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Record Store Day

Posted by Bfahome in You're attacked by a Repair Nektann, Apr 20 2014 · 13 views

Record Store Day Because suddenly I like vinyl or something.
Limited release Drink The Sea/We Can Make The World Stop combo with funky color-blended records.
Also I saw another LEGO Movie pillow at WalMart.  Different one, though, and I didn't feel like picking this one up.


I'm gonna vent

Posted by ~Shockwave~ in The Aurora's Edge, Apr 19 2014 · 20 views

So, as some of you know, I'm not terribly thrilled with the goings on of my life at the moment. I can't find a job, though that's taken a backseat to trying to pass my writing class. Which is not going well. At all.  I spent more than the "recommended" amount of hours on that waste of time and pulled an almost D. But the comments I got on the essay didn't seem to even match the essay. The only coherent reason that made any sense that I could get from my teacher while talking to her about it was that I didn't use my sources. Which is true, but 5 sources for a five paragraph essay is insane. and on Thursday when I was leaving class I heard her talking to another student about grading their essay to harshly and I very nearly lost it while my friend proceeded to indulge in a fit of laughter as soon as we where out of earshot. Which I will admit is rather appropriate given the circumstances
And I feel like a five paragraph essay is something I should be past in my freshmen year of college. It's little more than an outline, painful to write and absolutely snore inducing to read. Not to mention that it only allows us to analyze three subjects and doesn't do so effectively.
Though on the good side I had a gift copy of Lego Marvel Super Heroes drop out of nowhere which kind of made my week. So that's cool.
But really. I just want to shut down and not have to worry about anything for awhile. I feel like I can't get anything to go the way I'd like it to. And it doesn't seem to matter how much effort I put into it. And from what I've heard it only gets worse from here.


For Want of a Glass of Water

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Apr 19 2014 · 22 views

Essays, Not Rants! 109: For Want of a Glass of Water
Kurt Vonnegut once said, “every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water.” This piece of advice functions as a very simple and straightforward way to ensure a character has some semblance of depth.
What's important about a goal? A goal gives a character purpose and gives an audience a reason to invest. In Star Wars, Luke wants to leave Tatooine. In How I Met Your Mother, Ted wanted to meet the mother (or at least we thought he did). In Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow wants his ship back. As viewers, we want characters to want something. It’s dull if a character just exists with no want (i.e. Ted for many of the later seasons of Mother). Chuck begins with a very complacent Chuck who’s just floating through life. Receiving the Intersect gives him a purpose too.
Characters then have to do something about it. Solid Snake crawls trough a microwave chamber in Metal Gear Solid 4 to stop the Patriots. Katniss famously volunteers as tribute. Taking a proactive role about their goals is what separates Katniss from Bella Swan. The former may want Edward and/or Jacob, but she just sits around; Katniss actively fights for not only her life, but for those of her friends. It’s not enough for a character to have a goal, they have to do something about it. Jack Sparrow spending two hours talking about how much he wants the Black Pearl would be a terribly boring movie.
Those are the fundamentals of having a potentially interesting character. Following that we need conflict. There has to be something stopping the character from getting what they want. Harry wants to be a wizard with the sense of family and acceptance it entails, Voldemort wants him dead. That conflict of interest fills seven books. This so called ‘external conflict’ as your High School English teacher called it can be far more subtle. In The Last of Us, Joel’s goal becomes to protect Ellie whereas her goal is to make her life count. For the most part the goals don’t interfere, but when they do we get some magnificent, quiet drama.
Additionally, having the protagonist conflicted makes them that much more interesting as we get to watch them change or resist it. Columbus in Zombieland already has the zombies interfering with his goal of staying alive. His emergent want to win Wichita’s heart, though, also screws with his sense of self-preservation. Suddenly, Columbus has to make a choice: what does he value more, his life or Wichita? A conflict like this forces the character to change. Columbus has always been a wimp, someone who’d rather cower than take action. His interactions with Wichita force him to nut up and grow.
But what if she doesn’t get the water? Sometimes the most interesting thing to happen in a story is for the character to not achieve their goal. Tom’s goal in (500) Days of Summer is to win Summer’s heart, then to stay with Summer, and then to win her back. It’s his proverbial glass of water and what the film centers on. Tom, however, doesn’t end up with Summer. The complete destruction of his goal forces him to reassess everything and, eventually, gets him back on track to doing what he wants in life. Losing the goal he thinks he wanted reveals what he really wanted. Like a conflicted desire, it gives added layers to his character.
Conversely, achieving a goal may crush the character. Zero Dark Thirty ends with Bin Laden dead and Maya Lambert successful. She’s achieved her goal, but her goal was all consuming. The film leaves her suddenly aimless and without purpose, adding a sense of somber hollowness to it all. Just as giving a desultory character a goal yields interest, so does robbing a purposeful character of hers.
Wants and goals fuel stories. Look at Game of Thrones, everyone wants something, almost always at the expense of someone else. These goals breed conflict and add depth to characters. Just make it more than a glass of water.


