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An Inaner Thought-scenario

Posted by Trijhak in One Second in Eternity, Sep 24 2016 · 41 views

(Is Inaner a word?)

Imagine this: you are in a room. In this room is a table - a long one, in the shape of an oval, with a large hole in the middle. The table's surface is about 90cm in width. There are chairs on the inner side of the table, and there are people sitting in all but one. You are in the middle of this central position. As you walk towards the empty chair, the heads of the people start to turn. Towards you, even to degrees that should not be possible - on the chair on the opposite side of the inner circle, someone's head is the wrong way. As you sit down, they get up, still staring at you. They are not blinking, and they are also not breathing.

What do you do?


Strapping Young Lad

Posted by Bambi in The Small Horse, Sep 23 2016 · 58 views

Got my last SYL CD in the mail today, thus completing my collection of one of my all-time favorite bands.

Posted Image

From top to bottom:

-Heavy As a Really Heavy Thing (2006 reissue)
-City (2007 reissue)
-No Sleep 'till Bedtime
-Strapping Young Lad
-The New Black

Also owned but not pictured:
-For Those Aboot to Rock


ten years

Posted by Scythey in VA-11 HALL-A, Sep 22 2016 · 63 views

what have I done with my life


From the Southern Hemisphere

Posted by Vorahk1Panrahk2 in V1P2's Blog, Sep 22 2016 · 41 views
General Life Stuff

I wrote up a nice entry yesterday before I left, but was unable to post it due to errors. As such, we're skipping the "I'm leaving" and going straight to a quick "I'm here." I'm blogging this now because I'm not sure if that will be possible tomorrow? The Internet situation is up in the air. I'd say expect less activity from me, but I'm pretty inactive to begin with so no one will notice or care.

First day was interesting. I'm intimidated by the fact that I'll need to learn two languages, but I think I'll make it work. I don't have a choice if I want to eat. :P

I'm sure I'll blog again soonish. But until then, see you later, BZP Blogs!


The Cursed Child Review

Posted by Jean Valjean in Kraggh's Works ♫♪, Sep 22 2016 · 55 views
Harry Potter, The Cursed Child and 1 more...

The Cursed Child Review :kaukau: What's one of the most sacred things that thou shalt not spoil? Obviously, the new Harry Potter book. You spoil that, and you might as well get thrown out of the window from the top story of a tall building.

I would like to avoid a dramatic fall to my death, so I'm avoiding anything that even remotely sounds like a spoiler. And yet, I still want to give an opinion on this book, so there are a few things that I feel obliged to say to the prospective reader who's wondering whether or not this book is worth reading.

Let me start off by saying that the last time a Harry Potter book was released, it was carefully thought out, and all of the books prior to it were clearly leading up to it. It has clever writing and good plot twists that J.K. Rowling built up to from the very beginning. This book doesn't feel like a natural continuation of the series, however, and it's quite evident that J.K. Rowling was only partially involved inn crafting its story.

Because The Cursed Child reads like a fanfiction. Not a horrible fanfiction, since at least it's entertaining, but a fanfiction nonetheless. If I could boil down my description of this book to one word, that would be it. What can I say? Practically everyone is out-of-character, and then "cool" things happen that feel like they happened just because a fan thought that they were cool, but otherwise feel contrived. There were also details in the story that contradicted established elements of Harry Potter lore, which resulted in plot holes. Somehow, three writers with very obvious talent got together an write a fanfiction for a sequel.

That's all I have to say about it. There's nothing wrong with liking it, if you read it and decide that it isn't that bad, since it does have a story that at the very least can be entertaining, but it just doesn't have the greatness that the original series had. Maybe Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be better, but overall it just feels like people are turning a story that was already complete in itself into an unending franchise.



been gone

Posted by Eyru in Caffeine and Existentialism, Sep 22 2016 · 52 views

so I dropped off the face of the earth for two or three months. my bad. had some personal stuff to deal with, and I won't bore you with the details.

but I'm back, more or less. I realize I left some people hanging (and also totally ditched my FA duties - oops), but I'm gonna do my best to get back into the swing of things.

