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Life Update?

Posted by Queen of Liars in Amplifier Worship, Jan 21 2017 · 28 views

It's been a long time since I used the blog, eh? Might as well do a little life update thingy, as it's been a strange month or two for me.

Right now I am approaching two months of having worked in Azerbaijan's capital, Baku, which is pretty far from home. It's a job for an Austrian company, which looks like it will last around half a year. I'll occasionally fly back home to London for holidays and stuff, but for the most part I'll be living here, which has been pretty interesting. It's nice to have an opportunity to see a bit more of the world, I suppose. The job is nice, though at 6 days a week it doesn't leave me with too much free time, but I'm not complaining. The time zone change does make it a bit tricky to keep up with friends from around the world, but I've been managing.

So that's one big thing, but then I have also been dealing with some... gender idendity stuff? However you want to phrase it. Won't go into much detail here, but if you follow me on Tumblr you've seen my numerous posts there. So yeah, that has made it... an interesting time, I guess. We'll see where that ends up going.

Well, without going into some other stuff, that is mainly what's been going on with me lately. A whole lot of self-discovery.



Posted by Breath of the Wild in The Storyteller, Jan 20 2017 · 76 views

(notes are below the arrows at the bottom)

Posted Image

Welcome to Okoto, an island divided into six regions: Fire, Water, Ice, Stone, Earth, and the central Ancient City. Each region is populated by Protectors of their respective element (barring the Ancient City, which holds a population mixed with Protectors from every region). The regions are officially united under the banner of the Mask Maker, who rules over Okoto from the Ancient City.

Ten years ago, in the year 317 AE (After Ekimu), the Regions of Fire, Water, and Ice united to overthrow a violent and treacherous Mask Maker, known as Voxumo the Usurper. After stealing the throne for himself in a rebellion twenty years before in 296 AE with help from Fire, Ice and Stone, Voxumo had reigned over the island through fear and intimidation. It was he who saw the Earth Region crushed and destroyed, nearly wiping it off of Okoto entirely.

The true heir – a Protector of Water by the name of Pulse – had been forced to spend twenty years in hiding, as well as numerous surviving Protectors of Earth. After Voxumo had managed to fall out of favor with both the Ice Region and the Fire Region, Pulse began to make his move, slowly gathering allies within the Water Region. Forging an alliance with Fire and Ice, Pulse and his allies made their move. The Stone Region was decimated and the Jungle Region’s leadership assassinated, leaving Voxumo and his allies weakened enough for Pulse to seize the Ancient City and summon the mythical Temple of Time back to Okoto. In the battle that followed, a lone Protector of Water managed to assassinate the Usurper within his own camp, winning the battle – but not the war. This is where the events of Season 1 [link] ended.

Despite the new Mask Maker’s best attempts at forging peace, the Region of Jungle continued to fight against their rule tooth and nail for two more years, before the Fire Region Ruler (a Protector by the name of Burnmad) ordered the Jungle Region burned to the ground. Half of the Jungle Region was destroyed in the mighty blaze, and what was left was conquered and absorbed by the Fire Region - finally ending the War for the Throne in the year 319 AE.

For the next four years, Okoto lived in a tentative peace, as the Fire Region settled into its new position of power and the rest remained wary that it would attempt the same thing again. Everything changed four years ago in 323 AE, however, when the Earth Region surged back.

For twenty-six years they had lived under Okoto, hiding so deep underground that not even the Protectors of Earth they had left behind knew they still lived. Led by a great skull creature known as Kulta the Skull Grinder and protected by an army of Skull Warriors, the Protectors of Earth easily re-established their region, partnering with the Stone Region in the process to help rebuild. With the return of the Earth Region came the birth of a new religion, known as the Faith of the Skulls – those who worship the skull creatures such as Kulta and the Skull Warriors that have helped to protect and guide the Mask Makers for years beyond counting, and have now brought an entire region back from the dead.

