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3:36 AM - 7/4/14: Skull spiders are real?

Posted by Makuta of Metru Nui in Two, Four, One, Ten., Jul 04 2015 · 5 views

So here I am, sitting at my desk playing some late night games, and suddenly scampering across the wall is none other than the true lord of the skull spiders.

Guy nearly gave me a heart attack.

It's time to claim my golden mask and become the master of..RAID, I guess?


Skull Bonkles

Posted by I AM SPLEL CHEPMSDIN in enamebl lipog, Jul 03 2015 · 49 views

Now that the Skull Skeletons are available in some areas, here's some questions. Yes, questions. The things that people ask people, that you give a response to, if you've forgotten what a question is.
  • Disregarding Skull Grinder who everyone loves, which of the Skull Skeletons do you currently like the most?
  • Disregarding Skull Scorpio who everyone hates, which of the Skull Skeletons do you currently dislike the most?
  • Which of the Skull Skeletons makes the best use of the new boney bone piece?
  • Which of the Skull Skeletons makes the best use of the new shell add-on piece?
  • Which of the Skull Skeletons makes the worst use of the new boney bone piece?
  • If next year's sets were to be leaked and had the following names, how likely would it be that you'd believe them:

70796 Takanuva - Master of Light £12.99

70797 Ekimu - Master of Creation £14.99

70798 Tahu - Master of the Masters £14.99

70799 Fushuro - Master of Time £12.99

70800 Queen of Bug Crawlers £14.99

70801 TBA [Price TBA]

70802 Kulta - Lord of Skulls £12.99

70803 Servant of Light £9.99

70804 Servant of Creation £9.99

70805 Servant of Time £9.99

70806 Servant of Spiders £9.99

70807 Servant of Bug Crawlers £9.99

70808 Servant of Skulls £9.99

70809 Bug Breaker £12.99

70810 Bug Burner £12.99

70811 Bug Biter £12.99

70812 Bug Scorpio £12.99

70812 Mask Destroyer and Bug Flyer £24,99

70813 Mask Maker vs Bug Stinger £24.99

7. Which Skull Skeleton makes the best use of its transparent colour(s)?












Posted by Decapixaetion in You Know, I Think Blues Are Stupid., Jul 03 2015 · 52 views





Elder Scrolls Online

Posted by Jordboy1 in Jordblog1, Jul 03 2015 · 31 views
ESO, Xbox One, MMO, Disco, Coats

Sooooo all I've been playing since it's console release is Elder Scrolls Online for the Xbox One. I have characters in the Aldmeri Dominion and the Ebonheart Pact. I prefer the latter, but if anyone wants to play I'm pretty much on every night after 8! Also wouldn't complain if anyone wanted to help me become a werewolf ;p

Come explore Tamriel with me! Oh, and also remember that disco is in this year!

-Jordboy1 :miru:


This Kinda-Hiatusy-Thing

Posted by Lewa0111 Nuva in Of Bionicle, Comedy, and Assorted Other Things, Jul 03 2015 · 31 views
lewa0111, comedies, hiatus and 2 more...

Hi everyone, quick update on where I've been for the past few months.

Still trying to work out a solution to the comedy-posting problem, with...no results, unfortunately. If there are any of you who know anything about BBcode who might want to help me, I'd really appreciate it! With that said, though, I haven't stopped writing and indeed have been working on new chapters of TNI and Hack Wars from time-to-time during this hiatus. Whenever this gets fixed, I'll be able to post a bunch one after another. Still wish I could share it all with you now, though!

The Holiday Series stuff I've written for St. Patrick's Day, April Fools, Easter, and the Fourth of July will probably end up just being used for next year's entries, though. Don't want to release things too far out-of-season, and at this point, who knows when I'll fix this issue!?!?

Pohatu: By the way, I--

:glare: Don't use that joke! Anyway, so sorry for being gone forever and I hope I can get back to making you all laugh again soon.

:mirunu: Lewa0111 Nuva :mirunu:


I Found an Online Mermaid Doll Creator And

Posted by Makaru in Just Ask Albert Einstein, Jul 02 2015 · 80 views

Posted Image

Okay so she isn't exactly like Siren, but she's a fairly close approximation of her.