I wouldn't expect a ton of activity, but you can PM me if you want and I'll probably answer. and we'll see about getting some old projects rolling again.

happy autumn.



Life Update Again

Posted by Lapis Lazuli in This is my ocean pillar ♫♪, Sep 20 2016 · 112 views

So, the summer season is coming to an end. For those who don't care about my personal life up until now, I spent the summer working at a volcano. It's beautiful up here and I was fortunate enough to explore and and see the sights. I've had one of the most beautiful areas of the world as my back yard these past few months, and that's been pretty cool.

I started as an assistant baker. However, after a few days our lead baker left the company. That meant I got a promotion, being the only one in the bakery with experience and a degree in baking and patisserie. I was put in charge of an assistant, who later left, then was replaced with a good friend of mine who got hired on. It's been... interesting working with someone who knows me personally. It's been a good thing and a bad thing.

Also my friend did out me to one person up here. Which was kinda terrible. Mostly because after recent events this year I've felt progressively less safe and have decided to remain closeted because I don't want to deal directly with homophobic people. And because I don't feel safe. Which is terrible.

BUT ANYWAY I recently was preoccupied with a plated dessert for a wine tasting. I made a raspberry parfait, covered with Italian meringue (which I got to use a blowtorch to toast it! Super fun working with fire. MUAHAHAHAHAHA), raspberry sauce, fresh berries and macaroons. All of which I made from scratch. It all looked very nice, and it seemed to be well received.

Currently I have only one more work day left. I leave this place on Friday and fly back home on Saturday. It will be nice to have fast internet again (or even moderate speed for Internet would be nice), and it will be good to see my cats again.

However, I have no plans for the winter, have no idea where to start looking for jobs, and oh my glob I am going to end up a hobo one of these days. Stressing out about the future is always fun. Great. Fan-freaking-tastic.


Still though, it's been a lovely summer. After the year I had in 2015, this has been a welcome change of pace, and I will definitely miss some of the friends I've made here.

Here's to moving on.



Version Exclusive Pokemon Revealed in Sun/Moon

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster in The Island., Sep 20 2016 · 61 views
Pokemon, Sun/Moon, Exclusives

Today the latest Pokemon video was released, showing some of the Pokemon that will be exclusive to either Sun or Moon. I'm personally liked the Sun exclusive ones a little more, especially Rockruff's midday form of Lycanroc. It looks like a really cool Rock Type Pokemon. The midnight form of Lycanroc looks alright, but its color scheme just looks off to me.

As for the two other version exclusives, Passimian, a Sun Version exclusive, looks really cool. I can see it's ability being very useful in double and triple battles, though I don't know how useful it would be in single battles. on the other hand, Moon will be getting Oranguru. While it think its has a good pairing of types, I'm just doesn't look that interesting to me. But that is just my opinion on it.

The video also reveals that Pikachu and Eevee will get their own Z-Moves. Pikachu's looks like it will be really good, but I'm not sure how I feel about Eevee's. Sure, it is nice to get all its stats boosted up very quickly, but I don't know if that is a good use of a Z-Move. Especially since you can only use one Z-Move per battle. I did see someone post on Twitter that one could have Eevee use Baton Pass to transfer those stats to another Pokemon though, so I guess this Z-Move could have its uses if used right.

So these are my thoughts on the Version Exclusive Pokemon and Z-Moves revealed today. What do you all think of them?


I'm having some LEGO Ideas.

Posted by Bfahome in You're attacked by a Repair Nektann, Sep 20 2016 · 78 views

I'm having some LEGO Ideas. Part of a thing I'm working on. You'll never guess what. Hoping I can get the capability to work this into a decent proposal at some point.


Simple Grammar Trick

Posted by SPIRIT in SPIRIT's Blog, Sep 20 2016 · 85 views

Lay is to lie as raise is to rise.

You can lie down or rise up.
You can lay a book down or you can raise a book up.

So it is incorrect so say something like, "I'm going to lay down for a bit." That's like saying, "I'm going to raise out of bed in the morning."

