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Stuff From 2016 I Wanna Talk About

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Feb 25 2017 · 36 views

Essays, Not Rants! 257: Stuff From 2016 I Wanna Talk About

Every year I do a thing on this blog where I list my top nine movies. Thing is, movies aren’t the only things that come out in a year. So here’s a list of a bunch of stuff in a bunch of different mediums that came out last year that I really liked that I wanna talk about. They may not be the best thing to come out of the year, but it’s stuff I want to talk about.

Book: Homegoing, by Yaa Gyasi
I talked about this book when I first finished it, and I’d like to bring it up again to talk about how magnificent it is. It’s a concept album made book, where each chapter/short story stands wholly alone, yet is enriched and inseparable from what comes before it. Plus, it’s a novel about the African Diaspora which, really, isn’t a thing that gets explored nearly enough in fiction, especially at this scale and yet so intimately.

Album: Colors Run, by House of Heroes
…while on the topic of concept albums, I’ve gotta mention House of Heroes’ Colors Run. I haven’t listened to it enough yet, I don’t think, but it’s an interesting album that crafts its narrative through implication. It mayn’t be my favorite album this year (Run River North’s Drinking From A Salt Pond and Barcelona’s Basic Man are two strong contenders there), but it’s one that’s really been sticking with me.

Video Game: One Night Stand, by Kinmoku
I’m a sucker for a video game that goes somewhere most games don’t. One Night Stand has you waking up in a stranger’s bed and piecing together how you got there. It’s essentially a point-and-click by way of a choose-your-own-adventure game, but it’s set apart by how warmly and sweetly it handles its subject matter. Plus, the rotoscoped graphics make the game feel like a sketchbook come to life.

Comic: Mockingbird, by Chelsea Cain, Kate Niemczyk, et al.
I mean, duh. But so we’re clear: wonderfully funny comic with a savage feminist streak that has a lot of fun in a comic book world. It’s too seldom we get to see women as fully-fleshed out characters in comics, and Bobbi Morse is so winning its hard not to love it. Also, major props for being one of the first Marvel comics with an all-women creative team. Man, I really wish this comic was still going.

Television Show: Stranger Things, by the Duffer Brothers
I’m a sucker for 80s movies. I’m also a sucker for movies like Easy A and Super 8 that have their own takes on the aesthetics of those movies. Super 8 marches brazenly into that field with a dose of horror. So yes, there’s D&D and 80s movies references galore, but what really makes Stranger Things better than being just an ersatz Spielberg film is its characters. Be it the boys and the new friend Eleven, Hopper and Joyce, or Nancy and Jonathan; the show is filled with those quiet relationship moments that made 80s films so wonderful. That it tells a delightful science fiction story in the process is just the icing on the cake.

Play: Vietgone, by Qui Nguyen

Look, theatre’s really white. Sure, you’ve got Hamilton flipping things around, but, that’s the exception that proves the rule. So along comes Vietgone, which features a mostly-Asian cast that tells a love story set against refugees immigrating to the US after the Vietnam War. Besides its fantastic use of language to invert the typical understanding of the other, it tells a darn sweet story in its own right – that features people who don’t look like your usual romantic leads from a unique background. It’s plain wonderful, and also the only play I’ve paid to see more than once.


i wish there was an archive of all the blogs from before the 2011 upgrade

Posted by Rodimus in The Lost Light Insider, Feb 25 2017 · 62 views

i purged all my old entries ages ago cos i was really cringey and annoying Back In The Day but good lord i cant help but think about how obvious it was that i was actually a closeted trans girl without realizing it myself and now part of me wants to go back and revisit it just to see How obvious it was


I've figured it out.

Posted by Akaku: Master of Flight in Ak's Bionic Blogmobile, Feb 25 2017 · 71 views
lotn, terrible comics, memes and 2 more...

Posted Image


So due to popular demand (and by popular demand I mean by like three people) Terrible comics will be returning soon, so stay tuned :)

Also, I did another page of Legends of Taladi Nui, you can see it over here!

That's about all for now. Oh, also, never mentioned it here before, but I make scale WW2 models from time to time, there's a bunch I'm probably going to finish soon. Anyone interested in seeing them? :P

--Akaku: Master of Flight


Pokemon Insanity

Posted by Hordaki in Presumably Coherent Ramblings, Feb 24 2017 · 39 views
Video Games, Pokemon

So apparently this is a thing people can do with TASBots:

(Note that this is an unaltered ROM of Pokemon Yellow and could work on actual GameBoy hardware)


I don't understand technology anymore.


