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    So if you want one, or aren't able to get one yourself, let me know. The code works with...

    Sun - Yveltal lvl 60

    Ultra Sun - Yveltal lvl 100 and Gold Bottle Cap


    Moon - Xerneas lvl 60

    Ultra Moon - Xerneas lvl 100 and Gold Bottle Cap


    So even if you want four, that's cool, because I have literally 50 codes now RIP

  1. Paleo
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    Please! Everyone! Sign the petition!

    And once you've done that, make sure to check out the subreddit for more ways you can help!

  2. Feb 21 marked 10 years since I joined BZPower! And it completely slipped my mind to pay a visit! I'm so sorry! :'(

  3. Hey! Long time no blog.


    After a short hiatus, my BrickLink store is back open!


    Mention BZPower and get 10% off!


    More stock coming next week!


    -CF :kakama:

  4. I don't go to bed before 2am anymore, y'all.


    Seriously - I've been trapped in what at this point is probably a month-long cycle where I just can't being myself to hit the sack before the wee hours of the morning roll around. My roommate probably hates it, but he's a pretty sound sleeper and he's never complained about it so I'm not really motivated to stop. That's the thing about this cycle - nothing is motivating me to snap out of it, and because of that I'll do nothing during the day knowing full well I have a 2-hour-plus nook carved out just around midnight where I get the bulk of my work done without any kind of disturbance (except, well, writing this when I should be studying for an exam I have tomorrow). When I come to my senses, I think I'll miss those peaceful hours.


    All that to say, I'm in college now and the last time I wrote a post on this website I was still in middle school. Oh, how time flies.


    I don't really recognize anything about BZPower's current state - everything I did here was before the Dataclysm (that's what we called it, right?) and the archives don't seem to really actually work, so even though my profile claims that I have over 600 posts, only 2 of them actually exist anymore. Heck, even Maj is dead now, so even most of the comics I made for this place are gone forever now too. I haven't poked around to see what this place is like, although I feel like I should, because I'm afraid I'll look around and just straight up not recognize any names. I have lots of questions about what happened to this place, mostly just about who stayed, who left, and how many new people actually ended up coming here. BIONICLE did come back for a while, so was there a revival of sorts?


    At this point the post's gotten a bit rambly, but let me give a bit of background for anyone who doesn't recognize my username (read: everyone). I joined BZPower in 2007, because I had just recently become enamored with the BIONICLE line and after moving to Colorado didn't have many friends at first so I found fun in reading about my favorite toys on the Internet. I guess. I think I mostly posted pictures of my subpar MOCs at first but it probably wasn't even a month after I joined that I released a really subpar comic series, Coleanuva's Comics. Despite my blatant lack of wit or artistic talent, I stubbornly made a home for myself in the Artwork III subforum, and for the next 2 years that was basically the only place I went on the website. I made several friends who also made comics - though I figure they probably looked at me as an annoying little kid who tried to tag along with them, which I wouldn't at ll blame them for because that would be spot-on accurate. Lol. Anyway, I complained my way into the International Comic Continuity, which was composed of thirteen (maybe? idfk, it grew as we went along and most people didn't end up actually releasing much after the group formed anyway) comic makers who, but for a few notable exceptions - okay, maybe just the one - were all pretty darn talented. Unfortunately, pretty soon after that group came to be, some stuff happened and we kinda lost momentum, and then the Dataclysm happened and we pretty much just died. I'm not quite sure where the rest of them are today - they were all older than me so I figure they're pretty much not even thinking about this place, which is probably natural at this point, lol. Kahi I think is still part of TTV, which is pretty cool; I look at Tavakai's Twitter every now and then, and he seems to be doing well; and I was actually in contact with Gavla semi-recently, and that was really nice.


    So that's my history on BZPower, which was kind of a long blurb for what amounted to a whole lot of nothing. Which, I don't know, that was probably pretty self-indulgent of me to write but this is my blog and my parents paid 35 buckaroos for me to be able to have it so you're gonna have to deal with it. At this point I feel like I've just been begging for someone to say they remember me, and how vain is that? (Pretty vain.) So I'm just gonna move on.


    Since leaving BZP I've had a pretty good life thus far. I got a lot better at talking to people and that led to at least a halfway-pleasurable experience for me in high school, which was nice. I also got better at sports and played baseball on my school's varsity team, which I would not have believed if you had told me that when I used to frequent this place. (speaking of that, if there's a decent baseball community around here, I might be interested in contributing to that - I could talk sports for days with anyone, lol) I began college and I'm here now studying computer engineering, which I'm thoroughly enjoying. I'm living a lot better than I was before, and I'm just generally pretty happy with life. When I used to go on here a lot, I guess I wasn't so sure of that - but I was pretty young, then, so it's not like I knew much anyway.


