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Technic Tournament Tweak

Posted by Pahrak #0579 in Something Stupid, Oct 13 2015 · 4 views

Still holding off just a bit on starting the game, but I was thinking and I had a new idea.

Once per round, after a promotional attempt fails, a player can reroll. As for how exactly that works, I’m still deciding. Maybe the player needs to add a few more Widgets to activate it (10% of what they tried using in the promotion?), or maybe just use the same amount of Widgets. The Widgets received would definitely be lower. The reroll might even guarantee success, but at the cost of very low Widget payout (100 W x result of reroll?).

Any thoughts on this? Or anything else? I’ll probably be starting this soon (I'm gonna say mid-November at the absolute latest), so be on the lookout.


Crusaders of the Lost Mark

Posted by Bambi in The Small Horse, Oct 12 2015 · 22 views

Well, thanks to EqD I have a pretty good idea of what's going to happen this time around. Thaaaaaaanks. Anyways, here we go

A song already? Is this going to be a musical?

Never liked him


Yeah, musical

Should have left him in Luna Eclipsed

More fat horses

Seems familiar

Another fat pony? lol

So I guess she's out of the picture

What's he doing there?

Musicals just make it harder to convey the story.. Like instead of dialogue they're just singing

Oh well, it'll be over in ten minutes

Can't stand him

They're not in her way

Well, didn't take much to get her to turn

So her talent is pretty much manipulating others?

Their last minutes as blanks flanks

No one else glows like that when they get theirs

They've got shields like Nyx

And so much for each mark being unique

So they must be dead. I'd love to hear more

This will take getting used to. The marks usually blend with them but.. Purple on a yellow pony?

Well, that's that. I already don't like musicals, and this one wasn't that great either.. 3/10


Hello, all.

Posted by Bonkle in A Matoran's Musings, Oct 12 2015 · 94 views
first, post, first post

Hey everyone, looks like I have a blog now. I didn't really become a premier member for the blog, but here it is. If anyone has ideas for what I should put here, please let me know because I have no clue. :P


HERO Factory

Posted by IMPULSIBLE: OSTRICH MASTER in WARNING: Ostriches, Oct 12 2015 · 59 views

I'm surprised the HF universe didn't end up in a situation where the HF went unchecked and starting producing increasingly dangerous and insane 'Heroes' who, instead of protecting, destroyed everything out of a misguided notion of being heroic due the fact that villains exist, and with some absolutely brilliant AI logic, that means existing must mean you are a villain. Obviously doesn't apply to heroes, of course, because heroes aren't villains.

Unless... every being we saw in HF was produced by the Hero Factory, unaware that they've already SLAUGHTERED ALL THE ORGANIC LIFE AND ARE CONTINUING ON AS IF NOTHING IS WRONG. Did you ever see anything that looked organic in the HF universe? I didn't...


NaNoWriMo 2015

Posted by Zatth in Zatth Blag, Oct 11 2015 · 51 views

Made a topic for BZPers to discuss/plan/worry over NaNoWriMo! Head on over there to exchange novel/NaNo info, pitch ideas, and in general see there are many of us who are wild enough to try and write 50,000 words in one month!


The Shadow and the Seaquel, or: I've Got Some Questions

Posted by GSR in Defendant Lobby no. 42, Oct 11 2015 · 86 views
bionicle, writing, bzpower


About three years ago I wrote a story called "The Shadow and the Sea". (If you haven't read it, this parenthetical is the obligatory plug - it's got Hahli and Teridax and Takanuva and quite a lot of emotional pain, which is always a good combo in my book.) I'm still not sure exactly where it came from, but somehow it wound up being long enough that I couldn't in good conscience call it a "short story." And folks seemed to like it! I did too, though of course three years on you look back and wince at your writing, like you do.

Not too long after I finished posting it, I started talking about a sequel. I wrote bits and pieces of said sequel throughout 2013, and then slammed out about half during NaNoWriMo. Then I put the darn thing down again for a year, and wrote the other half during NaNoWriMo 2014. And during all this I kept pushing back the 'release date' bit by bit.

Now it's October 2015, and the draft's been sitting on my computer for nearly a year. I've done some edits, but... there's a ways to go. The thing about spending years writing it is that some of the older stuff is really, really in need of overhaul. (The worst offender is probably one passage where it's super-obvious I'd just finished reading Dangan Ronpa for the first time and a character awkwardly shoehorns in "hope" and "despair" to a conversation. Blech.) Combine that with the fact the bulk of the story was written during a pair of NaNos, and there's more thematic and structural issues that need tackling than you can shake a stick at.