Story Time

Posted by JMSOG in Odd Thoughts by JMSOG, Feb 24 2017 · 39 views

So, years ago, in either 2007 or 2008, I was 11 or 12. I ordered a whole Bionicle wave all at once (I'm not 100% sure which one), and I knew they were about to come in the mail. When the mailman arrived, I ran out of the house, grabbed the package, shook it, then hugged the mailman.

Flashforward to now. I'm hearing this secondhand from my mom, since I am currently at college. My neighborhood got a different mailman, but he had to take the day off, so that mailman from 10 years ago is filling in. Apparently, he recognized the house, so he told my mom this:

Apparently, not long after I ran out to hug the mailman 10 years ago, he stopped delivering mail, and became a person who teaches new mailmen to deliver the mail. The story where I run out to hug him is apparently one of the core parts of his teaching, because "these may just be packages to you, but they may be the world to the person receiving it".

Just thought everyone here would find that funny.


The 89th Oscars

Posted by Jean Valjean in Kraggh's Works ♫♪, Feb 24 2017 · 33 views

:kaukau: A'ight, time to discuss the Oscars, and not just the Best Visual Effects category.

Best Picture
La La Land, all the way. It was everything that I wanted it to be, and a perfect nostalgic throwback. It has a pretty good chance of winning, since the Academy really likes movies about movies. There's something really timeless about it, like Fahrenheit 451, which is a book about books.

Best Director
Anyone but Villeneuve. Arrival wasn't bad, but it was overrated. Personally, I'm kind of rooting for Mel Gibson to make a comeback, but I'm not expecting him to win. I'm honestly surprised to see him nominated in the first place. The most probable winner in this category is either Barry Jenkins or Dennis Chazelle...honestly, I'm thinking Chazelle. Seriously, every single creative decision in La La Land took a lot of wisdom to pull off, and it was an incredibly difficult film to make. Very rarely does someone make that kind of film well, let along excellently.

For the record, last year I strongly rooted for George Miller for similar reasons. There are occasionally action movies that are good, but only once in a generation to you get a true masterpiece. Every single moment of Fury Road required excellent directing, and there was no moment in that movie where Miller could be on autopilot. It was a symphony of action, that required every single instrument to be fine-tuned and the most perfect attention to detail in order to make it what it was. He managed to keep what was essentially one giant chase scene interesting and suspenseful from beginning to finish, which is incredibly difficult to do.


I haven't seen everything in these categories, but I don't think that La La Land deserves to win. What made La La Land amazing was its directing, not its story. Not that it had a bad story, but I just don't see it winning Best Original Screenplay. Maybe Manchester by the sea? Maybe. But honestly, after looking up the plots to all of these films, I really have to go with The Lobster. Just the pitch alone is creative enough that it should win.

What surprises me is that Swiss Army Man isn't in this category. I was really thinking that it might have been nominated in this category, but apparently not. Also, Zootopia, which shouldn't win Best Animated Picture due to a certain piece of competition (more on that later), but deserves to be recognized in this category. Those two, should have knocked off HeII or High Water and La La Land.

Last year was overall stronger in this category.

As far as adapted screenplays go, Fences looks the best, although I didn't see it. I almost watched it, but I couldn't arrange a date where I could go see it with my friends. I wouldn't be surprised if Arrival won in this category, though. Though I wasn't the hugest fan, it is nice to see science fiction win in this category.

(Side note: several years ago, Argo won in this category, which it clearly shouldn't have when it came out the same year as Lincoln. I'm still miffed about that to this day.)


I have to admit that in the acting category, I'm sort of rooting for a #AllBlackOscars. Every single one of the categories has a black actor, and I'm curious to see what the social ramifications would be if those were the people who happened to win. That means that I'm all for Denzel Washington getting Best Actor (even though it will probably go to Casey Affleck), Ruth Negga for Best Actress (even though it will probably go to Emma Stone), Mahershala Ali for Best Supporting Actor (it might actually go to him), and Viola Davis for Best Supporting Actress (my bets are on her, too).

