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Bionicle Mafia XXXVI: A Princely Affair


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It has been many years since The King had fallen. It has been many years since The Prince was slain, and The Heir took his place. The small island of Ilias was, for a time, at peace. The Heir ruled with a steady hand and a cool head, while the few remaining villagers continued to work and thrive. They worked to repair the damage wrought by what had passed, until the island was beautiful once again. For many years now, Ilias has lived in prosperity and peace. More Matoran had come to inhabit it, causing the small nation of twelve to grow and expand greatly. The inhabitants soon forgot about the fires of the Pyro, the terrors of The King’s insanity, and the insidious Prince’s plans. Eventually, the Heir retired from their leadership role, relinquishing it to a new leader. The island was at peace. A peace that seemed destined to last.

Unfortunately, destiny had other plans...


The entire nation of Ilias stood before a wooden stage. A stage that, at one time, served as a place where those doomed to die were hung. Nowadays, the stage was used for the ruler of Ilias to make announcements. A wooden podium sat in the middle of the stage, purple cloth draped over it. An old Matoran stood behind it, a wide smile on his face. To his left stood the former Heir, now Bodyguard. Both smiled brightly towards the crowd of Matoran before them.
The crowd had gathered after the Ruler called to them. Everyone in the village was invited to celebrate the twelfth anniversary of their freedom from the Prince's wrath.

“Citizens of Ilias!” The Ruler exclaimed, “Today is a wondrous day, a day of celebration! Twelve years ago to this day, there were only twelve of us here...and now, look!” He gestured grandly to the crowd of Matoran standing before him. A smile spread wide across his face as he said, “We’ve grown considerably, well over double what we used to be. And for that, a toast!” The Ruler raised his glass.

“A toast!” The crowd shouted.

“A toast to many more years of freedom, of prosperity, and of growth! We have the King’s rightful Heir to thank for that,” The Ruler said, gesturing to the Matoran standing by his side. The Bodyguard, who wore a simple purple sash, smiled and waved to the crowd. “Even in retirement, they still serves to protect me. Truly, they deserve a thanks.”

The crowd cheered loudly, before the sharp retort of a gun sounded out. The Ruler’s smile faltered as he fell backwards, a ragged hole where his heartlight used to be. Chaos erupted within the crowd as the Ruler collapsed. The Heir got up with a start, in an attempt to catch the fallen Ruler. A click sounded behind them. The all too familiar sound of a gun being cocked.

“Move and I blast your brains out, Bodyguard. Let the real heir to the King’s crown speak.”

The Heir tried to turn around and look at the assailant. Before they could even make out the vaguest shape of the attacker’s body, the butt of the assailant’s gun slammed into the back of their skull. The Heir fell face-first on the stage, completely unconscious.
A Matoran, clad in pure white robes, stepped up to the stage. “Cease your panicking! Cease!” Their voice bellowed out. “I am the true heir of the King. And today, I claim my rightful place as your ruler. Your false ruler is dead.”

The crowed calmed and stopped. One Matoran stepped forwards. “The Prince died twelve years ago! The King named a rightful heir moments before he died!”

The figure in white shook their head slowly. “Tsk tsk. You are foolish. The Prince that had died was a fake. A fake who claimed to be the King’s true heir. I escaped this land years and years in the past, back when the King ordered me dead. But now? Now he has passed. I am the rightful ruler of this land. Not your precious elected Ruler, not his Bodyguard, not the false prince. I am.” Their eyes burned with an impassioned fire, as they spoke up once more, “And you shall all bow to me. Those who do not shall face the wrath of my Enforcers.”

The crowd glared at the figure in white. The lone Matoran stepping forth squared their shoulders, and said, “Then I guess we'll face their wrath. The King is dead. His rule is dead. We are not beholden to one who falsely claims to be a Prince.”

The True Prince’s eyes burned, and their voice seethed with venom as they screamed, “Then all of you shall perish! None will live!”

The Matoran, the Representative of the crowd, spoke once again, “And we would rather die than be ruled by you.”

With a scream of anger, the True Prince brought up their gun. They took aim towards the Representative. More Matoran stepped up, beside the one who had stood up to the True Prince. Everyone in the crowd murmured different things.

“More royalty? No thanks.”

“There’s no way this is the real Prince anyways. Prince Valendale died twelve years ago...”

“No way I’m going back to being ruled by a Prince.”

