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Review: Harry Potter Collectible Minifigures

Posted by xccj in Team J.A.F., Jul 18 2018 · 14 views

Technically the Harry Potter Collectible Minifigures aren't supposed to hit shelves until August, when the whole Wizarding World line releases worldwide. But my local Fred Meyers scoffs at such release dates, and there were at least five boxes to choose from, three unopened! So I spent way too much time feeling out my favorites... which accounts for most of the series!

Posted Image

For the record, I did not get Dobby, pajama Harry, or Credence because I don't want them. I did miscount and so I didn't buy a Mad Eye Moody, even though I found a couple. The hardest to fine were Cho and Luna, and I was only able to get to them when I got to an unopened box. And because I can, here's a short review of em.

Newt: His design is very similar to his Dimensions fig, but this time his inner jacket is burnt orange. Head has more unnecessary wrinkles on it. :( The suitcase is rad; I've never been a fan of the classic Lego suitcase, so if this one becomes the new norm, I'd be cool with that. But the raddest part here is the Niffler... which sadly is behind Cedrick in my photo. :( To find, feel for the suitcase and then the spikey hair or wands. (Niffler was difficult to feel for).

Tina: Again, a very similar design to her Dimensions fig, but more blue coloring this time. Sausage is rare in dark red, bun is new in dark nougat (or whatever that color is.) To find, feel for the hot dog pieces.

Queenie: A little bland compared to her bright pink fig that shows up in the other set. Maybe it's just me, but her smile looks a bit creepy. (As opposed to fun / innocent to match her character.) To find, feel for the bread piece.

Jacob: C'mon, easily the best character from Fantastic Beasts. His suit is plain and kinda boring, but it matches the character, and the head works. Plus, another suitcase! To find, feel for the suitcase and the two round 1x1 tiles.

Trelawney: I'm not fan of the new dress / robe piece because of the unusual slope on the back, but I guess I'm just used to the standard slope pieces. Either way, it is far sturdier. Nice hair piece which wouldn't look out of place on a hippy fig. Nice teacup and platter pieces, but they missed a chance to print a Grimm shape in the teacup. To find, feel for the dress and then the fluffy hair piece.

Dumbledore: Neat blue robe design. The Pensieve plate is a neat design; I could see using multiples as decorations on something big, because the blue swirls on the silver plate could be a lot. To find, feel for the dress and then the long hair piece or the beard. (Or the plate, although that's not what I noticed.)

Voldermort: Did this guy ever show up in dark green robes? I feel like he was always dressed in black; the green color just doesn't feel right. New snake mold is an interesting shape but only with one bar connection on the end of the tail... I wish they wouldn't gone a different direction for it. :( To find, feel for the superficial snake.

Cedrick: Hufflepuff represent! Great torso printing (and yellow stripes on legs?!) but the TriWizard trophy feels like a bit much. To find, feel for the trophy.

Luna: A bit different from her previous fig version, but not a huge update. (Then again, her original fig was extremely popular, making it on the list of 100 most expensive figs, so why change it too much?) I like the hair piece better, but from the side it looks awkward as it strangle juts out to allow space for her shoulder strap. The skirt has nice printing, but I still dislike cloth skirts on figs. The new medium sized legs in blue are nice! To find, feel for the 2x3 tile, or maybe the long hair piece. She only appears 2 to a box, a little rarer than the others, so she was a tough one to find.

Dean: I expected Dean to have darker skin tones, but always good to have more heads in that color. Flag is okay. Torso is basically a slightly modified Gryffindor robe, so nothing special. To find, feel for the 4L bar (you know, the original wand piece) and the flag.

Cho: Honestly, I don't think this skin tone matches Cho, maybe it would be better for Padme or Parvati. Still, a subtle blue Ravenclaw torso, so yay. Hair matches the character, and the medium sized legs in black are nice. Owl is okay, grey skirt is not. To find, feel for the rubbery hair piece and the owl. (She was a tough one to pin down, since Harry also has an owl.)

Neville: The Mandrake is cool, with a new beet and green stem piece included. (Which is reusable if you like your beets to have faces.) Neat recolored hair piece, and again the medium sized legs in back are cool. He also has two facial expressions. It's not exactly a battle scarred Neville, but it shows off his Herbology skills. To find, feel for the Mandrake pieces.

Percival Graves: He's an okay fig of a neat villain from the Fantastic Beasts movie. Torso and leg printing is a plus, as are arm prints. He comes with two faces and two differently colored hairpieces to represent his two variations, since he was a character disguised with polyjuice potion. (They do the same thing with the Moody fig.) The only reason this fig is special is because it's rare, only 1 to a box, so people will be abnormally happy to get it. To find, feel for two separate hair pieces, preferable the ones that are smooth and similar. Moody also has two hair pieces, but he also comes with a Maraca, a staff, and the wands, while Graves only has the wands.

Flitwick: Hey, another professor! He's short, has a megaphone, and a col bowtie. The megaphone is a new piece, with a few bar connections to make it utilizable. To find, feel for the megaphone. (And you can narrow him down by confirming he has the shirt legs; only Dobby, Pajama Harry, and Malfoy also have short legs.) (And no, feeling for medium size legs doesn't tend to work; I generally can't tell the difference between them and the regular sized legs.)

Hermione: She has a basic Gryffindor robe, which is nothing to call home over, but she's a main character so a new variation is nice, and she has the medium sized legs, so yay. She also comes with a car who is not quite Crookshanks but hey, an extra cat is still nice.