As quickly as the Faithful appeared, so too did an opposing force – an extremely secretive group calling themselves the Knights of Ekimu, seemingly based within the Ice Region. They claim that the Skull Creatures are not to be trusted, that they seek the destruction of Okoto; the evidence seems to suggest otherwise, however, and as the Faith continues to grow, the more they outnumber the so-called Knights. In the hopes of uniting Okoto rather than instigating further conflict, the Mask Maker at this time summoned the six Heroes of Prophecy to Okoto, though their presence has often led to worsening the situation.

The Mask Maker’s inability to properly manage or deal with this conflict in a satisfactory manner has tainted his image in the eyes of many on the island, and there are some who begin to wonder if, perhaps, they even need a Mask Maker at all….

There is an air of discontent throughout Okoto. Alliances are frayed thin, and the hard-fought peace that has reigned for years is now collapsing in on itself.

Welcome back to the game of thrones, where you win or you die…

…and the prophets are starting to sing a song of shadow.

Posted Image

The game will last for ten “rounds”, known as “episodes”. Several key mechanics of the game are explained below – but I cannot stress enough that the game’s open nature truly does leave many things open to interpretation or manipulation (or even in some cases, being able to be outright ignored).

If you have any questions about whether a move you want to make is legal or not, simply shoot me a private PM to ask. If a move is impossible to make, I will make sure to let you know. If you’re up to it, you can also read through Season 1.

We’ll start off with each round lasting roughly 72 hours, and see how that goes.

Every player will make their moves for each round via PM, of which there are two kinds – OFFICIAL and BACKDOOR.

An Official PM is any PM that involves me, the host; moves made in Official PMs are the only ones that will be included in the scenes for each episode, which means that they are the only moves that will actually occur. If you want to kill another player, or bar them access to your region, that would have to take place in an Official PM. The upside to Official PMs is obvious – it is how you make things happen! The downside is that everyone will be aware of what occurs in these PMs.

When the episodes are released, I will include IC tags at the end of each “scene” to note which players can consider those particular events as something that they would know about.

A Backdoor PM, then, is any PM (or other method of communication) that I, the host, am not a part of. Anything said or done in these PMs will not be included in the scenes, which means that they will not technically occur; in this way, the downside is obviously that your abilities are limited. You cannot kill someone (or take other such drastic actions) in a Backdoor PM. But they do allow you to operate behind the scenes where I and others cannot see, and this can allow you to set up plans that might take several episodes to come to fruition.

Some Example Actions

RULER-These players rule over their respective regions (or, in the case of the Jungle Ruler, serve as their region’s backup should the Fire Ruler and Fire General both fall). They have final decision making power over the players in their region, and their opinions can often sway a vast number of Protectors. They must worry about the approval of those living in their region, as well as making sure the other players in their region actually do their jobs.

GENERAL-These players are in charge of their region’s army – maintaining it, training it, and leading it if need be. They also serve as their region’s second in command should their Ruler perish or disappear, and work directly with their region’s Toa. They must worry about their soldier’s respect, else a mutiny could occur or morale could fall.

DIPLOMAT-These players are in charge of diplomatic relations and trade. They will often need to travel in order to perform their duties, or send messages via the Guardians (though this will cost them approval within their region). They must worry about their approval, as the public will dislike a Diplomat that does not appear to be performing their duties. Travel can also be dangerous, and for Diplomats, even more so.

GUARDIAN-These players form the Mask Maker’s Council. They are a mix of the General, Diplomat, and Turaga roles; each commands a fifth of the forces defending the Ancient City, while also providing the Mask Maker with advice and helping with any diplomatic issues that arise. The Guardians each have what they refer to as “little birds” in their respective regions that will keep them informed on any happenings there; it would be possible (but difficult) for a Guardian to spread their birds into other regions as well.

TURAGA-These players are more reclusive, serving as historians, advisors, and oftentimes adventurers. Despite the honorary title, Turaga are not typically so old in their age that a simple fall would end them. They can use their vast knowledge of Okoto and its histories to help any players that might ask them for advice (particularly their Rulers), but Turaga are also known to frequently leave their regions to explore, searching out answers to new questions.

