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Posted by GSR in Defendant Lobby no. 42, Aug 05 2015 · 16 views

I'm very tired and still catching up on work, so the bullet points:
  • Red-eye flight
  • Rooming with Dina and Bossman, whoo
  • hi dviddy, hi nukaya
  • so many mocs, good lord
  • (I brought exactly 0 mocs)
  • Hello tons of other people (ToaTiome, Xaeraz, Sumiki, Lady K, BRex, ChocolateFrogs, Vezok's Friend... seriously too many to list, if I didn't list you I guarantee it is my fault and not yours)
  • I think we ate dinner? Yeah probably, I was running on two hours of sleep that first day. Oh yeah it was Hinkdinner
  • Completely appropriate group viewings of Mask of Light
  • Public day also known as flash the brick badge and swoop on in
  • More BZPeople, more mocs, more shenanigans
  • LASER TAG (which it turns out I am pretty terrible at but who cares LASER TAG)
  • Lego panels and stuff and then BRICKFAIR AFTER DARK (fun fact: I was carded no fewer than four times and eventually just decided to turn on the blacklight in the moc case in case I needed to prove my license was real)
  • Completely appropriate group playing of Cards Against Humanity
  • guessssss who managed to lock his brick badge inside the hotel room Sunday, here's a hint, it was me
  • final day: yet more BZPeople, more mocs, more laughter
  • last-minute purchase because I figure I should buy something while there. said purchase was lego birds, which was something I did not know existed and was extremely happy to learn of
  • Well, time to say my goodbyes, go to the airport, check in my luggage, go through security, cross the entire airport to get to my gate "they have not been able to repair the plane, so they are sending a new one from Houston" oh
  • THE GOOD NEWS: got to attend the 'fancy' dinner
  • THE BAD NEWS: had to fend for myself for another day with nothing but the clothes on my back, two dead laptops, and a 3DS
  • THE REALLY GOOD NEWS: at like 2 AM they start playing alien conspiracy shows on local TV and it's great
  • day 4 of 3: okay for real check-out and goodbyes
  • this flight didn't get delayed, so that was good
  • it was also like five hours straight so that was not so good
  • landed just in time to, uh, go get dinner with a BZPerson (Cederak)
the moral of the story: brickfair is wonderful, please attend if you can and try not to have your flight essentially cancelled like me

(In all seriousness, I did have a really great time. I got to meet a ton of people who I only knew from online - or not at all! - and there were so many fantastic moments. To be honest, the con was the least interesting part of the thing! I was a bit of a background presence for a lot of folks, I imagine, but hopefully people were glad to meet me as well. Hopefully I can swing it next year as well!)


Brickfair recap

Posted by Scythey in from the edge of the forest, towards the deep green sea, Aug 05 2015 · 48 views

stayed home, ate microwaved pizza, watched anime, was sad. 10/10 will probably do again


My Bionicle AUs: Warpath

Posted by Click in Ponderings of a Scarabax, Aug 04 2015 · 15 views
Alternate Universe, Mata

So, I wanted to share some of the write-ups I've done for some of my Bionicle alternate universes. Many of these originate from my Bionifight characters, though some are combination of concepts I've had in my head for years.

The Warpath universe originated from a short story of mine I always planned to turn into an epic, but never got around to (story of my life...). Basically, it all started with the Toa Mata's original... misgivings about each other, and then it all got out of hand.


The island of Mata Nui was once a paradise - until the entity known as Makuta arrived, transforming it into a land of darkness and evil. The natives, called Tohunga and their leaders, the Turaga, have waited and hoped for the heroes who would conquer Makuta and save their home...

What they found was something different entirely. Six mighty heroes, known as Toa, have arrived on Mata Nui. But they are broken, twisted by the Makuta's shadows. They have lost all concept of Unity. Their initial encounters only brought conflict, and they soon even the villages were unsafe from the war that was about to ensue.

Friends fought against friends as the Matoran went to battle, led by their Toa heroes. Some Turaga disapproved, but it was too late to stop it now. Others joined in the strategy, eagerly reviving old rivalries and resentments.

But over hundreds of years, the conflict grew tiresome, even for the Toa. First, Onu-Koro grew dark and silent. Then Ko-Koro, cold and abandoned. Even the great fires of Ta-Koro dimmed and died. The Matoran were escaping somewhere, but only the Turaga could explain. And so it was time to tell the legends of Metru Nui, the time when they were great Toa, fighting their own inner battles. But the Turaga's wisdom came too late. The villages were separated, easy prey for the Makuta's minions...


and it was a wonderful adventure

Posted by Lady Kopaka in Lady K's Blog, Aug 04 2015 · 49 views
2015 Brickfair

I will hold the experiences and joy close to my heart, and not forget all the friendships formed and solidified.

