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This would be the Discussion Topic for the Corpus Rahkshi RPG. Post any all OOC stuff here, plus any profiles to be looked over and Approved. I'll also be keeping track of what assignments are ongoing and who's taking part just for the sake of convenience.

Oh, and here's a blank profile in case you were in quick need of one.













Current Assignments


Mob Rule:- New Headmaster Icarax has called a gathering in the Gym. Of the Rahkshi willing to attend, six have been picked as assassins and given the task of picking off the others, termed Civilians. They must work in secret to avoid detection, as if they are discovered the only way the mob can take them out of play is to beat them to as pulp...



Approved Characters


Akavakaku:- Vir, Mahrika, Outlash

Alijar:- Hashan, Siren, Rotaryde-Rephic, Mutant, Cadwin

ArcticFreeze17:- Toxin and Bullseye, Stronghold, Punch/Counterpunch, Discord, Alpha, Helix, Carapace, Law

avmatoran:- Abyssium, Anubissium

Banana Gunz:- Scoops

Biomechanicuser:- Wither

BionicMushroom:- Maarahk

Bloody Nine:- Still, Blest

Bubbles:- Blue

CeeCee:- Tuhrahk

Click:- Fang, Hoto, Tube, RootRain, Char, Tear, Call, Canvas

Coconut Fanatic:- Sim Xire, Slif, Fate

The Collector of Masks:- Disco, Phobia

Dallior Nuva:- Dallior, Dakilik, Hakrii and Karzfire, Aka'Ri

Daniel the Dwarf:- Holistic

Dark_Stranger:- Sepulchral and Beat, Footwork, Kaboom, Nyarl, Shrapnel, Magnum Opus

Dragon11603:- Vorzorak, Sanurahk, Shadow, Nightmare, Blade

Dralcax:- Venge

Dr Medic:- KolArsenal and Swarm, Amalgamation

Evex_Wolfwing:- Fall

FallenAtlas:- Life, Augustus

Funkydude527:- Phogen

ghidora131:- Vaalku, DoubtFlabbergaster, Frog, Moonlight/Sunshine, Spindle, Xi, Hollow, Fountain

Gukko Lord:- Raptor, Mantis, Drift, Blitz, Silver, Murder, Eclipse and Pulse, Saber, "Ghost", Boombox, Swivel and Sigma

Half-Dragon:- Blaze

Jakura Nuva:- Slizer

Johnrahk:- Jayar, Vlad, Shark, Lucid, Gaever, Thurisaz

Kovika:- Sidonas, Haken

le-toa_rock:- Zilnta, Kewlah, Biohazard and Pollution

Leoxander Arktanus:- Cordak

Liuth:- Zubarahk, Tangirahk, Fader, Ipartsa and Numlef, Feka, Botch, Bikraata, Maron, Carver, Swordplay, Necron, Liliate

Loganto the Le-Matoran:- Cuutuk, Dajoks

M!st:- Liquid

MCGPY:- Taltrun

meowmachine:- Hyaku

Miras: Makuta of Awesome:- Nymph, Acinaces, Malady, Mu, Ilukiri

Nik333:- Tesla, Slyer

N.S.M.8:- Pounamu

One-Eyed Construct:- Dodge-256Green, Thespian

The Otter:- Skia

Petewa:- Foot

PhoenixFireBlaze:- Pyre, Pestilence, Famine, Death and War, Zex, Edge, Radriarch

Pohatu: Master of Stone:- Squid, Jodohnn

Purple God:- Love Guurahk, Flash Rahkon

Pyrolizard Prime:- Burst

Rahkshi Lalonde:- Snap, Teeth, Rose, Kaita

Relapse:- Carrion Proper

RichardT1977:- Cravex, Zealot

Roman Torchwick:- Exxan and Xara, Illusive and Silencer, Era, Sliver, Glaciem Ignis, Vyper, Bonegleam, Geuua, Sugil

Shadow_Ignited:- Flash, Zelnos, Yuna

Sil:- Snakey, Wraith, Torch

The Skakdi Chronicler:- Coryn

Smudge8:- Revenge, Melody, Booger

SnowyAegis:- Arandahk

Tenth Norik:- Glass, Floor

Timageness:- Rail, LiarVenom, Torc, Misery

Tiragath:- Caoutchouc, Recherche, Wunjo

Toa_Bomb:- Kardenex

Toa Cykrom:- Jitters

Toa of Dancing:- Metal, Short

ToaDraconixMahvi:- Aeros

ToaKapura1234:- Mangai, Hunter

Toa Korkoa: Toa of plasma:- Kovinth, Blue

Toa Onaku:- Dormirahk, Aerahk, Helkyre, Door, Vinna, Waiata, Orimnoc

Tyler Durden:- Goldirahks

The UltimoScorp:- Catatonic, Poly, Grim, Diode, Burn, Percy, Ezec and Aza

Uncle Chael P. Sonnon:- The Snake-Faced Kid

Unicode:- ClockworkShatterMar'jikVectorFogKakarahkOptis, Kavinav

VahkiDane:- Omega, Recoil, Rider, Whakatio, Deadeye, Shield, Eps, Subject, Scout, Paladin, System, Utal, Hunter

Wielder-of-Shadow:- Shock, Vitesse, Mortsia, Draco, Malattia, Leviathan, Chantant, Revenant, Pentalik

Zakaro:- Chekquars



Approved Kaita









Edited by Wyrd Bid Ful Araed
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woo first profile


Name: Skia

Variation: Hunger

Level: Deux

Gender: Skia identifies as a masculine Kraata.

