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Mahou figma Medaka Magica

Posted by dotcom in Tempest Tower, Aug 29 2014 · 21 views
figmas, many figmas and 3 more...

I received some stuff today. It was this stuff:

Posted Image

Just Kyouko, Sayaka and Shiranui, I mean. (that's the red one, the blue one, and the tiny blue one, for those that aren't giant weebs like me) Not the rest. The rest were already there. Even Homura, who seems to be unhappy about the fact that there are now 2 magical girl figmas there who don't suck a lot.

They don't suck a lot. Or at all, really. Kyouko is one of the best looking figmas I've gotten so far, and Sayaka, save for a couple of very annoying stray paint marks on her faces (which you can't even see) and a generally not great paint job, is the same. Sayaka has SO many swords. Like eight. And Kyouko's staff is very fun to play around with. Plus she comes with pocky and taiyaki. Very complete figures without any great defects. They are so much better than Homura.

The tiny girl, Shiranui, is from my favorite manga, Medaka Box. Unfortunately Medaka Box never got any figures or anything, so this tiny little statue thing is all I could get. It's enough, though. Very accurate (ignoring the whole super deformed thing) And just as cute as a Shiranui should be.

I have a lot of other figmas coming. Just so many. I got these two from AmiAmi's pre-owned section, which is like simultaneously the best and worst thing on the whole world. Best, because so many great cheap figmas. Worst, because as cheap as they are they still aren't free. (Except for that one Kamen Rider Odin, he was like 950 yen, which for a figma may just as well be free) I believe the number right now is 15 more? (jesus) Among them are 2 other Madoka figmas, Nagisa and Mami. Which means all I need to complete my basic Madoka collection is....Madoka. This is what irony is.

Also, they were supposedly pre-owned, but you wouldn't really be able to tell because they had all the original packaging and as far as I could see hadn't been opened at all. Guess that's the A rating for you.

Bonus: Katou Emiri group photo! Shiranui Hansode, Hachikuji Mayoi, and Kyubey all share a voice actor. Even more interestingly, two of these characters were created by the same person (NisiOisiN) and two of these characters' anime were from the same studio (SHAFT) So many kind of coincidences. The anime world is a small one.


I Bravely Second the Motion

Posted by Noise #0579 in Letters From the Void, Aug 29 2014 · 58 views

I'm probably getting booed off stage for that title huh

Bravely Second is releasing in Japan this winter! I haven’t really said anything about the information we’ve gotten thus far, so this seems like a good time to catch up. Oh, yeah, this probably will have Bravely Default spoilers.

World! So we’ll be back in Luxendarc, but there will be new areas. Sounds good—should provide a nice blend between familiar and new. It’ll be interesting to see how all the countries have progressed. Ancheim did have its king killed, so I’m wondering if they got a new one, or if they reworked their government, or…what. I’m also hoping that all that lava around Hartschild got cleared out so that we’ll be able to walk into the Fire Temple without trekking through mines and secret tunnels every single time. As for new areas, since Magnolia is apparently from the moon, I should hope we get to visit and see rabbits everywhere, though I guess we’ll have to wait to hear about that.

Characters! Well, we don’t really know a whole lot about Magnolia yet, so I don’t know if I can really form an opinion. She seems like she’ll be an interesting character, though. Speaking of which, if we’re bringing Tiz back, I seriously hope he gets some more development. I can kind of understand why he’s presented in such a generic fashion after making sense of the ending, but it’s still sort of disappointing. (Course, since Bravely Default has the same writer as Steins;Gate I’m probably comparing him to Kyouma and that’s not even fair.) Agnes! Agnes is the pope! Pope Agnes, everybody! She’s reformed the Orthodoxy and led the world and…got…captured…? What? What about the 24 Jobs she mastered and used to defeat the ultimate evil and save every world? With that much power, shouldn’t she be able to beat up anyone who tries to capture her?? This makes me nervous about what else this new writer might put in, but eh, we’ll see…hopefully she’ll join the party again and kick some more butt. They’re the only ones who are confirmed, I guess; I really hope we get to see Edea again, and that she’s in charge of Eternia and is even more awesome and everything. As for Ringabel…well, I’m curious to know what exactly happens to him, since the ending didn’t make it clear, but unless he gets those annoying traits under control I don’t exactly want him to be major. Party of Magnolia, Agnes, Edea, and (more interesting) Tiz, please!