But I know that it'd be good for me to finish this. Just writing the draft has gotten me to recognize a lot of my weaknesses as a writer - but while practice recognizing your faults is one thing, practice fixing them is another. And I won't lie - it can be hard to muster up the motivation to actually sit down and work through this. Like always, there's stuff that's more interesting, seems more fun to write. (Heck, my plan for NaNo next month is, ideally, to write something that has nothing to do with Bionicle whatsoever.)

So I guess I'm making this entry to ask a couple of questions: one more general, two more selfish.

Let's start with the general one: I'm sure I'm not the only person to get stuck in this situation, where a creative project drags on and on and on when it was supposed to be done and fresh ages ago, and now you're staring at it and all the work it still needs and fighting the temptation to just stick it in the drawer for the rest of time. How'd y'all handle it? Are you still in the middle of something like that right now? Commiserate with me.

And now for the selfish questions:

The really egotistical, I-know-I-shouldn't-feel-this-way-as-a-creator-but-I-do one is just: does anyone even care about this story any more? I wrote TSatS three years ago, and my Bionicle writing output has pretty steadily declined the past couple of years. Like I said, I want to finish this thing and post it - but I'd be lying if I said it wouldn't help to know there are people out there who'd actually be interested in it.

The slightly-less-egotistical-but-still-kind-of-self-centered question: if there are people interested, would anyone be willing to help beta read this? I do have a few beta readers who I trust and I hope would be happy to help out, but it can't hurt to get another set of eyes on things.

So yeah - that's the story of this story, I guess. Usually I don't make entries like these, but honestly, I could use the motivation of a little conversation on this.


BrickFair NJ and a New Epic

Posted by Zarayna in The Lonely Barricades, Oct 11 2015 · 47 views

First and foremost, I'm beginning to post an epic I've been working on sporadically for the last few years. The prologue isn't that exciting, but I promise that it gets better! Reading Fighting to Survive here.

Secondly, I just learned that Brickfair will be in NJ, while I'm here in Philadelphia, so I'm hoping to be able to make it on Saturday.


So, a quick recap of Bionicle 2001-2004?

Posted by FallenAtlas in The Weight of The World, Oct 11 2015 · 87 views

So read the storyline for Bionicle, 2001-2004(?)....this is what I got from it.

Makuta is jealous of Mata Nui and slips him some sleeping pills, and the island of Mata Nui is supposedly made cold and crops don't grow(wheat? Corn? They don't say.). Anyways, the Turaga, the old ones, get Takua to summon the Toa Mata from the heavens to show up and kick Makuta butt. Turns out falling from the heavens makes you forget everything, even your name.

They recover, they kinda beat Makuta, and then they have to deal with the beetle infestation. Bohrak or whatever, cool in theory. Turns out they are ruled by some queens, and after getting a robot-suit powerup(which they ditched? What was the point again??), the queens are defeated, all is good.

Makuta then released beetles 2.0, they do better, but turns out human greed even works on beetles and they get killed. Toa also get a super-hero upgrade after a quick swim.

Turns out there's gonna be a 7th Toa, and after a ridiculous trip across the island and the introduction of some taller beetles, there's a big fight with hockey sticks and Makuta is defeated for good. Supposedly. Mata Nui is supposed to be woken up or something. I still don't get how Takuanuva is brought back to life. He's the Toa of Light. There's an problem there.

Also, they didn't mention the fact the island is sitting on the face of a giant action-figure??


More Thoughts on Destiny's Story

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Oct 10 2015 · 66 views

Essays, Not Rants! 186: More Thoughts on Destiny’s Story

So with my Rationale out of the way, I picked up Destiny’s expansion-sequel The Taken King and put… many… hours into it. It’s a huge improvement on the base game and, for a change, feels like a complete game with stuff like story and what not. Which is great, because Destiny had world building in spades, and now The Taken King is building on it and giving characters actual personalities.

These personalities are revealed through some newfound conflict beyond the original good guy Guardians versus the vague-but-evil Darkness. It’s still good versus evil, but now some of the good guys bicker. Zavala disapproves of Cayde-6’s flippancy who in turn thinks Eris takes things way too seriously. Little things, to be sure, but they add a depth that was sorely lacking in the game’s first year. Story is character, after all, and character gets revealed through conflict. Points to Destiny for finally showing an understanding of how that works.

That said, the game’s always been brimming with narrative architecture. The world is rife with details that hint at a great history behind everything. There are names like Toland and Alpha Lupi that show up in gear descriptions and bits of lore that hint at so much more. Oryx, a name that shows up here and there in the first year is the titular antagonist of Taken King, making a bunch of pieces finally fall into place. Plus, Destiny’s lore is incredibly diverse: the Guardians in gear description are woman, Chinese, and Indian. There’s a variety in the background.