More Concept Art from the Bionicle Movies!

Posted by Crunchyn in Not Sure if Cereal, Jul 02 2015 · 74 views
miramax, concept art

I was just watching the Behind-the-Scenes segment for Mask of Light when on a whim, I decided to go look up Michael Rose who was listed as art director in the segment.

It turns out, he has a portfolio with visual development from the movies.


Some fascinating tidbits in there. I guess after WoS, one direction they were going with was that Makuta was in control of the Visorak horde?

Also going back to my list of artists who worked on Bionicle and Stephen Lewis had way more orthographics/maps that he did for TLR


Today is Just Too Hot

Posted by xccj in Team J.A.F., Jul 01 2015 · 87 views

I'll just preface this in saying that I have no heat tolerance.

So, I spent all of last summer in an apartment with no Air Conditioning and it was terrible. I decided to get ahead of the curve and got an (expensive) portable AC unit a few months ago. But its loud and is constantly filling up with water that needs to be changed every 40 minutes when its on, but as needy as it was, it did provide cool air for a bit.

But it's been in the upper 90s here this week, and then the bloody interior fan decided to break, causing it to make a really irksome high pitch whine while running. So, yeah, not working. I am not very pleased with this at all, and it is still way too hot out. Man, summers suck. At least I can take comfort is knowing that I have full AC at work... yay.

Also, I guess a lot of people liked my last review of Skull SLICAHR! But apparently I also upset a bunch of other people, to the point where a few are asking me to never review anything again. So, YAY, I upset Youtube Trolls!! But there are still some out there, so I will continue to post sub quality reviews until I hath angered every last one of em. Muhahaha.

Curse the heat.




Posted by Lucina in If Infinite, Jul 01 2015 · 102 views



Posted Image

A new epic launches tonight - if I can time it correctly, it will release at 9pm EST. The choices that readers make will decide how the plot unfolds in this story, determining the fates of the characters and shaping the world.

It's (currently) a smaller project than, say, Extermination, but that will hopefully allow for me to keep updates somewhat timely. The reader-choices will also help to keep it unpredictable for me, so it will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

I hope you'll all enjoy it.


"This is the Will you sought to defy."

Posted by Pahrak #0579 in Something stupid, Jul 01 2015 · 65 views

In Our Bones, The Final Break, is live!

(And it is now more apparent than ever how far off from canon this story is.)

Every Skull Villain is here for at least a little while, though the two “timeless spirits” are more like cameos; it shows a culmination of the Skull Grinder’s efforts to achieve immortality, as well as a clash of the differing opinions that have been brewing amongst the Generals. Because this is a prequel, and also because of the name I chose for Skull Grinder, you can probably guess how this ends up. But, speaking of the ending, it brings in something that may seem a little strange right now, but I will explain more in future Okoto 579 stories; I hope the mystery intrigues you! After that we jump to the present, and I admit that section might seem a little choppy if you didn’t read the final scene of Mask Makers, so I apologize in advance.

With Bones complete, there’s still one more story I want to write for my adaptation of 2015. With this next story I hope to briefly summarize the Masters’ journey, and then tie Mask Makers and Bones together with a battle inspired by a certain summer set. I don’t know what 2016 will give me to adapt (I am brainstorming off those probably false rumors though), but I have a good, open place to lead this next story, and some ideas for an overall myth arc that can be adjusted as needed.

Please look forward to The Failure’s Claim, coming to BZPower in late 2015!


Summer Bionicle Endeavors

Posted by Nescent in Nervous Place, Jun 30 2015 · 75 views

The Summer wave is firing up and I'm really hyped. As of right now I won't be able to afford the Skull baddies, but I'll definitely buy Basher as soon as he hits the shelves, and hopefully the others before too long. I want to do a "Wildlife of the Ancient City" project, like a "Wildlife of Okoto 2.0:" Combiners for the Skull villains. Probably a lot of skeletal, undead Rahi to fit the wave's theme. Who knows what creepy wildlife has been developing in the spooky, abandoned city?