But wait, using "lay" when you mean "lie" helps to remove any ambiguity between reclining and recounting falsehoods. In any case, the meaning is still understood! Besides, certain conjugations of the verb "to lie" can use the word "lay". Wouldn't it be more efficient to condense them into a single verb?

Aha, yes, but we all know the true purpose of grammar is rarely to dispel ambiguity or promote efficiency, rather it is a useful marker of social class... You filthy peasant.


Sully Mini-Review

Posted by Nightbeat in You've Got Taste, Sep 19 2016 · 44 views

It wasn't a bad movie by any means, but I didn't think it was that great either. The flashbacks/PTSD he had felt a bit overdone, and the main conflict felt a bit underdone. He mentions what will happen to his career if things go south like one time, but we're still supposed to see that board of people as the villains. Didn't really strike me.

I DID really love the rescue scene. Movies can very rarely bring me near tears, but that scene did. And the stuff with the actual passengers and the crew in the credits was a nice touch.

Did anyone else see this movie? Thoughts?


RPG Prison Break: After The Fact

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Sep 19 2016 · 37 views

So I didn't really sketch out much for the adventure, opting more to go with however the players went. It meant the break was a little too easy. I was also a bit under-nourished as a GM, having only had cereal for breakfast before arriving and having a couple beers. Soooo...

But yeah. Was fun. PC's spent more time at the cantina than I expected. Leesi pickpocketed everyone. Fran found the most emotionally vulnerable person there and charmed him into buying drinks and offering Imperial codes the next morning (Leesi picked his pocket too). Fran then tried to charm the entire cantina into taking off their pants, but she failed the roll.

The parking ticket debacle was a debacle. There was some trying to talk their way out, but Jobi attacked (low willpower and all that). Leesi tried to run, ended up tripping. Ten went to the ship, but it was impounded. Boba just walked away casually. Anyway, they all got tranq'ed and sent to an orbital prison.

After processing, where we got a fun look at their rap sheets (Jobi's was "mercenary activity, tax evasion, resisting arrest, assault on an officer, grievous bodily harm, and arson. In one night. To which Kat/Jobi replied: "And tax evasion was the only one that stuck!"

They immediately started plotting an escape, because these PC's have no chill. While talking at a table a Gungan name Cantin approached them. Before he could say anything, Ten throat-punched him and kinda broke his trachea (Jen/Fran's a biochemist, so she filled us in on the effects). They then found out he was a gang leader.

Ten also made an impassioned speech about the privatization of prisons that riled up the crowd, but no one thought to use that as a diversion.

When asked about cellmates, I paired up Jobi and Fran, Ten and Leesi (nonstop arguing), and Boba... Well, Boba got Cantin the Gungan. Through a series of events, Cantin inducted Boba into his gang and became the family Boba always wanted. It was truly beautiful.

The next day, Boba found himself torn between his new family and his crew as the latter prepared to enact their plan. Leesi needed a prosthetic leg and so sent Jobi to get one. She brought back the guy's good leg first by mistake before making another trip to get the prosthetic. Leesi used said limb to hack through the doors out as the others caused a diversion.

Which involved Fran trying to charm everyone out of their pants again, only this time she succeeded. So no one was wearing pants.

Once through the door, Boba and Ten went to get their equipment, Leesi and Jobi to unclamp the ship, while Fran kept up the distraction. Boba and Ten almost managed to stealth in past the guards, but failed at the last minute. So Boba (successfully) seduced them while Ten grabbed the stuff. The pilot threw a weapon to Boba, but, uh, Boba didn't catch it. After the guards were taken out, they loaded a gravsled with as many of the other boxes of equipment as they could carry. Gotta loot the room and all that.

​Meanwhile Jobi just punched the guards in the control room to unconsciousness, as she does.

Anyway, the team reassembled and headed to the hangar bay.

Where Cantin the Gungan and his band of thieves waited. A blistering fight ensued, with Leesi's lightsaber making short work of the henchmen. Jobi got hit with a vibroaxe, but, to everyone's (including my) surprise, it only a third of her HP. Oh, and Fran got a couple kills (#2 and #3) including stabbing Cantin to death.