Gear: Skia has a simple quarterstaff that was made in the image of a normal Rahkshi of Hunger's Staff of Absorption, although it doesn't function in the same way, as it isn't an actual Staff of Absorption. However, it does have a nifty modification, in that both of the two metal heads on it can function as claws, able to grab (or crush) something should Skia need it, rather than just sitting there inert. Aside from that, Skia carries a large knife as a backup weapon (before using his claws as weapons) and has managed to acquire a small amount of the local currency by distracting the Fohrok who would otherwise clean up the lost change and return it to whoever actually owned it.

Appearance: Skia is of the average appearance for a Rahkshi of Hunger, with the black and grey coloured armour, with dark grey spines sticking up from his back and waving around in the air. The only real difference between him and the average Rahkshi of Hunger is that one of his arms has noticeably been replaced.

Personality: Skia is a Rahkshi that, at times, seems to be inordinately pleased with his own humour, but that's really only because he doesn't often come up with jokes in the first place. Beyond that, he's often rather calm, seeing little point in wasting his energy on the drama that so often plagues some of the other Rahkshi, but that's just typical Kraata Vo sensibility. They steal energy, they don't waste it. He also generally tries to be helpful to the other Rahkshi, dislikes the living stone that the school is made out of, and identifies as masculine (as previously stated).

Bio: While he isn't the newest student at the academy, Skia is still young, and hasn't had much happen to him so far. The only memorable experience he has thus far is the one that has led to him hating the physical make up of the academy. After all, Rahkshi are powerful beings, even at lower levels; and it stands to reason that sometimes they can make holes in the walls. After one fight where this happened - one that wasn't encouraged and took place under supervision in the gymnasium, specifically - the other Rahkshi all decided that the small hole in the wall that was made and was repairing itself quickly would be great for causing harm to one other Rahkshi, one who had tried to prevent the fight from happening in the first place. For that reason, some of the larger (and more sadistic) Rahkshi all grabbed the peace-promoting Rahkshi - Skia - and shoved his arm through the hole. After the hole grew around it they yanked hard, and it was Skia's arm that lost the tug of war, not the wall's grip. Thankfully it was an easy fix, and Skia's arm was quickly replaced - and the Rahkshi who had taken part in the act were all given a thorough congratulating and Skia was told that the only way that anything bad would happen to them would be if he did it himself. It wasn't long after that that a few Kraata were found missing with their Rahkshi suits still (mostly) whole, while Skia was sitting in his room feeding on some roast Mahi.

Edited by The Otter

profiles i guess

i'm a south american giant otter now


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Name: Dodge-256

Variation: Dodge

Level: 2

Gender: gender neutral

Gear: 256's primary weapon is a spear with the head in the shape of a Staff of Disintegrations'. Their secondary weapon is a one handed curved sword (like this). Xhe is experimenting with the usage of an assortment of large hammers and clubs but isn't very good at using them.

-Weapons obtained in-game: bolt-action Midak Skyblaster (refers to it as a lightblaster) (lost on Nynrah)


Its additional features were simple, it could sprout a series of serrated metal plates from its exterior, to be used either as razor sharp prickles to turn even the simplest kick into a lethal swirl of slicing and dicing, or to be laid flat and interlocking with each other to create an extra layer of armour to block or ensnare incoming weapons. In addition the heel could project a metal spike, as long as the leg was from ankle to knee (presumably where the weapon was stored when not in use), probably intended as a sort of lance when Dodge was flying, though who knew what else it could be used for with the right ingenuity

-wooden walking cane

Appearance: 256 is somewhat smaller in every proportion than most Rahkshi. If in a crowd, they would stand out due to their "midgetness". Other than that, xhe doesn't depart too much from the standard Rahkshi appearance.

-Appearance adjustments in game: Dodge is now missing their left leg below the hip.

Personality: While 256 possesses the intelligence of the new breed, every action xhe takes is devoid of any "sentient feeling", to say it vaguely. Xhe acts akin to a robot rather than a sentient being, with each of of their actions being measured and composed, calculated and cold. Some even believe that xhe hasn't felt a single emotion in all of their life.

Bio: 256's story began much like any other kraata's: spawned, put in a suit, and sent to Academy. Something must have gone wrong during the creation process, however, as 256, while possessing all of the intelligence of the new breed, did not inherit any of the rage, or any emotion for that matter, that most Rahkshi had. Xhe now spends most of their time either in the library, reading on random subject matters, or training their abilities in the gym.

Edited by One-Eyed Construct
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Name: Caoutchouc

Variation: Elasticity

Level: 5

Gender: Doesn't understand the concept

Gear: Thick wraps he wears on his hands and feet, featuring metallic knuckles on all four sets. A Boomerang-sword called Faithful

Appearance: Tan and brown. His spine isn't bone-like, but more like bristles

Personality: A really nice guy, not too clever or the kind to plan far ahead, but he isn't quite stupid

Bio: An extremely amateur and avid martial artist, Caoutchouc has been devouring the sections on martial arts and physical training in the library and practicing his kicks, punches, tackles, wrestling moves, holds and gymnastics in the gym every possible day

Edited by Tiragath

...but close to it

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Name: Exxan

Variation: Vacuum 


Gender: male. 

Gear: He carries Blossom, a flechette knife recovered from the isle of Nynrah, which has the power to create a cloud of blinding, disorienting illusory petals on impact with a target. He worked with Kat and Fang to make himself a Jian sword, imbued with level two Lerahk poison, which he decided to name Remembrance. As well as this, he carries a half-dozen sharpened throwing daggers in a bandolier across his chest. 

Appearance: As with most Vacuum Rahkshi, Exxan has an orange and black colour scheme, but has changed the orientation of these colours, forming a pattern of tiger-like stripes, but inverted – orange stripes on his black carapace. He’s of an average height and build for a Rahkshi, and has added silver highlights to the armour of his spines and claws, with the traditional Rahkshi symbol emblazoned in silver on his shoulder plates.

