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    In the past, before the upgrades and the downtime, reporting things in the blogs was a complicated mess of PMing BlogAlert, linking the content, describing the broken rules, and hoping someone read the BlogAlert account in a timely manner.


    NO MORE!


    The "REPORT" buttons on comments and entries DO WORK. Before the downtine, they did not. Now they do! Hurray!


    So, in short, if you have something to report, click that button, describe the offense, and a blog staff member will receive the report and an automatic link the the offending content. (Please do not use this to report signatures)


    This is much easier on us, on you, the general populace, and also on kittens everywhere.


    -The Blog Staff

  2. Nukaya
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    Where are you now Conner??? Who did you become??? Did you get fed??? Do you still like Bionicle??? Did you ever think when you made that post, it would still be talked about 20 years later??? Did you ever expect someone to make magnets of your post??? :wacko:

    I hope you have a good life!!!

  3. Shirt design is decided. Bad Guys Grill, with white ink on a blue shirt! 
    Files open until Monday 5pm EST. Don’t wait! 

    Only order if you’re going to BrickFair!

    Shirt Preorder!


  4. I have been working on this series for a long, long time. The first game launched in May 2016, just over eight years ago now.

    As we approach the end of the latest arc, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on all the games we have done over the years; all of the characters we have seen, and all of the stories we have told, and - of course - how those stories end. My free time isn't what it used to be (WOW, THAT'S AN ORIGINAL STATEMENT), and the end of every arc always brings with it the possibility that it will also be the end of the series. I considered ending things after Season Two in 2017, I considered ending things after The Final Season in 2019, I considered ending things after Verdant Wind in 2021, and now I'm sitting here in 2024 feeling again like maybe this time it will, truly, be time to let the series rest.

    How many more games or campaigns do I really have left in me to run? Do I have enough worlds left in this universe worth creating? How do they stack up against all of the other hobbies I would like to fill my time with? Running this series has (mostly) been a blast, but it has also taken so much time that could have been dedicated to other things.

    Plus, we have done a lot. There are 24 games in the entire series, and extra material besides - various Tales written by the players or myself that add to the worlds we have created. That is a lot of story. There are games in there that deal with medieval politics, games that deal with religion, games that deal with death and undeath and where vanished things go. We've had a murder mystery and plunged ourselves into cosmic horror. We have traveled the seas in pirate adventures, and sailed the multiverse. We have destroyed worlds, saved them, destroyed them again, saved them again. We have traveled through time on dozens of occasions. The players have fought themselves, the players have fought the undead, the players have fought spirits and gods and horrors beyond reckoning. We did a Halloween Special! We did a Holiday Special! We tried - and kinda succeeded? - in doing a Roguelike! There has been so much art - cover art for games, special artworks for special chapters, fan comics (some canonized), character pieces, emotes, sketches.

    We've done a lot. I mean, just look at the image below.


    Five (or really six) story arcs.

    You have The Long Night in red: Season One, A Clockwork Night, Season Two.

    You have The Great War in black: Season Three, The Odyssey, The Final Season.

    You have The Argo Trilogy in green: The Argonauts, The Apologoi, The Aenid.

    You have Edge of Dawn in blue: Theogony, Twilight Requiem, Azure Moon, Silver Snow, Crimson Flower, Verdant Wind.

    Somewhere in there, you have Glass.

    You have The Many Worlds in purple: The Mysterious Affair at Styles, Epigoni, Into the Argo-Verse, Across the Argo-Verse, and the upcoming final chapter.

    And then the Tales from Atama in orange: AetherGarde, The Abomination!!, Balathumel and the 12 Days of X-Mas.


    I know that I have at least three games left in me. One is the final chapter of The Many Worlds.

    The other two will explore the two possible outcomes of a choice that was made at the end of all good things.

    And I think, if that is where this series ends, I would be satisfied with how it all turned out.

    But who knows?

    After all, I have said this all before.

    There are no games running at the moment. But if you'd like to join our community, you can click this link.

  5. Time for my annual/biannual/quarterly BZP blog entry. This time, you guessed it, it's more of the same old goofy garden pictures. I present, the Bambfarm 2024:





    Probably going to be my last entry about this stuff, since there's only so many way to post pictures of greenery. We've got corn, pumpkins, cucumbers, watermelons, and tomatoes. Exciting stuff.

    I'm also taking care of my sister's old cat. Her whole family is apparently allergic, and I couldn't say no.


    I truly want to blog more, and I know I always say that, but I just really don't have anything interesting to talk about. I'll try and find something. How has your day been?


  6. Hello, I'm planning to run a space-themed Bionicle RPG on Discord, and I'm looking for some additional players.  If you're interested, let me know and I can send you an invite to the Discord server.