But does this work?

The first year of Destiny seems to point to no. One of the biggest criticisms of the Destiny was its lack of story and no amount of world building can compensate for a disappointing narrative (I’m looking at you Elysium). Halo’s story worked in part because of Cortana’s commentary on Chief’s missions and discussions with various allies about what to do next. In Taken King, Bungie imitates their older games and gives context to the gameplay. Now there’s a more tangible reason for why you’re running, shooting, and punching villains. By making the Vanguard and Ghost interesting characters with personality too, there’s a sense of being part of something larger than just the mission at hand.

More interestingly, in Taken King a lot of small tidbits are given a larger purchase. Recordings of Toland play a small role in the story and make the prior mentions resonate all the more. Because now Toland’s not just a mythical name, he’s a mythical name with a connection to a character that affects how the story plays out. There’s a reason and a why to the details that color the world.

But then, there’s no indications as to what the Kessel Run is in Star Wars except that Han Solo made it in less than 12 parsecs. Yet it adds such a sense of texture to the film — it works in Star Wars. Maybe the overabundance of details wasn’t Destiny’s big problem, maybe it really was the lack of an appropriately substantial story.

Well, there it is. Ya gotta have story.


The Bad Dinosaur

Posted by Signal Lancer in The Berenstein Universe, Oct 09 2015 · 186 views

I will cotton to being a bit of a curmudgeon, I suppose.

But the more I see of this movie, the more I hate it. How could the company that made Finding Nemo then go on to make such bland, uninspired animal designs?


How to Enjoy Star Wars: Battlefront

Posted by ~Shockwave~ in The Aurora's Edge, Oct 08 2015 · 93 views

1. Don't play the Battlefront Beta

2. Play Battlefront II

Quick question: I'm not sure if it's me or possibly a miscalibrated TV, but on Xbox one, Battlefront is looking extremely jagged and muddy (at the same time somehow), So I'm wondering if anyone else can confirm weather it's the game or something else. I'm pretty sure it's the game because the opening screen is absolutely headache inducing and everything is just really hard to see. But a quck search online didn't result in finding similar complaints.



Posted by Temmie in Undetemmienation, Oct 07 2015 · 74 views

Hello hello OTC! JiMing here, with a somewhat informal announcement. Not too long ago, three people, Unown Mercury, An/a Blade, and me all formed a team to start work on conceptualizing a concept for an indie beat-em-up game! Ahem...

"In a game based off of Mahou Shoujou/Shounen, an ancient darkness is surfacing... A quest for power, knowledge, justice, revenge will break out... Champions will fight for the fate of the world. But at what cost? And more importantly... What truly lies dormant in a person's soul?"

So far, we've got people working on story/dialogue and art. But we're missing one big thing, as you can tell... A title! I've cobbled together a quick Strawpoll to let OTC decide which of the numerous options we have at this moment should be chosen for our game!


Deadline by 10/31/15. You can vote for any number of titles you want at a time, ONCE. If you wish to specify which name you selected in this thread, your name could be featured in a Special Thanks section of the game's credits!

P.S. We are still looking for members of the team! Especially a composer and level designer. If you are interested, contact the head of the project, Unown Mercury, through PM!

Thanks for giving us your time!


Hey, Blogosphere! Me and the team would really appreciate it if you took some time to help us decide on a name! Various positions are also still open, so if the above has piqued anyone's interest, contact Unown Mercury through PM!


Bionicle Disney Princess

Posted by SPIRIT in SPIRIT's Blog, Oct 07 2015 · 153 views

Is anyone else following this movie? I'm imagining a Disney version of Bionicle.


Coming soon: Terrible Comics!

Posted by Akaku: Master of Flight in Ak's Bionic Blogmobile, Oct 07 2015 · 181 views
terrible, comics, art, bzp

No, I'm not talking about Legends of Taladi Nui, hopefully... This is something else entirely; Terrible comics, by slightly less terrible people! So far, the ladies and gents' we have onboard on the project are:

- Me!
- ZippyWharrgarbl
- Zahaki
- Beonrex (also known elsewhere as Encune)

Potu miiiiight also join in, but she's very busy right now, so we probably wont see her much if she does.