These stats will help each player to set themselves apart; you’ll fill out a stat sheet and send it to me via PM when you sign up. If you already know which role you will have, you can fill out the form to help you – or, if you’re feeling mischievous, you could fill it out to help you in different areas. Certain players will receive bonuses in particular areas depending on their roles; other players might lose stats in certain areas for the same reason… but keep in mind that these modifications will only occur after you have sent your form in.

You will be given 40 points to assign wherever you choose, and can assign a maximum of 10 points to any individual stat; whenever you make a move, the relevant stat will be added to an RNG roll out of 10 for a combined result out of 20.

The stats are as follows:
STRENGTH – (Attack Damage, Physical Strength, Use of Larger Weapons & Tools such as Crossbows & Swords)
PERCEPTION – (Noticing Surroundings – World & People, Recognizing an Attack or Attack Opportunity)
ENDURANCE – (Stamina, Ability to Withstand Damage, Ability to use Masks of Power)
CHARISMA – (Public Approval, Ability to Persuade NPCs – Possibly Players, How You Are Perceived by Others)
INTELLIGENCE – (Chance of Success with Complex Actions & Attacks – Intelligence Checks, Damage & Hit Chance with Mask-Related Attacks, Ability to Plan/Approach Situations, Historical Knowledge)
AGILITY – (Dodging, Hit Mitigation if Dodge Fails, Stealth, Use of Smaller Weapons & Tools such as Daggers & Small Hammers)
LUCK – (Can be used as a “Saving Throw’ if a Roll Fails or used to improve chances with a Difficult Roll, Acts as a ‘Faith’ stat for Members of the Faithful)

The Ancient City

The Fire Region

The Water Region
The Ice Region

The Stone Region

The Earth Region


So this is BZPGOT Season 2 as it stands right now. I'm posting it here so that you can all look it over for any mistakes you might find, or so that you can give suggestions regarding game mechanics and such.

I've spoken with a few people about additions to the game - so if you see that something is missing, please let me know and I'll make sure to include it in the final draft!

I'm estimating a release for the game in February.


Was God On Vacation? Review

Posted by Jean Valjean in Kraggh's Works ♫♪, Jan 20 2017 · 47 views

Posted Image

:kaukau: A while back, an Iowa state representative by the name of John Kooiker gave me a book after church. He was an old friend of mine, an elder I looked up to and regularly talked with after services had convened. I meant to read it right away.

Around ten years later, I finally got around to it. It's a shame that it took me this long. I should be far more eager to complete a book when someone gives it to me. It's the polite thing to do. And anyway, I didn't read it because I remembered John Kooiker. I read it because my father read it in my stead when I first took it home. All these years, my old man has been asking me if I've gotten around to reading that book. He really wanted me to read it, because he loved it, which is no surprise. The book is about a Dutchman who did amazing things during World War II. My father's a Dutchman, so the story was relevant to him.

Like the judge giving in to the persistent widow, I listened to him after a while. A decade later, I finally picked the book up and put my nose to it from start to finish.

Overall, it was an interesting account. It's the true story of Jakobus "Jack" van der Geest, who was a teenager when the Germans first invaded the Netherlands. That much I knew from what John Kooiker had told me when he handed me the book. The first few chapters is about how he fought in the Dutch underground, got reported on by his neighbor named Reita, ended up being shipped to Buchenwald, was mistaken for a doctor and forced to help the Nazi doctors with their experiments, became so thin that eventually he got away with faking death, being thrown into a pile of dead bodies, and eventually crawled out at night and killed the Nazi officer patrolling the pile, at which point he took the officer's clothes and sneaked out of the concentration camp.

This is non-fiction, so I don't think that it's a big deal to give away spoilers. However, I'm not going to write up a summary of Jack van der Geest's story in this review. I very well could. After all, I knew most of the things that were going to happen in this book because my father told me about several of Jack's stories. However, perhaps you want to read this for yourself instead of just getting a brief description of his adventures from me. I don't want to take away your reason for going out and buying this book.