Personality: Exxan used to be the quiet, nervous kind, keeping largely to himself in the library, where he studied all kinds of subjects that caught his interest. Always eager to learn, he preferred the safety and solitude of the library to experiencing new things out in the open world, but was always capable of handling himself if needed. 

Much has changed since then. Time and life has made him more pragmatic and intolerant, willing to kill or maim if it’s necessary to ensure his own survival. Abandoned and forgotten by his former friends and allies, Exxan is more suspicious and distrustful of others, and is at a loss as to what to do with his existence now. His search for knowledge might have led him to Corpus Rahkshi, but his search for meaning and purpose is what keeps him there.  

Bio: While he was initially bullied, Exxan soon proved that despite his sheltered, reserved nature, he knows how to fight, and is an opponent not to be underestimated. He has started up a hobby of studying his type of Rahkshi, and the normal kind, trying to discern how it is that they are so different. So far, his studies have proved inconclusive.

In recent times following his advancement to level three much of this has changed, and he’s developed a more pragmatic attitude, best evidenced when he was forced to kill a fellow level three, Omega, who attempted to kill him. He is more confident and outspoken, taking charge in situations instead of sitting on the sidelines as he once did. His fighting skills have developed greatly, and he’s also started training in unarmed combat. These skills came in handy when his sadistic sibling Sliver arrived at Corpus Rahkshi. 

This culminated in the Visorak assignment, where after Sliver attempted to murder him, he stayed back to hold off the Oohnorak horde to allow the other students to escape. He led the spiders into an underground tunnel network before levelling up and using his new powers to collapse the tunnels, burying the Visorak... and himself. Presumed dead by the few friends he had, Exxan returned to Corpus Rahkshi to find that they had already fled the school, leaving him alone.

He briefly reunited with his former ally/lover Phogen, and the pair admitted their feelings for each other, but it soon became clear that she still valued her own ambitions above him. After she vanished again, Exxan once again struck out on his own. 



Name: Xara

Variation: Chain Lightning

Level: 4

Gender: female.

Gear: Xara has taken to using a pair of long, thinly-curved swords with razor-sharp, notched blades. She also carries a set of ten throwing knives – retrieved during the Wreck the Halls assignment – called The Talons, which have a special ability: by holding one, she can teleport any number of the others into her hand as well. 

Appearance: She is tall, thin and wiry, with an almost skeletal appearance to her armour, which is also etched with stylised depictions of intertwined lightning bolts. Even her spines have been altered, also shaped to look like large, jagged lightning bolts. Her swords are held in an X-shaped sheath on her back, where she can easily draw them over her shoulder.

Personality: Xara considers herself a warrior, plain and simple. She prides herself in her ability to fight, practicing day after day, and reading any books she can find on warfare, strategy, and combat tactics in her spare time. She sees little point in talking during a fight, and since she spends so much time fighting, or learning to fight, she doesn’t talk much to anyone. When she fights, she fights to win.

Time has mellowed her, however, and after tasting the harsh realities of the outside world, she’s come to realise that the goals she’d been so devoted to are hollow and meaningless. 

Bio: Her ferocity and generally hostile attitude hasn’t earned her any friends, and her skill in combat has gained her more than a few enemies. 

Recent events have softened her, though. After meeting a fellow Chain Lightning Rahkshi named Glass, she began to open up more, being friendlier, making jokes. This became even more obvious when Glass brought her an injured Shallows Cat kitten that he named Sand, who she quickly came to adore. At the same time, though, she is more driven than ever to become powerful, especially after the hapless nerd Exxan became a level three before her. Now that she too has leveled, she is more driven than ever to become ever more powerful. 

She eventually achieved her life-long goal - being the school's best fighter - but realised how empty a dream this was, as everyone was scared of her, instead of respecting her as she'd hoped. She confided in Glass about her concerns, and the two began to spend more time together, until Xara joined up with a group of escapees and fled the school, Glass opting to stay behind. 

However, fate had other plans in store for her. Caught up in a mission to bring in a group of rogue rahks, she was separated from the other rebels. Despite searching for days, she could find no sign of them, and with nowhere else to go, returned to Corpus Rahkshi. 

Edited by Roman Torchwick


BZPRPG Mercenary Organisation - Description - History - Base

BZPRPG Characters - Minnorak, Kain, T'harrak, Savis, Vazaria, Lash

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Name: Glass


Variation: Chain Lightning


Level: 2


Gender: Glass identifies as male




-Standard Rahkshi Staff that can split in two and assembled as a glaive

-A helmet

-A smaller, simple staff

-Feet weapon addons in training (Like Pohatu)

Received from an assignment:


-Terrortooth, appears as a macuahuitl, like a streamlined club, as long as Glass' arm but thinner than a normal bludgeon. It has a row of spikes coiling up its thin sides, made of some black stone.


Its true power is in the blades, imbued with destructive energies that allow them to chew up anything they touch like a chainsaw despite them not moving.


Appearance: Glass appears as an average build Rahkshi, except scaled up a little. Due to an armour defect exacerbated by his fondness for books, Glass has mechanical trifocals implanted into his eye sockets


Personality: Glass enjoys practising his powers and learning in the library. To him, it is his quest to improve and become the best he can be, and he does so through knowledge and learning.


Bio: Named after the first object he saw(a shard of the glass vat he shattered), the outwardly reserved and quiet Glass can be jolly and relaxed with his few friends in the academy. He works hard at his studies and tries to improve at his powers.

Edited by Tenth Norik
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“I simply don’t have the guts to be gutted.”


