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I Just Realized Why I've Been Doing So Lousy on Science Class

Posted by Zatth in Zatth Blag, Oct 21 2014 · 1 views

The professor has made all of our presentations in Comic Sans.

Also that I didn't pay much attention during the first month of class and now have a D after a 53% on my first test and am procrastinating on studying for the second one which is in 10 hours haaahahahahaaaaaaaa i wanna crey


Finalized Name Change! Pahrak On The Air!

Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man in Vista Point, Oct 20 2014 · 22 views

Mahou Shoujo Mega Man was the only display name option that more than one person said I should go with, so here I am! I also changed my blog title to fit with the name, plus I was beginning to feel like the old one was too "pretentious 12-year-old"-y.

I don't need to change my avatar though, it actually fits better now. In case anyone's still not aware, I got the name from the Mega Man Star Force series, which is basically a magical girl series and totally awesome you should all play it now. At least the first game.

So yeah. When the name expires I'll probably go back to the list, but for now, in the name of the moon, Wave Battle! Ride On!


Skull Spider Play Time!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs in Scientific Progress Goes "Boink", Oct 20 2014 · 38 views
lego, bionicle, skull spiders

I'm having way too much fun with the new Skull Spiders:

Posted Image

I plan on putting these out among MOCs at a LEGO display on Saturday. Hehe.

-CF :kakama:
(My favorite is the radioactive one.)


It has begun

Posted by Pomegranate in Hundreds of Crimson Seeds, Oct 20 2014 · 34 views

I just cleared off my entire work desk, the only thing on it is my computer setup in one corner. Under my desk are several bins of Lego.

I stared my mother in the eye as I said goodbye, and spilled a big bag of Technic pieces onto the glass tabletop.

This is now the site of my Battle for the Gold Mask building project.

November's gonna be a long month.

Good luck everyone!

Posted Image

Play well.


Mata-Nui Weekly, Take 2

Posted by Kughii in The Archivist, Oct 20 2014 · 40 views
BZPRPG, MNW, Mata-Nui Weekly, RPG

Return of the Mata Nui Weekly?

Hello fellow players of the BZPRPG. For some time now you've been without the Mata Nui Weekly (or MNW as it's commonly called), and in recent weeks I have seen a growing desire for the OOC news source to return. As busy as I am, I would be happy to bring the MNW back if there is enough player involvement. Please feel free to volunteer for reporting positions in the comments section below, as well as leave your overall opinions and comments regarding how the new MNW could improve or better serve the BZPRPG community. The Weekly is a periodical by the players for the players: do not be shy in offering to help!

Read on to see some of the ideas and changes being implemented for the new MNW.

Staff At The Weekly
I am still the chief editor of the MNW, but I would strongly encourage any of the reporters for the MNW before it collapsed to re-apply or confirm the region they wish to keep monitoring. GearDirector will retain his seat as co-editor unless he otherwise wishes to move on. The current list of available positions at the MNW are:
  • Weekly Reporter, Kentoku: reads and writes weekly OOC reports on their assigned topic.
  • Weekly Reporter, Kini-Nui: reads and writes weekly OOC reports on their assigned topic.
  • Weekly Reporter, Po-Wahi: reads and writes weekly OOC reports on their assigned topic.
  • Weekly Reporter, Onu-Wahi:reads and writes weekly OOC reports on their assigned topic.
  • Weekly Reporter, Ko-Wahi: reads and writes weekly OOC reports on their assigned topic.
  • Weekly Reporter, Ta-Wahi: reads and writes weekly OOC reports on their assigned topic.
  • Weekly Reporter, Ga-Wahi: reads and writes weekly OOC reports on their assigned topic.
  • Weekly Reporter, Le-Wahi: reads and writes weekly OOC reports on their assigned topic.
  • Character Reporter: Browses the Character Profile topic for a featured PC each week
  • Game Involvement Reporter: Follows News and Discussion, topics, and compiles short weekly list for Character Interaction opportunities.
Locations, Reporters, & Deadlines: How It Works

