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An Important (ish) Decision

Posted by Pahrak #0579 in Omega Republic Cavern of Diamond Asterisks of Creation Point UG & Knuckles, Mar 30 2015 · 8 views

So earlier I was working on stuff for my possible novel-type thing Divine Strength, and, well…

I’m thinking I might cut a few of the Queens?

See, right now I have 12 Queens and 11 queendoms. Through feedback I’ve gotten in the Fiction Writing classes I’ve presented the idea in, some people have said that’s a bit much, and that some of the Queens might not really fit. (They also say they need normal names but I’m holding out on that one.) I was working on some new short pieces today and I thought, maybe I should actually do that?

The Queens on the block are Music, Time, and Gravity. Time I’m thinking could be used in a larger role if I ever make a sequel or something, and Music has no characteristics and is a lesser known element so could easily be pushed back into the hypothetical future. Gravity is something people have called anachronistic, and while I’d like to keep gravity magic, I guess I don’t really need it. Of course, the Queen of Gravity is integral to the story, but I’m thinking I could essentially merge her with the Queen of the Sky, who doesn’t have any traits yet. Basically the character I’m currently calling Gravity would be renamed Sky, her magic would be switched, and gravity magic and the former Sky queendom get scrapped. This then makes the Queen of the Sky and the Queen of the Land married and jointly ruing the queendom of Roche, which feels like a weird pairing of elements at first but might fit thematically with the Queens being a combination of humans (the land) and goddesses (the sky)?

Anyway that would take us to 9 Queens and 8 queendoms, which sounds more manageable and leaves me with fewer Queens who are currently hanging in the background of the plot.

Big decisions like this are tough for me. Does anyone have any food for thought they might want to throw at me?

(Also I am aware I didn’t finish any of those stories I said I would post over break, break got away from me and I’m sorry, I’ll do my best to get them out soon and I swear this is related.)


General Rambling: Firefly, the X-Files, and WIP MOCs

Posted by Jedi Master J. in The Library That Never Was, Mar 30 2015 · 36 views

Hey, folks. I thought I should pop in today and give another little update here. Although I’ll admit not a whole lot has happen since my last entry really.

Just been doing the usual stuff during my free time, which for this month (March) seems be mostly watching stuff on Netflix and well, using Twitter to share random thoughts that I have. XD

So yeah, this is probably going to end up being a very TV show related entry as well, I would like to share some of my non-spoiler thoughts on the shows that I been watching.

I guess I’ll start off with Firefly since I mention I was watching it in the previous entry here. I believe finished that show about two weeks ago, so everything should be still fresh in my mind hopefully.

To start off, I enjoyed the show, although I am definitely disappointed that it was cancelled before anything could come of it. It look like it would been interesting, if it had been given the chance.

That being said, I wasn't a huge fan of follow up movie, Serenity. Not so much because some characters that I like died in it (Which I won't mention more than that for spoiler reasons) as I understood from story perspective why their deaths were necessary.

It was more because the plot felt extremely rushed to me and as well, I think my expectations were a bit too high for it (I blame the great movie finale that Farscape had for that.).

Of course, I am not saying I hate the movie (Serenity) as I like getting to see the crew again and getting some closure with mysteries surrounding River. And the "villain" of the film was also pretty awesome. So yeah, the film has a bit of mixed opinions for me.


"I'm a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar."


Moving right along, since I finished Firefly, I kind out of the blue decide to check out the X-Files since I always rather curious about that show (By coincidence, it was on the day that Fox confirmed that they were bringing the X-Files back next year.).

And well, I like it. It kind like FRINGE, but with more of focus on extraterrestrials and government conspiracies. Not sure what else to say really since I don't want to bored you with personal theories about an old 90s show.

Oh, and I am currently on Season 2, Episode 14.


"The Truth Is Out There."