Full Name: Snake

Gender: Male Variation: Teleportation Level: 3


  • Two shortswords

  • Some daggers and knives

  • Whisper's Bane - a bow that fires arrows made of coalesced sonic energy, impacting with a loud boom

  • Supplies


  • Can teleport a short distance in any direction at will

Physical characteristics:

Snake’s suit is slightly shorter than the average rahk, and is quite skinny and wiry. The armour plating is smooth, it’s colouring burnt orange and teal, both colours dulled with wear, his eyes dark red. Geometric decals have been scrawled across its surface, their copper-brass colour matching his mechanical-looking spines.

Weakness: While Snake is fast and learnt fighting the hard way, he is not very strong.

Mental characteristics:
While Snake can fight, he has both a little cowardice and a lot of apathy towards most people and events - an attitude being challenged as he fights with the Rebels and begins to care for his comrades. While he is quite moral, he has no problem with being sneaky or fighting dirty. He has a defiance for authority, and is more intelligent than he lets on.

Weakness: Snake is not the most likable person, and is not an easy team player.


Snake came to the school before the First Assignment, participating in it and making allies and enemies in equal measure. He continued to participate in assignments, officially becoming part of ‘Phogen’s Cabal”. As tensions between factions rose, Snake went into hibernation, only to wake up during the Fifth Assignment.

Allegiances: Himself, the Cabal, the Rebels

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/True Neutral

Edited by Sil



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Name: Hashan

Variation: Shapeshifting

Level: 2

Gender: Why would a Rakshi have a gender? (So none)


A small satchel

A two pronged staff with two spikes that point outwards towards the end, that can be split into two smaller stabby-stabby staffs

Appearance: A tall lean Rahkshi, with bright greenish-yellow hands, feet head and case. Everything else is grey-black. His head case has a spike tattoo on the right side and a thin line which curls around his eye on the left side.

Personality: generally very arrogant and boasting, liking to show himself off. He isn't very bright, but seems to get most things right most of the time.

Bio: He prefers his own company to that of others.  When still a Kraata he tried to "run away", but didn't get very far before being stuck in his armour.

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Name: Squid


Variation: Chain Lightning


Level: 3


Gender: Male


Gear: A backpack and a sketchpad. Squid also owns a sword called Sibling with a hinged hilt that splits in two to become a bladed staff. Recently acquired a flame-proof shield. During his disappearance from the school, Squid made a cloak specially designed for a Rahkshi like himself.


Appearance: Squid is a lean but short Rahkshi. His armor is just big enough to fit his Kraata, being more like a plated shell than an armor suit. His Kraata has four long whip-like protrusions, two at his end, and two near his head. These protrusions go in his arms and his legs, as it is most comfortable. When out of the suit, he can move faster than other Kraata by using them like flagella. His armor is all silver and he his six semi-curved plain spines on his curving back. Other than his small posture and faster Kraata, he's your average level 3 Rahkshi of Chain Lightning. (He is VERY small for a Rahkshi, only about 6 feet tall.)


Bio: Squid enjoys the company of others and dislikes fighting. No matter how hard he tries to use his power, the best he can do is leave a medium jolt in an object. This is involuntary, and the other Rahkshi know to be careful when he touches something metal. He enjoys reading and can often be found curled up with a good book in the library. Squid is a bit of a gourmet, and strongly dislikes the food at Corpus Rahkshi. Others don't bother him much do to his kind, calm and friendly demeanor. I may not have said, but he also believes strongly in duty- hence his passionate drive to succeed in events he doesn't like at all.


One of the earliest students to arrive at the school, Squid participated in many of the assignments early on, but as more students arrived he became a bit overwhelmed and started coming around less often. His control over his powers grew when he reached level three, and he made some friends. Squid tried to start a diplomacy class that worked okay at first, but failed eventually. Squid had some small adventures, like when he "stole" as many free samples of fruit as his backpack could carry at a Matoran city, and painting his room with another friendly Rahkshi. However, Squid still felt rather overwhelmed by all the new students and their actions and eventually disappeared without anyone noticing. A long time out in the wilderness taught Squid some valuable skills, but Squid is a diplomat and knew where he belonged...



Edited for Squid's return! 

Edited by Pohatu: Master of Stone



~Pohatu Master of Stone, 2015

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Name: Chekquars 

Variation: Darkness

Level: 2

Gender: Though he doesn't really care either way, he identifies as Male if only because they have lower voices.

Gear: Chekquars usually has a black chain wrapped loosely around his waist several times, and he carries a bow and arrow for long ranged combat, preferring to use his claws or chain in battle. He has a large black cloak which doesn't totally cover his feet, with holes for his spines, and in some of the pockets of that cloak are some locks and keys and extra chains. 

Appearance: While Chekquars hasn't done much to himself, and is average in height and stockiness, he has painted and dyed his sickle-shaped spines totally black and his entire body is naught but black and deep red, matching his powers. 

Personality: Chekquars is a self-proclaimed evil mastermind-in-training, and so is confident in himself, somewhat prideful (He's working on it), has a larger-than-normal ego, and is often smirking at something or another. While he's trying to repress it, he can also be overly curious, hyperactive, easily distracted and quick to get bored. In short, he's that little 5-year old that will snatch candy from a baby then run off cackling loudly at his success while trying not to giggle with glee. 

Bio: There were always those people who from a young age have known exactly what they want to be when they grow up, and Chekquars is no different. He knows what he wants to be, and that is an evil mastermind. Well, maybe not mastermind, but at least evil minion, or leader of an evil group that plots to take down those goodie-two-shoes Toa and rule a little island himself while still reporting to the great Makuta. 

Therefore, he must train his evil skills to become the ultimate in plotting, planning, scheming and following through. Oh, and gloating. Gloating is very important. 