What I will say is that Carol Ordemann, who transcribed the story for Jack, didn't necessarily do the best job. I noticed several typos, among other things, which is an objective flaw in its writing. A published book shouldn't have any typos. It's extremely unprofessional to have them. That's the other complaint that I have about Ordemann's writing, that it isn't very professional. The story is in the first person, which makes me wish that van der Geest didn't seek out someone else to write the book for him. I'm not expecting him to have the writing ability of Elie Wiesel, but I still would imagine that he'd have enough of a knack for storytelling to write this book himself. As it stands, Ordemann's first-person writing doesn't feel very personal and doesn't put me in his skin. It feels emotionally distanced. Also egregiously, there are times then Carol writes a person as having said something "while smiling" or some other expression, and it's really frustrating because it sounded to my ear like she was creatively filling in the blanks of various scenes in order to make them feel more like first-person recollections and not like they were actual memories of van der Geest. This book could have felt a lot more reliable, but I didn't trust the illustrator when actual scenes were being illustrated. Did I trust the overall story and the events therein? Yes, but not the details of the conversations, which in the meantime were flat.

Another problem that this book has is the title. van der Geest briefly implores if God is on vatation while in Buchenwald, but but he then figures that God is on his side when he escapes, and the subject isn't explored again. Once more, I bring up Elie Wiesel, author of Night and God On Trial, who brought up the death of one's faith beautifully, poignantly, and personally in his memoirs, and does a good job of making the reader feel very invested in the question of God's goodness. Was God On Vacation? doesn't explore this question and give a lot of insight into just what van der Geest was going through spiritually, or if he thought that much about his spirituality at all. There are brief mentions of God throughout the book, but they aren't brought up with a lot of conviction, or a sense of urgency that says that says that the Divine is an important subject for conversation. It isn't thematic of the book. It's just a small detail, which makes me think that it doesn't belong in the title, especially when Jack van der Geest only struggles with the question in one of the early chapters.

It's frustrating, because the story truly is a good one. However, I think I'd rather retell it myself in my own way, as a folk tale, to my children. It's a story that's better told than read.



Incoherent and Probably Stupid Thought, 20/01/2017

Posted by Mask Maker Pulse Vatten in A Dream of Divinity, Jan 20 2017 · 64 views

What if our eyes were actually tiny televisions?

(Here is where you insert a paragraph on humans being metaphorically blind in this hypothetical world where humans have tiny televisions in their eyes)


Thoughts on Logan Trailer 2

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster in The Island., Jan 19 2017 · 39 views
Logan, Wolverine, X-Men

So a new trailer for Logan was release today. Said trailer is below. I will note that there is somewhat of a spoiler in it for those who read the comics that involves one of the characters. If you want to see this film knowing as little about it as possible, then don't watch the trailer or read anymore. otherwise, let's get on with this.

While I liked the first Logan trailer a little more than this one, I still think this is a good one too. I think the biggest reveal in it is that the girl is Laura Kinney aka X-23. It was speculated that she was this character when the first trailer was revealed, but this one all but confirms it.

I'm interested in seeing what her origin story is, and how much influence it will take from the comics. Because in said comics, she is a 'clone-daughter' of Logan. I wonder if she will have the same backstory here, or if she'll just be a Mutant similar to Logan and that they just put adamantium on her bones. We'll just have to wait for the film to come out and see.

The other thing that really caught my attention was the fact that the X-Men comics exist in this universe. I'm not sure how I feel about them existing in these movies. But if people with powers actually did exist in the real world, someone probably would make a comic book based on them. :P So I guess it could make sense for these to be a thing in the X-Men movies. Again, we'll just have to wait and see what Logan does with this plot point.

And as with the first trailer, there is a red band version of this trailer out there too. While the violence in it is the same as in the green band, it does have some adult language, which is why I won't link it here. But you can find it on YouTube if you want to see it.

Overall, this trailer has made me even more excited to see this. Like I said, I thought the first one was better. But this is still a good trailer on its own. March 3rd can't get here soon enough. B-)

What do you all think of this trailer? Will you be seeing Logan when it comes out?