    If you're still here with me, thanks for reading! This is both something I've wanted to do for a while and an excellent way of not studying differential equations because I am so bad at it. If y'all have anything you'd like to tell me about the state of the website, what's changed, or your favorite memories of old (pre-crash) BZP, I think that would be cool! If not, I think that's also cool! I was just thinking about this place and wanted to run by the neighborhood again to see what was going on. Hope you all are doing well, and have a great day!


    (also, the sidebars on this blog may no longer be accurate, lol)



  5. So I've been notably absent on BZP for a long while now, in large part is because of the site slowly plunging further into a death spiral of inactivity. Which I somewhat regret, as I more or less grew up on here. But, leaving reflections on BZP's importance for another time, my main point now is to direct everyone to where my recent MOCs can be found, as they certainly aren't in BBC anymore.


    All MOCs of mine going forward can be found on either my Instagram (@ballomnomnom), or my Flickr (Ballom Nom Nom).







  6. On a whim, I turned up today wondering what became of this old place. Is it better? Worse? The same? More bitter or less? BIONICLE-focused or not?


    Also, I kind of regret not having been here to run the BaseBlog in The Year. We did it! The Cubbies finally won! Anyone can have a good century!


    EDIT: Wow. Some cursory googling reveals some pretty insane stuff happened here. I'm glad I was gone when people started to go bonkers. It's sad that I've never been able to come back to the way I remember BZP. Or maybe it was never that way to begin with. I don't know. But it is disappointing to see how many people are gone or damaged. This was such a fun place. And I'm sorry for the part that I had in encouraging the chaos, even when I thought I might help to subdue it.

  7. Daiker
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    2018? Woah! No clue if anyone still follows my blog but I figured I'd drop by the old forums and reconnect. It's been 2 years since my last post. I'm now in college in Manhattan, and have had a nice part-time job for the last year. I'm still really big on retro video games and my collection is growing by the day. Right now I'm at about 400+ games. I also bought a Switch! Really excited to play more of that. A couple weeks ago I actually broke out some Bionicle parts and tried to finish a project, but didn't get to. Would honestly love to get back to building, but right now I have no time! What free time I can manage I spend on Youtube, with friends, playing video games, or playing guitar.


    I figure I'm not 13 years old anymore and can actually say things like my full name and stuff without minding. I came here when I was 11, freaking 8 years ago. Wow! Anyway, I surmise you all know I don't frequent the forums anymore, so if you would care to follow my social media, I wouldn't mind to follow back! I honestly consider you guys as friends, so feel free to follow my instagram, @derekteut!

  8. Yeah, you know, things are pretty good these days. I used to be on here a lot back in the day. Isn't time and change weird? Discuss. Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe! Approval still sustains me.

  9. So, hi. Wow. I will admit that I thought the place was razed to the ground years back, and became nothing more than a childhood memory.


    I was still technically a youth when I was last here. I was a child when I first joined this place - a very vivid memory of me asking my mother for permission to join the Internet in a world of Bionicle that I learned from a Flash game of Takua.


    To add to the feels of polishing off cobwebs, a lot of my old content was gone. I found a message in my Inbox asking for my second Epic, Changing Worlds. All those documents are gone, I'm afraid. I'd honestly be surprised if any data from 2005 made it to my laptop 13 years later.


    Lots have changed for me, once I left BZPower and the server move. I got a degree. I got a job. I moved countries for said degree and job, and had to leave it and return to my homeland. Taxes became a thing. Earning a living. The skill of the pen left me as well, when the demand of a day-to-day job overtook languid breaks between essays and projects... and World of Warcraft and Starcraft and Diablo, et cetera.


    And the 'death' of Bionicle. I honestly could not keep up when Mata Nui went from godhood to mortal life. He was the last figurine I got, and that was as a gift to an autistic boy who shared a similar passion. That was in 2010, I think? When the news from LEGO came out, I merely thought that all good things would come to an end.


    Fast track to today. Just two days ago, I had to dig out old certificates for an interview. I dug out my old backups to hunt down one missing cert, and came across my old FictionWrites. One of them was for Bionicle. And no, it was not everything. I eventually started saving my Epic writings in 2003-4 by copying what I raved into a text field onto Notepad. That did not come through. My short stories were lost too. I only found two stories, both in-progress and will probably be buried. They are fond memories to me, and it would be wrong to go back in and whack at it aimlessly.


