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Posted by KITTENS FOR FISTS in NEGATIVE CONDIMENTS, Jan 28 2015 · 15 views
namey suggesty time

I'll be able to change my name soon.

Currently we have the following names pre-suggested (both by Portalfig I believe):

1. Plues (misspelled variant of 'Pulse')
2. The Pun-isher (Disclaimer: I have ran out of puns.)

This is the part where you suggest other names. There's no limits, except you absolutely cannot suggest 'KITTENS FOR FISTS' this time.


ANNOUNCING... A Tale Of Nightmares And Power...

Posted by ghidora131 in The Doomsday Bunker, Jan 28 2015 · 6 views

Sorry, Voltex. Ripped the name of this post off his. :P


I'm bringing to the RPG forum a powerhouse of a storyline. Something so difficult, quiet, and deadly, only the bravest, most honest will survive. This... Is the Asylum.
In the first RPG to show you CAN have Toa that are not overpowered, you play as a Toa brought to an asylum on a far-fetched rumour that all Toa are insane. Only when you get there do you realize that two Toa are trying to make you, all your friends, and everyone else there into weapons of death.

And to top it all off, there is a monster roaming the halls at night, pulling your own Toa energy away to use for itself.

Now, the ones who do survive will have to traverse the darkness... Outwit the guards.. And survive for the twisted ending... And the ones who make it will find new life, outside of a cell, In the reality of their destined world.

So... Are you up to the challenge?


G&T concepts 1/28/2015

Posted by Chro in Spontaneous Refuse?, Jan 28 2015 · 50 views

Note that not every concept I've come up with will be posted here as I intend to keep some things secret for the time being.
The purpose of posting these is to either find a host for a game concept if I don't want to do it myself, or to see what the level of public interest would be if I were to consider hosting a game.

Inspired by the King roles of XVI and XX, this is a medieval themed game concept centered around the powerful King, who is being targeted by a cadre of Thieves. The wildcard Jester hides in the shadows of the King's court.
Public notepad if you want to read about the game
Private notepad if you're planning on hosting the game and want to see the secret role info

A game centered around the oft-neglected Piraka gang, this game takes place on an alternate version of Voya Nui. It also features Irnakk, somehow made into a real being, who has come to defeat the Piraka.
Public notepad if you want to read about the game
Private notepad if you're planning on hosting

This game was born from the desire to start a game themed around the G2 Bionicle universe. Similar to JiMing's lost Requiem game, the players consist of a multitude of Protectors with only three actual roles: Makuta (who possesses Protectors), Ekimu (who clones them), and the Lord of Skull Spiders (who does whatever he wants because he's a big freakin' spider that's what).
Public notepad only because there really isn't any secret information in this one

What if you didn't die when you died in Mafia? What if I worded the previous sentence far more eloquently? I got tired of dying quickly in games that seemed interesting, so I came up with a game concept that would give players a chance to avoid that issue. Similar to a Cult game, the Mafia begins very small but can grow as the game progresses.
Public notepad because there isn't secret info here either

If you are interested in hosting King's Ransom or Fear Remembered - interested enough to actually make plans to host it, not "oh this sounds neat maybe I'll do this some day" - send me a PM, and I can give you a password for either private notepad.


BIONICLE 2015 Part 2

Posted by Dallior in The Bionicave, Jan 28 2015 · 36 views
HypeTrainLivesOn, #BIONICLE2015 and 1 more...

Welp, it's time for the daily blawg.

So, today I was trolling the forums, looking for news of new sets, when suddenly, I saw this! http://ukonio.de/wp-...res-lehmann.jpg!


So, I thought that I would tell you, loyal reader, what I think of the new sets, or the Skull Gang,

1. Skull Slicer Est. Price: $20

So, let's start with this one. It looks like the nemesis of Lewa, due to the trans-green Lewa mask and other Jungle-y things in the promo art. I find it a little sad that his mask is just a silver Skull Spider mask, but he does have "skull" in the name! He appears to have two legs and four arms, and none of them have any armor... at all. But, you know what they say, the best defense is a good offense! And he sure seems to think so! He's holding a mask-grabbing chain, a new sword mold (YAY), and some other un-see-able stuff in the other hands. We think his gears activate all four arms, so more playability! YAY!