Tsundere Program Non-Optional

Posted by Alola Form Pahrak in Mt. Coronet, Jan 18 2017 · 51 views

I’m watching someone play Steins;Gate 0 and I realized something. (No spoilers don’t worry.)

Amadeus Kurisu is an AI based on the memories of someone who (during the plot of 0) is dead.

MegaMan.EXE is an AI who (somehow) incorporates the DNA of a deceased person.

Basically they’re one and the same and I propose we refer to Amadeus Kurisu as MegaMakise.EXE from now on.


A Review of Unfortunate Television

Posted by Hordaki in Presumably Coherent Ramblings, Jan 17 2017 · 46 views
TV, Lemony Snicket

I've always been a fan of the books and I liked the movie, so I was really excited for the Netflix adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events. If you've never read the books, it's about three recently-orphaned children who are pursued by a villainous actor who wants nothing more than their family fortune told through a strange blend of mystery and black comedy with a lot of witty narration by the titular author Lemony Snicket. The show itself does a great job of capturing the tone of the books, with Patrick Warburton as the perfect Snicket and Neil Patrick Harris as a funny yet despicable Count Olaf. While it doesn't follow the books perfectly, most of the changes are additions to serve the ongoing mystery (which is understandable, the mystery in the books didn't start until around 5 and the show goes through the first 4). The show isn't for everyone, but if you have Netflix I would highly recommend checking it out. It's a very fresh debut for the new series.

If you saw it, what did you think?


14 Years

Posted by xccj in Team J.A.F., Jan 17 2017 · 50 views

That's how long I've been on BZPower now. I can't think of anything significant about 14 years... although I guess this does mean I've been on BZPower for about half my life. Yay. (That spinny mask of water should appear any time now...)

In other news, I was gonna mail out some prizes the other day... then the region I live in got hit with the worst snow storm in 30 years. Sooooo... yeah, maybe later.



I like to move it, move it

Posted by SPIRIT in SPIRIT's Blog, Jan 16 2017 · 96 views

I moved.

I live in British Columbia now.

Big shout-out to all my PST peeps! West Coast is Best Coast! (unless I go somewhere else in which case my opinion on the west coast may change)


Room Files 01: Check out that gorgeous face

Posted by Naked Link in I am Luroka, Makuta Luroka, Jan 16 2017 · 73 views
sorry, not sorry

Room Files 01: Check out that gorgeous face Wherein Makuta Luroka shamelessly parodies a blog entry by Voltex.


Of Job Apps and Monochromatic Feeling

Posted by SwagtronYOLO in Designated Tekulo Crying Corner ♡, Jan 15 2017 · 120 views

So, I've heard back from my summer job and they are interested in having me back for summer 2017. That's all well and good, but honestly I'm a bit nervous about a few things. If I go it means I'd have to bring a laptop so I could job hunt properly. Also if I'm applying there would be virtually no way for me to receive phone calls as there is no cell service. I'm hesitant to bring anything that valuable as the security up there is pretty bad. Plus I'd be sharing a room again with two strangers. My laptop is new and cost me several dollars. I kinda don't want it stolen.

There are a couple of other jobs I've applied to as well. It would mean I'd move out of my parent's house (Thank freaking Smooze) and I'd be living with an awesome friend of mine (which would be a much welcome change of pace). Ideally I would be working at a bakery (which are the jobs I've applied to) and everything in that area is walkable so I wouldn't have to worry about not having a car.

Honestly I'm hoping for the latter of two scenarios to play out.

Honestly I've been stressing out a lot about the future as of late, and I think my seasonal depression is kicking in which is just lovely (and by lovely I actually mean it is terrible and I hate having to live with it). Still, there hasn't been anything alarming as far as my depression goes since the start of the year, so it's manageable at least.

Still, the worst case scenario right now is that I take a summer job instead of something full time, so life could totally be worse right now.

Stay Swaggin'


Mask Maker

Posted by Tolkien in In a hole in the ground there lived..., Jan 15 2017 · 182 views

As a final act in 2016, I've posted an epic entitled Mask Maker. It's a final take on the Bionicle G1 storyline that has been taking shape for a few years now. Here's the main topic and the review topic if you're interested in reading and/or commenting. It'll also be on my tumblr blog. See ya '16.