Jobs! We’ve been told the game will have both new and returning Jobs, and we’ve seen some of Magnolia’s outfits. What have we got confirmed…Red Mage, Time Mage, Performer, and Valkyrie. If Red Mage is here, I can only imagine that White and Black Mage will come back as well, and obviously Freelancer will be here. I believe somebody counted the number of dots on the Job Select screen in the trailer and said we’ll have 30 Jobs? Assuming all of the old Jobs are returning (which they might not), that means we’ll be getting at least 6 new Jobs! Maybe more, if some of the old Jobs are removed. I got sort of attached to most if not all of the old Jobs, so I sort of want to see them all back. Probably too soon to start guessing new Jobs, but I did see Magnolia using guns in one of the trailers, and apparently Gunner is a Job in the (Japan-exclusive) Bravely Default social game…hmhmhmhm. Turns out that social game also has Mystic and Sage (and Warrior, but that’s too basic to really pay attention to IMO); I don’t really know what to say about Mystic, but if Sage is the same as it is in most Final Fantasy titles, I definitely want that in Bravely Second. It could very easily be used as a Red Mage-augmenting Job, similar to how Spiritmaster and Arcanist work for White Mage and Black Mage. Then again…that means we’ll have to fight a Sage…oh. Which reminds me, I think it was said that the Asterisk holders would be returning? But…most of them died? So unless there’s some new kind of time-wimey nonsense or we’re pulling characters from other worlds, they probably mean we’ll be getting new Asterisk holders, just that the idea of fighting the holders to get Jobs will be returning, right? Because there are several of those original Asterisk holders who I was very glad to kill off. I mean, some were cool, yeah, but some of those fiends need to just stay dead. Oh, and Summons! Will the old Summons return? If so, will they have different animations/effects? Will there be new Summons?! I really like the style of Bravely Default’s Summons, so I’d like to see them make some new cool ones too.

I wonder if we’ll get something similar to Rebuilding Norende? Or if Airy’s sister will be explained? Or if Bravely Second (the gameplay mechanic, that is) will be better explained/more related to the plot since this game is named after it? There’s a lot we won’t know until it’s released, I guess. Must resist spoilers and await the NA release…!! Maybe late 2015? Dang, it’s not even September and the Games to Buy in 2015 (and Beyond) list is already starting. (Well, if “Beyond” is included, then I guess that already started last summer…)

Well, here’s hoping it’s good. While dropping Bravely from my Series to Buy list would certainly free up some more cash, it’d be very sad after how much I enjoyed Bravely Default…



Posted by Voltex in Extraction Point, Aug 29 2014 · 188 views

It all began with Bionifight in 2007. Then came Bionifight 2: Madness Returns! in 2011, followed by Bionifight 3: Madness Returns Again! and Bionifight 4: Hyper Fighting, both also released in that same year. The first three, hosted by Fighty (with help from myself for the latter two) as well as the fourth, hosted just by me, are now referred to as "classic" Bionifight.

In January of this year, Bionifight Ultimate was released. It was a game changer in every respect; Ultimate Weapons replaced Special Weapons (until the latter were added back in later), the round structure was modified, and perhaps the biggest addition of all: fan created content. Bionifight Ultimate took every single issue with the older games and fixed, changed, or removed what it had to. It was, in essence, a reboot of the series; and it is for that reason that this game is titled as a sequel to Bionifight Ultimate without reference to the others.

The earliest concepts for this game had it split into two topics as Bionifight 6 Ultimate and Bionifight 6 Classic, with the former continuing the previous game and the latter bringing back what had not been seen since Bionifight 4: Hyper Fighting. But then I realized that to divide the two would, in fact, be a step backwards - if I was to bring more classic elements back, they needed to be integrated into what I had already set in place. Thus I set about creating my third addition to the Bionifight franchise, and what I came up with was Bionifight Ultimate: Drift Force. It fixes every single issue that was present in Bionifight Ultimate, while retaining what worked and, of course, adding a few new things. You'll notice far less clutter from the start with this game - and that fan created content, which contributed to much of the cluttered and overcomplicated nature of Bionifight Ultimate, has been streamlined.
So here we are - the sixth game in the Bionifight seies as a whole, and the second entry in the Bionifight Ultimate reboot. I hope you enjoy - and if you're wondering why I chose the subtitle of Drift Force... well, if you think back to why I first named Bionifight Ultimate, you might have already guessed. But even if you haven't, all you need to do is look below.

