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Posted by xccj , in TV Jul 30 2013 · 607 views

I saw the movie this weekend, and I really enjoyed it.
To start this out, let me say that I’m a big X-Men fan.  Well, as far as the television series are concerned, since I’m not quite as into comic books.  But the previous movies have been… okay at best.  Not super impressed with them compared to the Avengers and such.
But honestly, I don’t like Wolverine.  In general, his character is just too gruff or whatever; he’s always angry and violent and doesn’t seem like the most likeable protagonist.  I don’t dislike him per say, but he’s not my favorite X-Men.  (It’s kinda like how I don’t like the hothead Tahu compared to any of the other Toa Mata.)  This is just personal preferences, of course.
But, if I limit myself to Logan-based stories, I have to say that my favorite arcs with him are the ones set in Japan.  (And not to mention that the Wolverine Anime, canon or not, was REALLY good.)  So when I heard there was a new Wolverine movie coming out and that it was set in Japan, it caught my interest.  (And then I just randomly happened to notice that it was opening this weekend, so I was like kay let’s try for a matinee.)
So, um, spoilers??

Um... so that was a bit of rambling.  Overall, I liked this movie for the action and characters (and appreciated the Japanese themes that were included with both) and the story was good enough for a comic-book movie.  So now I’m rooting for Wolverine?  Eh, guess so.



Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Jul 23 2013 · 483 views

We make a team of elemental Toa.
Who's with me?


Why I Like Being a Lifetime Premier

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Jul 21 2013 · 228 views

Back when I first bought premier membership, 6 months was like $6, 1 year was $10, and lifetime was $25.
So if it lasted for more than 4 six month periods (2 years) or the equivalent of 2.5 years, then lifetime membership would pay for itself.  (Assuming that BZP's life was greater than said 2.5 years.)
I've had it for 10 years.  Yeah, it's paid for itself.  :P
And that was before price increases!
Also, I clearly have very little of what some call "a life."
Anyway, probably won't blog too much cause it'll get lost in the oncoming flood anyway.  Enjoy the perks, everybody!


Lego Animorphs?

Posted by xccj , in News Jul 16 2013 · 962 views

Hah, talk about a Cuusoo idea guaranteed to fail.  (Like, seriously, how would you even start.  Buildable animals and figs and aliens and spaceships would be cool, but there's no good way to incorporate morphing into a toy.  They did transformers Animorph toys back in the 90s, and while they worked, they looked pretty bad.)
But I digress.
I'm talking more about Animorph characters digitized in Lego form.  I've had the figs designed in LDD for a while, but I decided to try and pursue some drawings of actual morphs.  The following is my first attempt:
Posted Image
This was drawn in Flash, where I'm finally starting to use the pen tool rather than just drawing individual lines and linking them up later.  Anyway, the fig and dolphin mold were taken from LDD (and traced) and I think they turned out nicely.  The mid-morph was done by me, and I'm less pleased with it.  I've been working on some ways to potentially animate the morphs, and if I continue on I might make a little game out of it. (Like, really little, I don't want to go all crazy on it like the last one)
So, is this worth following up on?  There are more animal molds I could use, and who knows, I could even like BUILD MY OWN ANIMALS if I really wanted to.  (Maybe a Gorilla... :P )  Thoughts, opinions?  Thankee!


BrickCon Colab?

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions Jul 10 2013 · 830 views
I know BrickCon has done some pretty cool collaborations in the past, but the closest the Bionicle gang has come is to build a mosaic.  But here's an idea I have, so feel free to critique it, add your own ideas, suggest improvements, ext.
So I built this tower out of Bionicle limb pieces and reinforced with Hero Factory limbs and liftarms.  It's 3-4 feet tall, and relatively sturdy, but bend a few joints wrong and it'll bend over.  It's nothing super awesome to look at, but it's tall for something made purely with Bionicle / HF elements.
So here's an idea for a collaboration; we all build Toa / humanoids that can hang onto the tower.  They can hang onto the edges, dangle from the supports, or be trapped inside.  Ideally, I would say that each figure would need to be about the size of a Toa Metru or an Av-Matoran body.  But I would suggest not using super advance techniques.  The figures should be relatively lightweight, and not be fragile, because they're liable to fall off.  So, basically make a cheesy basic Toa.  :P
Should we have a certain theme?  Certain colors, or do we want to just throw whatever random stuff we all come up with on it and call it good.  See how many we can fit on it before it breaks?  In theory, each Toa should have some ability to connect to pins to keep them securely in place, but other forms of grip could also be used.
So, what do y'all think?  Anybody interested?

July 2013


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