Harry: The Boy Who Lived... in almost every set. Again, basic Gryffindor robes, nothing too exciting. Hedwig is a good addition, although I don't think the printing is that updated from previous versions. (But hey, you need Hedwig somewhere.) To find, feel for the owl, and then confirm that you have the shorter hair piece.

Ron: Hey look, another main character with a basic Gryffindor robe! But he does have Scabbers as a new rat mold with a scuff mark printed on the head, so that's well done! To find, feel for the rat.

Malfoy: Well, at least they didn't include him in the Quiddich set this time, but he still shows up in Slytherin sports robes. Although a lovely excuse to include a snitch! Hair piece is the same mold from the last variation of the character, but this time in blonde instead of tan. Dark green broomstick is there too... I guess. Maybe someday they'll design a broomstick that the figs can actually ride. To find, feel for the broomstick.

One last quick note: most of the characters include the new wand element... or technically two of them. Two come connected together, and that piece feels like a grille tile in the bags, but since it's in almost every bag, it's not useful in determine the fig's identity. You do get some colors. The common wand colors are reddish brown (Tina, Cedrick, Luna, Cho, Flitwick, Ron) and dark brown (Trelawney, Dean, Neville, Harry, Malfoy, and presumably Moody.) Dumbledore, Graves, and Hermione also have wands in dark tan (not counting Hermione, the other two characters may be wielding the Elder Wand, so nice connection there.) Three other characters have wands in unique colors, including burnt orange (Newt), black (Queenie), and white (Voldermort). If you're interested in getting extra wands, this series is for you!

As for the figs I skipped... I already have a Dobby, and I didn't particularly like him anyway, so I see no reason to get another. Similarly, pajama Harry doesn't really offer anything I'd want. And Credence's design is just boring, and he wasn't a compelling character to me either. I will have to seek out a Moody; I mistook Neville for him initially, but then determined it was Neville, but somehow still thought I had Moody and so skipped him when I found more. Whoops, the risks of trying to get all the figs you want in one go. The only one I might want a duplicate of is Cho, but Cho and Luna were very difficult to find, given that I think others were also searching for them and because they don't exactly have parts that really stand out while feeling. Still, collecting more medium legs is always worthwhile, and it would be nice to have a few spares for future trading.



The most reliable news channel

Posted by Jean Valjean in Kraggh's Works ♫♪, Jul 17 2018 · 28 views

:kaukau: The Weather Channel.



Some Hope

Posted by Trijhak in Unspoken Words, Jul 16 2018 · 43 views

Last week I finally went and got an appointment with a Doctor.

It went better than I had feared. All things being well, very soon I'll be getting some form of counselling/therapy.

I should have done it years ago, really. But that's the joke, isn't it. Not wanting help for often severe anxiety because said anxiety is telling you that you're better off with it or that you're faking it.

I let so many things, so many people pass by because I was too anxious. Sometimes ending up with regret, other times apathy. A lot of things left unsaid, thousands of words typed out only to be deleted. Things that I wanted to say but didn't have the courage to. A few people I wanted to talk to and yet I just stopped.

Even now, it's still hard to just talk, to articulate my thoughts.

Still. Enough obnoxious self-pity. There are people I do talk to. I'm taking small steps against anxiety. A lot of people have shown me their support, some of it unexpected. I'm doing so much better than I was at the start of the year.


a year and a half since my last blog post

Posted by Xinlo in Language Of The Mad, Jul 16 2018 · 21 views


I don't really know what to write, just figured I should write something... I guess I moved out to the city a year ago on my own and work in a recording studio now so that's some life updates. and my band's working on a new EP and a second album. oh also I missed my 13th anniversary of being a member of this site... 2004 feels like a lifetime ago

and that's all I got! bye for who knows how long until I remember to post another one haha


Where Do We Go From Here? (Or Infinity War Part Two)

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Jul 14 2018 · 38 views

Essays, Not Rants! 329: Where Do We Go From Here? (Or Infinity War Part Two)

This post is going to be about what just might happen in the next Avengers movie. And about what happened in Infinity War too, so if you’re not a fan of spoilers, this is your warning.

I lost my voice when I saw the Infinity War’s stinger the first time. Seeing Captain Marvel’s symbol appear on Nick Fury’s space pager elicited quite the roar/scream from me for quite the obvious reason; she’s long been my favorite superhero and finally, finally getting a movie so even getting a hint of her is Really Exciting. It also essentially confirms that, yes, Captain Marvel’s gonna be in the next Avengers and I cannot wait.

Because Captain Marvel, or Carol Danvers, has the epithet of "Earth’s Mightiest Hero" in the comics and is one of the strongest superheroes. 2013’s Infinity event’s climax saw Captain Marvel and Thor duking it out with Thanos in a really epic fight. So bringing her in for round two against Thano (which is the most likely direction the sequel’s going) makes total sense. Now that the Avengers have lost and they’re on the off-foot, they’re gonna need all the help they can get.

Of course, it’s not gonna be that easy, because where’s the fun in that? The whole nature of narrative is needing twists, turns, and obstacles to keep things interesting. Nathan went to the store is a dull story. Nathan went to the store but they were out of milk is a better story. Nathan went to the store but they were out of milk but there was a mysterious man in a sombrero who offered to sell him milk out of the back of a car is an interesting story. Infinity War Part Two or whatever it’s gonna be called will need some of those buts.