For those interested in applying for a volunteer position with the MNW, your work load is rather minimal. Reporters are responsible for keeping tabs on a selected game region (for example the Weekly Reporter, Kentoku, would be exclusively monitoring the Dasaka Homeland for weekly news) and submitting a synopsis of events on a weekly basis. The length of each synposis is encouraged to be brief, but concrete. Please use past tense for your writing, as if it were a journalistic piece. The Character Reporter has the job of finding a character in the Profiles section to be shown in the Weekly each week, and is encouraged to write a brief to moderate length introduction examining or explaining why the character was chosen. The Game Involvement Reporter's responsibilities are more broad-based: they seek out potential ways for players to have Character Interaction and report to the community via weekly summaries similar to a regional reporter.

All synopses and articles are due in my PM inbox Sunday evenings, PST, for publication the following Monday.

Please leave a comment below regarding ideas for the evolution of the MNW, or to apply for one of the open positions. Thanks!



Posted by Pulse Trijhak in Definitely Edible, Oct 20 2014 · 55 views
cheesefromagekaas, queso, cheeses

I like cheese and I think I should try some more cheeses. Looking for recommendations of cheeses.



Posted by VampireBohrok in Iron Horizon, Oct 20 2014 · 79 views
artwork, guns

Posted Image
  • guns


Battle for the gold mask

Posted by Underscore in 3.14159265358979323846, Oct 20 2014 · 45 views

This sounds like a great contest, and definitely one suit for the year of Bionicle's return. I'm pretty sure I will be entering in this one (I have said that for many a BBC contest and have never gotten around to it, but more than a month is plenty of time to make a MOC), even though I'm a terrible MOCer and will probably have no shread of hope for winning. So, time to break out the Bionicle bin and procrastinate even more on my homework!


Let the Battle Begin...

Posted by Shadow Destroyer in Shadow Destroyer's Blog, Oct 20 2014 · 48 views
Battle Gold Mask

This new building contest, (Battle for the Gold Mask) is one of the only Building contests in a long time that I've really gotten excited over. It definitely looks like I'll have to take out my technic pieces and build some sort of creation for this one! Although the chances of winning are small, I'm still very excited to see all the entries for this contest!


Completing Collections

Posted by xccj in Team J.A.F., Oct 20 2014 · 48 views

Swert's post of his new, completed collection the other day has made me rethink my collection and look through it recently. Curse you, Swert, now I want to work on mine!!

I actually already have the original 72 masks, plus gold and silver, for a few years now. (I did a challenge where I built a model for every mask of the Toa's 36, which resulted in some cool Rahi and a lot of Meh Rahi.) One tempting idea is to go for the misprints... I currently have 5 of the 14, but gosh that's expensive. I also at one point had a nearly complete Nuva collection, but I never used those masks so I gave a bunch away. (And I don't regret it, those were ugly masks! Well, except for the silver ones... those sell for so much now adays that I do sorta regret handing a few of mine away, although I think one was a trade to Chocolate Frogs...)

Of course, my mask collection is almost entirely packed away in a container, which is kinda sad. So this recent burst of collector-itus spurred me to buy parts to create a stand so I can have my masks on display. That set me back a bit, but mostly because I'm insisting on using Mata heads with eye pieces.

Then I considered Krana. Like the Nuva masks, I handed away a bunch of random krana for a while. But I kept quite a few, and when I checked em out, I have about 1/3 of the original batch left (Both active and inactive), and nearly 1/2 of the Krana Kal. I'd be more interested in completing my original Krana batch, so I might be interested in buying and/or trading the Krana Kal? I dunno, haven't thought too seriously about this one.

I could do Kanoka, but there's not much collectability value in them, even if I'm a sucker for the Kanoka powers that the codes record. But that got me thinking about the original collectible... the disks from the Slizer/Throwbots! Each Slizer had 6 discs to their name, each with cool artwork, but only the first two were ever in sets. See, back then they had "disk packs" with random discs, but they were only available through limited retail (or maybe even just the Lego catalog) so it was harder to collect them compared to the eventual Bionicle Kanohi collections. But they still exist, and seem to be poorly valued on Bricklink... so there's an idea!