CH 1 Labor
CH 2 Deadline
CH 3 Last
CH 4 Embrace
CH 5 All Wrong
CH 6 Ages
CH 7 Invert (New)



Posted by Bfahome in You're attacked by a Repair Nektann, Jan 15 2017 · 63 views

Makuta Decided to render up that LDD Makuta I made a while ago.


Gaming Morality

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Jan 14 2017 · 105 views

Essays, Not Rants! 252: Gaming Morality

So here's the basic concept of Dishonored 2: the empress has been deposed. You play as either said deposed empress (Emily) or her royal protector (Corvo) and carve a path of revenge against the usurper and her cabal of those who dishonored you (hence the title). Along the way you meet the Outsider who gives you a bunch of magical powers, ranging from teleporting and stopping time to linking enemies together (so if you kill one you kill 'em all!) to straight up stopping time.

Now, there are many ways to play Dishonored 2, something that's hyped up both in the promotional materials and the game itself. You can sneak through each mission, unseen by anyone, or run in obvious as a strobe light. You can assassinate each target or find another way to eliminate them. You can kill every enemy you come across or choke them into unconsciousness.

Like I said: options! So many ways to play the game!

Which is where the game's narrative gets in the way. Dishonored 2 has this thing called Chaos which is determined by how you dispatch targets and how many people you kill. Chaos determines your ending, and the way to get the good (or at least better) ending is through low Chaos. Essentially, the narrative encourages you to eschew violence (and some of those nifty powers). It makes sense, if you want the ending where Emily is a fair and just empress, wanton slaughter isn't becoming. It's this odd sort of ludonarrative dissonance where the game gives you these wonderful gameplay options the narrative then discourages you from using. Now, it does give replayability a boost which, given that I just finished my fourth playthrough(no powers, no stealth, high bodycount), does work.

BioShock is held up as a treatise exploring the relationship between player and game (rightfully so). The ending of the game you receive, however, is based on what you do about the Little Sisters. These creepy looking girls can be either saved or absorbed for ADAM, a resource you can use to improve your abilities. Now, saving the Little Sisters gets you some ADAM too, just at a different rate from absorption. When I played BioShock, I saved the first Little Sister, then, wanting to know what would happen and how much ADAM I'd receive, absorbed the next, then chose to save the rest. Upon finishing the game, my ending was noticeably downbeat - which confused me: I'd saved all those Little Sisters! Some research (googling) turned up that to get that good ending you had to save all of them, and absorbing even just one earned you a pretty harsh one (absorbing all garners you one more sorrowful). I was kinda annoyed, I'd only absorbed one! But then, I had still chosen to absorb one, so I suppose that does still make me a bit of a villain. So it makes sense.

Still harsh, though.

At the least, Dishonored 2 and BioShock don't punish you gameplay-wise for your moral choices. Knights of The Old Republic allows you to make light side and dark side choices throughout the game because it’s Star Wars so Jedi and all that. In the late game there are armor and such that you can equip if you lean far enough in either direction. If you've been making decisions in both directions, though, tough. In the second KOTOR also has a whole section you can only access as a light or dark sider. Playing a more nuanced game gets you nothing. Which I suppose works in the Star Wars context, but, playing as an amnesiac former Sith Lord (oh, spoiler) and a Jedi exiled from the Order, I figure a level of permissiveness ought to color the KOTOR games.

Mass Effect 2 (also done by Bioware, who did the first KOTOR) had a similar issue, where not leaning too strongly in a Paragon (saves the day nicely) or Renegade (saves the day meanly) fashion prevents you from taking certain dialogue options and getting certain outcomes later on. It discourages you from mixing up how you respond (also, taking too many Paragon actions makes your dope scars disappear, boo). Mass Effect 3 rectifies it somewhat by letting the player accumulate Reputation from taking Paragon and/or Renegade options rather than a more lukewarm approach. So instead the game rewards you for taking a strong stance either way.

