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It Was A Hike!

Posted by xccj , Jul 19 2008 · 95 views
News and Updates
14 miles with 4000 foot elevation gain.

Or, in metric, very long and really high up.

I'd say more but my feet are sore.



Back Up

Posted by xccj , Jul 18 2008 · 81 views
News and Updates
Had a scary moment earlier...

I turned on my laptop, but the desktop came up blank for some reason. As I investigated further, I realized that all my personal files were gone. Which is quite alot of stuff. ohmy.gif

So I rebutted, and it all came back. I hate it when my computer messes with me.

But I'm still going to back up a few files onto my thumb drive. I don't have too much on this laptop anymore... besides BZPing, I mostly used it to submit online homework at school. And I did back up some files in January... but some of my stories have progressed since then, so backing them up again doesn't seem like such a bad idea.

And, no, I am not interested in an external hard drive or some online file storage thingy. (Norton's been bugging my about the latter... but I don't have any finance records to save, so why bother?)



Ima Gona Bite Yer Head Off!

Posted by xccj , Jul 16 2008 · 97 views
News and Updates
Me? Post a Work In Progress? Since when do I have time to MOC?

Anyways, the story with this thing. I had a few miscellaneous parts on the ground, and I got to messing with the Mutran & Vican masks, trying to decide which had the nastier teeth. Then I thought "what if they formed upper and lower jaws together?" Well, maybe not exactly like that, but I started working them together. I figured out a useful connection that puts them in the right place. Then I added a leg piece so that it could be used as a head. Then I tried to fill up some of the empty space in between them. When that conflicted with the placement of Vican's mask, I remade the connection, and now the mask can move back and forth and make the jaws snap. Since no Toa eyes would work, I tried fitting in a custom eye... didn't have enough of the correct pieces for two eyes at the moment.

And, Wa La!, I have a nasty head with green, snapping jaws and teeth, just ready to be placed in some socket piece and be used as a head. But since I don't have the time / creativity to come up with a good creature body, I thought I'd post the head now. Who knows, maybe I'll use it later. And, of course, I need to work on it some more. The colors aren't a great match... note the nasty red leg piece that could be black. And with the addition of a rubber band, I'm sure I can match up the jaw so that it really snaps. And, yes, there's the whole "needs a body" thing.

Oh well. I have a couple of other MOCs that I'll probably post soon. Also, I should probably try to update one of my stories and see if anybody remembers it... considering my Mystery epic bombed it. tongue.gif



Most Normalest Member?

Posted by xccj , Jul 15 2008 · 97 views

Whoze is it?

I'd post it in GD, but it might get lost in all those "who's the most..." topics.

And this blog won't insult anybody, because it'll tell who's the most like evrybody else.




20 Questions 5

Posted by xccj , Jul 13 2008 · 122 views

Let's Play 20 Questions. I will think up something pertaining to Bionicle, and you must ask me questions to see who it is.


1: The questions can only be yes or no questions. So "Is he pink" works but "what color is he" doesn't.

2: There can only be one question per post, and no double posting.

3: I will edit my answer into every body's post. You can only add a second question in your post if I have already edited in my response.

I am thinking of a Bionicle Rahi.

Now, ask away, and see if you can figure it out in under 20 tries.



And the answer is in; It was Hoto Bug, and Bfahome got it with just 8 questions.


Updates And Stuffs

Posted by xccj , Jul 13 2008 · 100 views
News and Updates
Just some tidbits of things that've been going on...

I lost the contest. 6th out of 6. Oh well, at least I qualified for the polls.

But I have also only had 1 reviewer. I need more. I require more. I CRAVE MORE! I want to see how good of a mystery it is, and I can't tell if nobody actually responds to it. (And worst, they didn't release the list of judges, so I can't pester them for a review. tongue.gif )

As for my two other epics (Slizers on Mata-Nui and Many Adventures) I have ideas for how to continue them, but I haven't had the time and/or inspiration to continue them. I actually have a severe writers block with Slizers.

I have a MOC of one of the characters from my mystery epic, as well as Powerpoint Vector art of the others. I should get around to posting those eventually.

As for house chores, I have bark dust to spread, a big hole to dig (why must it be uphill?) and a retaining wall to finish. And my friend that was helping me dropped out for another job (less pay but also less physical work, go figure) On the bright side, I'm getting in shape again. On the downside, with the sun as it is, I'll probably have skin cancer by September.

I have some ambitious writing projects that I'm working on, but none of them are BZP related. Sorry to my non existent audience. tongue.gif

I want the Mistika to come out so I can get some MOCing parts from Tahu. I hope to catch them at a Fred Meyers "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" sale, which they have all the time.

I also want the Lego Indiana Jones video game, but I'm not dishing out $30 for the PC version when I don't have a fixed income. May have to use that as a birthday present in the fall.

I discovered a cool thing in MLN. The module was supposed to give me 2 Hit Singles for 10 clicks, but instead it gives me 10 hit singles. As it is, I'm not complaining.