They then escaped the prison for another adventure.

Then we played another boardgame and I, Sash/Leesi, and Kat/Jobi went out for food and a Brooklyn bar crawl.


I lied

Posted by Letagi in Wherever you go, there you are., Sep 17 2016 · 110 views

I'm going to BrickCon after all - turns out there will be people from Edmonton there that I know so I won't be wanting for company.

In keeping with tradition, I'm accepting suggestions for this year's brick badge. Past badges have included "Fashionable AFOL," "This character limit suc," and "The character limit still su."



Star Wars ILM Challenge

Posted by JAG18 in The JAG18 Stronghold, Sep 15 2016 · 47 views
Star Wars

A little while ago, ArtStation ran a competition with Industrial Light & Magic asking some of the world’s best artists to “imagine key moments, new vehicle designs, character and droid designs, and epic battles within the Star Wars universe”. The winners have now been announced, and they are fantastic.

As you’d expect! The best entries for the competition came from men and women who work on Hollywood movies and AAA video games for a living (Matt Rhodes, for example, has worked on Mass Effect and Dragon Age), so marrying their talent with the chance to draw some cool Star Wars [art] was always going to result in some amazing images...


Seriously, this is some really amazing and cool stuff go check it out for yourself.



Posted by Tex in The Storyteller, Sep 14 2016 · 77 views

Posted Image


PS4 is pretty cool!

Posted by AZBlue in Okoto-Nui, Sep 14 2016 · 45 views

It really is, as I've come to find out over the last week and a half. I got the Uncharted 4 Grey-Blue (or as I call it, Sand Blue lol) edition, and have been playing No Man's Sky, Uncharted Collection, and best of all, Star Trek Online.

No Man's Sky is a great game to me, being a concept I've craved from my childhood obsession with space exploration. Its exactly what I expected from the previews and screenshots, so I was not disappointed or overhyped for it. The planet I started on had a radioactive atmosphere, which sucked, but I made it off that world.

I've only made it partway through Uncharted 1, so I don't have much to say about it other than it feeling like a modern Indiana Jones movie.

Star Trek Online is where most of my time is going right now, mostly because I had to start a new character--which was expected with it being a different server. Captain Tik'kat of the USS Tiberius is the first custom alien character I've made in STO, and I'm having a lot of fun with him. Space combat is good, but still feels better on PC, while the ground combat feels polished. The controls aren't on par with Elder Scrolls Online, but the game is playable.

My PSN name is AZBlue08. I'll be adding it into my sidebar as well. Let me know if you add me!

Also, I'm halfway through the Thrawn trilogy for the first time. It is really good, and I'm embarrassed that I hadn't read them yet. I'm eagerly anticipating the upcoming season of Star Wars Rebels, with the reintroduction of Thrawn, as well as more Maul shenanigans.

Working my way through Supergirl S1, and eagerly anticipating S5 of Arrow, S3 of Flash and S2 of Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl.


I'll be honest here

Posted by Unit#phntk#1 in TEX MASTER RACE, Sep 13 2016 · 106 views

Bionicle Mafia XXXIII needs players and you should sign up.


Newest Kingdom Hearts Trailer

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak in Mt. Coronet, Sep 13 2016 · 104 views

A trailer for 2.8 was released at TGS, as well as the game’s boxart and the announcement that it was being moved from December to January (but January in both Japan AND the US!).

Getting some nitpicks out of the way, I’m…not really a fan of the new Hikari remix. LOVE the name (Hikari - Ray of Hope Mix - ), but as soon as I heard it it just seemed kind of off. I dunno, maybe it’s just me. Also it appears there’s going to be DLC for the game (I mean I don’t have a PS4 so I probably will just watch someone play it but still…ugh), and my instant reaction to that isn’t positive for whatever reason. Lastly, one of the news sites I frequent points out that the Drop Gauge doesn’t appear in the footage of Dream Drop Distance, and says the Gauge was “frustrating” and if it has been removed that will make fans happy. Come on, people. It wasn’t that bad if you just managed it right. It was a lot smoother alternating between Sora and Riku than BBS’s method of playing through one whole story, then starting over with the second, and then starting over again with the third. (I love BBS but the Drop Gauge was definitely an improvement.) Kingdom Hearts fans really are unpleasable.