    200 years ago, the Spaceship Artakan crashed into the desolate planet of Omega, stranding a population of Agori settlers.  Even worse, when they woke up from their cryo-sleep, a malfunction caused them to suffer amnesia, forgetting their mission and their past.  With no hope of rescue, they struggled to build a new settlement in the narrow Twilight Band, the only habitable zone of the planet.  Currently, their population has grown, but there is unrest between factions of the Agori, and strange earthquakes continue to threaten their new home.  A class of recently graduated students now have a chance to further explore their world, to uncover the mysteries of their past and the strange planet around them.  This is… Fourfold of Fate: Legacy of the Starship Artakan.

    Players will play Agori teenagers, recently graduated and ready to explore and put their talents to use.  Players will have access to different mask powers, pets, and eventually all sorts of new tools and weapons, as they uncover mysteries, solve puzzles, and take part in occasional combat encounters.  There will be four different routes the players can participate in.

    Underwater Exploration: Professor Sufina Blanca has taken an interest in the unexplored ocean beneath the icecap on the Cold Side.  She desires to lead a team with a submersible to explore the depths and search for signs of life.  This will feature Exploration, Puzzle Solving, and Teamwork.

    Underground Adventure: Eccentric technologist Fabarar DeepWood has discovered a radio signal that seems to originate south of the mountains.  He wishes to travel beneath the mountains through the mines of Naxos to discover the source, in addition to scouting for new minerals and energy crystals to mine.  This will feature Vehicular Operations, Technology, and Exploration.

    Investigating the Maze: Esteemed Adventurer Huaju Dolostone wishes to map out a route through the rugged canyons of the Maze to reach the other side of the planet, so they can further explore for more resources.  This will feature Combat, Teamwork, and Diplomacy.

    Conspiracies and Politics: A lower class radical Eztli Aodh is seeking societal change, hoping to unearth conspiracies to turn the public against the ruling Orchids.  She wants to lead a team to the wreckage of the Artakan and dig into the past.  This will feature Politics, Investigation, and Espionage.

    More details can be found in the Intro Game Documentation.  Hope to see you there!



    AKA: Christmas Coming at Misfit Meadows. I’ve really missed it here! In the blogs where I’ve formed a habit of being a happy-bumbling open-dumpster fire about art and my life (I apologize, but on some level, maybe honesty makes others feel better about their own lives?)

    I’m trying and failing at using IG embedding as the new Majhost. So here are IG posts written for this bitty BZP blog here, life from late last year. Copied, linked and screenshotted +copy resized in MS paint with undeniable professionalism. I also tend to infodump in creation batches in moments of extreme illness on IG,  and never proof/reread so my captions later, so these musings here are likely mock-worthy. 

    Excessive pics in IG slides if anybody cares to click. 

    Sorry If I accidentally say something not welcome on BZP/religious content accidentally. I assure all that my mental, as well as physical capacity, is slowly but surely returning....on the last-ditch-doctors-didn’t-help-i’m-dying alternative treatments my mom got. It’s taking so much (non-presciption) just to get my glucose in the acceptable range even with insufficient eating. My doctor is surprised it’s working so well. "Not intended for humans" is a nice suggestion on some stuff. Team farm animals all the way. 5 months since starting. It’s still hours a day of issues (I am a slave to my enraged GI tract) but I’m in observable better health, and all 3-5 people who see/ know I exist can attest to this. My mom even just built me a swingset! So I wheel out there and enjoy as a “workout” now. Such fun! Finally just now seeing ever waitlisted endocrinology. So unexpectedly happy, because they are both local/nonDuke doctors, and male(Duke dude doctors were an extrta-awful experience for me), and are excellent in care/horrified by the overall medical neglect/misdiagnosis years at Duke. So weird, they actually believe instead of blame me. I feel like giving them each this mug:https://www.google.com/search?q=not+the+worst+dr+mug&client=firefox-b-1-m&sca_esv=55574f6ac650f86f&sca_upv=1&udm=2&biw=414&bih=693&sxsrf=ADLYWIJws-gBCbrZ7_aKTEWFo-vmurT-SA%3A1717370162667&ei=Mv1cZuSnKIK2wN4PyPSciAw&oq=not+the+worst+dr+mug&gs_lp=EhNtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1zZXJwIhRub3QgdGhlIHdvcnN0IGRyIG11ZzIIEAAYgAQYogQyCBAAGIAEGKIESI0aUJ8PWM4XcAB4AJABAZgB4gGgAc0FqgEFMS4zLjG4AQPIAQD4AQGYAgSgAugEwgIGEAAYCBgewgIFECEYqwKYAwCIBgGSBwUxLjEuMqAHwQ0&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-serp#vhid=eAf7W0V9Yt-l_M&vssid=mosaic It's great not driving to Duke 3hrs away as I could never travel so far now.