    I honestly don't know if I will pop round much anymore, but it is great to see old friends and usernames still active here in BZP. Maybe I will? I'm not sure how the rules have changed - or if the rules have changed - but... Yeah. Good to see BZPower alive and well.

  10. Lady Kopaka
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    HEY GUYS LET'S MAKE 2018 AMAZING. Because 2017 was one of the most exhausting years I've had to contend with.


    Between current events, moving six hours away to a new town, a medical withdrawal from college (after attempting to return from a six year hiatus), my dad getting a serious cancer, financial problems (but at least I have generous family and friends to keep me homeless), health still NOT improving, friend struggles, and...I'll just cut the list early there. Suffice to say you get the idea.


    It wasn't all bad and I need to remember the good, but yeah, let's not do a repeat of that again. I hope your 2017 was better at least--and if you're struggling like me, let's stick together and hope 2018 is kinder. We can do this!


    I haven't canceled CATALYST, but with my health and life situations I've fallen dismally behind. I hope to be back in the groove soon. Either to continue it or have a new plan.


    Take care all~

  11. Finch
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    my new years resolution is to not be crushed under the weight of everything Bad.

  12. Ektris
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    I sometimes really miss this community. And others I used to be involved in as part of the larger BIONICLE/LEGO fandom.


    So I occasionally peak in, see how things are going... Generally without comment, and usually leaving a little more saddened by not feeling connected to it anymore and that things in general are really rather... quiet. Which I suppose makes sense when the focal point and passion of the fandom is dead again.


    But man, what passion... I dedicated so much of my formative years to this, as did so many others. They're great memories. And I am glad to see some still chugging away at it and newer folks still somehow discovering it.


    I'm not sure what made this visit different. Anywhere I'm present online now, I more often than not just lurk and not contribute. Quite the contrast to how I used to be. Just don't have the time and energy to. So a mix of nostalgia, boredom, sorrow, and maybe a touch of hope. Reflecting a lot, I suppose. I know it's not going to change anything and I'm not really back - not even sure I'll respond to anything here. I just really, really wanted to say...




    And I miss you all.


    Those who will read this and those who have long since moved on before I did.


    And thank you for all those memories.



  13. Queen of Liars
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    I wish a most happy holiday season upon you all.


    I am having a great night trying out a slightly new look. Which can totally look festive and jolly for the occasion too.

  14. Toa Smoke Monster
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    I'm not going to have a lot of free time tomorrow, so I'm going to go ahead and say this now:


    I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope the day is great for you all tomorrow. :xmas:

  15. Primus
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    Posted another MOC! I've been on a roll this year:


    (^^picture links to topic^^)

  16. You guys, I finished the thing!



  17. I can't believe it's been this long. MakutaFest started in 2010 as a side project established by The TTV Channel (then The Three Virtues podcast) and the BS01 Podcast (then the... BS01 Podcast. We kinda suck at naming stuff xD).


    Does anybody remember the first livestream? I don't. Literally cannot remember it happened, or that it was even a thing until 2011 rolled around. But I honestly cannot imagine what life would have been like during 2010-2016 without MakutaFest. I'm not going to say we influenced the return of BIONICLE (we didn't) or that we kept the fanbase alive (it'd live on without MF) but, personally for myself, BIONICLE would not be the same without MakutaFest. It's what keeps me excited for everything.


    With that said, this will be our finale. Our last blast, as it were. Why? Times change, we keep moving forward, and in order to do that we need to say goodbye in a proper venue. For me, that is MakutaFest. For others, they may have already come to terms, and wish to reminisce with the good ol' times of G1, or reflect on what was and could have been in G2. For even more others, they may still be looking for closure, and I do believe MF is the closure we all might be seeking.


    So please, feel free to join us on Aug. 19th. It won't cost a dime to attend, it just requires you to go check out TTV's YouTube channel and watch the livestream. Couldn't be simpler.


    ... Also we're giving away one of BS01's artbooks. Should I have started with that? More info here.

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    blog-0751955001501265420.pngOh my wow! I never thought this would happen to me :) I actually won a raffle!, good game to everyone who entered as it's all for a good cause :D unbelieveable, but it's real :bigsmile:


    Now time for a full story:


    When I noticed that Bzpower were doing several charity raffles, I was curious to see what prizes were on offer, when I saw the G1 collectibles I was immediately drawn in, the prizes were all great, hard to find masks and prototypes! I bought a ticket straight away, over the week before the end date I checked how many tickets where sold and calculated what the chance of me winning was.