Actual progress!

Posted by Ringabel in D's journal, Apr 19 2014 · 30 views

Well, today I went out and had no access to my computer.
I did, however, had access to my 3DS. Which means I decided to get some stuff done in Bravely Default.
I have finally gotten Ringabel (Or should I say myself now? I dunno...) a job. Merchant.
looks pimpin'.
After that, I beat Chapter 1, and right now I'm in 2, just got the Summoner and Ranger asterisk...Now onto the mountain!
in a few weeks probably :P


Sci-fi guns

Posted by Necro in Double Standard Three; Back From The Dead!, Apr 19 2014 · 55 views
black megaphones and 2 more...

Posted Image
Remember when this was what Lego blasters looked like?


Insomnia Killed (Recap)

Posted by Agnes Oblige in The Temple of Wind, Apr 19 2014 · 36 views

Recap 03: Insomnia Killed
We’re back again. It’s been three weeks already, gosh. This week was certainly an interesting one. My brain is blanking right now, but I’m sure you’re reading an entry lengthier than the norm right now regardless.
So... this week.
I have to work alongside one of my bosses for our Art Program, but there has been very little communication outside of the classes themselves, and on Monday I ended up having to figure out a way to make coloring with pastels last an hour with three different classes, filled with increasingly older and more skilled kids. It was a nightmare. This Monday we’re doing manga... I don’t even read manga. The sooner we get to the weeks where we focus on Shepard Fairey and Bill Watterson, the better.
I had my first (and probably last) real field trip for this year on Wednesday; we went to the Ontario Science Center and were easily the oldest group there. The presentation we saw was dreadfully boring, the imax video we watched I had already seen, and I was too familiar with the building itself to be suffering déjà vu, so I am currently stuck on a hunt for information to determine when exactly I was last there.
The trip itself was terrible. In addition to my complaints above, every single bit of service I received while on the trip was terrible. At Subway, the person behind the counter got mad at me for using a Subway gift card; at Tim Hortons, both the person behind the counter and the manager tried to tell me that they didn’t serve lattes, and in the science center (especially at the theater portion), the employees were all snooty. But to top it all off, when I was paying for my lunch in the science center’s way overpriced cafeteria, some dude that had at least two feet of height on me came over and threatened me for trying to “chat up his girlfriend”, who was apparently the super old lady (okay, maybe not that old but still) behind the counter. I guess purchasing food counts as asking for a date? If that was true, I could have a million different people going to prom with me.
I almost punched him, but I decided not to because I didn’t want to ruin my pizza. Also, he was three times my size, and I didn’t really want to find out if there would be any benefits to him beating me to oblivion after I physically instigated a fight.
On the bright side, while I suffered an entirely sleepless night on Tuesday, on Wednesday (once I was able to stop fuming, which was actually easy enough because I was exhausted at that point) I slept very well, and I have slept easily for the past two nights since. I have killed the insomnia! +1 points.
I’m about 90% certain that I’ll be receiving my mid-term marks on Tuesday (technically the reports go home Friday, but I’ll just ask the teachers because why not), so we’ll see how that goes. I know at last count I was tied with someone for the highest mark in English (ironically, the girl I asked to prom), and on the IB scale I had a Level 6. I’m hoping that I managed to bump my mark up to a Level 7, but in the most probable event that I did not, I’ll settle for taking the lead in marks. If I’ve fallen behind I’ll cry a little, since I’ve never actually been at the top of a class before.
Actually, I probably won’t cry. I’ll just sulk for a couple of hours.
Aside from that, the biggest part of this week was working on Bionicle Mafia Uprising. While you all would either jump to “I don’t care about your silly story” or “Didn’t you just post one chapter, and that was it”, I will mention here that there are three different things in the pipeline for the series that are being worked on; this is alongside what I’m doing so far for Book 2, and a short story that I will release later this year that must be re-read and improved to perfection.
That’s it for this week. I’m hoping eventually something that’s actually emotionally significant will happen, because obviously those are the most interesting to read. All I’m doing right now is complaining about not fighting guys that would beat me up if I tried.
What a shame. But at least I have more points!
Point Total: 2