    Hope to one day elaborate, too tired now, haha! But yeah I’m so grateful to be alive right now and nobody expected I would be beyond 2023!



    “"1/4 The Christmas cards! Rushed like never before on the floor! With my paintings done for my mom last year. And two leftover laminated prints of a pup penciled in 2021? In my past posts. Didn’t get to mail any of the deer/moose/elk ones this year, so please attain amnesia if we ever mail you one, dear reader! Thankful my mom has humans to send them to, haha.

    #Card construction times/quantities because recording it fulfills me, the slow Snaily! (per card): 1hr/girls. 1hr/deer. 1hr/dog. Quantity: 26girls, 16deer, 2 dogs. 44hrs/44cards total. Thank you to the floor and clipboards for sponsoring this. I drew the inner “Joy to the World” and bird wreath designs then printed copies and colored in by hand. Finally realized I could print designs on cardstock. Thanks mom for figuring out how to refill our inks!"

    Rosy reds! Birch trees! Nordic nostalgia!The Reindog!










    A drawing of our family friends N&W as a gift for Christmas . 20hrs, 5x7 on a clipboard, consciousness not at 100%! Thanks to mom for attaining a frame! Pencil, mech pencil, watercolor paper.



    Drew this on the week in Fall I was 100% sure I was going to die from the chronic hours of GI fluid loss+hyperglycemia and overdosed on my Plaquenil trying to survive. It reduced severity/time by 50% and I gave thanks for this bonus time. I have never felt…known I was dying so clearly in any other such time of illness. 


    Ornament Upcycling Extravaganza: ‘Xmas at Misfit Meadows. Christmas!The so longed for first real family Christmas in the new old home, fully renovated! Going to preface this with: We choose not to use a Christmas tree, so these are designed for shelves and misc. hangings. Was going for gingerbread theme. Most paint matches our home and was left from my 2022 renovations Unsure how to post all this discombobulated content, sorry for excess poorly edited photos and posts incoming of me trying, haha! This may take me multiple days or weeks, so sorry for bother in the feed. Perhaps a photo video would be more appropriate? In October I got very excited and blasted Christmas music, decided to undertake doing a “Real Christmas” this year in our new 101 yr old family home! Because 2023 was the year of “home/life setup/seasonal decor totes/wow normal moms have these things but mine never could”. So I started planning the holiday decor designs and working away on turning our old ornaments and junk in our Christmas trunk into things matching and new in her her honor( Made with more love than skill or supply!). I did a lot of ornament painting via the floor and a wooden trolley wagon while coping with aftermath of eating, haha. Broke myself physically but jolly grateful for projects so fulfilling!







    The evolving by 1 exhausted elf with unhealthy enthusiasm! (And leftover paint from home Reno). I Pinterest planned and plotted colors, but didn’t finish ¾ what I hoped! Next year! First real Family Christmas fest together here! Went fully Buddy the Elf in the office on our raggedy remaining trunk trinkets. I cannot remember a time without these decorations, a scrappy discombobulation ( feel bad for mom, oh my goodness, what a mess). Was going for cohesive muted #vintage multi-color theme and lots of gingerbread joy. I sadly didn’t get to do the stockings sketched this season, but soon! I was cripple-cart dolly-trolleying these projects mid medical episode like a merry madman, haha. My plans and scheme.”





    “A snoopy from my childhood valentines candy box. PugBrother got into my room and gorged on all my candy that year, poor pup Snoop put up his best fight but got permanent war wounds (bites). Dipped in chalk paint and gingerbread detailed the Valentine’s veteran + my felt-plus-paper tree dipped in kitchen paint. Wire and pearl swirl.”



    “My cotton Didn’t-work-drafting-tester deer got adopted by me, Mother of the Misfit Manefesto, hohoho! Sewn at last closed, antlers on and hand painted.”



    “My lil dino dude, Rodney! Heavy hard plastic? fellow originally orange. Dipped in dilute kitchen paint + detailed. His tiny toes and teeth delight me.”


    “Detailed the dreary-themed Duck Hunter to hopefully be more friendly. That ducky is his dog BTW, not dinner anymore! All nobs and swirls restyled in German-Christmas ideals . My grandma’s handmade/molded in kiln ceramic squirrel. Recolored. Art fixative to seal all these.”



    “My grandma’s handmade/molded in kiln ceramics repainted. To look like our late petite PugBrother, spike-but in gingerbread form!. Parking lot pup. 2009?-2022. Grumpy lil grandpa dog, if I’m honest with you, haha! Miss him. This one had Googly eyes and a Georgia Bulldogs white design prior. My mom and I cringe at sporting themes-as per they were valued and completely prioritized over family, sadly. So grateful not to be terrified/hide during crazed screaming at the TV, and someone for- snack steamrolling me, haha.”