    It has been raining all day, rain is my favourite weather and I consider it lucky, in any fictional stories I write rain always symbolises good luck, when I woke up I worked out that my chance of winning was 3.5%, so I got on with the rest of the day, looking forward to the results, though I seriously doubted that I would win, I even made a joke to myself that even if I didn't win at least me in an alternate universe would.


    in the afternoon I caught up with some friends I hadn't seen in years it was a nice experience and went well I eventually returned home, watched some Ninja Warrior on TV amongst other things and then went to work on another scene for my film Insectoids, acknowledging what time it was I opened up BZPower to check the results, nothing yet.


    After quickly checking some other things on my laptop I opened up BZPower again, immediately my eyes were drawn to 1 Notification and 1 Message, my heart was beating faster than usual at this point, I opened the notification, "A raffle you're participating in is completed" it read, I ran the mouse over to the messages, I thought what could this be, a "thank you for entering message" maybe, my heart continued to beat rapidly, and I begun to tremble, I clicked the icon, the new message was from Black Six himself, titled "Congratulations, CommanderKumo!"


    Time began to slow down, this was really happening! after all these years of entering, and failing competitions, my childhood dream of victory has finally been fulfilled! after a cold drink to let reality settle in I took no time in confirming my name and address to Black Six as requested in his message.


    What a truly great experience, it's great to see such wonderful things being done for charity and I thank everyone who entered, I'm certain that the money will help Sladechild accomplish it's goal.

  18. I have something to say.




    *insert long and philosophical ramble / confession / life story here*




    Thank you for reading / listening.


    Now that I got that out of the way...


    Are you people mentally and physically surviving through life?

  19. Well, I guess they still haven't turned off Premier Perks. Which means I can still post on this blog.


    I really don't have much else to say, besides please for the love of all things vote for a title. That's about it.


    P.S. As quoted from Discord,

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the next game Sakurai is working on is a crossover between FE and Smash


    Like, all of the FE characters fight like they're in Smash, but there's an actual story, dialogue and choices like in FE


    Super Smash Bros. Emblem, releasing tomorrow. That's what Nintendo needs to sell 100M Switch units. That one game.


    Saturday, July 29th, 2017. Count on it.


    Can't possibly be a worse idea than The Emoji Movie​ anyway. Well, whatever. It's been a fun time.



  20. While Tobduk is a rather cool looking character in the G1 Bionicle story, one of things that's been bugging my mind is was the releasing of the Visorak by Chirox not just a test of their power, but rather a secret note to eliminate his species. From what we know about Tobduk's species is that they are taller than Toa, can use masks like Toa, but their powers are revolved around emotions. Its a cool concept that we can absorb other peoples' anger or fear to make one stronger, but the Makuta have certain creatures in their army that use some of those powers as well. These are of course the Turahk and Kurahk of the Rahkshi species.


    Imagine just how overpowered Tobduk can be if he were just fighting only Kurahks and the Rahkshi just kept blasting him with anger beams. The guy would be an absolute juggernaut beside the fact that he can still take damage like any other being. If the Makuta were to invade and take over his island (before it became known as Visorak) the inhabitants probably be able to push the Makuta back since they can absorb emotional energy. Tobduck and any other one of his friends who can absorb anger would be able to completely annihilate the army by taking just a few Kurahk blasts. The island would basically be a stronghold for everyone if they were all still alive and had seen Teridax's Brootherhood fully take over the world.


    Remember, the Visorak were created on Tobduk's very island. If Teridax was already scheming during that time line and secretly told Chirox to make them specifically on that island, it would be pretty devious plan indeed. With Tobduk's species out of the way, their be no way for the Matoran Universe to resist as long as it did when Makuta took over. If they were still alive, all of Tobduk's race would've been a valiant ally and great aid to the world in order to defeat Makuta.


    What do you think? Was it just a coincidence or was it all planned out? Leave a comment below

  21. ~Shockwave~
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    So, does anybody play this game on PC? My origins friend list is completely empty, so someone else to play with would be nice.


    It might at least be better than getting ground to dust alone.

  22. outofgloom
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    Chapter 11 of Mask Maker has been posted, and that's all folks! It's a pretty bittersweet ending...not just for the story, but also for myself, since this is actually the largest piece of Bionicle fanfiction I've completed, and it'll likely be the last (for a good long while at least).


    In a sense, this story is an attempt at bringing closure to the somewhat open-ended state in which G1 has remained since 2010, as well as a way of transitioning from G1 into G2 and beyond. That's what it is for me, at least. Thanks to everyone who has read it, and thanks to those who took the time to respond. =)



  23. LEGO enthusiast who appreciates a sound mind and body.

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