The Legend

Posted by Tolkien in In a hole in the ground there lived..., Apr 19 2014 · 36 views
matanuyamajai, amatanuzai, etc





Ivaha vahai,

Mata Nui ini-wahi uvoya;

Nohi-artakhai akoa,

Matoran roya, karaya.


In the time before time,

The Great Spirit descended from the heavens,

Carrying us, the ones called the Matoran,

To this island paradise...




Oa kaitura, maitura;

Mata Nui i-Haua-Ngavongu,

Kaita, Maita, Vaita,

Oai takaya.


We were separate and without purpose,

So the Great Spirit illuminated us

With the Three Virtues:

Unity, Duty, and Destiny...




Oa i-Hau kouya;         

Ihahla, oa Mata Nui   

Inohi-reahi rokha;      

Nga i’Amana rohi.      


We embraced these gifts,

And in gratitude,

We named our island home Mata Nui,

After the Great Spirit himself...




Oa-hahli rhourakha:

Mata Nui-ro, nga Makuta,

Suva vorakha, akai guurakha.

Makuta ikouka Mata Nui zya.


But our happiness was not to last.

Mata Nui's brother, the Makuta,

Was jealous of these honors and betrayed him.

Makuta cast a spell over Mata Nui, who fell into a deep slumber...




Makutaka nohi maya,

Itaua bo-wahi jutlamoya,

Avotaka kokha,

Hau-raga ceuraya.


Makuta's power dominated the land,

As fields withered away,

Sunlight grew cold,

And ancient values were forgotten...




This was originally posted via tumblr over the space of a few weeks, and now that it's complete, I thought I'd share it here. It's a rough translation of the Legend of Mata Nui, and if you've been following along with the last three posts, you may recognize a few things. I'm considering posting a full gloss once I find the time. Currently, a continuation is in progress: The Prophecy (of the Toa), the first few passages of which have already found their way online.




I Watched Frozen Last Night

Posted by xccj in Team J.A.F., Apr 19 2014 · 98 views

And stayed up too late watching it cause I had to be in to work today, gut jeeze traffic was mucked up and made my evening commute 2.5 hours so I had to stay up late to watch it anyway.
Anyways, my thoughts below, and some spoilers, I guess? Reader beware.
So I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I like the socially awkward princess; Disney needs more of them. I mean, I'm all for confident female leads and stuff, but there was a more realistic feel of Anne compared to others. (Or maybe I just never cared much for princess movies in the 90s... I was perhaps not the target audience either.) I do like how they criticized the "love at first sight" thing because I was all "CLICHE" when it first appeared but approved of it afterwards for debunking it. Anyway, the animation was good, some of the action scenes were fun (but nothing too over the top... and somehow the magic snow monsters don't qualify as over the top for me. Meh) The music was okay... but besides the main one, most of the songs are forgettable. (To be fair, the only Disney movie where I've enjoyed pretty much all the songs was Aladdin.) Still, this was a fun movie to watch and I can see why it got so much praise.
But also, goodness, it does have a strong X Men vibe to it. I've heard the comparison a couple of times before, so I was expecting it, but it was really quite there.
Also, SPOILER, everybody dies in the end. By freezing. Thus why it's called "Frozen." Kinda gruesome for a Disney film.


