rest of the mining equipment, so it doesn't appear to be part of the Orc's equipment. The official artwork shows the Hobbit in it, so it might be a makeshift prison? Lego has been known to add in random things that don't appear in the movies (see Mandarin's Flame Throwing Truck from Iron Man III) but this is just ridicules.

Overall, this is a decent set, with a fun Ent and plenty of mining equipment for him to smash. But there are many, MANY errors in this set that differentiate from the source material. The figs, while nice designs, hardly match the characters. After seeing all the detail they put into the previous LotR sets and figs, I'm sad that this one is so off the mark. Still, you get 433 pieces for $39.99, so it's a decent value. And I guess you could always just pretend this is for some other theme, like Guardians of the Galaxy. The Hobbit would make for a decent Rocket Raccoon, although it seems the Ent might be a little large for Groot. :shrugs:



Review: General Grievous’ Wheel Bike

Posted by xccj , in Review Jul 09 2014 · 573 views
Star Wars, SandBlueCheeseSlope
Hey, heres a short review of 75040 General Grievous Wheel Bike. It's short cause I want to talk about the set, but am too lazy to draft up an official one for the front page.

Posted Image

If you hate repetitive building, avoid this set at all costs. Like seriously, there's a lot of repetition in this build. But while its annoying, it makes sense. I mean, you're BUILDING the wheel, not just using a pre-made tire. So embrace the repetition, from the two similar bases on either side of the wheel to the four very similar legs.

Still, one advantage the repetition has is that it gives you a lot of the same pieces. Want 1x2 plates with clips or bars on em? You get twelve of each in the wheel. Those technic-snake fang pieces that showed up in a few Ninjago sets in limited quantities? There are 8 here. Want a light saber duel? This set comes with 4, plus Obi-Wans pink-gemstone friendship staff that he's trying to give to Grievous. Or how about a cheese slope in a brand new color? You get 16, plus 1 extra, in sand blue. Not to mention some classic ball joint pieces, a cool printed 1x1 trans pink tile, and an unique transparent wheel piece.

The included minifigs are Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous. Obi-Wan is apparently a unique fig with new torso and face printing, but its still pretty similar to previous versions of him. It's nice, I guess, but not quite a must have. Grievous is like all unique parts that came in a separate baggie that indicates not made in the same factory as the rest of these pieces which also most likely indicates it's from China. He's good and detailed, I guess, but it's not really a fig that I'm interested in.

As far as the vehicle goes, it kinda works. The wheel spins, and there's a fairly even split of weight on both sides that it doesn't tip more one direction all the time. The ball joint legs also allow for decent stability, but I was impressed that they don't really get in the way when rolling it around. Nice.

I'm sure theres a lot more to be said about this set by Star Wars fans. (Like, why doesnt Obi-Wan have his animal steed?) But to be honest, I bought it as a parts pack, and it delivers. The sand blue cheese slopes are awesome, and I also like the trans clear wheel (need more tho) and the fang pieces. I guess the minifigs are okay but I'm not a big fan. I'll probably keep ol Ben Kenobi (hair piece is nice) but I'd be more than willing to trade away Grievous.

So, in conclusion, this makes for a good parts pack, as long as you want a few specific parts, cause it has a lot of them. The vehicle and figs are okay, but not really a must have. So parts pack it is!

Thanks for reading, I might do more of these because it's fun to ramble but in a not-front-page-worthy way.



Review: Crystal Beast vs Bulk

Posted by xccj , in Review Jul 03 2014 · 346 views

Posted Image
Click here for full review

Hey look another Hero Factory set review!

Just pulled an all-nighter getting this one uploaded. Partially because my internet has been off all day and only came back on around 10 PM. Like, seriously, I'm paying monthly and the Internet provider just can't give me service in the middle of the day! I called em and they said they're working on a "service issue" on their end but it's still lame. (And I've already complained about this elsewhere. A lot.) To be fair, I didn't start the coding until I could test my links, and I technically could've done it before hand... but I had lazy-ing around to do earlier!

(Also what's this about the video actually being published on June 4th, I don't know what that means, it's certainly not that I accidentally uploaded it over night and forgot to set it to private until the next morning, and in the three hours it was up it got more views and comments than some of my other reviews, no it can't possibly be that.)

Also talked about visiting Florida next month to hang out with my Dallas roommate. And I may actually be able to do that, since I got off new hire double-probation at work this week. (That is, as a new hire, I'm not eligible for stuff like vacation or medical until I've worked with them for 90 days. But I initially worked for them for my first 90 days as a "contractor" from the company that helped me search for a job, so when I got hired for real, my 90 days got reset. Not really complaining, I just find the whole situation rather humorous.)

Anyway, TO BED! With nightmares of Crystal Beast haunting my head. (Nightmares because of those AWFUL CLAWS!!)


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