2. Skull Scorpio Est. Price: $20

Next, this hulking beast. First of all, he (He? She? It?) appears to be wearing a mix of Breez and Bruizer's masks from HF: BA, and he holds Pohatu's trans-yellow mask hostage. This may be a nod, or even a companion to LoSS, though it doesn't look as Technic-y, with IFB bone pieces for legs and OH MY GOSH, IS THAT A TAIL?! Some rubber band-y, double bladed flame-thrower thing acting as a tail. Playability? Potentially high. Tail appearance? GAG ME WITH A MUKAU

3. Skull Warrior (the bow guy) Est. Price: $20

Next up, the anti-freeze to defrost Kopaka. He appears to be wearing a NEW MASK, and holds Kopaka's trans-blue/gold mask of awesome in it's clutches. Now, this is a set! Plenty of armor (but not too much; he's still pushing the skeleton look) and good weapons! First, a cool new sword (NEW MOLDS! YAY!) and... is that... YES! IT IS ! IT'S A GATLING LAUNCHER USED OUTSIDE OF A PROTECTOR SET!!!! (PAUSE: To describe my joy, go watch Harry Potter Goblet of Fire. Go to the dragon scene. See Hermione screaming "YES!! YES!!" at the top of her lungs whilst crying happily when Harry comes into view? That's me right now.) Plus, the trans bone pieces used to enhance the "bow" effect is WAY better than the PoJ's "bow". Plenty of new pieces, armor, weapons... this looks like the best so far!

4. Skull Basher Est. Price: $20 again

Coming to the end of the normal villains, we have this beast-mode hulking elephant thing, ready to bash Onua into the ground he loves so much. He holds Onua's Barney-colored mask on a tiny little stand, and he himself wears... we don't know. The picture has his arms covering his face. Dang it. But, we do see little purple tusks coming out. He wields two BEAUTIFUL NEW SWORDS, a lot of new armor plating, and an apparent hatred of everything. This guy has new pieces coming out of his ears (if he has ears. We don't know. Cuz we cant see his face. :( ) and is ready to kill.

5. Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder Est. Price: Probably $35 or $40 based on a rough conversion from pounds to dollars.

FINALLY, the set that has everything we've been waiting for. This is so massive, let's check out Ekimu first, shall we?
Part A, Ekimu: Apparently, Ekimu has been revived (dang it, should have watched the leaked BIONICLE animations when I had the chance!) and is ready to fight. He is (strangely to me) the size of a Protector, has armor BIGGER THAN HIS HEAD, and wields his trademark hammer, and a new saw-shield (with a Disney Princess wheel on it.) He has his golden Protector mask on, (PRAISE GREGF!) but seems to be going for, you guessed it, THE MASK OF CREATION. THE MASK THAT'S BEEN TALKED ABOUT SINCE 2007 AND IS FINALLY IN SET FORM. YES. But, before he can get back his Mask of Power, he's got to go through...
Part B, Skull Grinder: The titan villain set that HF trademarked, we have ourselves THE BIGGEST BADDIE in this wave. We see a fancy new mask (the same as Skull Warrior's, I think) and a club ready to smite anything ever. With armor plating even on his back, a concept always teased in Hero Factory, shown in Chima Ultrabuilds, and revived in this bad-tush baddie, and new armor, this dude is ready to take on the entire island. If it took all 6 Toa to beat LoSS, they'll need some heavy artillery from Ekimu to even think about bringing down this behemoth.

REVIEWS DONE. Too tired to conclude it. Have a nice day.



Posted by Obsessionist in Chronic Obsessions, Jan 27 2015 · 50 views

Nintendo should make Toad compatible with SSB4 like all of the other Amiibo. Tapping the Amiibo would unlock a Peach figure player... Except the only move she knows is her neutral special.



Posted by Grochi ad Infinitum in The Lower Half of the Grand Staff, Jan 27 2015 · 62 views

i would like to thank random.org or whatever site it was for helping me get this

and GSR for having his little giveaway in the first place

and myself for entering

yay i'm premier now

what to do




A Top 10 List

Posted by Valendale in Ice Carvings, Jan 27 2015 · 52 views

Since Bionicle is back and Hero Factory is over, I thought I would make a list of my favorite HF sets:

10. Black Phantom. Black Phantom kicks off our list with his cool ball-on-a-stick design and adorable pet. Truly fitting to be called the Green Nightmare Lord. Only reason he's not higher up is because of his odd bulk and the fact that said pet's legs come off too easy.

