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Long ago, the tropical island of Akana-Nui was visited by a vast amount of Matoran settlers from elsewhere in the world. It was said to be a glorious day, that marked the start of a prosperous age, as trade began across the many islands. People were ecstatic, and celebrating every new ship that arrived with goods.
However... one day, a storm was said to have befallen the island. It was never determined the cause of the storm, but the entirety of the island was slaughtered by unknown causes. Some speculate that the storm marked a curse around the island, as the islanders that were found had been... changed in one way or another. Still others suspect that it was their own doing, and that the storm was a sign from Mata Nui himself to stop mingling with the island.
Akana-Nui was marked a forbidden place for many years, until one day a group of travelers stumbled across the island once again. Peace had finally begun to return to the island after so very long, as the island was slowly repopulated by the second generation of settlers.
Peace was not to last, however, as recently the storms returned. The islanders who had not fled at the first sign of the oncoming storm found themselves trapped as the remaining boats and vehicles all were discovered to be destroyed by mysterious means. Panic set in, as it was realized that there was no way off the island. Not long after, the rain began to fall, and felt oddly... soothing. This wasn't how the island was supposed to have been, right?
Two days later, it felt like the rain had finally stopped. The Matoran felt odd, however... as they woke up from their slumber, they attempted to open their eyes, to no avail. Panic nearly set in as they managed to gather in the town square. However, a soothing voice rang out through the town.
"It is alright, everyone... Everything is fine. I can still see the world, and it has actually gotten so much better. It is like a glorious paradise here. You must trust me on this - there is nothing wrong. I'm positive that things will work out for you shortly as well..." The voice let out a giggle, as the Matoran instinctively tried to find the source of the voice. However, they were not successful. They felt cautious about the source of the voice, although it sounded familiar, but... at the same time, they knew it had a point. They couldn't just sit around, and it seemed like everything was just as the person had said it to be.
Later that night, five Matoran met in secrecy to discuss the events that had unfolded.
"Do you believe any of this?"

"Not a single word."

"What do you think we should do?"
The fifth Matoran shook their head, feeling that things weren't lining up at all. They stood up with an unseen frown.
"We should make sure that everyone notices what is going on. We must turn the majority of people to realizing we must get off this island... by diplomacy, or by force."
At the mention of force, the other four's faces lit up as if the thought was more appealing than any other plan...
A frustrated Matoran hid in the shadows, looking around. They narrowed their eyes at the scenery. This was wrong. This was so so very wrong. And they needed to find a way to fix this, and to figure out what was going on... But to do that, they needed to operate in secrecy. Out of that being's eyes. And so they would.


1. Follow all BZP rules.
2. No screencaps. This, for once, is only because of the story of the game.
3. No role revealing in public.
4. Have fun


Matoran x 18 - These are the normal run of the mill civilians. They cannot see.
Medic x 1 - This Matoran has been trained in the art of healing. Cannot see.
Mafioso x 4 - A would-be street gang that gathered to try and find a way to get off the island with any means necessary. Cannot see.
Godfather x 1 - The leader of the group. Chooses the targets for the night. Cannot see.
REDACTED x 1 - An unknown entity. Little is known, except for the fact that they seem to lurking around, checking people out. Apparently can see, but that is more than likely false.
REDACTED x 1 - ??? ??????? ?? ??? ?????'? ???????. ??? ???, ??? ?? ??????. ?? ??????????. ??? ???? ????? ?????? ?????.


1. Manducus
2. Taka Nuvia
3. Hidron
4. Underscore
5. Tiragath - Villager - Lynched Day 2
6. Valendale
7. FF - Villager - Lynched Day 4
8. xccj - VIllager - Confirmed Night 4
9. Pahrak
10. Jed
11. Pulse - Villager - killed by ??? and Mafia Night 3
12. Timelord - Villager - Confirmed Night 3
13. Windy - Mafia - Lynched Day 1
13.1. Unit
15. Ehks
-16. ToaD
17. Nato
18. Vox - Villager - killed by ??? Night 1
19. Tex - Villager, confirmed Night 1
20. Dragon.star
21. Hellyam - Villager - killed by Mafia Night 2
22. Toa Smoke Monster - Villager - Lynched Day 1
23. Rahkshi Guurahk - Villager - Lynched Day 3
24. Luroka


Banner made by Tex.

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Spot 23 please.

And wow this filled up fast.

-Rahkshi Guurahk
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And that's the last spot filled! ^^


Roles will be sent out tomorrow sometime! ^^

*Whines* But I waaant them now... Ugh


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Banner made by Onaku



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All role PMs sent out now - if you did not get one, you are a villager.


All roles have 48 hours this time to send in their selections - I'll try to get an intermission post up tomorrow to kick things off~ ^^

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