For once, the field for Best Actress is more interesting than the field for Best Actor, which doesn't happen too often. My only real complaint there is that I'm getting sick of Meryl Streep getting nominated every year. Please, anyone but her. Someone else could have got that recognition, but when the Academy nominated Meryl Streep, what it's really doing it patting itself on the back. She always says good things about the Academy, and she's the ultimate insider. I don't hate her, but seriously, I'm getting tired of seeing her always getting nominated. It's not cool anymore. I used to think that she was the best actress ever, especially when I saw her excellent performance in the otherwise "meh" movie The Iron Lady, but then she got nominated for Best Actress in August: Osage County. Fair enough, since it was a tour-de-force performance, and she dominated the screen, but Julia Roberts got nominated for Best Supporting Actress, when she played the main character. That seemed to be awfully prejudiced of the Academy. And then they nominated Meryl Streep for Best Supporting Actress in Into the Woods. Really? It was at that point that I realized that, as talented as Meryl Streep is, she is in fact overrated, and I'm no longer the fan that I was when I first discovered her. Some people are absolutely worthy of being nominated for stuff again and again. John WIlliams is one of those people. However, not every Meryl Streep performance deserves to be ranked in the top five of every year.

Also, although I really like Natalie Portman, and she's even one of my favorite actresses, I don't want her to win this year. She didn't seem like the perfect choice to play Jackie Kennedy, and she never convinced me that she was actually said historical figure. It's cool to see that she got nominated and that her career is still going strong, but I still think that her casting was completely uninspired. Incidentally, I can think of another Natalie that would have been perfect for that role, Natalie Wood, but unfortunately she's dead.

Can you imagine if Janelle Monae played the lead character in La La Land? She already had a strong year, being in Moonlight and Hidden Figures, where she gave good performances, and I also know that she's a performer who can dance and sing, so she would have actually been a good choice to play La La Land's Mia Dolan. Can you imagine that? That would have been awesome! I can totally see Janelle Monae getting an Oscar! Ah well, wishful thinking.


La La Land. I've seen it three times, now. It has a lot of long takes, but it also has a strong understanding of when to edit. Chazelle was pretty intelligent with his creative decisions.


La La Land, again. The long shots are incredibly amazing and well-plotted-out. The color is likewise absolutely amazing.

Also, Kubo and the Two Strings should have been nominated.


La La Land, for obvious reasons. It's not only the best score of this year, but the best score in several years.


City of Stars. My sister loves that song.

Sound Mixing and Editing

Sound mixing: Hacksaw Ridge or 13 Hours. I'm a bit biased towards war films in this category.
Sound editing: Yikes! Very strong field this year! Along with Best Actress, this should be one of the more interesting races to watch. I honestly don't know who to root for, or who to expect.

Animated Film

Kubo and the Two Strings. Simply gorgeous. Simple story, but it feels timeless.

Makeup and Hairstyling

Why does this category still only ever have three nominees in it? Anyway, not a very strong category this year. Some might argue with me on that, but I've thought that past years were a bit better, particularly 2014. Anyway, Suicide Squad and Star Trek Beyond had a few characters who were uniquely designed, but I don't necessarily think of those films as having excellent makeup and hairstyling overall. I'll go with Suicide Squad this year.

Costume Design

I love this category! The movies that got nominated this year also all made sense. Florence Foster Jenkins and La La Land both have a lot of costumes from classical show business, and Jackie, quite naturally, being about a fashion icon makes sense. However, I'm rooting for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I didn't watch this movie, specifically because J.K. Rowling once said that Harry Potter wasn't a franchise, but a single story. and feel a little annoyed that she's caved and turned it into exactly what she said that it wasn't. However, do I believe that it deserves to win for best costume design? From what I've seen, definitely. I absolutely love it when sci-fi and fantasy win in this category, because really those are the genres that deserve it the most, since they require costume designers to actually invent new fashions from scratch. I like more creative and imaginative stuff in this category.

Trivia: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone got nominated in this category back in 2001, along with The Fellowship of the Ring, but they both lost to Moulin Rouge!. Yikes! That was a tough year. This year I don't think that Harry Potter That Movie With a J.K. Rowling Screenplay has as tough of competition.

Production Design

The Jungle Book deserves to be on this list. They created a giant artificial jungle and managed to convince us that it was the real thing. How cool is that? It should have bumped off Arrival. Otherwise, eh, I like what all has been nominated this year, but I'm not particularly opinionated on who should win.

