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Posted by Sumiki in Blogarithm, Jul 23 2014 · 23 views






I found the best thing to do in the Destiny beta.

Posted by ~Shockwave~ in The Aurora's Edge, Jul 23 2014 · 6 views

So there's this blue metal structure along the very top of the map. If you know what you're doing it's pretty easy to get up there.

Than you wait for people to notice and try too.

Hands down the most fun I've had all day.


Writing and Programs

Posted by Kitania in silly strings, faerie wings, Jul 23 2014 · 11 views

i got zenwriter again and i'm so happy i have it once more, i missed it so so much

(my old PC's that had the free software died since then, harddrive one my desktop ended up getting shot somehow but i honestly dont mind the $10 price tag on it since MS Word is like $75 - 100~ ish).

i just really love the music, how it saves and organizes work, switching the backgrounds and stuff (it makes me feel more creative which helps with creative writing)


Metroid PSA

Posted by Obsessionist in Chronic Obsessions, Jul 23 2014 · 24 views

If you act now, you can trade in Metroid Prime to Amazon for 21 cents! That's right, 21 whole cents! And you thought Gamestop had great trade-in deals!

There's someone working for Amazon, being paid to process 21-cent trade-ins. What a wonderful world.



Posted by Cadmium Kyogre P~M in The Piraka Blog, Jul 23 2014 · 24 views

Hi guys!

I started a subreddit for all your LEGO creations right over at /r/mocs. Feel free to post them over there and have others vote on them!
If there's anything not allowed about this, admins, please let me know and I'll remove it.



All About that One-Two

Posted by Emzee in Lone Star Blog, Jul 23 2014 · 32 views
bzpower, anniversary

When I joined BZPower, I twelve years old.

And today marks the twelfth anniversary of that late night decision (I had joined shortly after midnight after my folks were asleep. Still remember that, lol) to join the site I had been lurking for so long. Had it not been for this site, I honestly cannot imagine what kind of person I would have become. It was BZPower that formally introduced me to the glorious geek culture, and made me feel like that was an okay culture to be a part of (actually, it made me feel like it was the best culture to be a part of).

All the best to both the veterans and the newbies. I still can't believe I've been a member of this community for almost as long as I had been alive when I joined.



Posted by Octodad in tub, Jul 23 2014 · 74 views

I made a grave error in counting for the last question, meaning unless you made the same counting mistake as I did, none of the answers would be correct. Depending on what you count as an individual set, the actual answer can be anywhere from 19 to 22 (24 if you're also willing to add in the two foreign Piraka Kaita sets) so I apologize for not double-checking my numbers before publishing the quiz. Unfortunately, it appears once a quiz has been published it cannot be edited, at least not by me.



Posted by Trijhak in Possibly Edible, Jul 23 2014 · 89 views


That is the only purpose of this entry.


In Brightest Da- LEGO GREEN LANTERN <3

Posted by Swert in Swertblog, Jul 23 2014 · 67 views

AAAAAAAA I'm looking forward to Jan. 2015 now.

Posted Image

Seriously, 20 bucks? That's the best win right there.


Six Years on the Staff

Posted by Gatanui in Gata's blog(s), Jul 23 2014 · 50 views

I kinda forgot that yesterday was my six-year anniversary of being on the staff, of which more than five were on the Forum Mentor team. Not gonna lie to you, that was quite awful in the end. Not only was I a bit tired of doing the same staff job for five years, it was mostly that there was basically nothing left to do because of the decreased activity and the end of New Members needing ten posts approved before gaining full member privileges. So I was quite glad when Black Six offered me a job as a Reporter last year and I think I actually like that job more. I figure IF BIONICLE came back, that would make the job even more interesting but it's already quite cool as it is. ^_^ Anyway, just wanted to shout that out there. I've been on the staff double the time I was just a normal member and if I weren't a staff member, who knows if I would be still here. Anyway, cheers, here's to some more. ^_^

-Gata Posted Image


Band Camp: day 3

Posted by Rahkshi Guurahk in Blog of a Rahkshi, Jul 23 2014 · 23 views
band, music, life

Band Camp: day 3 BTW, Buescher Tenor looks like the one I attached, it's a photo I got off of the 'net.
So I have something funny that happened:
My band director shouted out for the Tenor Saxes to show where they were before he asked them to show something.
So of course here's the reaction:
Jump up and down and yell "HEY!"
(This is why I am with the woodwinds, we're cool (minus the last few Alto Saxes). =P)
Also my Metal Clarinet is finally getting repaired after a month of procrastination!