In terms of what he's done at the Academy, it's been mainly limited to trying to recruit 'evil minions' and little pranks like tripping another student, starting a food fight, and once even locking someone in a closet for half a day. While annoying, he's not as bad as some other trouble makers, and one can always tell when he's done something because he'll go running down the hallways, cackling loudly with his face somewhat covered by his cloak and hand while his cloak billows behind him and he's surrounded in a dark aura. 




They call me Zakaro. You should too.

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All Approved, but P:MoS? Don't get too carried away with how prehensile those flagella of his are.


Keeper of Kraata: The ones the students can pick usually aren't, but it wouldn't be too hard to imagine getting the Ghosts to fix something like that up for you

 Any attempt to grab something will end in failure. They are a means of transportation rather than graspers.



~Pohatu Master of Stone, 2015

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Name: Vir

Variation: Anger

Level: As of beginning of RP, 2: Can cause irritation or anger in those nearby

Gender: Neutral

Gear: Currently uses a large sword with a slightly curved tip.

Appearance: Has the typical white armor of an Anger Rahkshi, carefully maintained to keep its snowy luster free from dirt and scuffs. Has five curved, chisel-shaped spines.

Personality: Anything but what the Anger breed is supposed to be like according to conventional knowledge. Vir is friendly but timid, cheerful when in a good mood but panicky when upset, and easily overwhelmed by crisis situations. In a direct conflict, they would rather disappear than fight back. Vir is slightly afraid of many things, like heights, water and Rahi, but has a true phobia of flying.

Bio: Vir quickly that most of their classmates were not quite as tolerant, gentle or submissive as themself, and after a severe public humiliation formulated a strategy to avoid any future confrontations. Simply put, to be constantly polite and to avoid contact with other students whenever possible. It hasn't worked as well as Vir has told themself it has, but it allowed them to largely avoid incurring the wrath of the more aggressive. Vir avoids using their Anger powers on others whenever possible, not because they find it morally wrong but simply because it could only make the threat of harassment worse.


Name: Mahrika

Variation: Adaptation

Level: As of beginning of RP, 2: Improved adaptation to environmental conditions and combat tactics

Gender: Male

Gear: A simple trident

Appearance: Mahrika has applied a silver dye to his armor, but the underlying black and violet partially show through. His spines are three uncurved, fenestrated triangles. His eyes are pale blue.

Personality: Mahrika is quiet and contemplative, and prone to brooding when upset. He appreciates and will gladly return the gifts of kindness and empathy, but easily forms grudges against those who offend him, even accidentally. It takes him a long time to forgive, and longer to admit when he is wrong. He has quite a moral superiority complex.

Bio: For all Mahrika is concerned, Corpus Rahkshi is a prison. He is determined to one day leave and never have anything to do with the Makuta again. In the meantime, he has done all he can to dissatisfy Tridax's hopes for him, refusing to participate in several assignments.

The only thing keeping him in attendance is the fact that he knows he is not yet strong enough or educated enough to survive the outside world, and the only reason he can bear to stay is the sea. He goes swimming in the ocean almost every night and sometimes even in the morning or evening.

The only subject at the academy which he enjoys is social science, particularly the history and culture of the Matoran. He is loyal to his few friends, including Exxan.


Name: Outlash

Variation: Mind Reading

Level: As of beginning of RP, 2: Instinctive empathy and mind detection

Gender: Female

Gear: She carries a mismatched pair of long knives: one broad and curved like a cleaver, the other narrow, pointed and serrated. She has named them Pain and Suffering, respectively, but this is a secret she intends to take to her grave. It's too embarrassing.

Appearance: Her armor is painted in mottled shades of muted greens, except for the head, hands and feet, which are the natural mauve. Her spines alternate angles left and right.

Personality: When others are in distress, Outlash is drawn to their pain like a Muaka to an injured Mahi. The negative emotions she can sense with her empathic power are like an addictive drug to her, driving her to cause them herself, either by physical or emotional injury. She is very aware of her obsession, yet sees no reason why she should abstain. She is by no means masochistic, though, and has as much aversion to being in pain herself as anyone else might. (Due to her reliance upon her Level 1 empathy power, her Level 2 detection power is atrophied, allowing her only to sense if anyone is in the general area.)

Aside from this pleasure, Outlash is clever and capable of subtlety, but lacks patience and prefers instant gratification when she can get it. With her knowledge of exactly how to evoke specific emotions in others, she can be very convincing and charismatic.

Bio: Outlash loves Corpus Rahkshi. Zex's torture in the Gymnasium left her in a euphoric state, and her goal is to arrange more pain for the other students, as much as possible.

Edited by Akavakaku

( The bunny slippers hiss and slither into the shadows. ) -Takuaka: Toa of Time

What if the Toa you know best were not destined to be? Interchange: The epic begins

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Name: Clockwork

Variation: Accuracy

Level: 2 as of the start of the RP

Gender: M

Gear: A satchel full of precision tools. He also has had his fingers modified to be smaller and more suited for working with machines. He has a small extremely sharp knife, but rarely finds use for it, preferring to tinker with his projects.

Appearance: Slightly smaller then the average Rahkshi, with more laid-back spines. He has painted gear symbols on his wrists and shoulder plates.

Personality: Clockwork is a quiet Rahkshi, who feels that rushing is a surefire way to get killed. He would probably make a better general or inventor then he would a fighter.