Foreign Language Film

Good chance that it will be A Man Called Ove, since it got nominated for another Oscar, Best Makeup and Hairstyling. It would be interesting if Tanna won, simply because I've never heard of the Nauvhal language. Nothing stands out to me as something as amazing as Life Is Beautiful. Movies like that are pretty rare, and we haven't had one of those in a while. This category is beginning to interest me more than in the past, since I have a ton of foreign language films on VHS, and my friend and I watch foreign language films on Netflix wh8enever we hang out.

Alas, there has yet to be a film in Lojban, let alone one nominated for the Academy Awards. Wouldn't that be awesome?




Posted by Dr. Hidaka in The Underworld, Feb 24 2017 · 79 views

After much thinking, I feel this should be known. For the last month, I've been in a romantic relationship with former bloggie Kohaku. We've known each other for ten years and it's been a heck of a time. Why it took me so long to realize this, despite all I have done for him, isn't important.

What -is- important, is that, like I have for so long, love him very much and I hope and know this will lead to great things going on!



Review 41184: Aira’s Airship and the Amulet Chase

Posted by xccj in Team J.A.F., Feb 23 2017 · 28 views
Elves, Airship, Review

I’ve been sick for the last couple of days, but the highlight has been getting in a Lego order and putting together some of the sets I’ve had sitting around for a while. The new Ninjago stuff has been fun, and the Nexo Knight year 2 sets aren’t too bad either. The BickHeadz are pretty meh outside of being parts packs. But although I was expecting to like the new Elves airship, it still turned out to exceed my expectations.

Posted Image

The set comes with three figs; Aira, Emily, and a goblin. The goblin is a single mold and kinda bleh. Same style of arms as the Nexo Knight imps (which can be given to regular figs) but otherwise I’m not impressed. Aira and Emily have new outfits, but it’s fairly minor. Emily’s necklace now comes as a separate piece, but it only fits loosely around her neck. Also, I tried to put it on a standard fig; too tight a fit. Still, I expect someone will find a neat way to incorporate it into a small MOC. Aira comes with a new medium lavender boomerang, which is a total plus.

Posted Image

It only has 343 pieces (plus a fair amount of extras) which may be a bit light for a $40 set, but there’s a lot of good stuff here. Some of the obvious choices are the lavender balloon pieces, white dragon wings, and gold tubing, some of which I think might be new. There are some gold twirely decorative elements that I believe are brand new, so they’ll be highly sought after. The set also comes with a decent amount of medium lavender and dark purple pieces (and some standard tans and browns too.) The goblin also comes with two purple ball joints with mouths printed on them. (Lego is certainly doing a lot of printing on ball joints nowadays.)

The goblin’s flying postbox is forgettable, so I’m going to forget about it for the rest of the review. The airship itself is fabulous, and reminds me of the Elves ship from the first year as well as the Ninjago pirate airship from last year. And yet it turns out to be so much better. The hull is built around the wing mechanism. They hang loosely down in a rest position, but when you pull the lever on the back, they snap up alongside the edge of the ship. It’s quite a cool technic design, and I very much approve. The use of the curved gold elements really provide the ship with its shape, and the air balloon is just the right size for the craft. (Aesthetically, now sure if it would actually be large enough to realistically float the craft.) There’s not quite room for the whole gang of elves to climb aboard it; you might be able to squeeze them all on, but it would be a tight fit. And Aira’s position by the wheel is quite exposed; one step backwards and she’s falling overboard. They should really install guardrails back there.

Posted Image

Overall, I’ve personally been less than impressed with the third year of Elves. It’s either more of the same or just straight up bland for my tastes. (Not saying it’s bad, just that last year’s selection was amazing so I personally don’t favor these new models as much.) But this airship is epic. I mean, it's taking design cues from two other great sets and then surpassing them. I might go as far to say it’s my favorite set of the year so far. (Although the Ninjago Dragon’s Forge and Samurai VXL have been quite epic too.) Anyway, the Airship is a great design and comes with some decent pieces too, so win-win there. I’d totally recommend it. (And I’d do a front page review, but that is way more effort than I can put in at the moment.)

(Also, no posting about how I'm wrong and Elves Year 3 is great and I should like it. You know who you are.)