9. Evo 2.0. Evo's weapon is just so much more awesome and practical than the other 2.0 heroes. His spike can also be used like a dagger. By the way, it's my personal headcannon that Evo is Von Nebula in disguise.

8. Stormer XL. Big sword? Check. Weapon that looks like an ice cannon once you get past its launcher? Check. Chain? Check. Droney things? Check. Looses points for looking stupid.

7. Frost Beast. His claw is very nice and sharp looking. His is the exact opposite, relying on his sheer force to cut through his enemies. His mouth is also perfectly shaped for breathing out frost breath. Fun Fact: I also like frost and am a beast.

6. Waspix. Waspix really rocks the four arms. The upper arms stab, slice, and scratch through foes, while the lower arms pull electo-grenades out of Waspix's stinger tail, which is another thing you should beware.

5. Rotor. Rolor's main draw is his little gas arm, which is capable of spewing out two type of gas, maybe more. His propeller may be a little loose, but it helps spread these gases in addition to granting flight capabilities. Rotor looks sufficiently fit to guard anything, whether it be bell tower or dimensional portal.

4. Scorpio. It's a giant scorpion with so many body parts, you'd have to fight them all individually and fists that look like they could shoot arrows. What's not to love?

3. Crystal Beast. If this list were ordered by glacialness, Crystal Beast would probably be at the top. Her color, structure, and size are all really cool. Her breath probably sparkles. Combined with more sharp claws, Bulk will not be breaking her egg. Looses A LOT of points for requiring modification to fix the awful color scheme.

2. Meltdown. Or as I like to call him, Prince Meltdown. He's not really the prince of anything, but it sounds cool. He's one of Von Nebula's, and by extension, the entire Nightmare force's best scientists. His unique hand design really helps with this. Also know Nightmare Judo for self-defense. And when he fails to defend himself, there's always the fact that he turns into a radioactive, acid spewing spirit on death. Like Crystal Beast, loses points for requiring modification to be good.

1. Thornraxx. Here we are, at the end of my list. Thornraxx tops it for a few reasons: Great color scheme. Claws that rip straight enemies, even if they try to heal, and, most importantly, the fact that Thornraxx is just so fun to walk around with. Unlike the previous two, Thornraxx does not require any modifications, but I do recommend removing the orange tubes.

There you have it.


Well that was anticlimactic

Posted by ~Shockwave~ in The Aurora's Edge, Jan 27 2015 · 48 views

So I was supposed to start work about an hour and a half ago. Well, there was apparently some form of mixup. I was given the wrong time. Luckily everything worked out, and I'll just be starting in a few days.

So I get to continue freaking out until then. Great.


what am i doing

Posted by Strange Festive Voltex in Extermination is Coming, Jan 27 2015 · 136 views

I just spent 20 minutes writing 1000 words of pure terrible about how the players of BZP Mafia were introduced to the Potoo

what is wrong with me

i don't think i am going to post that


E: bumping to let you all know that you got what you asked for, horrible people


General Rambling: Star Trek & MOCing

Posted by Jedi Master J. in The Library That Never Was, Jan 26 2015 · 66 views

Hey, folks. I thought I pop in again and give a little update since it been awhile since my last entry.

Uh, I am not sure where to begin. I mean I hadn't been up to much really. I guess I'll just talk about my weekend since it still on my mind.

So yeah, I managed to finished Star Trek: Voyager this weekend, which I was sad to see end as I did enjoy it for most part (Although I feel like it could been better.). Oh, and I can't say it replace Deep Space Nine as my favorite (I don't know how to explain it outside I just felt the story arcs involving characters were handle much better in DS9 than Voyager. *shrugs*). But anyway, I would ramble more about my thoughts on Voyager, but I don't want bored you folks.

Before I move on though, with Voyager done now, I only got the Star Trek films, the Original series (+ Animated series), and the Enterprise series left to watch. I am probably not going to watch them all right a way as I don't want burn myself out on the series (That and well, once I finished them all, it means I have no more Star Trek to watch, which would be sad as I like the universe.).