I really don't have much to say. I'm almost speechless. I could spend a long time rambling about the details, but admittedly, I'm fatigued beyond belief and may pass on that. Perhaps later I will. But for now, know that it was the highlight of my year.

Things have been really hard on me for a long time. Finances and life and health. So hard. There were times recently where I wasn't sure I was going to make it. But I have. I found some inner strength, by what seems a miracle, a few weeks before Brickfair. It carried on and helped me survive through the eventful convention.

So much fun and amazing memories. I met old friends and new ones. I am reminded why I am friends with who. Reminded that I still have the ability to make new friendships. That I should try harder to stay in touch and trust people to accept me for who I am. People were so good to me, I'm blown away by everyone's love and kindness when I had a abrasive point over the weekend. You were all so supportive and I confess, had a moment of teary eyes earlier thinking over it. Soft spoken love, genuine hugs, encouraging words.

The convention itself was oddly...odd. Turnout was small it felt compared to the last time I went. But regardless, I had a lot of fun seeing the amazing LEGO and BIONICLE creations.

Sorry if I did not get to spend time or even speak much with some people. This year I tried really hard to hang out with many, which I felt that I somewhat succeeded at, but again, I apologize if I had accidentally ignored anyone. I had a lot going on near the end of the convention and was not completely myself.

I want to thank TLH and Turakii for sponsoring me to make it up there as well as hosting me at your place and being so loving, I consider you family. Thank you Bionicle Raptor/Brappy Hour for being such an amazing friend and gentleman--you really were there for me. ChocolateFrogs for picking me up at the airport and just being a great friend in general--thanks for the book suggestions too! Aanchir--for hanging with me, being fun, and supportive. Kayru, thank you for being there when I needed consoling and love. Thank you AT for letting me hang around and you were such a kind and considerate person. I guess I must not forget about Team Farm Animals for letting me be part of some of the shenanigans too! Thank you. Thank you.

There are a bunch whom I am forgetting to mention, and I hope you can forgive me. I'm just tired and spoke the ones that came to mind immediately. I'm going to try hard this week to send a note to everyone I met with a word of thanks and a offering of friendship. I'd love to stay in contact with you all, if willing.

Again, had such an amazing time. Will definitely be back next year!! Maybe even go to a few other LEGO conventions in the future? Hmm.


Ballad of the Metru

Posted by constable-frozen in Blog Horizon, Aug 04 2015 · 32 views

I've always felt the Toa Metru were sort of unsung heroes of Bionicle. The Toa Mata have nostalgia value, the Toa Inika paved the way for the final years of the line, but that leaves the Metru sort of behind, as the goofy angst-ridden protagonist of two pretty goofy films.

But looking at the sets, I realize why I loved them so much as a kid. The masks, to start off, invoke the same mythical feel the Mata masks had without the weird organic look of the Nuva masks. They truly looked like something pulled from a cyberpunk fantasy. Special props to the Matatu and the Rau.

Next, the level of detail in each element. Completely unmatched by any other wave's unique elements, the torso and armor and forearm/shins had a really intricate level of detail--tiny pistons and rivets that really made them feel like they belonged on the futuristic dystopia Metru Nui. The torso may have been gratuitously single-use and call to mind Knight's Kingdom or Galidor more than the constraction we're used to, but which torso did have a practical use? It was probably the worst torso in terms of practicality (what was up with the diagonal rotation?) but it definitely looked the nicest IMO.

And most importantly, the elements that introduced a new sort of articulation to Bionicle. It really started with the Rahkshi, but the Metru really introduced the ease of knee and elbow articulation through those double socket parts. Plus those pelvis connections. The Metru really took what the Rahkshi had right and refined it into a perfect format.

I really love the Metru, even though there were some funky design choices.

This blog entry is officially a Metru appreciation station.


rename me

Posted by Decapixaetion in The Man On The Moon Rules The Infinite Time, Aug 04 2015 · 64 views

i need a new display name

contest ends on the 5th at 11 pm est

winner will get their name or a name inspired by their winning entry as my next name

have fun!


Well, that wasn't too bad.