A painting, and a derp

Posted by Pomegranate in Hundreds of Crimson Seeds, Apr 19 2014 · 35 views
watercolor, im such a dummy

So I painted this portrait of my dad which was fun, but his eyes were too close together and the bridge of his nose too narrow (I really need to get back into the habit of stepping back and looking at the sketch from a distance, 'cause obviously it looks perfect close up) so it looks more like a caricature :P

Posted Image

Also I was cleaning up and realized I had forgotten about two small bins of LEGO that are literally right under my arm next to me on the shelf, which is ridiculous cause I dragged my large bin and like 5 big bags of LEGO right under them and I dunno how I missed those, I'm absolutely blind. Of course they're filled to the brim with a ton of tan and dark grey parts which would've been perfect for my contest entry elephant thing, and also the 2003 Kraahkan which I'd been looking for for a while. Awesome :P


Record Store Day 2014

Posted by Fox Mulder in The Truth Is Out There, Apr 19 2014 · 29 views

I went for one thing, I left with one thing. and I couldn't be happier.
Posted Image
I got Katatonia's RSD exclusive 12" B-sides compilation Kocytean, limited to 2000 copies, on glorious translucent orange vinyl.
this is officially my most prized possession.


Trade Ya

Posted by Bambi in The Small Horse, Apr 19 2014 · 38 views

17 minutes!
So, anyone else playing Legends of Equestria this weekend?
Alright, let's do this

Pinkie Pie screaming, what a great way to start an episode...

That's how they should already be treating her

Hm, stream is a bit choppy


I feel stupid for watching these

And we're back

Poor Spike

I think that's the first time we've seen wings used like that

Will she trade that?

Why do I smell shippers this early on?

That's a cool stand

That for a book?



I feel my brain melting...

Good, we're back

How will Applejack know?

What would that pony want with them?

I see Cheerliee


I'll trade Pinkie for something

What in the

Then they use all the earnings from the books to get the stuff for Applejack and Rarity

No one is paying

What is up with the stream? It's glitching


Commercials again..

Looks lie we'll be seeing the Changelings again. God knows how much bronies wanted them to return

And we're back

Will Rainbow end up trading her book?

A dog like that for a bird call?

Alright, well. That episode was interesting, but not one I'll want to watch over and over


Fighting Anyone Who Says Otherwise

Posted by Unikitty Tekulo in This is My Lawn ♫♪, Apr 18 2014 · 89 views

Pfffft, I don't care, you can disagree with me as much as you like, and you can like whatever you want.  =P
Heck, the fact that we can be so different is just one of the things that makes us so great to begin with.  ^^
(I keep seeing this phrase being said on here, and I just thought it would be nice if someone actually said this.  So... yeah I guess that's all I wanted to say)
Well, I suppose there is one thing I will fight you over...
~Tekulo <3


I'm Working on a Story

Posted by Greninja #0579 in Letters From the Void, Apr 18 2014 · 80 views

Not a Bionicle story, though it does involve Elemental powers/regions I guess huh it may have influenced me more than I realized I should be careful about that
It's a fantasy story in a medieval setting where the major countries are ruled by Queens with magic crowns.  They're the characters the story will focus on.  Right now I have 12 Queens, each attuned to a specific fighting style/school of magic.  That’s kind of a lot of characters, so I wonder if I should take some out.  Just going with the characters I have plans for right now, I could easily cut that number in half.
But…since these Queens are also goddesses, I kind of want a larger group to build the mythology.  Plus, I don’t want to cut any of these schools of magic, and if a school of magic exists, I want there to be a Queen for it.  Even with a smaller cast, there would still be some Queens who get more attention than others.  Also, I'm not entirely sure how I would want to reorganize my schools of magic to accommodate for this smaller cast of goddesses.
Just going by this vague information, does anyone have any suggestions?