Posted Image

Four Early Signup Spots Available! Use the form below.
Member Name: (Your current display name – you will also play the game as a character with this name, to avoid any confusion that might occur).
Weapon: (You are allowed to have one main weapon – it cannot have any special powers).
Power: (You are allowed to have one power – however, should you wish, you may replace this with a second piece of equipment without special powers. You cannot be immune to stage hazards).
Appearance: (Please add a small image, or preferably a link to an image or gallery, or just a small paragraph explaining how you appear to the other players).

1. Ehks
2. Luroka
3. Voxumo
4. Fishers64


"The Way Things Were"

Posted by Queen Grr in The Dire Court of Her Glam Majesty, Aug 29 2014 · 105 views

I know I can never go back to the way things were before and I’m not deluded enough to think that. That’d be damaging anyway because it’d mean I didn't learn anything. I just want to be able to have relationships with the people who matter to me again, with whatever changed boundaries are necessary as a result of our actions.

I don’t want to pretend nothing happened and I don’t want to ignore the consequences of what I've done. So I know it can’t just “go back to how things were.” That’s not what I’m looking for.

Some of the things that were done to me were not fair, but I also was unfair and wrong to do some of the things I did.


New 3DS?

Posted by ~Shockwave~ in The Aurora's Edge, Aug 29 2014 · 61 views

So according to a post on facebook I just saw we're getting a 3DS with dual control sticks and dual shoulder pads. But its still the 3DS. And they thought the 2DS would be confusing.


Elven Castle -- First Draft

Posted by Octodad in tub, Aug 28 2014 · 63 views

It's only been twenty days since my first Ideas project was approved and already I'm working on something new, inspired by something I never thought I'd be inspired by: the whining of Brickset AFOLs.

Posted Image

Introducing the Elven Castle, a set idea based on the beloved Castles of Lego Castle past, with an elven twist. Much inspired by the works of Tolkien, I wanted it to look less like it was made of wood and more like it was grown from it. The build is very modular and a little repetitive, but this also means if you were to buy multiples you could easily make an even larger castle. Additionally, unlike my previous Fossil Museum project, for the Elven Castle, I tried to be mindful of what pieces are currently in production in what color; as a result, very few of the pieces come in colors they haven't come in in the past two years. This will, hopefully, aid in passing review, should it make it that far.

Areas I want to improve are the throne room segment, which was the last area to be built and suffers from me trying to keep the piece count from rising much more, and the piece count, which, as it stands now, is 1314 pieces, which would make for a set $110-$130 in price. While that's not much more expensive than the usual castle sets, I want to bring it down to about 1000 pieces, if possible, to keep it at a more affordable price. I would appreciate any comments and criticism on ways to improve this model before I take it to Ideas; I want it to be as perfect as possible, and I don't have a lot of experience working with System.

If you want a better look at it from more angles, you can download the .lxf here. Of note is that, like many castles, in the back is a prison, should you wish to imprison a nasty human for crimes against the forest.


Just one of Those Days

Posted by Tagolrip in Cloudbank, Aug 28 2014 · 35 views

Tavahka: Idk at this point it's been a log day
Tavahka: also long
Voltex Oblige: Aw man log days are the worst


Bionicle Reconstruction Project: Build harder 6

Posted by Element Lord of Milk in Build-a-bear workshop., Aug 28 2014 · 29 views

I mostly finished the Ussanui in order to take inventory of it's missing parts, at the moment it's using several wrong coloured parts as stand-ins. Also rebuilt most of Nuhrii and Orkahm, they're just missing their necks and masks. Also finally found Photok's missing hand, after swearing I saw it several times while pawing around in my bag of Dark/Dark Bluish gray parts, but I was never able to find it on purpose until now.