So after a few days of hatching Charmander eggs, I got lucky and got this guy. Literally did a double take when I realized he was shiny. 5 IV, but not exactly the 5 IVs I was looking for- I got Attack instead of HP (I'm gonna train him to be a special glass cannon or something) but that's not too consequential.

However, I'm at a loss for what to name him, so please write some suggestions for me in the comments! Keep in mind that he'll be a Charizard someday. Looking from anything from cool to casual, maybe something to do with fire. gogogo


Brickfair VA Recap

Posted by Dina Saruyama in Scrimmy Bingus and the Crungy Spingus, Aug 04 2015 · 106 views

I was initially going to write a recap each day, but I turned out to not have the energy required, so here's just an overall recap.

First things first: I am never riding the bus again. It's noisy, the bus rattles like it's being shaken apart, and some dude vomited in one on the way home. There was nothing pleasant about this experience.

The convention, meanwhile, was quite enjoyable. One of the first things I purchased was a big bag of Galidor parts, and boy did I have fun. I even won a MISB Gorm in the silent auction! (I hate collectors, though, so I opened it. Not like its value can go down. :P)

Admittedly, I took my Galidor jokes too far, for which I apologize. I am, unfortunately, not the best at knowing what's taking a joke too far.

Metalbeard was nominated for the Best Bionicle - Humanoid Brickee and ended up winning! Even if I don't (Fiddler was nominated for non-humanoid, but lost to Kayru's Kayru.)

Speaking of Fiddler, this was its last con. I'm not one for keeping things together, and I haven't had its parts available for over a year now, so it was time to let it go. Next year, though, don't be surprised to see a new crab on the convention circuit.

I spent a lot of time with friends/acquaintances I never got to meet before, and certainly had a good time with them. Admittedly, it was quite jarring how different people's real voices are from the voices I read their posts in online. Still, I got to see a side to some of the staff I've never seen before, even if it may have just been because I hung around Andrew because we roomed together. Fun!

I was pretty awkward, what with all the newness, and I ended up having a meltdown on the final day because I was convinced everyone hated me because of something stupid, but overall it was a positive experience. Who knows? Maybe I'll try coming down again next year. I certainly have plenty of plans for MOCS!

(P.S.: Despite what I was told, I made it through the entire weekend and still say it "em-oh-see". I am unbreakable.)


500 posts

Posted by Unit#phntk#1 in TEX MASTER RACE, Aug 03 2015 · 46 views

Only took me seven years to make them all. That's longer than the site had been around for when I joined in '08. In the past two years, I think I've only made 13-16 posts outside of G&T, and most of those were probably staff birthdays. ._.



Brickfair and Beyond

Posted by Kayru in Kitsune Den, Aug 03 2015 · 112 views
brickfair, brickfair 2015 and 1 more...

I didn't expect to be at BrickFair this year, but it happened. It ended up being really convenient for work, so they paid for my flight here (I'm still in DC meeting a client for a couple of days).

The convention itself was alright. The public attendance was pretty sad, and the only event I got to partake in was an adult swim event, which meant more of what we were already doing all the other nights... :b As always, there were many interesting MOCs to see and I brought mine, which ultimately ended up with winning my first BF award (Best Non-Humanoid). Everyone has been so nice about it, both in person and online, and it's been overwhelmingly amazing. :) Makes me want to MOC more often, heheh...
We also got to go to the Lego store, which of course led to buying every brand new Bionicle set (and another one besides that). I'm saving to build them til I get home, which means figuring out how to pack them should be interesting.

But the main reason I went, as always with conventions, was people. And wow, was it a good year.
I got surrounded by several other artists, all of whom are fantastically more talented than me and the fact that I actually got two collabs going just blows my mind. Completely.
I got to meet people I've been waiting to meet and people I never thought I would... and oh my goodness you are all such cinnamon rolls and I love you. Susanna, Vance, Christie, Corvin, Yanni, the list goes on and the only reason I don't name every single one of you is because I am so terrible with names, of which everyone basically has two to try remembering. XD
I also got to solidify friendships with people I'd already met before. Both this and the previous point are absolutely mind-blowing when I think about it. I get to know these people. I get to actually talk to these people, and they actually care to talk back. It's both humbling and wonderful and oh gosh stop it tears no you're not supposed to happen

*deep breath*

As with any gathering of a lot of people and the changing of things over time, there was a bit of drama. But the nice thing is, everyone involved is still great and I have high hopes for things to get better. And comparatively speaking, this one was quite low on drama and had the most recoveries that I've seen.
I do apologize for one thing... I said too much. Like, quite a few times. Especially when I didn't have my wits about me. And I'm sorry if it hurt anyone. But... that being said I still think this con began, ended, and almost entirely ran on a good note.