That said, if anybody has any krana or Slizer discs, I'd be willing to buy or trade something. (I still have three silver Nuva masks, plus a handful of others) (Also for the Slizer discs, not one of the ones that came in the sets with them throwing the discs and their elemental emblem... I have those already.)

As for the kraata... no, just no.



Burnie the Clown

Posted by Ryuujin in from the edge of the forest, towards the deep green sea, Oct 20 2014 · 102 views
Team Fortress 2

Posted Image

I love my new Pyro cosmetic loadout.


Back for the Future

Posted by OnuaNut in Ramblings from Underground, Oct 20 2014 · 51 views

Hey BZPers,

After a while on hiatus I'm happy back on track here at BZPower! My goal is to have a fairly regular blog here, posting once or twice a week, and give my own commentary on news, sets, or anything Bionicle really.

Before I get to regular blogging, I should (re)introduce myself. I'm a life-long LEGO fan and builder who's favorite themes are Star Wars and, of course, Bionicle. I started following Bionicle from the first teasers in LEGO magazines and got completely hooked from the first comic book. After following both Kanohi-Power and BionicleZoneCommunity for quite a while, I joint BZPower shortly after the merge and have had a great time discussing, posting MOCs and writing in the Comedies forum.
Currently I'm still building with both LEGO System and Bionicle and I love my job working for LEGO Brand Retail.

I've seen opinions on both sides of the continuation vs. reboot debate for Bionicle 2015 and I just wanted to share my own thoughts for my initial blog post.

Before hearing that the new story was a reboot I was 100% Pro-Continuiation, no reboot for me. I wanted to pick up where we left off and get some new adventures with the old Toa. But then, of course, I heard the dreaded word: Reboot. "No! What about the Glatorian and Matoran? What's to become of Mata Nui? You can't bring Makuta back from the dead!" That's what was going through my head. I cooled off a bit, thought about it, and I realized I'm very much a pro-reboot person.

This relaunch is four years after the hiatus with a new development and story team, and as much attention to detail as new writers can bring to a story, there's so much that can go "wrong". The fan base is four years older and to an extend we've all had to move on. In that time we've all thought up our own ideas on what could or should happen next and I think those ideas could get in the way of really enjoying a continuation.

So with a reboot, we get a fresh start. New places, characters and stories to explore. We receive a degree of separation that lets us worry less about how Bionicle stacks up against what came before, but rather, lets us be constructively critical about what is to come. The new Onua isn't the old Onua, just like the recent Dark Knight Batman isn't the 90's Animated Series Batman; and that's awesome! Because at the end of the day, I get to rediscover my favorite character all over again and if I miss the "old Bionicle" I can re-enter that world any time I want to.



BFTGM entry: Zylor

Posted by Smooth Jazz in The Swimming Beard Knows, Oct 20 2014 · 45 views

My first, and possibly only entry for the villain contest, Battle for the Gold Mask.
Posted Image

Zylor was sentenced to The Pit for his efforts to fight against the Toa. While there, he developed an immense hatred for them, as they were what caused him to become a hideous monster. Eventually, he manged to escape, and has used his time since to plot revenge on the Toa that caused him to be imprisoned.

Source: Zylor


We meet again, my nemesis

Posted by Ghost of Romance in Amplifier Worship, Oct 20 2014 · 49 views

Posted Image

Seriously, I really hate these stickers. They really make me hesitate when getting new CDs imported from the US.
I actually managed to remove it without it tearing this time, but it of course still left a small bit of residue on the case.

But, that does give me an excuse to post my Boris collection thus far:

Posted Image

In order: Amplifier Worship; Pink; Smile (US Version); Attention Please; Heavy Rocks (2011); New Album and Noise.

Which is only seven out of twenty - if we're not counting collaborations - but it's not likely to get bigger any time soon, as pretty much all of the others are really hard to get physically. There's obviously the ones that were only released in Japan and are really expensive to import, but there's also a few that only ever had very limited vinyl releases and aren't available on CD at all.
The only one I could find that isn't ridiculously expensive is the Japanese version of Smile at around £17, which is a price that I could still be convinced to go for, but I'm definitely gonna wait on it.