My MOCs at Brickfair VA

Posted by The Swimming Beard in The Swimming Beard Knows, Jul 23 2014 · 34 views
SCM-541, Xiroc, Tabar, Uncle Sam and 1 more...

These are all of my MOCs that will be displayed at Brickfair VA this year. if you're there, be sure to check them out!

SCM-541: The White Viper:

Posted Image


Posted Image

Tabar, Toa of Gravity:

Posted Image

Uncle Sam:

Posted Image

Worm Tablescraps:

Posted Image

The pictures link to the BZPower topics, if applicable.



Posted by Infamous Ironic Iguana in Elevate and Detonate, Jul 23 2014 · 51 views
watch_dogs, holy crud

Posted Image

Can we just appreciate how GLORIOUS the Digital Trip "Spider Tank" is for allowing players to rampage through Chicago with this truly amazing vehicle?


BrickFair VA Seminar

Posted by Zatth in Zatth Blag, Jul 22 2014 · 119 views

So I'm back from working nonstop for 2.5 weeks at a summer camp we lovingly nicknamed The Island (because you can't ever get off HAHAHA WE THINK WE'RE FUNNY).

SO NOW THAT THAT'S DONE I can resume working on my seminar for BrickFair VA, as well as that SUPER SECRET PROJECT SUMIKI AND I ARE WORKING ON.

But yeah, I'm doing a panel on the impact LEGO has had/can have on our lives (I call the panel 'Another Brick In The Wall' HAHAHA I THINK I'M FUNNY SOMETIMES). There will be some learning, a lot of BIONICLE references (to the chagrin of pretty much any attendee of the panel who isn't a Bonkle fan), and maybe we'll all learn something about friendship once it's said and done.

So if you're an exhibitor, and you've got the time, come over to my panel. I promise to try and make it interesting/funny/there might be a giant wormhole opening by the end of it.


Seven Year Spinny!

Posted by Pomegranate in Hundreds of Crimson Seeds, Jul 22 2014 · 32 views

Posted Image

Yeeeaaaaahhhhhh. NEAT.


Don't you hate it....

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster in The Island., Jul 22 2014 · 74 views

...When your typing something for your blog and then the power goes out to your computer, erasing it before you have a chance to save it?

This happened to me today, though it wasn't too bad since I had only begun typing it when it happened. I'm just thankful that it didn't happened when I had it completed. THEN I would've been steamed!


So Many Blog Entries...

Posted by Reznas in Reminiscence of a Feeble Past..., Jul 22 2014 · 48 views

Posted Image



So I'm Premier Now...(and other things)

Posted by Click in Ponderings of a Scarabax, Jul 22 2014 · 52 views

Well, after seeing how cheap Premier Membership is (especially with the sale), I thought I'd buy just a 3-Month membership and try it out. Just to see if the perks are worth it. I never really thought I have to get Premier, but I've been lurking on this site long enough without supporting much anyways.

And since that's a really short blog post, I figured I'd post some of my other projects I'm working on.

My Flickr page has been rather active lately with all my MOCs for Brickfair, but don't expect it to be like that all the time. After all, a good portion of my collection is now probably halfway across the country (well, maybe not even a good portion) on its way to Virginia. Among the MOCs I'm sending I've got "Toa" Irohka, my huge Mech suit and finalist for BBCC #68, three MOCs for the Karda Nui theme (good old Lewa and Tanma revamp and Krika revamp), the Chronicler's Co. (now featured on the front page), and a few other odds and ends I'm proud of. All in all, that's a lot of plastic to be sending across country. I hope to get some pictures as I can't make it myself.

I've had a Deviantart account for little over a year (I've already had two BZP members say "how did you hide this?") that I am just getting to posting things. Currently, I'm alternating between Bionicle/Lego and non-Bionicle/Lego (because I have a lot more of the former :P), and I've got a bit on there. I've got vector art, charcoal, and sketches, so if you're interested in any of that or you just want to see what I'm up to artistically, feel free to check it out.