Also an update on that whole rebuilding Star Wars sets thing, I found a small box of set chunks, including one of the Republic Gunship's wings and the other Magnaguard fighter. Also washed my Millenium Falcon (Which was a lot easier than I thought it would be, partial disassembly goes a long way I guess) , Fury class Interceptor, and X-wing.


Bionicle Stories

Posted by AZBlue in Frozen Heart, Aug 28 2014 · 44 views
Fanfiction, Bionicle2015

So, I've been thinking of ways to convert my old Bionicle Legacies epic, The Return, into a publishable novel. Its been slow going, but the worldbuilding is going well.

Anyways, with the apparent revival of Bionicle for 2015, I have also been thinking of some Ideas for a new Short Story for Bionicle. I'm debating whether or not it would fit in with my old Legacies Headcanon, but it involves Takua, Nixie, and some of the other classic Matoran.

Also, Legend of Korra's Book 3 ended on a Great but sad note. And Doctor Who is Back too! Allons-y and Geronimo and all that Fantastic stuff!


The Dying of the Light

Posted by The Dandy Automaton in The Junk Heap, Aug 28 2014 · 55 views

The ninth and final Skulduggery Pleasant book was released today, and with it came both the silver cover edition and my quest to Waterstones for the limited edition, 1 of 1000 black edition. It was actually kind of sad as I took it to the counter. There ends yet another era, a favourite series of mine since the first installment back in 2007. Not really that long ago when you think about it, I guess, but it still remains one of my biggest influences and inspirations. Of course it isn't actually over because I haven't started it yet and that normally stops something from ending. Still need a regular retail edition so I don't accidentally damage one of the others.

Yes I am buying three copies of the same book shut up


Darude - Sandstorm

Posted by an actual real life horse in Canterlot Library, Aug 28 2014 · 77 views
Darude - Sandstorm

Darude - Sandstorm


Finally got internet

Posted by Euphrates in Blog Horizon, Aug 28 2014 · 36 views

ive been internet-less at my new apartment for a few weeks but the modem finally arrived so hopefully i can be more active on BZP.

what are the HOTTEST RPGS right now. i have an idea for a shape shifting bard-slash-assasin and a ladies-man merchant Turaga


Florida Bound

Posted by xccj in Team J.A.F., Aug 28 2014 · 42 views

Yay a summer vacation! And people at work are only mildly annoyed that I'm taking time off!

So this weekend I'm going to be flying to Florida to meet up with some of my friends from my Southwest Internship. It's going to be a long flight; basically if you at a map of the continental US, I'm in the upper left hand corner and I'm headed to the lower right hand corner.

When I had the chance to get free flights, I visited a lot of the country, but never made it to Florida. Based on what I know of it, it will be full of hurricanes, old people (riding crocodiles), and burned spies blowing everything up. I'm sure that it all totally accurate too. One thing I do know is that it's supposed to be super hot this weekend. Or at least five degree hotter than it is in Oregon right now. :annoyed: Seriously, the problem is more of why are temperatures in Portland so close to those in Florida? See map reference again.

I guess the other bit of news is that my phone's starting to act up, so I'm going to pretty much keep it turned off during the day. I might check things online on it at night, but going to be unreachable during the day. (Not that BZPower members need to ever reach me, so really I should be sending this to my coworkers.) Oh well, if you point out some fallacy in my arguments and wonder why I'm not responding to your genius (or lack thereof) now you know why! :P

(Also I don't think we'll be visiting LEGOLAND Florida. Sad face.)



The White

Posted by Zox Tomana in Softly Call the Muster..., Aug 28 2014 · 40 views

BZP Muster

Those of you who know me know that my interests lie in a few particular places: writing, reading, music, a select number of shows, and medicine. Hopefully by this time next year I will be entering into medical school. For the past few years I have volunteered as an EMT-Basic with the Texas A&M Emergency Care Team. In the BZPRPG I play as a medic. Medicine has been an enduring interest, and the people of medicine have had a lasting impact on my life.