I don't know what else to say. I wish I could see many of you more often, and in a year or two maybe I will move and at least make that possible for a few people (I've had many open ideas on where to move, but now one or two have definitely moved to the top of my list). But I am so, so beyond-myself thankful that I even got to have this time with each of you. It was incredible.


It's Gone. It's Done.

Posted by Zatth in Zatth Blag, Aug 03 2015 · 71 views

This is the sixth year that Summer for me sees its end.

I use the capitalized Summer because, while the period between June and August is technically summer, Summer refers to the period from GMIF to the last day of BrickFair activities.

I can't state how much Summer means to me. I leave physically spent and exhausted, but emotionally fulfilled in ways that shock me months down the line. Seeing people you only get to see once a year kinda does that to you, and especially when every moment with them is fun, or heartfelt, or silly, or just plain lovely.

To other BZPers I met at BrickFair, I'm so glad we got to meet up! I'm terrible with names and usernames, so feel free to keep corresponding with me; drop me a PM, add me as a friend, whatever!

Now I officially start preparing all the final details for my semester abroad, and also must have four events ready for Forensics auditions the day before I leave (August 30th).

The fun part is done. The tough part is just about to begin.

(Also, be on the lookout soon for BrickFair Funk and the BrickFair Omnibus 2015. It's coming.)


Day Five of BrickFair VA - Last Day

Posted by Jedi Master J. in The Library That Never Was, Aug 03 2015 · 140 views

Hey, folks. I am back home now, so I thought I would pop back in and give one last little recap of BrickFair VA here.

So as you all probably know already, yesterday was last day of BrickFair VA. So what I do that day? Well, like I said in previous entry, I went in a bit later (Around 1:20 PM) for public hours as well, I didn't feel like standing near my MOCs for another six hours as honestly that can get a bit tiring on the legs after awhile. Also as mentioned earlier, my friend didn't come over that day as he was pretty sore from the laser tag thing, so I guess you could say yesterday was kind what it would been like if I took the trip alone (Although I would argued that I likely shut myself in the hotel room a lot during the first couple of days.).

But anyway, when I arrived there, I saw that Makuta Luroka and his friend were already there and they had chairs, so I guess they did the smart thing and figure out where to get chairs at (I didn't do that since I had no idea who to ask and I didn't want to take chairs from more popular area.). Since it looked like they got things mostly covered, I just chilled there and sat on the floor occasionally.

Eventually I kind of decided to just play Animal Crossing: New Leaf since I was barely getting any Miis in my plaza. I spent a bit of time removing weeds from the town, removing the bugs from my house, and clearing out streetpass home thing.

At some point while I was doing this, I was graced by the presence of BZPower resident dinosaur expert, Jess. That was pretty cool. Although I guess I might have intimidate or shock her a little when I say goodbye to her at the end of convention. I am sorry if I did, I just thought I should say good bye to you is all.

Sometime after meeting Jess, Makuta Luroka had to go, so I say my goodbyes to the awesome dude. And well, I decided I might as well use the chair since he wasn't coming back and all. And little bit after that, Team Farm Animals crew came over to do their hatpile thing in the corner. They needed a chair, so I thought I might as well give to them as I was pretty used to standing by now, so I gave it to them.

And just before they decided to do this, Makuta Luroka MOC (Like I mention last time, that MOC is really top heavy.) fell over again. I was just leave it be since I don't really have permission to touch it. But while Team Farm Animals were doing their thing, someone from public told me to fix it, so I gently put it back up.

So while Team Farm Animals did their thing, I just continue watching over the MOCs basically. XD They ended up doing two versions since apparently they missed some hats. After they were done with that, they head back to area. Although AT and Lady K apparently held back as Lady K apparently noticed that MOCs I was standing near were in fact mines (Lady K knows my real name since I am one of her patrons, which I originally kept that a secret from her and everyone since I didn't want attention for that really. But I kind of let the cat of the bag about that a couple of months ago. XD), so she decided to look at them.

Apparently she liked the design of Matoro One and AT like my Kolhii Team names, so that was nice. Thanks for that. At the some point after that, Lady K ask if she could do a selfie with me for some reason (I guess for memory's sake, although why I am worth remembering is beyond me.). Now personally I am not a fan of people taking pictures of me (Much like I am not fan of people entering my personal space to do something like a hug. *shrugs*), but I decided to let her since I didn't see any harm in it really.