The Gender Ratio

Posted by Justin Bieber in Caffeine and Awkward Hugs, Apr 18 2014 · 182 views

If you agree with this, go read this post.
If you don't agree with this, then good job! Go read this post instead.
If you're confused, go read this post.
If none of the above apply to you, then this post is the one for you.


From: Games

Posted by Reznas in Reminiscence of a Feeble Past..., Apr 18 2014 · 77 views

very answered
such closed

Source: Games
This is why we love Ryan.


On Representation

Posted by Sumiki in Blogarithm, Apr 17 2014 · 288 views

BZPower is the only place on the Internet where I feel as if I can truly state what I feel without fear of someone seeing half a sentence and assuming something terrible about what I'm trying to communicate. I take a middle-of-the-road approach and try to see the good in people, and I feel as if BZPower is the only site that won't blow up in my face when it comes to moderate viewpoints.

- - - - - 
Well, the latest firestorm of drama hit BZP earlier - this time on representation in media. It's a change of pace from what these flare-ups are normally about, but that doesn't mean that it's not an important and hot-button issue.
My three major points are bolded.
There is no excuse for not having female characters in modern media.

None whatsoever.
First, though, let's look at what representation really is.

Representation is, for the most part, determined from capitalistic tendencies. Once the media gets in its collective head that the men are the people they should be focusing their energies and spending their money on, the vicious cycle begins. This goes for race as well - I was watching an episode of the brilliant late '90s sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun the other day and the main characters - aliens in the show's narrative - said that they'd chosen to be white because that was the color of everyone on TV. While a throwaway gag in the context of the episode (one which poignantly highlighted the inherent absurdity of racism), it stuck with me.
Women make up half of all the people on Earth, so it's much easier to explain a male-dominated media as an offshoot of a patriarchal society. But if we defocus the issue from one of representation of women and into representation as a whole, things get quite a bit dicier. 
People of all races, genders, and orientations exist. I mean, there are over seven billion of us now, so even the most minor of minority groups have significant numbers. One would think that what would follow would be representation for every group equal to their number.
Unless you've been living under a rock, however, it's clear that it hasn't happened.
So ... why?
Some point to internalized prejudices. While this could account for some media behavior, I harbor serious reservations that it accounts for all media - and all media are affected by this. What, then, is the most logical explanation?
Like I said - by following the money.
If you're a member of a group, you're going to want to get a cut of the majority. In America and much of the West, this means white people. If you're the biggest ethnic group, people who want to market stuff to the mainstream will probably market it towards you, because that's where the money lies.
If you're a member of a minority group, I think it's only fair to have media representation for you. The culture that led to the situation we're in has to change.

When minorities appear, they are often in token form. I shouldn't have to explain why this perpetuates stereotypes, but if we look at this from the broad view that I keep trying to get at, then we see that the smaller the minority, the less of a chance that a character from that minority will appear in media. Why? Again, money. If you're a studio executive and you want to make a movie sell, would you include characters that the perceived "majority" would relate to?
Most of them answer "yes," because it's the easy way out. Only now are we started to see the inklings of a fundamental change. The more bits of media that have minorities that are successful, the more that the people who are in charge of the media will see the fundamental error of their ways.
Here's another thing to keep in mind here: Representation does not always mean positive representation.

Let's take The Big Bang Theory. Among its quartet of protagonists, a trio represent some sort of minority: asexuals, Indians, and Jews. All of which are, at some point, played for laughs - or for whatever the writers think is funny. (It's not funny.)