I've also asked a few others if they're interested, ill update the list accordingly if more people join; Basically, its going to be a fun little comic series from me and a bunch of my BZP-artist friends, where its more about the humor then the quality of things. Theres also no deadlines set for anyone to make comics, since people often get quite busy; that being said, the topic may get slow at times, but ill make sure that it never dies completely :)

Also, the way I see it... The more members of the series, the less of the odds there are that we'll all be lazy at the same time, and nothing will get done :P

The name right now im thinking is literally going to be 'Terrible Comics', though that's not set in stone if someone comes up with something better!

(Are you a cool peep' that likes drawing, but doesn't have the time to make your own comic series? Drop on by when things get rolling, chances are we'll accept new artists and fan comics along the way!)

EDIT: By the way, more or less making this post the 'HQ' of the comic until its posted; don't hesitate to say hello, and throw some ideas around if you've got any! :)

(One such idea I talked about with Zippy was having an 'MSPaint Monday', where we must attempt to make something by just using said program; I myself quite like the sounds of this :P)

--Akaku: Master of Flight


Down with a Sickness...

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster in The Island., Oct 07 2015 · 99 views

I hate being sick.

Especially when it lasts for multiple days. I thought it was just a common cold or something that would get out of my system by now, but it has now been with me for the last five days. And my temperature is slowly going up by the day.

Thankfully, I've been off from my job for the last few days too, which has helped me to get some much needed rest. And I'm going to go see my doctor tomorrow to get on some medication for this. (I did go see someone at a Minute Clinic on Saturday, but she said it wasn't anything too bad and didn't prescribe me anything. I don't believe her now.)

I really need to get better soon. I have a VERY important work event tomorrow that I can't miss. Hopefully I get feeling better after I see my doctor tomorrow.

Like I said, I hate being sick.


General Rambling: Life, Video Games, ect

Posted by Jedi Master J. in The Library That Never Was, Oct 06 2015 · 98 views

Hey, folks. It’s been awhile since my last blog entry here, so I thought pop in and give a little recap on last month or so. Really there’s not a lot to talk about since for most part, last month was rather uneventful.

I mean I did go to Zelda Symphony last month and had a great time. But I don’t really have much to share about the event though, outside of a couple minor things (I didn’t throw up like at Pokemon Symphony 2014 or BrickFair VA 2015, so that’s good. And I burnt my tongue on some fries that day, so that wasn’t great as my tongue felt all weird for entire of symphony and I didn’t realize why till later. XD)

Outside of that though, I just have been back on the normal work routine, which thankfully has start to pick up last month. I don’t know if I mention this here, but work has been dreadfully slow during July & August after we made the change to the new work schedule (Due our chief customer [Boeing] not giving us as much production orders, we had overtime hours cut, so our employer wouldn’t have to laid anyone off.).

So it feels like a good sign that things did start to pick up last month. Mind you, we are still on the “No Overtime” schedule and honestly I doubt that’s going to change anytime soon. Additionally I will admit I have been sending my resume out to places since I don’t want to be caught off guard, if they do have laid people off.

So yeah, that’s my work situation at the moment. I could probably ramble more about work here (Such as one of my co-workers being like the Saint of Food Giving… Honestly that co-worker might just be most generous person I have ever met.), but I doubt my ramblings about work will interest you folks.

Let’s move on to something else. Hm… What else did I do last month? Well, I played the awesome indie game, Undertale (So far I only got one of the neutral endings since I hadn’t done a second run yet.). Honestly I could gush over how much I like this game, but I am sure you folks have all heard that already from others here and elsewhere on the internet, so I’ll spare you.

I will say this though that I highly recommend checking it out (If you on the fence about it, you should give the demo a look.) and well, if anyone on my Steam’s friends list wants the game, be sure to let me know and I might just sent you a copy of the game.

Besides playing Undertale, I also started playing Mass Effect 1 (for first time) since by some stroke of luck; my computer “magically” is able to run after I had finished my first playthrough of Undertale.

Just to clarified, my previous attempts to play Mass Effect 1 always result in the game minimizing itself, so I don’t think my computer really couldn’t run it per say. But I certainly don’t know why it did that before or why it works now. (I have a similar issue with Knights of the Old Republic game, which kind of why I still hadn't beat that game. That and well, I am not a fan of the combat in that game. *shrugs*) It’s a mystery.

But anyway, my Mass Effect character is named Jamie Shepard (I named her after my Undertale character).

She’s an Engineer class soldier and her backstory is spacer and war hero. Although in hindsight, I think I should made her a “Lone Survivor” since I am pretty terrible at the controls in this game (I wish this game had controller support. XD), so occasionally my squad member dies and I have to reload my last save (This game definitely has got me in the habit of saving often like I do in Pokemon games. XD).