After that, I was left on my own and just did what I did during Saturday Public Hours mostly, which is be kind and friendly to the public people. At some point, a mother and daughter attendee shown up to sit near their MOCs (Apparently their MOCs were right next to mines and all.) and I decide to give my seat to the mother as I am used standing by now,

And well, I end up having a bit a conversation with her and her daughter. It was interesting. Uh, usually I am terrible at small talk, but I did well there for what its worth. (If only I was good at that when I talk to with BZPers here.) I guess offering someone a chair is good way to start a conversation. XD

So I did for that awhile and eventually when there wasn't anymore conversations going on, I decide to head over to where Aanchir was sitting as I thought I was on a roll with be sociable and I didn't really get talk much to him throughout this trip (Which I thought was kind of surprising as I like Chir Bros and all), so I decided to do that. It was interesting conversation. I asked if he was having good BrickFair VA, which he say yes to. Although naturally he was sad as it is last day and he won't see a lot of people again until next year (I can't blame him for feeling that way really.).

Oh, I like his metaphor of me being like Kellam from Fire Emblem: Awakening as it is very true that I was forgotten a lot. XD Although I can't blame people as I wasn't there a lot during Wednesday through Fridays. That and let's be honest I am pretty dull person in general as I did spent good part of BrickFair VA pacing around when I was there. XD

After that, I kind let him go back to rest and head back to my section. I talked a bit more with mother and daughter pair. Eventually the public ended and the mother and daughter pair decided to start packing up their MOCs as they were planning on leaving to get a meal and come back for Closing Ceremonies. Before they left, I realized I never did tell them my name (Its not JMJ obviously.), so I did that.

And well, I was alone again, so I packed up my MOCs for Black Six and gave them to him (Please tell me you took that box, Black Six. I am kind of scared that you left it.). I attended the closing ceremonies. Not much say about that since I wasn't lucky. XD

After that ended, I was kind like "I guess I should leave." I mean I want to say good bye to Chir Brothers, but I wasn't sure where to find them. I ended up saying good bye to Sumiki and Pablo though. Also oddly I have no problem with Pablo hugging me good bye (I am not sure why exactly. I must of been in a real good mood that day.). Then again, I was going to hug Sumiki, if he wasn't holding a box. XD

The last person at the convention that I said good bye to was Jess. I apologize again, I just thought I should say good bye to you is all.

After that, I kind headed back to hotel and I thought that was going be it for the day. But I kind offer online that if anyone want to say good bye to me. I could meet them in the lobby at the some point. And Black Six let me know that they meeting there anyway before they headed off to their fancy dinner. I wasn't going to go to dinner though as I didn't pack anything for that and I am a really pick eater (Trust me, my friend can confirmed this.).

Still I went down to say good bye to people, if they want say bye to me and stuff. And well, I met ChocolateFrogs and Not Makaru in that lobby. That was interesting. Especially ChocolateFrogs, who for some reason was trying to hunt me down or something. He never explain the reasoning for that really.

But he kind of left before I can find out why, so I never did. And then more professionally dressed adults show up, Black Six shook my hand, and that was it. I say good bye. I went back to elevator to go to my room on third floor. I ate some pizza (My friend had brought Pizza, while I was away at the convention) and watch some Youtube stuff.

That was last day of BrickFair VA for me. Overall I thought it was pretty fun trip. I got to meet some cool people, check out the Air & Space Museum, see a cool movie (Ant-Man), had a conversation with some people, saw some cool creations, ect.

Would I go again? I am not sure at this point. It is certainly possible. Although it wasn't very cheap by any means (I mean hotel stay cost like $582.40! Oh, that's going to be fun paying off at the end of the month.). So if there was any reason not to go would be money related really. *shrugs*

And well, my friend did have a good time during the trip, so it is possible that we might do it again. Or I might do it on own. We'll see, I guess. Its still a year away, so it is hard to say either way at this point.

Alright, that's enough rambling. I'll probably have my pictures and stuff up later in the week as I am too tired to deal with that now.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have great week. Talk to you later, BZPers.

- JMJ 2015


Ninjago Airjitzu Review!

Posted by Lyichir in The Songs of Distant Earth, Aug 03 2015 · 41 views
Ninjago, Airjitzu and 2 more...