Alright, so the last topic for this entry is WIP MOCs since I got a couple or so in work since I decided build, while I watch the X-Files on Netflix. XD So yeah, here's some links to them:

WIP Figure 1

WIP Figure 2

WIP Spaceship

I am not sure at this point if I will be shipping all of these MOCs (when they are finished) on the convention circuit. I am thinking about it though, especially "new" spaceship one (Which I might sent along with its "sibling" from last year's circuit as I think they both look rather good together.) *shrugs*

Oh, and I am thinking of maybe trying buy some LEGO light bricks as I think it might be neat to have parts of the spaceship light up. I am not sure how well that will go (Especially considering last time I ordered something LEGO related, I never got it. *sigh*), but I am going to see about giving it a shot at least.

What are you folks' thoughts on them so far? Just curious is all. I know they are nowhere near as good as any of ones that are posted in BBC forum, so I am not expecting praise or anything on them. XD

Well, I think that’s enough rambling for this entry. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have a great day. Talk to you later, BZPers.

- JMJ 2015



Posted by Emilie Autumn in Amplifier Worship, Mar 30 2015 · 20 views

Well, here is my recently completed Björk collection:

Posted Image
^Click for a bigger picture

Selmasongs: Music from Dancer in the Dark
The Music from Drawing Restraint 9

Got to say I'm not overly fond her newest album, but I love pretty much all of the other main albums, especially Post and Debut.


I am a BatPerson

Posted by Obsessionist in Chronic Obsessions, Mar 30 2015 · 29 views


What if...

Posted by You Have 24 Hours in You Have 24 Hours, Mar 30 2015 · 69 views
bow down to the, honkles and 3 more...

What if we put jet boosters on entire landmasses, allowing them to relocate to a different position on the globe or fly off into space?


Cool Shocking Non-Cliché Endings To Stories

Posted by Dina Saruyama in Scrimmy Bingus and the Crungy Spingus, Mar 30 2015 · 114 views

  • the protags die in chapter one. villain wins and gloats for the rest of the book
  • everything explodes for no reason
  • in the last chapter it suddenly switches to the end of a completely different story without resolving the previous one


Things That Are Pretty Unpleasant!

Posted by farmstink buttlass in incredibly silly and just a little bit rude, Mar 30 2015 · 51 views
started dinosaur, comics though and 1 more...

1-Getting sick!
2-Getting sick in two different ways, at the same time!
3-Getting sick in two different ways, at the same time, the moment spring break starts!
4-Getting sick in two different ways, at the same time, the moment spring break starts, which was yesterday, and I had to go to the dentist also! Also the one week of spring break I get had to coincide with holy week! This is not fun!

It is pretty unpleasant, actually!


People who call Verizon customer service.

Posted by ~Shockwave~ in The Aurora's Edge, Mar 30 2015 · 65 views

Yes hello, how are you?

Okay, can I get you'r- what do you mean you need to take a call? Okay, I'll just wait here then.

Ma'am? Are you there? Hello?

Okay, can I validate your account now?

Okay, so what is it you where offered?

Look, I get that Verizon called you for the offer, but we aren't a collective conscious, I need to know what you want to help you.
Okay, if you don't know then it's going to be pretty hard to get it for you.

Can you at least tell me what you where discussing before the transfer?

If you don't want to explain it again I can't help you.

My supervisor won't be able to read your mind either.

Look I understand you want it I'm just not sure what it is. And it sounds like you don't know either.

I'm sorry, I can't directly connect with a specific agent.

Look, I understand you want to talk to my supervisor but they aren't granted mind reading either.

I understand that you would put your supervisor on if I requested but that won't fix the problem.

Okay, please hold while I dig through the account notes to find what you want. But I still have no idea what it is.

Ma'am, you've been talking to me for like twenty minutes, that's slightly shorter then an hour. and at least half of it I was waiting for you to get on the phone because I needed to verify your account.

Okay I think I found what you want, if you actually know what that is. I'll put you through the automated system and just put in this number and get off my phone.