I also made a complete set of mask racks: One for the Protectors' masks, one for the gold masks, one for the corrupted masks & the gold Skull Spider mask & the MoCr (hopefully the MoCr will fit), and a small one for the Hero Pack's MoF and the Comic Con MoF (which I still don't own :(). I'll probably share all that in BBC when I have some of the corrupted masks to display.

I wonder when the new sets will be available in the US...time to start selling some G1 sets to afford the G2 sets. Out with the old, in with the new.


[Over, archive up] Fire Emblem stream tonight

Posted by GSR in Defendant Lobby no. 42, Jun 30 2015 · 117 views
fire emblem, personal

Just a quick reminder: I'm aiming to stream Fire Emblem Fates at about 7 PM PDT tonight (so 7 hours from now.) We'll see how many folks show up - if only one or two people can make it (or it's a no-show) I'll probably just stream my own playthrough; if a decent number of people make it we'll try and start a new game together.

Channel's over this-away; I'll bump this blog entry when it's live.

Update: Live now! Stop on by if you're interested.

Update 2: It's over now! Archive is available here. Unfortunately Twitch doesn't record the chat, so - when you see big pauses that was me translating stuff. We wound up going with Hoshido, so next time I stream I'll continue from there. Also, you can see a translation of the support convo at the end here.


A Canadian in Australia

Posted by SPIRIT in SPIRIT's Blog, Jun 30 2015 · 88 views

So today marks 365 days of me living in Australia (in addition to it being Canada Day) and it's certainly been an interesting year for me. In this entry, I will talk about my average interaction when meeting an Australian for the first time.

When Australians hear me speak, it doesn't take long for them to realize that something is awry. The more tentative Australians will ask where I'm from, but the bolder ones will flat out guess, which I always find much more interesting. To some Australians, I apparently sound either Irish or English, but those with better hearing can easily detect my North Americanness.

And when they do, you can see the internal struggle on their face as they try to guess whether I'm American or Canadian. Ultimately, it's a fruitless exercise since urban middle class Americans (for the most part) sound just like urban middle class Canadians. Anyway, once they've gotten this far down the conversation, the Australian must make a choice: is he Canadian or American? It normally goes like this.

"Are you American?"
"No, I'm Canadian."
"Oh no, I'm so sorry."


"Are you Canadian?"
"Oh, thank goodness. I wanted to say American, but I didn't want to offend you."

So yeah. Australians love Canadians and think calling us Americans is the worst insult ever. Clearly they are not aware of our reputation for politeness and easygoingness.

:flagcanada: :flagaus:
Oh good, they have both of these emoticons.


Umm. Lot of Stuff. Interesting Title. Woah. - June Haul

Posted by Ektris in Bleeding Blue, Jun 30 2015 · 78 views
Transformers, Nintendo, Figuarts and 1 more...

Posted Image
  • Transformers Combiner Wars Hot Spot
  • Nintendo Amiibo Jigglypuff
  • Nintendo Amiibo Ness
  • Nintendo Amiibo Greninja
  • S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Raia
  • S.H. Figuarts Mashin Chaser (w/first run bonus Midnight Shadow tire)
  • Transformers Combiner Wars Groove
  • Transformers Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus
  • S.H. Figuarts Shinkocchou Seihou Kamen Rider Kuuga
  • S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Ryugen Yomi Yomotsuheguri Arms
  • S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Mach (w/first run bonus Funky Spike tire)
  • Figma Solid Snake MGS2 ver.
Meh. I don't really feel like talking much. And last month I had wanted to rant so much about the Drive SHFs and their first run bonuses... I even got two in this month when I only expected one to reinforce the point! So let's get started anyways. But basically, all accessories that Drive could have are coming as first run bonuses or packaged in with other figures and he got none himself. Even the bikes have the effect parts to go with the tires I got this month. So to complete the Midnight Shadow look, I also need to get Mashin Chaser's bike. Same with Funky Spike and Mach. It's annoying and I really, really don't like that Bandai did it that way (especially if you didn't get preorders, because now you have to rely on secondhand sellers and there is no guarantee whatsoever you'll get these accessories with them), but not much you can really do so meh...