As easy as getting the Time Stone off the Gauntlet and rewinding things so all the dusted Avengers come back to life would be, it’s not interesting. We know that Spider-Man and Black Panther and the others aren’t gone for good, in no small part because there are sequels to their movies coming out and, uh, they need to be in said sequels by virtue of the fact that the actors are in them. So they’re coming back. And Thanos needs to get his butt kicked because, well, he’s the bad guy and we need our triumphant moment of the heroes winning. But we also need catharsis, and so that happy ending needs to be earned.

I figure the remaining of Avengers are gonna have to do some sort of rescue mission to get the others back so they can fight Thanos. Whether that means heisting the Soul Stone and making some sort of sacrifice to bring back everyone who’s presumably trapped in there, I don’t know. If the climax is gonna be all the Avengers and Guardians and everyone else in a big showdown with Thanos, which it should be (because we didn’t quite get that Epic Team Up in Infinity War), there’s a lot of work to get there, no matter what it is exactly will happen.

For starters, Cap and Iron Man are both at their nadirs. Everything they tried was for naught. To get to the point where they’re up for a rematch against Thanos (whatever form that might take) they’re going to not only need to be dragged back into the fight, but also to make amends. Given how disillusioned they are at the movie’s end, it’s gonna take some work.

Enter Carol Danvers. In the comics, she’s always idolized Captain America as someone who she wants to be; she wants to be that sort of hero. But she and Iron Man have always had a bit of a connection; both tend to be foolhardy jerks, and both struggled with alcoholism (Tony was Carol’s sponsor when she got sober). Come Infinity War Part Two Carol could be the third point of the triangle that has Tony and Steve. She’s the potential to be a foil for both of them; someone who believes in what Steve can be and represents but also with the snark of Tony. She’s the Kirk to Tony’s Bones and Steve’s Spock. The dichotic relationship between Steve and Tony is now fleshed out into a Freudian idea of an ego, id, and superego. So not only do the Avengers get a heck of a heavy hitter, but the dynamic of the ostensible leaders is going to be upset in enough of a way that will give Tony and Steve (and the others) enough of a kick in the pants to rally against Thanos.

I’ve been hyped for a Captain Marvel movie since it was frickin’ announced. It’s taken a frustratingly long time to get here, but, given the when she’s being introduced and all that could be done with her, I really can’t wait.

Unless all this turns out to be bunk, in which case, hey, my failure will be preserved right here on the internet for all time!


Been a while.

Posted by Serpent of Fire in The Serpent's Lair, Jul 11 2018 · 36 views

Haven't been on the website in years, remembered it this evening and though I'd stop by and say hello.



I Guess I'm Using Twitter Now

Posted by Pahrak #0579 in Mt. Coronet, Jul 11 2018 · 48 views

Nearly four years ago I joined Twitter so I could enter a giveaway for the 2015 Toa sets. (I didn’t win.) Now I’m thinking maybe I should actually use that account and see if I can better promote my writing or something.

So if you’d like, you can find me @ExoPahrak. I’ll be posting about what I’m writing, when you might be able to expect to read it, and whatever’s distracting me from doing it in a speedy manner.

And on that topic, probably don’t expect much in the near near future because Octopath Traveler releases Friday and I don’t see myself escaping that for a while.


actual legit life update thing

Posted by Lilith in In Domine Sathana, Jul 11 2018 · 158 views

hi nobody here remembers me or cares but here's a life update entry cause it's been a hot minute and things have been pretty big

a little over a month ago some stuff happened and I ended up alone and jobless and checking myself into a hotel with the intention of hanging myself from a doorknob

then I started seeing a psychiatrist and got diagnosed with PTSD and borderline personality disorder and started therapy and took up meditation and got put on like three more mood stabilizers

fast forward to now and I have friends who I'm hanging out with regularly, a new job that so far is the best I've ever had, and an awesome and gorgeous new girlfriend who is incredible

I went from the lowest point in my life where I felt utterly hopeless and like my life was over to an absolute high where I'm optimistic about the future and feel legit happy for the first time in a long time

I still have my moments and I still have some stuff to continue working on, but things have changed (for the better) in a way that I had become absolutely convinced was not possible.



Posted by Vorahk1Panrahk2 in V1P2's Blog, Jul 10 2018 · 40 views
General Life Stuff

After several months of encouraging teaching moments, discouraging teaching moments, flu, dengue fever, various colds, loud music, bad food (my fault), and (failed?) weight loss endeavors, I finally got a much needed vacation to see my family and girlfriend. Parts of it were great. The weather was (generally) cool for a California summer. Of course the day I had to go to an outdoor wedding ended up in the high 90s, but the rest of it was pretty okay. Fourth of July evening was actually pretty cold, and I have to say it was the coolest fireworks show I've seen yet. Not that there was anything super special about it except that I'm not used to fireworks being exploded literally above my head. Off in the distance? Sure. Close distance? Sure. But these were over my head. I have to say I was legitimately scared at first because.... there are fireworks exploding above my head and burning hot things are falling down. But I was not hurt. No one was hurt as far as I was aware and safe or not, it was pretty cool!

But not everything was an up. I knew from a while ago that my grandmother was showing signs of early Alzheimer's, but during this vacation was the firs time I've heard my mom talk to her on the phone since then and it was really disheartening. My mom and grandma talk frequently, and never once have I ever heard my mom need to explain who she was on the phone. The way she was talking its like my grandma had little idea who she was talking to. It was a moment that didn't last very long, but I was really shocked and disheartened and sad. It's not something I have talked to my mom about, at all, but I have to wonder how she's handling it. I wouldn't even know how to handle having to explain to my mom who she's talking to.