Perhaps the problem with video game morality is its binary nature. You, for the most part, are either good or bad and the narrative typically plays out accordingly – sometimes rendering judgment. I find that open ended narratives work better as in Mass Effect, where the decisions of your actions aren’t always so black and white: choosing to destroy the data earned by illegal vivisection means you won’t be able to save a character later down the line. Morality in video games – and ‘good’ and ‘bad’ endings – is an interesting and still developing facet of gaming that’s arguably limited by tech and designers’ patience. I’m undoubtedly curious to see how video games handle this going forward – especially Bioware’s upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda. The virtuality of gaming makes for a fun space to try things and see what happens, consequences are great, limiting gameplay less so.

Or maybe Dishonored 2 could use just a few more non-lethal power options.


Generic Switch Entry

Posted by A severe lack of F-Zero in Terrible Things for a ToaDally Low Cost, Jan 13 2017 · 61 views

It's ok.

The lack of anything F-Zero once again makes me salty as the ocean, new Xenoblade and Bomberman is great to see, but paid online and a lack of general interest for BoTW or anything else really hasn't sold me on the console yet.



Posted by Xenoblade Two in Elysium, Jan 13 2017 · 81 views

Posted Image


An Ambitious Announcement

Posted by Roman Torchwick in The Chronicles of Nato, Jan 10 2017 · 149 views
Epics, Bionifight, Story and 2 more...

An Ambitious Announcement Those of you who know me are probably aware that I'm a frequent visitor of the Lego and Bionicle TRPG forums on this site, and that Bionifight Infinite is unashamedly my favourite out of all the games I've had the pleasure of being a part of.

Now, the people who played Bionifight Infinite/Landfall alongside me will know all too well that I went a bit overboard with creating characters, having made well over a dozen profiles over the course of the game. However, due to the way Bionifight was set up, the vast majority of those characters were impossible to use in other games, and since I suck at writing fanfics, I was forced to abandon many of the characters I used in Bionifight.

With the anniversary of Bionifight's end coming up soon, I saw an opportunity to indulge in writing as some of those characters again. However, when I actually began the writing process, what was intended to be a series of short stories briefly exploring the lives of some of my characters after the tournament, began to grow and evolve into a much bigger and more complex epic.

So, without further ado, let me present Bionifight Remembrance.

The basic premise is that the survivors of Infinite/Landfall have found themselves abducted and thrust into a new tournament, one that's been organised by surviving villainous characters from the game. The problem is, I don't have nearly enough characters of my own left to populate a story this big. And that, is where you come in.

I'm looking for players from Bionifight Infinite who'd be interested in offering up characters and creativity to help this project come to fruition. And of course, Voltex, as the creator of Bionifight, I would greatly appreciate your blessing in this endeavour, without which I wouldn't dare actually posting the story on BZP.

Anyone who's interested, leave a comment below, or send me a PM, and I'll get around to throwing together a group PM or Skype chat sometime in the near future to discuss what I've gotten written so far, and where the story can go from there.


RIP Scalebound

Posted by ~Shockwave~ in The Aurora's Edge, Jan 09 2017 · 63 views

Well, NieR is coming to PC so I have one platinum game to look forward to. So there's that. Fingers crossed for some good games announced with the switch, because at this point there aren't many good exclusives to look forward to.


Good Timing

Posted by danny316p in danny316p's Blog, Jan 09 2017 · 84 views

Coincidences are fun. This morning, BZP's front page announced that I'd be joining the staff here. This evening, my dying phone ate the phone numbers of every BZP member I had in there.

I maintain that this is not a "message from the universe". A better conspiracy theory: AT&T has plans to launch their own competing Bionicle fansite and wants to leave the competition in disarray.


Half My Life Ago

Posted by Illuminatus in The Minimalist, Jan 08 2017 · 73 views
12 years, membership, bzpower

It looks like I got a new spinny yesterday and it just hit me I've been a member here for 12 years. I turned 24 last month.

I've been a BZP member for half my life now.

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