Anyway, those are my complaints. Moving on.

-Master Aqua is beautiful. I mean, everyone already knows this, but…Master Aqua is beautiful.
-I love the way the snippet of 0.2’s opening goes, showing Terra and Ven in their possessed states. I don’t know why.
-There really isn’t much to say about the Dream Drop Distance segment other than the apparent lack of Drop Gauge.
-Following up on Aqua seeing an illusion of Terra in the remains of Castle of Dreams, we now see her finding an illusion of Ven in the remains of Dwarf Woodlands. She also finds the Magic Mirror, which produces a doppelganger for her to fight. I’m a sucker for doppelgangers.
-We see a few short clips of the Foretellers. Aced wants to form an alliance, Gula’s being edgy and saying he can only trust himself, and there’s an interesting bit where Ava tells Invi that what she’s doing might be making things worse. Which is the first time we’ve seen any hint of Invi being interesting at all.
-Back to 0.2, there appear to be some new Heartless, though I haven’t gotten a clear look at them. There also looks to be an interesting segment of exploring a castle and the world suddenly becomes inverted. Probably related to the ol’ Magic Mirror.
-It keeps jumping back and forth, anyway, we also get to see Luxu and the Master of Masters in the same room for the first time. So, there goes one of the possibilities I was considering. But it still looks interesting.
-Once again to 0.2, Mickey makes his appearance! This leads into a very…peculiar scene that I’m sure is going to be important somehow. We see a swarm of Darksides all throwing orbs of energy into the air (in a method reminiscent of whatever Master Xehanort does to summon Kingdom Hearts in BBS), all joining together into one massive sphere just like the one that appeared over Destiny Islands as it was destroyed back in the first game. It’s a striking image.

Again, there’s little to no chance I’m going to be able to buy this and play it for myself, but I’m still really looking forward to watching Back Cover and 0.2. It’ll be wonderful to finally get full context on what’s going on in Unchained X, and seeing Master Aqua again is a lovely dream…I mean, aside from the fact that she’s…still in the Realm of Darkness…but, it’s a step. Plus we know the frame tale is going to show Master Riku and Kairi at Yen Sid’s tower and I really want to know what direction that’s going to point us in. (Kairi with a Keyblade with any luck.) Ah, maybe 2017 won’t be horrible!

No, it probably will. But at least I’ll have Kingdom Hearts.



Posted by Inferna Firesword in Seneca's Keep, Sep 12 2016 · 102 views

So, not much has been happening, outside of the job search.

Went and saw Kubo and the Two Strings the other night; I loved it. If you haven't seen it yet, please do so; it's wonderful. :)

Also, I've been preparing for both Rise of Iron and BrickCon; I should hopefully be planning transportation for the latter better than I did last year.

Reborn's next chapter is in the works; there's just a scene that's been causing me trouble. I'll hopefully have it done by BrickCon itself.


The Blogmobile is out of the shop.

Posted by Akaku: Master of Flight in Ak's Bionic Blogmobile, Sep 12 2016 · 131 views
lotn, comic, brickcon

Posted Image

That's right! :D

Thanks to B6 (and Dimensioneer behind the scenes from the sounds of things) for helping me sort out Premier membership stuffs; Not sure what went wrong there, but im happy that it got all sorted out :P

Anyways, some news; LoTN is back up and running (with four new pages I've made in the last week, three last night! :)), and im thinking of taking more requests in the near future. Also, I'm most likely going to be at Brickcon again this year, cant wait to meet everyone again c:

Have a good one! And most importantly, if you're hopping on for the ride, DO NOT PRESS THE BIG RED BUTTON.

--Akaku: Master of Flight

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