My review of all six Ninjago Airjitzu sets went live while I was at BrickFair this weekend! Check it out if you're interested in the parts of these unique new sets!


Three Weeks

Posted by Eyru in Caffeine and Existentialism, Aug 03 2015 · 44 views

I'm moving away to attend university this fall.

It's a weird feeling to look around and realize that the life I'm living right now will disappear at a certain point in time. Three weeks from now, to be exact. I've always known I'd leave home eventually, but putting a specific date to that concept is definitely a little spooky.

I've already found a place just a few minutes off campus, and I'll start packing this week. It's neat.

So to all of you who have already gone through the process of moving into your own place: what advice do you have? What do you recommend bringing along? What did you not realize you needed until two weeks after you moved in?


BrickFair 2015 Recap

Posted by Letagi in Wherever you go, there you are., Aug 03 2015 · 90 views

Seeing as I have another four hours to wait here in Dallas, I might as well do a quick review of the past few days.

I flew to Baltimore at around midnight on Tuesday night. After a layover in Toronto, I arrived at BWI at 10:00am, whereupon Xaeraz and his dad picked me up on their way to BrickFair. A good amount of laughter and like-minded political discussion took place, in particular whilst driving by NRA headquarters.

Our timing turned out to be impeccable, as we arrived at BrickFair almost exactly at opening time. After checking in, an unexpected parts draft run by Black Six ensued and free LEGO was acquired.

Recalling all the details of the next few days would be a considerable challenge, as I was utterly sleep deprived almost the whole time. But one of the defining characteristics of this con was the amount of socializing; out of the nine cons I've attended, I think BrickFair was the one at which I spent the least amount of time per day at the con itself, and the most time chilling with friends elsewhere.

Highlights of the last five days include: putting more than a dozen more faces to their respective screen names, reconnecting with people I haven't seen in six years, debauchery and shenanigans with friends, laughing with/at Team Farm Animals, making fun of awful TV shows, watching sunsets, Mark Knopfler, staying up all night and sleeping half the day.

The quality of the trip was, I admit, somewhat muddied by various resurgences of my anxiety, which doesn't usually bother me much, but I got through it all without too much suffering. The low quality of the most easily available food and the challenge of finding decent vegetarian options greatly contributed to this.

My take on the con itself is mixed. This con has three times as many people as the West Coast cons I attend regularly, but oddly enough, doesn't seem to have a much greater number of MOCs (possibly even fewer; a comparison is difficult because of the drastically differing venue sizes and subsequently inconsistent concentration of MOCs per unit area). I also noticed that the average quality of MOCs at BrickFair seems to be lower than at BrickCon. And while BrickFair is clearly well-organized, I actually enjoy the organization of BrickCon more; I find the activities more enjoyable and relevant to the purpose of the con.

I'm not sure if I'll be attending BrickFair again. If I do, it'll be for the primary purpose of spending time with the friends I so rarely get to see, with the con itself being secondary.



Life update 8/3

Posted by Swert in Life in the Swert lane, Aug 03 2015 · 53 views

Well, that was a rush.
We just completed Skull Week on BS01's Facebook and Twitter accounts. ​We posted our first wave of reviews of the 2015 Summer Sets (Wave 2) by Dorek, with a slightly modified system. We gained some feedback over the last few months while reviewing the first wave of sets, and took them all to heart. Now I think we are truly ready for the future of BIONICLE. In addition to that, we also gave away a couple of summer sets. We hope to do so again in the future.

In the other news of life, I'm patiently waiting for my shipment of Exploding Kittens (if you don't know what that is, I assure you it's NOT a bad thing... much.) to arrive. I bought the $35 bundle, which if you're in the know, you know what that means :) I intend to play as many rounds as possible until we all get sick of it. But, you never know when that might happen.

Otherwise, it's too hot to do much else, so I'm going to go back to not doing much else.


A Short Hiatus

Posted by Dallior: Rahkshi Lord in The Bionicave, Aug 03 2015 · 30 views

Hello, BZPower. This is Dallior here, with some unfortunate news.

I shall be gone from Monday night to Saturday night on a Scout campout to the San Juan Islands. Expect bupkis from me for the next few days. See y'all later!


Two Things

Posted by SLEUP in enamebl lipog, Aug 03 2015 · 43 views
names, mafia

Two things:

1. Changed my BZP name. I did say it'd become something along these lines eventually.

2. There are two spots left in BIONICLE MAFIA: Five Faction Face Off! Two more people and we can begin.

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