    “Failed at fabric-from-pants-paper- mache-sleigh, so Strips of faux suede wrapped instead! Faux fur and thick padded fleece lining handsewn on top with leather thread. Hands only mildly bled, haha. Stevia got temporary holder from that scrappy saucer too. , haha. I saved the white sleigh tinsel from it for the winter-wonderland room decor. This was a sleigh my exdad got me in the hospital in Xmas 2017. Looking back, the weirdest part of those 3 months impatient was that he never once called. I didn’t even notice this until last year though, thankfully, haha.”



    Recovering the cone head comrads. Fabric, twine and Elmer’s glue


    I’ve always adored the #vintage bunny bride and groom my parents were gifted by a neighbor. So I sanded off the recorded date of one of the worst mistakes made in bunny history and repainted their outfits a bit! Now a very hoppy couple. And repaint of a so-tiny wooden Angel from my grandma’s home.



    2013 was a decade ago?! Baby-bear tones from former loud reds for this favorite forest fellow. And stocking stuffer sewn bun from before.


    Repainted metal orn’ with gingy good fellow on both sides +ikea pine cone-comrads thanks to the free forestry supplies found here. That glorious art is the back-a leftover mistake order print of a 2019 painting I crammed into a broken feather frame for filler, haha. Gingerbread color crochet garland because supplies were at-hand.



    My ugly-to-me stocking stuffer gingy make from childhood. I temp sewed more decor matching details on his back, mild Halloween attack! And my scary skewered kidmade Marshfellow in the fake felt fireplace. #twofaced #donttrusthim


    Also Plastic Eiffel and gingerbread deer my bro got proabably 20 years ago?. And some random progress/before photos? 



    Matching accents on Sir Nuttingham. Blue dipped train in the leftover front door paint (appropriate as tint name was “night train”). My bro’s baby-made craft bear got bows, love, care and a fresh painted axe to swing in the air!


    Repainted the lost/broken advent calendar mini orn’s to adorn a twine string for our mirror, will post pictures of decor in home later. Gingerbreads dancing through my head! All this brown is outdoor paint for the windows of the house!


    Gingerbread engine!


    Gingerbread homey all paintbrush baked up.



    Gingerbread engines again!



    Just again Gingerbread jazzed up.




    Blue blobs, and lots of dots on these dudes. Don’t understand how they survived the wild 2022 U-haul ride! For the sunroom Hummel shelf. Tan details and happy handmade bears. Mr Moosekins returns again, this time having swiped late seizure-Santa’s hat, haha.

    The plaid sheet set from aunt Jane became the living room decorations, haha! I am basically a bumbling bird harvesting misc things to make nest messes from!



    Dipped the grungy glitter flakes + a few randoms into my DIY mix chalk chair paints. Actually worked, a grateful goof I am over it! Gold beads from grandmother’s bead box.

    Twine twirls over the former feather bird balls, thanks to mom (twine tool store goodies!) attached with wood glue and pins. Laminated cardstock icesicles.

    Ruffle is from a fitted sheet I cut up. Crochet chain snows. Laminated Star garlands. Feathers from church wing making in 2019?


    This doesn’t really count, but decor haha.) When I first started self-taught patternmaking sewing as a wee one, all I knew how to do was plushies so plagued my family with all these each year, haha. First time it occurred to me to use them as decor! Little leather bits and scarves to match decor.


    Entry mirror decor! Dot det’s and reinforcing backs on my 2017 leather reindeer. The advent gingy repaints as garland and impromptu pony bead string from grandmothers’ bead box . Enthroned in a wreath base made in September ‘23 from vines mom chopped down for me! And crochet chains. Socks are my brother’s, a gift from our honorary granny. ❤️

    https://www.instagram.com/p/C3M0-l5udTE/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link&igsh=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==Rocking horse adorned on every angle.


    Gingerbread engines, cookie version


    Restyled the bulgy-eyed “Bean” deer to be more serene. Enthroned in a wreath base made in September ‘23 from vines mom chopped down for me! Ribbon from grandma gift once because we don’t waste anything, hahaha. Knit Star by Mom. Crochet tiny chains for color by me.




    That’s all of the ornament-extravaganza, I have more Xmas decor/november/december making content I’ll cram into a later blog, hopefully! But yeah that’s where I was in November. On the bathroom floor for hours on end trying to stay alive. Painting ornaments like my life depended on it, haha. Grateful!

    Virtual hugs to all, thanks to the few who still inhabit this bit of internet, I’ve quite missed it around here! Hope you had a great last year!

  8. For the past few weeks, I've been revisiting the oldest fanfiction of mine still on BZPower. It's something that I always imagined I would do. Maybe it's some kind of compulsion, but I'm kind of obsessed with going back and constantly revising my own work.