My dad also got sick while I was home, probably some sort of food poisoning. Whatever it was it unfortunately ruined all of his plans which included attending a party with Chris Pratt. No that's not a joke. He was in town and my dad was invited to the party. I, for one, am just glad that what he got was not contagious because I have had more than my fair share of illnesses this year. All you all reading this, do yourselves a favor and don't get dengue. Just don't. Use your bug spray.

Also California is on fire again and people I know came way too close to losing their house.

Aside from those things.... pretty relaxing vacation which is exactly what I wanted. Watched Incredibles 2. Was alright. First was better. Was introduced to Carcassonne (the game) which is my new obsession. Got the app. Got some expansions. Can't stop playing those online games.

And that's it. I have four and a half months left in this job, then its back to the states. No idea where I'll be (figuratively) when that comes around, but hopefully its in a good place. Without dengue.

(P.S. For those who play a certain mobile game: 9084 8282 0567)

(P.P.S. And hey if you play Carcassonne too.... open to playing that online [though I might not play fast.])


BZPMN 2 - Overview

Posted by Nato The Traveler in The Chronicles of Nato, Jul 07 2018 · 107 views

Posted Image

(Similar to previous games, this story will take place in a drastically alternate timeline. The game will largely ignore a lot of the GSR stuff, including the forced gender assignments for each element, and instead focus on some of the more mystical aspects of the G1 story. If seeing the early years of Bionicle reinterpreted and retold like this isn’t your cup of tea, go somewhere else.)


Two years have passed since the events of the first game, and the situation on Mata Nui is worsening. Swarms of roving Bohrok rampage across the island, growing in number and strength with each passing day, laying waste to the landscape. Colossal defensive barriers now surround each of the villages, shielding swathes of land and wildlife from the wrath of the ravenous creatures.

Debates rage in every corner of every settlement as to how this crisis should be combated, with no clear answers. Some argue for unity, while others petition for independence. Followers of the old gods urge for the resurrection of Makuta, while other factions suggest that nature be allowed to take its course.

Regardless of what line of thought one chooses to follow, one thing is abundantly clear: something needs to be done, and soon. The remaining Krana have been found, but their power is wavering. Unconfirmed sightings suggest that the rumoured ‘Generals’ of the swarms, the Bohrok-Kal, have awoken, and if they have freed themselves from their ancient prison, then it’s only a matter of time before the Bohrok Queens rise... and all life on Mata Nui succumbs to their ravenous hunger.


Although I imagine that most of you will be somewhat familiar with how these games work by now, I’ll give a quick rundown of the basics nonetheless.

The game will consist of seven rounds, known as Episodes. (However, the number of rounds may be increased or reduced if I feel it necessary) These episodes will last 3-5 days, depending on how much is happening, and I will announce in this topic when each episode begins or ends. Over the course of each episode, players will use PMs to travel between locations, interact with other players, and a wide variety of other actions, which will be elaborated on further below. When each episode is concluded, the actions that occurred across the various PMs will be combined into a scene and posted in this main topic.

Keep in mind that even if you, the player, knows something from reading the scene, that doesn’t necessarily mean your character will know those same things in-game.

In regards to PMs, there are two kinds: OFFICIAL and BACKDOOR.

An Official PM is any PM that I have been added to. Anything you say or do in these PMs may or may not find its way into the scene, so be careful. Actions and moves made in Official PMs are the only ones that will be acknowledged in episodes, so if you wish to travel, or communicate, or do anything that will actually happen, it needs to be declared in an Official PM. Each player and village will have an Official PM, and others will be established as the game goes on. (So please ensure you have room in your inboxes for multiple PMs).

A Backdoor PM is any PM that I’m not included in. These are the PMs where you can form secret alliances, communicate covertly with other players, or whatever else you wish. Keep in mind, though, that anything you say or do in a Backdoor PM will not be acknowledged as having actually happened. This also means that information gained in a Backdoor PM can’t be used in-game unless your character has another way of learning it.


There are a great many actions you can take over the course of an episode, and very few limitations to what they moves can entail, but here’s a brief overview of some of the more common moves you might choose to make.
  • Communication – The simplest and most integral of moves, this is the simple act of talking to another player. Obviously, you need to be in the same PM as the other person for this to work, but aside from that, there aren’t many limitations to this. Remember, only conversations that occur in an Official PM will be included in the episodes.
  • Messages – Each Koro also has access to a limited number of small Kewa birds. As scavengers, they’re easier to feed and care for than most other rahi species, and serve well at the task of delivering handwritten messages between villages. Due to their small size, there is a slight risk that they can be intercepted by larger bird species, but they still provide the best way of delivering anonymous messages. (In other words, if you send a message by bird, your name won’t be explicitly mentioned in the scene unless someone sees you, or you include your name in the letter). In addition to this, certain roles also have the authority to send NPCs via Gukko bird to deliver messages on their behalf.
  • Combat – Depending on how you all choose to “negotiate”, this might happen a lot, or not at all. How it works is fairly straightforward – you describe your action, then the other player/s involved will describe their response, and counteraction. You might choose to ask me to roll for certain stats to better your chances of landing or evading a hit (more on stats later), in which case you’ll need to wait for me to determine the outcome of the dice rolls before proceeding further with the battle.
  • Command – Regardless of your role, you may at some point find yourself in charge of groups of NPCs. As with regular combat, battle with NPCs will be turn based, with the commanding players dictating to me which re/actions they wish to take. However, battles between NPCs will not be won solely based on whoever has the largest force at hand. The way you take advantage of terrain and resources, as well as your use of strategy and logistics, will have a major impact on deciding the outcome of any engagement.
  • Travel – Another straightforward action, this is the simple act of going from one location to another. How long this takes will depend on where you’re travelling, who you’re travelling with, and what might happen along the way. As a baseline rule, though, it takes roughly 24 hours IRL to travel from one Wahi to another.
  • Other – There are plenty of other things you can attempt. If you can think of it, and justify being able to pull it off, it’s probably worth a try.