When the most prominent asexual character in modern media is Sheldon Cooper, you know something's gone off the rails somewhere along the line. While gay characters are on the rise, a lot of them are accompanied by harmful stereotypes. Don't even get me started on bisexual erasure and the dearth of pansexual characters.
Hypothetically, every movie and book and TV show could change tomorrow to one where women outnumber men, but yet the women are always portrayed with harmful stereotypes. Let's imagine the same with sexual and ethnic minorities. You'd have more representation, but if it's with even more sexism, racism, and homophobia, how is that better? Mathematically speaking, it's actually worse.
Let's not support mere representation. Let's support good, positive representation. Let's prove to the media that they don't have to follow where they think the money is, but rather, where the moral thing to do lies.

I welcome discussion on these issues, but I am not afraid to defend myself if I see something I wrote taken out of context.


First Year

Posted by The Xinlo in Language Of The Mad, Apr 17 2014 · 57 views

of college is officially done. Now I just need to wait and see if I did well enough to make it into my major next year. *fingers crossed*


Who-Style Review

Posted by Obsessionist in Chronic Obsessions, Apr 17 2014 · 47 views

The best IGN review.


I Feel Like Speaking, Part 1: The Ballad of Fabulous Jimmy and Barry O.

Posted by LONG LIVE TYLER in The Breakfast Club, Apr 17 2014 · 515 views

I feel like people don't introduce themselves enough before posts like this, and it makes people think that they're somehow just crusading machines, desperate to spew social justice on people who just want to live their lives without being looked down on their beliefs, and I'm totally okay with that, so before we get started, hiya. I'm Ty. A bunch of you guys may know me because I'm a compulsive RPer in the BZPRPG and OTC. Some more still know me because I have a Tumblr I use like once a month (haha jk no one knows me on tumblr) A bunch of my friends know me because I'm a very pretty young man. Some of you don't know me at all, and that's totally okay. 
Thing is, I have a little bit of an anger problem. It doesn't come out often but, as anyone close to me will tell you, when I smell blood in the water, a different Tyler is born. I get volatile. I curse frequently. I throw statistics and papers like a baby flinging spaghetti bombs in Olive Garden and I won't let you breathe long enough to so much as mount an argument around them. Why not?
Because I was born and raised in an environment that has allowed me the unique perspective of knowing what fights are worth fighting, and knowing people based off merit. I am a cancer survivor. My father was emotionally and occasionally physically abusive - and not in that copout way you use to get numbers at speed dates. I am bisexual, and I realized it partially because of this website - there's a straight guy on this forum (h i y a     a a r o n) who I jokingly called my first love until sometimes I questioned whether I was really joking or not anymore. I was in Ambage for a year and a half, and I made many conservative friends. Their beliefs all made me incredibly uncomfortable. They have made me incredibly angry, make no mistake. You wouldn't know it by talking to me. I have an encyclopedia of pop culture references in my head and I'm the king of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. I play Cards Against Humanity with friends on the weekends. I tip waitresses 20%, I can flirt with my eyebrows, I spend ridiculous time on my quiff, Arrested Development is my anti-drug, and I put on my skinny jeans one leg at a time just like anyone else. But make no mistake. I am furious.
People don't want me to be, and I can understand it - I was affectionately given the moniker 'The Oakland Mafia' by a BZP member I highly respect not too long ago, and I'm okay with that. People vanish from their keyboards when I challenge them on a point, and I'm okay with that. I've seen a couple people on this website use the defense that their beliefs are a product of their environment. And that's okay, actually - I'm completely cool with that. Because I am a product of my environment, too, and my environment has made me mad as ######. 
I'm mad now. Didn't mean to get mad, but I'm mad now. It all started with this, in Fishers' latest blog entry, My lecture for the night:

For example, before our current president, I would have made any president in a fictional story a white male unless I had a specific reason not to. If making the president a black women would add something tangible to the narrative, be it amusement, intrigue, drama or whatever, then of course I would give him those attributes. Otherwise, my natural preference is to make him standard in ways that audiences would expect. You can consider this a difference in tastes, but I usually build stories from the ground up, changing only one or two things in reality to make it my own universe but then discovering where the story naturally flows from there.