    I joined this site in 2007 and for me the "Golden Age" was from that time to the Dataclysm. Losing all the fanfictions I had written before that point really felt like the burning of the Library of Alexandria to me. I remember it as having been a vast corpus of work (though, when I look back at the fragments I could find on the Wayback Machine, the chapters are a LOT shorter than I remember, so maybe it's only in my childish memory that I wrote pages of pages of captivating stories).

    When BZPower came back online, it felt like something of a resurrection to me. I thought to myself that maybe it was good to purge myself of the old so that I could stretch my wings as an older, wiser author. Looking back at what I wrote as an "older, wiser author," I realize just how cringy and unrefined my style really was.

    It makes me stop and wonder, are my current writings that bad? I've spent the past 14 years writing things with the long-term goal of eventually being published professionally, and it scares me to think all of it, no matter how good it feels when I write it, I will look back on as immature juvenalia.

    It's also hard to think about how the "Golden Age" of BZPower really only lasted for two or three years for me. The forum came back more than ten years ago, yet it still feels like "new" BZPower for me and my default impulse is that I am still getting used to it.

    Anyway, pay no mind to my existential crisis.

  9. So my 12-year-old recently read through all the comics I made on here back when I was ... what, 16? My main reason for being on BZPower for quite a while. 


    It was a surreal moment, and sort of embarrassing... 😅 but hey, the half-or-so of them that he understood, he thought was funny - so I guess the comedy works for that age.

    Here's to feeling old and decrepit, but also sort of cool.

  10. Distorted
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    look at that, there's no delete button for blog entries that you only uploaded to see if your blog still works

    guess this one is staying up

    oopsa doopsa

  11. I was recently reminded that blogs exist, so I figured that this was as good a place as any to post the first official teaser for an upcoming project that will be releasing later this year.


    Deep down, everyone’s afraid of the dark.

    It’s a powerful, primal thing, an instinct born long before any of us were created. In the dark, anything could be waiting.

    A ravenous rahi, a roving Rahkshi, Karzahni or Irnakk or Tren Krom or any one of the other nightmares of legend.

    But now we know there’s nothing waiting for us in the dark.

    Nothing at all.

    And somehow, that makes it even more frightening.


    In this alternate reality take on the Bionicle story, the Great Spirit Robot was mysteriously shut down shortly after Teridax took over. In the wake of this second Great Cataclysm, lightstones and heatstones begin to dim and die throughout the universe, dooming its denizens to a dark, cold demise.

    Metru Nui – with lifegiving light still seeping through the sun holes overhead, and its cold streets heated by the fires of the Great Furnace – becomes the last bastion for the Matoran species. But when the city’s Toa depart to rescue Matoran still trapped out in the dark of the dying universe, they leave the populace vulnerable to the machinations of an unexpected enemy, and return to a city they no longer recognise…

    Work on Embers began in August of 2022. During that time, I was writing for my Farewell To Corpus Rahkshi collaboration, which put me in a nostalgic, inspired frame of mind, motivating me to finally act on some story concepts I’d been toying with for a long time.

    Embers was originally envisioned as a trilogy of three “books” that I expected to be ready for release sometime in 2023, but the story ballooned massively in size and scope as I began work on it, expanding to six instalments instead. Due to my nasty habit of starting projects, getting overwhelmed, and not finishing them, I was determined to fully complete a first draft before I began posting anything. I felt that being able to go back and revise the story as a whole would also allow for a more cohesive and consistent narrative overall. As I post this teaser, I’m finishing off the first draft of Book 6. While I’ll still need to carry out a few editing passes (and probably completely rewrite some parts I rushed through), I’ll absolutely be in a position to begin posting chapters sometime later this year.

    This is by the far the biggest project I’ve attempted and actually followed through on, and I’ve already got ideas for a possible sequel trilogy if the story is well-received. Keep an eye out on the Epics forum for the official release in the coming months.

  12. And/or the usual "hey world! I'm still alive!" post :happy:

    So where have I been?
    Mostly busy with life, and finally with a stable internet connection at my PC so expect some more activity from me, I guess. Occasionally, anyway.

    Other than that, I missed this place, a lot. And can't help but get nostalgic about the old times of lots of daily activity. Regular display name changes, especially around April 1st (my, what a coincidence) or with whatever tiny trend floated by. (On a side note, I'm delighted to see that the old emoticons are still around. Love these :biggrin:)

    Hope you're all doing well! I'll see you around. ^^

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  13. I am not, and never will be ashamed of the cake puns in this blog entry title.

    Anyways, it's been fun to look at milestones from the past 5-6 years of my baked goods journey. Please enjoy (vicariously) snapshots of gloopy sadness and glutenous glow-ups. 