Garrus and Wrex are so far my favorite squad members (I have brought Wrex with me on almost 100% of side missions that I have done so far).

I am currently at the point where you are give free roam of galaxy for first time. So yeah, I am not too far really.

I mostly just been doing side quests since well, I want to explore the galaxy before I continue the main story stuff. And man, there are a lot of side quests and so many stories to collect about planets and stuff (I really love world building in this game.).

Oh, and here are my Shepard’s current stats and stuff.

XD Yeah, I know I am probably investing my points in all the wrong things. Like I probably should put more points into First Aid and Pistols (Especially since that’s only gun that I am trained in since I am an Engineer class.).

Alright, I rambled enough about last month. I am sure there are things that I forgot to mention in this entry, but I feel like I have kept you folks here long enough.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have a good day. Talk to you later, BZPers.

- JMJ 2015

PS - Just remember I forgot to mention something here... I started watching Gravity Falls & Steven Universe last month as well. I must say I see why people like these shows as I am now pretty hooked on seeing what happens next in both of them. XD


Bionicle: Catalyst

Posted by Lady Kopaka in Lady K's Blog, Oct 05 2015 · 155 views

Posted Image


All the BIONICLE Episodes Together

Posted by Pereki in A Rather Uninteresting Blog, Oct 05 2015 · 105 views

So, folks! In the interest of making the episodes easier to watch together I've edited all of them into a single video, cleaning up the transitions so it all flows as a cohesive, smooth narrative. You can watch it right here.

Source: OFFICIAL Bionicle 2015 Topic


BrickCon Pictures

Posted by Inferna Firesword in Seneca's Keep, Oct 04 2015 · 161 views

Alright, time for the recap!

Getting to Seattle was difficult, mostly because Akaku and I didn't have access to my car -- and in any case, I had no experience driving downtown. We wound up taking a bus or two. Not the most efficient, or comfortable, way, but it got us there.

Things seemed both a bit packed and yet not as packed this year. Lots of impressive MOCs, though! Special note to a remote-controlled R2-D2, and a remote-controlled mouse droid (those rolling toaster ovens that ran around on the Death Star).

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

The Bionicle table was a lot smaller this year, and not in its usual place of mid-back (more like the back-back). There was a lot of cool MOCs but - somewhat worryingly - no members hanging around. (We got to the hall at around 11:50.)

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

After some heartbreaking moments of concern that we were the only members there -- eureka! We found one!

Posted Image
Pictured: Roa McToa and her amazing Makuta of Okoto MOC. Not pictured: Akaku fanboying.

We had a lovely chat, and -- our hope restored -- we went on the hunt again. And we found more!

Posted Image
Posted Image
Pictured: GSR and Kakaru. Not pictured: Cajun.

We all had a chat, a couple of the metal pieces I brought with me got passed around (my bronze Shelek, and my Kohrak-Kal ring), and then -- the fire alarm got pulled.


We regrouped outside, and met up with Cederak and Ezorou. After a few moments getting acquainted, we decided to take our unscheduled break to get lunch at the Armory. We spent about 1.5 hours eating and chatting together, then returned to the convention hall.

Fortunately, during the break, more members came out of the woodwork.

Posted Image
Pictured, from left to right: Based Goomy and xccj.

Posted Image
Pictured: Cederak, Ezorou, and Letagi.

We had a great time, but with the end of the con day coming up (and my getting dizzy), we needed to get going. I took one last picture, then headed to find the bus home.

Posted Image
Pictured, from left to right: Roa McToa, The 1st Shadow, Meyres the Anchorman, Akaku: Master of Flight

All in all, despite issues with the transportation and finding other members, this was probably the best BrickCon I've ever gone to! Can't wait until next year! ^^

EDIT: The Brickshelf gallery I put all the pictures in is now public!

(warning, not all of them were cropped before uploading)


The GazettE

Posted by Scythey in from the edge of the forest, towards the deep green sea, Oct 04 2015 · 64 views

instead of a full collection update, this is just something I got that I find particularly cool.

about a month ago I ordered a pair of CDs by the Japanese rock band The GazettE, imported straight from Japan. today, they both arrived.

on the left is Dim and on the right is Division (the Batman symbol isn't part of the artwork, that's just the reflection of my shirt)

the coolest of the two is definitely Dim, which I got in the 2-disc limited edition. it comes packaged in a hologram slipcase with artwork on each side that changes as you move it.

front: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

back: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

in addition to the standard CD case, the slipcase also houses a CD-sized photo book.

easily one of the coolest packages in my collection.

BONUS: enjoy this framed picture of a squirrel that I have on my desk.

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