So yes, for future reference, when you talk to customer service, if you don't know what you want, but you want it now, we really can't help you. Not sorry.


pretty necklace

Posted by Kitania in silly strings, faerie wings, Mar 29 2015 · 36 views

a really lovely friend of mine sent me an awesome gift, which is a faerie necklace with amethyst stones embedded into the metal, along with a two page letter and it was the sweetest thing and now im wearing it all the time. maybe i'll post pictures of it eventually???

filed under: can't rave about on tumblr 'cuz he follows me and i dont wanna look like a dweeb


This is the Week

Posted by Cyrix in ♫ Don't Go to Sleep with a Frown in Your Pocket ♫, Mar 29 2015 · 64 views
School, Life, Windmill and 2 more...

So this is the week of everything. Which sounds like every week in high school but.

Tomorrow we test our physics project: a windmill that, when powered by a fan, has to lift a 100 gram weight one meter off of the ground. The catch: we're graded by our time; the person whose windmill lifts the weight in the shortest amount of time gets a 100%, and the rest of the grades are based off of that. The lowest time gets, at most, an 80%. It's worth three lab grades. While I get why the project is graded this way, as it's impossible to predict what times people will get and you can't give everyone an A+, it's still pretty nerve-wracking. But last time I checked my relatively simple windmill had one of the highest times in the class, so I don't have too much to worry about.

I also have an English research paper due at the end of the week. What I have so far is pretty shoddily done, which is sad because I like English and writing is one of my passions. But there's too much Skyrim to play to do a good job on it so

Finally, I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday. Half curious, half nervous, half terrified of what's gonna happen, but I'm probably gonna lock up my cell phone so that I can't do anything stupid with it while under the effects of the anesthetic.

In better news, I have found another prom date. Another good friend of mine who didn't have a date yet agreed to go with me; she was very excited about it and I had flowers and everything which made it pretty nice. In addition, I talked with the friend I was going to ask before (see my last entry). Turns out that she was feeling the pressure of her friends asking her to date her best friend (me), and so she panicked when she learned when I was gonna ask her to prom. She admitted to and apologized for not taking the best course of action; it was a really heartfelt apology. I really am not the person to be mad at people, so we decided to pick up and be chill again. In addition I've been working on a super secret writing project that you guys will hopefully see in a couple of months.

But all of that was last week. This is this week. It's gonna be a doozy.

back to skyrim i guess


Fourth Brony Anniversary

Posted by Avohkah Tamer in Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum, Mar 29 2015 · 64 views

Or specifically, the fourth anniversary of the night I started the show and became a fan!

I know I made and posted my annual song cover a few weeks early, but I'm really glad I did, because two days later I came down with an awful and persistent cold that's even still affecting my voice.

Anyways, not a whole lot of new stuff to talk about this year, since season 4 ended shortly after my last anniversary entry, and the fandom has seemingly gone into a bit of a hibernation during this insane 329-day break (not counting EqG: RR) before Season 5 starts this Saturday. Even still, meetups have been awesome, fan-created creative works are higher quality than ever, I've definitely made some good new friends in the past year, and I'm really looking forward to what this this next year will bring. I'm even hoping to attend Bronycon this year if possible, since for once it doesn't conflict with the Brickfair VA weekend!

Oh, also, if you haven't already seen my song cover mentioned above (of "You'll Play Your Part"), please check it out! It's only gotten a handful of views so far, and I'm really proud of it.



I never thought this would happen

Posted by Lyichir in The Songs of Distant Earth, Mar 28 2015 · 279 views

Right now I actually feel ashamed to be an AFOL. I'm at a Lego convention I looked forward to for months, anxious and scared and wishing I could be anywhere else.


Do not ask me anything

Posted by Dorek in Bond of Flame, Mar 28 2015 · 122 views

Seriously, I don't want to answer your questions.

On a completely unrelated note, HOW long has majhost been down?



Posted by Nigel Thornberry in Nigel Thornberry's Hat World ♫♪, Mar 28 2015 · 76 views

I am no longer calling them MOC-OC's. (Mock-Oh-see).

I am now referring to them as MOCs (mocks) because it's easy enough and splitting hairs on what to call fan creations is pedantic.

I still may call them MOC-OCs in my head and giggle at random. Feel free to judge, but just know I will not forget such an action.