  • Turaga – In a slight divergence from canon, Turaga is simply the name given to the Matoran who’ve been appointed to lead each village. They get the final say in most decisions, and can potentially overrule the commands of other roles.
  • Captain – Serving as both Captain of the Guard, and Admiral of the navy in certain cases, this role oversees the protection and defence of their village, and is expected to take charge during combat operations. Should the Turaga be killed or incapacitated, it may fall to the General to lead the Koro in times of crisis.
  • Diplomat – These guys handle trade, negotiation, etc. with the other tribes. Much of their time is spent travelling across the island, speaking with their counterparts in the other villages. Some diplomats also have access to certain shady contacts, who may be able to provide them with integral Intel on other villages. Should a Diplomat be eliminated, or deliberately sever trade, it will take three episodes for the other villages to run out of whatever resource that diplomat was dealing in.
  • Other – Each Koro will also have a fourth player. It’s up to you to pitch to me what capabilities and privileges this additional player may have – they may be a religious leader, a spymaster, or something else entirely. In some cases, this role may instead go to a returning character who is estranged from their home village.


You don’t need to have read or participated in the original BZPMN to play this game, but if you wish to read up on the events that have come before, they can be found in the Season 1 topic. There is also a blog post explaining some of the events that have transpired between seasons, and a map of the island.

Please post in the topic which village you would like to be assigned to, then send a PM to me entitled BZPMN 2: [Your Username]. Include in this PM your stat sheet (see below), your character’s pet (if they have one – see below), a short description of your character if you wish, and their name (if you want them to be called something other than your current username). Once all spots have been filled for a village, I’ll gather everyone into their village PMs, where you can decide on your roles.

After roles have been settled, I may contact certain players to assign them additional character-specific secrets or special tasks. These extras will be determined by RNG after roles have been assigned. After this is done, I’ll create a short, introductory prologue episode, and then the game will begin in earnest.


For the most part, I’ll be relying on player’s own logic and decision-making skills to determine the outcome of most of their actions, but for those of you who prefer to use numbers for these sorts of games, the stats below will help generate more divergence between players during actions and encounters. You have 15 points to distribute between the three categories, although you are limited to a maximum of 10 points for any given stat. Whenever an action occurs that requires a roll, your stat will be combined with a RNG roll out of 10, resulting in a total value out of 20.
  • Strength – this stat relates to any action involving brute force or endurance, such as overpowering an opponent, fighting on despite an injury, and so on.
  • Agility – this stat is used for actions relating to speed and finesse, such as attacking quickly, dodging incoming blows/projectiles, and sleight of hand.
  • Intellect – this stat is used for actions involved perception and persuasion, such as convincing or deceiving someone, or noticing hidden things.


While resources are somewhat scarce on post-cataclysm Mata Nui, there are nonetheless some Matoran in positions of power who can afford to own and care for rahi companions, which can provide certain benefits. Players are limited to only one rahi pet, which will share the same stat sheet as their owner, and are just as vulnerable to fatigue and attack.
  • Brakas – Annoying, noisy, ape-like rahi, these creatures are extremely dextrous, adept at climbing trees and walls. While not the brightest animals around, they do understand simple commands, and can be instructed to fetch objects and the like. However, they’re not the most stealthy of creatures, and are therefore better suited as distractions.
  • Dikapi – Well acclimated to a desert environment, these creatures are known for their strong beaks, and heightened endurance. A Dikapi is capable of carrying two Matoran, or one Matoran and additional equipment, without reducing travel time. A Dikapi can make multiple trips across the island without needing any sustenance or rest, making it an ideal mount for those who plan to do a lot of frequent travelling.
  • Ussal – Similar to the Dikapi, Ussal crabs can be used to carry two Matoran, or a single Matoran with extra gear, without impacting the time it takes to travel. As well as this, many of them have been trained to serve as mounts in combat, particularly in the Great Ussalry of Onu-Koro.
  • Gukko – Graceful, four-winged birds, these creatures were frequently used as mounts in Le-Koro. The few that survived the inferno have found new homes in the other villages. Riding one reduces the travel time between any location by half, but once the destination is reached, the Gukko will require 24 hours IRL to rest before it can be used in this way again. The Gukko can still fight and travel during this cooldown time, if need be.
  • Hapaka – Agile, dog-like rahi, these bipedal creatures are known for their sociable, curious nature, and sharp, barking cry. They understand basic commands, can track scents, and make for amiable companions or guard dogs.
  • Kavinika – The bigger, meaner cousin of the Hapaka, these vicious lupine beasts are more savage and hard to control than their relatives.
  • Kahu – Cunning, hawk-like rahi, (for the purposes of this game, think of them as being more like a bird of prey, big enough to ride on your arm or shoulder), these intelligent avians have been trained to follow simple commands, and are capable of intercepting and grounding their smaller Kewa cousins.