    My ego insists that I tell you about my natural dis-inclination toward exact measurements and the science-y part of baking (which is why I historically have had more success with cooking). But sharing sweet food with friends and family over the years has been a good motivator to improve, and there's nothing like a sporadic BZP blog post to share the progress :)


    2018, for a sibling's birthday. This was back when I didn't know (or care) about pan sizes or icing consistency. My mindset was "It's sugar, flour, and more sugar. How bad can it be?" To be fair, it (probably) tasted good. I'm pretty sure we ate all of it, eventually. 😅


    2019, for the same sibling's birthday. I had the vision, obviously not the execution. To be fair, it was a very hot summer that year, and I think this was my first attempt at homemade icing? But, yeah. ooof. 

    To be fair! It was eaten and did not go to waste! 




    2020, this sibling is very spoiled, and finally had a cake from big sister that stood up on its own!! Progress never tasted so good! (probably, I don't actually remember at this point what flavor this was)



    2021, Valentine's brownie/cake. This is when I decided to care about form factor and presentation more. Boxed brownie mix and store-bought icing all around - two modern marvels that I will never cease to love. 




    2022! This is the year I stepped it up because suddenly there were in-laws to impress! Lemon raspberry cake, got my whole baking pan situation sorted and took homemade icing seriously. I've found the YouTube channels Binging with Babish and Preppy Kitchen to be the most helpful (educational, practical, and instructional), and you can probably tell! 

    But also, I found that I had more free time on the weekends with a job change. Moving from a physical warehouse job to a sedentary office job during this year was interesting - when I had a physical job, my hobbies outside of work were much more internal and sedentary. I got a lot of reading and writing done in these time period. When I changed to an office/teaching job, my hobbies almost immediately changed back to tactile and physical (knitting, cooking, baking, hiking). Funny how balance just kind of happens sometimes. 

    Pies, scones, muffins, cupcakes, and a few other desserts were also explored in this year. In a slightly broader scope, we also tried some fun international dishes at home, like pupusas, baozi, and spring rolls! 



    2023 cakes, and many other baking ventures happened this past year. Here are some of the highlights. It also helps that I changed jobs and had an office to share these baked goods with (as opposed to the old warehouse gig).

    Apple Butter Maple cakes, from Preppy Kitchen. I actually broke a crock pot trying to make apple butter from scratch for the filling 😱

    The small cake on the right is gluten and dairy free, and underneath the passable icing, was a DISASTER. Still learning the intricacies of the GF/DF world for the sister-in-law. Thankfully there are many box mix options now!!



    Pink brownie cakes for niece's birthday. Had some fun with icing piping bags and nozzles, but have yet to actually get into decorating (may not actually happen. There's still that primal battle between "make it look nice" vs "it's all going to the same place", so there's a limit to my dithering. 



    Christmas Babkas! Technically not cakes, but after many attempts at sourdough that were meh at best, babka sounded like sufficient, sweet, and swirly compromise for a dough-based challenge.






    2024 has yet to see large-scale baking productions - just some congratulatory oreo cupcakes to welcome a new nephew, and a batch of Hong Kong egg tarts that were a funky texture 😝.



    Anyways, that's a slice of my life recently (wink!) and I'm always excited to hear suggestions, tips, or other tales!



  14. I don't know how anyone would know this, but I adore and collect stuffed animals and have for as long as I can remember.

    Stuffed Animal Collection 1

    Might as well start with the OGs.  Left-to-right: Gram Paul "Uncle Grandpa" Penguin, everyone's favorite old man who's gotten up in years and now needs a wheelchair.   His son Fat Penguin (named long ago in a different time and place) who's probably the favorite animal I own.  He's got a wife and five kids, but we don't need to talk about them right now.  Glacier the walking ticking time bomb who likes to throw is little brother.  Said little brother Iceberg who's a kleptomaniac and who only has one foot, but everyone swears he lost before his brother threw him.  And finally their Italian cousin Gelato who's catchphrase is, "You guys are mean!"  He gets to say it a lot around this lot.

    Stuffed Animal Collection 2

    A small sample of all my bears, the largest species in my collection.  Rapid fire family left-to-right:

    Germania Kirk: got his name from when me and my sister played "Star Trek", but afterwards we couldn't stop calling him Kirk.  Is a preacher and married to...

    Maple: The Canadian bear.

    Dimples: their son who was the first bear baby in the world and is now a doctor.  Everyone used to call him baby boy because he was the first.

    Erin Erwin: the Irish ice cream man.

    Millennium: Erin's wife and the undisputed best chef in the land.

    Nikki: their daughter and now married to Dimples, hence...

    Baby Boy: Dimples and Nikki's son who has his dad's old nickname.  His catchphrase is "Ta da", which he is also sometimes called.