So with that said, I guess I should mention here that I am open to suggestions for checking out other TV shows (Preferably ones I can watch on Netflix since that where I been binge watching Star Trek.), so feel free to do that if you want.

Alright, moving right along, I also managed to do some MOCing this weekend (Which if you follow my Twitter, you probably saw pictures of already.). I didn't make anything too fancy really. I was mostly experimenting with gears since the theme for BZP convention circuit mention lights and action. And well, I don't have any light bricks (Outside of Skakdi eyes, which doesn't feature an on / off switch), so I can't do anything with that.

I do have two motors though from an old Dinosaur LEGO set, so I end up experimenting with those motors to see what I could come up to include a motor in a BIONICLE based creation. Honestly I can't say I had much luck with that as you can see in these two videos. XD

I kept messing around with it though and eventually I start getting something that I kind liked as shown in this video (Even though what the gears did was kind of meaningless as all they did was spin. XD). Eventually it became something that kind looks like maybe a dragon's head (Here's a video for more a detail look of it.).

So yeah, that was what built this weekend. No doubt you all have build much better than this as I am pretty terrible at this MOCing business. Oh, and I should note that I am not done with this "Dragon's Head" MOC. I plan on trying to build a body for it and maybe ship it out on the convention circuit, if I can get it to look good enough.

Alright, I think I rambled enough here. I am sorry if this was boring entry for you to read. Thank you though for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have a great day. I'll talk you later, BZPers.

- JMJ 2015


Oh yeah a MOC

Posted by farmstink buttlass in incredibly silly and just a little bit rude, Jan 26 2015 · 54 views

Rain cleared up so I was able to take some pics, so here is a MOC.

Posted Image

^click for topic^

The first thing I've posted in the BBC since, like...2010 I think. Kinda crazy.
Check it out, maybe. Comments are welcome.


Just so you peeps know, I'm gay

Posted by Actually... I'm Santa in The Titanic or someplace, I dunno ♫♪, Jan 26 2015 · 314 views

Long story short: Finally just came out to my amazing brothers Akano: Toa of Electricity and KopakaKurahk and they accepted me with zero drama.

So, now that I've told them, there's no reason I need to keep myself closeted here anymore.

I hope this changes nothing for any of you because it seriously shouldn't.

That's really it. You can go back to your lives now. XP


Computer sharing sux and other things.

Posted by Chasm in Weekly Random Blog, Jan 26 2015 · 17 views
Random Thoughts, Bored

So a few months ago, my roommate brought home a pretty cheap Chromebook from the class she goes too (I was supposed to be for her 'therapy' or something) for both of us to use--We made a deal that she'd get to use the computer on the weekends, and I got to use it on the weekdays since I stayed at home most of the time. Well, she started nagging me about using the computer every night around the same time in order for her to talk to her E-boyfriend, lmfao. So I was like "I'm sick of this ######. I'mma just save up my paycheck to buy my own computer". And that's what I did: saved up 350$ to buy myself a new machine.

Walmart sounds like a good place to buy a labtop, but I want some extra cash to get a metal version of a certain custom Bionicle mask on Shapeways...Sigh. First-world problems, 'eh m8s?

Other than all that jazz, my plastic version of said custom mask I mention above finally shipped after a couple of weeks of waiting. So I should get it around Thursday and theeeeeeen I can take some cool pics so I can write up a review for it.


LEGO World

Posted by Vezok's Friend in Designer Dragon's Lair, Jan 26 2015 · 84 views

I am currently buys helping the team with preparations for LEGO World in Copenhagen, which will start on the 12th of Febuary, (so even before NY Toy fair, for those of you hungry for news).