When BZP was down, I was refreshing the page constantly, from every hour to every ten minutes, depending on how bored I was.

Feels good to blog again, I must say.


Why I Won't Win

Posted by xccj , Jul 07 2008 · 77 views
News and Updates
News Flash: My Epic Contest #7 Mystery Story got past the judges and made it into the final poll with five other fabulous stories. I have not yet voted; I want to read all the other stories first before I do, and until then I do not know what the statistics actually are. But here are a few reasons I don't believe I'll do well in the polls... because, yes, I am pessimistic. tongue.gif

1: The story is too long. It is the second longest one there, I'm sure, after Boneiii's. But Bones can always get away with writing long stories, and people will read them, and in the end it's all worth the read. But mine... fourteen chapters and only three of them are actual action chapters. I guess, in the end, it moves too slowly. I packed in alot of useless descriptions, silly side jokes, and a couple of sequences that were just in there because I wanted them to be. It's not concise. For a judge who's reading the whole thing to really "judge" it, they'll appreciate all the extra content, as would anybody who had happened to follow the story while it was being posted. (But no one did) But for a voting contest, nobody wants to sit down for an hour and read my lengthy thing. They'll get through the first couple of chapters, get bored, and vote for somebody else. If they do vote for me, then maybe they're just basing it off my rep (which I don't know where that came from). And I am against voting for somebody because their "popular" and I don't want that treatment.

2: I have no reviews... I checked, all the others do. Maybe it sends out a message that this story isn't worth commenting on. Also, for people who don't want to read the whole thing, they can't go and look at the reviews to see what other people thought. For the most part, the people I can usually get a review from are busy with summer stuff. Or they're a story judge, as it could be. Since I know the judges read it (since they obviously liked it enough to push it forward) I would like a review from all of them when the contest is over and they can reveal themselves. (I expect that Takuta-Nui would point out a load of spelling errors I made, he's exceptionally good at that kind of thing)

3: I suck in polls. I have 30 something BBCs to attest to that statement, as well as a horrible Art Contest and two less than ideal story contest polls (Epicfest and S&T Contest #2) So since I think I'm cursed in that aspect, I don't expect anything.

Anyway, I see this as again earning an "honorable mention" in the contest. I'm actually not really looking to win this... what I would really like are some reviews on the story, because I used alot of new things and good jokes and I want to see how people react to them. But placing in a contest doesn't actually mean anything; Kulagi's Kanoka placed and it didn't get any other reviews. So I guess I'm just failing at everything here.

And get this. THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT TO VOTE FOR MY EPIC. If you're going to vote, read the stories and vote for your favorite. No, this is an advertisement to read and comment on my story, but I've posted three other blogs so far, and that hasn't worked yet, so...

Yes, I am in kind of a dark mood right now.


Edit: And I'm tied for last. Woot.


20 Questions 4

Posted by xccj , Jul 06 2008 · 163 views
Let's Play 20 Questions. I will think up something pertaining to Bionicle, and you must ask me questions to see who it is.


1: The questions can only be yes or no questions. So "Is he pink" works but "what color is he" doesn't.

2: There can only be one question per post, and no double posting.

3: I will edit my answer into every body's post. You can only add a second question in your post if I have already edited in my response.

I am thinking of a Bionicle being / character. I hope this one isn't as vague as last week's.

Now, ask away, and see if you can figure it out in under 20 tries.



It was Roporak (the brown Visorak) and Bundalings managed to guess the correct one in the end. 22 guesses. smile.gif


Ka- Boom

Posted by xccj , Jul 05 2008 · 115 views
News and Updates
Now I know why I like it when my family goes over to somebody else's place for the 4th. They have a bigger field (which just happens to be wet from recent t-storm downpours) to shoot off fireworks, and a kid as reckless as me. I mean, there's some dumb stuff I wouldn't mind doing, but I can't do it with my dad or younger sister. But my friend was willing, so we did some crazy stuff with fireworks.

First, we had these weird things called "Whips" or something. They were pretty much long fuses that you were supposed to lay down on the ground and light, and as it burns it shoots off sparks and all. But when its over, nothings left to hold, really. (Oh, and you're not supposed to hold 'em anyway) But their whips, so we had to hold them in our hands somehow. So we tied them to some wood stakes and then went running like crazy with this things flashing off behind us.

And then there were the Roman Candle wars... I've been wanting to do those for a while. Note, while I didn't aim directly at him, a few of his came a little too close for comfort... like right next to my foot!

Nobody was killed, burned, or mentally scarred for life, so it was all okay. But it's tradition in my old scout troop for us to be pyromaniacs (oh, and his dad was our old Scoutmaster... and my friend was actually my ASPL when I was SPL). So, you know, just another chance to BURN STUFF!

We're already planning for the firefights next year. smile.gif



Anyone Wanna Read?

Posted by xccj , Jul 04 2008 · 84 views

Over a week and absolutely no reviews... or views, as far as I'm aware? Am I not advertising this enough?

Which just goes to show that I really don't have a reputation for alot of reviews. tongue.gif


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