Bio: Clockwork did not name himself immediately, as he felt that he wanted a name that would reflect what he was good at. He could not figure this out for a while. He wasn't too good in the arena, Better then average but not wonderful in the mind games and strategy exercises that the school made all the Rahkshi do, and simply disastrous at the agility courses. He was also teased for having no name, until he accidentally broke one of the Porters. Not wanting to get in trouble, he opened it up and tried to see what was wrong. He quickly saw that a gear had been knocked loose, and using his knife to carefully wedge it in, fixed the machine. He then realized what he wanted to name himself, and from then on, began to devour the machinery textbooks, assembling himself a set of tools. He eventually went to Nynrah and got his fingers modified in exchange for allowing teh Ghost that modified them to look at the energy conduits that ran his armor. Oddly enough, Clockwork's hobby was not discouraged by the teachers. Perhaps they understood that some individuals could be more useful developing innovations then on teh front lines?

 Kopaka, the coolest(Pun intended) Ko-Toa ever:


"If the fight had turned, Exann might be the one on the floor with Antidermis spurting out of him. This is how battle is. This is how life is." -Mar'jik, Corpus Rahkshi                                       

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Okay, let's give this a go. 


Name: Fall

Variation: Hunger

Level: Level 2

Gender: Female

Gear: Wields a steel catch pole. In theory good for keeping foes restrained, and siphoning off their strength. Also good for bludgeoning with, but so are her fists.

Appearance: A somewhat large Rahkshi, bulkier and taller than some, though not to an exceptional degree, rather she simply looks more the part of a bruiser than the usual lanky frame of a Rahkshi would. The black of the Vorhak chassis is being painted dark blue and gold, though the black remains on her forearms and feet. In terms of shape, she is keeping the plantigrade legs and hunched over build of the standard Rahkshi chassis. The usual curved, skull-like head of a Rahkshi has been replaced with a more angular and wedge shaped, almost shark-like casing. Fall herself possesses golden eyes, and her flesh is of the usual colors for a Kraata-Vo.

Personality: A rough, grumpy, proud being, determined to become more powerful. Intellectual matters are a curiosity, but Fall’s main interest at the moment combat. Terrified of the concept of failure, though she tries to keep this to herself. Heights still make her uncomfortable, and she tends to be more irritable while flying.

Bio: Falling. It was the first sensation she experienced, thrust from her glass womb without warning. It was not a sensation she enjoyed.


Why would she name herself after something she found unpleasant? To remind herself as to why she is so determined to grow more powerful. She had felt helpless, and she will never allow herself to feel that way again.


What started as a desire to become better has begun to grow into a hunger to become more powerful. Might makes right, so far as she is currently concerned, and she will not allow her weaknesses to get in her way.

They were called Tenno. Warriors of blade and gun: masters of the Warframe armor. Those that survived the old war were left drifting among the ruins. Now they are needed once more.


The Grineer, with their vast armies, are spreading throughout the solar system. A call echoes across the stars summoning the Tenno to an ancient place. They summon you. 


Allow the Lotus to guide you. She has rescued you from your cryostasis chamber and given you a chance to survive. The Grineer will find you; you must be prepared. The Lotus will teach you the ways of the Warframes and the secrets to unlocking their powers.


Come Tenno, you must join the war.

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Hunger and chain lightning seem to be most popular. I can't help but wonder why...?

I'm not sure for Hunger; I'd much rather have a power that's more useful at the lower stages, like dodge, invulnerability, accuracy, insect control, etc.


Chain lightning: behold.



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Hunger and chain lightning seem to be most popular. I can't help but wonder why...?

I'm not sure for Hunger; I'd much rather have a power that's more useful at the lower stages, like dodge, invulnerability, accuracy, insect control, etc.


Planning ahead for the endgame.  ;)

They were called Tenno. Warriors of blade and gun: masters of the Warframe armor. Those that survived the old war were left drifting among the ruins. Now they are needed once more.


The Grineer, with their vast armies, are spreading throughout the solar system. A call echoes across the stars summoning the Tenno to an ancient place. They summon you. 


Allow the Lotus to guide you. She has rescued you from your cryostasis chamber and given you a chance to survive. The Grineer will find you; you must be prepared. The Lotus will teach you the ways of the Warframes and the secrets to unlocking their powers.


Come Tenno, you must join the war.

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Second profile.


Note: somebody seems to have tampered with this student's profile. We are currently looking for the perpetrator but we believe it to be Green herself.


Name: Green (that's Dame Green, Lady of the Flies to you, mongrel)

Variation: Insect Control (so inelegant. How about "Telepathic Manipulation of Arthropod Rahi"?)

Level: 2 (which will not last for long)

Gender: female (duh)

Gear: Kusarigama (I call it Vera), really odd blade (like one half of Mata Nui's scarab shield)

Appearance: constantly surrounded by and covered with Fireflyers, Hoto Bugs, and Kofo-Jaga, nobody has ever seen Green's true appearance. What is know is that she has a very small torso and very long legs but otherwise resembles a typical Rahkshi. (Keep it that way. You lot are not worthy to gaze upon my true form. The glory of it will burn your eyes.)

Personality: Green couldn't care less for her fellow students, or for anything at all. To her, all that matters is herself and her own interests. (Why thank you. I'm flattered). As a result, while she will not go out of her way to be petty (Like Chekquars. That child. But he's cute.), she does not possess a shred of empathy in her heart, seeing all others as tools. While she doesn't have a specific ambition in mind yet, it does involve having her own domain and serfs to rule over. (To put it vaguely, yes. The specifics shall not be revealed to you, mongrel). To this end, but also in an effort to organize the school (as much as she is self-centered, she cannot stand chaos and wanton cruelty) she, along with several others, is attempting to form a student council (Of which I will be Dictator... Queen... President... Whatever you call it. The leader.)


... As you can see from the numerous vandalizations to this profile, Green also happens to extremely vain and full of herself, but strangely, requires validation from others to maintain this delusion of grandeur. Classic narcissist. You reading this Green?


(... What... How ... HOW DARE YOU!!!)