And that's about it. I'll keep posting on my Deviantart, hopefully MOC a bit more and fill my display shelf back up, and probably use this blog while I've got it. Thanks for reading!



Posted by Sundowner in Desperado Inc. , Jul 22 2014 · 49 views

Well I'm going to give it a shot, probably will come out looking like garbage but it is worth a shot. I want to build something from one of my favorite creepypastas, the Godzilla NES Creepypasta, the monster Red.
Posted Image

I just really like Red, mainly because he is really creepy. Though sometimes the sprites have some unintentional humor in them. So yeah I want to build Red in LDD and then maybe Soloman (Still the Best 1973). Wish me luck and give any advice you can.



"Is he alive or dead? Has he thoughts within his head?"

Posted by Bionicle Guru in From Me to You, Jul 22 2014 · 52 views
Bornicle, BZP, Iron Man


From the song, not the movie; anyway, looks like it is that special time of the year they let us crazies come out and play with the Blog machine. I haven't participated in the last few years (thanks, work), but here I am now, on a whim, deciding to share some thoughts with all you whippersnappers.

I joined BZP a long time ago. July 28th, 2003, to be exact. This was shortly after I got my first email address, and I was only 14 years old. I'm 25 now, and soon to be 26. That means it is highly likely some of you weren't even born when I joined the site (and many of you were still soiling your diapers). This blows my mind.

In a much shorter span of time (between 2010 and now), I've witnessed BZPower become just another Lego news site on an Internet now teeming with them. I can't say if this is a bad or good thing, but I will say one of the reasons I don't visit BZPower that often is because I am a high-and-mighty AFOL that doesn't consort with the likes of low-brow BIONICLE and constraction figure collectors like the lot of you. I hope you took that as a joke. BIONICLE fans are all becoming (or already are) AFOLs, so don't let the especially old fogies tell you ###### like that sarcastic statement I made above. Aanchir knows what I'm talking about.

The truth is that BZPower served a niche for me, and that is what is still in the site name to this day. "Your source for BIONICLE news, reference, and discussion!" But there is no more BIONICLE. There is nothing to keep up with. Aside from nostalgia, I feel no need to talk about it, so I returned to a pre-BIONICLE state of Lego fandom, in which I already visited several other websites for news and discussion over. There's FBTB.net for Star Wars Lego, Brickset for general Lego collecting and buying, and Eurobricks for obsessive hyperventillation over minifigs and Fabuland.

BZPower hasn't really found a new niche yet. It's not "HERO Factory-Power", and it certainly is too soon to tell if Legends of Chima or Ninjago will win the war for supremacy amongst discussion here. And of course, people still talk about BIONICLE. After all, it only ended four years ago. Anyway, without some special role, BZPower no longer draws me here for anything I can't (and have already) find elsewhere.

I see progress. BZP is doing some neat things, like this raffle system they have, and their approach to Lego site standards, like set reviews, are novel (if not entirely appealing), so there is good reason to celebrate this site 13 years after its founding as Kanohi-Power.com. A new dawn is breaking for this site.

Will I be a part of it? I doubt it, especially since I am virtually a new member again. Who remembers me? Will I recognize anyone after four years and countless name changes, avatar changes, and weird memes? Maybe. But lest you all despair, I will check in. Maybe some old BORNICLE fan will dig out a cached version of my silly saga and re-upload it for me. Maybe someone will recognize me from other websites and chime in with similar sentiments. I don't know. But I suppose the most important thing to reiterate is that I still am a huge BIONICLE fan, just like the rest of you dinosaurs that may be creeping around from the "good old days" of Bohrok clones, Vahkipower.com, and official GregF discussion mayhem.

I moved into a new apartment recently, and I brought some Lego sets. Tower of Orthanc, Grand Emporium, Jango Fett's Slave I. You know, real impressive stuff for a bachelor to show off behind the curio cabinet. However, I also brought a secret box that no one will get to see. Inside is my complete collection of BIONICLE comics, from #1: Coming of the Toa all the way to the last part of Journey's End. Those will forever define what anchored me to the saga in the first place, and I can't live without them. Even if BZP crumbles into digital dust like a derezzed program from Tron, I will still hold BIONICLE dear.

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