Oh My God

Posted by Zeddy in Zomg, Oct 20 2014 · 94 views

There's a Russian Bionicle fan site? :o


So long, BZP, it was fun while it lasted. :P



Posted by Obsessionist in Chronic Obsessions, Oct 19 2014 · 60 views

I don't really feel motivated. I understand why I would be motivated. I'm invested now, I want to do my best, I'm too close to success to let one more sleepless night get in my way. But I don't regularly feel a powerful urge to do what I do.

Thank goodness there is some sort of unavoidable, powerful, subconscious motivation at work, because I have 100% relied on it to drive my academic pursuits. I get my homework done, by golly, because I can't not get my homework done.

This has been a confusing few sentences and I'm not entirely sure what I was trying to say. It's been nice procrastinating on that Bio paper, though.



Posted by farmstink buttlass in incredibly silly and just a little bit rude, Oct 19 2014 · 100 views

Posted Image

Yeah, pretty much.

I was talking with a friend about the usual things. The tens of bens, the mons of poke, and the gos of, uh, le. Eventually this led to discussing Galidor. If I remember correctly I probably watched one or two episodes of that way back when it, well, existed. But then he found some episodes on youtube and so I was like "ok let's watch the first episode." And then I did. It's pretty silly, as one would expect. But the thing that struck me the most was that Nick Bluetooth was spouting some real ancient aliens stuff on his poor, poor biology teacher, (she's already dealing with teenagers nick come on no one wants to hear about how textbooks are dumb because they only talk about the stuff we know and not the stuff we don't know, namely, aliens) and he's supposed to be the relatable lead. What a great role model.

Galidor is silly.


Some thoughts on the TTV Podcast

Posted by Aanchir in A Golden-Red Horizon, Oct 19 2014 · 213 views
LEGO, BIONICLE, community and 1 more...

Seriously, let's stop the hate. They do things fast to get content. Sure, they could've waited til the sets are released to do reviews, but they just wanted to get it out to fuel the excitement and show what the set is generally like. It can definitely be inconvenient when they get incorrect ideas out there, but blatantly hating them for it does nothing good for anyone. I wish they would be a little more cautious with how they output info, but let's relax. Rude is rude, no matter who it's being directed towards and for what reasons.

Let me make this clear: I do not hate TTV. I do not enjoy the TTV podcast (mostly just personal preference — I do not enjoy getting my news in video form when given the choice), but I respect them for what they do — and I reserve the right to be disappointed when they do it badly.

If a BZPower set review made similar mistakes, praising or criticizing features that do not exist when the set is built correctly, then I would want them to be held accountable as well. In fact, I have vocally criticized instances when I feel like BZPower set reviews have fallen short of expectations, such as when a Legends of Chima set was criticized earlier this year for a building mistake made by the reviewer, or when reviewers poorly "estimated" the piece counts of those and the summer Hero Factory sets, despite the official piece counts already being publicly available from several reputable sites.

"Fueling the excitement" is not necessarily an honorable goal in and of itself. Even excitement ought to have real substance behind it, or it devolves into tabloid-level sensationalism. But even if it were unquestionably honorable, having honorable goals does not mean freedom from criticism. People DO make mistakes, and when they make mistakes they should be held accountable. And a mistake by a well-respected YouTube channel with hundreds of viewers is not the same as a mistake by a random dude on a message board. The wider and faster misinformation spreads, the more of a mess it is to clean up.

I do not criticize TTV or try to correct misinformation originating from them because I enjoy taking them to task. To be honest, I'd rather I didn't have to. I'd like to be able to just trust them completely to keep people informed. I'd rather not feel a sense of apprehension when I see they've "reviewed" a set months before its release. But if I see them saying something untrue and see others repeating that information, I feel like I'd be amiss if I didn't correct it.

So please, if you see me (or anyone) criticizing TTV, don't assume it's because I have some kind of petty grudge against them. The fact that I have high expectations of news outlets like BZPower News or TTV means that I care about what they do, and consequently, about how well they do it.


Grandpa the Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid

Posted by Xaeraz in Challenge Kourok, Oct 19 2014 · 104 views

I'm tired during the day.

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