Raia's nice. First Ryuki Figuart because Amazon had a random sale on some for around $7. It was cool. Snake's also nice. Not sure why I got him besides "he was in Smash once!"... Actually, no, that's it. So I don't really have any attachment to him. He at least looks pretty great. Same with Kuuga, but I at least started his show and like the alternate one in Decade heh. Ryugen brings me one step closer to finishing the Gaim cast (and I have three more preordered and one older release I still really want... plus want them to release Lord Baron). Despite not caring for its use in the show, the Yomi suit is pretty cool with its tattered loincloth and the Overlord weapons it comes with are awesome.

Oh yeah, stragglers from Smash Amiibo wave 4 came in. Actually forgot about them really before I went back through the list haha.

Hot Spot is one great Voyager, even ignoring that it's part of a combiner. Just a great figure. Not actually that mad I'll be getting the mold again as Onslaught because it's just really good. Groove I got because I don't expect to get the Deluxe Groove TakaraTomy made released stateside by Hasbro, but even if it does I like what it adds to Defensor's chest so will probably use two of him. And Ultra Magnus... Oh Ultra Magnus. I really want to love you, but you can't hold your weapons at all, as a hammer or split as guns. It's very annoying. Yet you look fantastic in both modes and you come with a Minimus Ambus! So I'll say even just the latter far outweighs any cons and yeah I totally love ya.

Still no BIONICLE... just been lazy getting the '15 sets. I was so excited for the Toa and got the Protectors I really wanted and haven't gotten any more for no reason. Skull sets might fix that desire maybe? I had also been working on a deal to get the rest of the Stars, but that stalled for now.



Collecting the Collector

Posted by ChocolateFrogs in Scientific Progress Goes "Boink", Jun 29 2015 · 24 views
LEGO, minifigs, super heroes and 2 more...

You know what's great about having a friend who is extremely adept at making trades and scouring ebay for deals? He knows just how to grab something rad online. A few days later and bam!--Toa Lhikan Hordika puts in my hands the Collector, one of San Diego Comic Con's exclusive LEGO minifigs last year! (A trade, of course.)

Posted Image

He looks good with the team, and by team I'm including the proper Nova, of course. And Drax has his signature energy axe.
(A second thanks goes to xccj for grabbing me Rocket in his Ravagers outfit.)

What is really cool about the Collector is the backing of the case unfolds to show a large image of him, scowling (the other side of his minifig head). Not that any sane LEGO collector would display this unless there was a safe way to do so, but it's a pretty neat bonus.

Posted Image

But the exclusives don't stop there! I also have another benefactor: my manager who used to work at GameStop and snagged all kinds of extras for the LEGO video games. So now I have the exclusive Elrond figure and, better yet, Lex Luthor in power armor and, better yet, Plastic Man! Certainly exciting additions to my collection.

What's next? Making a display case for all of these (and my other exclusives)!

-CF :kakama:


Smash Controls

Posted by Obsessionist in Chronic Obsessions, Jun 29 2015 · 26 views

Anyone else jump with left trigger and grab with X? No?

Because if you accidentally use default controls after getting used to your custom controls, and every time you try to double-jump you airdodge... It's bad.


Need BrickFair/Bronycon Travel Advice/Help

Posted by Avohkah Tamer in Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum, Jun 29 2015 · 31 views

As I've mentioned elsewhere in posts and comments, I'm hoping to attend both BrickFair and Bronycon this year due to their relatively close proximity to each other and being on consecutive weekends.

(For reference, BrickFair is July 29 - August 2, Bronycon is August 7-9).

Here's the problem. Should I fly home after BrickFair and then fly back for Bronycon, or do I try to stay somewhere in the DC/Baltimore area all week until the end of Bronycon, and then fly back home?

If I stay the whole 2 weeks, I don't know what to do or where I should stay in the days between BrickFair and Bronycon. Should I reserve extra days at the Holiday Inn post-BrickFair and just chill at a hotel the whole time, or should I get to the Baltimore Hilton early and stay for a few days prior to Bronycon?

Or, heck, is there anyone who lives in the area who's attending both cons who I might be able to stay with for a couple days and then hitch a ride to the Baltimore Hilton? That would save me so much hassle (and money o_o).