The Prince took a step back, a look of pure fury crossing their face. “I will spare you all for now. Come night, I shall begin picking you off one by one. Maybe then you will learn to be humble. Maybe then you will learn to fear and respect me.”

They turned with a flourish, and stormed off the stage along with the Enforcer that had come onstage with them. Three Matoran detached from the crowd silently, following the True Prince. The crowd was silent. A day of celebration had turned to the beginning of a brutal power struggle.

From far away, a figure clad in black chuckled. “Oh, this will be fun to watch,” she muttered, “oh so fun.”


The True Prince has arrived and has effectively waged war on the citizens of Ilias. Each day, one Matoran will be tried and executed for assisting the True Prince. A representative of the village shall also be elected each day, via private votes. Come night, the Enforcers shall choose someone to kill, and hope that the vengeful Bodyguard does not find them first...



1. No revealing roles.
2. All votes for the execution of alleged Enforcers shall be posted in the topic; however, all votes for the Representative shall be sent via PM.
3. No write-in votes. If the person you want to vote for isn’t on the list, you can’t vote for them. This is for both executions and Representatives.
4. One vote change for each list allowed per round. You must state who you are switching from, and who you are switching to.
5. BZP rules apply.




Matoran (x21): Standard villager. Capable of voting during the day and little else.


Bodyguard (x1): The former Heir, the Bodyguard patrols the streets at night. They can choose one person to protect each night, and will defend them from the Enforcers. If the Bodyguard selects an Enforcer to protect, the Enforcer shall die. The first time the Bodyguard is attacked by an Enforcer, the Enforcer will die and the Bodyguard will survive. Any subsequent attacks will result in the death of the Bodyguard.


Representative(x??): Elected each round. The Representative is immune to being executed during the day or night, and has three votes for execution lists – however, they cannot vote for a Representative. The Representative is also capable of investigating one player during the night, and can choose whether or not to reveal their findings to the public or not. Once a Representative election concludes, the prior Representative shall revert to their previous role. If any role other than the Matoran becomes a Representative, they will retain their powers as Representative.


Secret role (x1): A secret. The forger. See this post for details.


Enforcers (x4): These four matoran assist the True Prince with nightly murders. One is sent each night to kill a target.


True Prince (x1): This insane Matoran clad in white robes claims to be the true heir to the throne. The True Prince cannot be killed via lynching or other methods until all Enforcers are dead. If either all Matoran die, or the True Prince becomes the Representative, they will win.


Citizen Registry:


1. Taka Nuvia Brought to justice, Executed Day Seven. Enforcer.

2. Underscore Threat stopped, Executed Day Eight. Prince.

3. xccj Served extra crispy, Murdered Night 2. Matoran

4. Oko the Matoran - Matoran. Survived.

5. Windrider - The First Representative (And only one). Survived.

6. Dragon.Star - Matoran. Survived.

7. Manducus - Matoran. Survived.

8. Hidron Nuva - Matoran. Survived.

9. Nato Hung out to dry, Executed Day One. Enforcer.

10. Smoke Monster - Matoran. Survived.

11. ToaTimeLord - Matoran. Survived.

12. Trijhak Innocence proven, Executed Day Two. Matoran.

13. Blade Silent slit, Murdered Night Seven. Matoran.

14. Hellyam Tried for arson, Executed Day Five. Enforcer.

15. Protlgift Gouged, Executed Day Six. Enforcer.

-16. ToaD - The Forger. Survived.

17. FF Spiderbite, Murdered Night One. Matoran.

18. Voxumo Double trouble hang, Executed Day four. Matoran.

19. Tex Stabbed in the heart, Murdered Night Six. Matoran.

20. jed1ndy Double trouble hang, Executed Day four. Matoran.

21. Tiragath - Matoran. Survived.

22. 13.1. Unit Without a trace, "Murdered" Night Three. Matoran.

24. Luroka Interrupted, Murdered Night Eight. Matoran.

23. RG - Matoran. Survived.

25. ShadowVezon Blamed for the problems, Executed Day Three. Bodyguard.

26. Burnmad Choked on smoke, Murdered Night Five. Matoran.

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*Stretches* If there is still a spot, I would be greatly interested in taking part.


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Both of you added.


And now...only 3 spots left. Invite your friends! Invite your enemies! Invite everyone you can!


Well, three people.


I would like to invite you Ehks


be my guest?


i'm a bit busy here.

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