Posted by The Smooth Jazz Beard in The Swimming Beard Knows, Mar 28 2015 · 40 views

This started as an attempt to make an entry into BBCC 69, as an attempt to make Kopaka Mata in the 2015 style, but after making it I saw that the Toa Mata weren't allowed. I finally got around to taking pictures today after weeks of letting it sit.

Main image :
Posted Image

As always, comments and criticism appreciated.

Source: Kopaka Mata 2015


Another Boyband Saving The World

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Mar 28 2015 · 73 views

Essays, Not Rants! 158: Another Boyband Saving The World

So Final Fantasy XV is finally coming out ‘soon,’ with the demo dropping recently. The game’s been on my radar since the debut trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII (as it was called then) was released almost nine years ago and as a fan of the Final Fantasy series — mostly because I plain love a good JRPG (there’s something fun about Japanese melodrama and saving the world) — I’m quite eager to see how this game works and if it’s any good.

As we’ve slowly found out more about the game, however, I’m a little annoyed that the game essentially features what looks like a boyband as the main characters. It’s disappointing to see yet another male dominated video game, but certainly not a deal breaker, least at this stage. That said, I’m curious as to the reasoning behind them going in this direction. Fortunately, game director Hajime Tabata explained why:

"Speaking honestly, an all-male party feels almost more approachable for players. Even the presence of one female in the group will change their behaviour, so that they'll act differently. So to give the most natural feeling, to make them feel sincere and honest, having them all the same gender made sense in that way,”

This is where things start to really bother me: I don’t see how having a more diverse cast would be less approachable. These days around half of gamers are women and if we want video games as a genre to grow up we’ve gotta get away from this girls-have-cooties mentality that’s permeated the industry for far too long.

It’s especially frustrating that it comes a part of Final Fantasy of all things. The series has usually been quite good at representation, with the games featuring multiple female party members who often had an important role in the story beyond being damseled. The latest major installment, XIII had a woman as protagonist, something I talked about in my first post here three years ago. Not every game needs a female protagonist, but that doesn’t excuse making the game about a boyband.

Now Tabata does have some good intentions. He wants to get into the private life of men and stuff I’ve read about the game has said that the game does feature its male characters openly showing affection to each other. Which is actually really cool (suck it, patriarchy!). An unironic, actually honest look at a bromance is possibly as rare as strong female protagonists. There’s a reason one of my favorite moments in the finale of Agent Carter was Howard Stark admitting that he loved Steve Rogers and missed him. I am so down for more honest bromances in fiction.

But I do not believe that this has to be an either-or scenario. I think we can have a single story or game that features both male intimacy and strong female characters — especially since Final Fantasy games usually take well over thirty hours to complete. Final Fantasy XIII had a mixed cast, but had some great scenes between sisters Lightning and Serah. If it’s vitally important for there to be chunks of time with the guys alone, then why not split the party? Final Fantasy VIII did it sixteen years ago, why not do it again?

I realize that in some ways I’m splitting hairs here, and we still have an indeterminate time before launch during which, unlikely as it is, things may change for Final Fantasy XV. I’m probably going to play the game at some point too; this isn’t a boycott. But I love video games and representation matters as much as defying gender norms about men. In an ideal world, we could do both at once and I don’t see why Tabata’s game couldn’t be that ideal world.


Reposting old things

Posted by Lucina in Infinite Awakening, Mar 28 2015 · 81 views

Posted Image

Click the banner to read.

I'm re-posting the original Tahu vs. Tahu, one chapter a day, since the first two seasons were wiped out with the archives and the next two are gibberish thanks to the coding error epidemic of 2013.

Feel free to follow it and cringe.


Hyrule Warriors!

Posted by Sleepy Anarchy in Sleepy Anarchy's Blog, Mar 28 2015 · 38 views
Wii U

So this is a thing. I forgot I owned it. Dunno how I forgot that.

IT'S SO MUCH FUN. Gonna try and beat it on all the difficulties. First run was apparently on normal. Going on easy now because it doesn't count lower ones as well. Accidentally set it to Hero (Above hard) for the first level. BAD IDEA. Couldn't even beat Volga.