As of right now I haven't actually purchased any reservations or plane tickets because I'm not sure how this will all pan out, but reservations for both cons are running out and plane ticket prices are going up, so I need to figure this out pretty dang quick. If I have to make a decision to only attend one, I'll pick BrickFair.

Sorry for the rambling. Any help or advice would be immensely appreciated.

Edit: I should also mention, regarding BrickFair: Please PM me if anyone's looking to save some money and either has space available or would like to share a 2-bed hotel room at the con. I should have space available.


"BIONICLE is ruined forever" - BZPower members, 2003

Posted by Pereki in A Rather Uninteresting Blog, Jun 29 2015 · 57 views

(go to the link to the most recent General Discussion topic - "Mistreatment")

This topic parrots complaints about the reboot so perfectly. It's beautiful. Especially this post:

You are right. It does have a storyline. And yes, this storyline is typically overlooked. However, I (a teenager as well) stopped liking Bionicle after seeing the movie because despite the storyline, and despite the ignored depth of it, the movie was.. well, childish. The serious, almost grim atmosphere of comic #1 has since become too happy and surreal, like something from a saturday morning kiddie cartoon. The adreniline-pumping action of the Toa weilding their awesome powers seen in the original commercials has been degraded to brief, uninspired moments of tension in which the Rahkshi and the Toa have a bit of a wrestling session with the Rahkshi's staff. The long anticipated battle between the Toa of light and Makuta wasn't an epic showdown, but a "Kholi Match" (quoted from Makuta) in which Makuta feebly tried to smash the Toa of Light while he bounced from pillar to pillar. The overall feel of the movie was nothing like the Bionicle I had loved in 2001. What's happening to Bionicle?

This is a post from 2003. 2003

And some other things:

I personally talked with the truck tour peoples, and their van got egged a couple of times.

imagine kids throwing eggs at Swift and Danny as they perform Insane Bionicle Brain

i hate it when small kids buy takanuva and say: "i like this warrior"


All we need is...Ride.

Posted by farmstink buttlass in incredibly silly and a little bit rude , Jun 28 2015 · 19 views
kamen rider

So a few weeks back for my birthday one of my coolest friends got me an S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Abyss, who I'd wanted for the longest time what with being an unofficial Ryuki rider, and a shark (Ryuki being the only Kamen Rider series I've seen but also a series I love lot in general. It and its designs). Abyss is sweet. Super sweet. I had read about how good Rider Figuarts were, of course, but stuck to buying figmas for Ryuki since they were pretty good and much, much cheaper than Figuarts are. I didn't want to get sucked into the expensive world of Figuarts, especially because Ryuki just happens to be the series with the most expensive figures in the aftermarket (Gaim may be overtaking it).

Sadly, it's too late. Abyss is amazing, and I want more like him. I've been suckered.

In addition to getting me interested in Figuarts, I've also really gotten interested in going back and actually watching some more Kamen Rider like I meant to after I finished Ryuki. I've actually started watching and catching up on Drive (9 episodes in). It's pretty alright thus far. The way the 12 year difference between Ryuki and Drive manifests in its style is very interesting to me. After catching up on Drive my plan is to try to binge on a few other series in my spare time. I think my to-watch list is looking something like...W, Kuuga, Fourze, Gaim, Blade, Agito...etc. Probably won't get through all those this summer, but it's the plan.

The order I plan to watch those in is largely dictated by the order in which I impulse-ordered some of figures from those series. (whoops?) Well, W, Fourze and Gaim anyway. But then I decided to stop buying stuff from series I haven't seen, and the thing is, I really want those new Kuuga and Agito figures (and Chalice) so I gotta watch those sometime.

Far as Drive goes, I already have Drive Type Speed coming. I ordered Mach though I haven't paid for that order yet. I'm not super fond of Drive's designs in general, so I can reasonably see these two being the only ones I'm buying for this series. Which is fine by me, since I still want most of those Ryuki Figuarts. It is not gonna be a cheap endeavor. Gotta be frugal.

Anyway..yeah. Kamen Rider stuff.


Perks of Being A Spanish-Speaker

Posted by Zatth in Zatth Blag, Jun 28 2015 · 23 views

Your computer auto-corrects Piraka to Piraña.

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