    Not shown are the two Erwin family boys, Cuddly and Winnie.  They moved away awhile ago and are living their best single life with their friend Curly.

    Spangle and Brittany: I think I forgot their last name.  Spangle used to be a superhero (Spangle Boy!), but now I think he just sits in his pajamas all day.

    Caramel: their third kid and former cheerleader.  Somehow fell in life with...

    Sweeter: a gingerbread man and baker who can never match Millennium.

    Lindy "Lucky Lindy": their daughter who's actually a clone of her mother because you know bears and cookies can't.  Anyway, she's a bit of a trouble maker.

    Stuffed Animal Collection 3

    For whatever reason, most of my and my sisters' stuffed animal collections consisted of bears and penguin to the point that are few other animals were given the kind of offensive term "nonie" (NON-ee).  Either way, the nonies' lot has improved over the years and Punxsutawney Phil has been the mayor for eight years or more.  His chief advisor is his cousin Phil (the one without the hat) and together they wisely govern the town's treasury (the chests).  The big monkey is their bodyguard Lazlo Khan and his little monkey son Bongo.  The hedgehog is Lothario (that means "the lover") advisor/jester.  The green thing is a recent gift from my sister that I don't know what to do with so I let him hang in the executive suite. 
    Also, Meltdown isn't there to hold the flag for them or anything he's just also on my desk and photobombed them.

    Stuffed Animal Collection 4

    More recent additions now that I love referencing things.  Left-to-right (back row), Pabu the red panda, Greywind the dire wolf, Bosco the black bear, Gojira the spinosaurus, and 51 the alien.  (Front row) Bruce the shark, Lottie the axolotl and her son Verde. 

    I've just realized that my love for writing might have started with the stories and backgrounds I created around all these animals.  Either way, this is a small sample of my collection, I probably have a hundred more, but what I really want to do is create some kind of archive of all of them with their names and histories to make sure I'll never forget.  Will I find time?  No idea, but this is a start I guess.



  15. 53529712370_b619e7de33.jpg

    As the cold curses the land
    She persists

    For every winter that comes

    There is a spring that follows

    No chill has taken her

    None will

    For she is evergreen

    More on Insta

  16. Akaku: Master of Flight
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    Slinky through this linky on over to the comics forum to have a peak!

    More to come maybe? Possibly? Who knows! The inner machinations of my mind are an engima. If I do continue it, I'm thinking of maybe having permanent guest stars positions, just for ol' times sake.


    --Akaku: Master of Flight

  17. Canama
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    I just got accepted into graduate school. My dream program. I feel excited, and I also feel guilty for feeling excited because I'm also still mourning. None of this makes sense.

  18. Welp, time to reflect publicly on BZP. I always like doing that. This year, I'll be trying something a little different and I'll actually be typing this up while reading my private thoughts from my journal I wrote throughout the year.

    Starting with something that was a theme throughout the whole year: In December of 2022, as part of a musical Secret Santa exchange, I received the song Where Are You Now by Danny L. Harle. From there, I listened to the rest of the Harlecore album, and then discovered the whole musical world revolving around the PC Music label/collective. I realized I already recognized a lot of the names from the 100 gecs remix album. This really is my kind of music. I found so many songs I loved, but one artist stood out from among the rest: GFOTY. She's quickly become one of my all time favorites and over the course of the year, I've listened to her entire discography. Unfortunately, PC Music announced that they're ending new releases on the label with the end of the year, so I'm listening to some of their stuff on the last day, even as I write this. It was a great ride, even if I only caught the tail end of it. Oh, and going back to the gecs, seeing them live was the other big musical moment for me this year. Their new album was great too.

    As I mentioned in my last entry, I finished college, moved out on my own, and got a job. I feel a lot more independent now. With that, I've been doing a lot more cleaning and organizing this year for a variety of reasons. I've also had more time for my hobbies though, getting a lot more lego building done and integrating myself into a local lug.

    I got dental implants put in at the beginning of the year. Something I had forgotten about was that this prevented me from eating my favorite food for a month. I'm actually just now getting scheduled to have the crowns put on the implants. I'm honestly tired of all this stuff going on with my teeth. I'm so ready to be done with it.

    Something I'm noticing is I was able to become much more social and confident over the course of the year. I even went out on a few dates! Nothing that led anywhere serious, but I'm very proud myself for handling it in a way that felt very natural. Ironically, I'm also much more comfortable being alone now than when I was in college. I think there's something about being surrounded by people that actually makes you feel more lonely sometimes.

    I've started playing more seriously in @Voltex's BZPGOT games this year. I've only recently started getting caught up on all the previous story there, but before I started that, I decided to read/reread all canon Bionicle story material. This, combined, with another event I'll mention later, means I did a lot more reading than has become normal for me this year. Next year I'm hoping to get caught up on the BZPGOT write ups, maybe read some other Bionicle fanfic ( @Pahrak Model ZX?) , but especially start reading some non-bionicle books aimed at adults haha.