I beat Super Metroid Again

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster in The Island., Feb 23 2017 · 38 views
Super Metroid, Metroid, Nintendo and 2 more...

So I beat Super Metroid for the second time ever today. Sadly, it was only at 94%. I looked everywhere for the remaining items that I was missing, but I couldn't find them. I know I could've looked up where they were, and I did that for some of the ones I needed help finding. But I actually had been playing it on and off over the last few weeks, and I couldn't exactly remember which items I had and had not gotten already. And with my playtime going over eight hours, I figured it was time to put Mother Brain down and get the game completed. :P

I am a little saddened that I didn't get 100% in the game, but at least this gives me an excuse to replay the game in the future. And besides, I had a lot of fun playing the game. But I wanted to go ahead and move on to another game for now.

And that game is The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for the 3DS. I got the game a long time ago, and I managed to beat the first two dungeons. But then I stopped playing for some reason and never got back to it. I plan to start over on it and finally complete it. I don't know if it will be at 100%, but I would like to at least try to get that percentage on it if I can.

I've only beaten two Zelda games in my time playing video games, and those were A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds. I plan to add Majora's Mask to that lineup, and hopefully I'll get enough free time to do so. :)

What is the most recent video game that you have beaten? And was it at 100%?


Space is cool

Posted by Monado Girl in Beyond the Blue Sky, Feb 22 2017 · 100 views

So, apparently this happened.

It's like...something out of a sci-fi book. This so awesome. There's a chance life may exist on some of these planets. Unlikely that it's intelligent, probably only simple life at most, but it's super interesting.

Hopefully scientists will try and learn more about these planets.


Bonkles by Tekulo

Posted by SwagtronYOLO in Designated Tekulo Crying Corner ♡, Feb 22 2017 · 87 views
Why?, There is no MataNui

In my version Kiina tells the Nuva all about meeting Mata Nui and goes into detail about their forbidden romance at a slumber party.

The Nuva are hooked on every word and their eyes widen with suspense as they clutch their pillows.


G2 BIONICLE Question

Posted by Mask Maker Pulse Vatten in The Ancient City, Feb 22 2017 · 60 views

Skulls or Beasts?



Posted by Voltex in The Storyteller, Feb 21 2017 · 85 views

i love cats

Posted Image

cats are my favorite


More Remembering!

Posted by Lab Member 0579 in Mt. Coronet, Feb 21 2017 · 66 views

So not only was Final Fantasy V in a commercial recently, there’s going to be a new Mega Man Star Force figure this year?!

This is amazing. I like this trend of my favorite underrated games getting nods.

Next on the list are Sinnoh remakes and a TWEWY sequel.


Also whoops I missed my 9-year anniversary by three weeks

Posted by Bfahome in You're attacked by a Repair Nektann, Feb 21 2017 · 58 views

I've had this BZP account for 9 years as of the first of this month, but it slipped my mind because everything is a terrifying dumpster fire at the moment. But now I have my Hau which means I'm officially into my spinnies, so that's something I guess.


Three Years

Posted by JAG18 in The JAG18 Stronghold, Feb 20 2017 · 35 views

Today is my three year anniversary on BZPower; feels more like two. I wonder if I should try and be more active around here or something...

That is all, now continue with whatever you were doing.


a how to

Posted by Kitania in the door, Feb 20 2017 · 60 views
For Honor

when ur gettin hit by the pizza combo dash backwards


Anachronisms in Zelda

Posted by Salamence in I am Luroka, Makuta Luroka, Feb 17 2017 · 70 views
whaaat?, No way, Never in Zelda

Anachronisms in Zelda I like how people complained about trains in Spirit Tracks, meanwhile Anju's grandmother in Majora's Mask is a retired rockstar in a power chair and nobody bats an eye for 16 years. Nevermind the actual neon lights in Ocarina of Time.


That moment when you realize

Posted by Akano in Akano's Blog, Feb 17 2017 · 72 views
Coincidence?!, Yes and 1 more...

...that your two blog entries on pentagrams are six days short of being exactly one year apart from one another.


Posted Image


Xenoblade Chronicles X: CLEAR!

Posted by ~Shockwave~ in The Aurora's Edge, Feb 16 2017 · 35 views

*Frustrated screaming*

*Clears throat*


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