Discoing Coat Lovers

Posted by Jordboy1 in Jordblog1, Mar 28 2015 · 54 views

Greetings, old friends. (if you're still out there :P) It's been 78 million years since I've been around, even longer than the 65 million year absence that I spoke of in the previous entry!
I guess being back to just one job and the return along with being single again and many other things has given me more spare time to spend on other things....and nostalgia has once again brought me back to my old home here at BZP.

I have moved to the Twin Cities in the Minnesota...and betrayed my old Wisconsin background! :o I also find it really weird adjusting to changes to the board like facebook being allowed and many other changes (such as the sad fact of the old forums being gone). I was offered a promotion and have moved to Minneapolis to be the team lead at a Target Mobile in Woodbury. First time I've ever lived anywhere but my home town! A lot of big changes and being super poor, but it's been fun. Had a lot of working several part time jobs, having a crazy year of being 21, ending a several year long relationship at the en of the year, and then getting promoted and moving for a fresh start in the last month. If you want to buy a phone pop on in! ;p

I still really want to write a last chapter to Mata Nui High School and end it with the graduation and start to college like I always planned. I had originally planned to immediately follow it up with Mata Nui University, but obviously that's not going to happen now. I'll be lucky and happy to just finish the one comedy. lol I've always had the ending in mind, just never typed it out or filled in every little detail. There were always 2 or 3 possible endings and anyone who has read the old comedy probably has an idea of the possibilities or the main plot lines that could lead to different endings in the rom-com driven plot line. :P I've always been a sucker for high school drama and character development but only like writing sarcastic and stupid comedy material....to a fault where it's either too comedicly driven or too dramatic. Eh, the old readers enjoyed it in the now unreadable original post xP I'll dig out my old saved files some day though and post them up with the final chapter which is...still only half finished heh heh...

I'm still just discoing through life as the manly coat lover I am. Pretty happy to see BIONICLE back on the store shelves! Also super tempted to add to my need to have every green BIONICLE....and get the next iteration of the best one ever. Aka Lewa. Something else I wouldn't mind coming back while on the topic of nostalgia...some how the Drome Racing Challenge. ;)

Highlights as of recent times....I got to meet Relient K and talk with the Matts! Got a signed T and picture with Matt T at the 10th anniversary tour of Mmhmm! Met a lot of great people in the last year, got to see my older bro get married, see the return of BIONICLE, and yeeeaahhhh....

Great shows I'm currently keeping up on!

- Supernatural
- New Girl
- Doctor Who
- Archer
- Brooklyn Nine Nine
- Agents of Shield

Now that I've moved, don't know anybody really yet, and only have a regular 40 hour full time job, I have a lot more time on my hands. I have been catching up on all my gaming! I still have my 360. Now I also have an Xbox One, Wii U, and 3DS! Also been playing a lot of Marvel Heroes. But anyway, what are all you guys up to these days? Anyone I know (or knows me anymore) still around?? How've you been? I'd love to catch up! Just to lay down the law....Pepsi. Windows. Android. Xbox. Relient K. Disco. Coats. All the way still.

So anyway, peeps, scream at me about your lives if you happen to pop in and waste your life inside of my blog and inside of my mind! Also never forget that disco is (an will never NOT be) totally in this year.

-Jordboy1 :miru:


Chronicler's Convergence 2015

Posted by Crunchyn in Not Sure if Cereal, Mar 27 2015 · 68 views
chron-con, gsr, mata nui robot

Chronicler's Convergence is an event hosted by TTV, the ThreeVirtues Project, with the idea of being an E3-esque online convention, now a video, to give fans the opportunity to promote their own projects be it stopmotion, writings, fanart, etc. This is the second year of Chronicler's Convergence.

Index of Projects featured in Chronicler's Convergence 2015

I have my own video in Chron-Con as well as an interview with Mesonak and Eljay (Timestamp 01:01:15). My video showcases various projects/crafts that I have done and it is also to tease one of my next projects which is to build a posable Mata Nui Robot out of paper. Here's my current progress with that

Posted Image

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