As detailed in the blog post linked above, many things have changed on the island of Mata Nui during the past few years. The villages have embraced a newfound sense of multiculturalism, allowing Matoran of any element to reside within their walls. As such, there are many who believe that the names of the villages are outdated, and in desperate need of changing. S0, after a village has been filled, players will have the opportunity to decide if they wish to rename their village.
Once the villages are filled, players will be arranged into a group PM, which will contain more information about their chosen village – such as some suggested goals, some brief outlines of your current relationships with the other villages, and details regarding which named NPCs might play an important role in your village’s operations.

A veritable fortress of stone and metal, Ta-Koro is encased in towering fortified walls, and surrounded by a moat of lava, with a retractable drawbridge to prevent enemy access during a siege. They primarily trade in metal and other goods mined from within the volcano. The village’s total population numbers at around 1000, with 300 of those serving in the guard, and 100 more in the navy. The population consists mainly of Ta and Su Matoran.

Making judicious use of the natural defences at their disposal, Ko-Koro is situated beneath a colossal block of ice that separates two glaciers, and is surrounded on all side by crevasses. The village is accessible only via a bridge connecting to the main entrance, and a secret tunnel known to only a few high-ranking officials. With a population of skilled rahi hunters, they trade heavily in sophisticated animal traps, as well as various captive rahi and other animal goods. Their population is roughly 1000, with 300 serving in the Sanctum guard, and a further 100 in the navy. Most of the inhabitants are Ko and De Matoran.

Situated on the vast, open plains of Po-Wahi, the skilled carvers and masons of Po-Koro have had to work hard to establish their village’s defences. A high stone wall encircles the village, and the surrounding landscape is dotted with statues and monuments that are both visually pleasing, and make for decent cover in a firefight. Officially, the population is currently around 750, with 250 of these operating as a defensive garrison, but the city is still home to a great many criminals and fugitives. Po-Koro is primarily populated by Po-Matoran, but is home to a wide variety of others as well.

Hidden away in a cavern deep underground, Onu-Koro’s isolation is its greatest defence. A singular large tunnel connects from the village entrance to the surface, but there are numerous other entrances known only to the populace. Their exports include minerals and metals mined from beneath the earth, Their population sits at around 750, with 250 of these serving in the Ussalry. In addition to the resident Onu-Matoran, the village has also come to house a large population of Fa and Fe Matoran.

Nestled in the heart of Naho Bay, Ga-Koro is built atop a network of giant lily pads growing up from the seabed, connected by sturdy bridges and walkways, and held aloft by a series of pumps. Much of the surrounding land is dense mangroves and inhospitable bogs, meaning that the safest approach to the village is by boat. Beyond their trade of food and water, their other goods include fish, rope, and bamboo. They have a sizeable population of 1100, 325 of whom serve in the Marines, while a further 125 make up the Gukko Force. In addition to the resident Ga-Matoran, Ga-Koro has also come to be home for the Le and Bo Matoran.

Built atop the ruins of what was once Kini-Nui, the sprawling encampment that makes up this ‘village’ is protected by a labyrinthine mess of defensive trenches, imposing barricades, and rudimentary ramparts. It remains largely self-sufficient, housing Matoran of all elements and skillsets, and trades nothing to the rest of the island save for vague promises of ‘salvation’. The population is believed to number somewhere around 500, and given the fanatical nature of the inhabitants, it’s expected that most, if not all, of this number would commit themselves to the defence if Kra-Koro were ever to come under attack.

The island of Mata Nui is home to a great many strange and powerful items and devices, some originating from ages long gone, others having been constructed in more recent times.
  • Krana Xa – provides more complex control over the Bohrok, allowing the wearer to control 30 Lehvak and 15 Lehvak Va. (Currently worn by Tuyet of Kra-Koro).
  • Krana Vu – allows the wearer to control 20 Tahnok, and 10 Tahnok Va, as well as fly short distances. (Currently in Elittra’s possession)
  • Krana Su – grants the wearer greatly enhanced strength, and allows them to control 20 Gahlok, and 10 Gahlok Va. (Currently in Ga-Koro’s possession).
  • Krana Za – allows the wearer to, with concentration, read the surface-level thoughts of others, as well as control 20 Kohrak and 10 Kohrak-Va. (Currently owned by Kaathe of Po-Koro).
  • Krana Ca – provides the ability to generate a weak, temporary energy shield, and allows the wearer to control 20 Pahrak, and 10 Pahrak Va. (Currently in Ko-Koro).
  • Krana Bo – gives night/low light vision to the wearer, and provides control over 20 Nuhvok, and 10 Nuhvok-Va. (Currently in Onu-Koro).
  • Fire Sword – the famed weapon of Toa Tahu, the blade remains hot to the touch, and constantly emits a flickering, torch-like light. (Currently in Onu-Koro).
  • Air Axe – once wielded by Toa Lewa, this weapon is incredibly light, and meets with no resistance when being swung through the air, allowing it to be wielded far more dextrously than is normal for an axe. (Currently owned by Grav of Ta-Koro).
  • Water Hooks – the weapons of Toa Gali, these peculiar tools have a strange habit of making their way back to each other should one of them be dropped or thrown. (Currently possessed by Unit of Ko-Koro).
  • Earth Claws – once owned by Toa Onua, the tips of these weapons are deceptively sharp, able to penetrate stone and metal alike with unnatural ease. (Currently located in Po-Koro).
  • Ice Sword – formerly the personal weapon of Toa Kopaka, this blade gives off a constant, intense aura of cold. (Currently owned by Nidhiki of Kra-Koro).
  • Toa Shield – the other tool of Toa Kopaka. Like the rest of the Toa tools, the shield appears to be utterly indestructible, although the impractical network of gaps in the surface of the shield make it semi-useless for fending off regular weapons. However, the shield has proven itself able to negate elemental attacks. (Currently in Ga-Koro).
  • Staff of Light – formerly wielded by the short-lived Toa of Light, Takanuva, this staff is allegedly more powerful than the other, comparatively dormant Toa Tools. (Location currently unknown).