Bio: Like most of the new breed, Green was spawned, put in a suit, and shipped to Corpus Rahkshi. She took her name from the green light of her tank, the first thing she saw. While at the academy, she has been playing the part of the model student, striving to be the best in everything she does (and I often am the best at what I do). Her true colors are well known to much of the school however; as such, the student population is divided: one half admiring her abilities and the other detesting her personality. She is currently trying to get a student council off the ground in hope of creating a more efficient school but also to increase her own power.


Regarding student council: if there already is one IC, then I'll edit the "creation" bits out. If not, does anybody wanna get on board with this?

Edited by namcurtsnoC
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If there is a council, Exxan might be interested in joining up for the actual student leadership part.


And Xara may be interested simply because Green seems to share her "screw everyone I just wanna be the best" attitude.


BZPRPG Mercenary Organisation - Description - History - Base

BZPRPG Characters - Minnorak, Kain, T'harrak, Savis, Vazaria, Lash

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Dunno. Anything that would kill a normal being, but wouldn't kill a Rahkshi. I'd say that decapitation is a no-no. Dismemberment may work.


I was just planning for Xara to stab her opponent repeatedly in the chest, to be honest.


BZPRPG Mercenary Organisation - Description - History - Base

BZPRPG Characters - Minnorak, Kain, T'harrak, Savis, Vazaria, Lash

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Name: Shatter

Variation: Fragmentation

Level: 2 (SOmebody started on level 3. How does that work? I'd like to up Shatter to 3 if I can, since stage 2 Fragmentation is pretty useless)


Gear: Shatter has a meteor hammer, mostly because the maces were taken and he thought it looked cool. He doesn't carry much else. He has some carving tools in his dorm.

Appearance: Shatter is slightly taller and bulkier than the average Panrahk. He greatly dislikes his natural hue, and has painted himself a brighter orange, almost the orange of Pohatu Phantoka.

Personality: Shatter is fairly carefree, but likes chaos. Not so much in the form of events, but in the form of fragments of things. He considers a shattered object beautiful, and once spent a week carving a detailed statue, only to take it, once it was done, to the gym and smash it to pieces. He then looked at the pieces for hours, before cleaning them up and taking them to his dorm.Despite this... odd hobby, he is known throughout the school and has won many gym tournaments. He is very skilled with his weapon, and though opponents often laugh at him using what amounts to two metal balls attached by a chain, they soon eat their words.

Bio: Shatter named himself after the first thing he did: Shatter his vat when he came out of it. His unusual choice of weapon drove him to seek somebody who actually knew how to use it. He eventually found somebody and dove into his training wholeheartedly. Other then that and the previously mentioned statue incident, his life is fairly normal for a Corpus Rahkshi student.

If anybody wants to hear my opinion on the assassination subject, I was planning to have Clockwork go for the chemical aspect. That and booby traps.

 Kopaka, the coolest(Pun intended) Ko-Toa ever:


"If the fight had turned, Exann might be the one on the floor with Antidermis spurting out of him. This is how battle is. This is how life is." -Mar'jik, Corpus Rahkshi                                       

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Dunno. Anything that would kill a normal being, but wouldn't kill a Rahkshi. I'd say that decapitation is a no-no. Dismemberment may work.


I was just planning for Xara to stab her opponent repeatedly in the chest, to be honest.

Depends on how much of the chassis the Kraata takes up. I assume they are in the very top, so yeah, impaling the chest may be fine.

They were called Tenno. Warriors of blade and gun: masters of the Warframe armor. Those that survived the old war were left drifting among the ruins. Now they are needed once more.


The Grineer, with their vast armies, are spreading throughout the solar system. A call echoes across the stars summoning the Tenno to an ancient place. They summon you. 


Allow the Lotus to guide you. She has rescued you from your cryostasis chamber and given you a chance to survive. The Grineer will find you; you must be prepared. The Lotus will teach you the ways of the Warframes and the secrets to unlocking their powers.


Come Tenno, you must join the war.

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Name: Phogen (FOE-jen, shortened version of Morphogenesis)
Variation: Sonics
Level: 4
Gender: Genderfluid, see Bio for explanation
Staff of Power:
Mk I: streamlined pole-arm structure, and quite standard, if regally simple fare. (Lost in disappearance)
Mk II: a minimalist, cuboidal metal pole that splits a quarter way in on either side, like a tuning fork, and bows inwards to a cylinder for the middle third, which acts as the grip. Otherwise, it has no notable features. It is very hard to break, and stings when it hits.
Breaker's Song: can launch a disk of pure kinetic energy, gathered from every movement it makes, that will ricochet off obstacles until hitting its target, gathering strength with each bounce. Only one disk can be launched at any time and the launcher will need to recharge between shots (Impounded in disappearance, returned upon return)
Psionic Khopesh: A parting gift from a helpful and deceased Ce-Toa, this tool is rather exquisitely made. Gleaming silver, practically unused, lightweight and small enough to sling over the back, and very, very sharp, this weapon makes a nice replacement for the lost launcher.

Appearance: Phogen has taken a liking to marking his/her armor with black dye, especially around the eyes, shoulders and midriff. He/she has even taken a bit of an unusual interest in sculpting his/her body, thinning up the armor plates and bulky joints with a metal file, giving the armor a significantly lither profile, some impressive flexibility, and a hair of an agility advantage over the standard design at the expense of less protection and brute strength. Phogen retains the broad shoulders and has even broadened them slightly, as well as some slight angularizarion and extension of the spines.

He/She initially acquired this look with an interesting trip to Phantom-on-the-Water. The first set had a sallow, sunken look, and was a bit voodoo and phantasmic in design. This ghastly, ghoulish sort of look gave him/her a slightly waspish look. The yellow gleamed between the primitive black markings. This set, however, was put through the wringer during his/her time as a captive and escapee, and his/her mysterious disappearance resulted in the loss of an arm, paralysis of a leg, and a set of unwelcome Xian modifications.