I wouldn't really call it taste, I would just call it bigoted.

Oh please. We were having a polite discussion until now. But perhaps I made myself unclear. In reality I hold no preference as to race, gender, etc. in the presidency. And actually, if I was to make a story in the future, I would probably make a woman president just to spice things up. But if I was to write a fictional story set in our current time (and I added the qualifier, before our current president), then I would have had a white male president. This is NOT because I prefer white males in the presidency, but because fiction that I read and write tends to mirror reality in all things but specific things with a purpose. It's basically a desire to suspend the reader's disbelief about even the smallest details (and I do believe that race or gender is a very small detail in the president considering that it should impact none of his decisions or actions). I did not intend to offend anyone in any way and I will give you the benefit of doubt since I probably did not make myself clear.

Make no mistake, Roablin (and I plan on posting a link to this in the blog entry in question, because if there's one thing I have never done it's talk behind someone's back without the intention to shoot straight and say it aloud) I don't think you meant to offend anyone here. Your comments are innocuous enough; you looked at the status quo and followed suit, and I don't feel a thing against you specifically for it. Honest. I harbor anger, but not grudges. There's an innate difference in my mind; the worst thing I could do is delete you entirely from my memory banks and worldview, which I believe only serves to worsen the matter. So this is nothing against you personally. This is against what you're defending - a culture and environment that shapes negative worldviews in subtle, clever little ways in people who would otherwise totally be able to see what HH, DeeVee, Makaru (and other people who are totally quicker on the draw and smarter than me) fight for regularly, because while you yourself may not intend to cause harm, your beliefs certainly do.
Remember what I said - I'm mad as can be, but I don't want to pummel you. I want to inform you, in frank terms, yeah, but terms that I would use and have used on several close friends before. It's what I would tell anyone.
First off, I know this term is beaten to death, but I think it needs to be said over and over and over, not so it annoys you but because of the simple fact that people don't like to talk about: you can beat a million terms into the sands of time, but it rarely means you can beat down the system itself. What you are defending from your past writings is a patriarchy. The very notion that you used solely white males (presumably straight) males when until 2008 with the election of Barack Obama, we had nothing but cisgendered white men with heterosexual tendencies (with one notable exception; James Buchanan, people, look it up!) does nothing but indulge a status quo that is corrupt and derogatory to the core, and even dangerous; sexual and racial minorities are at greater risk of suicide, homicide, harassment, and incarceration by broken systems and broken social codes, and it is our job as a generation to begin to turn the tide. In 2008, we elected Barack Obama as U.S. President - and honestly, I think it's great that changed your worldview! It was meant to! For a country to, just a century and a half ago, go from human slavery to electing a biracial President is a huge accomplishment, and I'm really glad that it affected you. But that's just a baby step - it's only a start. You have to realize that the unspoken social rules that kept minorities like Barack Obama and strong, intelligent women like Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren out of office are still intact and out there today; when we reinforce the stereotypical image of the white man as the leader of the "free world," we're only breathing new life into those codes. 
But how does this relate to you, you ask? All you did was write stories, and they were purely for fun's sake, because you love writing. That's totally okay! I've been RPing for four years, and there's nothing on this site I love more (besides the people!) so I totally get where you're coming from. But you know the rough thing about the BZPRPG? I've been in it for four years, and in that time, I've seen:

- Two gay relationships; both of which came about only in the last few months, and both characters were RP'd by the same character
- Two lesbian relationships 
- One male-to-female transsexual involved in a relationship; one transsexual in general, actually
And that's still a big problem, because while we just write about it, we write based on our environments and our experiences. And even if nobody ever sees it, the people who write the movies we watch, the shows we DVR, the books we read and rave about - they all were raised in the same constructs, and people do see their works and take inspiration from them. And then they show their kids. And then their kids show their kids. And it all comes back to what I was saying about breathing life into these tired, backwards notions. They're there; they've always been there; most of them were disguised, shown under different names and with different twists, but they're there, and they had impressions on all of us to some extent. That's where the saying "everyone is a little prejudiced" comes from. It's true! We can't help but be a little prejudiced! But it's part of the struggle to grow as people - it's our responsibility to overcome it so we can grow as people.
You also said that race and gender shouldn't have impact on a person's decisions, but that, again, is basic human instinct. If a minority is picked on and abused for years, and then gets into power, why wouldn't they let their past experiences color their decisions and try to improve things? Who wouldn't try to make things better after working years being paid less than her male counterparts just because of her status as a woman; who wouldn't be bitter about being refused the basic human right to plan a wedding ceremony and see it through - something that is a lifelong dream of most people! - while their heterosexual friends are sending them wedding invites every year? How do you expect people to lie down and let themselves be kicked and spat on while never once implementing solutions to fix it? It's absurd! It's absurd and it's hurtful, and it's almost entirely subconscious in the day-to-day lives of most people. And what do I do all the time most people do when they feel offended, or hurt, or want to bawl their eyes out after a long day? Curl up with some Americone Dream and turn on the TV, or read a good book - two mediums where transsexual characters and even bi/homosexual characters are still sorely underrepresented, where the phrase "token minority" is still a thing, where characters like Catelyn Stark or Skyler White are hated or reviled for not stepping back a tick or two so that they can let the men in their lives make the decisions. The prejudice has already permeated our laws; as ordinary people, how can we allow it to seep into our entertainment, too? Is it so wrong to ask for a black Human Torch, or a female Doctor Doom, or a gay superhero in a Marvel film? Why can't we have a same sex relationship in the new Star Wars mythos? Why couldn't Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy at least share a bed in X-Men: First Class, I ask you? That chemistry was there and no one will stop me from saying otherwise!   How does it make the lives and experiences of those characters any less realistic - and if you can't work with characters outside your normal worldview, why are you writing at all?
But again, none of this is a slam on you specifically, Roablin - they're things I've wanted to get around to saying for a long time in debates and have never been able to for fear. But I'm not scared anymore. I'm just angry. Angry, and a little hopeful that someone will read this and understand what's being done wrong, and maybe think of ways we can fix it. We have a wealth of possibilities and talents that no other generation has ever had - we could be the first wave of a new beginning in society. If we let ourselves be.
Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go grab some ice cream. Regular cookie dough, unfortunately - out of Americone Dream.
-Tyler Durden / Aegon Targaryen / Tyler St. Francis


Superhero Figbarf

Posted by ChocolateFrogs in Scientific Progress Goes "Boink", Apr 17 2014 · 45 views

If I didn't have a few heroes a here and there, who knows what kind of trouble my minifigs might get into? So I've made a few more to add to the team:
With the recent Ninja robot sets, I felt this was perfect to make Cyborg:
Posted Image
And I pulled together Supergirl because I have the Man of Steel Superman so could utilize the classic version.
And I prefer my Aquaman over the official one except that LEGO's Aquaman has the Atlantis belt buckle.
Posted Image
At least mine smiles!
Next a test run at making the Superior Spider-Man, but the colors are weird due to the color of Spidey's torso and the brown Chima appendages.
Posted Image
At least Agent Venom turned out fine!
On that note, a few more Avengers:
Posted Image
(Namor, Maria Hill, Wasp, Ant-Man, Rogue, Agent Venom)
I think a robot head from The LEGO Movie looks almost like a classic Iron Man head (as War Machine).
Posted Image
Finally, a WIP for Hawkman. I think I'll swap out the torso for something tan, and use brasso to rub off the details on the helmet.
Posted Image
The mace is from Brick Forge. They're awesome.
This is all, of course, complimenting my collection of LEGO hero figs. I still have a few more to touch up (Electro=Iceman), but I'm really enjoying assembling a collection.
More to come (I hope)!
-CF :kakama:

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