As I worked towards getting my EMT-B, I obviously had many personal encounters with medics. These are amazing people. Many have foregone college studies, but in my experience they know more about the body and how to treat it than most pre-med students I have met. In the US it takes 6 months of study, along with hours and hours and hours of hospital rounds, ambulance ride-outs, and skills testing, culminating in a very difficult and nerve-wracking exam just to become an EMT-Basic. From there you can take courses to become and EMT-Intermediate (6 more months) or jump straight to EMT-Paramedic (a whole 'nother year). A Paramedic has one-and-a-half to two years of just study under their belt, having spent well over a thousand dollars, and that's just at the start of their career.

And from there they go on to treat drunks, drug users, shooting victims, panic attacks, asthma patients, diabetic emergencies, attempted suicides, burn victims, broken bones, people involved in car accidents, wrecks, building fires, collapsed houses, and dozens and dozens of so many kinds of calls with the same poise and patience you expect from the doctor sitting in a quiet exam room down the street. They work alongside law enforcement and fire fighters to provide pre-hospital care, and they do it well. At least, they do in general.

EMS deaths are not as common as Police and Fire, but they happen. Nor is there any single listing that I could find which reliably gives us the names of those whose shifts have ended. But even if we don't know their name or face, we know that they served. This week we remember those men and women in White (and blue, and black, and other colors).



P.S. - the best EMS quote ever is "Air goes in and out. Blood goes round and round. Any deviations? We have a problem."


Brickipedia Skype Group + Zatth = crazy things

Posted by Meiko in Meiko's Generic Blog Name, Aug 27 2014 · 82 views

This is what happens when I show Pablo the best (actually the worst) of YouTube's LEGO fan community:

Posted Image



Digital Love

Posted by Bfahome in You're attacked by a Repair Nektann, Aug 27 2014 · 69 views
music I like

I am such an cool dude for not having posted this yet, it's one of my favorite songs ever.


One more word, I dare you!

Posted by PrismWind in The Prism Dimension, Aug 27 2014 · 71 views

So I was talking with my friends in the morning before class starts, and one of them starts screaming. We all huddle around her to see what the problem is and guess what? Shes screaming and crying because Cameron Dallas had his teeth filed or something. So, I proceed to tag her in a Cameron Dallas meme on instagram showing only his teeth. Bad Idea. She starts ranting about how Cameron Dallas is the hottest person who has ever lived, and that I'm jealous of his looks, so on and so forth for like an hour. Then, another friend joined only she was talking about Nash Grier. Kill me. Please.

I will admit, it was kinda funny... we pull this stuff all the time.

Except she did it to me about Bionicle.



That blog entry I posted a while ago

Posted by Smooth Jazz in The Swimming Beard Knows, Aug 27 2014 · 45 views

I promise, I'll eventually stop procrastinating and post about your suggestions.

just not right now



Posted by Sisen in Back to wizards and witches, and magical beasts,, Aug 27 2014 · 107 views

Finally let my family know I have a great job opportunity this fall, and that it means moving out on my own.

The reaction I got was the complete opposite of what I expected. I was hoping they'd take it in a good way, but their response was less than stellar.



That moment

Posted by TNTOS in A Writerly Blog, Aug 27 2014 · 70 views
bloggers, real life, voices and 1 more...

When one of your favorite bloggers (not necessarily BZP bloggers, just bloggers in general) posts a video in which they speak and you hear their voice for the first time.

Their voice never matches the voice I read their blogs in. Never, ever, ever.

I mean, it's just bizarre how sometimes bloggers (and writers in general, honestly) can have these passionate, powerful writing voices that force you to think deeply the issues they blog about, yet when you hear their verbal voices, you'd never expect that they are the same person who wrote that great blog post you come back to again and again. In fact--and this is probably just me because I'm paranoid--your first reaction to hearing them speak is usually something like, "No. You're not my favorite blogger. You're too different from what I imagined the blogger would sound like in real life. You're someone else."

It's like seeing your favorite voice actor's face for the first time. If you're anything like me, it is almost always a surreal experience to hear a voice you know and love well coming from the mouth of a real human being. Granted, you do get used to it eventually, but the initial experience always takes me off-guard.

Maybe it's just me, but it's happened to me with three of my favorite bloggers so far and each experience has been almost exactly like how I described it above.


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