Thankfully, his/her father provided a new set, this time made with his/her modifications in mind. The armor he/she currently wears is a logical itineration on his/her first set. Keeping the voodoo aesthetic, but upping the ante, Phogen now wears a dazzling obsidian paint job over her yellow frame, and really messing with the psychology of gender judgment. He is yellow with black stripes, a golden armored hero who wears the shadowy marks of a Son of Makuta with proud masculinity and bold angularity, unafraid to use force and flair in conquest. Strong shoulders and a powerful stance make him the paragon of anti-heroic masculinity. She is black with yellow stripes, an exotic and shadowy demigoddess that tempts from behind dark, feline eyemarks and intoxicating tribal flourishes. The lithe waistline and voluptuous hips make her the ideal of femininity, curved and fluid in her step. He/she is unmistakable.

Personality: Phogen aspires, perhaps unwisely, to take after his/her father. Needless to say, he/she has picked up some of his traits. Phogen is cunning, and an avid planning enthusiast. Rarely physical, he/she is not the kind to get in fights beyond the verbal, but is developing a reputation for 'creative retaliation.' Not only is he/she skilled in the art of guile, but also in the art of letters and sciences. It is not uncommon for him/her to pull a reference or quote out in an argument, or confuse his/her opponents with a flurry of scholarly speech. Yet his/her tendency to float away from the boring tomes of combat and her kindred during library sessions and battle means Phogen has a bit of a quiet superiority complex and an outsider's venom. And ambition. By the dark one himself, she has ambition. His/Her ego is checked internally, but he/she has no qualms about sacrificing petty morals or loyalties if an obstacle requires it. In fact, she finds such 'shining knight' honorable moralizers humorous when they are harmless, and despicable if not. Phogen is a powerful ally, as long as you don't do something to become his/her enemy.

Bio: Phogen is already marked as a slight aberration, despite his/her recent creation. An interesting manifestation of the asexuality of Rahkshi, she has been the subject of a few of Tridax's footnotes on the subject of gender. Concurrently developing his/her intellect and sexual identity, and almost immediately setting up daily camp in the library, Phogen is a strange result of some curious initial conditions. Finding the passion and emotions sparked by inter-gender interactions to historically play a role in the rise and fall of kingdoms and rulers, and in that, a tool to be used for profit and pleasure as well as an enticing experience on an internal level.

But there was a catch. Which gender to choose? Each individually limited the scope of the dynamic, and each had it's major strengths. In general, Phogen was androgynous both emotionally and, obviously, physically. Then, a brilliant idea. Choose both. An emphasis on both genders would both confuse and intrigue her peers, an advantage to him/her. A move perhaps worthy of Teridax? Such rankings would be petty, but that did not stop him/her from comparing.

Over the course of his/her first two weeks, body alterations and book study filled Phogen's time. Her interaction with peers was minimal, and rapid meals, strange sleep schedules, and an apparent aversion to the commonplace physical training made Phogen seem almost ghostly to her peers. After a recent trade of a memorized transcript of a rare and ancient text that detailed the function and operation of Rahkshi armor for the desired spine, shoulder, and joint modifications with a Nynrah Ghost, Phogen finally felt confident enough in his/her appearance and intelligence to interact with fellow students.

And interact he/she did. Quickly establishing himself/herself as something completely different, his/her participation being that of an external informant. He/She nearly completely uncovered the complex chain of assassins and their targets before the competition ended. During the course of this, Phogen made both a rival in the moralizing Caoutchouc and his fellow idiots, and a bit of a following. Further solidifying his/her reputation was a little PR stunt that won him/her some respect from the student body as a savior from disciplinary actions. Phogen also codified this following into a cabal. (We call them Phogen's Heroes OOC)

After a (literally) constructive failure in a seasonally relevant assignment, Phogen leveled up alongside the other first levelers, and acquired his/her little launcher. Alas, this profitable relationship with said launcher was not meant to be. Phogen started poking his/her nose in very dangerous things. Things that got him/her placed on 'academic probation' and required Phogen to meet with a 'enlightening tutor' while out of classes. He/She gave her tutor the slip, and has now returned triumphant to his/her academy with a new set of armor, a new staff, a khopesh, and a vengeance. 


Upon her return, she has began to deal with these pesky emotions getting in the way of her rise to power in the form of the resurrected Exxan. He also made a friend in Hoto, the only one who seemed to interpret an introspective upwelling of emotion as genuine at the time. Still, one had no reason to fear his/her development into a simpering fool built on emotional trauma and daddy issues, no matter what a tearful and emotional reunion with Exxan or a genuine friend may indicate. Oh no. When given the chance during the change in management at Corpus Rahkshi, she helped slaughter a village of Matoran with class and aplomb, loving the chance to wade through the wanton intoxicant known as destruction.

Contact her if you are interested in joining Phogen's band of merry brothers and sisters. (And contact me if I incorrectly omitted you.)

Edited by Funkydude527
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Essie: "Small talk subroutine complete. Were my useless vocalizations inane enough to bring you a sense of comfort?"


Profiles: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/9733-bzprpg-profile-pages/?p=763471

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I'm going to agree with Roman here. Squid's profile says he's level two elsewhere, I'm assuming its a typo where he says level 3.

Shatter is approved, and you get bonus no-points for having a Rahkshi identical to one I dreamed up (that is, a Panrahk with a meteor hammer) that inspired this whole RPG. So thats something.


Oh and for the record, Construct, Funkydude got his profile approved via PM after asking if all the gender related stuff was fine


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