It's apparently a public event, so if you happen to live in or are in Denmark at the time, seems like a cool thing to check out. Also there will be a display which I had my hands on, so it will also be the first time something I built at work becomes public. ;)



My thoughts on the most recent Lego Bionicle sets

Posted by Rooster Nui in The Hen House, Jan 26 2015 · 41 views
Bionicle, Lego

After having the first 13 rebooted Bionicle sets in my house for the past eight days, I thought that I'd share my thoughts and joyful experience I've had with the sets on the BZPower blog forums. In no way is this a review, I'd just like to express how much I like them, in a casual manner. :D

To start this entry off, I got them last Monday afternoon (Australian time) after my dad kindly drove me down to the local post office to pick them up. I was excited, but not in the way that I was jumping around and squealing. No, so not like that. The thought of me finally getting them lead me onto memories, memories of the hintings and leaked content that some people were going bonkers about. It crossed my mind that it had been a fairly long time since we got official news that Bionicle was making a return as a Lego theme. Those thoughts/memories lead me onto another thought, and that thought being that it was nearly five years since Bionicle had officially ended as a toyline in its original run.

All of those thoughts made me even more excited inside my body. I didn't want to express my joy, otherwise that would be awkard around my dad, but finally, I was going to get the new Lego Bionicle sets.

These sets don't disappoint. The Toa are the most complex of all Toa, apart from the 2008 Takanuva and Toa Mata Nui, and the Protectors are more complex than all Matoran and Turaga from the original generation. Even the Lord of Skull Spiders doesn't disappoint me overall. I dislike the lack of functions, but I'm able to stand the look of him and I enjoy the mostly Technic build of the set.

After having the sets for a week, I've come to think that I've probably had more fun out of these than most Hero Factory and 2005 - 2010 Bionicle sets just because of the gear functionality on all of the Toa. I would play with LoSS more, but I don't want to wear his rubber band out, though I do have a few extras...

I've had very little problems with the sets, those being I didn't get one of Kopaka's stickers on properly (perfectly) and some slight, skinny and tiny marks that I've mentioned before on forum topics. Apart from that, they're good and I think the marks are just because of the gloss finish on the shell pieces, I could be wrong though.

I must say, Lego is a really good buisness, and also a very smart one. The designers really know what they're doing.

Anyway, those are just some basic thoughts of mine and how excited I was to get them. :)


So That Gaara vs. Toph Death Battle Coming Up......

Posted by Toru Acura: The Saboteur in Maverick Hunter Lobby No. 0, Jan 26 2015 · 229 views
death battle, avatar, naruto and 1 more...

I'm not gonna claim I'm not biased, because I totally am. I loved Avatar: The Last Airbender when I was younger, and I still think it's one of the greatest cartoons-no, TV shows to ever exist. From what I've seen, Legend of Korra is also amazing, but the original will always hold a more special place in my heart.

Toph was one of my favorite characters from the show, even if she didn't get as much character development as the others. The fact she still kicked major butt despite being blind, and how awesomely sassy she is makes me like her just as much as I do Sokka and his hilarity, really. And yeah, her Earthbending is really, really frigging impressive. There's one thing though.

Shonen characters can sometimes be kiiiiiiiiiiiiiinda overpowered.... As I believe is the case for Naruto characters.

And from the things I've read so far, Gaara looks like a beast (literally since he has that Shukaku demonthing in his belly)..... This kind of displeases me... No, it displeases me a lot, because I want Toph to win reaaaaaaaaaaaaally badly, but I'm not sure if she can anymore.......

Then again, there's this quote from Ben Singer on his Twitter regarding this battle.....

*Reads comments saying the next Death Battle is one-sided. LAUGHS MANIACALLY AT THE POOR IGNORANCE OF MAN!!!* Muahaha...

Does this mean I can get my hopes up? Please tell me it does.....


Bionicles IN ice entry list!

Posted by UngluedBike in Cycling 101, Jan 26 2015 · 96 views
Entries!, Ice!, Bionicle!

So with the contest well under way, I am pleased to see 4 entries (and it seems like there are more to come), all of them are very impressive.
So to recap, here's the entry list so far:

- Toa Chronix's "..." - Kopeke

- Dallior's Lewa IN ice

- keiththelegokid's Vahki: Smashed, Washed, and Chilled.

- moamahrimatoro's Tahu: Master of Ice


Name change?

Posted by Ektris in Bleeding Blue, Jan 26 2015 · 111 views

Oh yeah, I can change it back now!

Should I? :/

I did it half as an experiment, and the results were kind of what I expected - don't feel like I'm so readily recognized now. Whether that's good or bad...


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