As each episode occurs, it will be linked here.

Season 1
Teaser – Countdown to Chaos
Prologue – Another Story's Beginning
Episode 1 – Broken Koros, Part 1 & Part 2
Episode 2 – Dreams of Chaos, Part 1 & Part 2
Episode 3 – Beneath the Surface, Part 1 & Part 2
Episode 4 – The Dawn of War, Part 1 & Part 2
Episode 5 – A Slaughter of Ice and Fire, Part 1 & Part 2
Episode 6 – The Cost of Victory, Overture
Episode 7 – Into Darkness, Finale

Season 2
Teaser – Evolution of an Island


How to get a GF (100% Success Rate):

Posted by Windseeker in Wind's Weblog, Jul 06 2018 · 109 views

Posted Image


BZP 2018 Shirt Reservations

Posted by Brappy Hour in Raptor Paddock, Jul 02 2018 · 309 views

Due to the fancy tie-dye design voted for by the community, the overall price for a shirt for this year will be $15.
Because of this. I'm only taking reservations this year. If anything, I may get an extra of each size, but that's it.
If you're going to BrickFair 2018 and want a shirt, please leave a comment of what size you'd like in this blog. http://www.bzpower.c...design-results/
You have until Thursday evening to make a reservation. So let everyone who may want a shirt know what to do. If you don't reserve, you ain't getting one.
If there are any extra shirts? The first person to ask me and brings cash gets them. Simple as that.

This is a big investment for me, so please be serious when posting your shirt size and showing your interest.



Posted by Illuminatus in The Minimalist, Jul 02 2018 · 73 views


Posted Image

Posted Image


Big Announcement

Posted by Aanchir in A Golden-Red Horizon, Jun 25 2018 · 214 views
me, personal, happy Pride!

Big Announcement Dear friends,

The past year has been really bumpy for me in a lot of ways. I’ve grappled with emotional dependency, depression, anxiety, and more. One good thing that has come about over the past year, albeit with some challenges of its own along the way, is thinking critically about my gender identity, which has led to some big realizations.

For a long time I have related really well to my female peers and have felt deeply invested in their personal struggles. Many of the fictional characters I was most inspired by as well as characters I was most interested in creating in my own art also tended to be girls and women. Meanwhile my feelings about my own more masculine traits have ranged from apathy to frustration — the closest I could generally come to pride in my appearance was a vague, dubious sense that other people might like or respect me more as an adult if my appearance and presentation were sufficiently “manly”. I was never quite satisfied with the way I presented myself in selfies and self-portraits and for the longest time I couldn’t figure out why.

As a teenager, I would frequently try and visualize what it would be like to be a girl, sometimes in my head, sometimes with the aid of drawings or with software like the Yahoo Messenger avatar creator, and sometimes just by assuming feminine poses in the mirror when I was certain of my privacy. I didn’t really think too deeply about my motivations, though. Wasn’t all this curiosity just a quirky, introverted teenage way of coming to terms with my attraction to the female body? Come to find out, probably not!

In early March I finally opened up to myself about the possibility (or rather, near certainty) that I might be transgender. By this point I had a lot of transgender friends in the LEGO community, and their experiences spoke to me on a personal level. I’d also had over a decade to move beyond the narrow-minded thinking that my after-school Catholic youth group lessons had tried to instill in me. And as soon as I started thinking about my feelings and experiences in the context of being a transgender girl, all these disconnected bits and pieces suddenly made complete sense within my life’s overarching narrative. It’s been extremely liberating to be honest with myself and with some of the people closest to me, whose support and encouragement has been invaluable.

From here on out, you can call me Skye. I’m 27 years old and only just beginning the journey of loving myself for the sensitive, bright, and beautiful woman I am. I ask you to please be supportive of me as I engage with this process of self-reflection and discovery. It’ll be intimidating for me sometimes — even with as much social progress as there’s been as of late, the world is still a scary place for a woman. It’s also going to be a lengthy learning experience. It’s one thing to hear about how confusing things like women’s clothing sizes or prices can be; it’s another thing entirely to have to make sense of that confusion! But with all these big steps comes a long-overdue sense of pride and confidence in who I am, not just what I can do. I hope I can make all of you proud as well!

With love,


YouTube Rant

Posted by SPIRIT in SPIRIT's Blog, Jun 15 2018 · 114 views

So I’m a productive adult. I’ve got a job and friends and things are pretty good when you average everything out. I’m entitled to a little mindless television every now and then. But, as a major cheapskate millennial and someone who hates media commitments because of how seriously he takes them, I don’t have TV so I just bum around watching cruddy YouTube videos in my recommended videos feed to opiate my brain from a long day of thinking and worry.

And here’s what grinds my gears, what gets my goat, what shivers my timbers, what rustles my jimmies.

When YouTubers state that their opinions are opinions.



You spineless, mewling milksops!

You can’t stand by an opinion? You’ve got to water it down with “oh just FYI this is my opinion don’t get mad pls”. WELL TOUGH TAMALES, AMIGO! THIS IS THE INTERNET! PEOPLE GET MAD! PEOPLE DOWNVOTE THINGS THEY DON’T LIKE!