    Brickfair was great as I also mentioned in the last entry!

    There was one thing about Brickfair I didn't mention though. At one point during the con, I got a call from my father. He met up with my cousin. I hadn't seen her in 7 years, and we hadn't been able to spend quality time with each other in even longer. He wouldn't tell me what was going on until I got back and spoke with him in person. It wasn't instantaneous for us to reconnect, but we did it. Both of us were worried the other might have somehow become a completely different person in the interim, but we get along so well. We were able to have phone calls, texts, and finally meet up in person for Thanksgiving. This has made me happier than anything else really, and I think it's been so good for both of us to have the other back in our life. I've always looked up to her, we have a lot of fond memories together, and now we're making new ones. She's someone I feel like I can talk to like no one else, and she always has such interesting things to say.

    So that's obviously not everything, but that's the biggest stuff. Thank you to each of you who have had even some small part in making my year so good! And a happy new year to you all! I know I already have some good things planned for it.

  19. Meant to stop by earlier this month for quick drop-in. I can't believe it's been 20 years since I first found this site. I rarely visit anymore, but I'm still alive and kickin', though I'm more active on other social sites.

    The world has changed and so have I. Within the past decade, I got married and now have a kid.

    So anyway, see you around. I may not visit much, but I haven't forgotten this place.

    (C)1984-2023 Toaraga EAM 

  20. So, i'm not sure what to put here anymore (spoilers: it won't be another movie review) but i may as well talk about some things

    I'm Trans! (She/Her/Hers) It took me a few years to recognize it, but now i feel a lot happier than i used to- I feel like i'm the real me, for the first time in years.

    I had been talking with my friends for a while and they helped me realize who i am, and i couldn't have done it without them.

    i do intend to start HRT but the UK is pretty awful for this kind of thing lol, so i'm most likely gonna be waiting 5 years or so to just join the waiting list.

    Until then, i've been thinking of posting some more things here, getting the use of my BZP account yknow? I have a lot of Mocs i've yet to share with you all (i dare say my skills have improved a bit since i last frequented these boards) and i look forward to interacting with you all once more!


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    Checking out the new Masks of Power trailer made me really nostalgic for my old BZP days. I really miss the huge community we used to have. I always say I'd like to come back into the fold, but I haven't committed yet. Bionicle has always had a special place in my heart though. Not to be dramatic but I feel like it really shaped part of who I am. After everything that's happened to me, through life and work and new relationships and long gone relationships and the discovery of my true identity, I am still a Toa warrior 💙💗🤍💗💙

  22. Recently I managed to find someone selling the Bionicle Quest for Makuta board game online. It was in pretty good condition. An excellent addition to my collection.

    I also picked up a few other board games. Just something to do with the kids I work with. One of the games was Monopoly. What did I find inside the box?

    A single Cordak bullet.

    The evidence speaks for itself. Family game night turned violent, the Toa Mahri intervened, and there were no survivors. 😔

    Open and shut case.

    Bake him away, toys.

  23. Hey, all! I'm still alive and kicking! I hope you are all doing well as I know it's been a long time since my last visit.

    Life has been uh... or I guess continued to be crazy? But things are mostly pretty good right now, there is still a lot that could be better but I'm still here and trying to move forward. My last entry was 2019... so a lot has happened. I'm back in my house thankfully. It's not perfect but it's livable so that's a good thing. Housing was questionable for awhile from hotel to RV to another rental. I'm a manager at a pharmacy so that's unexpected and I guess interesting. On April 4, 2021 my father passed away so that's been tough especially as we just passed the two year anniversary of that so Tuesday was a hard day. But I met more new friends and people I care about and twoish weeks ago we hung out for the first time and that was some fun that I found was sorely needed as I haven't done something like that in a long time.

    There have been ups and downs as that's life.

    Lately though I've been streaming on Twitch! I've recently become a Twitch Affiliate and early in the year streamed some Lego Building.

    And on Saturday I am going to be building a few sets on stream at 1pm ET!

    We're building:

    40581 BIONICLE Tahu and Taku
    40516 Everyone is Awesome
    ... And a couple more but one of them is unofficial... but for Bionicle fans of 2004 should be very familiar.

    There is a whole tweet that announces it and hints at it right here.

    I also plan to giveaway a few small sets I have during the stream. (It's nothing too huge but it's still free Lego.)

    I also stream video games with a lot of friends. So if you like that kind of thing feel free to check it out.

    If you feel like joining the Lego stream will be at 1pm over on my Twitch channel!

    And I'll try not to be a stranger.

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