I don’t care how mundane your video or your opinion is. Just present it as fact! Stick to your guns! That’s the difference between strength and weakness, and people are sure as heck more interested in that than right or wrong. Even if I disagree with what you say, I can at least respect you standing up for what you believe in.

Because like I was saying before, the internet hive mind gets mad. Whoop dee doo! Just ignore them!

As the saying goes “haters gonna hate”, or the more updated version “dab on the haters”.

You can’t please everyone, but at least please yourself. There are worse fates than being hated on the internet. “Oh I can’t say this, the Internet will get mad!”


An angry view and a happy view still bring in the same ad revenue!

Okay, that’s all I got.

But can we also stop with the weird standard intros to things, catchphrases, and stupid names for YouTuber fanbases? Like I get that traditions are fun, people like repetition, and inventing words is fun, but just stooooooop! For goodness sake, this part of YouTube culture is much worse than the whole inability to support an opinion.

It’s cool that you’re famous for talking to your webcam everyday, but try to get a little perspective on the content of your videos.

Okay, that’s it for me.

Be sure to rate, comment, and subscribe. Don’t forget to SMASH that bell! And let me tell you about my friends at some stupid website that sells junk no one wants.




Posted by Lucina in Great Games, Jun 14 2018 · 93 views

so, it's been awhile
haven't posted an entry since march, like holy cow

how are you all

what do you think of the new smash? if bzp wasn't dead i'd restart the smash files, but why bother



Posted by SwagtronYOLO in Designated Tekulo Crying Corner ♡, Jun 13 2018 · 134 views

Hey everyone! Been a while.

Life's been keeping me busy with work, walks, family visiting, the occasional (very occasional) trip to Seattle and procrastination on things that are important that I should be doing right now. I got about... five(?) hours of sleep last night and I'm at the end of my day so boy howdy that is a thing. XP (meanwhile someone out there reading this is on no sleep for the past three days and is screaming at their computer screen right now).

There's a lot I could put in a life update entry, and I might just get around to that at a later time. Right now, I want to talk a bit about pride month.

So yesterday I watched a candlelight vigil for the victims of a certain incident (which idk if I can talk specifically about here). But yeah... hearing multiple names and ages of victims being called out and realizing you fall into the same minority and age group is... sure a strange feeling. I've had people tell me that these are just isolated incidents and that it's not going to happen to me, to stop stressing out, but... hehehe it's not like anyone can predict the future and honestly the world is a wild place. News about violence against LGBT people is always a hard truth to face. Well, for me it is anyway.


So, a while ago I started identifying as genderqueer. That was because I had no better term to describe my gender identity, really. I've talked a bit about it on here before. Well, recently I learned about demigenders. I looked up the definition of demigirl and I kinda realized that was closest to describing how I personally identify. After I read the definition, really read it, I kinda stopped for a second and... you know how you follow a really good mystery story? Like right towards the end when everything starts to come together and make sense and you see the solution at the end of it, you get like these goosebumps and a strange sense of excitement and trepidation? That's how I felt when I realized this was describing me. Genderqueer had always been a bit of a vague shrug for me. It's nice having a more precise label imo.

So, for those not aware, demigirl is a gender identity where someone identifies partially as female, but not completely. For some people they identify as primarily female and partly as something else, but not always.

Personally I don't think I feel physical dysphoria, or at least not to the point where I'd want to undergo hrt.

So, what does this mean for me? Well, it means I'm the same person I always was. Now I just have a label for myself that I feel comfortable with. And actually, for me it's a relief. Even if a lot of people aren't going to understand me with my gender identity, just knowing that there are other people out there that identify in similar ways to me... it's comforting to know I'm not the freak I told myself I was growing up. I know I'm not cis and I'm not in the majority or anything, but... I dunno, I feel more like a normal human being now than I have in years (and this after I've dyed my hair, worn cute necklaces, got my ears pierced and went through all these little things that guys just didn't do where I grew up).

I'm still good with he/him pronouns btw. I'm generally okay with feminine pronouns and things too, provided they aren't used as a means to ridicule me through misgendering (i.e. calling me a girl in a way meant as a demeaning insult. Yes, people still do this, and no it isn't funny. Hasn't been funny to me for a while now tbh).

So yeah. Demigirl, demihomosexual and very tired from a long day of work and a long many years of trying to figure all of this out.

This is who I am.

Happy Pride Month! <3


The Glitch Mob

Posted by Bfahome in You're attacked by a Repair Nektann, Jun 04 2018 · 91 views

Went to their show on Thursday, in Boston.

It was a very good time. I love watching those boys touch the rectangles.



Posted by AZBlue in Okoto-Nui, May 15 2018 · 88 views

So, I've been following NBC's sophomore show Timeless from it's premier. It's a fun show, and definitely underrated. One year ago the first season ended, and the show was cancelled before NBC reversed their decision a few days later. Now the show is again at risk, with no word on a third season or a cancellation.

I had something happen with the campaign to keep the show on that I never would've expected. I made a tweet that is currently sitting at around 250ish retweets and over 600 likes. I'm amazed that this happened, and also proud to have my voice be heard in a fandom as large as Timeless has.

If you haven't seen the show, go watch it on hulu. I highly recommend it, even with its flaws, as a fun action/adventure/romance/history lesson/drama. Yes, it has all of that.


I got a Switch

Posted by Akano in Akano's Blog, May 14 2018 · 82 views

Posted Image

Murio Odd-easy is fun. Trying to think of some other games to bolster my library.

Dat Joy-Con color scheme, tho.

Posted Image

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